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MasterChef: Dream Plate (Food Plating Design Game)

MasterChef: Dream Plate (Food Plating Design Game) for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Animoca Brands located at Unit 417, Level 4, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4W and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty fun game just a few reasons why for the 4star rating. The game is limited its only for once a day and that kinda gets boring quick. makes me feel like its a job more then a game if that makes sense lol. So i would highly suggest adding a story mode or a unlimited challenge along with the limited challenge you guys have now. But other then that i like it :)
The game looks fun but I'm stuck on the tutorial because it makes you change your name but it won't let me pull up a keyboard.
It was good the first week..but now none of my dishes are being judged so I dont have any results....which means no prizes. And it startes to get a little repetitive. There needs to be different kinds of challenges.
I love it! I just wish it didnt crash so much... Hopefully you will have more levels soon. Id really like to keep it so i can play alot.
The game is wonderful love the pressure test lol.. But I think tht it should b less wait time on judging the dishes 24hrs is a bit long .. Also an upgrade on graphics.. I have another question. When you go up a level what are the stickers for. I think stickers should b replaced with food dishes. Other than tht overall good game I njoy playing.
I got stuck at editing profile because I just type my name and it refuses to show the keyboard for some reason and plus I thought it will work when I leave the app and then rejoin the app, it still stuck. I hope you fixed the app if you do. Thanks
This game has a lot of potential to be popular just as long as there are ads in some other popular games like PUBG. The game itself has some issues but I think it's just because it is just released to the public recently. The loading screen is a bit long. It's a bit slow. The good side of this is that it can sometimes make you feel like your a masterchef while not actually cooking and stuff. The game design is a bit original of not totally original. I just hope the issues are fixed in a few days
sir The graphic has to be improved. Features have to be added and the game has to be optimized. Batter has to be made.
Great awesome games just need to add a lil difficulty in the game make us prepare our own dishes from ingredients,scratch to see if we know how to cook But awesome game overall
I just downloaded yesterday and already 20 plates had been submitted but no result at all. I have judging like hundred plates but where is my result??? The only reslut I have is the very first plate from the tutorial. I have been waiting like 26 hours of my result, and I dont find the answer. You make all challenges closed and wait for 1 day, but no other entertainment while waiting for the next challenge (next day). What a really boring game..
I just started playing and it's going great but IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED! When I try to play an ad it just kicks me out, so I tried going to the FAQ and it kicked me out again! I even restarted and it's the same. Please fix this!
This is a great game, however a couple of things to point out to improve it. There is no way you can see previous dishes you have made, so unless I'm missing something there, it would be good to have that added in Unlike other similar design games, this does not tell how long there is left until you get results, so that would be a good addition to put in
Oftentimes, while attempting to submit a dish, the little icon just spins and spins and spins, so the dish never gets submitted. Other than that it's an okay game.
I like it. It's different from other cooking games, it's about plating. However, missions are really few and once I hv finished them then there are nothing else to do except for judging, and seems like hv to wait till next day for new missions. Hope the developers add more contents in the game, maybe some roasting from Ramsay would be nice too.
There is something wrong with the challenges. Although I have met all the challenges requirements, it's always telling me that it doesn't meet the requirements and I am unable to submit my entry! Is there a bug?!
It sounded promising. But the game froze and will not go past the customize your profile feature. It will not pull up the keyboard so you can input your name. Meaning you can't play the game any further than your first challenge.
The game is a rather boring one, the only interactivity is either voting on other people's food pictures or you making your own pictures. I was hoping for something more active to do in the game like you make the dish and then present it. Also I ran into a bug when I opened a notification of another app while playing the game and the game restarted from the beginning mystery box. I deleted the app after that. The game also seemed to lag a lot it took a lot of time for inputs to register.
The gameplay is exceptional. I wish I could say the same about the graphics. It would be a whole lot better if the food was hyper realistic and not cartoonish. Also, controls are flimsy and clunky, and needs a lot of improvement. Looking forward to more exciting content.
I love the game so much but after i got into head chef level, it showed no challenge available. Sooo saaaad
Terrible! When i installed it, i came to the point where i had to vote for someone else' dish. And that is where it ended. I could not do anything further. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still had the same problem. Pls fix this asap.😑
Its a very good game with good graphics. I liked it a lot. I was searching for this kind of game as I'm a fan of masterchef. But there is a problem. I can not judge. Its always says, connection problem even when i have a stable connection. Please fix it.
I love this kind of app it make me satisfied for cooking but one thing missing the whole baked cakes pls can you add some, and also one of my favourite to do in this app is to buy some ingredients, i really love it. I hope you will update it with more ingredients and also more activity of a day maybe 15 activity to have.
I actually loved this game until the challeneges would not refesh and I was stuck with nothing working. I would give 4 starts overall before glitching. Its unique but also could use a lot of improvement
Add More competition to the game by either turning on multiplayer, support multitasking, and teach since you have to actually COOK food on MasterChef. So your game isn't entertaining and will be UNTIL you actually give us what we want to prepare for the food to create by using ingredients as an effective way so it can help us in the future. So fix your game, give us the ABILITY to Cook food ourselves by letting us feel what we have to do, and add more competition so we can actually play.
Cooking experience in the building your own place and getting to judge other people's plates but now I have done four days worth of boxes and plates and voting but still no votes on any of my stuff no results from voting so could you please fix this or I will uninstall
I love the idea, however it's becoming very repetative and a bit restrictive. A wider variety of foods is needed. I dislike how it restricts to certain foods for different challenges. It leaves little to the imagination and when voting, everyone pretty much has the same dish. Speaking of voting, I've been playing for a week now and completed every challenge, but I get no results on the dishes I've created. Again, great idea but needs more options for players.
Of course this game needs more improvement. But I love this how it was. I was actually so excited to play this game since when I saw it and pre registered immediately. I am so happy as an MasterChef fan 😍 and I would also love to join that, show someday. But this is absolutely wonderful!
Hi there . Your game doesn't work properly.it freezes and It doesn't let me press the other options.it makes me go to one place and freezes
Its a really good game, generous rewards and not difficult to progress so you can really enjoy playing and not worry about spending real money. Graphics are beautiful and controls are easy. But there is only lile 5 missions to do everyday and then you cant do anything but vote which gets boring. If you added more levels this game would be amazing so therefore only 4 stars.
I've been looking like a game like this - looks great but there is a malfunction. At the tutorial stage when showing you how to judge others dishes, there are no dishes showing and no way to exit out - frozen on the page and cannot progress further.
I've waited for this app .and it's really amazing . the best cooking game I've never tried .i liked it so much, and im sure thats many people will like it ,so try it .🧑 but there's a problem wish it : every time i went to the market the game stops , and sometimes for no reason . probably it's will be a perfect game without the problem . nd i want to play it as a perfect game😊 , so i can give 5 stars . plz fix itπŸ’” nd tnx for all ur hard works 😻, good luck πŸ€.
Was fun at first, very interesting and passes the time, but it's gotten really boring and annoying doing the same exact challenges over and over every other day.
Once I understood how to play the game and complete the challenges as there is no tutorial or walk through or explanations of what's what but I actually really enjoyed the game & whipped through the challenges I went from level one to level 13 just completing the available challenges now I have to wait one day for results also important once you start a challenge do not back out of it I did that a few times and lost coins and them coins is vital to you completing the challenges and advancing
Changed my rating at first it was great, now going up higher levels it takes a lot of time. What doesn't help either is the meals to prepare are basically all the same, it would be nice if you can design your own meal using all the ingredients you have, but for the challenges there are only a select few and it does get very repetitive
This was one of my favorit cooking shows and was really looking forward to playing the game and yet I cant get past the part where you turn in your plate to the judges.So very disappointing.
There's no creative options at all. What's the point? Try Food Stylist instead, it's new but it's so much better in every way.
I love this plate designing game. It gives me a ton of ideas for food display and garnishing with variety of foods and sides that sometimes I can't find anywhere. This game made me come up with lots of ideas to project when I'm in the kitchen thinking of how I'm going to present the dish. I love this game. But it lags sometime not too often. I hope there's more to come to this new innovating game! I support!
it is very good game .. but when i open this game it will be down ..... please correct this situaition .... and next time you make good game ... without 100 mb .... only 99 mb .....
This game needs a lot of improvement. When I frist pre-download this app I thought it would have receipts and fun challenges to cook but, it is so different than what I expected. I know that I can't expect everything to be true,but when I played the game challenges, it was horable I have to buy decorations that didn't even fit the team.I can't even position the food on the plate the only thing that I can position are where the plate is and where the edits on the picture are.
I love masterchef and I am very happy with this game playing from 1st day when it released and I will keep playing it πŸ™‚. Post on 17.3.21 please don't remove app update it give us more content to play means more challenges and more dishes to make ...please don't remove app...😒😒
OK so, the game is fun and relatable... But you cannot have all challenges used up and closed in one day or it will not be fun anymore. The less people get to play a game, the less they want to play it. So y'all should have like mini challenges or something for when other challenges are closed. Fix this, and I will give you 5 stars. Don't fix it, and I will uninstall.
Its a nice and fun game! 'Especially to me because I watch masterchef.But it would be more nice and fun if its a cooking game,beacause when you hear masterchef the first thing that would come to your mind is cooking.So I hope you make a cooking game.But again its nice and fun!
giving 3 stars because ive had the game for awhile an for the past couple days, no new challenges have been showing up. everything is blank. so i uninstalled thinking that would help but when i installed again.. all my progress was gone and i have to start completely over. and still everything is blank. no challenges, cant judge anyones good. there is nothing. i was really enjoying in the game, not sure whats going on?
I love this game! I love that you put all type of foods from each race/ nationality🌷 Its a very easy game and they give you good amount if prizes, its similar to other games but better! This does not cause any stress and I could play it for hours! But the problem is there are only limited challenges each day, but overall it's an amazing game!
I love this show so much so when I saw this app I knew I had to get it. Recommened this to people who love cooking! (Like me!) I also really like that you can vote for other dishes. Plus, I like how you can edit your profile picture! Lastly, I like that there are no ads unless you want to buy something or want mkre coins or diamonds. Love this app!!
It's a nice game so far...but I think it could be more challenging meaning u could add a feature where the person playing the game can cook and create their own dishes and it should be more exciting add more features to make it feel and look real .....while plating I get bored sometimes and fed up... cause that's all I could do with the game..
The game is ok but it is not flexible in terms of I want to dress the plates. There is also big issues. After submitting the dish, the screen just freezes my money and diamonds are already deducted. When I restart the game, everything had disappeared.
This game is fun and very relaxing (chill) .. I just think you should add just a little more too it b/c after a while it's all the same thing... Like for the rating results you should add real judges avatars to tell the score or add other players to the timed challenges so it's just not a one player type of thing. Other than that the graphics are great and so is the app it works fast . Just add some more to it...
UPDATE: I can't send you guys a message thru ingame tech support, because the game wont load further at the "There, your dish has been submitted to the judges" so I litterly can't get into the game. Installed it, finaly found a game like this. Then the tutorial, alright no problem. Finished the challenge, and it keep loading. After literally 30 mins I force closed the app, reloaded, used items are gone.. have to do that challenge again.. and same thing happends... disappointing πŸ˜”
A little boring! Could be better if it had more flexibility as to where on the dish you could put your food and dressing and garnish. Also, could be better if they added a part where you could upload pictures of your real dishes.
I really want to play this game - but I can't get past the opening. No keyboard shows up to enter my player name, and there is no way to bypass this step. I even uninstalled and reinstalled this game - a process that took way more time than it should have
The new challenges take too long to appear, I've been waiting for longer than 24 hours, is it just me?
So far I like it. Needs more options though. More ways to differentiate between the plating. Backgrounds, garnishes, etc., It would be nice to be able to change the size and positions of the dishes. More options overall!
I found the game interesting! But for the past 2 days, I find no challenges. It shows as "No available challenges. Please come back and check again later"
First impressions are this game is pretty fun! It's very similar to other games where you have to pick and choose what you like, starting from the plate to the entree/side, any garnishes and even sauce patterns on the plates. You can add effects to really make your plates stand out in the contests that you enter. I wish there was more of a social aspect to the game, like groups. I would also really just enjoy more missions or things to do, once you run out of challenges that's really it for day
This game is amazing! I pre-registered it and when it downloaded, I received a good amount of prizes, unlike other games. The only thing I would change about it, is to have unlimited challenges each day, because I just finished all the challenges of the day and I have nothing to do anymore. So that was the only disappointing thing that I faced till now. But everything else is great! The graphics, the details and every other thing is really good! Impressive! :)
I like the game but for the past 2 days now it says no challenges available. Its disappointing that I have to uninstall.
For those who always watch the TV show including me, i love this game. It makes me learn how to plate an interesting dish, instead of the taste of the food. Please on the next update, add the PvP features where both 2 players are given a limited time to create a dish.
I made it a 2 star because it starts off hreat then after 9 dishes i dobt even get an option for another challange so now im just stuck. Its been 24 hrs and there still arnt any challenges available
Great game. Different from all other cooking games. But it's bit slow loading and lags sometimes. Make it a competition between players other than voting for others. Only 8 times we can cook a day. That's so sad. The most important question, when I can become a master chef?? At what level??
I really enjoyed the game! I like the graphics and the variety of the food. It wasn't your usual "cooking game", but at least it wasn't too forcing on its currency and stuff, unlike some (cooking) games. There's only few challenges each day, though it 's understandable since it just started. Nice game!
This is a very good game πŸ‘ I was going to give this game a 5 🌟 but it will need to have some improvement in the game like if you could actually Cook the meals instead of just selecting from food that is already cooked,it would make the game more realistic, and it would be nice to be able to present our plates of food to real judges
I love the concept and it could be an amazing game, however it's very limited in the food, food customization, etc. Got bored within 10 minutes of playing.
Update don't bother with this game!! Since the beginning of the game I've had dishes voted 5 stars but yet my profile after 2 months says 1..fix the system please! if you get 5 stars why are you not getting bonuses for this? This game is not challenging & it's repeativtive with the devs repeating themselves not helping at all! nothings been resolved ive read through many of these ratings & sadly most is still going on after nearly a year..fix your game & start caring devs or take it down!
This is basically a bland design game. Unlike other design games, the ability to be creative is very limited, so mostly every entry looks alike and repetitive. There are barely any unique food presentations that you can use, less than 8 usually, many of which you must pay coins or diamonds for or are locked until you level up. Additionally, you can't move the food around and make your own food placements while plating. At least it's trying to be different and isn't another cheap matching game.
I installed it twice thinking it was gonna work after uninstalling because it won't give me the option to put my name in no keyboard comes up im very disappointed I love games like this and I can't get past naming myself unbelievable πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ