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Mental Math Master

Mental Math Master for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by 5daysweekend located at Leonberg. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Seriously you have to pay to see any levels beyond an idiotic beginning level that you have to play through over ten times to advance AND it's mind numbingly simple. I need to practice calculus and I have no idea if this app will help unless I pay or spend a hundred hours playing through the game.
I was blown away by the efficiency and simplicity of this app. Ad free (tho i intend to buy the premium once i get a job!) experience. Exactly does what it says, with easy mental calculation that progressively challenges you.
Amazing app. My only gripe is tht the summation puzzles are a bit too hard to solve in 10 secs. I kinda had to keep pausing for some of the hard ones to advance to the next puzzle. Other than that keep it up!
I think if the answer option is deleted, it'll be more exciting (be optionally, so you can choose in the setting menu)
Good. Wish there was a tracker of average time spent answering questions so you could measure improvement over time. Want more stats!
It is an awsome way to practice math skill and does not bombard you with ads and notifications. Although I would appreciate the ability to be able to write out the answers for a higher challenge.
It's the best game if you want to improve your skills in mental math I highly recommend it. The best part is that it's absolutely free.
I wrote a review a long time ago giving this 4 stars and mentioning some flaws I found with the app (primarily that multiple choice math questions are too easy to "cheat"). After something like two years, they've added an $8 full version but seemingly haven't added any features and it's still almost useless to me without an option to not use multiple choice, so I can't really recommend it, especially the paid version.
Very easy and simple app. Always needed one for practice for a long time. Great job team! I'd love to see more levels though!
This is the best math app that I ever find. Simple and clean game. You see an objective and get it. I bought the premium version on the last level just to support the developer. Congrats, this is a good game!
Doesn't really "train" you just asks to solve problems while stressing you with a timer. Worse than school!
I was expecting some tutorial how to excel at mental math, not just quizzes to solve. Please, add step-by-step tutorials! 3 stars because it's not just what I expected, but I like the minimalism.
A single developer made this app? I gotta say I appreciate this. No ads! Nothing! Extremely simple and easy to use. Overall a satisfying experience. Im gonna pay for this app to help you get that bike but i dont have the money right now :/ Please keep up the good work. I have no words to describe how good this app is.
It does exactly as it says and doesnt have ads, i will most likely buy the premium in he future to support the dev.
I think the game can improve your skills in math and if you complete this game your brain think more faster than ever you have.
Exactly the app I need. Testing my brain speed and keeping my mind healthy and young. Very effective!
Very Great app!!!!!!! I recommend it to everyone, everywhere. I very much appreciate the app being ad free. As matter of fact I got the app because while reading the reviews I saw some commenting about how the game was created by one developer and that the app had no ads. Funny enough the developer said to the comment it would help him: he got an extra download. If I had the money I would definitely have supported the developer to get his bike :) but I am just a kid with no sources of income.
Love the rapid math, love no ads. But virtually no instructions for how to use it, what to do, what the options are... where are the instructions?
Only recently started using this app and I really enjoy it. My favorite category is the one with sigma and factorials. Overall it seems like a great app :)
I would say it's the best app out there. You can boost your mental maths by continuous practicing until you get perfect. All it takes is effort to try again until your brain gets used to it. Definitely would recommend anyone who wants a good, effective and useful app for maths. Truely worth it and the best part is it's absolutely FREE.
There's no other game like it ; objective, and neat. It's not complicated either, and has been my favourite game for years.
I've only been playing for a few minutes, but it's definitely the best mental math game I've played. It ramps up the difficulty slowly, which I appreciate. Other games seem to jump from "not a challenge at all" straight to "impossible," which is not fun or very educational.
I use it before I go to study Maths or Physics. It's like a mind boost that helps a lot, more kind of a brain energy drink . So thanks to the developer.
Once you are done with two digit addition you can't go back. I think one should be able to go back an practice passed skills…
Wonderful app to substitute writing down y random ( at least you'll think they're random, at first) numbers then trying to base you calculations off of those. You could get 30 index cards, write numbers 1-10 for each 10 cards then shuffle to get random numbers but you cant pull that out in public without others potentially bothering you about it and then there's the fact that those cards will wear out and eventually have to get replaced. Instead of wasting time when you have to wait, use it well
This game is elegant and simple (the math, maybe not so much). I love that it's free, but there's an option to support the developer if you wish. I recommend this to everyone who wants to get faster with mental math or would like a challenge.
Brilliant app, challenging 10 second questions and the ability to turn the timer off in practice mode! For either £6.99 or £4.39 (you have the ability to choose!) about the same amount as snacks for the 6th form maths class! I would highly recommend upgrading to unlock all the styles of question available on the app and support the developer :)
Yeah I think it is definitely useful to those who want to developers themselves. Nice levels. A Little graphics improvement would be better.
This is a fantastic app/game to improve your mental math skills. A cheap premium as well, although I've not yet purchased the premium but plan to. The format is straightforward and simple.
Great for improving speed. Very unforgiving, just the way it needs to be. A suggestion would be to consider making the least significant digits in the multi choice answers the same in at least sometimes. Too easy in many situations because of that.
It needs a light mode, it's too dark. Maybe have a light, dark gray and black theme that the user can choose from, especially for the ones that paid for it?
I like this game. Will update the edit when I've played a bit more. You have to know the tricks in math calcs to get the answer in 10 seconds. Only on the second level, but a good game to wake up from a mental fog perhaps. That, and plenty of water! Might buy this game. Love the honesty of the creator in wanting to buy a bike. And also ... no ads! Brilliant! Quick, easy and clean
This is gotta be the best Mental math game. It really helps sharpen your mind. Great work by the developer.
pretty good app, simple but effective, i only wish it would ease into certain equations before hitting negative numbers and three digit equations
Love this app! Great math training tool! I'd love to see more content added, like Trigonometry or Calculus, maybe eventually simple Differential Equations and even Linear Algebra. Already finished most of what's available and while mastering Arithmetic and Algebra is important, I think there should be more advanced content too.
Good game but to easy to get to master, they should add cube roots etc. And maybe require more points to become a mental math master
Please add more icon support like sqaure, sqircle etc.or make this app's icon a png instead of jpg coz this app's icon looks weird on my home screen. Please do it as soon as possible 🙏🙏
instead of doing multiple choice based problems, can you make a blank input line(this would consume time but it lets the user think for himself rather than just guessin) because base on my observations, only people who solve the problems really fast can benefit (they prefer faster games without having to type) but it might also fail slow users. im a slow math solver and dont found the choices helpful because everytime theres a problem, i have to look up and down, and its really hard.
This app is great. Definitely enough math in here to keep your mind fresh with everything you might need/want/enjoy. Math does get more complicated the higher lvl you go which is exactly what I was looking for. Using this to help me practice the ASVAB.
It a nice application that improve my learning,it is application which you can use to learn more about. It will some time reduce pressure in classroom. some time if you learn something in classroom then you dont understand,you can open this application and relearn what you did in classroom.it can let you pass in BECE.
This is incredible! I wanted to find a math practice app just to keep my mind busy, but nothing for kids. This is exactly what I was looking for! Sometimes extremely challenging, because seriously I'm out of practice, and a great boost to the ego! If you used to be very good with math but have been away from classes for a long time, use this!
Best mental math app in the store. Developer of this app is a man of culture as well. Default dark mode, smooth animations and such :)
Really like it - would be nice if there was an option to disable multiple choice (i.e., where player types in number). Would re-support for this feature!
Thanks buddy. I seldom had a goal in life but after seeing your dedication for the app, I have a goal finally. To get a job and pay you money, because u deserve it. Just wait for a few more months please.
The game is awesome! The brain is a muscle and a game like this is the perfect workout. I'd like to ask the developers, though, if the calculations were meant to be solved completely, because most of the times I cheat my way out by just calculating the last digit and see how it fits with the given possible answers. Is this a legit way to play the game? Maybe in higher levels you get multiple choices with the same last digit. I don't know. Anyhow, the game is awesome.
It is such a big scam!!! First of all, unless you pay for the PRO version, you can only do 1 digit addition and multiplication, like 4 x(2+3). WOW. I've never seen such a stupid app, I agree. There should be a PRO, PAID version for each app, but the free version should include enough things to be able to tell if it's worth it to pay or not, just like Euclidea does...
Just paid for the full version, really want to get better so seeing the correct answer really helps. A great extra feature would be if the answer didn't immediately pop up after you run out of time, but after you choose to see it so you can take your time figuring it out, and check yourself after :) game is still very good, just an idea
I have enjoyed being able to refresh my mental math skills! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to brush up on the basics
No ads. If you like the game, you can choose to express your gratitude with a one time payment. More apps should adopt this strategy. Also, great simple gameplay that is surprisingly engaging.
What even is this? I literally have no idea if I beat a level or if I failed it, but after each level it's asks me to pay 5 dollars....for what? I don't know. I don't even know what the other buttons do after each level. Has to be the most confusing game I've ever unfortunately purchased 🙄
Weird game. I don't know what all the buttons mean, or what the goal of the whole game is. It is also too easy because there are multiple choice answers. For example a product 7×13×4 with options 364, 361 and 373 can easily be seen to be 364, because it is the only even number, and because 7×13×4 has an even factor, we know the solution must be even. Same holds for product with a multiple of 5, and there is only one option ending in a 5 or 0.
A great app made by a single developer! However, I have one suggestion. Please add an option to answer by typing it. Rather than only giving us 3 options. In which you could easily solve the problems. I say this because in math tests, they will not give you options.
This is a great app but I would really like if there where separate modes for addition and subtraction, or maybe just the ability to toggle different operations. I also really wish I could practice single digit addition/subtraction. Aside from that the app runs well and doesn't have any annoying ads.
Terrible game play. Color selection makes some screens hard to read. Answers at bottom of screen but problems at top so constantly bouncing around and got a headache. Just figure out the last digit and you always have the answer. INSTRUCTIONS ARE MISSING. Unless you read these complaints you can't figure out how many points to advance and multiple other features. Game stopped at 3 points without explaining why. Much better math programs out there!
It's great and helpful for math skills especially during quarantine but it is slightly annoying how the answer that you have to tap on is at the bottom of the screen and the equation is at the top.
Please add: More Stats, tutorial (explaining MMQ etc.) More themes and answer input as opposed to selection (for a bigger challenge) Otherwise Excellent, I have bought premium to support the creator :)
The problems hurt my smooth brain so good, I can feel it slowly but steadily getting wrinklier. Highly recommended.
This app has a very interesting effect. It believe it specifically trains math instinct. Because you don't have sufficient time actually make a complete calculation much of the time, you are forced to go by "feel" and rapidly develop heuristics. Im not sure if the developer intended this, however I believe he has done something quite unique.
Bought the paid version. I want to boost my speed at menta math and this seems like a good way to do it by practice. I just wanted to let the developer know, thank you for caring about privacy. There isnt enough of that around, keep at it.
Straightforward design free from distractions and relaxing to use, which is important for the frustration that can come with learning mental math. My favorite of all the mental math apps I've tried and the most helpful for doing well on exams.
Really nice app. But certainly needs some improvements. I'm not buying the app unless I know that there are going to be a lot of levels and questions. Plus the interface is very confusing.
This is utterly exceptional, good for beginners and experienced persons who hold interest in math or wish to be proficient in mental maths.
I just began, but this is the learning tool I have been looking for. I even purchased the PRO VERSION. Excellent programming! If this not a classic, it should be.
Exercise curve is a bit too steep with no way to go back to earlier difficulties, leaving you failing and re-trying the same level that is too hard for you instead of getting more exercise on a less challenging stage before moving on. If u dont mind that, it's great.
This a hella nice app, minimalistic and nice, doesn't distract you from the task at hand. + the ability to disable the timer is a nice feature.
It's almost perfect, but the questions could go harder and harder. In my opinion, we just can memorize the solutiin once we solve them. I hope you will keep growing and produce more things like this
I liked a few things and I really didn't like a few things. I absolutely hated the timer and that it doesn't count if you don't use it. I like figuring out mental math slowly, not frantically trying to multiply double digit numbers in under 10 seconds
Not happy that it only gives you a few seconds to answer when I took about half the time just to read the question then if your out of time it ends, won't be installing g this game again. Like to learn but not at that price.
Multiplayer is missing! Could be very cool when you could play it versus and the one with the most correct answers wins in the end.