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Real Code Breaker

Real Code Breaker for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Rottz Games located at 5825 Sunset Drive, Suite 302 South Miami, FL, USA 33143. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a great implementation of a classic game of logic; the best I've seen, with one exception, it needs an option to zoom out a bit. The starting rows scroll off the page much too soon. You can scroll up and down to see what you've done, but that's not the same as being able to see the whole board. I recognize the limits given a mobile app, but it's currently too limited. If a zoom setting too difficult to implement, perhaps a temporary toggle to a full board view is an option. 5¤ thn I thk
I love solving things. This is a great mind exercising game❣ Love it. I just would like to place them where I want when I want. That's just me. Can't have everything thing I want all the time😇. Nevertheless, I do love this game. 👍🏽 Peace 🧡 Hope you enjoy as much.
This is the best mastermind game I have seen, Numerous levels of difficulty from Easy to Extremely hard, so there is a game for everyone's capabilities. The layout is brilliant very clear & easy to understand. Overall an excellent job by the developers......... At the moment we are having to scroll down to see our different combinations & it is very difficult to keep track of....A nice addition would be able to zoom out to reveal all sections played, Just by pinching with thumb & index finger.
It's a great game over all but it seems like the new multiplayer mode is fake because my opponent never makes any logical guesses at all. My opponent just makes random guesses and then you probably added a timer between the moves so it looks like lag. I put everything with the same color and got 0 black pins and 0 white pins, then my opponent made a guess with that color. It has happened too many times and I don't think there are that many people that are so stupid.
I loved this game when I was young and this one is quite similar to the traditional physical game. Loving it so far!!
I've finally played through all the levels. Good, quiet thinking game. Simple, effective interface. Even though I've "finished" the game, I just paid for no ads version as reward for excellent program. I will start over and play through again. It's not like you can memorize 3 x 480 games. Highly recommended!
Yes, I definately like this game. Very good for helping to focus and think. Have found that the more i play it the more I like it. The medium and hard level really challenge my thinking and prblem solving because I really have to stay focused. Excellent game
I really enjoyed this game on easy and medium levels but when playing a difficult game where blanks are allowed, you aren't given a black or white peg when youve guessed there actually is a blank in the hidden code. So when, confused, I did unexpectedly complete a game using a blank there were only 5 black pegs in the 6 holes. Surely you should get a white or a black peg when correctly guessing there is a blank in the code?!?!
Pretty good game! Just wish there was a daily challenge. It can get tedious ploughing through load a at each level.
I think I got a rating of zero match although I tried an empty misplaced slot and an empty slot was part of the solution. It's not possible to watch the moved played once the result is displayed. Clicking on an already played game could propose to review that game's moves Drag drop of a color should be possible from any previous row to the current one, not only from the bottom
Overall good experience. Would prefer if the UI allowed you to assign the pegs to the holes in an other-that-sequential manner. But that's a minor annoyance.
I am a fan of the original board game and this is even better ... you always get accurate answers to your guesses.
Just like the physical game I used to play as a kid. This app version is easy to use and has several levels of difficulty to add to the replay experience.
Biggest piss off in the world. You can't actually play with the proper rules with 4 pegs, all spots guaranteed filled, and having possibly more than 2 of the same color, and all colors being activated at once. medium is too easy and hard isnt mastermind anymore cause they changed the damn rules. (hard still isnt that hard though)
4 of 5 stars cause I think the app needs 1 improvement -- the ability for the player to hide or delete previous rows. On difficult solutions the useful rows are spread too far apart. It becomes very confusing to scroll up and down trying to find these rows. I end up writing down the rows which will help solve the puzzle. This takes a lot more time, and I lose interest in playing the app very quickly. Or I don't have any paper handy so I close the app. Hope you can add this to the app.
Just download it! Super simple to get the hang of, but strangely difficult to master. It might be a game you get sick of after awhile and uninstall, but oh never regret Downloading it in the 1st place. Super great brain exercise.
I am also having a problem with the answer having a different number of pegs than the board. I had two different instances today. In one the board allowed for 5 pegs, the correct solution only showed 4. In the second incident it was reverse with 4 pegs on the board, and the correct solution showed 5. Both times I solved it correctly but the solution added or subtracted the last position.
Fun game from childhood revisited but frustrating the white/black pegs don't reflect actual positions as in the original game.
I honestly really like this game and WOULD give it a 5 star. However, ive noticed that sometimes the green bar will stop before the secret pattern, totally giving the answer away. Another problem is I'll get done finishing a 4 peg and the answer shows 5 pegs. It's pretty confusing to me. Please fix this.
Nice game.Can you make it possible to clone a peg in a row to the next row above it? (i.e.the new row being built). This will assist the thinking process as looking for a particular peg at the home row disrupts the flow of thoughts. Thank you .
Absolutely loved Mastermind as a kid! This is an excellent mobile version. Hard enough for experienced players to get enjoyment and easy enough for beginners to learn how to play. Graphics are beautiful and the developers really did this game justice. Thank you for giving me a piece of my childhood back.
Simple little game, good time killer, difficulty scale goes from trivial to extremely challenging. Overall good. I know ad driven games are normal now, but an ad every other level that's unskippable is a bit much.
A fun game overall, a few odd rules to try guess things which lowers it to a 4 for me. And the fake multiplayer lowers it significantly. I can find out exactly which colours are needed. All 6 slots filled. And be 1 or 2 positions from it being right. And they cannot for the life in them guess correctly and are placing some no where near... Either it's fake, or all 15 matches I had were against babies pressing random colours and hoping for the best. And it cannot track wins correctly. Needs work
Fun game. But the 2player matches won counter doesn't work correctly. I played ONE game and WON. The counter showed TWO matches played, one match won. I uninstalled and reinstalled. The SAME thing happened after the reinstall.
Good game, however, it crashes during ads on my Chrombook. The only complaint about the format is that it is difficult to scroll down to see past selections. I wish the designers would make a "zoom out" function. I'm still wasting a lot of time on this. It is one of the best games for when you are waiting around, and may need to put it away quickly.
It is a good game with a logical approach to solve. I would like the game to still show each steps tried even after the code is broken. This will help us to analyze the proces of deduction. At present the game is vanished once it is solved.
Generally I like the game, but I would prefer to just have random games rather than set games that have the same pattern every time you play them. Also, when I have the volume off for the game, I would not want the advertisements to have sound either.
Just like the old board game, fun! A real thinker and code breaker challenge. I jumped into medium level, which played the same, but the easy level has restrictions which, for me, messes with any kind of strategy you may have been used to employing with the board game.
Fun game. Ran into a bug in multiplayer. 1. Put down several dots. 2. Hold one dot (e.g. red) until the timer runs out (was dragging it but ran out of time). 3. The opponent's turn will begin. My red dot will stay floating out of position not in a spot. 4. My turn begins. The red dot is still floating and cannot be dragged. The original row of dot choices at the bottom palette row does not contain red, just an empty spot.
I have loved mastermind since I was 12, so a bit biased. The play levels are great as they add difficulty. The old peg board table top game was limited that way. I haven't played multiplayer yet. Best of all, I will never have to pick up 2,000 little pegs if I drop the phone unlike the original... some 40 times.
This game runs smoothly on my huawei android phone. I am impressed that there are few adverts and those that do pop up are only on screen for a maximum of five seconds. This is impressive for a free game. I am enjoying the game a great deal and I'm racing against the clock, though others might choose to challenge themselves to solve in the shortest number of attempts.
Lost games after the upgrade There's a glitch in the Multiplayer scores. 2 games is added instead of one. Eg 5 games 3 wins will turn into 7 games 4 wins after one game played.
Pretty decent I guess, would be better if there was a way to play multiplayer with one person as The Mastermind and the other one as the guesser. Also I can't find a way to turn the pesky timer off, that thing is so annoying it makes me not want to play at all.
I first discovered Mastermind when it was on sale at Target a few years back. Since then, everyone I've introduced it to has enjoyed it greatly. It's become a board game staple in my household. It's lovely that there's a digital version available. I have no complaints.
An issue in multiplayer games. I won all games so far. But record isn't accurate. It shows 19 played 11 won. How come this happened when I won all multiplayer games? It also looks like there is no human players even tho it says it is multiplayer mode. Because all games was so easy, in fact opponent didn't even get close to a win. Looks like a bot trying random patterns.
For the most part i really like this game and the different levels. It would be nice though to be able to track your best scores or something. The only thing i dont like is that you cant use a color more than once a line in EASY mode. Even though the solution wont have duplicate colors, its helpful to be able to double up as part of your solving strategy.
I think that this Mastermind game is phenomenal. Every time my husband I play together, that is being on the same team, we have so much fun figuring out strategies to Master the game. I hope you all have fun. Aloha, Peace, Understanding, Hope, Divine Forgiveness., and Try Try AGAIN.🥰🎶🎵
I am enjoying this as a way to wind downloading before sleep. It's interesting, and it's not complicated, so it allows me to settle.
Not a bad game, but a terrible app because it takes over the whole screen. I had to reboot my phone to get back to the main screen.
Solid version of the classic board game Mastermind. Could be improved by having some sort of mechanism for marking which colours you know don't go in which slots, but well done nonetheless.
Simple game and concept. This game has been a welcome challenge and keeps you sharp. I like that it can be played off line.
Fab little game. The peg colours are three wrong way round though... black should equal right colour, wrong place, not completely right. Also it is perverse that easier games don't slow multiples as that actually makes it easier to solve.
This is an excellent version of the classic 'mastermind' type game where you have to guess a pattern made of coloured pegs. Easy mode is like mastermind but max one of each colour in the pattern. Medium mode is like traditional mastermind with 6 colours & 4 pegs. Hard has added challenges of one pin spot possibly being empty plus extra colours, longer pattern & max of 2 of each colour. Overall a really good app. It keeps track of the games you have won & time & rows taken to complete each.
Great game, along with the other games this dev has made, fun, and most importantly, its offline, you won't need to watch annoying ads, hundreds of levels, you will get hooked
Great implementation of a classic game. I recommend it highly. Here are some suggestions to improve gameplay: -Allow selection of positions, so we don't have to fill the puzzle from the left on every guess. -Allow resetting the current level, with a reset counter for the current solve. -Provide pattern or texture overlays for color-vision-impaired players to apply to the colored balls, to help distinguish them. -Add a "very easy" category for children or the easily intimidated
Long time never play mastermind since I was a kid. It is time to use and train my mind a bit instead of playing real time action games all the time.
The game works well and is true to the original what I don't like is having to back out of two screens to get rid of the game. Also the free version has some really annoying advertisements to games that are unrelated and would not be something that I would play.
Is there no way to remove ads? They drive me crazy and really ruin my experience. I love the game, so I'd happily spend a couple bucks to remove them.
Best version of Mastermind I have found. Love the levels, easy to place pegs in specific locations, ads are not overwhelming and are very short.
The only feature I wish they had was the option to copy a previous round/guess onto the current row. But otherwise it's worked fine for me and it's enjoyable. (Have had app 2 days.)
This is probably my favourite board-game, and it's good to be able to play it using my smart phone. However, this version makes it hard to put colours where you want them, and to re-arrange colours as needed. Apart from that, it's fine.