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Maze: Shadow of Light

Maze: Shadow of Light for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by AwesomePIG located at AwesomePIG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
No reason to play daily............................... this is one of those games that give you nothing daily. Everything in this game you have to PAY for. Most games give u prizes daily just to entice the player to keep playing daily. This game is cool, graphics are outstanding, but there's no reason to play daily, I will keep the game for awhile but this is one of those games if you find something better I will replace.
First, being locked in a tutorial until level 5 is boring and took me 3 sittings to suffer through. Second, this is essentially a clone brawler. In the style of Golden Axe with some customization options... It's hard not to see it as a clone of darkness rises with bad graphics. These days if you add the ability to upgrade equipment and customize appearance it counts as an RPG, but you are not playing a role or making any story decisions just a linear brawler like DR. I did give it a shot, but it's just more locked on the rails progression mislabeled as RPG
Plays some loud video. I am not able to pause it or turn off the sound. Downloads some files and the progress bar jumps between 14 and 40%. I would wait for the download to finish before uninstalling the game, but the noise it generated was unbearable. Before the download started it requested access to my files. Sheer nonsense. Don't install it. The developers are idiots! They asked me for a screenshot. How can you send a screenshot of loud music?
i'll give much kudos to graphics. i loved these stylized art and how well you executed it. but i'm afraid the gameplay wasn't very inclining from the start. played a few mission, and its beginning to feel repetitive. basics gameplay are solid though. its just you might want to add more variative kind of activities for your characters. you know, players love to explore their chosen hero/ine.
Standard hack n slash. Decent graphics and story. Good game controls and UI. The story is pretty boring though. Try this game if you like the genre.
I played the first several levels, and was underwhelmed by how unchallenging it was. My 1-year-old kid could beat this by button mashing. There was no challenge whatsoever. I started with 1200 health, and enemy attacks, when they actually landed, did maybe 1 damage. I don't think a game is much fun without any challenge.
Needs a lot of work. Everything was great at the beginning but the challenge went from overly easy to impossible very quickly. 1v1 game mode is broken (unreliable server connect will make you loose every time) and now the app is crashing my phone when I try to open it. Do I need to just uninstall it at this point? Great start so I'm a bit disappointed with all of the developing problems.
Really fun ARPG style hacknslash with a dual character twist. Beautiful graphics, some of the most artistically gorgeous games I've played and the personality of it is unmatched. The voice acting is for nearly every character and npc and you rarely have to read, and it's not cheesy. Its right on point. 10/10 will beat the game 2 more times just to play each Character Duo class and hear their lines and personalities.
The game is fun and enjoyable. Would I reccomend it to others who like this type of genre, definitely yes. Tho, i think the game will be more enjoyable if it comes compatible with gamepad from the start..for now, the only way to get the game working with a gamepad is through mapping.
I'm very upset by this game. I installed it and I actually love it. However once I moved it over to my SD card every time I try and load it I get this screen saying it illegal program detected and it won't let me load the game. I had to move the game to my external SD to make room. I want to play this game and want to continue playing this game how can you fix this.
I was unsure at first, with the long forced tutorial and the short story missions, but then the game unlocked mazes, and became a whole other monster. This. Game. Is. AWESOME. Great characters, great art and graphics, the storyline isn't terrible, although is kinda cliche, and the controls and animations are superb. I can't recommend this one enough. Play it folks.
Edit: Can't play the game. I have a Galaxy S9 and this game just drains half of my battery in minutes. Fix this please. ///Well, I'm loving this game. The characters, playability, skills, monsters, items, all perfect and nice. But, the story line has too many "chat/talk" to skip and the maps are too short. Most of them you finish in some seconds. They should make more longer and herder maps. I want to entertain with each, not just join and finish in seconds. The game is good and can be better. I recommend.
The game is awesome at its own core. Gameplay is very dynamic and has its own unique combat system. Control can be a bit unresponsive. The graphics, it is quite weird considering that the high graphics is kinda blurry while low graphics is quite sharp on the objects. My only problem on this game was the voice acting. Awkward conversation, lazy writing, and weird voice tones like it doesn't match with scene they are on. But overall the game is good.
Huge improvement since the last time I tried it. Limited character creation but other than that it's pretty solid now. Biggest caveat would be no support for teardrop displays. Rounded edge support - will need to spend more time to ascertain if nothing gets covered.
2 stars. Why? Because it's a beautiful game ruined by unoriginal freemium mechanics. This would have been a top selling premium game had the untapped potential been used. As it is, it's full of all the things you would associate with pay to win style RPGs. Very short missions, dozens of menus design to use up resources, whose only purpose is to encourage you to by them with real money. The artwork and control systems are great, it's just a shame they didn't use the great premise to deliver something original.
Controls having little problem, and don't going too smooth means game is not running smooth. but game is way too cool i like it i want a gun slinger character
*update Unfortunate that you cannot get the event items for your alt team as you only get one per account and not team. Thus making gearing on an alt team pretty difficult. In order to get the bundle of gear or let alone the bundle of costumes without spending money you will need at least 2 weeks of consistent play time. PVP is virtually impossible on an alt team as they do not benefit the same as your first team. So do not reroll unless you have gems to spend as it will be pointless and a tough uphill battle. Please fix the way the events occur per team. Also, try and figure out different way if you decide to reroll to another team how you can facilitate gearing. Great, the graphics are amazing. I am a little dissatisfied with the current loot system. I used 1200 gems *I did not pay for* for premium x11 gear. Horrible decision all greens except for 3 blues. For 1200 gems imo you should get at least one tier 3. Also, the gems for quests should be a little higher I believe that 5 gems is far too low. Other than that this game is amazing. I stopped playing a couple of other ARPG's for this one. Now to see in PVP whether the PTW concept is present as in other games.
This Daiblo clone has super chunky combat that is prone to stun locks, to go with the piles and piles of junk items. Gearing and skill selection is mostly pointless, due to incredibly tiny gains in stats. Difficulty spikes are absurd. 2nd tier: 6 hp bars, 5 second fight 3rd tier: 19 hp bars, excessive damage meat wall. I can't imagine what tier 4/5 look like or that devs playtest this thing for balance. Gacha system in full effect plus handfuls of garbage loot. Save your dollars, folks.
This is an original game with a creative story and beautiful artwork. So why such a low rating? Because it is barely a game at all. It says a lot when your camera setting does not persist between stages, but the chosen level of automation does. Games are meant to have puzzles, challenges, or even simple hand-eye coordination. This game has an auto button. You mindlessly tap it and watch the game play itself. Games are supposed to help improve intelligence, not try to appease the "wen we has it english" reviews. It is up to original titles to attempt something new, like being actual games. Maybe I am asking too much. After all, as long as items sell, then the actual content is pretty irrelevant, right?
5 stars if u either reduce the cost to gacha or increase the rewards in game. This is one of the games where u get 5 gems after clearing 5 stages or so while u need 1200 or 2400 gems for the x10 gacha. It's ridiculous. Other than this, its a pretty good game rivaling "Honkai Impact". Please stop trying to extort money if u want a huge player base.
game was great... no longer playable due developers terminated service. moved on to other projects... Facebook page also closed. official announcement "[ Service Termination Schedule ] • 05/14/2019(Tue) 06:00 (UTC+0) Service Termination Notice / In-app purchases and cash products disabled • 06/14/2019(Fri) 06:00 (UTC+0) Service Termination"
its a really good game, the graphics is great i really enjoy it. but the controls sometimes are bit lagging maybe its just my connection or something. keep up the good work guys :)
Pros: combat gameplay attempts variety. Character swap interesting. Not terribly pay to win. Dodge mechanic, tho common in this gametype is a good add. Choosing between block and Dodge was a surprising point of creativity. Cons: Graphics looks like someone smeared the screen with Bloom and fog. Combat is boring. It's pretty much just mashing the buttons as cooldowns finish, 0 player choice. No need to position, aim, manage Mana or a resource, no combos. Wait for next cooldown, that's it. Re uses boring Asian mmo item system. No item choice really. Just grind for the next rank and color. No playstyle difference or choice. Has a stamina function. Why? Adds nothing to game besides cash grab. Don't waste your time, not a creative spark to be found here.
Not your typical hack and slash! The characters are well thought-out, the graphics are amazing, the story line is rich and game play is smooth! And yes, this is a pay to play game although you do get to play for free but if you want to progress deep in the game then you will need upgrades which cost real money but the in-app purchase don't seem to be ridiculously high (if you have a job)
So far so good, nice action rpg with good mechanics and graphics. Only complaint so far would be tht the skills cd seem a bit too long for me. Its understandable for burst and higher tier skills but not even the ones at default earlier in the game. Makes combo chains feel slow. Just a suggestion. Anyway keep up the good work :)
Does not even download when bottling for the first time. Plays loud music on load without any options. Is this how you introduce your game to a new audience?
Im very picky when it comes on games! sometimes I download a game and after days I uninstalled it because I know the features, I know the cycle and what game can do. and when I know it and I think there is no exciting on it.I uninstalled it immediately. I compared this game on DarknessRises and for me this game is more way better because of a unique graphics and characters. a bit 2D but I love it. 1 thing you need to do is Multiplayer Raidings! the only way you can beat other RPG games.
The graphics are cute AND spectacular along with the awesome animations. The combat is straightforward in terms of mechanics but I'm still at the start. I haven't unlocked anything past level 8 so I've yet to see how complex and engaging it really is. The dialogue bugs me, though. No issues with performance, they're great. My problem lies in how the dialogues automatically skips on its own while I'm listening, or wouldn't move on with the next dialogue when I'm tapping. I like the voices because the mage one is so cute. I'm playing on a Vivo V5s
"A server error ha occured. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvinience." Downloaded and cant play the game. Reinstalled but didnt solve the problem.
It is way to easy, i really dislike braindead games like this. U have some great graphics but the story is meh and the difficulty of the game is beyond easy. A kid that is like 2 years old can play this and still not die in game. If you can make the game difficulty overall alot higher and let players chose in the begining what difficulty they want to play. That would be great.
This has been a really fun game so far. The graphics are spectacular. The gameplay has been really good as well. It is a bit grindy at times but that is expected for this type of game. Yes, you can pay real money and it would be easier but what’s the fun in that? The only thing keeping this from all 5 stars is the extreme lag in voice acting/voice cards. When they speak it takes a couple seconds to get to the next speaking turn. It really slows down the story and just makes it awkward. When one character is speaking to another it shouldn’t take a total of six seconds to say literally 3 words. If you need examples let me know where to submit.
I love the art style of this game, and the combat seemed involving. Unfortunately on a phone it's hard to see the artwork, as you are stuck zoomed out too far. The combat also disappoints as it's to easy. Why move around when you can just button mash and kill everything mindlessly? I haven't touched the game in weeks, but it still sends too many notifications. Get the hint.
Typical walk down the path and smash everything in a minute long mission, rinse and repeat ad nauseum. There's probably 200 other games exactly like this already. I don't see anything special or interesting about this one. Graphics are ok, sound quality is bad, translation work is horrible (is it really impossible to find a native speaker to help translate?) American voice acting is horrible. I'm sorry, it's just not a good game.
Edit: connection issue seems to have been resolved! This game is absolutely polished. From the controls to the graphics and the voice acting! By far one of my favourite games on the play store currently. The dev team has put ALOT of work into this game and it definitely shows. Keep up the amazing work!
I used to really love this game, but I haven't played in a while. Now when I open the app there is a "Go to Market" banner blocking everything, and when I select it it brings me here to the Play Store. I can no longer play the game. I would gladly raise my rating back up to five stars if you could help me fix this!
It is not a bad game, but it's aimlock, missing indicators for skill effect radius and/or not so well executed visual animations for skills holds it back. The artdesign is ok but seems blurry at times. All in all it could be more enjoyable for me if you have more control of the direction you attack and if i could see the range and arc of my skills.
I get the distinct feeling English isn't the dev's first language from the dialogue and descriptions in game. Didnt play much since I got bored but gameplay is okay... nothing to write home about, and pretty common in mobile games. Equipment UI feels bland and cheap, and none of the skills stood out to me.. I just held on to my skill points in case something that sounded fun unlocked.
I am unable to play since June 15 since there is a problem downloading the data. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still the same issue. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Will be uninstalling this permanently and moving on to other games.
Its pretty cool. Definitely sets itself apart from the rest of the playstore. But still, some things i wish could be improved. 1. The levelling is a bit steep. You go from dominating the levels to stuck on every other level too quickly imo. Also would be nice if there were some better grinding outlets. 2.The controls get stuck in animation a little bit too much. Would be cool if the dodge skills have some animation cancelling effects. Would drastically improve the controls to a solid 5/5
would have given this game a 4/5 star ranking. However after few minutes of playing, my opinion changed. players gaming experience in Maze will suffer from decreased performance from slow laggy graphics. In addition, game devs need to do a better job of securing gamers saved data for switching between devices. When i switched to a new phone, the app wouldnt stop crashing during the second download. Overall this game could have been great.
Game is quite fun to play. It has got nice graphics, good story and simple character improvement system. Fight scenes are quite fun to watch i.e. animation is pretty good also controls are pretty easy to use.
Server shutdown months ago for those not in the know. Dead game. Still a good game nonetheless going to miss this.
The game runs smoothly. Not a pay to win game. My only problem is with the analog. Sometimes I miss the analog making it unresponsive. I just started so I might edit my review later on. Another Tip check the compatability of your phone, this game is a little heavy when it comes to specs.
The only thing that has me annoyed is the pay to win element of the game I've played many similar games like this but they all gave you a chance to still power up at a good rate I've played maze for a good amount of time now and I dont feel like I've gotten stronger at all. The loot system seems really unbalanced I would prefer to get equipment drops than these trophies that you get after each mission that you can only sell for gold.
Ok, now i can connect to the server, however, there is Korean text stating there is an update in the market, when there isn't......
I'm not sure why the game keeps on prompting an error in download. First time playing the game. Hope to hear back from your support team soon or an e-mail support would be nice to walk me through the error.
Well, it's a bit too hard to grind. You'll stuck on a stage where battle power is too high. Gold and item drop rate is too low. Can't find good loot. Normal to Maze dungeon is freaking difficult so ended up doing repeatitive runs. I am now starting to think to uninstall the game even though at first kinda like the game graphics, skill execution and characters of the game. So, after the update, I change my rate to 5 star. The reason behind is that you guys listen to us and you put effort on replying to us. Aside from that is, now we can love the game even more. I even install the game to my friends now and, I love it, they love it. Most of our spare time, wejust play the game. Thanks guys. Tha k you for making this game.. thumbs up everyone to your team.
Im pretty sure i fill out for the pre-registration, but the rewards for my pre-registration hasn't been delivered. Just want to clarify if those rewards expires a few days or weeks after game launch? Great game actually, loved the graphics and character designs, as well as the UI. Though there are times when the input does not register which is actually pretty bad when you're in the middle of a monster mob.
I just started playing this game only 2 days ago, and already liking it so far. Pretty neat and decent graphics too. And addictive. However, I couldn't rate 5 stars because the joystick movement button is a bit small (it's circumference) and due to that, our fingers more or less often slip out of it making it a bit hard for us move and evade the characters with ease. If you guys could do something about, I'd surely rate it full 5 stars
For a mobile game this app is honestly faultless. Anyone experiencing lag, slow down or sudden jelly fast movement... Try turning the graphics down in the options. It could also be your device (nothing to do with how old your phone is although that won't help, some cores are better suited to certain types of phone). The free to play mechanic is not to e bad and its still fun to play without spending a penny. Prices are industry average. This is pretty much where the sharp edge of mobile gaming is at in 2018. Highly recommended.
Pros: Beautiful artwork. great animations. good gameplay and combat. solid production. Character appearances change when equipping different gear. Cons: Too much grinding, very little reward. Upgrade costs increase at ridiculous rates. Either the servers can't handle high player base, or there aren't many people playing this game. Difficulty spikes happen much quicker than other games. Gameplay can feel repetitive. edit: Technical bugs and small playerbase are some more issues.
So basically its a Energy Require Recharge System.Once you run out you have to either wait or pay for it.Other than that Graphic & Gameplay System was a good one.Its Addicting.Has not been the Energy System this Game might have even better Potential in My own Opinion.
good story even though I am not even half way to the full game but still it's a good game I am having lots of fun playing it........ Good job keep it up 🤘🤘
Hack and slash games will always feel like home to me. The graphics are awesome, there's a shape shifting aspect, you have a partner that you can switch with, you can upgrade your armor, wear costumes, and much more. The music and voice acting is great too! And let's not forget the story! It's true there's a bit of a flow to everything at higher graphics but I like it. If I had any suggestions, unless I missed it, is to have a voice/story collection so we can go back and relive our progress. Thank you for this game!
I play alot of games and spend alot of time finding that one game that separates itself from the rest in it's genre. This is that game, absolutely love it. :) I have had it shut down a couple times without any notice or error message but it's fine most the time. Thanks for a great game and story, you guys nailed it.
This game WAS promising & HAD felt so fresh & full of possibility! It's instead an expensive, steep-requirements grindfest (brutal month-longth grinds). I truly loved this game, and made plenty of purchases in it. However, it has grown Saltine-cracker stale, has not listened to the criticism of professional reviews/leading players (endless menus, tedious tasks to do, decent gear is ultra rare). The art/gameplay is beautiful, but it's truly just skin deep. The awkward prototype of a solid game.
Pretty good, but it can be much better! Story and maze mode with main character and secondary character that you can switch during the fight, not bad. So? Equipments enchantment wouldn't use the "other" equipments to do so? Why? The usual solo fighting (hack and slash) style is a bit old now, it would cool to have 2 ( the main and the secondary ) character fighting side by side in the maze mode (maybe throw in the followers too). BTW, the skill points system isn't great if we only get 1 skill point from each level up, when skills need more than 1 skill points to upgrade it! ( I hate skill point system, why can't game just go back to the old way, either use in game money or EXP when use it. Especially since you already have a level restrictions! Team skill isn't easy to use, cause the time is too short to either trigger it or react to it before it goes away, and it doesn't work on auto! Wait? Boss monster got instant turn around? WTH! Why? That's just lame.
The item progression for this game is painfully slow. the skills and skill trees are also too cluttered , they also give you too many skills at once. You should start players with 2 skills and as they level progress allow them to unlock new skills. This gives players a sense of reward while allowing them to fully understand each skill as they progress. Same way with the crafting system. Youre jam packing the the players with too much useless content and not giving them the content they want. Essentially making this another garbage Arpg.
Well, aside from the critically acclaimed Dragon Nest (nothing beats the balance of that game for me), this is something that is definitely in competition with that game. From a PC gamer to a mobile gamer, I download and uninstall about 20-30 android games in a week and this is something that I would like to keep. This is worth leaving a review. Well done! #story #maze #challenge #pvp #realtimepvp