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Merge Block

Merge Block for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CoCo Magic Games located at Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoy the game sometimes it's really hard to stop playing, but there are way too many ones on the board and where the + or - numbers would like to see more 2's or 3's
Love this game!! Play every single day. As I've played more I get better and better at it. It actually makes you use your brain to think. πŸ˜€ the ONLY thing I think of that could be Any better, would be to get maybe a couple more numbers to be able to use, especially as the numbers get higher is hard to have enough to play with!
I've been playing this app for a while now I enjoy it keeps brain little sharper, I played other game's that promises all this money n gift card's n never come through saying it's in your PayPal account or have to watch a thousands of videos just to let you down but hey we are the suckers that keep them going sorry to say but heads up this app doesn't pay much but guess what it's not fake n it does pay you so come on an try it this is why I'm giving this a 5 star all the way it's legit alters!
Love the challenge to get higher numbers. Great fun good Graphics and bright colors. Enjoyable, is the best single word to describe. Excuse me, im going back to play now Hope this is helpful.
It says to murge the numbers but they don't tell you to make a certain number & then they don't have the same number to merge to see o don't exactly knw what to do.
Principle is OK, but the 'extra' moves are limited to max.5 whereas one can gether with a good innings ten or more. The surplus 'disappears' and when you're out of 'moves' you can buy them. Thanks but no thanks. Give me the regular acquired 'moves' and I'll give a 5
Very playable - take your time and don't be afraid to sacrifice the big numbers. Lots of ads, so patience is key all round.
I love this game 😍. I suffer from anxiety and depressed but with this game my mind is clear. I recommend anyone else to play this. It's also educational which is a plus.
I like the site because it is the first one that paid out even though very small amount but then after awhile now it want show my cash out amount just says cash out in so many hours
Nice game. Can get frustrating. Some way other than watching a video to gain extra credit would be useful.
Once you know the number your dragging adds or subtracts to the number your dragging it to, and you need at least 3 numbers touching to combine them to a single block, 1 number larger, you should get the hang of it. If you like numbers and puzzles this should be a keeper. Little bit of thinking, very satisfying.
Ads keep stalling out! And there's too many ads back to back! πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ Otherwise fun game❀️
I love this game, you only get a few coins at a time but its an easy game and if your enjoying the games ya playing then better to get something then nothing it all adds up
This is a seriously addicting app, if you install the "just play" app, youll earn a daily cash out for playing Merge blocks. 5 stars because the game is fun, and has integration with other apps. I dont see a tutorial for the special abilities though, could yall add for me and others please? Thanks!
I like the game, but way too many adverts. I understand the creator's gotta get paid, but there's making money, and there's being greedy. Also, adverts kicking in halfway through a move, not cool! Hence only 3 stars.
Love the game, but the ads every 60 seconds is RIDICULOUS!!!! I'd love to play this game so much more if there were way less ads. How many ads does one game need? Especially when it doesn't give you anything in return for watching them. Ugh
Just love this game.i just can't stop playing. Everyone should try this game, very fun and exciting to play.just can't stop playing this game.
Even though I know what this game is and why it is like it is there really are too many adverts. They toning down a bit too make the game playable
This game may not be for everyone. Personally I am addicted. I enjoy just about any type of puzzle involving numbers and Merge Block also requires a good deal of strategizing which makes it even better in my opinion. Only drawback is Ad Breaks every few minutes but only costs $0.99 for the Ad Free version so I still give it 5 Stars.
I have just started this game yesterday afternoon, so to rate it so quickly, I gave it a 3- star, simply because, I haven't played it long enough to see if it pays out yet, or anything. These games want you to rate them immediately! If this game does all it's supposed to, I will change my rating, if not....same! Fun and enjoyable so far!
Try it for yourself and own risk, long or short games is based-by- each-individual-player's- ability or choice. Diamonds given are too little for lengthy games based on Ads, no diamonds are given base on game length. Two step playing guide is good, Merge Block keep. I should be given diamonds for feedback. The Trophies given does not give ranking amongst downloaders. Just based on your own scores. Update, tried the new look & more diamond to get #tiles to play more. It's nicerπŸ˜‘
Very addictive. It really works your brain. I just started playing the only issue I have is when I hit a new number it starts all over again, other than that I enjoy the challenge of this game.
I loke this game but there are way to many infomercials. some of them are false products that you arder and either get the wrong item or don't get at all. Love the game. not the infomercials.
I give it a 4 star. I do enjoy the game. No more glitches(frezzes). Cash out evry $2.00 is nice. Before it was evry 24 hours. Which was just few cents. And why is it when; example: balance: 2155 = $1.28?
Considering i already made a $200 payout to paypal, and it is saying 72hrs until i get it, and have almost another psy out of $300, we will see!!! I have already had over $3200 in payouts on 2048 hexagon, but just to show you they havent put 1 dime in my paypal account!!! Goes to show you how people are SOOOOO IGNORANT AND LYING B*STARDS!!!😑
It was fun to begin with but then the ad break got extremely annoying and I can manage to get to 12 highest but by 10 it prevents you from continuing on, even if you use gems to fill up cuz well it just wants you to restart but that's no fun anymore
My mind is definitely stimulated it does make you think so I really like this game I highly recommend it. The only downfall I've had is the ads. So it's a 4 star from me.
If you want to work your brain, this game is for you! One problem, there are a lot of ads but try to disregard. I recommend it.
This game keeps the mind active and merging in itself. If it releases the reward like it releases its very challenges, it will prove to be one of the Best! Thank you for yhis opportunity to participate and yes test my brain.
This game is very relaxing and challenging as well. The ad breaks, however, are enough to test the Jesus in you.
So far great I enjoy numbers and if you want keep your mind excised this is enjoyable. Not bugs or issues. I love that about this game even more. You like numbers n puzzle you will love this app.πŸ˜πŸ€©βœ‹high five to the creators... As for those who say too maybe I have a glitch cuz I don't have many ads. And as for the gems πŸ’Žwe should be able to do more with and receive more for what your ads we watch.
I really like this game, one of the very few I paid so don't have advertising. But after the update today I cannot play, keep asking me to turn off my VPN that I don't even have it and don't let me play.
I love how it is easy to play and actually pays out right away...and don't have to watch videos to actually claim it like others...I deleted those...I'm really hooked on this game...I absolutely love and enjoy it!!! Thank you!!!
Would be 5 * if the ads where halved, don't mind some ads but far too often, it interferes with game play! Such a shame as a great way to pass time.
Fun game but impossible to make money from it Like all of the games advertised this game is a rip off.
Fun, easy to pick up. I never knew that you could use negatives to remove blocks of same integer value!! Until too late that is. I.e. if you have a 1 or 2 block in the way of your 7s, 8s or 10s merge possibilities you can drag a -1 to a 1-block, and it goes away. I assumed (as they don't tell you) that you could only use it on a higher integer to try and make merges. Nevermind. Now I know... Now YOU know! Lol
Love this game, took me a few minutes to understand it as there were no instructions, but it is addicting.
That really make you crazy with advertise any 1 min it shows new one for really simple game it look like 2 child made it to make much money 😑
Definitely a brain workout and addictive. There aren't any graphics or side games to distract from the game play except for the ads. It helps good for scoring with the Just Play app. They are real stingy with the gems to buy more moves or 1 of the 2 expensive helpful actions, i.e. the hammer. More of those would be better, like ability to take back a play or switch tiles.
This game makes me think. To me it is exciting to strategize and win. Fustrating when I loose, but eager to continue. It is a very adictive game and they winnings are fare. I really like this game.
Would have gave it more stars but i think it should have multiplyer numbers as well as division numbers.
The games itself is good. However I paid for the ads to be turned off and they still pop up all the time. Theres no contact with game makers as when you press the contact button nothing happens. It's a good game it's just let down by the amount of ads
This game would get a 4.5/5* score, except for the fact there are, "WAY TO MANY ADS" !! Also your instructions needs to be more clear.... Room fir improvement for sure. Could be a big hit, if you fix these.
Love the game time flies when I'm playing will change rating to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ if cash out is smooth going and easy to do I'm still not convinced of a real cash payout. Games somewhat freeze up and you are left wondering if it will continue or if you need to reset...very frustrating
Like the majority of people; this is a good game but the gameplay is massively interrupted by the ads every couple of clicks. Also, once every 3 ads, the ads crash the whole game. It will definitely get more stars once the ads stop ruining the fun
I enjoy playing this merge block. It wasnt like my last. I HATE ADS EVERY OTHER MOVE. It makes me want to just quit playing. The way the board clears is more luck than skill. With that in mind & the ads, i sure dont have a problem NOT playing. (If ads were gone, i could prob waste hours playing this game) I believe 'the many ads' are also intended to 'throw u off', 'hope u screw up'. (Meant to distract u)
Interesting to put together the matching numbers to get them to a bigger number and increase your score and get to the next level it is also great to know that you can earn money while you play.
This game would be a lot of fun except for the excessive pop up video ads. I understand wanting the ad money, but the videos come up about every 30 seconds.
You think this app is waste of time until...you realize it isn't the best for cash but making gift cards for under two bucks everyday easy if u play a game long enough to meet the threshhold....Walmart and Amazon will be your best bet. 1.62$= day, 1.92$ day three, be prepared to spend 3 hrs or more playing to reach threshold.πŸ˜·πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ‘
The tutorial doesn't cover much, it tells you to move the #1 in the feed to a #1 on the board . 1's keep coming even after you run out of them on the board but now what ? It tells you that you've failed and just leaves you hanging . I'm left with an empty , frustrated feeling, tons of questions & no answers i personally couldn't play with a friend, I can't even play with myself .
On my first go...no instructions on game play (edit...getting better at it now,) Best advice is play with the sound off....the ads are just bearable then.
I'm new to the game a little confusing because demo only uses 1's for demo. Graphics are well chosen. Still going to see if it really pays out as easily as it claims. If so I will give it 5 stars. It really pays out everyday no minimums!!!!
number of ads is beyond reasonable. I understand this is just a money grab from ad revenue, but reason has limits. If they would display the color chart in numerical order, this game could even have some educational value... But now unfortunately it's only a redundant sequence of mistargeted ads.
Once u start playing it's easy to lose track of time. Itsuch a simple concept and still prove to be just challenging enough without becoming frustrated. You just know your going to beat your last game.
I think that this is a very fun game to pass the time or sometimes I will play it simply because it is a challenge to see how far I can go
This was a great little time filler game until you started showing 3 ads every 30 second and it's now pointless playing due to all the ads
Love this game helps me keep my brain thinking the only problem I have is that it freeze up at times but just back out and come back and ot picks up right were you left
Overall game play is great!! I like this game better than most like it. Its not just straight line play. Watch your diagonals to get better moves on your next move. Keep up the the good work and for expanding our brain a little. Now with that said.. I would play a lot more of this game if it wasn't for the overwhelming amount of non stoppable ads!!! Wow... gives me a headache just when I have a good run going. It never fails... 3,4,5, ads back 2 back 2 back. And its hell to try and stop (exit)
Fun strategy game. Lots of ads but at least most are short. I wish there was an undo button because the game sometimes drops a block in the wrong place. I am fond of word games but like this game even though I don't normally play suduko or similar number games.
Too many adds. I play other games that pay me for playing and have WAY less advertisements. The game is addictive but the advertising makes you want to throw your phone across the room.
I like this game. My only problem with this game is that you get only one gem when watching an ad (which game displays watch ad for more GEMS). Besides that it's a really cool numbers strategy game that makes you think and do basic math. I will keep playing it. Also $1 to kill ads between playing and $1 for 80 gems is wonderful. Thanks developers and nice work. Please give more gems for watching ads and more blocks could be added to pull numbers from? 😎
Played for less than 15 seconds, carried out 3 moves, and there's a full screen ad break already? I don't mind ads, but not this.
Love the app! Can cash out towards my Amazon account even if I only made a few cents! Need more game options though.
A very enjoyable game. The only flaw is just too many commercials. I understand they pay for the same time but enough is enough.
Challenging puzzle game for sure! Thanks for exercising my mind. Give it a try, you will be hooked too!
The game is fun but it only allow to refill the working number 2 times then it kicks me out and have to restart over again. Can't go anywhere with it.
No matter which way I did what I thought what I was supposed to be doing no matter which way I thought I was playing correctly and I filled every time I couldn't quite figure out how to play or exactly what to do and couldn't find a place to read instruction. It seemed like pretty basic and cut-and-dry however every time I failed a parent Lee I must have been playing it wrong I don't know however I don't really care for this one
I'm new to the game a little confusing because demo only uses 1's for demo. Graphics are well chosen. Still going to see if it really pays out as easily as it claims. If so I will give it 5 stars.
Fun to play easy to operate good graphics and not too many ads ....and you get to help charities too.
Game looked like any other game; however it took 2 rounds for me to get in it. You want to develope the excitiment right away.
Great game but excessive adds that break into the gameplay every few seconds. Would like more Awards, prizes, cash rewards you can actually collect and transfer to PayPal or bank account as low as 5 dollars.
It's addictive, one of the better brain games there is. Challenging. I couldn't remember what the rainbow does. Oh well, maybe someone could share what it does. Enjoy!
Challenge your brain see how high of a number you can merge to sounds easy looks simple but it takes straidige to line up your numbers so if your up for a challenge come play merge block
I do like this game, but... It freezes, at annoying times. And the 10 barrier, I swear that the half a dozen times I got to that point in the past 2 days. It's almost like it cheats to keep you from getting to 11
Im having a problem when the ads pop up after the ad it starts flashing really fast and could actully give someone a seisure, not good
Would be great game without annoying ads ever half minutes! Great thinking game but adverts come way too often, and they just too long and stupid hoax adverts. I wish to play this game without interruption every half minute Sadly I delete this game as its so annoying with too much adverts. I wish for this people who put that much ad in this game to stock in front of a tv and watch same stupid adverts until they die! Also wish them a long life to see a lot of them
Is it pretty fun game you take a little getting used to the pluses and minuses for once you do moving along pretty quick
It is a reasonably fun Game. I just wish it did not take so long to redeem the Gift Card Prizes, or else I would have been willing to give it a perfect 5 Star 🌟 Rating.
Very enjoyable game, gets harder as you go as expected, but still a Brain Teaser that gets the old grey cells firing.
I started playing a couple if weeks ago it gave me a couple of dollars to my pay pal I've been playing off and in all day I ve tried to cash out once or twice today it wouldn't let me so I waited till just a few minutes ago around 3:40am I had it up to almost 800 right when I went to cash out it took it away why ?
Your blinking message add at bottom gave grandson seriures please fix asap Ads but I don't mind for now. The fact it gives a invitation to cash out is amazing. Just know it's not get rich quick enjoyable game play with numerous ads many short an some long but often as I've played they kinda of have spread out per move. Idk I like it Been playing got my big $7.70 already offered numerous card but I'm waiting Slow roll still love it
So many ads. I love the game but every 5 seconds there is and ad. I will be uninstalling it. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Fun to play and if go though just play app you can earn for money or gift card. I love it but does take time to earn. And after 24 hours you can cash out. Try it out. Money add up.
My experienve aucked first off you get a tiny explanation on how to play ( demo last three turns on placing a one ) second if i wamted.to watch commercials i would not have downloaded a game i would have downloaded commercials instead i couldnt even play one round ( or a single turn ) before it said commercial break , i know you folks make money off of commercials, but this is utterly redundant.i move a single piece and whoops time for comercial break i sit through that and get back to game and
A fun and simple game to play. I managed to get to lvl 100 within a few months after installing. Sadly, the game stores progress on your device, so once you uninstall the game (or delete user data) all progress is lost.
Good game. Takes a long time to earn coins though. Which means it will take a while to get to 9000 and get to pro level.
Update: Your adds are too many, now even longer. F___K this game. Uninstalling....too much. I enjoy playing this merge block. It wasnt like my last. I HATE ADS EVERY OTHER MOVE. It makes me want to just quit playing. The way the board clears is more luck than skill. With that in mind & the ads, i sure dont have a problem NOT playing. (If ads were gone, i could prob waste hours playing this game) I believe 'the many ads' are also intended to 'throw u off', 'hope u screw up'. (Meant to distract u)
Just a simple fun game not too difficult and not too easy.... it's just perfect for passing the time whilst relaxing.
Love the game itself. Hate the adverts. Had an issue with being over charged for a gem pack and they refunded the difference back soon as I notified them. Thank you
An excellent match game that looks simple, but is actually actually quite challenging to add the numbers to make a match and think about it more than your regular match game. I ve only just started playing but so far it's quite engrossing. Since writing that theres lots of "ad breaks" now interrupting the game. Its damn annoying, every minute an ad break right in the middle of trying to place the tile thus its put the tile on the wrong number. For me it's now unplayable.b
The game is different than any other games I've seen. My brain us not programmed to do math very well so this is challenging my brain and i can feel myself getting more brain fit while doing it. And of course it's fun to play our i wouldn't be doing it. Thanks guys!
Game very frustrating and not enough info to finish the game. ended with more ?? Did not like this game at all.
I tried using the envelope to send you a message. After the first round when it has the free fill up and the coins fill up, the free fill up is not working. This has just started happening within the last couple of days. I love this game.
This game is so addicting. I can play it for hours on end. And if u play it through"Just Play" u earn coins then those coins turn into money that u can actually cash out. Thought it was just a joke like all the other games that says u earn real money but this is not one of them. Just Play does actually pay out. Just earn to $2 n find out for urself. Which doesn't take long to earn that. But have to download"JUST PLAY" first then pick a game through it which this one is one of the many they have.
At the 108 level, it is impossible for me to complete the level! I know where all the pieces go but it will not let me complete the level! I want this problem FIXED!!!!!!!
Challenging game helps with math skills .Starts out paying quarters then it drops off to pennies. Disappointed in payout after watching fake winners. Ty Scott Parsley
A fun app that makes you do a little math and strategic planning before dropping the block on its destination. Watch out for plus signs changing during 15-30 sec. ads.
As a merger numbers game it is okay graphics could be better really basic but it is okay to play gets better the more you play it
The game is great to play but the ads are the same thing over and over again. They also play every other play which os not relaxing at all.
good play, short time on adds, those are very good if not great traits, however bigger payouts would be nice.
This at first seems a boring game but after a few plays you realise you have wasted an hour or two .. Addictive
Ads but I don't mind for now. The fact it gives a invitation to cash out is amazing. Just know it's not get rich quick enjoyable game play with numerous ads many short an some long but often as I've played they kinda of have spread out per move. Idk I like it Been playing got my big $7.70 already offered numerous card but I'm waiting Slow roll still love it
Not a bad game so far. I'll see how it goes when I try to cash out. Maybe I'll rate it higher then. It's just stimulating enough to still function as a time killer
This game is fun to play, however if you are looking for a pay out its not worth your time, it takes hours and you might reach $1.20 if you are lucky!
This game is different and interesting. I find it fun especially being different than most games . And so far I'm enjoying it...
Far too many ads and when you think you have it sussed it throws you a curve ball so you need to start basically from scratch
This was an easy game to pass time with now suddenly it seems that ads pop up every other move. I would waste time just playing around on it and now I don't even want to spend the time to play while the ads take up more than 50% of time played. Almost not even worth it anymore
1 add every 3 moves. Personally thats a bit excessive. This game couldn't keep my attention for 20 minutes.
A deceptively simple idea, that quickly turns into an addiction. It is fun and yet is challenging. Great game, especially for those of us who like numbers!
For now, three stars. I just got the app. ten minutes ago. I will give an updated review after I have played this app. for three weeks.
The upgrade has messed up the game! Keeps telling me to disable VPN connection when I don't have any. Been playing for months n never had this issue before!!
This game need better guides. I would like to know how to manage the game without going through the hit and miss experience.
The game play is great, but ads are every 5 seconds. And watching an ad for gems only gives you one at a time so its useless. Half the time spent playing this game will be spent watching ads which sucks because its a great game!!
Fun to play, short ads, and very few glitches. The game moves quickly although other games add up points faster. Still fun and moving faster
Well I just started playing this game and like all the other games they make promises on payouts which never happens now if this game pays out I will give it a five-star rating that's the main part everybody's concerned about playing these games due to covid-19 any little extra change with sure help... So we're see if this ain't just a waste of time as well....
This is is simple to play a lifetime to master your point is to figure out the patterns put your numbers in the correct spots to get combos high numbers and score.
So many ads and they can start even when you're in the middle of moving, dropping your block wherever it is when the ad starts and wasting a move.
Wow...I can't even express my displeasure w/this app, IT JUST ERASED WHAT I TYPED!!!! I'm uninstalling this thing! Good RIDDANCE!!!
At first I thought this was going to be a simply dumb game... but I have to say, it starts to pick up when you start hitting up in the 7, 8 numbers. But look out, it'll work your brain, LOL... I'm having fun now! 😊✌️
Like the game choices. Pay out after 24 hours, which means the more u play through their site the more money u make. They really do pay out through PayPal or Amazon and others.
I would give this game 5 stars as I love the actual game, unfortunately the ads are massively intrusive, kicking in every 5-10 turns/plays. The developers must be making a fortune as I've getting around 10 ads per game!! The ads really are a big pain, why not have them at the start and end of the game?
A game to make points and money. It has in house apps. You cam find interesting apps and games and acts of the sort to do. While earning real cash. IIt will stimulate your mind while you may be taking a break from your Home, School, and/or work that you manifest; a good app. You should try it and see for yourself.
I love the game, however, explaining the extra ways to play would be nice without using them to see what they do. Add how to play with all features and I'll give it 5 stars.
Lots of ads whenever it wants. But fun and seems to give points to Just Play that pays out. Just a lot of ads.... Update - still lots of ads but they all do. Fun game
I've been playing for a month or two, I have not had a single ad. Why? I dont know. Maybe something needs to be enabled or unenabled on your device (it's not the wifi - my wifi is always on) ????πŸ‘ For the attention of the game developers - the minus values could be written in white ink so it's more obvious that it's a minus value block.πŸ€©πŸ‘
Good to waste a bit of time. Little bit of strategy in knowing what numbers to place where. Enjoyable.
This game sucks! You have to watch so many ads just to refill your gems. Why can't this game be like the rest of the games out there, where you only have to watch ONE ad to refill? Making people watch so many ads is just going to discourage people from playing.
Why should we drag? The current addition block should not be dragged, we should just be able to click on target block.
The game is very interesting and engaging I would have given 5 stars but the blasted ads and interruptions
I really appreciate this game, it helps me relax, and focus only on one thing. Tbank you for this relaxing fun game.
This is a great game for zoneing out and relaxing while you listen to your fav tunes. Plus it just hard enough to keep you engaged without being so hard that you want to uninstall. Overall this is an exceptionally well thought out game that is down right FUN!!!
Great game, very mentally challenging. I really like the mental excercise. One thing I would deffinately change, when I hit a new high number, that game is wipedout and you start a new one. That needs to change. Other than that, its great.
Like other games....hard to get to cash out amount... maybe in 4 or 5 months.....if I play every day for 6 hours, lol
I really like how this game can continue to highest amount. I have always had to stop at ten with previous games. To me it is thrilling to move quickly, trying to beat each score from before. I would recommend this game.
Love, love, love this game!!! Not only is it challenging and fun to play...you also get rewarded for your game play. Granted, you won't get rich, but it does pay in gift card, PayPal, or if you like you can donate your rewards to charity..how wonderful is that...
To many freakin ads ! I mean come on, with every damn move it seems like. You cant even enjoy the game at all!!!! I will be deleting it sorry.
Just started playing but seems simple to play and no issue's in the playing field well played for about an hour and adds are about every 30 seconds not worth playing with all the adds
The only thing is you have too many cut-offs did you let it play for about a minute or two and then get out show you the commercials or whatever they are poorer maybe 30-40 seconds and give us another two minutes of playing but it is a good thing