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MathDoku for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Ben Buxton. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have switched to an iPhone and can't find a Mathdoku app that comes even close to this app! It's the best one out there. I wish he'd make one for ios!! Inputting numbers is seamless, checking accuracy is easy, & I like being able to change grid size easily. Great format.
I enjoy the dynamics between the differing totals and results possible at the differing sizes and skill levels. Just going up a size category changes the game as you have to incorporate another number into your mental factorization. It has been my go-to casual game for over a year.
BEST GAME EVER. I play it for a long time and all the time. When I close my eyes I see numbers in rows and columns. Highest difficulty without operators. It's great, thanks for making my life better.
I think this is the best thing I've downloaded, ever. It never gets old, because there are infinite puzzles (as far as I know? I've played at least 800 since I got the app about 18 months ago). Don't think the difficulty ratings scale perfectly, but that does mean the game makes you keep learning.
I've had this app over 5 years and across multiple phones. No bugs, never crashes, no ads. Good variety of difficulties and game options, and all the features/buttons work well.
Love the game, but the latest version doesn't use the full screen on my LG G8. This makes it difficult to read the maybes.
Love this app. Fun to play. I would like to be able to rotate the phone and still play and I could do without the stats showing how often I checked answers at the end, but hey, otherwise, a great app.
Totally addicted. App performs well, no crashes yet! I like that it automatically saves when I close out of the app and resumes when I come back to it. Thanks!
I can only put one number in at a time. There's no way to put possibles in instead till you know for sure.
I'm so bummed, this was my favorite game and the app was awesome! Unfortunately, I just downloaded the updated version and not only can I not change the screen orientation, but I can't play at all--the number pad isn't there. Super sad, I shouldn't have tried to update. I even uninstalled and reinstalled as someone recommended with no luck.
I've loved this app since I first found it, but the new input method is not at all user friendly, especially on larger size puzzles with squares right on the edge of the screen. Original app would be a 5/5 for me, but only a 3/5 now because it's simply too hard to use. If the new input is reverted or at least made optional I'll give 5/5 again
way to suck all the fun out of the old version. why cant we populate all of the maybes at once anymore? why don't the cells with one maybe left automatically populate? kinda lost me...
This is a very solid version of the game. I've played this regularly for years and never had any issues with it.
Was great until this update. Keypad doesnt appear on my samsung galaxy pop... Pl bring d old version back...
I loved this game but just reinstalled it on a new phone and lost the ability to copy the contents of a cell... really annoying! does anyone know if there's a way to activate this in the settings?
I love the app. In fact, I'm giving it 5 stars despite the game statistics now a black screen (with what may be the stats bunched up on a tiny cube in top left corner). Can you put a link to previous version? There was really nothing wrong with that one...
I've been playing Mathdoku (also known as Kenken - a name protected by copyright) for years, through a series of phones and tablets, and on paper as well. This is a great, crash-free, ad-free app, with enty of variations. More complex than Sudoku, with a whole range of math and logic strategies to figure out and employ. As easy - or as difficult - as you choose!
I've been obsessed with its seemingly unlimited puzzles which are wisely grouped into different size and difficulty levels. I haven't encountered pop up nor on screen advertisements. Thanks for the developer making this wonderful brain stimulating game. My complaints: (1) sometimes the difficulty of puzzles within a level is not consistent. (2) The statistics of completion time show the trend within a "size" group, regardless their different difficulty levels. Overall, it's 👍
can't get enough of it - very customizable. get it! so far I've spent 2170 hours playing the 7x7 level and still love it!
I play all the time on this app. Puzzles range from 4 x 4 to 9 x 9. There are an unlimited number of puzzles that can be created. One problem is that all puzzles required all four math operations. Other apps have the option of choosing which operations to use, but those apps cost more.
I have been playing this app for a long time. I hated the circle mode. Now I would say it needs 2 things. One is the ability to copy pencil marks, and the other is a mode where you can't enter a pencil mark against an entry.
I have played this game constantly since I found it soon after its release. The developer made some significant UI changes but then was receptive to our requests to make the old interface available as an option. It's now back to its position at the top of my favorites list.
This is my favorite time waster! Only qualm I have is the developer doesn't seem to fix reported bugs (like the show solution cheat doesn't work, which I reported to them directly, hasn't been fixed). But the game also free so no big deal.
Flawed! I finished my third game, checked all the results carefully, but it refused to say Solved and just sat there! Frustrating to find must have puzzles with multiple solutions! It should check rows and columns have unique results that total, not rely on preset numbers. I have been playing a genuine handheld KENKEN game for years, and never once had a game with multiple solutions. Hate the default amateur prompts; appreciate you can put possible numbers (not sure why most don't do this too)
A minor annoyance. If you accidentally click "Do not show again" on Wrong Number screen, there seems to be no way to undo it short of removing the app and reinstalling.
The interface is great. If you don't like swipe then you can change it in the settings (I like the using the buttons so I turn it off). This is by far the best mathdoku game out there.
In general, it is a great game and good app. But I wish I could turn off the punishments for using hints and the statistics. Also, the color options could be improved.
This version isn't as good as the one I had on my old phone. I do not like this one. You can't copy maybes from one cell to another.
I love this game and have been playing it for quite some time now. I like the feature that you can hide operators and make it more difficult. My only issue is that I updated it a week ago, and the puzzle board got smaller and the copy button disappeared. The copy button was quite helpful for pasting "maybe" numbers easily. I can still live without it, but I don't know why the puzzle screen got smaller. Anyway to make it bigger as before? Hard to play 9*9 puzzles even on big screen phones.
Can play 1 game after install but after that pressing new game does nothing. Was fine b4 the update earlier in November. Please revert!
clean appearance, easy to understand, no bugs that i have encountered...a good extension beyond Sudoku
Well thought out with all the game-in-progress options that one could ask for. Thanks for this little gem! [Added] The latest v2.12 update fixed the Back key FC problem. Thanks!
The statistics for cheating are good. I don't care for the statistics tied to 'maybes'. It's annoying because I get to play in short bursts and it keeps my place in complex puzzles.
Mathduko+ was great! Mathduko was fine. Now, on my S10 the game area is smaller than before and too small for me to swipe the numbers. Also, on every version, it's too easy to turn on the "possibles" mode by accident.
Amazing puzzle game. I love it. Been playing for a long time now. It's simple to learn, but especially the 8x8 ones are very difficult. 5x5 is easy for beginners. No ads, no unnecessary permissions, absolutely wonderful!
MathDoku+ was 5/5 stars before this recent update, now it is visually very unappealing. Will unfortunately no longer be playing after hours upon hours of gameplay.
I started playing this on a business trip with long flights a year ago, and I needed something to do without network access. I've been addicted ever since.
The new swipe interface is absolutely dreadful. I used to play dozens of times a day and now am uninstalling. Too bad you ruined the only game I had installed on my phone
The new update makes this game unplayable. Played all the time before but the new numbers input ring makes things so time consuming and distracing I will find a new game. Don't bother reading any reviews before the update because all the ones after say the same things and they're not good. Edit: the ring was removed and the game is fixed. 5 stars again!
Also a long-time player of Mathdoku on a number of phones, great if you love a math challenge. Love the ability to set an appropriate difficulty, as well as the simplicity and the ability to play without an internet connection. Short, simple, sweet. Thank you!
I've been playing MathDoku for six or seven years on a number of phones. I play it to make sure my mind is sharp when I wake up or before starting a task requiring mental acuity. MathDoku has always been cost-free, ad free, and crash-free. My current phone (an LG G7) has a small cosmetic flaw in displaying results after the puzzle is solved, but the game has been totally bug-free on all of my previous phones. What's not to like?