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Max DTR for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Screaming Games LLC located at 10524 Moss Park Road, Suite 204 #271 Orlando, Florida 32832. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is one of the greatest free games on here. it is super realistic, really fun, and has all dirt track cars. the only thing I would change is how long it takes to save up to get new cars.
The game is good but sometimes you go to the inside and car would hit you. But it a great game. The pit are really like real lifE
Great game, but I'd like to see more car classes or at least variations of each car class. One class that comes to mind that almost everybody in the dirt racing world loves, is the Dwarf Car. I'd love to see that car. Some tracks like Rattlesnake Raceway (Fallon, NV), 95A Speedway (Fernley, NV), Diamond Mountain Speedway (Susanville, CA), or even American Valley Speedway Inc (Quincy, CA). And maybe make it to where there's more free roam for when you're doing time attack or something.
Really fun game but takes forever to advance been playing every day for 2weeks and still nowhere near of having $to Advance to second car
Great game.there is no better,so save yourself time and download now. Looking forward to beating you.
Overall it's a pretty good and realistic game. Only gripe is the payouts don't seem to keep up with the repairs, making upgrades almost impossible. Get $73 payout for 7th place and $300+ worth of repairs because the other cars will run you over like you're not even there... UPDATE: so I spent $4.99 to be able to afford to repair and upgrade my pony fully. Also bought and fully upgraded a street stock, both of which are front running cars every week. Also had enough to purchase a late model....
Pretty authintic handleing like the big blocks.the latemodels are pretty sweet as well.now my cars take had turns into the wall while in races.
I give it 5, stars ,i really like this driving game,its kid of frusrating at first,but then i thought ,its wet ground,aolt of horse power,could take a while to get the hang of it?!?!πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘„πŸ’—6
Ok RACERS and digital Racers alike this game is worth the time they have came along way and are constantly working to improve the game I've been a racer for 25 years and I can tell you this game will get big once its gets known the there costumer service is great try it you'll like it
The control absolutely sucks a big fat one. No way in hell to steer the car. You touch left and it goes straight you push right and it snaps sideways and you can straighten out. Fix it and I'll try again but until then you get 1 star.
It's all good except it keeps crashing and I have to start over but at least it saves any money you put in to it
Almost the best racing game for mobile. Only annoying bug ive seen so far is where you finish the race may not be where you are scored in career mode. ie you may finish last but you are scored in 1st or vice versa. I would like to see support for bluetooth controllers in the future but other than that its a great game and one of the best mobile racing games ever with the potential to be the greatest.
Great game.there is no better,so save yourself time and download now. Looking forward to beating you.I had a time lag issue but it was rectified as soon as I bought it to attention. Great team of people to help you if you need it.
It's a all round great game I just wish they had Australian street stockers I'm the game but aside from that it's a great game
Would have given 5 stars but the prize money doesn't pay enough to upgrade and be able to move up a grade
Great game but some of the tracks in this game I have actually raced at the lap times are way off from what they should be
This game is ok You wanna play and you dont wanna play. Why? Because you start with a 4cylinder car, slow and very little you can immediatley do to make it faster. You start with an amount of cash only enough to buy the 4cylinder and make it 2mph faster. You want fast? Play the career and the most you'll get is 400$ every win.The stock car cost 25k, thats like stealing. The payouts are about right but prices are to high. Car price needs huge lowering. Theres no in-app purchase for in-game cash!?
Well it reminds me of the old ratbag games it is good but just like everybody else's complaints the money needs to be better and the sounds need to be better also the the game keeps glitching and freezing after a race and sometimes during a race I don't know if that happens to others or not I always have to restart it but good game.
Great game. Join in and see if you can beat me. Don't waste your time on the other dirt track games, this is the best by far.
The damage needs to be more realistic and the price for everything is bad and when you hit someone the should go a little farther away the just a tap when you smoke them
I think it's a good game. What they need to do is add like a caution and red flag system. So that the AI can crash, and a yellow or red flag will come out depending on the size of the crash. Just a thought.
I'm going to rate this app 5-stars,I really like it,, it does take a while to get the feel of the car !! πŸ‘€πŸ›ΆπŸ˜πŸ•—,But,, if you ever drive something like a 4 wheeler,or a car,, truck I the dirt, or muddy going real fast you got to turn hard int the turn, &keep turning the wheel the right way,,
Love and hate the game at the same time. AI cars are terrible...go off track and come back on track and take you out. They also ghost....all of a sudden they are right in front of you.
Once you purchase enough coins to upgrade your car you can actually win races. Realistic game very fun.
Takes way too long for anything to happen. Puts me to sleep. But its an excellent consept . I also race the clay oval. Would love to see improvement. Not enough money to improve faster. Yes I know money is realistic, but I also dump my money in to it. Speed it up man. Spent hours on it and still have a four ci. F...!!!
Once you figure out the steering, it's a great game. After 3-4 races, I found myself with a slight grin, as I was passing cars.
I'm new to this game but the time I've been playing is great!!! I enjoy this game. Never had any problems!!!
I'd say its by far the best dirt racing game I've played.....4 stars if live races where really happened like advertised, needs tweeked some.
This is a fun dirt racing game. I like being able to set up the cars handling. Not bad for a game that plays on a tablet.
Decent game, especially with the online races , haven't gotten any series purse payments tho .. hard to keep the car repaired and upgrade without those funds
This is probably one of the most honest games I've played yet in fact I don't even know if there's anything you can buy in this game there's no annoying advertisements you can't buy your way to the top you have to earn it although it does take a lot of gameplay it's very fun I recommend this game to anybody who likes racing at all . "UPDATE" Ooops! , I was wrong about the advertisements , they do have them sorry! But they are so cleverly placed that you don't even notice them .
This so-called game Seems Very Retarded ,On Control buttons Menu ,l tried Buttons first ,Bad experience ,Then went to Touch Control ,& on the phone I'm playing with the landscape gameplay mode leaves the frigging phone home screen buttons Exposed on the Right or Wrong Side of Phone ,So during play , I'm always going to Google search Menu cause the o button is the Google search speech to search button & Worse this is a 2019 $700.00+ Flagship Asus Rog phone 2 / GAMING PHONE ,8GB RAM 128 ROM.
Great graphics, great game. Tracks, and car setups r somewhat realistic. I grew up racing and now 52, takes me back! Only bad part of game is it takes forever to be able to purchase cars unless you pay. Can't get enough money even winning every race to move up classes. It's b.s.!!! Other than that you'll enjoy!
Great game, definitely download and try it. Since I first played it has been updated a lot. My biggest issue with downshifting is worked out and you can use smaller ratios now. Steering also feels a lot more responsive. Great gameplay updates, keeps getting better. Dev's are also very responsive. They keep in touch on facebook and reply to emails. *I also need to add, the customization of suspension elements and the car is incredible. If you are interested in oval turning, this game is it.
Game play is good, tracks are good, and setups are good. Only negative thing is, even if you win all races, its not enough money to upgrade quick or buy next cars. And it also takes way too long to fix the car.
You did a great job on this, I play dirt track games all the time and you guys got something here. The physics are awesome and I would love it if you guys did something on Steam to put it on the big screen, controller support etc. Right now I'm playing Tony Stewarts All American Racing and it's pretty good, but with the physics on this with an upgrade on graphics and menus etc...this could be greater. Thanks for the game.
Best, most realistic dirt track racing game I can find. This is so similar to how the race would actually be. And it also has perfect improvements to the race cars
Money pit. Repair is a joke. Ads just to race cuz oh, I don't have a car to race cuz it takes 400 hours to repair. Ya got a bit of decent gameplay .. but your little sneaky ways to make money are very apparent.
Love this game!! Great graphics and game play Keeps me busy for hours. Only wish the cars did not coat so much.
Game is fun and awesome graphics. But sucks to win races and not get points, and then have to use coins or money to repair your car for nothing gained. Fix that and easy 5 stars, but happens pretty often.
Well you guys did put in a few bonuses here and there but honestly i got this game to race late models and do you know how long that will take? Even if my controls didnt stop working every other race? But please work on it i like the game
Love the game, but seems like recently some of the drivers on career mode forgot how to drive... Gets irritating when the same 4-5 cars are constantly pinballing off the tires and walls before driving right through me. Y'all need to have legit damage so they can at least take themselves out of the race when they drill the wall
Awesome, maximum, dirt track'n game! I love the physics. It does need some improvement, especially the audio. Engine needs 2 be louder! It's a give and take, it's good in some areas but needs development in others, so I'll give it a 4 star. Could you please add more set-up, saving slots. And l don't understand the RPM, maybe the option to change the rear gear would add more comp on multi-player. But I haven't stopped racing since l installed the game. Hope to see more updates! I'll even pay.
I LIKE IT !! Pretty satisfying once you get enough laps in. Great ways to adjust car($), tracks (many), opponents (solo-24). And have close, difficult to catch and pass competition or pass everyone and win by a mile !! Plenty of fun !! Neon bomber to learn on and start your career with. But, watch some ads to get seat time running many laps with the faster cars running plenty of different bullrings to classic 1/2 mile tracks . I just turned 69 yrs young & love dirt. Wish Calistoga was incl'd.
After buying a 2nd car the online play will not keep up with my scores for that 2nd car unless i run only that car for ten races. Fix that to get 5 stars. TY.
One of the best games on mobile. Lately a glitch keeps happening on career on the last lap and makes me replay it over and over please fix. Other than that any awesome πŸ‘Œ 😎 game
So far i love this game. Between setting the car up and the realistic lap times to customizing the car is amazing. And i like how i dont have to pay for gas or wait between races like other games.
The game looks really realistic and every time I have free time I try to play this game, if you are reading this you should download this game it is soooooooo fun
Love this game but I think we should be able to earn money when we run quick races and make the high side work more especially with the higher horsepower cars
Really fun I like progressing through car classes in Carrer ,reminds me of NASCAR Dirt to Daytona , this was one of my favs through that franchise all in all this takes so.e. Getting used to but once you find your comfortable controls and get the. Car set up it gets fun " 'it gets " is a bad way of putting it , I guess if your starting from the bottom with little to no funds , which you are , working your way up and learning the new classes and car behaviors and gettin that end game is epic
This game is 10/10 but if there is 1 thing to do to the game is to have replays of the races. That would just make the game perfect
Great game, 4 stars only bc it takes an extreme amount of time and skill to be able to mone up in car classes without in app purchases and the graphics need an update if possible but other than that hands down a great game!!! #MaxDTR #4cylinderslayer!!
I think its awesome. When you are leading the race. And a car down a lap hits you from behind. Losing the lead. And then said lapped car wins...They blackflag idiots for that. You program it. Congrats
Ok game very hard to get money and the ai cars are very hard to race with they always go low also please ads higher bankings
Gret game. Very fun! As an invested player, I hope to see some updates soon. I have all cars maxed and felt there should be some more variations, upgrades, etc. Also need updates/upgrades in the world DTR series. Please continue to make fun games and thank you very much
This could be a great game but getting money takes forever and the ai just rams into you and doesn't get pushed back from contact, controls are ok but the car slides alot and the beginning car is super slow
Its great! But I would love to see damage, topless dirt truck car things! Game is great! Recommend it for all race fan's, also How do I earn money In this game?
Good game. Needs work don't win the purse after winning a championship won three so far not a single one gave me the purse amount. So that makes it take a long time to get money. After 3 championships I should have more than 3,000. Purchasing don't work will take your money but not give you what you bought so don't try. Other than that its a decent game oh and no sound when your racing kinda sucks.
Great game can't stop playing. I wish when you raced others online that you actually bumped them like real racing instead of driving right through them.
Game is fun,.does does.take.quite a while to upgrade car... biggest complaint is the fact that car drive slow until rear-ended after contact with front end?
POS game. If car gets hit once. You have to take a DNF. Can't do anything to the AI cars. It's a worthless game. Biggest mistake I made was trying the game out.
After you figure out how to drive a d get a few upgrades the game get addictive. I like games that are a not easy to beat. Every race is different if you don't drive well you loose
Good game,needs to have your own garage to save your cars in,upgrades need to be a little cheaper,not by much but it takes forever to fully upgrade a car,when a car crashes it just appears on the track wherever with no warning,instead they should be coming from the infield back onto the track,and lastly,it could use a tuning upgrade where you can tune your gears within the transmission,and more tuning for the suspension like rollbars,rebound caster and camber,just my opinion though!
Near perfect game! Amazing gameplay and career! Only issue? We need cautions! It's hard to get anywhere without them! Please add soon devs!
It would be 5 stars but the A.I acts like your not there you can't run anything but the low line and the cars are a bit pricey but overall it's a great game
One of the best dirt games ive played. My only suggestion is putting numbers on tail tanks and noses on Sprintcars especially on the nonwing.
This game is great! If you are looking for a realistic and competitive dirt racing game this is the one.
Best dirt track game ive found except engine sound does not change as you open and close throttle. This stinks like dead severed feet. And often finish 2nd just to be placed 8th in results. Is this the new election effect. take away my victory just cause you have power position to say I placed lower than I did? Money? I'm not red enough to be that dumb. Is this really the best such game out there? Yes. The fith horseman has saddled.
The game is definitely fun, but it progresses FAR to slow. I played a couple of hours a day for over a week and was only halfway through the 4 cylinder. And you cannot use different car types even in quick race until you unlock them in career mode. I'm not going to invest 50 hours of gameplay just to move up to stock car, much less all the way up to sprints.
Fun game for about min then you find out that even if you come in first place in all heats you get barely enough money to cover repairs for the next race so it is just a constant grind do get anything
Graphics are great and gameplay is thrilling to me which says alot being I race a dirt late model. Keep making great progress on these kind of games
Great game!! If you love hometown racing, or authentic feel. This is the game for you! I hope to see this game get more recognized for the efforts they put into it.
Slow getting money wants you to do ads to help with repairs or other things but when you do ads it dose nothing winnings dosen't cover repair cost or upgrades just be ready to spend real money to enjoy anything maybe
Great dirt track racing game. Controls are good. Graphics are good. It's all good. Now that I've been playing this game for a very long time, I still really, really like it. They have made some nice upgrades. The only thing that could use some improvement, is the sound. I want to hear a race car when I'm driving it.
The driving bit is good, but spoilt completely by the unintuitive car management 'pit' and the obvious intention on only giving you anything good if you pay them cash!
Fun game for us old school racers. Has a real Dirt track racing (2) feel to it. Hate that the only line is at the bottom. Also would be great if there was a Texas track. But for a free game with minimal ads its a must download.
It would be nice if you can add Knoxville or Eldora and Port royal and Cotton bowl speedway as one of the tracks
First off- Nice dirt racing game, I keep looking forward to patches for bug fixes. Secondly, I really think that car repairs are way too punishing to the player. Especially the time, it seemed to go from a 45min engine repair to a 22hr 30min repair after watching an add to half the repair time. Hope this gets fixed in next patch, keep on racing.
Love playing the game, career mode is fun along with multiplayer racing. I wish they would add into the game lap time comparison with leaderboards, would be helpful to compare times with others. As well I wish there was a friend list and a way to add players met in lobby's. Would be awesome if I could start a "team" and add friends/players to compete against other teams/classes. Possibly a feature to create custom multiplayer races, set laps, etc. Overall fun game, just needs some ad-ons
I wish you should make it to were we have to earn new car classes instead of buying them. But great game overall.
This is absolutely the best racing game ever.I have a little bit of a problem this happened before you help me out with it so I'm hoping you can do it again and I promise this is the last time.my phone was damaged beyond repair and I had to get a new phone and so I had to get a new account because I have a different type of device.but I had so much money invested into the other one I just don't want to throw that away. I was hoping there was a way you could transfer my old account to this new.
This by far the best dirt car game ever made. I give it 5 stars. It would be awesome to have eye flags and of course add Eldora speedway to all levels. Other then that hands down to all involved in making this best ever dirt game.
It's good control is good after set up .... Sounds horrible ..I'll pay for development of something better because it makes the game suck. Seriously ill pay for better sounding cars
I love this game as I dirt racing fan I would totally recommend this game to others but the reason why I don't give it five stars is because how expensive it is and how the cars seem a little slow
Screw this. Game NEVER pays for winning a champion, therefore you can never win enough money to buy the other cars to compete with. I know the designers are aware of this "bug" because it has been pointed out several times. Gets extremely boring fast! Time to look for a better dirt track experience.
Pretty decent game overall. Even though the ai cars usually try to crash you with a few laps remaining. But I guess that adds to the challenge. I have had some pretty intense games with the top leaders 1.2.3 finishing hundredths of a second apart. The physics and handling are pretty good. They should really concentrate on getting the graphics better though.