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Medieval Clicker Blacksmith - Best Idle Tap Games

Medieval Clicker Blacksmith - Best Idle Tap Games for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Noxfall Studios located at Av. de Orovilla, 54, Despacho 3 28041 Madrid Spain. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A very simple, straightforward, easy-to-play "idle" clicker game. The story-line lore is a fun read, as one progresses through the game, with better and better materials/weapons getting unlocked along the way. The artwork/animations are nicely appropriate, and "medieval" styled, with the music remaining very pleasant to hear in the background (big kudos to whomever composed the Halloween theme pieces). Highly recommended for a quick, "have-a-few-minutes" round of play. Keep up the great work, especially with the Holiday themed events!
Easy fun game no pay to win and has no ads so far that I have played. If u like clickers you'll like this game. So far best game to pass time watching tv as do lol without annoying ads or in game distractions. Rare to find a game like this these days. Props to dev's.
My only issue with this game's that you don't keep your hammer energy levels when you time travel back to the beginning. Also, that when you return to the game the next day after leaving, you can't double your offline earnings because it tries to give you a daily reward. That just seems to ruin it. I get 10 s dollars over a 12.5 hour period when I'm away from the game. I get the chance to double that by watching a short ad. 2 or 3 circus tickets(the daily reward, usually) ain't worth that.
This is a good Ocd clicker. It isn't ad heavy at all. And apparently you don't need them to advance. Would have given 5 stars, but the background and animation is kinda bland.
Lacks level balancing in later phases. For instance, one sidequest has you turn in 100 weapons for 10T gold. If you had sold the weapons upfront, you would have made 70T gold mininum, meaning in theory you lost gold by completing a sidequest.
Really chill way to waste some time, and it doesn't force ads on you. I hardly ever leave reviews, but this game doesn't have anything I could really complain about, well done!
It's a fun game to play, but recently I have encountered a bug where all my save progress was earased and I had to start all over. I had finished the game and was waiting for the next metal to be released and I come back the tourtal.
Honestly I've always looked for an immersive blacksmith game and although this isn't quite it I'm glad I downloaded it just to see because it's honestly one of the only clickers I enjoy.
So don't get me wrong this really is a great and by far my favorite clicker game since you can get far into the story without relying on offline time upgrades. But I recently got back into this game and I spent maybe 3 hours got off and came back today and found my previous save file where I got to Nekros material had been erased and I can't figure out why?
It's a good game with a great concept but you reach a point after doing all the time warps that it takes a long time to make just a few weapons. If you could increase the amount of time warps, increase the amount of gold earned, or make the hammer more powerful then it would make the game a whole lot better.
I enjoy it. It could be a bit more interactive, i guess. The art, the unfolding storyline and the casual ease that i get to play? I'm glad i discovered. I wouldn't mind seeing more skins for Vala yet i am still playing despite. Thanks for making this. :)
The gameplay is alright the new version is also a right but when I go into your game it's loading and it's kicking me out and you go into Google Play I don't know what's wrong with this game can you fix it please developers please
Very easy to learn game, exactly as you expect. Honestly its a good game to pass the time, not pay to win and ads are not forced on you, it's optional.
Surprisingly simple but lots of fun. Lately I've been overwhelmed with complicated medieval themed clicker/idle games. I love the simplicity of this one it makes it a really great before bed game. Ads aren't shoved down your throat they seem to all be optional which is great. I haven't run into any bugs or glitches in the game yet it runs smoothly.
Fun clicker game! It seems really overly simple at first but it does actually have a storyline that becomes interesting.
Can't play the game it keeps freezing.got the shield and it froze.had to come out of game force stop.went back into game still the same
Quite fun and stylish tutorial takes a decent amount of time and I wish there were more passive ways to make money right off the bat!
The way it looks is beautiful and the tasks or missions arent that hard wich makes me want to keep going. Also this is not a bot if you were suspicous
Not bad. Make sure you have an ice bucket for your hands, as the only idle income options are 'offline', the rest is good old fashioned tapping. The premise is quite enjoyable, so far I have not needed gems to progress at all, they appear to mostly be for bonuses and vanity items, although I would have liked at least one vanity item to be unlockable with gold. I would have considered a hgher rating than 3 if there were an idle auto-click option, but as it is, my hands can't take it.
Enjoying it so far. One of the few games that doesn't force you to watch ads, but gives you the option to for extra rewards. One issue I have tho is that there is a lucky wheel which has a chance to win nothing, which is annoying after watching a 30s ad to get an extra spin
This game was fun in my computer but when I install this game, it wont let me play anymore.. PLEASE FIX THIS GAME
I've played this off and on for a long time. Seems the dev isn't involved too much. Has old decor, like spending diamonds for a different look from halloween 2017. I like it, I'll continue to play it but apps that devs aren't really into eventually die.
I like the game but it is very quick to see it all, not much effort put in to keep it fun. So it seems a couple of hours then delete...or skip. I should also add, update was skins that cost, no added "fun" at all. Seems like they want money for nothing.
You will get stuck at the tutorial if you manage to Max the wood upgrade before the game tells you to do it and currently It 😂😂😂
Much much better then what I first thought I absolutely love it you don't have to spend real money to advance
Very fun idle tapper really enjoying the aspect of the. Game and not showered with ads either and still progress fast enough
I typically like idle clicker games, but this game is too repetitive with some just ore reskinning. Speaking of skins, don't bother buying them. Your gold is much better used for potions. Speaking of potions, I hate that the tapping potion doesn't add to the achievement. You have to tap to get it, and that just isn't fun. Also, the fact that worked time goes back to practically nothing when you time travel defeats the purpose of this being an idle game. Also, later legendary weapons are a pain.
idk why but I've been playing a lot of medieval games and this is an easy one that you can sit and play when on the phone I enjoy it
Great game, still after all these updates, still no Google Play connection. I would like to know if there is a plan for anything new or did I beat the game?
The game is quite good, a nice clicker, the main part is the story (Yes I know, quite surprising that it has one) which is very intriguing and well written. The art and music are beautiful and the game doesn't need you too spend any money to progress just like any good freemium game should.
Good but not the best It's really good and fun to play, and it keeps giving u challenges. So that is good. But the downside is that there aren't Alot of different things to do in the game itself. Overall rating: 3.9
I love this clicker game! Improvements? How about letting us earn a hamer improvement that lets the blacksmith auto fourge for 1 minute, 2, 3, 4, and 10 and make it really expensive so its hard to get. Let us make armor. :)
still haven't gotten into the game but I think it would be a great game if you fix the naming system cause I used random numbers and letters and said the name was in use.
Great game when first downloaded couldn't stop playing for hours before I had to put my phone away or I would of just carried on lol
Nice game thanks But could you lower the gem price of skins and potions please i will rate this 6 stars i hope so!
It's a real good time wasting game. It isn't plagued by advertisements like many other games. Tap and tap away.
Its one of the best story idle games I've played i recommend for people who want to find a good one to start playing as their first type of games like this and the best part the ads aren't to annoying they keep it at a decent time between one ad and the next one
it's good, but hard to upgrade the storage, also the "light" ingot aka phase 19 is glitched portrait wise for the weapons, also can you only travel back in time 4 times? or can you get more time stones?
Worst game I've played it doesn't even work properly. i can't even complete the first mission cuz I can't press anything 0/10
This is a minimalist game for those who like to tap a lot. The artwork is cartoonish but okay. There is no real tech tree, you simply spend gold to increase "hammer power" and critical hits. Lore is very basic, and the environment is limited to a static screen of a blacksmith standing behind an anvil. Earning/item inflation when levelling has you eventualy spend millions, then billions on simple stuff, making it absurdly unrealistic. Meditative or mind numbing? That's entirely up to you...
Good game. Been playing for like 2 or 3 months, but it has too many flaws... one of them is the potions; theyre very expensive and lasts for just some few minutes. Obviously potions are for people who spend real money, theyre worthless. Other flaw is a delay when the weapon is ctafted making it to take longer to craft another, wasting lots of taps. Also, what about the Phase 24 material? I completed all missions in Phase 23, but it says Missions 7/6 and final material not unlocked at all. Fix it
This game is so original and so addictive that i cant stop playing i have no words to in prove it so yeah it a good game
Game wont load I literally was waiting for 3 min and it was still loading if you want a game that you can do nothing on I highly recommend this game
Seems Okay, not really that far into it, currently on phase 3. Do a review to get 50 free gems which buys you a potion. Daily rewards, offline earnings, the usual you expect to see in an idle game. Not found a prestige mode yet but only played for an hour atm so that's to be expected. Will give 5 stars if it keeps my attention for a while longer.
Everytime you finish crafting, there will be a pause before the item is sold/stored, making progress difficult for players who tap fast. Furthermore, the frequent lucky wheels or festivals pop ups are annoying. Rebirth (time stones or w/e) are set at fixed points with fixed bonuses, all to make the massive difficulty increase seem slightly less daunting. Then you have to restart from phase 1, by the 2nd rebirth, I'm already tired of this game. 500 characters not enough to say everything.
Good game. Been playing for like 2 or 3 months, but it has too many flaws... one of them is the potions; theyre very expensive and lasts for just some few minutes. Obviously potions are for people who spend real money, theyre worthless. Other flaw is a delay when the weapon is ctafted making it to take longer to craft another, wasting lots of taps.
The game can be a bit dull due to tapping but that is completely gone because of the story this game holds
The game lags really bad if you tap to fast, and considering what type of game this is, and how long it's been available to play, that's unacceptable. Thanks for the 50 gems.