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Medieval Life

Medieval Life for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Alphaquest Game Studio located at Rua Emanuel Kant, 60 - Sala 1105 (H.A. Offices Linha Verde) - Capão Raso - PR/Curitiba. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is pretty good.I am enjoying the game and the mechanics. But why is it the pvp is not working waited for more than 5 minutes but nothing happens. And playing an ads will make the game close. Please fix this. Will make it a 5 star when this bugs fixed.
About 2 years ago when I played this game, it was amazing! But then I broke my phone and had to wait for a year for a new one. This game was the first thing that came up on my mind and.... It's terrible, THE ONE SINGLE THING that made this game so enjoyable was the combat system, it's as if you've given up on it, please, bring back the old Medieval Life, I miss it, almost everybody does...
Fun game. Is there a limit on the experience? Have reached experience level 60 and don't seem able to get any higher. It would be a pity if this is indeed the case, as some of the boss monsters definitely need greater strength to defeat.
Why can't I mute the game as a whole. I want to play the game while listening to music, but I can mute only the in-game music via the options menu. Since in-game sound effects cannot be muted via options menu, those effects overlap with the music I'm listening to and this undesirable result is not pleasing... Please add an option for disabling in-game sounds all together...
Boring gameplay. Combat mechanics are slow and tiresome, the house upgrading isn't interesting enough to make any of your effort feel worthwhile.
Love this game..its like playing Dungons and dragons but u play on ur phone...( I D&D (game) every weekend)....also love ur nautical life game too...both me n my hudband play both games..my only suggestion is maybe make it a little easier to get diamonds
Been playing for quite a while now. I notice that when you level up only the HP increase not the MP it just stay on 10.
I mean... It used to be great, 5 stars, until they changed the attack strategy to turn-based. Alphaquest has not done so well with either nauticle life nor mideval life. They have taken the turn based from space life and stick it into mideval life and they have took the "bosses" from space life and stuck it into nauticle life.
this game is great but please fix the pvp arena, if i click on a character it just loads and then says players not found.
The game is okay but the number problem is the basic attack system. The Bar just moves to fast. Also The enemy Critical way to much. In one fight the enemy Critical over 10 times.
Love this game only problem I'm having is I can't connect to the pvp section it just loads but goes no further. I'm abit guttered because I want to buy some stuff but need the purple things
Fun enough. definitely got repetitive after awhile though. Easy, relaxing game. Decorating the house could use some work, it didn't seem to be quite what I was hoping for but overall the game is ok.
great game . if you like medival and pokemon style gameplay is awesome give it a go and in 20 min u will know if u like it or not. develops pvp isnt working plz fix
It's a fun game, for sure, but there's some big problems. Though it's well-made and definitely has quality to it, the game is somewhat tarnished by the sheer overload of ads shoved in. No joke, there is heavy lag loading areas, non-magic attacks, and rewards, as the game has mini-siezures trying to force in an ad. As a result, it's very easy to miss melee attacks due to laggy false accuracy. Ad rewards are also prone to canceling AFTER finishing the ad. Fun, but I suggest improving performance.
I CAN'T EVEN PLAY THE BLOODY GAME. I got past tutorial fine, but as soon as I try to input my nickname, EVERYTHING I try it comes up with the same message: "This nickname already exists" no matter how unique my nickname is. Fix this and I will try play again, and give more stars. I can't even play the game. Really disappointed. 😞 please fix this ASAP
Combat is boring. Game turns into tycoon halfway and combat loses point as you can just buy your way to level 59
Nice simple play. It has some grammer problems that I notice. And the 12am and 12pm need to be switched on the clock. Its reading 12am when its daytime.
Whats funny is i always play this game but i always keep getting a new phone because it somehow is always getting broken, and iv'e only ever had 1 bug and it was that i couldnt get a new player to battle in pvp but i read that it has been fixed and i trust that you guys have fixed it, because it is literally the best gane ever!!
It's a fun game but if you like a game where your progress is saved between devices this is not it. Look up Legofire08 in the social button, the look at legofire09, both are me I just changed devices. But still if you're looking for a game that's fun while it lasts this is one you're looking for.
This is a fantastic game Ive had many fun hours playing with my dad, but there seems to be an issue with leveling up. When I reach level 56 the game freezes after the loading screen. The same thing happened the previous time I had it installed, the reason for my uninstallation in the first place. I bought all the castles, max level of every spell, put lots of work into it, the previous time i even watched enough ads to get the dragon pet, but it remains frozen now. I hope this will be fixed.
This is a fantastic game. It is fun but there is alot of grinding. Thats fine becuase when you do grind and finish that goal its pretty nice *yellow okay hand emoji*. Yo mama.
I can't download the game. I am not spanish. It happened after 5 days. It is the best game tho. BTW, thanks for your quick reply 5 stars for that
Simple game mechanics. I feel that it could be expanded further with extra magic spells, or having a a beast companion to help in questing. Needs the option to upgrade character stats and improve better traps to catch monsters as well as water traps to catch marine creatures. House interior is more of a decorative purpose without character interaction. There is a bug where wild boars in your farm disappears. Sometimes the game freezes and could not move, causing player need to close/open game.
This game is okay, but the bad reviews about terrible combat was no joke at all. I would rather it be change with the fast left-right cursor which need to pressed in the middle than what we had now.
I love this game it is more complicated now then it was before it used to be as simple as finding an enemy waiting for the right moment and attack kill the enemy buy a better weapon and repeat. But now there is abilities elemental strengths and weaknesses and a whole bunch of things that take some of the nostalgia away that I had when first playing the game. Edit i also want to see more area's and a more expanded map with more monsters because I have completed most of the game.
I love the game, it's nice, fun and simple, though I think there should be more traps for catching higher rarity monsters.
This game could do better but this game is not good becuase of the lag of the game but it is still playable but if you don't like lag then i reccomend to not play this game but if you don't care about lag then this game is ok because the gameplay is pretty good but beacause of lag the game it self is pretty bad but the game in general without the lag then its pretty good but with the lag then it's pretty bad.
great game that let's you progress without having to rely on purchases. Felt like a game where u could just jump into it with an easy UI.
combat is tedious and very grindy, wepons have minimal jump in power and traveling gives ads the concept is really good but still needs a lot of work will definitely revisit this game in 6 months to see progress but on it's current state it's not really worth playing imo
This game is still awesome like i remember but its when i can get to play it, there seems to be freezing everytime i start up the game and sometimes i can do somethings and it won't freeze, it happens every time i try to load up the game but im sure soon enough you guys will fix this😊
I have no bad word for this game,ist fun to play, but good managment,only its need like 10 seconds when swapping pages in store and hunt menu
I use to love this game..now I can't even play it...first it takes forever to get into my house then my furniture doesn't even show up then when Im fighting it freezes on me..SO SAD..cuz I use to love playing this...
I know this game is fun i used to play it but now as soon as the game opens it freezes and i cant play. Ive deleted cache, reinstalled the app, restarted my phone, force stopped the app. Ive done everything i could think of and nothing helps. Once thats fixed i think it will be better.
Not designed for mobile phones. Tutorial pop ups block access to perform actions. Update. Following the tutorial, bought the mop but then next task to place it doesn't show but have the large tutorial prompt covering most of the inventory so no doubt mop is hidden behind it.
Sorry to say I can't give it 5 stars I have gave 5 stars in your every game not played space one but rest all played I don't like this game as much but than also it's cool nice you should do some more work on it
I was l9ving the game and would have rated it 5 stars, but over might, 3 of my 5 traps disappeared! So disappointed, got straight off. Have a review.
Great Game! It challenges the players on how accurate their time reaction is and how to spend wisely on their coins
I used to love playing this game, it was fun and unique. However now the game constantly lags, its hard to get a decent hit with the heavy lag in battle, the game freezes when looking up the leaderboard, when I came back to the game after not playing for a while my data was wiped without an option to recover, and while there is an option to disable music you cant disable sound effects which can get really annoying sometimes. Overall this game has nice visuals & cool quests but bad performance.
Fun time killer attack bars are annoying as the point they are at and the point they are when you click can vary wildly and when they can move in a tenth of a second from perfect to miss it is agravating
You and the enemy have a bar that fills and depletes randomly and you have to tap the button when your bar is higher than the enemies. Sounds simple right? Not in this game. The combat killed it for me and I uninstalled. It's too random, and doesn't react the way you would expect.
Honestly, its a good game. Except for that one thing called "combat system." The concept itself is good. Graphics are good. But it sucks to wait for the perfect moment to strike even though you have a strong weapon. Buying the level 5 or 20 or 50 means nothing if the enemy's bar is as high as yours. WELL... In my opinion. Just saying.
It's a fun little game. It can be challenging, but the simple interface makes it easy to learn. It lacks basic customization for character. Even picking hair color doesn't exist. All the good stuff costs diamonds, so be prepared to watch 100s of ads or buy them. Some stuff costs purple pvp coins, but pvp doesn't work at all and for those who hate pvp, you're just plain out of luck. No other way to get things you want for your home. Player avatars cost diamonds and they're not even custom. Yay.
Great Game, lost my progress. Would be a 5 star rating but my game started acting up after two weeks, would not let me select my traps. Uninstalled and reinstalled, now have to start the game all over.
This game is the best it,s good but you need to update it add some new weapons add armours to the game and increase mana
Got to max level with all (non-diamond) castles and weapons my phone broke now i cant continue my current save gotta start a new not feeling it other than that its a wonderful game but the lack of this one thing ruins my current experience-------- Only a day to reply eh now thats nice service i know itll take a while to set up but the answers much appreciated here take my stars ill be waiting
I got to say great job on this game. This is really relaxing for me to play this game every day, but can I ask when is there gonna be a second one?
Fantastic game,Game play is fantastic and the game itself is a little wonder. if I could suggest two things 1. Option to sell all monster at once sometimes scrolling is annoying 2. you have gotten the option to turn music off but none for sound effects that would be nice also apart from that fantastic
Used to be a great game, and would still be if you could play the game. I'm not sure what is causing this but the game is near unplayable due to major lag. Plz fix this.
I absolutely LOVE this game!!! GLITCH FIXED!!! Many thanks friends! you kick all the... ya know. I'll continue to ADORE and share the game with friends!!! =^_^=
Good game & concept. I want to play more. Technical issues though: it keeps on freezing and sticking.
pretty good game. However I've started a play through before and it didn't save, so naturally I started a new one. this time it was even better, but the traps bugged out so now I can't earn money faster.. fix the bug please, it's a major function in the game
Nice but the battles are boring. Waiting for the bars to reach the desired positions feels like the game is wasting my time. A better mechanic would be a single bar with a cursor moving left and right automatically and a target that's moving randomly. This way you wouldn't have to wait a lot to get a chance for a perfect hit and it will still be challenging
so much potential, but the gameplay fails miserably on so many levels. Though I did like the idea of purchasing items for experience or watching ads for diamonds, it will be essentially worthless as you can only reach up to a certain level: strength is limited. The fighting system is annoyingly terrible--I wish there were more control in that aspect, especially for the sword combat option. Also, it is annoying that the sword combat option takes away from mana too, should have been seperated.
I love this game so much! The animation is so cute and its challenging with some of the bigger monsters which makes it even better because then you have something to be exited about and look forward to for when you've finally become strong enough to defeat them, so in other words you're never bored because everything is not just handed to you on a silver platter. There are a couple of bugs but they said they're working on them.
Tried different names, repeatedly told nickname in use. I attempted a random assortment of letters, nickname in use. This needs fixed.
I really want to play this because i love the decoration aspect, but i can't stand the combat system. Waiting for the bars to reach an acceptable position to click is extremely frustrating and requires you to stare at the screen constantly which prevents you from doing other things at the same time. If the combat system was different, i would gladly play this again !
Update: Uninstalled a while back due to unbalanced pvp (literally couldn't do anything because the same person kept invading constantly).Just reinstalled to find out there is no way to restore saved data so I have to start completely over... I really want to enjoy this game, but there are so many things that come up that make it impossible to actually enjoy.
So, the game was great but yeah! Can't connect to the server even my internet is open! I can't proceed to PvPs! Also, why only 10 mps? It's hard to survive.
Combat system is awful, i get that the game is trying to be different but incorporating a relaxing home builder with stressful battle grinds is bad. First off, you can not upgrade weapons, only unlock new ones that have about the same damage output which limits your progress. On top of that monsters have increasingly more health and the moving bars get faster as you progresses. Because of that, you will always feel weak in this game. Home building aspect is ok but there isn't much to look at.
the combat is a little tedious and unbalanced, besides that i have no issue with the game. please up the max level...59 really?!?!
I enjoyed part of the game. I don't really mind the battle system but it should be simple turn based like Final Fantasy X because it does lag and that messes up timing. The free diamond never works it either just freezes or shows a pop up ad not a video and then doesn't give the diamond. The PvP can never find a match. Maybe in PvP arena you can put in an NPC if no matches can be found so we can at least get the opportunity to get event coins. I had to uninstall because of the current problems.
Aside from the pvp stuff the game isn't that bad. Im level 51 right now. The quests do get better. But the legendary creatures always kill me in like 2 hits. They seem to be only obtainable by using potions. I don't like that. And the slider just to use the weapon is still terrible. Its already random damage either way, just makes it so annoying.
I really like the game but can u please make the legendary potions affordable with coins or increase spawn rate, because I have literally finished every monster in the game, except for the legendaries they don't spawn, heck make the potions 50k if u want. Nvm just finished all the legendaries as well, please new update where the pvp is better
In my personal opinion, this is one of the best games I've played since forever. the hunting type style for battle is spectacular and the graphics fit the game, furthermore the game has an amazing variety of creatures and missions to do so you never get bored more tired of the game. in conclusion the greater did an amazing job at making this game.
I think that this game is a really fun, emjoyable game but there is an annoying things. The flaw is that it is really annoying to delete all the furniture from one house to another when you get a new house.
Good casual game. More like an actual RPG, considering how much you have to grind to get better. Once you learn how to battle, it gets easier. It would be nice if the traps caught more than just common monsters, though.
I had 7 traps freshly laid on the second level and the game crashed an all my traps are gone I spent all my money and was only able to replace 3 it already takes a really long time to start making a decent amount of gold. What a disappointment and major setback.
Fun game, takes 3-6 minutes to load each individual part and getting a "rate our game" popup crashes the game
It's an alright game; however, serious improvements can be made. Such as, adding more monsters. Increasing mana ability. Increasing the amount of damage the sword can do. A better combat system. A better housing system. No one even plays PvP. So that is another downside. The number of items in the store are limited, and needs to be increased, because I'm level 41, and have pretty much bought everything. Better animation would also be nice, but that's not really top priority.
Actually a decent game. Playing on Galaxy S20 Ultra. No lag, screen fits, etc. Tutorial was great as well, and the help file helps too. Ads were far and few for me, and i was able to back out of the ones that did pop up. Only question I do have, is what are keys used for? I was unable to find anything for them. (Edit - keys are used for dungeons!) 5 star for quick reply. Keep up the great work.
maxed out at lev 59 can not get more points for skills therefore can never win any higher skilled bosses. developers do not give any feedback or help
The items are ment to pay out per hr,in over two weeks they haven't made anything so the system is broken
One of the best games ive ever played, theres plenty of content. Theres no pay to win wall and the ads are there but not at an incredibly annoying rate. There is also no stamina so you can play to your hearts content.
I can't skip the tutorial! I can't continue with the game because of the tutorial bug! It says to tap on the sword to start the fight but there is no sword. The tutorial arrow is pointing to the greyed out Travel icon. I already tap everywhere hoping the fight will just begin but nothing is happening
One of the few turn based games I could find on google play, there's great mechanics and game play is a good challange so you don't blow through the story in a week or so which I appreciate the depth. Only thing I'm waiting for is more expansion on the customization part of the game where you can build and select weapons. The action and story line is amazing just a little more variety is needed to the other part of the game and it would be nearly flawless. Amazing overall as it stands.
Pretty fun time waster problems are PVP against very high levels at least 60 to 80 plus leveled higher than me and constant game freezes
I love it and I can't wait to see this game grow! I appreciate how we are not bombarded with ads. I will be throwing some money at you just for that. Thank you developers and everyone involved!
Favourite mobile game by far. only moan is that sometimes when I try to watch an add for the diamond it freezes my game all I gotta do restart though. PLEASE BRING MORE UPDATES BEST GAME EVER!
it all sucks from damage to the way you attack the only cool weapon and pet have to be bought with real money because they don't give gems. Enemies dont follow the rules they can keep using basic and special attack infinately or how your percentage might say 80% chance to hit but it's more like 65%. there's no skill involved but hey if you like pointless swinging a sword you don't get to see yourself holding this pile of broken code was literally built for you cause no one else wants it.