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Memo Glyph

Memo Glyph for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Canis Majoris Games located at Rua Alberto Torres. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app is very helpful in practising glyphing and learning the meaning of the glyphs. I just wish there was a complex hack simulation mode, then I'd give it 5 be stars. It feels very similar to the actual game which helps build muscle memory. Another feature I'd like to see is statistics of which glyphs you most often get wrong and a mode to practice those.
I'm kind of annoyed that I can only trace the first glyph now. It is hard to watch the glyph and then tap the tiny little tile. Half the time my finger hits the wrong spot and ruins the hack.
Grear to practice glyphs. Needs some improvements in cataloging/tagging the sequences as show/no show. As is now that function is messy. Otherwise all perfect!
Thorough tutor for learning ingress glyphs. Many game modes available. My complaint is just with regard to the way it makes your traced lines snap to points immediately as you trace them as opposed to when you lift your finger from the screen like the actual game does. The immediate snapping makes it more difficult to practice the imperfect glyph. Feature request: statistics that show how frequently I make mistakes on particular glyphs.
This has really helped enhance my glyphing skills; I just wish that there was a redo button, as I sometimes fat-finger a glyph I know perfectly well, but there's no way to correct it. Also, if you ever plan on making selectable speeds on the simulator, I recommend not only simple, regular, and complex, but also speeds in-between to help one ease into the next level...
Does exactly what I need it for. Had a hiatus from Ingress for a bit and when I returned my glyphing was rusty, and different sequences were in use. Memoglyph helped me get back into it.
When will you add Complex hacks mode? On the real game you can put your finger on the screen before start to start earlier, on Memo Glyph you lose the first glyph when you do so.
It's definitely helped me learn various glyphs in Ingress. It's got a clean UI with several modes to break up the monotony of learning. Worth checking out if you're serious about glyph hacking.
The Best app for training yourself with Glyphs! To warn though, this app was last updated in 2015, which means it's old.
I *suck* so much at the glyph game..... This app is my only hope of getting better! :D I've noticed that I have to be very careful not to start drawing the first glyph in the sequence too quickly as my input isn't recognised. I just need to curb my eagerness! :) All in all, a great app, you have my thanks. :)
... without having a couch portal. Also this has no cooldown. This is really helpful, although I don't care to much about the game options. Would love to have the dictionary included but the other way around than it is now: Select a glyph name, then show the glyph :)
It has been very helpful for learning the glyphs. I was only able to get the translator badge after practicing with this app. But because the line snaps to the dots, it's been hard to trace certain glyphs, and I haven't been able to trace the imperfect glyph at all.
Being able to practice simulated glyph hacking for every single level is great and the other modes definitely keeps things interesting. The only thing I found missing from this app is sounds.
Very useful for learning new glyphs, or just keeping your skills sharp. The different modes keep things interesting, and with the ability to search for any glyph, just by drawing it, this is my go to for anything glyph related.
I really struggled with glyph hacking but this little gem has got me glyphing like a natural. Brilliant stuff :)
Downloaded and deleted a few before settling on this one to up my glyph game. Could do with some additions, but Def best available
Saw immediate results and increases in my glyph hacking abilities right away. Definitely helps you with your accuracy, your speed and memorization. I do think, like many others, that there should be a way to calculate your percentage of accuracy. But otherwise perfect. Thank you!
It's got some good modes. It's improved my glyphing already, love the redo feature. Only cons are the hit detection is not the same as ingress, you need to be very exact about the dots you want to tap. When I started I missed half my glyphs because I wasn't close enough to the dot. Other con is more just a suggestion, I wish they also said the name of the glyph while they flashed through them in the beginning. Would be beneficial to those of us that are trying to figure out the appropriate names for glyphs.
It takes glyph hacking to another level. Thanks for the link about "imperfect". I would have never figured it out.
Great app. I recommend it to all newbie players. It helped me learn the correct names of all the glyphs and helped me get Onyx Translator in my first 7 months of playing.
Very helpful in learning glyphs. A near future feature could be the ability to program which glyphs you get tested on. Just a suggestion. Really helpful app...thanks!
This looks much better than glypher with some nice game modes. It would be nice to have a training mode for teaching you the names (perhaps flashcard style) and would be improved by making the glyphs appear in roughly the same frequency as they do in the game - i've never come across some of the l7 glyphs in real gameplay after over 9000 hacks.
In general this is a great tool to learn glyph hacking but it is bad need of an update to include the latest changes in Ingress. I really dislike the pause at the beginning of the time trial.
Kind of weird with no sound but I understand that you have to avoid copyright issues. The line-drawing from node to node makes it easier to draw here than in the game which makes the actual glyph hacking a bit harder because it behaves differently than you would expect. Maybe change the line with a free-drawing tool that tracks the order of nodes touched.
My favorite is genius mode, easy practice anytime, anywhere. Also love search mode, I can draw the glyph and learn the name. Definitely has improved my hacking ability!
Includes a simulation of ingame glyphing, several memory games, and a dictionary. Very useful for learning glyphs.
Definitely helps learn glyphs. I would like it if it were easier to set it up to just test me on certain glyphs--it takes a lot of steps to do that now.
The only thing it needs to be complete is complex glyphing (it's faster), the "redo" button, and display the % alongside the glyph time like Ingress does (% is just the percentage of time left on the timer, but greatly impacts hack output)
This is really useful for any Ingress player. What I like about it is the thought put into different modes, to help push your brain into remembering the different glyphs. Graphically I liked it more on its original release - it felt more like an official app- but cest la vie, its not that important. One thing that could do with a tweak is the sensitivity / timing of the screen press recognition when playing 'simulator' quite often I have to pause before starting because it wont register my first glyph.
Good app, will absolutely make you a better glypher in this game. My only problem is that the Simulation part, its slower than real game, its like im entering simplehack command haha. Other than that, its good
It's pretty good, but has a few flaws that I wish could be fixed. In SVV mode, Ingress glyphs only, whenever I trace the glyph for imperfect, it says I did it wrong, even when I do it right. It keeps messing up my score.
Great option for the novice glyph hacker. Good for sitting at home and getting some practice. It shouldn't be too long until the new glyphs get added.
Good simulator, would like an exact replica (redo button). Missing glyphs: abandon, destination, legacy, n'zeer, perspective, us
Great app and games. Very well put together app. It is missing quite a few glyphs though, it seems, at least in the Survivor and Genius modes.
Great tool for glyph hacking. I didn't know I could until I was level 6. This helped me catch up on all the symbols.
Quicker than its in-game counterpart. The ability to repeat the whole sequence as desired is useful. It lacks the retry button, but that's minor. Several game modes add variety. It's upped my glyphing skill tremendously!
The search button could do with having the actual search glyph on it, but its still good! Would be an interesting pattern lock system, too.
When I launched the app just now, it asked me to rate you again because I might have changed my mind. Hahaha. No. You still haven't added the new glyphs.
Search no more, I tried several other similar app a bit this is the best. Also very good response to the touch screen.