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Memorize Pi Digits - 3.14π : Got Recitation Skills

Memorize Pi Digits - 3.14π : Got Recitation Skills for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by UnknownProjectX located at 3304, E, 100 Po Lam Road North, HK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a very helpful app for memorizing pi. It would be nice if the user could review previous scores by datetime to review progress. To the developers: thank you for making the 2 different ad options. I had no idea I could switch ad types. That was the perfect solution for me. Thanks!
This app has helped me so much with memorizing pi. I have memorized up to 192 digits of pi and I'm 13. This app helped me get to the top for my school leaderboard. I have one problem though and that is the number pad has been switched from what it use to be and it has messed me up. It would be nice to have an option of using the two different types of number pads to adjust to what a certain person is use too.
ADORE this app! I'm a Mentalist and Memory teacher/expert. I wanted an app that would let me rest my speed at recalling Pi. This app is perfection. I can set the length as well as the thinking time! It also has features for training and learning. Amazing app!
Great app, very helpful. My only problem with it is when you get into rhythm entering digits and you misclick a number, it simply removes a life. I usually don't notice when I misclick a number and I end up losing all my lives at once. It would be nice if the app gave you a notice when you lose a life. In addition, it would be nice if, when choosing to start from a certain digit rather than the beginning, the app showed you 10 or so digits that come beforehand so you know where to start from.
Very good app, I find it very interesting and it doesn't get me bored. Maybe one day I'll memorise enough to get a 10 in class.
Good app, but I would love 2 features, a restart button on challenge mode when you die, and being able to scroll on the list of numbers because currently you can only see back about 5 numbers
pretty good so far... it's very simple, but very practical I've memorized 500 digits so far, let's see where this takes me!
Really good app, tho when doing a challenge of for example 25 digits, after you finish it says something such as 'you have spenD 5 seconds' but it should be spenT.
Great fun for geeks like myself and my daughter. Dropped a star because the competitions can be a bit iffy connecting.
Just what I needed to study pi. Maybe you could add a more auditory option for people who are auditory learners, though. Best compared to the rest I've seen, however.
Great options for practicing and memorizing digits of pi. I've tried a few different pi apps, and this one is by far the best!
The practice mode should give you more of a chance to show that you've actually retained a group of numbers. For instance it could make you repeat each group of 5 digits, and then when you've typed for instance 20 digits, make you repeat the whole thing... The key sounds are a great idea, but I think each key should have its own note... That way if you retain the sounds you actually also know the digits, because there's a one to one correspondance.
Very useful fun to do on the side dont like the phone beep when you press a button but I just turn down my volume
I can't believe I can write upto 75 digits of pi... Just using it from 3 days... This app is damn good👍
Super helpful to remember pi digits by periodically logging in and trying it out. Good app. Thank you to the creators.
This is a good app I originally download it to check if could say 16 digits of pi correctly and in under a day I learned 37 digits of pi
I have had this game for under a minute. I don't usually leave 5 star reviews but in under a minute, I've learned up to digit 29. However, it would be amazing if it was going up in fives instead of twenty fives
Ads restrict some functionality of the app by covering up certain buttons. Flipping pages on Pi Digits past page 1 with digits 1-500 becomes impossible. Well designed app if not for the overlaying ads.
It's a really good platform, however, I would like to see support for different number layouts. It would make for much more ergonomic interface. EDIT: Okay so I had not touched that one button in the game, I didn't realise that what looked like a "loop button" swaps interface . Spot on UPX - best thing ever. 6*/5 #ImSoDumb🤪🤪🤪
Cool game! It's fun trying to see how fast I can get to 75 digits of pi. 29 seconds by the way. The criticisms of this game are 1, you don't count 3 as a digit when it should be 2, you can only pick what you want to go to in groups of 25! In my opinion it should be by 1, I say this because I only wanted to practice to 70, but had to go to 75 anyway. That is all!
It is a great app but it would be better if I could silence the noise so if you could put something in the settings to silence the noice that would be great
I enjoyed playing this. Though I have a question...why doesn't anyone play competition mode. When I push create or join competition, no one enters. People please play this game often so I can compete. You can try and make a veesion so we can add bots and compete against the bot.
You should make a voice option because sometimes my fingers slip and I press the wrong number. Also for challenge is there a one life option? Maybe a Button for not remembering the rest. Can you make it so we could see ALL our previous pi digits we typed in? that's all I guess.
This a dang cool app, however I have one suggestion. When I first learned some pi, I learned the digits 3.141592 then I learned the later digits in chunks of 4, and the problem is that at the moment, the chunks of 4 don't line up with how I've learned it. So if you could add an "offset" option for the grouping, that'd be great. Thanks.
I learnt 100 digits. In some hours of day. Idk if it's easy for my memory to know numbers or this app is great. Nevertheless I learnt 100 digits. Now i can flex. Thanks to this app. I'm not a bot or anything lol no like fr this is good yeah😅👌
My highscore is 91 so I'd say this app works great. I stopped playing for a while, but i can still remember 65 digets in under 20 seconds.
Incredible. Exactly what I wanted. I was able to learn 127 digits of pi in 2 days. A suggestion I can say is: to include a mode where you have to recall a single digit of PI. I.e. what is the 88th Digit of pi: 8.
Thia games has helped me with my memory immensely, over the last month! Definitely download if you need to memorize digits of pi!
it is really good for practicing and memorizing pi, it also gives you three tries just in case your finger slips
It's a great app! But I think there is a minor bug, because when I start in challenge mode from digit 55 and get to digit 101, it says I memorized 46 digits, when I actually memorized 101 digits. So I think when someone doesn't start from the beginning they have already memorized up until where they chose to start. Wow, that took me way too long to explain... sorry... Oh, and maybe you could add an option in practice mode where you can not see the next digit (like challenge but without failing)
Got this app recommended in the play store, totally wasn't interested in this type of "hobby". But I've grown on it, and I can now say that I'm really satisfied with the app. Thanks a lot, it's simple but great 👍. Tip : The efficient method isn't to do long sessions of learning, but just do a little bit but regularly. If you don't, you'll quickly forget, even if you knew 100 digits one day, the next they might be forgotten.
This App is relly good for learning the Digits of Pi, it could be better but it does what its supposed to do.
Great from many days i was trying to remember all the digits of PI. Now, i foud this application. Very useful excited to learn all the values as much as i can.
helped a lot as last night, my first time trying to learn pi I learned 43 in under an hour, this speeds it up a lot
This was actually really helpful, and I managed to recite 30+ digits from only practicing for about 10 minutes over 2 days!
The waiting time before the next digits are shown is really too long. Also an option to remove lives / have unlimited lives would be nice. It's not like people can't cheat and misclicks can happen more than 3 times in 100 digits.
By far the best app I've found for memorizing pi. However, I'm at 987 digits at the moment and at this point it gets really tedious to get any higher by starting from the beginning because misclicks can often happen. I would suggest having a feature that gives you an extra life after every n digits (n could probably be 50 or 100) to remedy this problem.