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Masters of Madness Incremental

Masters of Madness Incremental for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by AntiWay Studios located at Jessnerstr. 10 10247, Berlin. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Well, thats just a very plain idle clicker with nothing to do apart from waiting for sigil parchment to appear and almost noexistant idle progress. It looks so far like a public beta rather than finished game. Maybe devs one day will insert some content into it, so it become an interesting experience.
When I let the game go AFK instead of getting the coins, I loose the coins. In my opinion this is a major bug.
It's just too slow. I've been in the same spot for weeks. The idle gains are awful. If I leave my game on for 15 minutes, it gains more than when it is idle for 24+ hours. Needs rebalancing badly. Could be an awesome game.
It's pretty good to have at my desk to kill time while waiting for installs and whatnot. Be warned that it is significantly slower paced than a lot of idle games. Maybe only the truly mad can reach the end.
My review was seemingly removed? Anyway, game can't be played without signing into an external account (Google Play Games, Facebook, E-mail, or Google) to "sync your save with the cloud", rendering it entirely unusable if you aren't willing to tie it to one of those.
Enjoyable game overall. Like the new update removing the antidote from the main screen. I've clicked that by accident many times. I've maxed out the blessings from the Elder Gods so now when I hit a soul building wall, I summon Cthulhu and try again. Would be nice to have more blessings and ways to really build the soul taps.
I like it which is weird because I hate clicker games. I don't know if this specific game is uniquely different than but i enjoyed playing it. However, it could seriously use more late game content and a way to make minions that aren't the last 3 actually somewhat relevant in anyway at all in late game. Normally this would be fine but since there are so very few minions when compared to other games of this type it really makes u see just how unbalanced and grudgingly slow the end game is.
This is the single best clicker I've ever played and ads are optional everything has a nice steady progression but the numbers still rack up
Not bad. The Halloween update has it proc off the random sigils and is quite rare. Haven't seen one yet, but the jack o'lanterns are a nice touch. Takes awhile to ramp up, and has an autoclicker in the form of ravens, which is cool. Expensive though
This is a fun idle game. Making progress is slow, but steady. If you want a idle game experience, this is it. However, those slide-in menus are the bane of my existence. I cannot count how many times I'm tapping away at the statue, and the blood shop menu just opens on its own. Thank Cthulhu for the purchase confirmation pop-up. And as for the statistics menu on the other side, the arrow showing it's there glows so often, when nothing needs my attention.
Good for anxiety. I love everything about it. Only wish there was like a passive multiplayer aspect, like maybe you can observe other Masters and their progress but only seldom interact, like maybe you can trade boons while in the void between timelines or something. Plus messages might be possible but costly.
Fun but slow. If they increased rates a bit it would be better. Currently, watching ads for the coins literally everytime I open the app its still slow progress. Even making the coin 30 minutes not 10 would be great. Just something to boost speed a bit please.
it's a very very good idle game. nothing comes easy in it, as it could take days to even prestige once. every time you prestige, though, it feels worth while. I only hope for more graphics, gameplay mechanics, artifacts and maybe some more creatures. I hope y'all keep developing this game as it is currently my favorite idle game so far.
Very good time-waster. The only problem is that the monetization is too aggressive. The coin thing only gives 8 minutes of boost time? That feels like extortion. At least make it half an hour or so. Also the prices for the in-game currency are kinda high. Rebalance unless intended.
I like the overall look and feel of the game but it's not great in its current state. Very, very slow to progress, taps are not recognised properly. Stingy on the ad rewards and offline rewards.
I was enjoying it quite a bit, then I started having attempted logins to my google account from germany. So I checked and this app appears to originate from germany. Possibly a coincidence but unlikely since this happened out of the blue right after I install this app. Not worth the risk, great game though!
The game is a fine time waster but the "Prestige" isn't done well at all. If you don't put the points in to the spots the developers apparently want you to follow then the "rewards" don't help you at all and the goal post becomes a mountain that takes days to climb back up. Slow progression in a cookie clicker game due to bad upgrades really isn't fun. Edit: The Sigils could also use some work, the mass soul sigil should be a % of the souls you haven't spent yet. Sigils should stack not refill
This game can feel a little slow at times, but overall it's a very fun game. I love working towards unlocking new powers, creatures, artifacts, achievements, and blessings, and I love seeing all the little easter eggs and references to the Lovecraft mythos. I can't wait to see more of this game.
Great game to waste time in, perfect depiction of my master cthulu while being a fantastic clicker game. I'd highly recommend to play this on your down time when theres not much to do
A solid clicker for the Gothic-minded. Love the art & atmosphere, & hope to see the game grow over time.
Some of the text is incredibly small, eg. Sps rates on the minions. Progression later doesn't make sense, there is literally no reason to buy anything except the latest 3 minion types. Even if you unlock the 8x multipliers, you still end up with around 0% on almost all older minions, and you spend disproportionate amount of souls.
It's not bad, but even for an idle game its SO slow. Progression starts slow, and only gets slower from there. The most efficient way to play is to not play? Check in 10 times a day, but then immediately close the game. That or afk and wait scrolls to pop up? Achievements get extremely hard to get very quickly, and I ran out of things to do way too fast. Went from "idle" to "don't open this simulator" for me
No, I'm not enjoying it. It's set up so you have to check it every two hours or your progress stops, but it still takes DAYS to accumulate enough to do anything. You need to cut the timeframe for everything by 75% to make this worth having installed. Also, the slide out menus are annoying as hell.
The game starts out very fun and enjoyable, but before you know it your progress is so slow that it takes you days to get enough rescorces to buy any upgrades. As a fan of grind games, this one is far too grindy
Progression is much better in the new patch now. Minions can generate ether better and it's not a crazy click fest. Clicking to boost progression FAST should be an option and they nailed it right this time. Good job devs.
Had to leave this review because I am very surprised at how cool this game is, looks, and feels, if you love clicker games, give this a try, I've been playing it for a month now, and I just updated it to the new version, and I just found out the developers made the game available in 60 fps so it looks even prettier, all the balance changes also make sense, so thank you Devs! ♥️
This is just another simple idle tap to win game. However it is very unclear exactly what you're supposed to do and there's some game elements that are not explained at all.
5/5 because I would recommend this to whoever wants an idle game with a dark aesthetic. Gameplay is fantastic but moving through the menus can be frustrating, as the swipes to exit the side menus (mostly the journal because you use it a lot) often don't respond. However, entering the journal is easy (the swipe works and there's also an arrow button, though its placement on the edge means I often miss it). Overall it's well paced and full of opportunity for both casual and hardcore players.
Constantly forces you to be online and forces updates even on data. It gets annoying when all the update does is make the game slower or worse unless you cash into the IAPs right away after such updates. And this forced update makes the game unplayable for me since it crashes doing ANYTHING anyway. Edit on 20/1/21: Still crashing almost instantly.
Not really an idle game. It's quite high maintenance and very, VERY grindy. Got to be the most needy incremental game I've ever played. If you minimize it for more than 2 hours, it shuts down entirely and you just lose out. Bonuses are only good for ten minutes at a stretch and only 8 uses a day, even if you spend money. Pretty dumb to make your paying customers suffer those limits.
Absolutely love the art design and the secret offerings are a very nice touch for a game like this. Worth your time if you're into clickers and H.P. Lovecraft! P.S. It would be really cool to get a bestiary section with close up art and brief descriptions of the minions you can summon in the future ;)
Overall it's not bad, has a good theme and a good look. I have two problems with it, the sigils don't appear nearly frequently enough (even with the "sigils appear more often" bonuses) to be effective and the tap area being limited to the statue is very annoying, I actually just started a new timeline by accident whilst furiously tapping. Fix those two issues and I'd add a star Edit; got further in, sigils are way more frequent so I apologize for jumping the gun, now open up the tap area!
I love all things Cthulhu! Its a neat clicker and I am enjoying it. It can be a little grindy for a clicker though... It would be cool to see some progression in the artwork as you level up and go through different incarnations. Seeings build or pealed away.
I have enjoyed it a lot but one thing that needs added is a stat in the blood sorcery section of the journal that tells you how many elder blood you have collected that day from the soul tap perks
Why isn't your sigil progress saved when you exit? I don't have all day to play. It's supposed to be a casual idle game. Don't understand this. Great game though. The atmosphere is phenomenal.
Its fun, the graphics are amazing, and any ads that you would watch arent forced onto you (and the rewards for watching theses ads are 👌)! Great Game!
Yo Dev make the Prestige easier to do it or haft the costs for the permanent upgrades but over all fun game
At first you'd think, there's no way to mess up a Lovecraft horror idle game, but you'd be wrong. This isn't a slow descent into madness, its a slow descent into pointlessness. I could only get 2 resets into the game before I couldn't handle it anymore. Upgrades are pointless, everything is overly expensive, resets/rebirths/ascensions are barely useful. In short, while a slower kind of game is good, this is way, way, way, way, wayyyyyyy too slow. I'll never get those hours back.
A welcome nod to Lovecraft. You can either play this game actively or passively. Pro tip: if you plan on passively collecting souls DO NOT unlock max Delirium.
Great clicker in many ways, thanks Antiway! I echo the others, though, that progression is way too slow. Was happy to pay the $10 to remove ads but asking for more to escape painfully slow progression unfortunately makes me switch over to other clickers. Hope an update will provide faster progression for most players, some of whom are willing to pay a little more but not much more.
Although it looks and sounds like an interesting game, unlike other idle games this one is waaaaay too slow to progress. I haven't even ascended yet and been playing on and off for a week.
Solid clicker, fun theme. A bit slow to start, then snowballs into a good pace. Main issue is a lack of interesting progression once you get into a certain end-game tier, and then you're mostly looking at repeat prestiges to work your way up, by which point getting back to your previous tier is pretty trivial. Still, it's a lot of fun, and I threw the devs a few dollars to support continued expansion. I never stick with these, but having trouble stopping this one!
Constantly forces you to be online and forces updates even on data. It gets annoying when all the update does is make the game slower or worse unless you cash into the IAPs right away after such updates. And this forced update makes the game unplayable for me since it crashes doing ANYTHING anyway.
I had an issue with an application from their archaic coin downloading to my phone on it's own. After talking back and forth with the developers and a few weeks later, it looks like they dropped the app from the advertisements. Since then I've had no issues. Looking forward to getting back into the game.
I like the game a lot. It is a great tapping game and i enjoy it. There is only one very big problem: my phone overheats to much when the game is on. Maybe it is only for my phone, but that's the only downside of the game
Not bad for a clicker. I like that it's slow. You can never complete these games anyway, might as well have a slow descent into madness. The visual style and sound design is nice overall, but it wouldn't hurt to have a bit more Mythos lore for those not so familiar with the source material. I'd like it a lot but sadly if my reception is bad or offline, I cannot access the game. Pretty much every other clicker of this caliber has this option, so I think that's a very big minus.
very straightforward idle game. no need to pay to play but progression is slow, but not so slow that it's boring. Full of cute little cthulhu-isms galore!
This game is a fairly standard clicker. Tap the thing, get the currency, buy the upgrades. Nothing really new to the formula, except perhaps being more direct with it's darker themes. My main problem, and why this isn't scoring higher, is that the random rewards are TINY. I am at a point where most things are costing Billions of souls, with a B. Random rewards are giving maybe 120 Million. I can't even buy upgrades, and the rebirth feature hasn't even hit level 1. This is WAY too slow.
I've played hundreds of idle games but this one stands out from the crowd. It appears to be very simple at first, but even after days of play I'm finding new mechanics and it's fantastic. Brilliantly "on theme" too. No forced ads, no pressure to make purchases... other developers should make note of this example. I usually don't write reviews but wanted to point out the great work of the team behind this.
Wrote a review. Looks like it got deleted because of my negative opinion. This game far from an idle game. If you think it is think again. You can collect only 2 hours offline souls. Bonuses from watching ads are really short term buffs (10 min). Could be good but not as an idle game. Not much to do apart from writing sigils and hope you can buy some upgrade which wont really help to make any progress.
Was a fun time waster until the recent update. After updating, the game just tells me the updates is required to play. Reinstalling didn't fix the issue.
It's a good time sink, pixel art is solid and follows through with the Lovecraft theme, but honestly it's just a stereotypical passive, one tap idle "game." It has some clever mechanics that will keep you coming back, but it's not ground breaking or even particularly clever.
I like the game, the art and atmosphere is so good, but prestiging is very slow to get to and gives you a small bonus.
This game puts a very attractive thematic veneer over one of the most tedious clickers I've ever played. I'm honestly annoyed with myself for putting so many hours into it, hoping that I would finally reach an interesting mechanic that never came. Passive gain is a joke, and the only playtime that matters is when you get a tap power boost.
Great game just the right amount of nice slow progres and and great pixel art music and sound desing making a great vibe
An actually pretty good idle/clicker game, the pace is pretty decent and you unlock new stuff at a good rate, the visuals are pleasing to look at, the pricing in real money seems fair and isn't forced, ads seem to be entirely optional but worth it, all in all I quite enjoy it.
Decent game. But haven't seen a decent update in awhile. I have far too much saved up and can't even use them to progress since every constellation is filled up. Get us an update soon or many will start to lose interest.
I really enjoy the ominous feel the music, sound effects, and appearance provide. Makes me want to click away and see what new horrors I can bring into the world.
I haven't stopped playing for like a week straight i think its cause there is next to no ads ok im gonna go play more now bye
Solid game. The game's story is confusing, but it's a simple tap game. It's slow to start building up (save up for ancient tomes & tide of doom at a point to increase tap value, it'll will speed things up) The sigils are useful and the redo is useful with the skills, especially the critical chance on tap seems to make tapping more useful. Yes, leaving the game active by leaving the screen active is very important at times. It's a classic grind it out game.
I dont know whats going on with these TAP THE SCREEN games but i am hooked and i love the cthulu theme here. Eldritch kudos!
New update jacked the game up. It tells me to update, but when i click 'ok' it takes me to the google play store like it should, except but button that should say 'update' says 'play' instead. So I have to put this game I have enjoyed to a halt until this issue has been resolved. Update (06/07/2021): I am still having this problem occur.
I found this game and I thought I'd install it, but every time I try to open it it crashes. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall but it still crashes I tried to reset my phone but it has no affect. I'd love to play this game but I cannot 😔.
Decent Idle/clicker, but need further balancing. -Make sigils either appear more often, or raise the meter more. -An extra speed boost to minion collection would be nice, but a decent and more significant boost over time would be better. -More interactive features would be a major plus. I play Idle games to kill time in short bursts, not to absorb long periods of time, I'll get on PC or Console for that.
It's a clicker, that's about it. The theming and and art are great, someone clearly put a lot of effort into that, but the mechanics fall flat, which in a very saturated market is not good. Progression is painfully slow and there aren't any secondary or tertiary tasks to keep you occupied. Biggest issue is lack of meaningful progress, 5 resets later with lots of end game either spent it feels and plays exactly like it did when I first installed it
The game runs smoothly. It's quite addictive but seems a little lacking in content. Overall still really fun!
After a developer comment and six months of time passing I decided to try this game again. I enjoy idle games. The dev suggested I hadn't played it long enough. I tried playing this game for a week and it is still so boring compared to other idle games. The progress is very slow and there is no entertainment while this slow progress is building like idle masterminds or games like it. This game is easily the worst idle clicker game I've played. This game is just not very fun or rewarding.
For a clicker game this is very well done. Draws from all over the mythos, which was a welcome surprise! Only real issues I've encountered so far are that sometimes tapping rapidly makes one of the side menus pop out, and the noise that plays when you tap can get a bit grating after a while, as tapping rapidly makes it constantly reset so instead of a short but sweet soundbite you have this audio stuttering.
You don't really get to see the monsters, at least as far as I played. Just the statue of Cthulhu. Edit: Been playing Call of the Cthulhu (tabletop RPG) and have now read alot of Lovecrafts work. Helps me appreciate app more. I do still wish the game to include larger (not just icons) images of Lovecraft's horrors. I enjoy the games pixel art style
I love this game. Its by far my favorite click game. I want to spend money and support you guys, but I'm less fortunate and cannot even afford ten dollars as I have a family. I love the art work, the effort the devs listening to the criticism, and the fact its a dark game. You all just need patience with it as players. Game is smoother than ever, love you guys. Keep up the good work!
Looks like the creators made this with care to lore in mind, very happy with this game! Good work to you and the rest of your development team, thank you for this!
Decent, but very stagnant. Sigil bonuses don't last very long, and the delirium modifier is all but non-existent. Summoning Cthulhu does less little to help gameplay, and you're better off doing extremely long runs. Music and sound effects are on point.
Neat clicker. I wish there was a little more animation but otherwise it's great. Cool graphics and it hasn't strong armed me at all.
This game is very fun to play with ngl. I've been playing this game for a while, like day/night. The experience is amazing and everything else is also cool. It would be nice if you can spice it up with sacrifices or other stuff, rather than just buying monsters. But anyway, thats what i think should be added, and all i wanna say is that this game is amazing.
An enjoyable game, but definitely has room for improvement. Accidentally summoning Cthulu due to a couple stray taps is extremely frustrating, and some of the prestige talents feel like a beginners trap. Many upgrades are also misleading in their descriptions, which is rather bothersome as well. All in all, still an alright idle game, but not very beginner friendly.
Discord is very good. Updates are pushed quickly. Great feedback. People are complaining for stupid reasons. This is and idle/click game. I enjoy this game very well.
One critic I would give the game, is perhaps find a way to make the lesser monsters like the rat things or deep ones more useful, because by the time shoggoth and shantak are unlocked there is very little incentive to buy them, I feel like having the option to have a hoard of the small guys rather than buying the big ones should be an option, or perhaps have a way to sacrifice them to power up the others, because it doesn't take much for one rat thing to cost as much as shantak but be useless
An amazing game to kill time, although since last update the x2 coins seem to be broken and, upon watching the ad, the screen goes black and there's no way to return to the game.
Brilliant idle game, and stays true to the Cthulhu Mythos. I've seen people complain about the graphics but this pixelated art style fits the atmosphere perfectly. Also, from my experience at least, ads only show up when you're using them for rewards, and never interrupt gameplay.
Good game, insane prices. I mean, a lovecraft clicker? Fantastic! But these prices are insane. $10 to remove ads and a whopping $30 for the permanent boost. They are asking AAA prices for a flipping clicker. Also, when you pay to remove ads for the silver coin, it's still limited to 8 a day! What in great Cthulhu's name am I even paying for then?!
It's just an idle game. It's simple and has the classic traits of an idle game. A minion to improve taps, a minion to tap for you, upgrades to said minions (as well as various other effects) and then prestiges. Not much more. No in-game events, no leaderboard, no alternative gamemodes. Just an idle game, no more, no less, and I love it.
It's a good game. The art style is great, it has variety and it's fun. But I don't feel like it's rewarding enough. Delirium takes a very, very long time to get even to level 2, it takes close to an hour of tapping every scroll to reach and I think that's a bit much for an idle game. As well as that, I think that background collection by default being 10% is too low, and makes me come back to the game less and less. I enjoy it, but it's not quite rewarding enough to bring me back day after day.
Gonna be honest, best part of the game is the very few ads, and only when you want them for a bonus. Makes it so much more enjoyable. Game is well designed besides that, though I'm only on my 3rd timeline.
As many have said the upgrade curve is a little long. The ad bonus and sigil bonuses don't last long enough and the in app purchases are too expensive. Good art style and typical idle game play, but nothing special.
Overall it's not bad, has a good theme and a good look. I have two problems with it, the sigils don't appear nearly frequently enough (even with the "sigils appear more often" bonuses) to be effective and the tap area being limited to the statue is very annoying, I actually just started a new timeline by accident whilst furiously tapping. Fix those two issues and I'd add a star
I really wanted to like this but the progress is sooooo...terribly...slow... It's just not fun. Love the graphics, sounds and lovecraft theme, just wish it didn't feel like a boring grind even in the first few hours.
Kinda slow to start, but gets better. To read other people's experiences is a must to progress on a timely fashion. I wish I could see the talent tree before resetting, as I sometimes forget the cost of the next blessing.
I very much enjoyed this title for a few weeks. Until I noticed some mechanics not balanced for those who've progressed further. And once you hit a certain point you get stonewalled, and have to wait for literal weeks of on and off interaction. It's become a chore, compared to the enjoyment of rising through the ranks. I hope it becomes addressed, because it just isn't fun watching a number go from 1 to 1.001 in the course of a minute. Compared to the 1,000 you need to progress.
A pretty slow idle clicker, but it's nice to not plateau and have to reset too quickly after starting the game. The pixel art is nice to look at, and there's more than just Cthulhu, which is a breath of fresh air.
I love this idle game! I really love love love the whole concept, pace, pixel graphics and everything! It doesn't make me feel bored too fast and it's really enjoyable! Oh and my favorite is the sound effect whenever you want to click something. Lovecraft universe is amazing
Painfully slow to the point of tedium After playing for a while I have made practically no progress. Takes way too long to hey anything done unless you spend forever with the game open all the time which just isn't feasible. Graphics arent really anything to write home about. Stare at a statue of cthulhu basically Waste of time
Good little clicker. Coin bugs out at times and stops registering that you've watched an add but restarting the app fixes the problem. Progress can be a little slow but it has a nice aesthetic and doesn't push ads or payment on you which is great. Love the aesthetic.
Big fan of the Lovecraft Mythos, so this game is right up my street. It's a standard tapper, has nice retro graphics. Ads are not invasive . Would recommend if you like idle tappers.
I love HP Lovecraft's works and the atmosphere is cool BUT this app is literally a tap forever/wait forever number accumulator with no goal whatsoever; nothing at all to achieve. If you're into that kind of egregious waste of your precious life's time, then go for it. Otherwise, just live your life instead. P.S. Download an auto clicker if you choose to "play.'
Nice game, pretty standard for its genre. The theming and aesthetic saves it from being forgettable. Beautiful art. Update: bug fixed.
This is a fun idle experience for a casual audience. The game gives you back exactly what you put into it, which is a major departure from the mobile experience. The game has apparently infinite "timelines" meaning you can play for all eternity, like any good harvester of souls! Do not expect a beautiful or detailed game, just a simple little descent into madness for those with a love for HP Lovecrafts work~
New patch, new edit. Things are still fairly mediocre overall, but there's work being done. Progress remains slow until you get at least a few hundred Astral Levels and about 10K Ether, but Delirium decay has been reduced, which is useful. The game still feels like it's in Beta; lacking any real depth beyond buying the permanent Blessing upgrades and restarting. It's par for the course as far as a baseline, but that won't do with the other incremental games on the market feel more polished.
It's pretty decent as idle tappers go a bit harder to progress then some but thats part of the appeal for some if I had one gripe it's that very occasionally there are what I assume are bugs most are dealt with decently fast but the most recent one has to do with their 3d sniper add and how you can't close out of it at all and have to close down the app to get back to playing I'm sure that will be dealt with soon though
Interesting and a little bit addictive perfect for a Casual Gamer 2 but definitely some interesting elements in it but pretty well put together Bravo Developers
Fair warning, I'm a bit biased when I comes to anything Lovecraft related. The sound is my favorite part of the game. I love the eriee sounds and ambience it gives. There are some minor things that I believe needed tweaking but nothing game breaking, only a little immersion breaking. The whispering sounds for tapping the statute are too long for the speed at which people can tap, so it just sounds like a rapidly breaking sound file. Wow, my first real review and im limited on space. RIP. Lol
It's a very simple idle game .. if you could improve the graphic more .. i think players won't hesitate to give you 5 stars .. I'd like to suggest to add feature like add path after the "reincarnate" for player to choose other madness type .. each madness type will have different statue appearance or in different colour .. master of madness in power type, richness type or something like that
I JUST LOVE THE GAME!!!! Can't wait for them to put more stuff in the game, you platoe pretty quick but still HANDS DOWN the best idle/clicker game i've seen AND I'VE PLAYED WELL OVER 100!!
Progression slow. Even after summoning several times. Bonuses do not seem to really change things significantly.
Edit: game will not load after this update Pretty decent game, good thematic elements, definitely like having to draw sigils for boosts. But seems very slow at the start(which does not bode well for late game), and the only upgrades worth getting at all are the ones where minions provide tap boost, tap doubling, sigil appearance, and the speedups for high tier monsters. Also, you can only get 2 hours of offline progress to start, which completely disregards your need for time for sleep.
game has potential, but I discovered a flaw of sorts, the souls you get passively from minions compared to the souls you get from clicking is pathetic, it's also much cheaper ether wise to just spend all your early ether into tapping upgrades, and in doing so sigils and passive income become completely useless, when in 1 tap u can get 3-10x the income then you would from waiting a full second for passive from minions. Now, ive only gotten to 10k+ ether so far, but in a few hours I went further by tapping then a few days of waiting for minion income to get ether. Can you make passive income more worth while? because so far tapping is the only way to get anywhere in the game. Edit: so I maxed everything you can get with ether, in only a few days. Add something you can do with leftover ether or add maybe tiers to the 4 upgrade paths or better yet, upgrade paths that can only be unlocked when you have completed those 4. edit 2:The new added passive income boosts are great, and make passive income very much useful later on. That said, add similar things to the other 3 blessing trees, like maybe a super expensive upgrade increases the aether level bonus by 10% or something, because once you have bought everything, aether level is the only thing that matters, and aether itself becomes useless. Like I said however, you can make it super expensive, like, more expensive then the recently added upgrades.also Im sitting on 4m aether now and so there needs to be something to use it on even if you bought all the upgrades, otherwise it becomes a boring grind of aether levels. I can't really think of something to do it with, but you added those great upgades that made upgrading the lower level minions worthwhile so im sure you can come up with something :)
If you want to kill your battery and feel most no progression, this is your game. Extremely slow to start, the expectation is that you have to play at least 150 active hours to get anywhere in this game. Initial offline profession is 10% for 2 hrs, meaning you get a max of 3 minutes of your active play time banked. What a joke. On top of that it will kill your phone battery so I really don't see a point in playing unless you really hate yourself and want an excuse to buy a new phone.
Decent game for a clicker. Could use some activities i.e. mini games etc. Needs graphics upgrade, this particular theme deserves better than pixel art. Otherwise, a solid addition to the clicker genre.
Overall not bad, but the bonus for watching an ad don't always get applied. After my first summoning of the old one, it stopped working. You scammed me out of 5 minutes of my life! The coin showed an ad but no soul bonus got applied. Also the game sometimes gets stuck on loading screen. Edit: As a reply to the developer: I'm aware you have little control over the shown ads, but you should have control over giving out the reward from viewing an ad! Please read my statement again.
For a cookie clicker I actually found it quite fun and interesting, definitely the best one I've played other than the original. Plus I love the art, mythos and delirium effects(this one once reached to level 4 essentially makes you feel like a lovecraftian god).
Great game. Love the graphics and aesthetics(sp?). The only issues I have are the sliding menus and the fact that the game doesn't seem to function offline.
Actually a surprisingly great idle game, lots of incentive to keep playing and great aesthetics for lovcraftian fans!
Really enjoying the game. I remember I found this on a Youtube ad. I bought the second blood pack to help the dev. Hope to see some updates adding more content to the game. Best of luck! (I'm also a game dev)
Look, I get it. Incremental games take time. Trouble is, this game is more miserly than Ebenezer Scrooge, and requires more attention than a toddler. Cost of new minions is ridiculous (500 bn for 4 minions?!) Currency accrues VERY slowly. Two weeks since my last ascension, and I'm nowhere near the next one. Don't play this unless you have time to constantly babysit it. Devs answer to complaints about slow pacing basically amount to the standard, "L2P, NOOB." Not happy with my purchase at all.
One of my favorite idle games so far, kinda puts a different twist on the normal ones which I find refreshing
Love it. The developers know what they are doing here. Great throw back pixel art and ominous and spooky sound effects really add to the overall presentation and represent the mythos pretty well. Reminds you if this type of game had been on a pc in the late 80s/early 90s. Only complaint I would have is that it will only collect when you are not playing for 2 hrs *I'm assuming that's what the "offline time collection limit" means?) Other than that, these guys know their "Love"craft!
The graphics are very reminiscent of Super Nintendo, which is pretty cool. The sound effects are fitting for a Cthulu game. The gameplay, however, is practically barren. It's quite literally tapping the screen to build currency up so that you can afford ways of building currency while away. Most of the game is text based with some 16bit artwork and a surprising lack of puzzles.
Cultists upgrades need a buff. Even with all upgrades available to them bought and the x34 scroll buff the souls per tap is still way to low. Edit: a more specific buff would be like what the rats get, their later buffs give like x12 (they still suck even after that though, the rat-things i mean.)
You'd think an idle game couldn't get any worse but you'd be wrong, after the latest Halloween update, the game freezes, it crashes, it freezes even on idle and it crashes, giving a BSOD, there are glitches, graphic glitches, I never thought that would be possible in a 2 bit game. It's fun game but completely bug riddled, until you fix this. I wrote you an email with screenshots. Please respond.
Please make the minion crescent moon blood drops a renewable thing everytime you start a new timeline but maybe make it worth like one blood drop per crescent moon
Glad to see this back in the store, never uninstalled it even after it left for abit, so far this is one of the better tap games, though some of the power ups need a better explanation, like the colored flame, it says to sacrifice a star but not how to do it
Love this, a perfect blend of idle game and Lovecraft. What more could you ask for?... Well perhaps more eldritch horror because let's face it, you can never have enough of that. 😁🐙
Like the art, love the ambiance (combination of ocean waves, occasional rain and thunder, and the crackle of flames can be surprisingly soothing). Bumped down one star due to late game issues. Unlocked the Watcher, but it doesn't appear as a minion to purchase. Potential bug.
A good add on to the game would be if the clock time ( phone time) as above cthulhu's head in red ... That would be nice
Pretty fun clicker idle game, I'd spend some money on the blood magic stuff if it was more reasonably priced. I like the time loop prestige system in this game.
Painfully slow progression unless you pay $$$ Also there's a Halloween event right now, except that despite hopping on fairly frequently, I've only gotten a single ghost sigil in three days. There really isn't much to offer here in terms of substance and interaction. When I first saw the game I thought the sigils would be cool, but they're so uncommon as to not really be part of the game unless you're interested in sitting staring at your phone doing nothing for long periods of time.
Was deeply impressed with the quality of the game when I started playing. Was considering purchasing some of the upgrades but am glad I did not. Taps are now artificially limited, completely killing the rush of getting a good multiplier to soultap production. This seems unnecessarily cruel to me and I will be putting my money into a game that does not punish me for tapping fast.
A solid game with a solid grind. Ads are a reward, not a punishment, and they happen at your choosing. Impeccable art design.
Well, I think I'm about done with this one. The graphics are okay, but the Cthulhu theme is all that really separates this from the next incremental game. I've restarted several times since it left Beta in order to not outpace the new content, but nothing significant has been added to really make the game shine. 4 Blessings, one minion, and another IAP, but everything still stagnates after a few prestiges when the constellations are filled. 2 stars for effort I guess.
Edit: Why am I losing souls when all I've been doing today is logging in when offline collection has stopped? ETA: Seems I was not using android's "back button" to exit (thus not getting the exit confirmation dialog). Exiting w/ the back button seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks!
I'm sure your game is amazing, but for some reason, when I opened the game, it was permanently stuck on the loading screen. I hope this problem gets fixed and wish you the best of luck with the game.
Each to their own. But this is not a game. You just tap.. maybe I'm missing something. Edit: well, this is a whole genre of game by the looks of it. Increased star rating to be fair. However, I lack comparisons. It is pretty boring though. It's essentially a game which you don't play. Not sure the Dark One would be pleased. I like the pixel gfx, though.
Brilliant idle game, one of the best I've played-love the secrets and the sheer amount of power some of the upgrades have. A recent issue where multitaps were disabled has recently been fixed so I feel confident giving the game 5 stars again.
Been playing for months now and the progression has not sped up at all. Wouldn't be as bad if there was more meat to the game, pretty bare bones in that aspect compared to other incremental games.
Pretty interesting, little unbalanced. Feels like it takes forever to earn an upgrade and I'm using an auto-clicker. Next to no ads so that's awesome. Great visuals, you can tell there was a lot of care put into the design.
Although I am giving this two stars I still enjoy the game. Keep in mind this game is HEAVILY active. You get almost no where idling in the background. I prefer games where you can still progress well while idling. The biggest issue I have is the game was recently rebalanced to punish idling even further, as mid to later minion costs were increased. Progress is painfully slow. The UI setup also gets in the way of tapping often with the arrows. Somewhat fun aesthetic but needs rebalancing.
Out of all of the idle games I've tested on the market, this one has a lot more intrigue. The art direction is great, I feel the Pixeled style lends itself to Lovecraft rather well. The game doesn't try to bleed your wallet dry but encourages some minor purchases. Ads are virtually non-existent except for the coin mechanic which while not required for progression, is very helpful. Overall a very pleasant experience on an otherwise vaporware/asset flip filled market.
There is something wrong with the game. Whenever I open the game the passive souls per second goes down by 41% due to some glitch I guess. This hasn't been fixed by the new update.
Incredibly grindy, but artwork is appealing. They have recently patched the game that have made some of the Nyarlathotep unlocks pointless - sigils used to last longer so you could stack them but now don't and are like they were without investing in the upgrade. This makes the active gameplay a lot more painful when you know the change is lost and you may aswell let the game afk. Would rate higher if this is fixed. Also, adding more upgrades to all minions to speed up progress would be welcomed
I'm a simple man, I see anything that pay homage to Lovecraft, I play. Specially if it's a good game. Now THIS is a good game, with the mix of retro pixel art to add more nostalgic feel to it. Simple and addictive in a fun way. Spent hours playing just to grind for those Ether points to meet the outer gods again and again. More content in the future! Would be happy to support the devs with this game. Thank you!
I really enjoy this game, it's really good for passing time. The 16 bit visual style looks very good. My only complaint is that I wish everything would cost maybe like 15-30% less. You have to wait a while to accumulate souls using just the minions that passively collect them. and after a while of tapping away to get souls along side the passive collector, for me personally, my arm started to cramp up. Especially when the boosters are active, ouch.
The game has such a potential to be more. The vibe that the game gives can make you lose track of time. Only thing I would say could boost the experience is if there were small sizable animations here and there to add that wow factor. Also maybe a little work with the delirous stages? Maybe animate the cthulu statue?
Needs new monsters beyond the Star Spawn but overall a fun little idle game. EDIT: for two days now I haven't been able to log in. Done every bit of troubleshooting available: cleared cache, reinstalled, restarted phone. Nothing. Just gets stuck on the load screen with no progress. Nothing wrong with my connection.
Love It! It's a great game to leave on and ignore until I need something to mildly fidget with. It asks so so little of us, just our time and attention piece by piece. It has plenty of time... to wait..
Creepy, great idea. Excellent atmosphere. I've been getting into the idle games and this is my new favorite.
I love the aesthetic and art for the game but the offline collection needs a heavy buff. I would also love to see some lore/backstory added for substance, (maybe with progression you get notebooks or scrolls) as this is a lovecraftian horror based clicker and without some form of lore aspect it can become rather bland just progressing for the sake of progress alone. Lore would keep player invested and hungry for more story and improve overall playability. Looking forward to future updates.
Hi devs, i like the game but my phone goes very hot when it is running. Is there a low power mode by any chance? I have a samsung galaxy s10e so surprised it is running hot. Really enjoy the game otherwise.
8/31/20 edit, very good idle game. Only recommendation is to fix purchasing upgrades. As it is you have to wait for the animation of the first upgrade you purchase to finish or else it negates any upgrades you purchase after it. It slows downs a new run significantly. Still really good, can't wait for more madness :)
It seems fast at first but it slows to a crawl. Like you won't want to even look at it for hours. The taps become completely inconsequential very quickly, anyway.
So upgrades will say x100 and then only be x8. When almost all upgrades say above x8 and only provide x8 its annoying. I bought the silver coin. If its not tied to advertisements it should just be present all the time instead of the 8x 30 minutes. Not a fan of the limited offline aspect as I play several games on my phone and it feels penalizing.
Nice clicker with proper Lovecraft references and gloomy atmosphere! It's just painfully slow to advance to next "Call of Cthulhu" (aka prestige).
It feels like bonuses aren't doing much to up my soul taps. But still enjoyable. The sigils need to drop more often
I really love the theme of this game, but paying 10 bucks for no ads is one thing, but then still only having like 8 uses of the 10 min 2x coin is a bit annoying. I wish atleast the silver coin was unlimited. Edit: I've completed the game now. I wish there was more content. I'd say there's a couple days of content, then it's just done. Give this game more skill trees or more reset options, then it'll get a higher rating from me.
Terrible. A low end ripoff amd down right plagarism. Stolen ideas turned into a garbage game that expects you to pay big bucks for little to no progress. Absolute trash and the dev's should be ashamed of their blatant theft of ideas and even more so, their audacity to squander the ideas they stole into this pitiful dumpsterfire
Great game if youre looking for something to keep your hands busy. Always a fan of Lovecraft type stuff too and I'm always a sucker for that simple pixelart artsyle too. Just all around love it. I hope they're planning on adding more content at some point.
Pretty fun idle game. I would really like more content and perks in the void. I dont have anything else to collect aside from that new artifact from the last update.
Is it just me or did the most recent update add a period between clicks where it won't read another? I usually get souls fast by just using both thumbs and yet it only seems to be reading one, is this a bug or for "balance"? Edit: yeah, I paid attention to the period between soul increase and my taps and there's a definite period where it just won't read more tapping, can you guys clarify if this was intentional or not because it feels like you're throttling to make people pay money or see ads
Latest update disabled multi tap. Looks like tapping now no longer possible which massively slows down soul gain. Also takes ages now to select the long list of updates at the beginning because multiple selection no longer possible at the same time. Please revert to previous setting.
Fun game, pays tribute to Lovecraft real well. The idea of being a multi-dimensional Elder God summoner is very well polished; I enjoy the upgrades, the price tags of each is worth it, if one can afford it(though, not required), also offers a range of play-styles from passive to active and an end-game that feels as only an Elder God can, "Limitless". I'm only wishing I had better understanding of the mechanics; I'm a bit of a min/maker. :)
I have been playing this game for a while now, genuinely enjoy it. I love HP Lovecraft and his works so a cool, fun idle-esque game is great. Only thing is today when I downloaded the update, I can no longer play the game. Everytime I start it up it will get to the game screen and about 5 seconds after it shows the souls gained while away it pops up with "An important update is needed to play the game" even though I installed it already.
Seems solid, if a little basic so far with just the essentials you'd expect of any idle clicker, but it is early days. It has a wonderful atmosphere though so I hope they really expand on the systems at play and give this some meat, something to differentiate it from the pack.
One of the worst prestige system I have ever seen. You have no idea what to expect and how many skill points are needed to get something useful. You prestige and are left with useless skills that are only worth something for the first 5 minutes after a prestige and a ridiculous +10% gain. You might as well ignore the prestige system completely, at least until you have several hundred ethers.
I love this game. Its by far my favorite click game. I want to spend money and support you guys, but I'm less fortunate and cannot even afford ten dollars as I have a family. The last patch (Aug 26th 2020) you guys also did made the game unstable on my phone, its very laggy now. I still support this game and at least I can leave a 5 star review. I love the art work, the effort the devs listening to the criticism, and the fact its a dark game. You all just need patience with it as players.
2 days of playing, and I'm enjoying myself immensely, the pixel art is beautiful, and the atmosphere is wonderfully haunting as it should be with a Lovecraft style game.I do have one or two issues,my main issue being that, the corrupting influence coin advert has become too intensive, causing the app to crash and not give me the bonus,(not a big issue as the wonderful use of the sigils help)but of course I'm no longer watching the adverts. The other is not seeing the minions in full,a gallery?
Love the game and the theme. Some of the higher "$T" goals r hard to get to but I guess its cause I just started and don't have enough bonuses yet.
Mediocre so far. The game makes you purchase (with in-game money) the option to watch ads for a multiplier to production. Played a ton of idles and I've never seen that before. Makes me wonder how the game will be with a few more hours put into it.
I agree with the other guy, forcing someone to connect Google or anything else at the beginning of the game isnt nice. But there is the option to disable that thing from the settings. Game looks okish. Good for some boring time, doubt I would like someone to see this on my phone. Improve the graphics, make it less scary, more cartoony and kids will love it.
I enjoy the game. Its pretty fun but it does hit a spot where it takes forever to get anything done. But thats alright.
Honestly? Its fun and addictive. Very simple to learn, difficult to master. But with the right kind of challenge. 4 stars so that my review doesn't get lost among the review bots. XD
(Update shakiness was met with timely response) - my only negative experience was not spent in eternal torment unlike the souls I collected.
I have always been a Cthulhu fan. The pixel art is awesome and the game has all the sounds I find relaxing. Rain, crows, ocean. It would be cool to be able to turn off the scroll sounds for relaxation purposes but hey. The gameplay is simple and easy to grasp. There are times when your soultaps do more than the idle. Al around an enjoyable game where you can play by interacting or let it play in the background idle. Definatly 5 stars.
Fun and entertaining even for an idle clicker, definitely not pay to win but worth spending a little on for sure :)
Love the game, but the coin boost has become unusable for me, due to ads freezing and forcing me to shut down the app and reopen it, despite good internet connection. That's my only complaint, though!
Suprisingly fun clicker game. The sigils make jt so you dont have to watch ads to boost soul collection. I also like the little details in the background, for example the waves hitting the walls
It takes a bit to grind into an offline groove but I really enjoy this game and the theme it carries. Edit: After weeks I think I've figured out the issue I've been having, diminishing returns. I'm astral 77 with well over 17k ether spent and that crystal has been nearly frozen for 2 DAYS. This is the first game I've played that only rewards you for NEW progress and when it took several WEEKS to make new progress... You see my point. Still a solid 4/5 -Will edit for new content.