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Match Pairs 3D – Pair Matching Game

Match Pairs 3D – Pair Matching Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Pterodactyl Games located at Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very addictive when I play I dont want to stop. Good fun for any age, my grandsons like playing it too
Update: I got up 2 Level 150 & @ this point, it's mind bending BORING! Suggestion: How about changing the cards? It's simply the same thing level after level. PROBLEM NEEDS FIXING: When you watch an ad for ANYTHING (hints, goodies, more time, etc.) U must watch an ad. Fine, I get that. But there's a glitch. If for ANY REASON the ad starts to take you to Google, you hv 2 watch ANOTHER ad!!! That's not fair! PLEASE FIX IT! There's tooooo many ads to begin with!! Deleting. 5 stars to 2. CANDY
I play this game. It is not like it's advertised. In the ad the objects were flat. In the ad you had to match the objects but in this game you have to search for matches.
It's a fun and easy game to play and if you don't have anything else to do and time to kill. This will help the time to go bye faster than this could help.
Sorry have to uninstall had enough of ads way way to many game play cheats alot then u watch ad for extra time then it wants unto watch another where it screws up wouldn't buy for cheating game and all the ads just way way way to many
I'm really liking this game! I downloaded it earlier this evening and already at level 80. I have about 8 different other matching games I play so I have more practice at speed and matching than a beginner. I really like that the levels have different themes... not the same items to match every level, and no ad interruptions in the middle of levels like some of the others do.
This is a better setup of tiles and pictures that are easier to play than others out there. Great job. One suggestion? Play it offline too. Otherwise ads are too much.
Your game is absolutely awesome, wonderful, the best to relief tension, but could you please get rid of the timer. It's not a good idea for older folks with heart problems trying to finish before the timer goes off. I'm not old, but there are people out there who are OLD. Thank you in advance.
The only problem with this game is that the time given to find everything is not enough. People that have a problem seeing have a problem getting to the right symbol. Other than that, the five star that I gave it is very correct.
So far so good 😊.....except, of course, the ads. But, I use the game to help with memory. It's good for that. You have to think.
Finding it very addictive, but I'm getting bored with the same pictures over and over again. Anything new coming up? Otherwise no complaints!
This is so different from simular games but I find it so relaxing and fun thank you for the pleasure the game gives me 😊
I really enjoyed playing this, it's fun matching up the little pictures, until I realized I was being timed, which I really dislike!😯☹🤔 There was never enough time to complete the levels. Why is it no one can make a fun game, with an OPTIONAL TIMER for players like me that just want to relax and play?? Give us a choice PLEASE!! UNINSTALLED until I can turn the timer on or off myself!!
Play a bit then an ad then around 50 games the more set comes on and they start to burn. 30 seconds to beat it Not possible Nte
I love this game way too much. I lose track of time and miss lunch & dinner. Bedtime comes and I'm still playing this game. I almost missed a June's Journey competition which would have cost me my place on the team. Like others, I love that the tiles are larger. I enjoy the challenge of the fire rounds. Great game. Thank you.
Good game, you can really get caught up in this game, the objects are so cute. Play it yourself and see if you don`t get caught up in the challenge of FUN!
Love the game, only problem with my phone is I can't see the timer as it is covered by camera lens and I tried gravity to switch screen but game won't tilt.. Can anyone give me any tips🤗
Do enjoy this game it's relaxing and it's good for stress only downfall is ads but still enjoyable 10/10
It is very calming and I think it's a brain game. Only time I don't like in this game but it's fun and relaxing.
Brilliant game it makes you think about the items and you have to be quick to find them gets your brain working
I don't think that this app is worth the powder to blow it up with. I just started to play it and the 2nd match would not go away. It is worthless to play with this app and it's even less than useless.
Just enought visual challenge. However, the timer for the game manages to count down parts of a second; the timer for the ads manages to stretch a second to its finite length.
Addicted...new favorite game besides decorating...luv that it is different colorful objects every game...
So far enjoying it but do find it hard when you get your picture with flames n another pops up after you already knock what you thought was your one n only. Harder still when you end up with 4 in one game. Bit mean I think considering you have a time feature going on as well. Otherwise do love the game. Please make allowances for us oldies ok. Canyoj please tell me why we have to sit through 2 ads one after the other when you push for one ad for extra 45 sec. Come on you are pushing ads too much
This is just a wonderfully relaxing game. I haven't experienced a ton of ads so far. Great for keep your mind sharp too!
I love this game it's relaxing. Give it a try. The only thing I don't like is being on the clock! Evie.England.🇬🇧
Good game, just a shame the timer is not slightly longer and that you can't connect to Facebook, otherwise great.
Seem's cool to play. I just started playing tho. Be nice if there would be all mixed up diffrent pictures of things at once. Maybe that happens if I play more level's. Too soon to tell.
Addictive however the adverts are ridiculous. Way too many and craftily add a second advert after a countdown. Bit repetitive too..
Great game but please can you take the timer out this is supposed to be free from stress but the timer makes it too stressful so pleeeeeeese take out the timer
I love this app!! It's wonderful and relaxing after a really long day, to be able to just sit back and play this game... No pressure. What a breath of fresh air, when that is so very, very rare!!
I enjoy this game more so than many others. Here the objects are larger and easier for me to see. I installed many games, but had to delete them, not because the game itself was hard, but couldn't see what I was doing. Thank you.
This game would be excellent for younger players and also the elderly who need mental exercises to keep their minds active. I highly recommend it . The graphics are beautiful and the action is easy. And when you run out of time you just watch a VERY quick ad and then get right back to the game. Have a blessed day.
Too many ads. The timer is off. I know I haven't used up 45 seconds but it makes me watch a stupid ad about something I don't want.
I adore this game, soooooooooooo much fun, excitement all around!!! Thanks for sharing!!!😘💗💟💞💑👍⭐🌠🌟♥❗
It is a good, interesting game but the time you are given to match all the pairs is far too short. I am getting fed up with all the ads and am thinking of uninstalling it, which is a shame. Just another 20 seconds minimum would be enough time to match all the pairs, without constantly having to watch an ad to get 40 more seconds, when you can finish the puzzle with 38 seconds to spare. It doesn't make sense.
Fun game. Love the different items . And had only a few ads, but they didn't interrupt the flow of the game
Enjoying this one more than the other ones, you don't have to pay for anything unless you don't want the ads but that's coo. No problems
So far, so good. Just now started playing. Enjoying it. I am thankful that, as with 5 other 3d match games that I have tried, this particular one is NOT interrupting a timed game to place an ad. That practice is not only disrespectful, it is downright rude!
5 stars because I enjoy matching the items and I like the curtain opening and closing it is fun matching game.
I'm just starting, but at this point I'm enjoying the game. Relaxing and not a bit of anxiety to it like some other matching games. I will update my rating after I've played longer if anything changes. 😁