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Mastermine for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Adam Soutar. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun, I love its concept, but sometimes, the gameplay may not be nice due to the game sometimes making paths that require you to guess, as a mostly unlucky person, it is sometimes not fun, but overall, I think the game is nice. I do wish no-guess mode is available. Oh, also add the question mark too that goes alongside the flag, since I remember it existed on classic.
Pretty good, even bought premium. But two QOL improvements I'd like to see: 1) S-Pen support, 2) so that numbers face down always. Otherwise a nice twist on classics
Awesome adaption to the traditional mine sweep. Imagine if you made other shapes like a sphere or a hollow object, plus a vr adaption. Also it might be a good idea to get rid of the leaderboard, no point in having it if you allow obvious cheats on it, seriously there are people supposedly finishing entire boards in under 3 seconds(it is unlikely you could uncover the tiles that fast).
I used to do minesweeper in the 1999-2001 time frame. I definitely look forward to spending some time with this game.
Update: can't participate in the Christmas challenge cause I didn't buy the full version and can't play larger boards The only things I'd like to see updated right now would be; an optional mine counter on the side, and gray or darken the insides of the cubes (the sides we can't touch). Something to help them not blend with the foreground near as much. Other than those minor changes it's an amazing game and experience
I feel so stupid! I've played minesweeper for years. I have zero idea what the numbers mean. I have yet to win one single game after several hours. I give up!!!!!!!
I'm loving this game. Totally hooked - bought the ad free version after a day or two and have zero regrets. That said, can you pretty pretty please get rid of the spaces between the cubes? They make it really hard to see what's going on sometimes. And I'd love to have different options for viewing, like being able to lock the view orthogonal to a face while you're working on that side.
Wonderful new spin on Minesweeper. Really gets you to think a little more about the moves. I can see myself draining hours into this!
The campaign option would be better if it saved your progress and gave a second chance before kicking you back a level. Frustrating when it registers the wrong box and you get sent back. Then with only 2 options to play in the free version game becomes rather boring.
This is an absolutely brilliant twist on minesweeper. I am in awe of how fun and challenging this is. Wonderful job! It's also silky smooth on my phone, so big props.
I enjoy the game, but so many times I will try to slowly rotate the cube and it will think I am holding; it would be great if you gave the option to double tap as a control and I could make holding JUST for rotation and scaling.
This game isn't compatible with my S pen (galaxy note 9) which was an initial turnoff. The second turnoff was during campaign, the last two blocks I had I had to guess because either one could have been the bomb. A logic game should not include guessing. I like the idea of the game but this one isn't for me.
I don't buy too many apps, but this is def worth it and addicting. My only issue on the game is, ill hold a cube to flag it, yet sometimes it doesn't register, so as soon as I lift my finger, it acts if I just tapped it... exposing a bomb and losing.
Fun take on minesweeper. I think what trips me up is that you can see between the blocks. I'd like it if there were a skin where the puzzle was a solid block.
It's a good idea and has lots of features and settings. I wished they controls to reveal and flag were defaultly reversed. I also thought a simple game like this would be able to use full 90hz on my device bit it looks like it barely runs at 30fps.
Fun concept and great execution. Had some qualms when I first installed, but the dev resolved them all after I suggested changes on the discord. Would recommend
A fantastic twist on Minesweeper...I can't recommend this game enough if you love Minesweeper. Also no stupid ads ruining the fun...and no shoving powerups in your face every time you fail a puzzle...this is how a free to play game should be handled
Getting really annoyed that it won't allow me to buy Pro, says payment type not supported. Can't play all the options, really frustrating. All my other Google play purchases (devices, apps, services) work fine so it's specific to your app. I think it's your currency options - it won't allow $AUD. You're missing out on money here!
This game is awesome! Beautiful, intuitive, and exactly what I hoped it would be. I read other reviews about it having errors, but that's not true. I think those people were counting edge pieces twice. It's all correct, and super fun! Thanks!
Interesting and challenging! Edit - Wish the graphic interface would comport with the traditional minesweeper imagery. It's confusing. I would prefer to uncover cells with some depth rather than just changing the 2d plane's (on each side) appearance. Disappointing that no scores are saved locally, which is probably a deal-breaker for me. Thanks.
I love the concept. However, it does not follow the 3D aspect properly. Two games in a row, I lost because I was considering diagonal blocks on different faces to be adjacent to one another. For example there was a 1 block with two mines touching it, but the second mine was on a different face than the 1 block. If this problem were fixed, I could spend hours playing this game.
Good idea. Terrible execution. What kind of a game doesn't save your progress? I'd rather have ads than this bad paywall. Also, the resolution of the textures is really low. Most of the other skins are bad because the uncovered spots don't contrast with the covered spots.
Deserves 5 stars for the soundtrack alone. This is the only game app that I didn't mute immediately after installing, plus it's captivating and challenging.
I like it. It adds a different level to minesweeper. I suck at minesweeper but my mom would love it. Good design and feel.
Interesting idea and good gameplay, but the instructions don't say that this is just 2d wrapped on a cube, and thus each cell has only 8 adjacent cells instead of the 26 we would expect in true 3D. That omission has in-game consequences. Also, some puzzles are not solvable without guessing. It could be that I just am dumb enough to not see the logical solution, and so I would add another star if I'm wrong about this.
Only issue with this game is the controls, it would be a lot better if you could set all to tap, as if you set any to hold when rotating the cube some times it does the action, making the solve a lot slower or blowing up the cube
Love the game. But I want daily challenges or something, and special events. Earn stuff, get stuff. More options. But I absolutely love the game. I still play the OG version as well.
No ads? Great music? Seriously sexy look? Affordable pro version? A unique twist to a classic game? More like a masterpiece!
Love the game. Wondering how on earth it is possible tree resolve under 30 seconds, let alone under 10. Any tip on what i am missing here (except speed ;-))?
Great app man..... downloaded thinking it'll add extra level of challenge to minesweeper and it does exactly that.... Just one thing though, could you add an option to make numbers rotate with cube? When you are upside down it gets kinda weird....
Great game,very entertaining with no big problems. The only thing that comes to mind is that I'll swipe to move and it'll think I'm trying to click on the cubes instead. No annoying ads tho which is a plus!
Great game, but you can't hold down on a numbered square to reaveal the surrounding non-flagged squares. This is a vital componant for speed runs. I am astonished that no one has asked for this feature yet!
Amazing! But why £ to play? Would've been much better to £ to buy power ups etc. 5 stars otherwise.
Great, not the most original idea, but still a good one. My issue is the controls. Same as the original. Press to cycle flag, hold to reveal. That's great. I keep dying all over the place because it just about always thinks I'm trying to reveal. This system of press or hold does not work for me. You're counting too much on user ability during a thinking game. I'm trying to decide if I'm wrong and the game thinks I'm trying to reveal that square. Also, what the heck is chording?
Very good, a neat take on minesweeper and no interfering adverts, the cut between the free and paid versions is sensible and not extortionate. The rotation can get a bit frustrating occasionally, so maybe a feature to snap the cube to the viewport or rotate the numbers so they are always 'upright' would be nice additions.
I find this to be a good game and i like the concept. But my biggest turnoff is the large pay wall. Campain wont save without upgrading and half the difficulties are not usable unless you pay for it.
So far it's okay, but there really needs to be a setting that prevents you from placing a flag if you rotate. If I hold a bit too long before rotating the cube, it places a flag but still lets me rotate. Often I don't even see the flag appear because I rotate away. This flag then screws me up later when it isn't on a mine and I fail the level. I'll update this review if it changes.
It is by far the best minesweeper app. It is very clean and very easy to use. The game itself is very clever and imaginative. It also shows leader boards of players which is nice.
Great addictive game. I love the ability to earn powerups and the custom skins option!! Would be awesome if using an S-pen (Samsung Note Phones) could be enabled. For some reason the S-pen can be used in all of the menus, just not for playing the game. Thank you for the time you have put into making this app!
Overall a great gane. But there needs to be a feature where there is some sort of tactile/auditory response to placing a flag. This is especially important during timed games because players are rushing against the clock. Right now we're relying on just timing alone to distinguish between flag placement and block reveal, and that leads to frequent accidents. It'd be really nice if the phone vibrated or something when a flag has been successfully placed.
I solved the "as of yet unsolved by man mastermine" level. Recorded the end screen as proof. Love the game.
Very fun game in my opinion; I'm addicted. Not many ads and it isn't too hard to figure out. If you like puzzle games this is the perfect game for you, lol.
Great twist on Minesweeper's formula. Even with added complexity of rotating a cube in 3D, controls and visuals remain intuitive. Gameplay is classic and graphics look nice without getting busy or confusing. Smooth performance. Old review: Fun game concept, but runs terribly on a mid-range phone; far, far worse than even complex 3D apps like racing games. Slow, juddery animations and unresponsive controls make this a miss, which is odd because it doesn't look like it should be so highly taxing.
It takes mine finder to a new level, have to think about whats around the side i a 3D enviroment. I really enjoy it and not as easy as peeps might think cause corners can trip you up. 😂 Only real negative is purchase is in GB pounds, so would have to pay a conversion fee.?
Amazing idea, shoddy execution (at best) I get terrible performance on more than decent phone that can handle more than just rotating a cube in 3D. The controls are weird and very clunky. (Also the complete opposite of every other minesweeper game in the play store) It's probably an option to change the controls but it wouldn't be worth it for a slideshow. I would love to have a better version of this and without my difficulties, definitely a 5 star.