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Mech vs Aliens: Top down shooter | RPG

Mech vs Aliens: Top down shooter | RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Rightsoft Labs located at Office 504, Florinis 11 street, City Forum, 5th floor, Nicosia 1065, Cyprus. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Man, free stuff everywhere! Too bad ads are always unavailable to get the free stuff. Really long upgrade times. No direction control with the regular gun? It's uninstall-able
Great game, good for those with a Mechassault/Mechwarrior mobile itch they can't seem to scratch. Just make sure your phone is up to spec, or it'll run a bit laggy and cause some loading issues and response problems. Could use more mechs, and could definitely use a fixed Thumbstick for movement. My only concern otherwise might be a lack of appropriate difficulty early on. The auto aim is nice, and maybe having to aim yourself might improve both immersion and the difficulty for players.
So far, I've lost 4 levels, from last night, when I started. I got to level 8, and stopped playing, then woke up today, and started playing, and found out I lost 4 levels. I was back down to level 4. What gives? I had upgraded the second mechs weapons to level 4. 6/13/21 I get Lux robot, upgrade Raider, Troll and Praetorian, upgrade their weapons to respectable levels, stop playing for a couple of hours, to enjoy some quality family time, come back to play, and all of it is gone. Please fix it.
Ok, so I would love to actually play the game, however there is where we run into the biggest, and most game breaking issue I've come across in any of the games on the app store. It expands to fit the screen, now that would be fine, if it just fit the screen, instead it over expanded, leaving huge parts unable to be seen, making it unplayable, because I can't even start the first mission due to not being able to get past the first bit of dialogue. If this is fixed, I'll happily change my rating.
don't bother, you won't get past the beginning stages of this limited game unless you watch a ton of ads... and they might as well switch this "game" to "ad network"
It's a fun game, but there's a significant issue: when pulling cargo, you can't push it. So you can accidentally box yourself in, causing you only to restart the level. It's dumb, and shouldn't be so big a part of the game.
Not happy with this game bought a mech played for a time.....came out of the game and everything has been lost.
Great game, super fun but does crash a bit, if it means anything, when it crashes i just open it right back up and play on.
So far so good! The graphics are great and music is awesome. Controls could use some work sometimes a little glitchy. But, still a great game.
I did not receive the VIP reward for the 7th day loggin please fix. Game doesn't have support implemented inside the game. Other than that, nice game.
Simple, easy to play, relaxed, not even pay to win, you literally can grind this game. Not even stressful. Look forward to new modes you guys are gonna introduce. Base building, multiple mechs can be controlled and coop. Overall I just started and I'm having a blast!!!!
Just starting and I am enjoying it so far, walk and shoot and I am hoping I find stuff walking around but thats yet to be seen.
Cant even play the game. I downloaded it and it won't even open. Just keeps crashing. Very disappointed. Uninstalling the game. Dont recommend.
So far so good a lot of fun. Lots of ads if you don't pay to have them removed but hey someone's got to pay for the servers LOL
Game is Quite Awesome! It speaks to inner my SCiFiness and action Heart. Also I love the generous Chests and ability to Gain Green gems by watching stuff and leveling up. Hope to see it Grow more too! For example: PVP and Add some spider Bots too! You must have some of them. One with a Giant anti tank sniper rifle for a head with a thunderous boom echo when it fires a round and sided with a shield instead of an offensive weapon.
I like the game. Add more mech and like some suggestion in the game, im really excited to it and im hoping the updates will release very soon.
Cool game based on a Netflix original called love death an robots. Great idea ruined by possibly the greediest dev I've had the misfortune to encounter. It's like they tried to make a shooter slot machine combo..it's trash. Nice looking trash..but still trash. You've been warned.
This games sucks whenever i start a battle and tap the screen nothing happens and i never got to do any actual gameplay
I like the game play. The graphics are great and I like ads so the option to watch so as to quickly get those upgrades done.so far I like the story lots of fun so far
Has potential to be a great game but it's very unstable right now. Constantly freezing up or closing out usually right after a mission when you view an ad. Had to do the first mission twice cuz of this issue. Would be cool if we could update more than just weapons. Overall not a horrible game.
Love this game but I only got to do Daly quest 3 times and its 4:00 now and the Daly quest still hasent restarted do I have to wate 2 days for it to give me more Daly quests
Nice game and grphic but missions gets me bored nothing new since last update just new mech to use needs new missions that differs from the same old missions make somerhing new
It was OK. Just not for me. The whole primary weapon continuing to fire with no target and wasting energy before I catch it irritated me too much.
Ads, ads, ads! Do ads sound fun? If so this is your kinda game. Besides ads to get anywhere, anything just about, this game is a horrible waste of time. You can't play offline, nonstop "optional" ads to get the full reward which isn't advertised PER mission. I don't even know how this game got on my phone. Must of been Samsung games preloading since they load suggested games monthly. Might as well be malware in my opinion. Avoid unless you LIKE ADs
It's really fun, but you need to get the updated content out. Well done even though I know where you got the idea from. 😀
It's a nice little game, but it's not worth a £5 subscription and without one the grind (and the constant need to watch ads) is just too much for me to enjoy myself
RPG Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!! Gamepad controller works the best and animation graphics are fantastically flawless. Thank's guys for making a game like this for gamers like my self
Your game just robbed me. I paid for a mech bundle and now it says that I have to buy it again. I demand a refund
Really well put together game, love anything that reminds me of the old mechwarrior and mech commander games, gets abit repetitive by the 3 planet but if they add more content then definitely worth sticking with, can play without spending money and no waiting around for energy, if the mechs were more varied and customisable that would really increase my favour towards it
I like the potential of game..nice bug killing machines with upgrades but! Please Fix Graphicks....its showing buggy errors ans pixels..i got A7 2016 Samsung...i tryed on my other phone and its even dont load game..Fix it and rating 5! Sended you pictures!
Ever watch love, death and robots? Remember the one with the mechs trying to defend the farm from bugs? This is that as a video game right down to that damned scarecrow. Characters even look like the ones from that episode. Not bad, kinda basic. Too many ads. Maybe add a base building section so I can set up my own farm defense. Only 3 missions in.
I enjoy this game a lot, the only thing preventing me from giving five stars is a minor issue. The issue is of you have a mech with two of the same weapons on the arms only one arm shoots
Hmm, lacking in thy aspect of repetitious grindhouse double feature! Definitely worth a try, but I think if I (as well as so many other highschool burnout rejects) could properly formulate a genuine thought/ constructive opinion... this has the potential to become the next Diablo... & I'm putting that lightly... kinda.
The game isn't half bad. What sucks is what I've learned to loath with mobile games these days. Game Devs: oh, so you can't pay for anything then we will let you watch ads for all sorts of things. Except you can't watch them, and you dont get any of the stuff that continues to trigger the "needs attention" exclamation symbol on literally every option listed. Fudge
Fun game could use some more findable robot parts but still fun. Also like a bag for working stuff and maybe a place to sell things you find that you can't use. Etc
3 stars for the graphics, gameplay is utterly boring. All the missions look and feel alike. It's rather boring
Great mech game! The advertisements are worked in nicely. They do not overwhelm you, plus you get something for watching them.
This is pretty amazing. Reminds of an episode of "Love & Robots" ;-) protecting the farm. mechs. Pretty dang good. Like the controls. Graphics are good. Upgrade and research new mechs!!! Hopefully the extras shown in game will happen. Also ability to paint mechs. And customize the pilot. Free download? Yes. Adds? Yes. But its one you might spend money on. If you like mechs. And kiiling huge bugs!!!
Fantastic update you guys! Oh my gosh you fixed everything I love it. I would still put this at 4 stars or 4.5, but this update has fixed so many things. The reason I say 4.5 is because every aspect of the mech should be upgraded when you upgrade them, or at the very least have what stats get upgraded alternate and switch around, I think this would make it easier to use lighter mechs that have awful repair values. Otherwise fabulous job!
Great game, Good Potential. Then they ruined it by adding "Fuel charges" to the mechs that take about 3 hours to recharge 1 bar out of a maximum of 3 bars per mech. So now i can only use mech for 3 missions before I have to wait 8 hours for it to recharge... or pay for it to be recharged.
Really dig it , graphics ,mech designs ,game play and the upgrades are realistic and priced well ..not bad guys! JoB Well done 👏
After every level, you have to watch two ads to get the full reward. If you want the daily rewards and rewards for completing objectives, you have to watch even more ads. If you want help beating levels, you have to watch ads. This wouldn't be a problem, if the levels weren't so short. Watching the ads take longer than playing a level. There is a way to remove ads and it involves paying $6 every month. If you keep the game for a year, you've paid more for this game ($72) than for a AAA game.
Mech twin stick shooter. Have been looking for a similar game that reminds me of Helldivers! Just one suggestion; could use smoother animation for aiming transition between enemies.
Not a bad way to kill time. Obviously inspired by an episode of love death and robots. Futur content looks promising. Only issue i have is i camt get any of the watch ad rewards. Preventing me from completed some of my dailies
Game is literally a ripoff of that one Love Death Robots episode about farmers fighting off aliens. Except not anywhere near as action packed or exciting. Action is constantly interrupted by dialogue, you can't control where you're aiming, environments aren't destructible, etc. It just feels like a lazy cash grab.
Love death robots big thumbs up.. you can tell by the statue in the farm land on like the 4th or 5th lvl. This be fun on the PC and all the extra bells and whistles.
Befor i even start the first round i saw a co-op mode and i will definitely say this game deserve a 5 star the training was smooth and i think the gameplay is going to be good too,edit:the game is amazing simple but can be hard sometimes,beautiful design and graphics i can't wait to see the upcoming updates ❤️
This is one of those games that I played for less than a second before I uninstalled it. This whole virtual joystick control scheme is mentally retarded, and frankly anyone who puts one in a game is worse than mentally retarded. So of course the first thing I see is "use the blue joystick to move." Absolutely none of these moronic games show the joystick garbage in the screenshots. Absolutely none of these trash clown games indicates that that's the control scheme, in the description.
Only gave three stars cause of glitch in quest called mark all hives, not sure why but I walked around map twice and found nothing, fix it and I'll see about changing the review
A good game so far. Seems like you can spend money if you want to get things quicker, but its not necessary.
The only complaint I have is that Lux doesn't actually hit with all its laser bolts. It may seem like it but in reality you're only getting a fraction of the dmg it is supposed to he doing and thus it makes it very ineffective. The same goes for praetorians shotgun, and hellstorms missiles all these only do one tick of dmg when clearly they shoot multiple projectiles for each impact there needs to be dmg dealt not just one hit with mediocre dmg.
Controls are pretty easily understandable. Graphics need to be updated. Sound quality leaves a little to be desired. Run speed is pretty good though. This game has a LOT of potential. I really like it.
This game has soooo much potential just putting this out there doesn't matter either way but I thing the levels should be a little longer and have more objectives because your only in the level for a minute tops just when im getting into it its done talk about blue balling a man other than that absolutely 💯 % love this 😀
Copyright lawsuit. You ripped this idea, story and mech design from the Love, Death and Robots episode "Suits".
update: fuel was a huge mistake. i watched probably 400 ads before fuel was added when grinding. now i cant even grind... derp. old: let players turn off auto target and let them play it as a real twin stick shooter. also, alllll the mechs need hp regen when they level up.
Honestly I have no real complaints about the game, it's nice to have a robot shooter type game that doesn't always need to be hooked into wifi or eat up my precious mobile data. I suppose if I were going to nit pick I'm really big on customization and being able to paint parts of the robots or have your own character would be truly above and beyond. Great game!
So far it's pretty good controls are nice maps look good there a good bit coming soon that seems interesting it's got me will update the more I play
ok so far, but rather buggy in giving ads. Appears quite greedy; not sure I'll continue long. UPDATE: I like twin stick shooters - this is a simplified type but it is really just another way of dressing up a greedy loot box game. Ridiculous subscription prices for more gambled loot boxes. Lots of (buggy) ads. Not for me.
I enjoy this game a lot, the only thing preventing me from giving five stars is a minor issue. The issue is of you have a mech with two of the same weapons on the arms only one arm shoots. Edit they added a fuel system per mech, what this does is after a mission you lose 1 fuel, these fuels replenish over 2 and a half hours. This prevents you from using your favorite mech repeatedly. Till this is removed I will not be renewing my VIP and giving one star.
I've played this game for a bit and so far I've been enjoying it,I've always had a soft spot for mech games so when I saw it in my recommended I decided to give it a shot but to be honest I wasn't expecting much as there aren't many good mech games in my opinion but I was surprised to see that this game is entertaining and it has potential as the developers are still working to improve the game with more interesting content.
This game is not offline and demands an internet connection to start or stay on. Touting "offline" is a blatant lie and waste of my time and storage.