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Hobo World - life simulator

Hobo World - life simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by DankoLab located at Russia . The game is suitable for Teen (Alcohol Reference, Crude Humor, Suggestive Themes, Violent References) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
if you want to pay hundreds of dollars to play this game because of its move counter, then this is your kind of game, if you want money in your bank account, look elsewhere
Messages that show up on the screen dissappear after a split second be fore I can read them which annoys me, pls fix. And you should possibly add some fun hobo minigames.
Lots of bugs, money in the safe is not safe at all. Far too many bad events that makes money disapear as well as business and achievements
it is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very good game it is a very very good game Yeh game bahut
It is a good game but it has a move limit and when it goes to zero it kicks you out and if that gets rid of the game would be so much better
Been playing for years. Since i got my first tablet in fact. But over the years i realized that each time i change devices i 1 have to restart, and 2 cant restore my purchases... So i mean that is really killer to my enjoyment. But other than that is cool
Absolutely terrible. Way too many ads like you get them every ten actions you do. If they got rid of a lot of the ads I would play this more.
Impossible unless you spend real money. Bad things happen almost every time and tou need to watch ads to stay alive or it is game over. Also, random ads play from time to time, being forced on you if you are connected to the internet. On top of this there is a kind of energy system which yoy can bypass, you guessed it, by paying real money. Greediest game I have ever seen. Save yourself some time and anger. Stay away.
The arson thing is just ridiculous, I live in a rented apartment irl and don't get set on fire every day
its petty good but some of the alert messages are in russian(like when u start a gang a few turns later u get a message in russian and u loose ur gang)
The messages on the screen disappear too fast and I don't understand why my business fails as it comes up a russian message I cannot understand.
add a sandbox mode where u wont run out of move or change 200 moves to 10,0000 because its not fun waiting for it to reload and also speed up the time on the move meter pls and thank you
Too difficult. The amount of random negatives thrown at you is insane! There is no sense of accomplishment or progress. Even spending money to buy a little boost does practically nothing! Tldr: major balancing issues need to be fixed, then it'll be fun.
Good game it just stops working every time I try watching a video for can and remove level limit just gives you one level
Every 30 minutes the game lags out and I have to close the game so I can get back to playing the game but it's really good but you should make it so you can convert gold into health and money for food and cans for happiness and you should add a guide for the game and you should make it so that you can't go to the settings and change the date further 1 day in general settings date and time if you see it but if you don't then you can try to find it.So game developers you should make it so thatwc't
Absolutely boring..you can't do nothing..need to at least be able to do something (example: move ..walk ..run or even actually picking up something to eat etcπŸ˜• every choice player makes it comes up with $$signs to purchase stuff you haven't even started to play game and your choice takes you to paying real money😨 you also need to think about showing your character when player may want character to eat sleep etc..as you don't see your character until after yourve chosen him to sleep etc.
im not impressed its so hard to play the game without real money and also i hate that u need to wait after all your turns run out u know the thing that will stop u and say u dont have enough turns ya that thing i would like it to be gone because u have to wait a hour or more to get the turns back so this is my review look at the like if u havent
Terrible! Every time I press anything it crashes and to get far In the game you have to buy things with real money
The game itself is a good game, however the move limit makes it almost impossible to enjoy the game. Once you hit zero moves it almost forces you to buy unlimited moves for money which if you don't the game is almost impossible to play. If the move limit was not a mechanic I would consider replaying and updating my review. But as of this moment since the movement system is a mechanic it is very annoying and quite aggravating with such a mechanic.
i cant downloud it this is a cool game i know i seen it on YOUTTUBE if you wont to suporet me subscribe to tanner games and dose dares btw
This is a good game but limited moves you have to wait to refill that's the only problem about this game.
Used to be good 3 4 years ago now every 2 days i get arson sometimes even 5 days in a row straight on arson, every second business doesnt work and game glitches not to mention all the ads, went from awesome add to useless cashgrab
Awesome text intuitive game. You should let every action go through yourself to understand the real power of it. First, it is hard to survive but as soon as you decide every critical predicament you understand that the whole game and its progress is based on your own drama. From time to time it makes you upset, the other time you are shouting at AI because you can't understand why THIS happened. And it's only beginning. Next you are going to cover networks and find the portion for eternal life.
Unfortunately whenever I get to level 9 it throws me out the game an I have to start again from level 1 so I've had deleted it. Shame as it's a good game.
the arson keeps attacking my character im dying about arson it keeps attacking me hard bro like 3x i cant even beat it please fix it ok.
This game is little trash! cuz its make me rage and I always get arson amd its trash I cant even work cuz that and spmuch taxes
At first I love the game. The ad pop-ups were annoying so I turned off my data to play it more. The only problem is it freezes on me constantly, and when the small yellow Hourglass in the top left corner gets to 1 the game freezes then sends me to my main screen. I had to constantly reset my phone while I was playing the game because the game would freeze and I couldn't touch anything else and the only way to get the game to start up again was to turn my phone on and off. The game is not worth it
This game is basically Arson simulator 101, every other turn someone just randomly sets you on fire and you lose a massive chunk of stats to the point where you can't actually play the game.
The "random" encounters happen way too often, you get burnt, robbed, beaten up by gang. All of your money disappears along with your health and not even a tab of notification of as to why. The tabs that show up later in the game are in Russian for heaven knows why.
Love the game except when it strips all your health and happiness away to the point you have to watch a video to restore 30%. Shame the developers are to concerned with making money over consumers gameplay
Its fun but i spent money to unlock some levels then i died somehow and it reset everything. All my payments just gone like that
Game makes no sense. If you eat, your health lowers??? And why do you have to wait so long for an apartment and car. And why so expensive.
Cool concept however the game freezes constantly and shuts down. Also it gets annoying not being able to progress because of your level. Very repeative after a while trying to level up.
When the counter reaches 1, you can't go any further. It closes the app and you can't do anything further.
when you watch an ad in this game sometimes it glitches and does,nt let me do anything and i have reboot or wait an hour
Don't understand it crashing every few seconds but the game was good till you play for a bit then the game can't handle it.
I played this and i kept getting attacked by arson and theft And my health is draining Really fast and you will be forced to watch an Ad WHY!!
It would be nice when I am getting warnings that I am going to lose my business if I don't have the right amount of currency if it was in the language I speak instead of one of which I have to take a screenshot of and translate via google lens. So unless you feel like paying so you are a rich hobo or you know every language on the planet, progressing through this game can be very very slow and time consuming. The game itself is well thought out, the graphics are nice. Fix the language pls.
This game is cool, but it crashes too many times. Like, almsot every time I press something it just crashes... - _- resolv it pls.
This game is SUPER fun. I have some problems with loosing all of my money, and sometimes the game restarts! The first time it restarted I was level nine, i just thought it would be a one time glitch, but then IT RESTARTED WHEN I WAS LEVEL 24! I was so upset, i had to uninstall it. Please try to fix this glitch, this was one of my favorite games :(
I played the game a few updates ago and it was amazing but now its just falling ina hole of arson after Arson then good day then gang attack so changing the event randomness to be a little easyer on tge player
They have made it almost impossible to keep the health, happiness, and hunger up for more than just a few moves and then it takes forever to build them back up because it keeps saying arson or food poisoning and a bunch of different things that knock everything right back down
Ads just pop up every minute or so it's dumb as hell u want ads fine do it right not like an asso put ads for rewards like more moves don't make them pop up randomly assos
crashes constantly. average game though. only a mattet of time and you will have to pay to press a button. meh.
I can't even download this dumb game I have been trying for the past 3 hours mega tramp SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😑😑😑😠😠😠😒
freezes on me alot when loading ads. hard to progress in game but annoying addictive without bugs would rate a solid 3.5 out of 5
This game would be so much better- if all of your stats didn't go down so fast. (Health, food, etc). It makes it nearly impossible to do anything, when they go down every time you do any other thing. I get so frustrated and bored I just stop playing. If you could fix that, it would be amazing.
It would be better if everything didn't drain so fast you can't make any money trying to keep up with everything else.