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MeChat - Love secrets for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by PlayMe Studio located at Florinis 7, Greg Tower, 2nd floor, 1065, Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Sex, Nudity) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The app started getting better when you could see whose messages weren't read yet. However now it unmatched me from people I've completed stories of. There also is no way to pick a different counterpart of a story. They also must have different people write certain stories because the grammar is very off on some of them just like before. Oh and with the new update it won't open at all!
Matches are great and all, but really could use more gems, or at least make the pricing for pictures and stuff a little lower.
Was addicting. Now all of my matches are "offline for a while" and I'm not matching with anyone else. It's really boring now, since nothings happening. The person I talked to said no storylines are finished, but I might just go ahead and delete the game
I can't wait for my characters to come back with the rest of their stories. But I'm having trouble with swiping. It might just be part of the game but the game won't match me with more than 5 characters at a time? I also wish gems were easier to get. Id happily watch a ton of ads if it meant free gems instead of 1 gem for 1 ad every few hours. I think we should also get gems when we get closer to a character. 2 gems doesn't mean much in a game where each picture costs 33.
*UPDATE:* Well, I updated the game, yet all the offline characters are still offline, Everytime I try to add more matches, I do not get anymore. It sucks. The Diamonds are still only 2 and it's going to take forever. Especially since I want to open all those photos! It sucks it truly does.
This a really fun and addicting game. I'm really enjoying it. The only suggestion I have is that if you are making purchases to unlock things to say and pictures, it would be better to show more. It only has cursing and sexual themes, I feel it should show more than partial and just have full nudity. But all in all, really great game.
I love the game and it's very interactiveness everything I've been looking for in a rp game really. But the reason I gave it such a low rating was all in the fact of the gem system yes it's cool but it's so expensive like if choices are going to be 14 gems and audio files and pictures are going to be 33 gems give the players more gems to be able to interact answer do specific choices especially with the prices they are to buy the extra diamonds. Your not really getting anything.
I like the game, its really fun and can be interesting. I just have a problem with the gem system, we hardly get enough for how long it takes for them to load. And not everyone can afford to buy more gems all the time. If we got more gems for how long we have to wait, or had another way to earn them, I would honestly give a higher rating, bit with how this game is I think what I have now is correct...
EDIT: I AM FURIOUS. This game needs to ask for a log in before playing. They updated the game and i LOST ALL MY GEMS AND MATCHES! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! We spend money and time playing this, and you update it and we lose all that? Now i have to start from zero. Plus, no story has been updated so far. Not sure it's worth the time (and money absolutely not worth it) to go through the same stories again if you have to spend money to choose the SAME PAID OPTIONS FOR THE SAME NON-UPDATED characters.
Pros: - pretty art - interesting characters thus far Cons: -photos cost diamonds and can quickly disappear fast -game constantly froze, crashed, stopped responding, I only did 2 chats before I quit completely out of frustration despite enjoying the game If the games freezing/crashing issue was fixed I'd definitely rate this game higher Also on emulators for mobile games on pc this game does not work, and is seemingly the only one I have encountered that doesn't work. But it's not to bad.
This game is great! Its just that i cant match with any more guys (im straight) and the guys that i did match w their stories are still in progress. Still quite fun tho. I have two more guys that i can chat with. Tried to do it with a girl but it just felt weird. A good game after all!
I won't lie this is an okay game, but the stories some of them make no sense and have so many writing errors it is crazy. I overlooked them because well some of the stories are nice, but after the new update I can not even play because it keeps freezing and crashing and I lost 200 gems that I had been saving because of this. I understand it takes a lot to make a game like this, but it is some what frustrating as a player.
I would like the cost of the voice messages to be lower, as you miss quite a bit of the story if you don't unlock them. Also, don't give profiles without any story started it's annoying. Last but definitely not least, when are you going to update the already existing stories?
I really do like the game! The art is wonderfull and I like that you have so much Charackter-Types. But the only thing is, you lose gems so fast, and you can earn them so badly. It takes like forever, just to earn 10 gems. I Think it would be cool, if we have a Daily reward. Like 100 gems?
Bad bad bad. Just started playing and i haven't found a single story that doesn't have grammar issues and weird wording that just makes most of the conversations feel awkward. Not to mention in a single conversation it's already asking for over 60 gems of unlockable content. The game randomly rewards you with boosting the love meter with choices that are literally mandatory so it doesn't even feel rewarding. Just not a great game, could be done better.
Nice and cool game. All the stories aren't developed yet and I wish there would be more matches but otherwise pretty good. English/grammer could be worked on a bit.
This game has potential to be great. Considering the game they are up against they need to step up. Besides some grammar issues the stories are fine. The biggest issue is gems. 3 every 6 hours is not enough. The other game you get 6 which still isn't enough. The cost of choices is scattered and needs to be cheaper. I think with those changes you could have a great game!
I honestly did not expect to like this game as much as I do! The storylines are kind of intense sometimes, but they're fun. And there's even a story that talks about COVID-19 and quarantine, and the guy is a scientist working on the virus. So cool! My only suggestion would be to make it easier to get diamonds. The diamond choices cost a lot, and it's so hard to get them! Maybe give a bigger reward as you pass more levels with the same character?
Great app but I can't seem to match with the characters I want to. Are they just not available yet? Then why are they an option?! Also, the gems thing is kinda ridiculous. It would take years just using the daily gift of 2 to finish even half a playthrough with one person with how much pics and certain, more fun, replies are.
While I do enjoy this game, there are quite a few spelling errors, the cute chat options are way too expensive and the stories end quickly. I suggest waiting until you've completed a character's story before adding them. Once every character is "offline", the app is useless and I would rather uninstall than wait for however long it will take to update.
Everything thing is fine. The texts and the characters are also great. But the app is hanging very much. It's not functioning smoothly. I had to uninstall It many times but still no use . It would be great if MeChat team takes care of this problem. Thank you. Can u please tell me how to send the video? There's no option here.
Game is an interesting concept, awesome graphics and can has potential for really interesting conversations if i didn't have to stop and move to someone else to get diamonds every single time there's a choice to make, maybe a (cheap) subscription situation of some sorts(in different currency) would be good & if u could choose ur gender as my name's not androgynous name so it's weird where the female say my as i am playing a male, also sometimes i feel the character is WAAAAY too thirsty 🀣
this game is AMAZING!! seriously i wasn't excpecting much im honestly stunned. Every character has their own personality and story plus beautiful artwork AND voice acting?!! Its everything you could want its shocking that its a free game;; the gem distribution however is outrageous, 5 gems every 5 hours free, 3 by watching an ad but things you need gems to unlock cost around 30? I understand that the team has to earn a living too so i respect it, you guys did a great job!!
(Updated Review) 4 to 5 I think I just realize that every time the game isnt responding means that my internet connection is not working... Kinda annoying but cannot be avoided. I really like the designs of the characters. The only thing that I might suggest is the improving the grammar and storyline of the characters to really improve the game. :)
I enjoyed the game at first but then an update came out in which you only 2 diamonds every six hours instead of 15. That just seemed unfair and unreasonable in terms of getting the best options for the chats and dates. Compared to the competitors, I would stick to the other game. I also wish that there was a list of the counterparts of the game so that we could get a more tailored list of dates. I would of preferred Lucas over Phoenix but I wish I knew before hand to know which ones to swipewith
This game could use a few improvements besides the language errors. Letting the player choose their gender and sexuality would be a major plus, instead of assuming who is playing and what pronouns they use. The gem system is also horrible and needs to be changed; the rewards are measely, so if you're planning on exploring multiple stories without opening your wallet, this game isn't for you. πŸ™„ Overall I'm having a good time so far, but it is not the best app. Please look into improving it.
Now the art is amazing BUT my big issue comes with the choices. They are limited and it feels linear. Also why does every other person go off on "the common rable" bs? So lame. It feels so awful having a good convo and then either they go "your not like 99% of people haha" or you only have the option "thats because you are no commoner". Is so pretious.
So far so good but it sucks that the amount of diamonds you need, to get pictures or hear their voices is insanely high! I honestly don't want to be spending real money on diamonds if you won't even allow us to achieve diamonds in any other way. There, has, to be a better way.
I really enjoy the game, I haven't experienced any bugs so far. I enjoy the storytelling and the characters in itself. However, I don't appreciate how many diamonds you have to get and the diamond to amount given ratio. It's like you don't get enough diamonds but they want more diamonds just for the pictures. Plus, I'm unsure of when the characters that I love most or even coming back. That is quite a shame but hopefully it will be resolved soon so I can change the writing.
I definetly would have left 5 stars if the progression wasnt so slow, but because of how expensive all the options are and how few diamonds you can get a day. It just takes FOREVER to even get anywhere with any of the characters. It's pretty irritating how expensive diamonds are in the game too, I would consider buying them if the prices werent so high. There should be more ways to get free diamonds. Hard not to lose interest when you cant progress with anyone...
I like some of the stories so far but this game clearly needs a lot of work done to it, for example the messages somehow get deleted, the reactions you give don't save so I'll sometimes go back and fill it in but that's not really bad. And after leveling up the relationship with someone so many times could there be a status or something to symbolize that they are getting closer? Or could we receive 1 or 2 extra gems?
After a few days worthless. Downloaded and played for about 3 days when I started having "matches" go "offline" it's been about a week and all those "offline" still haven't opened back up and I can't get any new "matches" really sucks because it was fun, but I refuse to play a game that requires you to pay for a good bit of the options and then just shuts down and is useless after a few days.
i like the game, it's really interesting. i would have given in 5 but it take a lot of gems out of you, if your demanding 14 - 33 gems at least give us more then 3 free gems. i really do like the game but i can't always buy all the time, i need to live of something. you need to be considered for people who can't buy it πŸ˜•
It's a great game and I really enjoy playing it. But the problem is with getting free gems. Not everyone can buy gems with money and they only give us 3 gems per ad whereas to Unblur a picture it takes 33 gems. So we can't enjoy the experience properly.
This has the potential to be a great game, I like most of the characters (just unmatched one deliberately because she was super obnoxious), and its nice to see a more adult-oriented dating game with some empowered women. I agree with everyone ekse about the downsides: There are *lots* of typos and the gems need to be about 1/4 as expensive for what they get you.
Its fun, I liked how you get to choose what you do instead of it choosing for you.I saw a lot of people talking about the gems. kinda got scared but, its pretty good for a game I didnt pay money on.
I love this game! Though I agree with others that's the gems are a little pricy. Should have a way to get gems easier and more frequently, or maybe gradually a bigger sum as you get closer with a character. But I'm issue is that I'm no longer matching with any of the male characters and I'm wondering why? Patiently trying to wait for more content on the characters that have gone offline!
Very fun game! Lots of the characters have very interesting storylines. But I do think that you should add a feature to where you can choose whether or not you want male or female profiles. So since I'm a straight female, it's a bit of a waste of time to have to wait for more profiles to show up just because I swiped left on a female profile. So I suggest adding that feature. Other than that, its a great game!
It's a Great app. I don't care about the grammar mistakes throughout the stories but I do care about gems. We get 10 a day and a single Foto needs 33!! The math ain't mathing at this point. It makes me really upset because not everyone can spend money on apps. I know you guys must have an income too, but this is really a bad way. I think people would prefer adds over money.
So far, it's been a pretty good game! The things that bother me are the fact that even if I choose one of the male profiles, it's implied that I'm still female. I'm not a fan of that tbh, and I hope it's changed, considering I'm male. Another thing is the writing, it's kind of awkward at times. Other than those things, I like it! The art style and characters are amazing.
It's a decent game. Quite expensive, and definitely makes some extremely annoying assumptions such as gender, sexuality and interests. I get there's only so much to do when it comes to interests and reactions and stuff, but still. The instant assumption that I am a straight person of the opposite gender really ticks me off because if there's one thing I'm not it's straight, or cis for that matter. The vibe is good, and I hope to see the game get more refined with time
Like the storyline, however when it glitches and you already spend gems to do the story you have to re spend them to get through the story again. Lost lots of gems having this happen. Just day lost 70 gems :(. Gems are hard to get saving them up takes time. Very frustrating. No support on the app to ask for a refund either.
I really like this game! The storylines of each character is riveting and the art is beautiful! However, a small criticism I would to share is the release of the counterparts. While I do know that the game is suppose to show matches by random, I think the counterparts should be released at the same time or available for everyone (i.e. unmatching with one counterpart for another). While the counterparts share the same story, I feel as if I'm missing out, or loss the opportunity of choice.
Its cute...its fine I'm not getting any glitches reason for 3 stars is you get 2 dimonds every 6 hrs and to buy I have use PayPal, dont have pay pal, or my credit card I can't use my Google play $$. Most games I play offer 2 gems every 2 minutes for up to 30 gems or credits every hour. By the time I get more dimonds I'll get bored and uninstall the game. I get it takes time to work out the bugs. TOO BAD I kind of enjoyed his one.
Wonderful game, very exciting, great storyline.(Spoilers)I have done a few stories and they all leave you on a cliffhanger. I hate that you don't get enough πŸ’Ž. Maybe log in daily and a way to save you progress. For the chats we get for our match let us have the pics free. It's hard for people to pay for πŸ’Ž
There has to be a better way of doing the gems. I have already spent money but the amount you need to say or do what you want is horrible..Gems I NEED to get more faster..Great game love it so far..Update..So I have loved this game..But I have a problem with the fact that all my matches have gone gray it's been a week since the last one and like 3 weeks since the first one went dark..What gives..Are they ever coming back..Also I keep swiping one profiles but I'm not getting any new matches..HELP
Another Overpriced Dating Sim! DL'd the game hoping this would help me pass time during story dry spells in Lovelink. The offline chats are just as bad, the gem packages are ridiculously overpriced, the option to earn gems are way too low! I thought Lovelink was bad, but this game is even worse! 22 gems for $2? I get 250 from Lovelink! The best thing about this game is the fact that picture and chat option prices are a lot cheaper than Lovelink. Uninstalled and sticking with Lovelink!
I adored this game and everything about it. I was this close to spending money on it and I'm glad I didn't. Imagine my surprise when one day it just stops working! It kept kicking me out of the game, the reason? I have no idea. Super disappointing! Everything about this game is amazing except for that- and I know it's not just me because other users have had the same experience. It makes the game unplayable. You can't just have a game that doesn't work after a couple of days. Super disappointing
The gems you start with run out quickly and they're expensive. The free ones you get are barely enough for 1 choice per chat session. The grammar is poor. Matches have been offline for a long time (stories pending development). I currently have no active chats meanwhile there are characters that I can never match with every time I swipe right.
I started the game day 1, I saw it got a new update with fresh new faces which is nice, but saw the daily rewards went for 30 to 2, its sucks a bit tbh and I had over 1000 diamonds left from when I started and ended with one of the chats last time I was on and now have 336, it's nice that you lowered the cost of pics and convos to a reasonable price. It's a good game but needs more improvement.
Not very good, it keeps saying I have conversations that need to be read and when I go on them there's nothing there. Please sort this issue out and the grammar out. The art work is really good. The game has now started kicking me off and it won't let me go past the welcome screen and it's been updated as well. I know it's not my phone either. Please sort this out as don't want to drop it to a 1 star
actually not a bad game. Fun to pass the time flipping through characters and getting to know their types. Fun at first but some of the plot lines kinda drag on and get a little dull or too vamped up. Would still recommend though.
Okay I actually enjoyed playing this game. The storylines were nice and everything. The only thing that I hate is that when the story is still being devoloped and it takes forever to get the story updated. I have been waiting aong time for like 5 stories to be continued. So.... Pls fix this.
I'm enjoying your game. I have several matches, interesting and fun stories. But I've been waiting long for most of them to return. After the have update yesterday, I noticed some of the characters I already matched with was showing back up on the list for matching. I got excited thinking maybe their stories are updated so I swiped on them but I got informed that their stories are still being developed. What's going on? Do I need to reinstall the app?
I can understand why there are many that says that this is similar to Lovelink. I somewhat agree, but beg to differ that MC is at least more consistent. There are many similarities drawn to the male characters, interaction is steamier for sure. I think improvement could be made is where the diamonds used could be more stabalised in the amount we pay for unlocking images and decisions as the earning of it is really difficult.
This game would be really great if we had more chances to get gems like with some other apps do with tapjoy now that would be cool.I literally love all the characters but I just don't want to spend money on gems.Also hate the MC we play as they make me mad with the choices. Hopefully your willing to give customers a chance to get gems different ways instead of getting 5 every 5 hours, 3 every 2, and from leveling up relationships to get more gems. Wait and first picture and audio should be free
I love it! I love the characters and the stories!. But I can never fully enjoy it with how much gems we get. I want to get a good amount of gems to give when im playing. This is honestly needed for those who don't have a credit card or enough money to continue. It's discouraging.
Honestly, I enjoy the game a lot. HOWEVER, after just finishing an update for the game, it's deleted all of my current standings and all of my gems I've purchased and worked to get have been taken away. Definitely not happy at the moment. It's a good game but this type of errors are what causes players to stop playing.
Characters are so cool in this game, much more interesting than people in real dating chats. πŸ˜€ Sam Korb is my favorite guy. ❀ Also,add more photos of Jack Shaw, I would buy all of them.πŸ’— Unfortunately, their chats are gray now, as many others. I can't wait for more. Please hurry. This is super-fun. PS. Please, create way for us to be able to bind account (google,facebook).
I personally love this app. It's steamy and I love the romance. I do find the diamond ratio a bit out of wack but I figure it'll be fixed at some point. I'm just sad that all the stories I'm reading at the moment are on hiatus. I'm hoping there will be new content for my favourites soon.
I like the game but after a few days of playing and buying the coins on sale. Now takes over a minute to load and closes out after a few promps selected within chat. Also had purchased starting offer of gems on 2/25 and had large amount was not able to use any due to closing issue and today 3/2 I only have 241 gems? Like what the heck?!?! That's frustrating.
I adore this game! I know it's gonna sound sad but this really makes me feel loved and all soft! Phoenix is absolutely adorable and I love his storyline so far! Waiting on diamonds and the cost of the pictures can be a but irritating but I understand why it's needed so I'm not mad about it. Keep up the wonderful work!! (I'm also loving the addition of Caspian, I love me some mermaids/mermen)
This is Microtransaction:the game. Their ads show you getting 15 gems when you level up. Its only 2. Disingenuous. It wouldn't be so bad to put the picture/audio behind a pay wall but even the non-douche answers and little emoji reactions? What's next? Charging you to open a conversation? Too bad because you get easily sucked into the story lines but you can't go too far without it asking if you wanna pay for an option. Might as well not even try it folks, you'll end up frustrated.
The game is good with the ads, little to no ads. The art style is good. The only problems I have with it is 1. You run out of gems way too fast. 2. There aren't much dialogue you can choose from. If you don't spend gems. You end up getting dialogue that sounds horrible but the characters don't seem to care. Other than that it's a fine game.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME! 😍 but the thing that ruins it for me is the fact that after grinding this game for about 2 days all the people I like are just grey and offline, which is really disappointing πŸ˜”. I looked at the other reviews to see if anyone had the same and if so how long will they be like that!? I found out that some people have been waiting a week!! And even longer, and all there favourite people have just gone "offline" and that's just when the storyline was getting good!!
This game is really fun and interesting yess i would like more dimands or have the photos and everything to be a little les expensive but the game itself is very fun!!!! I would just like to know why can't I match with any other people anymore
I do enjoy the art style and the uniqueness of the characters but the conversations are pretty bland and the use of gems outweighs the gems you receive in return. I do notice some grammar mistakes pointed out by other reviewers but I think it adds more of a human feel to the overall aesthetic of a dating app style game. I'm throughly enjoying it all together and I can't wait to see what the devs are going to implement in the future.
Honestly, it's a really good game. I really love the stories, hope to see more of them really.. Just one complain, really wish we could earn more gems by either doing daily logins or increase the gems earn everytime we get closer to the characters. Overall, really enjoyed this!
I love the story but it takes forever to get diamonds if you don't want to spend money. I suggest there being other ways to get diamonds. Like make it where you can watch multiple videos to get more diamonds instead of watching a single video every like three hours to get a single diamond.
I do like the stories a lot since there are plot twists and exciting parts. But PLEASE get someone to proof read since it gets really awkward and offensive sometimes. Also, consider lowering the prices or introduce a subscription. Diamonds are hard to get and it makes me loose interest in the game. I never paid for a single blurred picture because it costs way too much... If you fix those things, it will be 5 stars.
It's good in terms of character variety & dialogue. I have a problem though, I went on the 1st date with William & spent 14 diamonds on a dialogue response. But then the game glitched on his dialogue and he wasn't saying anything. So I closed out of the app to come back, and when I did I was at the beginning and I would have to pay another 14 diamonds for the dialogue option I ALREADY had just paid for. That's not fair. Is there any way for support to help check on this and redeem me..?
It's an interesting game the stories are great the only downside to this game you will reach the end of the stories leaving you in a cliff hanger the stories are that are still in development with some of the other characters to choose to match wont even work if you click on the heart to will just decline them as if you didn't match
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this game... But the fact that almost every single character goes offline right when things are getting good is a huge disappointment. That would be okay sometimes but not as often as it happens and there is also the issue of them not coming back online for a LONG time. It's a little sad. Keeps you from getting fully invested in the game.
This game has constant bugs that do hinder the experience. It claims they are fixed....but as I downloaded only yesterday....that remains to be seen. Still it's largely gender neutral so it is fun for those of any sexuality or sexual orientation. If it weren't for those bugswhere it constantly pauses, the game would fare better
I like this game, but it says my characters are offline for a while, And I'm wondering when they will come back. I like erik larson but I want to ask to remove the part where he compares being made to do art, to r*pe. It was very random and concerning. Other than that I like this game, I just want the characters to come back online
I have a lot of fun with this app. The only, issue I have is that while character s like Brandon, my fave, are in development, new ones keep getting created. I would take monthly updates on their stories ar this point. Otherwise, I'm kinda losing interest since my faves are in development.
Not so great, the gems you receive at the beginning of and during the game aren't enough to unlock anything required to make the gaming experience enjoyable. I've put so much money into this game just to finish a single chat session it's not even funny. If you are into these kinds of games but don't wanna pay and break your pockets in order to enjoy it, I'd look elsewhere. I've bought games before for way less than what I've spent on here, and the whole game and storylines were available to me.
I would definitely rate this 4 stars maybe 5, I love Layla's story but with the very very low rate of being able to collect gems, and not being able to collect them while on dates I lost alot of opportunities, basically the game is pay to win dating how it's set right now
The game was really nice, however its taking A REALLY long time for a story line to update. The thing here is that, what if you dont like to select a male prospects, and u just want females, add more female characters to have more interaction in the game. I selected like 6-7 females stories, however i already finished all of them and i could not select any other matches since you guys only have limited females matches.
I love this app the stories are very hands on and unique. Its very easy to get attached to certain characters quickly. However, lately the app has been giving me matches i already have to swipe on. I haven't been able to match with anyone new bc of this.
I am so in love with this! And I really appreciate that you gave more diamonds than what were offered initially lol I wish it were more, though πŸ˜… I must admit I hardly miss talking to real people since I downloaded it and I'm just very impressed. I can't even talk about the date aspect of it here πŸ€­πŸ˜‰ but I'm impressed. Good job. Keep up the good work!
Vocals: Good Art: Good Ads: Uh... Where is that Croc? I mean that was what caught my attention at first cause he looked wicked cool. Use of money: Poor Singles: Super limited Total idea: Depressing. I can see how quickly you'll run out of gems and have to by more just to see pics and listen to audios which is... Just Sad... had alot of hope for this only to be disappointed, only matched with 1 person and have to wait who knows how long before I can chat with anyone else (waiting for singles).
It's great for while it lasts but once you're matches reach a certain time they all go away and you get a message saying that match will be offline for a while and you will be notified when they are back online,but they never come back and it doesn't let you match with anyone els. Definitely don't like that especially after spending money to get the gem's.
I would like if there was a way to subscribe for a certain amount of daily gems, and features instead of just having to continue to buy gems for luxe options. I wouldn't mind paying for VIP at $10/mo. With maybe unlimited unblur options, text and date diamond options maybe a certain percentage off with VIP, maybe a discount in the store and daily allowance? Please? πŸ’Œ Update: I would like it if maybe our matches didn't try to fast track the relationships as much. Martin, we JUST met. Yikes.
Just recently started playing this game, enjoyable to see the different personalities of characters. My only negative about this app might have to be that I just lost all of my progress and had to start all over, I couldnt find any options or settings to try and regain all of the matches I had and gain back relations I had with some of these characters.
I love the game but like please finished old Characters stoys and stop creating new ones!! Also I would like to pick a gender such as she/her, he/him, and they/them if the the character can do it why can't I.
This game is really good but the amount of gems it gives you is nothing compared to how much it asks of you. I would get if the daily was 30 but it's only 2 gems. I would love if they upped the daily gems to 30/40 and the free gems to 10 maybe even 20.
Good lord. The mistakes in this app are absolutely horrendous. It's like a 5 year old wrote these stories. This app needs a complete overhaul. It's like lovelink. I have my complaints about that one, but cheaper options apperantly mean badly written content. Y'all need an editor and proof reader ASAP. I can't believe this was approved to be downloaded by anyone.
I am pleased with the game and the updates to it. The artwork is spot on and I can't wait to continue the stories to the characters I like. I want to give it 5 stars but I do have one issue with it that I hope it will be fixed? New characters have came out but absolutely none of them matches with me. How am I going to invest time and money with this game that I really like if I can't get matches? Please help!
I have been playing Lovelink for some time now and this is quite similar with the exception of the level of service here. If I gave my User ID for Lovelink, they were able to restore it. I recently got a new phone and was informed they couldn't do it. This is after I spent $60 dollars in the past week trying to keep up the costly premium options here. Now I've noticed the daily rewards have dropped from 30 to 15 and now it's just 2?!? Pretty sure that changed my banked gems as well
This game is ridiculously expensive of you want to see the pictures or choose the good chat options. I would rather pay $5 a month, or $15 flat for a game, than $5 every time I want to see a picture. Also, I have 4 chats going that are offline for who knows how long and I was starting to enjoy them. If it weren't for the super high price of playing a subpar game that hasn't been quality checked for spelling and grammar mistakes, it would be a 5 star game.
Truly fun game, but...I'm chatting with only one match. All the rest are dark, with no indication of return. I'm matching with no one new. Is this going to be rectified soon? I've spent a pretty sizable amount of cash on this game and it would suck for it to be a waste.
I love this game.... The only problem is that the number of options are limited.. There's not a huge variety of people to choose from... Other than that, the game is awesome and very interesting πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ... And when will the new stories come or be improved. I have completed some stories and would love to continue
I really really think you should be able to choose if you would only like girls, guys, or both to appear. I also think you should make the player gender neutral. For example, it's a bit of a letdown to hear one of the female characters refer to you as a guy when you're a girl. Please consider these changes, otherwise it would be a 5star.
This game has great art, and the game system runs really well and looks great, but it really struggles with the writing. When it's bad, it sounds like two robots talking to each other, and even when it's good it assumes the user's gender and jumps topics with no warning which is confusing. I would definitely be willing to increase the stars I gave this game if the writing got better.
Such an intriguing game. You don't even have to spend money to actually really enjoy the game either. The relationship storylines are really good and interesting. Such a wide variety of different romances you can get into as well. This game has me hooked.
Love the game but takes way to long for "sleeping" characters to come back. All mine are grey and have been for a while and the "new" ones I want to match with aren't a match, the others aren't interesting to me. Bummed!
Update after playing for a while: Still wish referring to the MC would be done in a more neutral way. Counterpart system wasn't clear to me but its also my first time playing such a game. The stories are horribly overdramatic. I get that it's for plot but cut down a few phrases and it would be more realistic. What bothers me the most is that a lot of the characters+MC behave like they're 10 years old. Throwing tantrums unreasonably and forgiving the other too fast. Starting to get annoyed tbh
So I can't edit my review from earlier. I just accessed the app again after it malfunctioned the whole day. I'm in the middle of finishing the chats when my game became buggy so I had to uninstall it. Now, all my progress were gone. I just hope we get a compensation out of this. And also, the game don't allow me to buy gems. I'm really not into the idea of playing the routes again. I just hope you fix this soon.
I like this simulator, but I hate how little gems you start out with and how much you can collect every time you fill the heart level thing. This other similar simulator gives you 1000 gems to start and you can collect 15 every time you fill the heart meter thing. Other then that it's a fairly nice game, love that it's not full of annoying ads and the sims have pretty entertaining conversations.
There has to be a better way of doing the gems. I have already spent money but the amount you need to say or do what you want is horrible.. Gems I NEED to get more faster.. Great game love it so far...
The game is ok. Lots of people to match with. Stories are good. Lots of misspellings and bad grammar. I'm really mad that I paid $50 for gems and never received them. I've messaged and emailed them and have heard nothing. I'd have given them a higher rating except for.that.
All my characters are grayed out and it's been over a month. No new characters and still waiting for old ones to come back. It doesn't seem like it should be taking this long. About to remove. I have no removed this app, I can't even play it since all my characters are greyed out. Also, no I don't match with anyone else, I have tried a few times and never match. You guys need to figure out how to keep up with current content, so people aren't waiting months for characters to come back
It's a great game, the only bug is that I get old messages from the people that are offline. It gives me hope that they're online again but no luck. It's also unclear how long someone stays away so that's kind of bothersome. I also don't get a lot of matches anymore. But it's a great game and I like it the way it is now. Thank you for making it❀️
First, the good parts: the character art and pictures are really good! Also, there's a large variety of characters. However, the bad parts made me quit: it's painfully obvious the game was written by a non-native English speaker. The English is just so bad. Also, although you can choose a male avatar, characters still assume you're a girl. Finally, many storylines are just ridiculous and annoying, with the characters treating you like a child. Overall, the game is a poor copy of LoveLink.
It's a very good game the only sad thing is I cant chat with any of the new characters (Toby,Miles,Nick,Fabio) so please fix it plus so matches has been away for sometime so did you abandoned them ?
I was really enjoying the game up until now. I had loads of chats waiting to play and loaded the game to find out it had wiped my game. I spent alot of money on gems and had got really far on alot of the characters. Really not happy. Hopefully there's a way to fix it so I can change the rating.
I LOVE this game! I love the stories and the romance. sometimes you have to wait a while before your favorite characters are back online,but it builds the anticipation of the romance! I do think the game has some cons. The game strongly encourages you to spend money on diamons (real money) or you miss out on a lot of content. Diamonds collect slowly through game play. Also sometimes words or misspelled or miss used witch can get confusing. All in all, I would recommend.
I actually really love this game. There are a few minor issues (with grammar and such) but the biggest problem I have is that all the characters are now offline. This is frustrating. Just as you become used to them, they go offline and it's been weeks (and some people say months) since they last chatted. Please take this into consideration. Your players want their favourites back. Another issue is that I no longer match with anyone. I keep swiping right but nothing happens.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME!! I've only been playing for a day but I'm already in love with 5 different guysπŸ˜πŸ˜… it kills time and helps with my loneliness!πŸ’– Will update y'all after I play for a while longer! *WARNING* the game is wayyyyy too expensive for gems! You run out fast and it's too much money to buy gems and unlock the pictures. Progress is also a little slow..
I like story but I don't like the fact that the gem is so expensive .... one photo or one audio voice cost 33 gem... and you only give us like 5 gem every 6 hour... I know you guys gotta make money but this is too harsh. Buying gem for $2.01 is only giving us 22 gem... we can't even buy one photo or one audio video for $2.01 don't you think it too expensive?
I love this game its absolutely amazing of course as others have said there's never enough gems but besides that I hate when it says this person will be off for awhile because it's been almost a week and it still say that , it should be a shorter time period but I love it I hope you can make some ilslight changes to make the game more enjoyable hope you have a great day
I love it honestly! But i'd love to get more diamonds than 2 when my relationship gets better with someone. I also would like to see more text options, because it feels like the main character is a dry texter. Would also love to see the main character to be a bit more dominant. But in general I like the game
I've been playing Lovelink for a while and found this and thought I'd give this app a shot. I noticed some storylines which seemed to be ripped off of Lovelink which minor changes. There are also so many spelling errors I can't understand what is happening at times. The thing that bothers me the most is the characters referring to me as "the prettiest girl" they've ever met. I'm sorry sir but I am a man. If you could work on making the dialogue more gender neutral that'd be great.
Worked great for 4 days, I'd given a 4 star review dropped 1 because its quite expensive to progress the stories in the way i want to, and because some of the English grammar can be pretty terrible (Connor Ellington is one of the worst I've come across) then today all my purchases and chats vanished. Waiting on a response from support, we'll see how that goes and whether I'll be putting my stars back up or leaving it at 1 and taking it to google for a refund
While the characters in this game are fun to match with. I can not help but be slightly aggitated with if I want to scroll up and look over the conversation had with said characters vanish. Which makes reading to enjoy just the throught of the bond a bit confusing and just a bit annoying but not enough to drop the game. Still a work in progress I'm sure.
Exciting and entertaining!! I do love this game it is very addictive, I can not get enough of playing but... I do have one problem like lost games it's the diamonds, you never have enough to do or say what you want, I think you need to let us earn more instead of the 3 we get for adds. I have already spent money to buy some and won't be doing that again.
I like the game, stories are interesting even with the typos and the art is great But the gems are so expensive and don't last very long at alllll Like others are saying I'd be willing to pay for some sort of subscription for more gems/free pictures or something along those lines And please!! Give me Sam back lmao from the reviews I've seen it looks like once someone goes offline they don't come back and he's the o n l y one I've spent my gems on I wanna know he's not just gone forever
Had to uninstall as when I woke up this morning all my progress was gone everything went back to te very start when I had no matches 😭 and I don't want to start all over again such a shame as I was enjoying the game and had brought diamonds which also disappeared with the game so that was money wasted.. Edit I sent emails and the never responded and I started all over again to find this morning everything has been deleted yet again..
I enjoy this game very much and can not wait for more of the story lines to come out. Everyone that I have matched but is offline for a while. But I have not been able to match with anyone I have matched with 5 and when were I swipe right on someone nothing happens. I would like to be able to read there stories. there should also be a way to earn more diamonds and as you advance you should be able to get more diamonds.