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MELOBEAT - Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game

MELOBEAT - Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Float32, Inc. located at Seoul. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A simple and awesome rythm mobile game done right. I love this game because of how easy it is to boot up and play. This game has very simple mechanics and is very fun to play. I love how well the game works with music you have on your devics. The only major flaw it has that in the middle of gameplay, the game randomly skips a ton of tile causing you to lose your streak and points and even possibly lose the game. I really hope this frustrating bug goes away. Besides that, the game is awesome.
I have used this since two years ago, I just loved how this one works even using own music from your files to play. However, I had to reinstall this app sonce I got my phone fixed and oddly enough some of the songs I used to play in this app won't load well. Also the album art cannot be seen at the background during the game. Can someone fix this please I would love to play my own songs again...
I played this game before and i played my own songs but the songs took a lot of space on my phone if only you can somehow play songs wich you have in Spotify os something. Would be cool.
This game has gotten so much better. Back when I played it a long time ago, I would have given it a 3* or less. The AI has gotten alot faster and better at making auto charts. the game itself is so much more enjoyable and crazy diff is actually crazy. The only thing I would love to see is a more merciful health system. Also an editor for you to make your own charts. And the power to save charts both yours and auto charts and being able to add numeral at the chart as a difficulty. Amazing game
it's a good app but the mapping if you import songs is terrible like it doesnt register all the notes /beat but besides that it's good
The game was great for my MP3 music files, but I have two major issues that I'd love to see fixed. The first one is that I'd like to see the game accept FLAC, m4a, and other audio files. I know that "MP3" is in the name, but this would help me use my songs, and I'm sure it would help others too. Also, if you have too many songs, you can't see all of them, because the list stops, I'd love to see this fixed as well, thank you for reading.
I don't know why but all of the music game that i played..this is the most simple and understanding. It will just scan your music files then..boom already in there. And the controls are wonderful it wasn't like the others that when you tap the other line the other line will to. But also the graphics they can add more like..to become more exciting, colors, tiles, designs, etc. But all in all this Perfect
My only issue with the game is how thin the tiles are. It would be more enjoyable if they were more square. More challenging does not always equal more fun.
I'm having fun with it. I already added mp3 songs. I really love it. There's 4 difficulties, but can you add another difficulty? INSANE I think most people play it with 2 fingers or maybe 3 but I play it with 4 fingers.
Uninstalled after 20 minutes. Searching for songs doesn't work at all (no results), and using a file picker always crashes the game. You can only choose out of ~100 songs from the ones that the game detects on your device, and which are at the top alphabetically (app doesn't let you scroll further). For songs that do work, it works well enough - not perfect but fun, with a wide range of difficulties. I don't think this app is worth renaming the sound files to make them available to play.
Great game but it doesn't recognize some of my songs. Couldn't play some of my favorites, is this a bug?
Great rythm games! But sometimes the music beat and the game is not matching don't know why or just bug?
The update makes the game unplayable. The note (idk if this really notes bcz it doesn't have the rhythm) doesn't even match with the song and it's sometimes turned to a weird and frustrating notes. I can't even feel the music on the game. Like it just hit a random note with a song. I'm a rhythm game player for many years so I can tell whether the game is good or not but this game doesn't have the feeling of a rhythm game... I neither like the older version. Uninstall it, sorry..
This game is pretty good! But it makes me sad that this game has many issues. I had to redowload this game a few times! Every time i close the app and try to re-open it again after a while, it wont open! And it also messes up some of my other appilications! Some wouldnt open anymore like my music player Please fix this! I rlly love ur game and i want to be able to play it normally! Without this issue i would put 5 stars!
The best thing I found here is you can play tiles with your own song from personal playlist. Best offline game experience. It can be difficult in beginning b'coz the tile rows are quite narrow and tiles are small plz fix it. Also I suggest to make it partially online by adding new challenges.
Best music game for me because I can play any music from my phone and I also like feature that it lets the music cover be the background
This has to be the best tile game I've ever played it's so dope, I just hope this game will get more improved so we could have events and other stuffs, but I've to said its awesome!! Loved it, really so addictive.
I use to love this game and decided to get it again, only to come back to a VERY confusing search system , whenever I go to search something is says no results and doesn't work if they were to fix this problem I will try again but for now that's all :(
Loving this more and more I play it. Although if not difficult maybe you can add the option of a 5 and 6 line gamplay? Additonally can I suggest adding notes along side the long notes as they go along please. Adds up to the challenge.
There's tons of potential, but when using your own music the algorithm doesn't sync with the song all too well. I found myself getting into the beat and rhythm of the songs I know very well only for the game to tell me I'm missing things. There are things to tap during rests and sometimes there's nothing to tap when music is actually playing. Plus, I reeeeally hate getting kicked out of the song because I did poorly on the song that didn't sync up right in the first place.
This game was so laggy for me, like to the point of being unplayable. I have an A31 so I don't see why it would struggle with a really simple game like this. But the most frustrating part of this was that there weren't any settings to try and fix the problem. If you can run it smoothly its probably great, thats why I'm not giving it a one star review.
Hello Float 32,i really like this game. It's very entertaining, but there is a glitch in the game. Every time I swipe right to capture the white tiles, the game suddenly freezes for about 10 seconds and then kicks me out. Please solve this matter and I will rate it 5 stars.
I love this game so much, I play it frequently but recently there's been some kind of bug that makes the songs glitch and lag really badly whenever there's too many layers of music being played at the same time. So it makes songs like Rage Over a Lost Penny unplayable :(
Excellent.. But but u know music from marshmello? The rest of his song cannot play in extreme mode.. But it's fine. Hope soon u guys notice and fix it
You should put song editor (add or remove tiles). Also, when i tried to play the song, i can't see the tiles (the song is okay even if it doesn't). Please recommend the reviews of others if you care. And if you don't, ill........... Nevermind.
This is a nice game, but now on a new phone, it keeps crashing evertime i press artist, or my songs, pls fix this
The gameplay is very bad. The mp3 version doesn't work all the time and when it works, it doesn't catch most sound that should be catched. The other songs are no fun to play, and an obnoxious ammount of ads are in this.
Outstanding game. If you get bored of the games songs, you can use the ones in your device to play music you like. The only con is the long notes in custom songs.
So I paid for ad to be removed now I can't even look at my songs to play without just crashing, can I get a refund because that's just bad
I love this rhythm game so much. Perhaps devs could add hit sounds to the notes. That would be more amazing!
Nice simple yet stylish graphics, accurate beat mapping that fits the rhythm of every song I pick, and fast processing. While you'll need to search to get to some songs, I can get around it by copypasting titles or typing in keywords.
The fact that it creates randomly generated bits depending on your preference is impressive enough, the fact that it takes stuff and makes it complicated and challenging (stuff like genocide run dokuro songs), more than the song already is... it's extremely impressive.
The game keeps crashing in-between the songs. Overall a great game Edit: That still hasn't fix the bug and it's been going for almost a year? I reduced from 2 star to 1 star, cuz they obviously not putting time and effort into fixing the game for us to play.
I love this game, but sometimes my music doesn't work and I'll have to keep restarting until it does. But overall this is an outstanding app!
I rated this game 4 stars because the game adapts and generates the tiles based on the music I am playing it with, the problem is, when I swipe left or right too fast, the game crashes, can you please fix this?
great app having a lot of fun playing but i would like it if you could coustomise the backround of the song playing part with say a screenshot but apart from that great game 👍
It sometimes closes the game in while I'm still playing it and this sucks. Pls fix it. This game is good because it let's you choose your own songs but pls fix the bug.
Kinda fun not boring, because you can import your own musoc in it and its fun, I love playing the most imposible songs from robeats and implementing them here! I love ittt!!!
The best music related game ive ever gotten because 1. Most apps dont let you chose music files from your phone 2. You dont need internet to play it and 3. It had muliple difficulty settings. I highly would recommend this app for my friends
Game is too slow, I can successfully read all notes at 4x speed. Additionally, Custom MP3 has bad sync. Good idea, bad realisation.
A really good game except for the fact that there is this bug where if you do too much at once it has a chance of crashing and if it doesnt it doesnt let you click any notes for a very short time period but just enough to screw you over. Fine for easier levels but for levels like turkish march it makes it practically unplayable. All in all though i would choose this game over piano tiles.
I like that this game is fast and challenging, I also like the fact that this works with the music that you have on your phone. This game is for all those people looking for a nice and challenging game.
i had low expectations since most mp3 to rhythm games kind of suck (beat craft for example) but this is great. the beats actually match up with the rhythm of the song and there's also a choice of scroll speed as well. would recommend
It's a very good game, I can play songs I that have, but there's one thing I kinda want in the game, It's long notes, y'know those notes when you have to hold, can you add that to the game please?, I'll change it to 5 stars.
Overall, this is a pretty good game but there are a few issues i came by. Sometimes the game would just close during a song and sometimes during the song it would skip a bunch of tiles and i would almost lose the level (this has only occured with custom songs) but it usually only happens on 3x or 4x speed (the other speeds are too slow for me)
Good game. It was a bit weird and confusing to navigate at first, but once you get in the flow, the game becomes very enjoyable. The tiles are timed well with the custom music. For those who want to use the custom music thing, I suggest using the app Muzzik. Just search up your song on Muzzik or go to Youtube, click the share button with Muzzik, and download the song on Muzzik.
Overall, this is a pretty good game but there are a few issues i came by. Everytime i tried to play a song the app would close through the song and sometimes during the song it would skip a bunch of tiles and i would almost lose the level (this has only occured with custom songs) but it usually only happens on 3x or 4x speed (the other speeds are too slow for me)
Crashes every time I try to use my own music. I had this app on a separate device with no issues. but now it's unplayable
Overall great, but some piano maps are poorly mapped, i suggest a remap for certain streams for piano maps, instead of 2 key long stream, the game should have made it into a 4 key stream, it will be much fairer to do so
FIX HOW THE MAP OF THE SONG IS BEING GENERATED.. I've played this game a couple of times now and I noticed that if you played a song, (4x speed and crazy enabled) at some point you'll see a bunch of white tabs so close to each other in a way its impossible to hit them. And if you managed to, you'll die afterwards since it took to much time time just to hit them perfectly.. p.s: Download version 1.6.4 if you dont like how the map is being generated...
Everything is perfect but please add tapping noises that can be turned on/off. Some may not like it but a person like me who's playing a lot of rythm games, it feels weird that there's no tapping sounds.
It lags. MELOBEATS lags/ stutters when you're playing songs. It's not my phone's performance cuz this is the only game that lags on my phone. Even a heavy game like Genshin Plays better than this laggy mess. Fix. Your. Game.
This game is awsome for everyone its really cool and the best thing in this game is the costum songs this is amazing in the first play you will found it hard buti the 2nd and the 3rd play its become good you can enjoy it in a lot of type of phone I hope this game get very very popular its rly good thanks for float for this game
Well it's a pretty looking game only problem is I can barely play it as it glitches out the screen turns black music still playing music playlist shows up and than disappears please get this fixed as I love rhythm games and this one is quite nice.
I absolutely love MELOBEAT. But I've ran into some issues while playing it. First off, the game won't read FLACs (lossless audio files). I have a 20 GB music FLAC collection and it's reading none of it. Second issue is it's not even showing all the MP3s I do have. I would love for these issues to be fixed in the next update. But the rest is awesome! I'd happily give it 5 stars if it wasn't for these issues.
It's a nice ryth game. You can play your songs that you have which is great. You can also chose do you want tails to go slow or fast or normal an chose if there are double tiles or holding ones. Good game
It's great but it lags whenever I play the songs implemented there so it's hard not to miss it. It only lags when there's a lot of note. It's not lagging when I play my own music though.
Dear developer, This game is simple but absolutely amazing. Even though the tiles doesn't match the song sometimes it's still very good . I don't have any problems with crashing(maybe it's because of my phone) .It's even better if you added a feature where you can add or remove the tiles according to the music. Yknow kinda like the creator feature.I hope you would improve this game so it's better as it is. Thank you.
I love this game it's challenging and also I kinda have a little problem with the general music like there should be a lot more popular songs and also I would like if there could be a change to the background of custom songs and normal game play. Anyways I enjoy the game and I would like for a higher speed to test myself please thank you
I've already fixed the past problem. This game's pretty good already, but it would be better if we could actually make our own levels like in "osu!", It think the rating would skyrocket if a feature like that will be implemented in the game, I hope you're able to read this, developer, it's still great, but adding it would be even greater.
The best part about this is you can use your own songs! I don't have to earn coins, wait until it gets unlocked, or buy it! I highly recommend choosing your instrumentals mp3, like a guitar cover, so the app can easily set up the rhythm :)
The game is still a lil bit laggy in Realme 5s SD655 android v.10...i hope to see the game being optimized especially when we play the mp3 music that we choose...
Great game but only problem is the beats are actually bit delayed by around 100milliseconds I think and its bit hard to play on portrait it would be better if you can change it into landscape mode so the playing spacd would be wider and we can use four fingers instead of two
I rarely rate games or apps but this one deserves 5 stars even with the few problems that I encountered .The problems I have is the tiles are not moving smooth and looks a little glitchy and when adding some songs there is no tiles to tap through the whole song. Other than that its the best rythm game I ever seen . Keep up the good work and thank you for this awesome game .👍👍👍
for those wanting to play this game at it's highest, i recommend you download and play the songs from the 2019 Doom game. it's a little inconsistent, by what I mean is that there aren't tabs(?) where you feel they should be and they're there where they shouldn't.
I actually downloaded this game 5 years ago back with my old phone and the game is really fun and addictive and I actually give it a 5 start ratings. I downloaded it today and now it's worse than ever, the gameplay isn't now good like 5 year ago and I actually get to it easily. I thought this will be even more better than I thought it would be, the graphics of it never changes but something tells me it's not good as ever. 2 out of 5 because they never improved.
Things i would want the game to have: -a replay system: saves and allows you to watch your replays -a map watch system: allows you to skim through the entire layout for a difficulty for a song, so we can be better prepared for the harder parts of a song It's a good game, however i feel like adding these makes it even more fun
I fell in love with this games , my dream to play my own music and its fullfiled noww , Thankyou so muchhhhhh ,much love for this game and can i suggest to give more features like changing colour of the notes and backround or etc , more improvement maybe ? Even the game right now is goooodddddddd , THANKS DEVELOPER
5 Years until now,still playing this amazing game!You will never regret downloading this game,so what are you waiting for?Download this and be satisfied on playing this game!
TERRIBLE! It doesn't synchronize your music with the game, it just plays in the background! Try not tapping at the blocks and see what I mean! Other than that, is this even tested?! Your "easy" mode is already medium difficulty and you can win by just spamming! It doesn't have a gameplay at all to follow! It's just cringe!
I love the game. I am just a little frustrated because my scores were not recorded, even perfects. I keep playing the game but my score remains, I make sure that I'm account was signed in lol. I hope the game automatically record scores or maybe its just me. I still love the game tho, I am just a little disappointed.
Review: Best to play this Game in 4x speed with no Long notes and Double notes(it's not accurate anymore if you enabled this features) Minor Problem: Notes sometimes skip a frame. If you tell me my phone has low specs you're wrong. I'm using a 4gb Ram and a 128gb Rom (Xiaomi MiMax) just fix this problem and this game will be perfect Personal Review: The thing that i like the most in this game is because it's offline and can add your own playlists. So Far no problems detecting my Playlists
really fun and really rushing game, but this problem must be fixed or add, tiles dont match the sound
Great! The feature that allows you to play your installed songs is REALLY GOOD! I love this app! (Or game)
I played this on my old phone for years. I bought a new phone(a better one, in fact), yet it lags unbearably to the point that I keep missing the notes. I hope you fix this problem because this is one of my favorite games.
I dont ever leave ratings on games but i gotta say i really like this game, mainly because of the fact that you can add your own songs to it. The only thing i'd like would be some sort of way to make your own levels for your songs.
The game itself works, no advertisements that I've noticed, the custom music levels actually seem to work properly and generate a level actually based on the track rather than just making a completely random level with the custom music as bg music like some games will do, however, some songs will just generate a level with no beats whatsoever which kind of sucks, but other than that, it's a pretty great game. Edit: Noticing a few custom songs that will add 2 misses at the very end, even with fc.
This the best But add some things to buy like tiles or background to make it very cool.. It just my suggestion 😉
The game is amazing! I love being able to play with my favourite songs! However, the long notes feel a bit odd. Since I play in 4x on crazy mode, I kind of need to cut my long notes short to be able to hit the next notes. But, when I do that, I immediately get a miss because I didn't hold the long note for enough time. I guess it isn't really a problem with the game, but I do think it can get annoying.
I've been downloading this game on and off a lot. It doesn't take up much space. And fits well with my farm life, due to it being an offline game. Thank you for such a cool, problem free game!
I realize that I left a really negative review earlier. I want to take that back. I revisited the game and found that it actually controls surprisingly well. The graphics are far more stylish than 80% of the cheap 4 lane games around. The actual levels are pretty fun, too. As for some tips on improving the game, I'd recommend making it so the notes are higher on the screen when you hit early (kind of like Deemo). Also, for casual players, you should add a mode with no health bar.
It's a great game, very addictive, I just think it should have a way of getting musics from spotify, then it would be P E R F E C T
almost perfect. The app itself is awesome, addictive and fun yet i do have a slight problem with the 'songs' section where your own songs are fed into the app. It works great it's that that the audio and the beats don't seem to be lining up, it is as if there was a slight delay with one of them. i hope that you can fix this so i can give a 5 star review.
I used to love this game ...but I don't know nowadays it just stops in between and does not respond. I hove this will be fixed
I am honestly impress of this game like you can choose what you want to play by just choosing a song in your device and create a song for you I am honestly impresed keep up the good work but there's something that really annoys is that I got 216 perfect and 23 miss and the progress is 23% That need very quickly and it's very odd looking at it like I didn't do anything wrong then that happened
I love all graphics and etc.....The problem sometimes my music doesn't have tiles when I play it like Play Date by Melanie Martinez....I don't know if it's bug or what but please fix it
This is amazing! You can play your own songs! I love it! Only one thing though: work better at the sync, just that.
It was a 5 star experience until I couldn't open it at all I tried uninstalling and reinstalling try swapping accounts just doesn't work anymore