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Mega Heroes

Mega Heroes for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by 4399en game located at RM 19C,LOCKHART CTR. 301-307 LOCKHART RD.WAN CHAI HK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty good so far with no major bugs happening. A few things need to be fixed such as the hell boss screen not disappearing after you beat it. Other than some other tiny things the game is pretty fun to play.
Meh.. two stars for false advertising, would be three for a completely mediocre game but they made it look 100 times different in the trailer, completely different game mechanics from what I expected
This game is nothing special/original like most games. Too many buttons and lots of purchases for whale players the greatly diminishes the game. But, I enjoyed playing it in the beginning because it felt like I was improving by leaps and bounds. But, after that the game becomes grindy which isn't a bad thing, but this is where the whale players will come out on top. So this is basically a game for whales and not for us tuna.
Its a good game but my biggest issue is the world chat. It lags and censors the dumbest things, for it example someone said finally but it was **nally. My keyboard doesnt work in game so i cant respond in chat. Id change the rating once i can use the world chat. 😥😥 cant make friends in there since no way of communicating.
Definitely pay to win! Does not matter what the developer says, they make it so unless you want to spend YEARS trying to grind to the top it'll NEVER happen unless you pay money. Just like all the events they have out now only way to get the good gear in them is to buy ingots with real money.
This seems like it would be a good game but it won't start when I push start the would start loading then it exit same thing when I try to change servers
The game seems to be very good and relaxing one but, I just can't play properly because the game just shutting down every time... I hope this get fixed soon as possible! \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/(´∧ω∧`*)
absolutely positively love this game. it is kinda like Final Fantasy but better, never thought that would be possible with any rpg Fantasy games b4 I began playing this game!!!!! wish we got more of some of the items needed to get powerful without having to spend any real money....that just means it a take longer in advancing in game if u one does not have patience b4 playing they definitely will learn from the game.
This game is overall pretty good I do have one complaint though whenever I go offline as the team captain somewhere else just becomes the captain randomly and I really think you guys should fix that bug and yeah that's all I have to say pretty good game
Pretty great game, but I hope you add more customization options esepcially for minority players, so we can be any race and color we want, I also got engaged on here I love it! Spent a few bucks already, but would definitely spend to recreate my character if you add more customization, please read this.
I had just downloaded the game yesterday, was playing it for a while then I closed out of the game, after making sure I had connected it to my google account of course, and later in the day I tried to log back in and I had to restart my progress, and not to mention was stuck in the first loading screen after logining in to a new account
This whole time I didnt know I could've logged in with my Google acct, since I did I lost my original account.. is there a way to transfer it to my google account or do I have to start all over again. Tbh I'd hate to do that😅.
I am giving this game a two cause like when you have the game and don't play it for one week it restarts you and I was on level 292 and I worked so hard and then I got so mad and I really liked this game before but then when it did that I was done and who ever made this game can you please save the levels that you were on before if you didn't mean to delete it.
All sound poor ame. It stayed on my phone for a while and then I got a disgusting ad full of sexualized moaning which was extremely embarrassing to have happen in public, reminded me o need to delete the game finally. Do not recommend in the slightest as there are other similar games from more respectful companies, with better content.
It's really cool there are cool abilities and they're cool characters to choose and it's a multiplayer
So far bad, all day waiting and the game is still not on, why add a time when it's going to be ready and then even change it forward, if you are not even going to comply with the initial time.
Hi! I really love the game and I'm having a lot of fun! But I just got myself a new phone and I was wondering how I can transfer data, I connected my account to Google but I can't seem to sign in on my new phone. I'd hate to restart again and lose all my progress.
It's not bad but... I can't find the gift code function. Is it supposed to be in settings or something? Cause I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find it...
I really like this game but it's a joke to think that spending time is as valuable as money. I've spent a great deal of every day since launch playing and have fallen more than double behind whales. I'm still gonna play but don't want to hear that I have a chance against whales.
alright so after playing for a while now i don't think it's quite my kind of game, now it is still a decent game for the kind of game that it is though and despite the early server mishap it's been fine since. So give it a try and see if the game is for you or not
This game didnt give me that feeling like I was a pirate in search of the one peice. It always feels good to have a solid goal to work towards while being rewarded on the way. Right off the bat I got the feeling of inflation with player lvl going to 999, it feels like an endless grind before it begins. The loot/armor system is just as repetitive granted the lvl range, the only way to describe the ui.... stuff on stuff on stuff. No organization. Lvl 400 and quitting soon
I think the colors and graphics are really artful and engaging to look at. Gameplay is standard auto style but it's smooth and they don't overload you with clickbait. The English grammar translations need a little work but they're not too off. I can see myself actually playing this one for a time and having fun.
The game of great graphics and cute characters but you can auto player all the mode stories mode, boss fight and all you don't even have to play it read the story and claim your reward after automatically really was not looking for a game like this sorry.
Great game just wish I could transfer my character over to other server soon would make it far more enjoyable but other then that its a grest game
Pretty fun! Love the fashion!! But spending too much is a problem. Fun game play! Con is you must spend $ to really get anywhere in the game. Being free to play is pretty slow.
Decent graphics and smooth controls BUT cross server events pit you against server older so already at disadvantage in cross server events, some quests can only be completed by spending real money, you will rarely place in top 15 of anything without spending real money. However you do gain +5 points toward VIP lvl daily even though VIP item rewards require real money. So If you are masochistic and dont want or have the ability to top up hundreds of dollars daily this game is perfect for you.
It was fun and all until I leveled up to lvl 270 and the next day I came on and my account no longer exists it acts like my acc doesn't exist I tried making a new account but evertime I change her color on her outfit it changes it too a random color I didn't choose
A mindless auto game with a VIP system and cluttered UI. Works for people who won't be paying attention to the screen, not looking for anything innovative, and play in short bursts. In it's current state (from what I've seen at level 160), it's not worth picking up if you've already made progress in another auto game. The only redeeming quality is the cute characters, which are blocked frequently by in-game pop-up reminders that the cash shop exists.
This is game is very unstable due the fact that I have downloaded in game pack 3 times and I asked to download again...
This is a fun game, if you find a good guild good to chat with but there is a lot of room for improvement hence 5 stars will not be given. Needs to be more ways to gain exp because it only takes an hour max and daily activities are done till night events which means there is no reason for players to stay logged in. VIP perks could be better and also add more things to use on the bound ignots making it fairer for FTP players to advance. Also, some optional tutorials to help when advancing.
Can't even play. It just crashes on my phone when I start talking to the first quest creature. Please fix the crashing I want to try out the game. Everytime I enter the server it crashes before I get through the first quest introduction it won't even download the new stuff it crashed when it started to
Definite p2w, I enjoyed it while it lasted but without spending some money I fell way too far behind. The game isnt too bad, its fun sone nice people decent qmount of things too do decent graphics, just when your power is 12m and the people who played the same length as you but spend money are at 70m....kinda tends too feel stale. Nothing really wrong with the game just way too slow paced if you dont spend. Other than that great jobs =^.^=
Yet another basic autopilot MMO that tries to look pretty and offer overpriced things so the whales can bask in the glory and call themselves gamers and the free-2-players can complain about the cost of everything and the fact the game plays itself and wish there was a good game out there that threw away all of what's become the norm in mobile gaming and get back to the hardcore roots and what's really important: fun gameplay. That takes too long to make, this turd took 6 months! SMH💩🖕🏾
I love the game, I really do. But I just wanted to point out a few issues with texts not being complete and the inconsistency of damage output. And sometimes my character sits there and does nothing and it keeps me from getting damage. I hope that those minor fixes can be improved. With a little bit of work on the minor problems, this could be a great game. It is a very good game to me so far, I just want to see it get even better as time goes on
Good game all around great graphics great outfits but can we please get some more promo codes they give outfits and wings not everyone has that much pocket change T^T and I know we can craft good outfits but at some point that gets really boring
It's okay. I'm in the top 30 despite not paying a dime. But I put a lot of effort in staying ahead. Not worth it. Especially because they don't have any protections in place for high level p2w players griefing low level players. Needs a tad bit more content for f2p players and needs to moderate their chats better. I will never be number 1 though so lying about everyone having a chance to be number one is baloney. I know. Because I do everything possible to get higher up and it's barely enough.
Game stays on loading screen and doesnt even open the game whether on wifi or data Still doesnt work Fix Your game and ill rate this higher.
The graphics are average and relatively smooth. The gameplay/storyline are ok... until the tutorial fades away. When that happens, the storyline stops completely. U get trapped in one location, and can only do the same old bosses and stat work every single day. At this point, the only (slightly) fun part is competing against "friends" to see who can get higher stats. Most definitely a p2w, and it's not worth ur time unless u don't care about following a storyline. Utterly BORING for me.
Ok so I bought VIP 3 for christmas, and I was really excited about getting the VIP-exclusive title but for some reason I didn't get it? I didn't even get the basic "War Spirit" title. Can you figure out a way to fix that, because I'm gonna be really mad if I bought VIP 3 to get all the exclusive prizes and the title and I didn't even get the title. Because that was one of the really big reasons I bought VIP. So if you can, please fix that. Please get back to me as soon as possible.
Another auto play clone. I attempted to play this game longer, but I am just not interested in games that basically play themselves and level quickly. I'm an old school gamer that is used to playing super hardcore games, I don't feel like I'm grinding or have a fear of not surviving battles. Cool graphics and a unique look, just not for me.
I suggest you don't download everything is pay to win Edit: yes there is free vip but the reason for deleting the game is. I saw someone on my team 20 to 30 levels below me she had vip 6 I had vip 2. Next day I saw the person was almost 50 levels higher than me. Because with her paid higher vip she have more privilege to level up. And level up is extremely hard you have to wait till next day to do daily quest, boss and other things.
I played for the first time got to lv120+ last night and want to play today it shows my account character (Odin) at log in but is not loading the game properly, it just stays at the loading screen at 100%. Can you see if there are any issues I don't want to loose out on my daily bonuses. Thank you
You guys can trust my review. I'm one of the cash players and I can say that this is 150% a pay to win game! The only way a non cash player could ever catch up is if all the cash players quit. PERIOD! Don't listen to these devs lie to you. I've wasted so much money on this pointless game. It's not even that much fun. There's no open world. There's no variety on weapons or characters. I regret every penny i spent. Trust me. Just don't do it. Download anything you want just not this game.
Let's get this straight, this game is completely fine when played free to play. I've been playing for more than a week and am in the top 15 while not spending a penny. If you complain about pay 2 win then you are ignoring the fact that this game is a grind and you have to dedicate yourself to it. Just complaining you have to spend money to be strong is wrong because you don't.
Amazing game if your pay to play. You have to pay real money just to name your player. Other then that amazing game. But i dont like to be forced to spend money on something every game in the world lets you do for free. if that is true then tell me how to rank up my ring and talisman. everyone says top up only even in your help chat
Really like game so unique in alot of respects. Just started playing so I give 4 stars right now. As progress further in game will update my review. Keep up the good work devs you have a gem here. I just up it doesn't get so p2w and it stays more f2p. It will remain a well balanced and gem of this game type and stand apart from all the rest. Hope all updates improve the game and not make it worse which commonly unfortunately happens. AGAIN YOU HAVE A GEM HERE PLEASE DON'T MESS IT UP LOL!
Just another p2w browser game port that is there to farm money off of whales. Autoplay with paid costumes giving the most power boost. Once a server gets slow they close it and open new ones daily. Old business tactic, don't waste your time or money.
3 stars as it is fun to play (when you can) but it's getting to a point where it's pay or nothing... Lost my interest instantly.
I'm giving this game 5 stars! It all started 5 years ago, I was a nobody everyone hated me, but then just last month I got into this game. At first, I was still a nobody and no one looked at me. My wife left me, my son disowned me, even my family cut me out. Nothing changed, and I went homeless but now I have a great way to distract myself!
Pre-registered for the game as it looked really cool and started playing as soon as it released. So far am loving the gameplay and getting to play with other people as a team is great.
The game seems fine if you have stable data or internet. Sadly one must be lvl. 50 to redeem codes. If only there was a better way to redeem my gift code. Aside by the dialog from attempted English, All in all though the game is fine! I'm quite enjoying it!
I had a problem registering my VIP 10 account and ended up losing it. Tried contacting Developers but there is no answer to my emails.
Servers aren't working so it's not letting me play the game. I keep having the game shut down after it loads to server screen. Please fix this.
Been playing since launch & decided to finally do a review: 1) Good Graphics 2) Interface needs retooling. 3) Chinese servers are favored over western ones. 4) High CS response wait times(12-24hr+) 5) No actual bundles to purchase. 6) Lacks content after beginning story line quests. 7) Mini FB events are severely lacking in regards to the rewards. 8) Free daily VIP collection is way to low (5pts per day) 9) Bad translator. 10) Overlapping text. 11) Needs more content.
Ok y let us waste data and space downloading this app if we can't play it can't get past the login screen how much longer before the server is up if its not up by tomorrow im just goin to delete it at this point its just taking up space Update the game fun honestly there's a few bugs were it'll ask you to click something u have to click it a few times and sometimes it still doesn't work but other then that and a few other things I really like it
I hope you guys actually fix this, I love your game and I will support you guys as long as I dont have trouble with it. I pre-registered, once it came out I was grinding alot and became level 81, and I was trying to get the weapon for level 90. I logged off the game and once I come back there are 20 servers, and all my progress was wiped. I re-installed the game and it kept happening. Now, currently don't have the game installed because of this issue. That's all I had to say, thank you 😉😀.
I like the game but whenever I'm fighting a boss, when it gets to like 20% he the game teleports me to a quest area and by the time I'm back at the boss its already dead.
I absolutely love this game! From the in game graphics to the story line. I do agree that you have to spend some money to get good stuff, but I only paid like $5 and now I'm a level 450!
The game is ok but i'm currently having trouble with the buttons they seem to be unresponsive and the only way to fix it is to close and reopen the app and sometimes the app freezes
Good game so far can you make it where you can turn off the auto movement and auto attack every time I go against the enemy automatically does everything it would be awesome to be able to turn off when you want to
Do not play this game! They will ban you and you will lose every cent you spent. Not to mention the game is dying. All the high level players are selling their accounts for less than $100usd and they've spent 5 times that to get VIP levels. Plus the chat is toxic.
Great game but it is to limeted on how many times yoy can attack bosses and i did the math to get all 90 soul power for bosses it takes around 9 howers please increase how much soul power you have and maby decrease the time per recharge But still will play
I hate it i had to restart all over again after reaching rank 280 at 7 i joind a server and played for 2 hours then when I tried to login it restarted
The game is graphically amazing, the storyline is engaging so far. My one complaint would be that the screens to help you with equipment merger don't let you know you have upgraded 1 piece enough times already. I did the same piece must times not realizing they were duplicates of the same equipment.
Excellent game so far i love the graphics but the characters could be a bit more personalized for me but hey great job so far guys
After not being on for like couple weeks decide to log in and such my character is gone used same email I always used, and went to the server I played on, at character select there is 4 empty boxes, I have spent money in game now it's gone. Edit: the discord is of no help the only way to contact them is thru Facebook, there needs to be another way to contact them.
The over all game is pretty fun and the graphics are amazing but when it comes to proposing it can only be with the oppisite gender, me and my friend wanted to be married together and get all the cute kids but couldnt cause we werent oppisite genders. Now it could be fixed with us just changing are characters gender but we shouldnt have too.
Very buggy and when you try to reach staff, game's Facebook page opens. Amateurish, they're just in for the easy cash. Stay away from money-hungry devs. My problem is the same of many: Bosses at Ghost Land won't update, I can't advance in the game, no matter how many bosses I kill it stays 0/15 bosses.
Game was good for 1 week then went downhill... it's a p2w game not worth it.. you better have Facebook to communicate with then cause if you dont your screwed. I dont have Facebook and had a recharge issue no way to communicate so I reached out to Google.. not even 2 hours after I was refunded for an error on my behalf (bad connection double paid) I was banned
Was good, bad now can't get in my old account after factory resetting my phone been trying to get help but got no answers back. Spent too much on this game to have too start over.
"Name length must be at least one word up to six words." Huh? When even the pre-rolled names don't work during character creation, it doesn't bode well for the rest of the experience. Uninstalled within 5 minutes of downloading.
The game has great graphics, an a good story line.. but I wish there were more variety of weapon than just the sword!
This is a very good good game and for the most fun part about it is the pets and i think that it has been fun
Ok so I just downloaded it, and it seems pretty interesting. I have a problem though. When I pressed the start button, it changed my hair color from white to BRIGHT ORANGE. I can't change it, and I even deleted and redownloaded it and I couldn't change it because of account save. Maybe it should be an optional feature like it is for dragon city in case something like this happens?
(Updated review) Really fun game, Game is good and playable without spending money, it will just take longer and there is less you can do in one day. Support actively works to fix any problems.
Why do most mobile rpg want to make these games auto everything? Once I realize that my character walks, runs, and fights on his own, I no longer feel a need to play the game. What am I here for if the character does not need me to actually control.
This game is great I pre order it and I'm happy that I did the graphics are amazing it's super easy to level up that's why I'm giving this game 5 stars it great
It's good so far but having issues with the hell boss everytime you kill it and exit out of it the game freezes
Bad experience. There is a bug in top up event and I can not seem to get into contact with anyone able to help. Until I get this fixed its a one star. I used to love the game and was going to top up more.
The only difference between Angel and Demon is the Halo and respect for God .In context as then(Aroma (Goes from baby to adult in gang as the fox in question is totally in the Yakuza. You get a new one every few quest , that or, she teleports, one or the other) Leading you to a depressed and some what mislead girl )who hasn't made enough affiliations past the people calling themselves demons. At least Half of the breast man race isn't demonic, so that is ridiculously rude, but they insist 9n 9n
Really wanted to like this game. The graphics are beautiful, gameplay is smooth. There's a ton of auto play features, I manually play any where I can. Played until lvl 135, and got bored of the same routine. Plus the major downside is the cashing. Sure all games have their cashing side, but with this one and many others like it, it's all you ever see thrown into your face. It's a sadly obvious cash grab, idle grind. Not my kinda thing. Have fun and good luck to those that enjoy!
Company lying about what the gift codes give you in their ADs is a sure sign to NOT play this game. They claimed the starter pack gives "draws" and starting gear. Instead you get some stamina refills and pet enhance materials.
Really simple and fun while having decent graphics. Not much can be improved but its early so the future is going to tell.
Started out ok but went downhill. No real game, no story and no quests other than to level up for PvP play. Basically pay or grind endlessly on bosses and repetitive dungeons. If you love PvP with no game attached it's fine. I uninstalled it.
I am level 480 and has been playing since day one. I love the people in this game but the gameplay is garbage. Events are nothing but cash grabs and just 3 types rotating every 4 days. Almost a month with no major updates on gameplay nor any of the things they promised. "More fun events coming" they told me. Nope, nothing yet other than players leaving in boat loads. Doesn't fix the stupid freezing translate button, nor the lags during war. Good graphics though but that's all...
When i first started playing right away i was a level 3 and i dont have a clue what was happening, when i made my character and joined a server my character was different, had orange hair and different color armor or whatever. The game looked cool but you honestly dont know whats happening when you log in.
So I had an account i bonded it to my email. I logged out for the night and my account is gone so guess what I spent a couple of bucks not bad but my account is gone so you can take your game and shove it I even pre registered and waited for this bs going back to summoners war at least in all my other game I dont have this issue f n pissed
All i'm gonna say the game looks and is good but this game has the wrost pw2 i have seen on my life this a basically is a scam dont download think that u gonna enjoy playing cuz if u dont waste more than 500$ is impossible to play dont trust all the reviews they fake
Excruciating Launch Servers are filling too fast to log on. Pre-registration was a joke considering we can't even get into a server because they are full. Forget it, I will take my money and time elsewhere since being Pre-registration from day 1 means nothing to this dev. Update: Now the entire log in client is crashing and refuses to work. Update: A complete lack of care and planning from devs, i will not support any games they make after this debacle and lack of respect and support.
Fantastic game. I do have a suggestion; soul dungeon gets boring after awhile, other games have random rare boss that spawns unexpectedly from the normal bosses. Or daily accumulated kill buffs would be awesome. Can u add this feature please??❤️
It's Terrible Not only did it not let me bind my account. When I spent a dollar they didn't give anything they promised. They just took my money. I recommend skipping this game.
Fun addicting great storyline love the whole gameplay look forward to seeing how the game continues to progress keep up the great work
I love this game already the gameplays the best graphics are good and its adictive i can play it for hours on hours and not get sick of it.
I got the app from the ad, and I was promised multiple things. I was promised things that I will receive after I enter a code. So I entered the code and it didn't work, so either I get an exclusive code or I delete the app. I know me deleting the app won't mean much but still.
Nice game. Really chill people in my server. Except girls with other girls..for some reason? Also very P2W. Update: Further in the game now and it's still p2w regardless of how much time you spend on it. Also, server merges are the worst. You have to try even harder and spend even more money to try to bypass the new VIP people coming into the server. At this point, everyone is VIP.
Amazing game if your pay to play. You have to pay real money just to name your player. Other then that amazing game. But i dont like to be forced to spend money on something every game in the world lets you do for free
I put a 2 star because of the issue of it getting BORING after awhile there is no offline farming. It is a fun game love the grapghics and game play totally fun. If u guys could put in an offline farming it would make this game even more better. PLEASE READ THUS ITS A MUST ISSUE. It will get totally boring if there is no offline farming( the game will die) because of boredom. Just saying lot of ppl are saying it. Ty.
I spent so much money on this game!!! I've had lag issues for 3 days now and last night I started getting kicked from the game randomly. Today, I can't even stay on the game for more than a few minutes before the whole app shuts down on me. I have lost being able to recharge and claim things I should have been able to! I tried everything to fix it. Nothing works. Tried contacting for support. No response!! I want all the money back I spent in this game!!! I can't even play it anymore!
Originally, I did have an issue with the naming system to get in. Really bugged. Thr developers replied and I decided to try again and, lo and behold, I succeeded. Now, I haven't tried the game yet, so my review is still on the fence, but just fixing this issue alone gives me a good impression. Will leave a better review in the near future.
Great game and awesome people as well. It is a pay to play of you want to be one of the best, but thats expected and still worth the play.
I downloaded this a few days ago and instantly loved it, played it all day. Then I noticed it was a bit laggy so I closed it, cleared tons of room just in case that was the reason, and tried to log back in.And haven't been able to get back on since,it just sits at 100% loading screen with little fox running, and never loads. I tried contacting them a day or so ago,and I've gotten no response. I'm pretty upset, seeing as I spent money in game before this happened. Server s191 Character: Duchess
It seems really promising, I just hope it wouldn't be a cash grabber as most mobiles out there. Nevertheless, I can feel your commitment and effort in this game even before its release. I thank you earlier and congratulate all the team!
The same old auto play pay to win farm. Very limited customization features as well with the only change being colors. Very bland.
I haven't gotten past the menu yet but I'm very excited it looks like a very pretty game Good graphics so far 👌 I hope its as good as I think it will be. I will update this review when I get into the real game 👍
I am so glad to see this game. I tried playing Goddess MuA but it was difficult on Asian server, even though the translator is excellent! Now I have a chance to play with other people just starting out too! The wings are so beautiful!!😍
I love it! its so unique to play than any games. I've been waiting for this game to released and I absolutely love it. I love how graphic looks smooth, rewards are quite good and balance price, and styles are beautiful. I give 5 stars to play for everyone! Thank you for making this game! Have a bless day!
Graphics are stunning its everything else they failed on... 1 game is total pay 2 win and even has quiet a few pay walls that will prevent any free 2 play player from ever being as strong not to mention all the items and special deals they spam x12 a day for paying players to get even more ahead. In 2 days top payed players are at 12million while me spending roughly 15$ a day is only half a strong(tons of grinding). Also they open a brand new server ever single day so the servers are dead in 2
Everything was running smooth until I unlock the Goddess now when I click on it and click to go equip goddess there is a blank white square that covers the whole left side to where I can't even freaking see noting..and yes I did uninstalled and reinstalled the game .so what the F..plus I spent money already and this makes me mad
This is every other copy and pasted hero collector with gameplay so bad that the only piece of it advertised is one screenshot of a move at the end of the preview pictures. Not to mention ads about this game use fake funny video compilations to trick people into watching it. This game treats women like objects and only wants your money.Edit:I did refer to the situation of the game. The first sentence. It was a statement on how bad the gameplay is,not the ads. Nothing to say about the women part?
Don't play this game. Just don't. Not only do the developers not care about you at all but everything is locked behind a pay wall and the players in it are toxic.
Good graphic but the game play itself.. not much to do, everything is autoplay... I started playing less than 20min ago and already Lvl40 ....
This is the worst of all the trends in games over the last couple of years. Not only is it Auto play so I sit there watching my avatar do everything and occasionally tap the screen to scroll text. So no real interaction. The game also has a VIP system and 21 servers at launch which tells me it'll be another short lived game designed to make a lot of money quickly before it fizzles out. I always uninstall any game with a VIP system these days after being burnt on previous VIP games.
It good so far, but it is a little glitch in some of the quest it stalls out while you taking on bosses. But it is still fun to play chapter 3 evolution boss will not run at all it keeps downloading all the time and stalls out even more then it did yesterday
Don't get me wrong, it's a good game and all. But it isn't right for people to camp bosses just to kill lower level players I would like for you to add a feature where we can individually fight the boss 1 on 1 instead of having to worry about another player killing us while trying to fight the bosses.
It's pay to win but that isn't a surprise to anyone. Combat is auto play, you can control yourself, but it's such a poorly made combat system, and static experience that it's not worth it. There is not enough to do, so little even that there are quest to reach specific levels instead of kill quest, and an idle feature. It's not open world, because these devs are lazy, everything is in its own location. Lazy, cash grab of a game. Good luck everyone else.
The game is interesting, but there are things it doesn't really explain. Like how to get activity, or how to access the later floors of Ghost Lands, or how to access the pet dungeon when you hit level 140+, etc.
Rating it so low for false advertising. Used the code given but did not get anything, wasted my time so I'm a bit annoyed Edit: I'm have been told the code no longer works but I got the ad today. After playing more I'm now at a point I can't do anything unless I spend money.
Amazing game, i spent money even which i never do. 1 problem though is that it drains my battery so bad, i even have a good phone and battery so please fix this. Other than that best mobile game ever!
It is ok I just keep having trouble in the beginning where I run into the story quest guys being to powerful for me but I find if I wait and let the auto play collect some goodies I turn out fine
I love it it's super cool get to customize your own character unlock new clothes and weapons I have one thing though that I'm struggling on it's impossible for me to complete the third transfer I'm getting gear that will level up my power but I can't actually equip it so I'm just wondering if you would add it so you can't get gear you can't equip because I'm having trouble on getting power because I'm getting gear that can bring up my power but I can't equip overall is a fun game
Becomes too pay to win too fast. You can only do so much as a free player. 'Events' are run often but you can only progress to the lowest tier since they last all but 2 days and nag you to buy every few minutes. And, no, you can't get to the top as a free player because there's about 50 whales with at least 40x your power in the same amount of play time. At least the outfits were pretty. Good luck getting anything if you don't cough up money, though. Shame.. Wanted to like the game.
My name is smooth pope and I'm stuck in a treeand every time I go into the boss levels I keep getting kicked out for some reason and I don't want to have to uninstall then reinstall just to fix the problem and if it doesn't fix the problem then I'm just stuck to where I was already I'm just a big pain in the ass someone fixother than that the game's pretty fun but until the problem that I'm having is fixed I'm only giving four star otherwise it'll be five
Really a p2p experience if you want to actually have fun, the game has close to no content after dailies, every bit of "new content" they add is just mounts you have to pay to get, not even the free vip is worth it, the game is boring, i have more fun playing genshin than this sorry excuse for a game. The devs will say that you can progress as f2p but the mounts they add are much stronger and only for payers. It takes ages to level up later on, and trans upgrading is enfuriating.
I would’ve gave it 5 stars but its missing something crucial, there is nothing to do if you finished daily’s mission My suggestion is add mobs to farm xp and materials which im sure it will help the game to grow in the long run
It's not pay to win at all plus with more time on your hands you can progress insanely!!!!! I love this game alot and keep updating you're game I don't want it become one the dead games good luck .
The game is okay , its a little boring that there is only two heroes to choose from , one boy or one girl , everyone has the same moves , so there is not enough diversity to keep my intrest. Too many icon menus that cant be tucked away takes away from the nice graphics. Its not really worth recommening to peers.
It's a very nice game. I'm a little disappointed for this is my second time with a New Character in 24 hours. I got to lvl 184 and for some reason after a brief time away from the game,I had to start over again. I even binded my Account with google. But hey it's fine I enjoy playing. I'm an avid Gamer and also do and share my Art work with different developers. Graphic Arts ,and Creating Monsters, Weapons,and Armor's for what's asked for or needed
This game is great, but..... To much stuff you have to pay for. Also the devs are just copying and pasting their responses which is kinda inconsiderate making my review go to 3 stars.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD, COOKIE CUTTER CASH GRAB AUTO PLAY GAME!!!! Absolutely zero balance in events, putting level 210+ against level 130-140 player non-stop is a game killer. Unjnstall after this update. Graphics are good, gameplay is basicly auotplay with a few clicks here and there, and cant even do the topup using googleplay which it declines. I refuse to use any other payment option! Been playing about 15 minutes and im level 100 already, havent spent a dime!
Don't play it. For the most part it's a money sink. All the really nice stuff in there costs a lot of cash. I speak from experience. The reason why I quit is because of these stones you need to upgrade gear 10 and up. Gear 9 and below can be farmed and merged into better gear. As soon as you reach/need gear 10 and up that stops. If you want to get better gear at 10 and up, you'll need to shell out cash to get the Dark gear stones from the spending "events". It's a shame, really loved this game.
The Fact that you have to pay to get VIP just sucks but you can get VIP for free but you have to beat like 16 levels and there is a time limit so it probably already ended and I would like to say that you should at least give them a chance to have VIP without going through that much overall it's a pretty good game
This game is actually amazing, from the graphics to story, i just started playing and i know already i'll be playing this for a long time
It's a really beautiful game, and the activities in are stellar. However, there are some things I personally didn't like. B-ingots are small and few and hard to come by. In addition, they don't get you much from the store. Soul power for grinding Demons takes too long restore at it's current rate. The "quests" for joining a Guild and getting married are really not solo player friendly. If you wanted to be independent and stay that way, you'll be locked out of exp and perks making life difficult
Right off the bat, this game is interesting. The story line is amazing like always, but the quality is not my fit. This game is very enjoyable to play as a time killer, but also this game is very similar to the game "Dragonicle". They both have kinda the same storyline. Im not saying none of them copied each other. But in general, the controls are somewhat difficult. Leveling up is very easy. No challenges or anything. This game is fun, but in all i give it a 3 star.
Poor experience. My account was banned after I requested a refund. After explaining the situation, they said I could pay the amount back on another account, provide screenshots and they would unban my account. I noticed duplicate charges on my bank statement. I messaged them via Facebook as requested and they said that its impossible they cannot overcharge. They refuse to refund my money.
I had broken my phone then got another one and tried to get back on my account by logging in with google but it just started me off on making another character after I spent money on my other account and now I can't even get on it.