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Megapolis: city building simulator. Urban strategy

Megapolis: city building simulator. Urban strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Social Quantum Ltd located at Suite A, 19th Floor, Two Chinachem Plaza, No 68 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game no adds if u don't want them nice to take time up and doesn't take a long time to wait for everything like other games
Let me re edit the review and 1 star this. Unless you are rich, plan to spend money on megabucks to add a plethora of friends you would need to move this game faster than a snails pace. Just getting past the beginning start of the game takes more than a day if that. Let me stress that they don't advertise enough about the need to spend money to either advance or add many many friends to advance. Note the 50 mill downloads, but the probability of 10% of that still has even the sloghtest interest.
I previously rated this game 5 stars but have reduced it to 1. Since the recent update, the game will not connect to the internet which limits some of the functions. Uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my phone hasn't worked. Also, the seemingly uncaring nature of the developer to make the game work on PC, where most of us like to play, is lame. If they are trying, then we should get an e-mail on the development. Sad, but I may have to stop playing after years of playing.
Love the game, but if I were a developer I'd create a world chat room. Purge all inactive accounts at least semi annually. Reduce building areas along with the cost building itself.
I have played every day --without fail-- for four years, or there about. It has it's pros & cons like every game, but what can i say, "I'm hooked".
If you have a lot of money to waste, and a lot of time to spare, and patience to complete a task in a very long time then this is a game for you. I have been playing this game for over 2 years and I'm at the highest level I think is possible. I just completed a task to build space shuttle facilities using material earn through Megabucks and watching useless videos. This task this one simple task has taken me 3 months to complete. Now if I wanted to spend a lot of money it would take one day.
I downloaded this game because of the commercial. Commercial made it look like something that it is not.. and you find that out after you install the game. It is a SimCity type of game which is cool but that's not what the advertisement said to my eyeballs when I was washing the commercial. So I'm going to install someone else might love this game though.
I loved it at first, but it soon slows down unless you spend actual money which is not what I'm prepared to do. You'll never ever finish a task like building an airport which is what I've been trying to do for months unless you pay for mega bucks. Will delete it now from my phone.
It's ok. I want to love it. Especially having such a large map. But you cant build the pieces you need for projects. Nor is there a store. It shows what you need and only option is buying with money over coins, or hoping a teammate will gift you what you need. Becomes virtually impossible
I have been playing for a few months now and have found it a very enjoyable game. Plenty of thing's to build. Regular tasks to gain additional items and chalange other players. Join with other players or friends to help each other. (Would be good to have team messaging as an option).
fun but pricey. game play is easy, great graphics...but it can get pricey trying to do much. patience is needed - waiting for items to use. buying 'megabucks' helps...but there is a cost.
The game is really, truly good. But I left for a few months with it still installed and my progress was saved, but it restarted the game. :(
fun game. helpful tutorials and interesting layouts. One thing to mention. Ever since they modified the main airport for manufactured goods it costs more and is more time consuming then before. I wish the devs would revert it back. 07.31.20 - the game will not load at all.
It looks good, even the trains. But could we add more steam trains and especially their tenders to the game? It would add more class to the game. Also can we put farms with fields, livestock, and orchards into the Industrial Complex? It would add more commodities to export from the facilities.
Game is really great. But after playing for some months you get easily bored. No more new buildings to build(in store, I don't spend real money in games), less challenging. I have so much money in game but don't know where to spend it nowπŸ˜…(just in level 130) Please please make some updates.
The daily gifts resets after 7 days. I play 30 minutes or so every night and 3 times in a row it has reset itself after 7 days. I should be over 21 days now.
This game is really incredible but I really do want them to bring some skyscrapers back such as the ping an financial center or Shanghai tower. Theres many more I want them to bring back but all in all this game if far more better than any other city building game on mobile devices. 10/10 best game out there!
What bugs me a little is the fact iv got 3 save games on each different devices and even though there not linked up im keep going on this game and each time mainly every month now it is its keep going on each of my saves and its anoying, please fix.
Heavily pay to win SUGGESTIVE game with very odd grinding methods and progress can either be painfully slow or easily fast depending on how you grind, needs more incentivized ads/ways to get resources in game. The SimCity based factory system where you produce/manufacture stuff is stupid, plus devs need a way to better share game info/take feedback, and could improve game UI and some quality of life like getting unnecessary unique materials Overall nice game devs could take more non Facebook lol
Very good game and challenging so that you will never be bored except that the special event number of days is too small and that you won't have enough material, other than that it's good, also what are the chances of getting the jackpot at the stock exchange when you are level 70
Last couple of months when im opening game im not in the same place what i finished, it is moving back few steps. I'm playing this game already four years, i don't wanna stop. But soon my patience will finish I installed update 4 March 2021 and it is same, time to time it is showing bug "few steps back"
This game is horrible. Megopalis is 100% pay to play. It is a total cash drain and waste of money. This game is addictive in the worst way because you have to pay real cash to finish any part of an event. You cannot realistically complete anything without having to pay cash. I absolutely despise Social Quantum!! The company has made a successful game because they made it so addicting you can't stop and you go broke because you can't help but want to play. This game sucks.
Great Graphics, only thing that is not all that cool they don't have a state chat for everybody to communicate. Only time you can talk with anybody is if they join your alliance. 12/14/20 > one of the best tech support teams on earth! Had huge glitch on my game play, took a couple of weeks to fix, they got it done!!! Thank you all. Awesome job well done. Totally locked in forever. πŸ‘πŸ‘
Latest cyberville challenge was buggy. I was over 150 points ahead of nearest rival with 1 minute left. They beat me by 13. How did they get so many points in such a short time. Suspect data you showed was wrong. Stupid challenge
Being honest this game is awesome. But when they added that new factory update it feels like this game got worse, it's just not the same feeling. Megapolis has it's own industrail system but now it's copying simcity and it was nice since it made it feel special. I saw that a lot of people have the same issue so please just change it back.
It is very great game it has skyscrapers, oil refinery ,space shuttle,cargo port ,industrial complex ,bus stations ,railway stations ,underwater roads and rails,museums ,ring road,monorail,subway what not if I go on saying many interesting stuff are there in this game I recommend this game for who want to become a real tycoon in this game you can earn billions of money by completing contracts but one thing plz go on updating your game and put day/night cycle in megapolis area
It's a great game, I've been playing for years. However, I have to continuously clear the cache to get it working properly. It's very crowded and they add more stuff all the time so it'll be almost impossible to get everything finished unless you spend lots of real money and there's not enough space to put all the buildings if you want it to look neat.
it's good wish you could just make people use the transport facilities by entering in the train add bus station allow airports to be constructed faster and also make it political by introducing cabinet and the president and also allow people to vote make policies and also have latest news about the city or country
Thanks for replying . Actually the problem is in the limit of water . The limit of water is fixed at 200 so if I build a tank that provides 2000 l water how can it fit when the limit is only out of 200 . Fortunately yesterday my water limit increased to 500 suddenly and then my water level also increased now I can construct buildings in Las megas. It's goodπŸ˜ƒ and this game's graphics is quite high.
I all so gave you 5 star's at the beginning,BUT this event is full of bugs, several times when I start to play in factory, game stop and I lose parts, please fix this and gave us back what we lose,I hope that this is just bed episode in your company and you will deserve 5 star's again.
The game is brilliant in my eyes but need some improvements. Good graphics. Only problem for me is that the game is very slow going unless you want to buy megabucks or coin. After playing it for a few months and paying Β£79.99 for 4250 Bucks, they don't go far and you need 10 times that to complete the game. Still got a million things still to build. Deffo put me off from playing the game and buying anymore as you need to spend about Β£500 to complete it. Sorry had to downgrade it 1 star.
I love this game! I've been playing now for over 4y. It's my daily routine and like the feeling of building something, when nothing else is working in the real world (Year 2020 πŸ’πŸ») Is it possible to add a button for "Sell All" In the item section. I have over 3k items and is bugging me πŸ˜…
Only fall back, is this is definitely a pay to play game. Materials cost bucks. Bucks are not very easy to come by just playing the game. To really make a move, you need quite a few materials to build. This game would get 5 stars if not for that.
Wonderful game, which never let u bore with the game. Developer is just awesome to have all small small details in its place. Love it.
The game play is great but if you don't have friends you start to get stuck and don't progress unless you get friends that will send you materials, the game is pretty much useless if you don't have friends.
There seems to be some glitches in the Venice event. In my order is asking for gelatin but I have not reached that yet so I'm not able to move forward cuz I'm stuck on this gelatin thing
Megapolis is a wonderful experience. In other words, it is a great game ever i have played. Everything is ok if you don't want to spend money then nothing to worry. The game developed in such a way that it will help you a lot to watching videos and completing tasks for earning the bucks. Although, if you want to buy bucks, in that case it will be little costly for short bucks. Otherwise, thanks the developers for this game. I hope that buying bucks will be more cheap in the future.
I have played for years and really upset that this years holiday release is so hard to progress. It takes hours to build the parts needed in the regular game factories to even get a few parts for the elf factory. Please notice no one is even playing. Its because there is no chance of completely finishing to get the annual prize. Very disappointing after all the effort you put in to do the concept.
Great game, love the game play but it comes to a point not too far into the game where you have to use megabucks and assets which are hard to come by. Once you get to this point there is not much available to do. I wish there was an option to buy the game, I would love to support it that way rather than having to spend real money to buy game items continuously.
The only way to really build additional areas is with Megabucks. I have seen the responses of watch the videos, ask neigh ots, etc, but that's if you want to take 20 years to finish anything. Update - 12/19 - Now I don't even get the option to watch videos for megabucks or extra parts.
I love the game and have been there since the beginning, but there's only one issue I have with this new version: The music. I was wondering if we could get a option to switch between the new theme and the original theme (before the update). I haven't played in recent months though because of that, so that would be cool, please.
It is a great game, its a game that you can do as much or as little as you want. At first it can seem daunting (no different to any other game) but once you get into it it's fab. There are ingame competitions to enter frequently so it creates a change. There are states(guilds) you can join where you will get some tips and tricks. It's a game you can play in between tasks or just totally play it full on. Support have always been quick to answer my queries and solve any issues Iv'e had. Fab game
Fun way to waste time, but it seems you have to pay for everything. If you try playing without buying items you do not ever seem to get ahead in game. Kinda a shame they made the game to be a money pit.
Please do an update on this game. Items are no longer available to complete quests like the car dealership for example. This game needs a quantity option when selling or applying items it is asinine selling and/or applying then confirming after every individual item. Also can you add tutorials or something when it comes to things like the military bases. People been playing this game as long as I have ( 3 years ) and still unsure how things work in regards to the base quests.
i love magapolis its one of my favorite games to play when i found out that megapolis wasn't going to be available anymore on facebook i got sad but now that its a moble app i'm so happy and i'm glad i didn't loose my progress <3 :) :) <3 <3 <3 i'm glad i was able to download this on my tablet
Very nice and diverse game of which I played the PC version for years. The pc version, which no longer exists, was, however, significantly better than the android version. So I hope that there will be improvements in the android version soon.
As I've said, this was FUN but not for people who have OCD. I hope you get my point there. I'm not trying to make you look bad but the thing is this isn't for everyone. That's my thought about this game. I don't hate it. I just don't like the way the tasks are being cluttered all over the side of ur screen. Super annoying. And you don't have the option to hide it which would somehow alleviate that feeling of being messy with the game. That's my only concern which you may relay to your developer✌
Tech support/customer service is really slow to respond. Roughly 6x slower, maybe more, than it should be.
Updated : Thank you for helping me restart my progress in the game! One quick thing though: It used to be easier to earn expansions the first few levels...now its next to impossiable to earn expansions...and so can not grow city to complete tasks/quests. Please make the expansions a bit easier. Thank you.
I have installed this game two times and have removed it, but this third time I think it's getting interesting. But one thing you should do is to make it possible to rotate the game so one can see in 3D. I can't even see the houses I built a the back of some other buildings. Another is to increase the zoom so one can see more closely because even after zooming, everything still look small. Also, it's horrible to get only 1 cash after watching a video add. Till then I can only give 3 stars.
I enjoy simulations which allow me to use my imagination to construct my cities. There are a few good resources on the Internet to help you as you learn more what you can do to earn credit to purchase buildings, attractions, roads, etc. Do not get frustrated when you compete in state contests because there are people who do not play to create cities, but play to win and accumulate "booty." There is a way to be competitive at state contests and create cities which look more like a city.
It is a fun little game, however it is a bit confusing and difficult to make it on higher levels. Like the warehouse size. You can't upgrade for a long time and it is needed before that. But I enjoy passing time playing.
Simplified city/transportation simulation. Many different aspects to manage... kudos to the team! Gaming is not dependent on purchases, not just a button pushing exercise either. Definitely worth checking out!
Great game. Excellent graphics. Challenging. Lots of prizes and comps. So, why the one star and why am I deleting the app. Greed. Initially, there was a choice to use coin or buy MegaCash to progress through levels. Sadly, that option disappeared all too soon, leaving a choice of progressing at a snail's pace waiting for opportunities to obtain MegaCash or forking out big bucks of hard cash to buy the necessary items. Give the extent of the game, that would run into 1000s. Taking away the option is pure avarice on behalf of the developer. I have a bone to pick with it being the Editor's choice on googleplay as it is deceptive in luring people in. Where are the criteria to warrant this? If you want to waste your time working towards the point of paying hard cash and ten giving up or you have a surplus of extra cash, by all means, download it. However, if you are sensible you'll heed my advice and give it a wide berth Not recommended.
I just wanted to update my review I still love this game but the seasonal tasks I said I like playing them but this years Christmas in cyberville is so stupid. Out of millions playing only 4 people got a building certificate, the elves are asking for toys that most people have no idea how to make so no one can move up to get the tree or any other prizes hopefully the spring one will be a lot better. Still my favorite game but if the spring side task is like this one I won't play them anymore.
I played a lot of strategy games especially on PC. But this game is so pay to win. Tons of upgrades, ads limit many more. This is a good game. But PAY TO WIN. Remove the ads limit or increase the ads to make upgrades faster. Or else PAY TO WIN
Good game been playing for years, but as of now it's been a storage hog and have to clear the massive amount of cash every time after I play. How much cash can range from 1.3 gigabytes up to 2.5+ gigabytes! If I don't clear it out before I play again it will load about 1/10th of the map and buildings. The ability to extend the time on some events like new building sites by ads might be better than spending megabucks if this could happen or even test the option.
Been playing for 4 or 5 years. Great game, loads of fun during my downtime. Really wish the airport would go back to the way it was. Worked really hard to upgrade terminals, planes, and runways and now I haven't used that airport in months. The new "create resources in the warehouses to the be flown out in the planes for a reward" idea was a huge downgrade to playing experience. It took away the easy incentive to use that part of the game. I've seen many other reviews citing this same issue.
I love this game! I just wish there was an easier way to earn mega bucks with out having to buy them. Or maybe a way to buy needed supplies with coins.
The ad and videos that this company uses are nothing like the game it is a terrible and bad game I know for a fact that there are better games like this one but better for example sim city but this is a rip off you don't even dig or use and of the heavy duty machinery (vehicles) like this in the video such a disgrace and don't reply with a comment saying "We're so sorry, our team of experts is working on this for you to like our game" that is what everybody says and barely even change anything
I love it, but I always wanted a edit city feature, where I can clear all and get road placements and blocks all set up and corresponding. I would love to hear if there is one but I haven't reach a certain level or if one is coming.
Best game ever! You could play all day and you would be not bored. Since I play it on Bluestacks (PC version) it's even faster and the animation is brilliant. Would be great to get more new areas to build up (I am running out of space)
Being playing this game daily for atleast the last 5 years, just wish it would offer some more expansion. I can't place new buildings therefore can not partake in lots of events that require new occupants as have no room for new buildings and way to much cash now. On the plus side, never paid a penny off real cash and never needed to, other developers could learn big time from this.
The game itself is great! Reducing rating because constant bombardment of the games ads. I have played almost a solid year. I have never played a game with so many pop up ads in your way oh you clicked it buy something. How sad that this company must be broke or something. Will keep decreasing the rating due to this overwhelming ad bombardment. We get you want money... Damn for real we get it your poor or something....
I put a lot of money(over a couple thousand dollars,and 3milliom coins)and time into the game ,only to come back to it to find my progress deleted and my city rearranged ,l was so pisted I deleted it. Have to complete to many level on even the smallest areas so that one my build their city,and you don't offer up enough good deals on megabucks and coins
It's fun, it really is. The graphics are good, the building designs are incredible, and there's just a hundred projects to work on. But it's sooooo demanding for your money. If you want to ever get anything done without waiting for weeks on end, you HAVE TO buy LOADS of megabucks. And it's not cheap. Just needs a better way to get building supplies and I'd give it 5 stars.
As I Stated earlier. Its pay to play, The Devs Say you do not need to purchase megabucks that you can get Megabucks from tasks and other sideshows however when you complete a Level or Task you get 1 megabuck Maybe. When it costs 50,000 in house Coins to build a structure then to Complete the structure you can do a million Tasks or it costs 90 Megabucks that is a 90 million to 1 ratio. Every little rail road pin on the map is 2 megabucks or wait.PAY TO PLAY ALL DAY LONG.. Dont listen to the Devs.
Very good game, however start getting boring when you reach to a certain level of development. I would strongly recommend to the developers to release some new type of contests, as the ones which are rotating now are already running for years, there is nothing new. The new production based airport is one great idea for new contest, another one would be contest in the industrial area. Also, please fix the updates of the achievements to the Google Leaderbord, they are stuck for few years already.
Pretty good game. I am boring because of don't have weather or day time and night time in a city, it just fixed like megapolis cities was day time permanently and Las megas was night time permanently. I prefer this game to change the day night time for every city and add more whether, example snowstorm, thunderstorm and rain.
Sorry but this game is screwed up, maybe it's no internet connection. I don't have that problem with no other game on my phone, only this game. It seems fun, I won't know until be it's fixed.
Its a great game except the only way to progress is to physically buy game cash. The coins you earn in the game don't do much for you. I have 91.5 million coins that I cant spend on anything because I won't spend actual money to move onto new projects. I'm starting to get bored with it
Great game! Would be a 5 star game if it didn't take up 7.1 gigs of space on my phone and I didn't have to reload all over again after popping out of the game, even for a few seconds.
Only game I play other than spades! Excellent game I highly recomend it. It allows you to compete solo, on teams or both and win prizes. This game is addictive and never boring. The only improvement to be made is when prizes are awarded for roads built, military equipment made etc. unneeded prizes vould be sold all at one time versus clicking 100 times to sell 100 airport signs for example. Great game!
It's a great game!!! Very fun to play, great way to kill some time, and is not filled with ads like other similar games. Overall a great game to play with friends and the buildings are the very beautiful and impressive. I can't have enough of this game. 100% will recommend!!
I love the game but can't play it no more coz it won't download,all my other games download but this one wont.
I like this simulator. I will say this, I wish it had a way of rotating the view so you can see around taller buildings blocking views of other areas. It makes it hard to click on some squares and I find myself having to love buildings over to click on the square then having to move those buildings back. Also, I like to see them make it where I can purchase a house or building and keep adding till your done instead of having to go purchase the building each and every single time.
I'm fully immersed in this game and love it. There is so much to do that there's no time to be bored with it. Brilliant stuff! πŸ˜€
Well I am so glad to playing this app for almost seven months, it's so interesting and prospective game. In future, I suggest the developer to made more broader about the Facilities that provide in this app, I think the Lakhta Center, Burj Khalifa or any other well known Skyscrapers would be best to be added in this app. I hope for the developer concern about this. Finally, let's to download this app, you don't get any bad experience playing this app.
I love playing the game I just dont like the fact that we cant pivot the city around 360Β°. If we could do that, this would get 5 stars. I also dont like that we have only like 5 opportunities to watch ads to get items per day. I wish the wait time was shorter since I play throughout the day
I like this game.the graphics are awesome and l really appreciate the developer of the game .but there is a problem with the ads which are appear in the middle of the game lrequest the developer to do something for that. Thank you so much
Tasks take too long to clear or rebuild, more than an hour makes me leave game and find other games to pass time. Getting very bored with this one because finish sections and can't earn $ easily and can't use coins to buy hardly anything. I read other review about stock exchange and that renders the same prize EVERY time. I dont salaries as you get a ton of those in other breakout games. To slow moving of a game.
Great game..... would like a 'sell all' or 'sell x amount' option when trying to get rid of items that can only be used for special events (ex. Christmas village, island,). It'd be really useful. I still have like 500 ornament balls from like 3 years ago Christmas event and its super tedious to hit sell then sell again and repeating the process 100 times.
The screen on contests is blurry. You can't see the locals to click them.Other then that great game.Fun to play.Lots of competitions. Not to many ads. Just raw building. The buildings are beautiful and very realistic, decorations are very nice too. State competitions earn you money to build your city and they r alot of fun. If u r new to game look for me.I will try to help you.. STATE NAME. : BRISTOPLIS 😊 HAVE FUN.
As a new player, having to complete 8 events worth thousands of megabucks of materials with between 2 and 7 days left on all of them is ridiculous and unfair. There is no way to complete more than one or two events at a time as a new player without spending money (even being in a full and active State and having the full amount of allowed friends), and yet they give me EIGHT. Talk about excessive. If not for the beyond blatant money grubbing by loading 8 timed events at once, I'd give 5 stars.
Brilliant game i nearly had to reinstall to my new tablet I'd done so much from building up from media site,i didn't really want to start over
I hate this game.😑😑😑😑 Because when I download this game it's not Start but consume internet . My phone Ram is 4Gb and Rom is up to 80Gb empty but this game is not start .
Very fun game. I prefer it over SC because there is more area to build. You dont have to cram everything in a box. The graphics are not as good as SC and it takes FOREVER to actually progress and build things if you dont fork over real money. But to pass some time and mess around for a while it's really good.
It might be a good game, I don't know. Already hate the music. Cannot turn it off because the tutorial is not an option. Forces u to do it. I'm not in kindergarden. Let me choose whether to do tutorial or not. Uninstalled.
A great game with brilliant graphics, though I wish you could restart your city if you want to because I messed some things up and If that is done then I'll give 5 stars.
Edit: I love this game, it's beautiful and fun too but it's a shame there's no RESET BOTTON in the game, keep getting automated response we will reset your game shortly. It took me a sometime to figure the game out, and I wanted to start again but I can't seem to do that. It's frustrating though.
A complex yet highly entertaining game. Lots of mouse clicking during play made my hand go numb, but the game was so good that I bought a gaming tablet and now can use a stylus. Easy to play several times daily to keep up with accomplishments and implement new strategies.
The materials used to build projects are too many and takes time to acquire which in turn takes a lot of time to finish the projects. Please include some market where we can purchase these items for construction than waiting on neighbours.
*Sigh* I remember back in the days I was young. I played this games hours and hours. It's so nostalgic. But I don't know why, I came back a few years later and the game kinda changed. Before the "shops" were used to create stuff (paint for example). You can still do that but before, you payed money to do that and recieved money when it's done. But NOW, it's to create other stuff, just like SimCity buildit. So I kinda miss the old Megapolis. But I guess it will never change... Still good thoπŸ‘
Good game if you like building games. The buildings are unique and you have a lot of options with tasks. It would starts off fun but when it requires over 50 items to build one level it gets ridiculous. makes it tedious to make progress.
Great game, but two things you could improve: 1. When you leave the app for even a second, the app restarts. This can be annoying when I want to check something like my texts. 2. Could there be a quick place option? I hate manually placing the same building, for example stuff like energy sources and money sources. It would be convenient to place large amount fo buildings at once. Sincerely, a Player.
Great game, relaxed music. I am still playing this game for 8 years and still love it. Simple and if you help other players then they will help you.
Some reason the game is now telling me I need to accept cookies for Facebook, saying failed to connect to social media. Trying to divert me FB and enter my password.. No longer able to play the game after spending money on it. Tried to uninstall it and reloading and its doing the same.
Game is still great overall. Slow in progress but it is just the type of game it is. The only thing I wish is that it would check for certain buildings that I am missing and allow me to build them like the Megapolis Stadium and things behind buildings areas but before the ring road.
So far within the first 4 or 5 hours worth of play time, I really haven't run into anything that I would deduct a star from. However, it would be nice to be able to rotate the screen to see the opposite sides of your city. Much easier to align buildings and roads too.
It's a great game, I just find it difficult getting the materials to complete the hundreds of big projects. I wish it was easier to get materials, and not depending on friends for it alone. Free stuff are Minimal and not enough to sustain a a good pace in the game.
Thanks game management for considering my review. Now game more focused on Ads to earn materials and bucks which makes game interesting again. Now i can play again the game i was use to miss "game is really good but the game management's strategy is pathetic. getting bucks is so painful and slow just bcoz game management wants to earn money through it which makes it super boring. infact left playing it for months. if u want to earn money please focus on ADs or else you will lose popularity"
this is a good game and all but they take there buildings and stuff away and most are limited on my main account it has every building you cant even think of but my alt keeps taking away buildings and adding buildings and its starting to get a little annoying
Great game, when it loads. Nothing wrong on my end for connection, had it tested. Don't bother spending any money or investing in contests, it won't load on the last day. Sick of playing a game with blank squares with money symbols on them. Can't collect built goods in factories when it doesn't load etc. What a waste of time and money. Only game with no actual fighting or war against someone else, only reason it gets any stars. No war! Thank you.
This is the best of the best games I have played it's almost 9years now since I started playing it. But.... What's the point of putting bridges, intersections, most parks, if they are not used. Please put back or add different factories like the old factories they were good in money collections than the new ones. My state has no road connecting to other towns or cities, does the road end there.... Add more small boats in the city water transport body.... plus traffic too.Otherwise it's the best
I appreciate your quick reply. Game is working fine now. How can I get more friends/neighbours so that I get materials to upgrade faster. Any other way to earn more megabucks besides playing everyday and completing tasks? P.S.:- I changed my rating from 1 to 3 only because I really like this game and your quick response.
I've been quite addicted with this game for a couple of years now. When I changed phones, luckily with the Facebook option I could download the app, and continue where from where I was. However, the ads option to get 3 items disappeared. Please help.
Cool game. Only thing wrong is there are not enough money payouts to help along. Like most games its all about you giving more money then receiving help to upgrade.
The game is great the only problem is that of you want to replace the building from one place to another it is going to take you so long i definitely want a city editing like in clash of clans where you can easily edit your village just for that a gave it a e star
Have been playing this game daily since 2012. My problem is only one, there is no info if certain building have been built or not, so if you're the type who wants to build each one of the building you really have to remember where you put it or else you'll have to scroll the entire map to make sure it's already built
Played for many years now but 2 things bug me when you move up levels your rewarded by 1 megabuck should be more the higher you your level And some of the quests are just wanting too many items some times its hard getting all the items before it ends means you have to use megabucks to extend
25/03-2021: thanks for your response, yes I get the materials daily from the 23 neighbors in our Stat, but it is still nothing compared to the 15-50 items needed for each upgrade (there are tons of upgrade). As I suggest, just play without a deadline (slow). Anyway thanks for the game, you cover almost everything from Science to oil rig....
the game is ok but I am playing this game on an Acer Chromebook 315 and I updated this game to the latest and all of a sudden this morning when I try to play the game it randomly closes when loading the game map
Very op game it is very natural view in a game I am like this game I am give this five star rateing it is a very very very best game and it is a world best game es game ma airport, construction machine and military base, and very beautiful building and oil refinery, island ,and very
It was five stars until I got stuck in the loading when said I had to have a god dang Facebook account so I'm trying to uninstall and reinstall it to try to fix it.
Re installed it again but have been stuck again levelling up. Plus i have an issue with server currently unavailable. And i was in a previous state which was good but after i lost my phone i was kicked out. Problem is its very difficult to search that state again. Please fix the searching tab. And let us do simple building with coins everyone is not a rich guy. Would give 5stars if you take note of my problems and solve it.
This is a fun game and I have been playing for years. The graphics and buildings are amazing. Unfortunately there are some fixable issues preventing 5 stars. Mostly little things like controls for placing buildings being duplicated in the middle of the screen right in the way. Why? Not being able to lock on buildings when moving them and the video bubble being in the way instead of off to the side. The fixed buildings have been expanding but no corresponding infrastructure or new empty squares.
It took me a few minutes to learn how everything works in the game I have only just started playing but I love it it is a lot better than Township and some of the other building games once you learn how things work and how to do stuff the game becomes a lot of fun it just takes a minute to figure things out or at least it did for me
im sorry to give 3star coz this game needs some improvement like what i mean is developed some factories for the item supplies for the construction buildings coz its really hard to improve or developed a city and the other problem is the players is plenty so hard or u need a long time to wait for the gift item like a P2P like me...
How much money do you have to spend to be good? Almost everything requires the money system that is mostly acquired through real money. If it was a free game it would be a ton more fun!! With that I'm out and giving one starπŸ‘Ž πŸ‘Ž
The concept of the game is brilliant, as are the graphics. The disappointment comes from ALWAYS having to buy/use mega bucks to complete construction of buildings. What purpose do the coins serve if you can't use them for much of anything? So I have millions and millions of coins but can't use them, can't even convert them into megabucks. That is the downfall of this game. If one must spend boat loads if money for megabucks I'd rather this be made for the PC, I spend $50 or $60 for that
This used to be my favorite game until the most recent updates. When they added the production replaced the different wearhouses with the default production mechanic, it really ruined my experience. Your game used to be unique, and that's what I liked about it, but now it's nothing but SimCity, or LITERALLY ANY OTHER CITY BUILDING GAME ON THE PLAY STORE. Can you go back to the way it was, or at least provide a version before you changed it?
Several years of putting buildings together to make a great looking city & it ended up being so much more!! WoW I gave a suggestion to make buildings that combine in different ways to make Mega-Structures, but playing with the buildings in all different ways, I found out that it was already there in a much bigger way! I cant believe the detail when you zoom in... then zoom way out to reveal the bigger pictures and then make the picture smaller to reveal even larger pictures. With so many buildings as puzzle pieces, the combinations, the possibilities are endless! Your Imagination is the Limit! When you put the buildings together in different ways, you can see the 4D Magic Eye Images pop out and reveal some great pictures in pictures of faces and objects. Even Ambiguous! I could not believe when I found a dragon head pop out when I combined buildings into a castle... so NiCe!!! What an awesome game that can be played in so many ways and create anything you want! Its a great relaxing way to be creative or get deep into strategy with contests or competitions with state members. An Excellent way to waste time! Check out Megapolis Mega-Structures for some pictures.
Addicted,but have learned that you can't trade coins earned for megabucks and that sucks and you better have a good supply of money or you will just be playing catch up on game its a great idea but costs too much one simple thing that yawl could do is this 10 megabucks per day and 5 megabucks per video instead of one stick a crowbar in your wallet and show some respect people will still buy megabucks.
Every now and then there will be connection problems; it is frustrating despite nothing wrong with my wifi and mobile data connection. Like today, 01 August, 2020. ** edited** After the server problem, everything returned to a fun and enjoyable game!
I'm starting to love this game. Maybe in the past I didn't. But now i understand how and what to do things in here. The game was a very excellent concept that after several years, i tried to recall the memories back. And after 5 years of absence, guess what? My account didn't lost. I suggest you new player to download the game, but not to play it alone, join state that are still active and progressive to earn more and more materials and megabucks for your needs.
The games is awesome and addictive. Levels are also good. Plus the events are cooler so that we can get megabucks. The only thing is the chatting system should be much better. It always refreshes and cant see the precious conversation. Rest all good. Thanks.
Love this game. Just really shame scrolling for buying buildings doesnt stay in last place we were. So we dont have to scroll from 0 to find ( building- park) we want. Very tiring to find stuff back. ( storage place for buildings we have woukd also be kind of nice. Easier to move around)
A time based game for the patient. Those in a hurry can spend money, but it isn't necessary, even to compete against others. It takes experience to tell where it makes sense to spend resources. But it is more linear than it seems, even with several lines to pursue.
I have played this before and it is always fun so 4 out of 5 the graphics are amazing I just wish when you demolish a road you can do more then one at a time
Been playing across different platforms for a few years, saddened that the old production stores were removed for the airport one. Makes earning money so much more slower. But overall still good! The friend list being locked at so little is still a bummer too.
It can be really fun but the problem is you have to constantly be upgrading and upgrading in your task list once you get to certain point all it is is upgrading which takes forever, even if you spend money for bucks. If you would put tasks in there that let you build things quick too it would make it a hell of a lot more fun. It used to be more like that. Now you've gone and added tons more that takes forever to build, so all youre doing is waiting on supplies and making things in your factories
Love the game. Been playing on and off for years. Only problem I have is the outdated version on my kindle (9th gen) can't get the megabucks ads on there. Having to wait and switch to my ipad or phone is a real pain... It's on ver 5.30 is there going to be an update for amazon appstore?
Absolutely loved this game. This game has a lot of different buildings to choose from. The one problem being, there isn't an option to store the buildings, you either have to move them to a different place or sell it and buy it again and place it where you want to. I would highly recommend this game for anyone who loves city construction games.
I literally feel that the new factory system is too much creepy. It feel so irritating to collect all those materials. It was better when there was old factories which supply goods on regular timing. And the old airport system. This reasons just made me stop to play the game. I fed up within 2 hours after this new systems. I wish I could get old experience back else I can't return to this game. Feels so irritating
Hello SQ. I just want to let you know that this is the best game I have ever played but I am expierencing some problems. Whenever I am going to my state (Kabar) it always loses connection for some reason when I have a good connection. Please fix. Edit: the problem is now fixed thank you so much.
I have payed this game in gameroom from Facebook. But they stop.So i installed Bluestacks because they said that i can play here. Now i see i have to start all over again. That is so horribell All that work , all for nothing . How is that possibell when everybody says you can play here where you was in gameroom.
I have love playing this game for years on my computer. Now I can play it on Google because Adobe will not support the game on Facebook. So glad everything is still there did not lose a building. But what worries me is using the mega bucks to buy what I need. I tried using what I have and it seem like I lost more money and I can't see the full amount of coins I have. So maybe I need to now buy a goggle laptop? Still I will continue playing thanks Google for saving my game!
Nice game. There are notices you can barely see sometimes, but if you keep a sharp eye you'll be ok. As always, there are always accomplishments that you can alllllmost reach.... but alas you'll need to spend $1.99 in real worls cash to get there.
Takes so long to build anything. Waiting to get materials to build buildings I'm still trying to build the same one for a year now. Should give more free videos to reduce costs of buildings or to get mega bucks to help build them.
I love the game. But I think you should make the game so that you can buy buildings and then store them in the storehouse for later.
Well I'll try this game for a while I don't want a bad review for this game because it looks so nice don't be sad dev and everyone change my rating to 4 star hope that helped can I request for sandbox mode or is there already one I still haven't played it.its built in 2012 so I'm thinking this game have less bugs and improve greatly.so you made dragon world I love that game and it's the first one before dragon city maybe.I've played that game before and it's great
Won't let me download and saying it can't connect to server still the same took screen shot of proof it's not working
I like this game and all but there is a problem. I have tried multiple times to restart this game and start from scratch but this game wont let me. I contacted support and they haven't done anything so,plz make an easier way for us to start over.