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Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen

Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Appxplore (iCandy) located at 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #06-05 Singapore 139951. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The Game looks nice, but thats about everything you should expect. It's starts out very fast, presenting you the mechanics and explaining them. After that though, come a massive paywall straight into your face. After just about a day of playing, my progress came to a complete stop without any options other than my wallet. That was at about stage 100 and even with the tons of free stuff I got with the Luna event. It's sad to see developers do this kind of thing.
The return of the charge was processed eventually, but it still required me to go through customer service and leave a review. As a game, it's ok, but I still wouldn't advise people to "try" the subscription unless they want the hassle.
The game is pretty engaging,the best part about the game is the character story ,I reached level 45 and there are many more to go,it doesn't even force player's to spend real money, thanks for the pre registration reward 😁,I would suggest you to play it at least once
This game is so good I like the art style and the way it looks and it has a great gameplay overall, but I think that it would really use a better performance.(keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΏ)
Game is Super Cute! I love the aesthetics. It is fairly easy at the start, but there is a bit of involvement with leveling and other boosts. I find it relaxing and adorable.
The art work is so clean and very vibrant. The way the game works is very interactive. The only thing wrong with it that the game shuts it self down and you have to start it up again(every minute or so, don't know if it it's just me). Other than that a fantastic game😁
I don't know it's bug or the setting is like that, it's annoying. Everytime when I close the game I couldn't get any coin no matter how long the time passed. I must let the game running to get coins.
It's fun so far. The character designs here are really cute and the story hits home. However I have concerns that this will turn into a pay to win game. I hope it doesn't come to that..
A "Almost heroes" style idle game, but with a Japanese flair and an orb-matching mini-game for special attacks. Definitely a unique take! The art and aesthetic of this game is wonderful! I do like the "loyalty" program they have for micro transactions, though haven't bought anything yet myself. Definitely worth a download.
Adorable and fun way to pass the time. So many exciting things to discover within the story and gameplay. Very enjoyable!
The tutorial is a lot easier and shorter than other games of this type. It's a cute and entertaining combat system with no ads in sight, I'd recommend this game to anyone interested in a new idle type of game.
Great mechanics and graphics! One suggestion, add some perks for standing in the back and front row. Example would be Masketeers in the front row will have 5% more dodge chance. This can differentiate between offensive and defensive traits.
Looove the art, story and character descriptions. The gameplay itself is enjoyable and has a variety of abilities and ways to upgrade. Favorite aspect is definatly how cute the characters and little pets(sparks) are.
I love it, i love the idea of the game, the art, the colours, and etc... I could've played it longer if it's not always lagging. It definitely ruins the experience, even after i updated it, it's still lagging. I hope y'all fix this. This is very nice, i might download it again next time.
Spend long hours playing this, though usually stop when my phone needs charging. Favourite aspects are the concept and designs. Having a bit of lore/story bonus to this (opening and character bios) is a great hook, in my opinion. Only downside is how much it drains the battery, though tis understandable. All in all, thank you for making this.
Good game but kept crashing my blue light filter, which sucks. Also completely restarts the app when I switch apps even for a moment, don't like that. Pretty straightforward gameplay and pretty art
Edit: Previous issue was fixed. Game is very cute and it runs smooth, although sometimes I get an error when it connects to the server. Game was designed for you to either watch a looot of ads, or pay with real money. Best part of the game for me are the backstories, which are very sad, and for some reason, relatable :(
So after playing this game for about two weeks I can definitely say it is the best idle game I've ever played (although I'm pretty easy to impress). The game itself is so simple yet very intriguing and difficult to explain. Another thing I've noticed after looking at the reviews is that the dev's individually respond to EVERY SINGLE REVIEW which is just bonkers! You guys are absolute Chads. 6/5 all the way <3
This game is so cute! I really like it. The costume change is a super plus. The intro has a manga-vibe to it, it's a nice twist. Hearts to the developers!
I love the game. The artstyle is cute and it's easy to play but the reason why I gave this 4 stars because after u get used to this game, it'll get boring but overall great game :)
I love the game so far. But you should add an index of the types of wraiths you've defeated. So you can still see their masks or what they had looked like.
A lovely idle game with pleasant artstyle and - for its genre - good gameplay. The story tidbits in character profiles are geninely interesting and tug on the heartstrings, and the entire mask aesthetic brings it all together in a nice way. There are enough different mechanics to keep the sense of progress, and it can even get challenging at times, rewarding strategy and good item and skill matchups. Probably my favorite game from this developer so far! <3
Would love to have more rewards after unlocking King; like more skins and visages, character lore and story content. The art style and gameplay are definitely engaging, and even though I feel like I reached a cap for what the game has to offer aside from further grinding and leveling up, I keep coming back to play some more. The themed special events are a great start!
Very nice bright graphics and ear friendly sound effects, animations are not the best, there's no global chat or any multiplayer to be seen,when you come to the point where you need to Transend and start over,is when the game just becomes boring, after a few hours of playing there doesn't seem to be anything new left to discover.
This game is good but it's kinda like afk arena maybe adding something new and interesting to change it up and it's a bit easy
I downloaded this game about two weeks ago and I have been playing every day. The game is not complicated and really well made, which makes it really compelling to play. I usually log in when I have nothing to do or when I'm just chilling and it always makes me feel better for some reason. I highly recommend it
I think this game is great. Game play is cute and the characters are just adorable and even the enemy is cute. I would definitely recommend this game. It's easy and fun to play. Very addictive.
This game is honestly everything I've been looking for, definitely worth your time. The animation is beautiful and the gameplay is well thought out.
Its fun and theres things to do but my thing is its not gettin harder i need more of a challenge everythin is a one shot even the bosses the game is cute and fun with the different masks to but ya.
Falls somewhere between a complete idle game and lots of on screen tapping. Does not have a lot of the qol things most idle games have. Still very much in development, which is fine, but the most recent update took something away from paying players. Devs have a tendency to change things quickly and sometimes without mention in patch notes. Both a virtue and a vice, depending on the outcome. I wanted to stick with this game, but that 1.17 update made me lose faith in the direction of the game.
Though it may be a great offline game,some freebies involve a connection. Hope that it would be fair to offline and online users
Great graphics, story and gameplay! Easy yo level and understand the mechanics, looking forward to how this game will develop!
edit: i ran into a bug, i got to stage 520, but the game took my twilight clock from me. its a pretty cutesy game~ it is admitedly fun and satifying, i like it a lot, but man is is microtransaction heavy, although, they dont force ads on you, so thats a wonderfull bonus!
So far this is such a cute and fun game! I love the style and the game play. I'm intrigued by the characters and their stories. I'm excited to see if this will continue to be interesting and will be a game I play for a long time
This game is really fun, I got addicted when I played for the first time. But the graphics are a bit unstable... I'm not saying that the graphics are bad, but it's taking too much RAM for a cartoon design game, please consider making the graphics better/compatible. But anyways, Good job at making a very good game :). P.S: sorry for bad English
Nice diolauge. Cool Character. Haven't played the game much but if I like it even more il change it to 5 stars but I so I far I love it.
I've been waiting for this game to come out and forgot about it, saw the ad and I just had to check on it, the art style is amazing and storyline is good in general with there being so many unique things added on to it, I hope this game will keep updating and hope more people come to play and appreciate it! (≧▽≦)
So far I really love this game. The graphics are super cute, the characters are adorable, they also have some pretty profound quotes.
Game play is pretty basic but a fun spin off of clicker games. The orb mechanic makes it feel more interactive and youre given a sort of extra reward for watching ads with a ranking system which you can increase by watching ads or making purchases. The art is amazing though!
This games is very nice and awsome art animation. But it hard to know the number of buff stacked,astral meter counter,.. Can you rework the astral bust and wisp. Astral bust only really help to let you skip early stage it fall of later on ( maybe increase dmg base on level of heroes or wips). Wisp has a very small stat bonus, maybe add evolution like queen crabs (crab wars). It not a big problem take the time you need.
A lot of skill are used into void because of wave-switch - could this be fixed? All-in-all game is good and fun so far good. A lot like taptitans but more idle, not tapping. Because of this it's easy to watch ads (which also adds vip-status by bit). Donation propositions are not annoying which is cool.
This game is the BEST EVER I can't even explain how addicted I am To this and the cute characters and their backstory is full of drama and I LOVE IT!! I recommend this game to anyone who likes simple and cute games :D love all of you and take care❀️
As someone who like anime & mobile games, I gotta say the chibi (small) models for the game are πŸ‘Œ, and the UI is easy to navigate and for some reason I can't open the hat crates? But besides that 1 bug (as for now and who knows if there's gonna be more, I hope I said that in a non rude way) and it makes it feel like I'm playing a story from a manwha (Chinese comic). But gotta say the game is atleast a 100/10 (in my opinion) and the game is a little grindy if you like those types of games.😌
this game is a great game. It has amazing art and graphics, so it makes it more enjoyable for the player. Although I will say one thing. The bosses are basically as easy to defeat as the normal monster guys. So I hop they get that updated. But anyway, great game! Would recommend!
Would have been a five star if it wasn't for the gold fish giving me good rewards only for me to watch glitchy ads that bugged out my phone. The art style is adorable amd lovely to look at.
I really like the game, it feels pay to win like but I enjoy grinding as long as it is not excessive my main complaint is the crashing it crashes constantly I can't even play for longer than 10 minutes without it crashing. In fact the intro crashed 3 times before I was even able to play if this gets fixed I think it is a 5 star game.
wow it has similarity with Sky: Children of the light, it has the same style character (yes mask+robe), similiar enemies (shadow), and the same theme even with the after life which is eye of eden in this chase is Ascending (and the music have the same feel) it's like you copy Sky:CotL and made it into idle game
This game is actually pretty good, i feel a Persona vibe from it. Personally i feel like it could definitely benefit from a full on story expansion, complete with cutscenes and whatnot Edit: While a lore expansion is great, in refering to full on story mode, showing each characters personality in full
Signed up for this game before it released. When it downloaded, I'd be lying if I said I was disappointed! I love how it's an idle, yet you can also interact with the game to a certain extent, but not too much as to ruin the point of it. There are no major bugs, and it's really cool to read the stories of the characters and think on what similar connections they have that earned them, out of every other possible person, their masks. The art & colors are also great. Not too flashy, nor too dull.
Really nice game! Love the art and music, its really clean you can easily navigate trough screen even if you just started! Overall, i really like and recommend it!
Offline progression does not work, even with a stable internet conenction. Not to mention that "offline" implies, well, no internet. Offline. In addition to this, you state that the game can be played offline, but you require internet for a few things. Chests and - apparently - offline progression. I'm just deleting the game.
This game is very relaxing but also very fun. ngl i HATE idle games but this game is so addictive. Each characters have a different back story. It's so fun I can't describe it anymore 🀣🀣
I've been playing for 4 months now, and I am still here. I reached floor 1400, and the game is just as balanced as it was when I started. With dedication, F2P players can win the weekly tournaments, and I appreciate all adds being optional. The premium currency goes far with proper planning. I also appreciate the bribe of total adds watched giving perks, even if they take a while to earn. My only complaint is the optional skins cost 15$ each.
I'll be honest: it's a little bit difficult to get a hang with at first, especially since so many things happen at once. But I found myself really enjoying it. It was because of Velinxi's art that I even found out about it!
Great game but it freezes, lags and crashes a lot. Have no idea what triggers it because it crashes at the randomest times, like when I'm upgrading characters or clicking on the little koi that walks around the screen. I think this is a glitch, but I'm getting rewards for levels I haven't beat yet. Currently I'm on level 30 but I'm getting rewards for level 40. Overall, great game! Keep up the good work. πŸ’•
Extremely laggy, cant get it to login to my Google account so I'm stuck playing as a guest, and whenever they offer a prize for watching an ad it doesnt work. It says I have to be connected to wifi but I already am. Aside from this it is a very fun idle game.
I remember chancing on an external Apk because the one from the play store was crashing, but this in turn led me to be banned from events. However, the team was extremely helpful in understanding the situation and took quick action to help me get back on track, after I got the play store version to work! Thanks a lot for your help!
Great game, very annoying that I cannot trust it to not continue advancing when it's offline, I come back to levels where cannot do anything basically.
The game is ok for the most part. There's nothing wrong technical wise I just wished there was plot and a good story to follow so that I'd be more hooked. Unfortunately it's just plain battle and earning rewards. If you're into that by all means but I wanted some action.
I absolutely adored this game ever since I first installed it in March!! But let me point out a recent problem with the Visages and how they are for some reason taken off the Masketeers (they must be in the team for this to happen) the day after you put it on them. I have this issue with Felina and Coro's Easter visages from the related event 2021, so pls fix it.
Fun, F2P friendly and great art design. There isn't much I can say that hasn't been said already, however there are a few things that keep it from a 5 star rating. There are frequent lag spikes that can crash the game and after upgrading Falcon's Enduring Rain talent to LV.3 his ultimate dosen't activate and he stops attacking. It's not unplayable but it ruins the experience.
I thoroughly enjoy this game, but it bothers me that some cosmetic items are locked behind a paywall. I think it would be better if you could add a way for players to work towards getting the cosmetics, maybe through crystals or an event currency, alongside the paid option.
Good game! So far no lagginess in the game and there are good graphics, although I suggest nerfing the upgrade price It's a little too overpriced. Other than that, the game is flawless.
Autoplay is fantastic while looking at stats and skills. One star off because it kept crashing offline and restart from beginning on android phone.
I was stuck in some part of the game and the developers took their time to help me get out of that situation. Great response from their team and I'm glad to give this game a 5 star! Keep it up and thank you so much!!
This is a great find for me. Rare to find a game that has a very interesting backstory and character. Great graphics and music, simple control and quite a lot of features as well. Gonna keep playing this a see if it remain good till the end😁
I love this game, but I went to make a purchase during transcendence, and I had a momentary blip in my connectivity during the transaction, so it errored out. I tried to redo the purchase, but it said I already had the item. It went through to my bank, but I didn't end up actually getting the item I purchased (the 10 more tokens).
The characters are cute and their stories are interesting too. It has been an enjoyable idle game, although I do hope they add more characters or skills. I already maxed all my chara skills, which kinda make me feel like the game's finished already. Edit: thank you for the level up button XD I wish there was a function to set the sfx's volume. I think the sakura koi notification is too loud.
This is an really amazing game but it's just too hard I wish there was an pause fight button so that we can level up by not geting distracted bc I'm at level 103 rn and it's really hard so if this game gets a little easier then I'll get it to a 5 star.
Basically just another stats grinder with pretty graphics.Managed to get to about level 750 (with guardians maxed out) & it goes all the way up to 4000.Would take months of mind numbing grinding! Lazy gameplay in my opinion. Not enough variety & once you have unlocked all characters gets repetitive & boring.Try "Almost a hero" instead, similar concept done far better.
Should be rated 18+ for gambling!! Great game ruined by monetisation. Your first ascension is followed immediately by a slot machine that uses the premium currency "crystals" to gamble for a chance at earning 5 star runes. The latest event is another gambling game, dice rolling, again which uses premium currency to earn more rolls and even that has gambling games in it. It's disgusting. Shame, I really like the game underneath it all.
This game is incredible perfect grahpics. I love that its idle game. I love the way the game is made i have played for a while now. I do recomend buying the pass.
This is Amazing! I love it! The graphics, the background music, the Designs, The instructions, all of them! The game is sick!
This game is real nice, the characters are real cute and the graphics are πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Its not too much for a small game, I really enjoyed playing this game. A definite recommended game for those who likes idling games :3 Good job Devs!!
I just installed it and stuck at the quest tutorial. It said to click the wuest button and it bugged at there please fix it
Not an offline game when almost all the features including event need connection. While at the same time the server are pretty hard to connect with mid speed connection. But still a good game with nice features and graphics. With better server and improved connectivity this one deserves five stars.
Its a very cute game!! I enjoy the colors, and the masks are fun to collect, I enjoy the lil characters and how many different things there are to click,, every sound and aspect is beautiful and satisfying :^) the gameplay is gratifying and visually pleasing
Hey umm,look im a real anime and manga lover and this (ya'know with the masks?) Really gives me naruto tailed beast vibes and it would be really kool if you added those type of things! Like different forms and stuff! I haven't played yet so im writing to you now as im waiting for the dowload but please take these things into mind! Thank you bai! 😁😁😁
It is a neat game! I love the art style and the characters look really cool, however I don't care too much for idle games, but I only recently installed it, and I have enjoyed it!
I'm not gonna lie, I don't usually get addicted to mobile games, but this one in particular has got me HOOKED. Each character has his/her own unique story, there's seasonal events, tournaments and a ton of rewards and benefits you can get for free just by watching ads! The game doesn't force you to buy stuff with IAP's, but if I had the money, I would definitely buy something in the store to support the game and developers. iCandy did fantastic with this game and I support you guys all the way!
Love this game so much this is such a good offlineXonline game...but its been while can you add more character and maybe new feature and stuff i love some events we have but please make new feature on game ThankYou
I've been playing since beta and let me tell you, it's a fun afk game. Unlike other afk games, it manages to keep giving you more and more to do, even if it's not something in the story line
I am playing a game from a long time and I am very satisfied with the development in the game. But I have a problem that it shows something has come in my inbox but I am not able to open my inbox.
Good game, Nice graphic, Great story line. To DEV: It takes forever to progress in the late game, NightingGale animation is quite stiff, NightingGale ultimate is quite OP and more OP with Coro's Tuneful Protection at Max, Maybe add more charaters
It's so detailed and creative. It makes you want to play all day. The only problem I have so far is that there is no actual "idle" gameplay. They just keep fighting over and over again. Other than that, it's a fun game to play!
beatiful game and music, my only complaint is that some of the main functions are locked when your internet is disconected, other than that, this might be my fav game out of the 579 I have played. I hope that the devs continue to give attention to this game.
The game looks great, every time I look at it it makes me happy. The characters I love they have there own backstory. This game makes me want to draw these characters. I hope in the future there well be more characters and more things in the game.
Game is fantastic, I enjoy it a lot. However I am unable to watch any ads to gain any free prizes. It always says they're not any ads available and to try again later
I love the artwork and the crispness of the graphics. The background story is unique and gameplay is engaging. Possibly the best idle game I've ever played. I also love that premium currency is not must and ads are only shown if you choose to watch them for rewards. It's not pushy and ad filled like most games are nowadays. 10/10 would recommend!
I've bee playing this game for a chonky while now, and i have to say, this is by far the best idle game i've ever played in my life. (edit: there is NO ADS at all that you have to watch involuntarily!!!) art is absolutely beautiful, each heroes have their own lore, the collecting part is fun, and it's so elaborate for a simple "idle" game. The gameplay is honestly fun, and i love playing it manually! Keep up the amazing work, Masketeers team!
I really like the game and it's very fare and the monsters get heath every stage and we can upgrade and revive the mask girl/boy what ever they called anyways why does it say masketeers idle has fallen?????? Am so confused
Didn't expect it to be that addicting even if it's just a very repetitive game. There's this eagerness to collect all the characters and reach the highest...
The game is wonderful. I love the mechanics, and the characters and art are amazing! My only complaint is that Google Play connections keep timing out for me lately. I can't play the Lunar New Year event, watch ads, or even hatch cores. This makes quite a few key features unavailable to me, but otherwise, the game is awesome!
This game is awesome! But I've put four stars Because I just started playing this game and so far it's really good. I love the characters and the originality of the theme and story but at the start, I suggest to make it more sense because a mask just popping out of nowhere? But anyways, a great game, I guess I'll be playing this for months
Very nice game, very good monetisation and is consumer friendly. Latest event is very creative and rewarding, glad I saved gems for it because its the first time ive been interested in this style of game enough to want to max out one of its events.
I really do love this game, I love the designs, the music, the characters, but I wish there was more to do, more than just clicking orbs. I wish it could be something I could play for hours, not something to open every so often. Even small things like adding a speed increase option or making it a little easier to level up the masketeers would help I think. Other than that this game is absolutely lovely and I adore it.
It was pretty fun! The graphics and art style was amazing! It was pretty easy to kill all the bosses and stuff because i have such an op team! Hope this becomes more popular in the future!
Pretty fun, although I wish you could add more to it. Not just seasonal but all the time, mainly because there's only events every month or so it seems.
Game is about what you expect, characters that level and clear waves with each level completely eclipsing the previous. That being said if you want to progress expect to watch countless ads. A more accurate description might be this is an ad watching simulator
The game is cute, its fun and its entertaining. It does become repetitive after a little bit but still is a good game to kill time. My only complain is that with the most recent even the only way to get the event outfit/costume you HAVE to buy the pass, if not you can only claim basic "rewards". With previous events you had a fair chance at getting the costumes with the natural progression of the game but now they are locked behind a paywall.
Pretty fun, I really like the aesthetic and the design of the masks and characters. The gameplay is also pretty good for an idle game, I haven't played for too long yet but maybe you could add more content gameplay wise and maybe more on the characters
So far, it's pretty good. I like the character designs and the game mechanics as well. Though I do wonder if even when I'm offline the characters would continue to collect coins or like most idle games they just stop?
The game gas been a lot of fun so far, but my only problem is that I spent gems on resetting my characters' skills, but when I ascended it used my gems and set the skills back to how they were before the reset.
Only just begun, but as far as idle games go, it looks great, has an interesting premise, and seems enjoyable so far. If you are bored and looking for something to pass some time now and then, this is a great choice. Update: Been playing for just over a month now, and while I cannot quite put my finger on it, something about this game keeps bringing me back. All in all, it's a great example of an idle game. Only suggestion, scientific notation for big numbers would be a good option.
Edit: edit: new scrolling noise after this newest update. Very annoying needs the option to turn off plz after many hours of very entertaining and fun gameplay, my only complaints are the legendary mask rates (ive transcended many many times and am currently at round 445) I also hope to see more masketeers and cosmetics!! Obsessed. I just wish I could have a chance to buy the costumes after the offer goes away. More cosmetics would be great all around.
So far so good. No battery saving mode (which simply turn screen black while running). No daily gems it seems.
Artwork is amazing. Great mechanics. Plenty of upgrades. The only thing I'm not seeing a point to get is health. It seems redundant to me. I am only at the beginning so that may change. The only other thing I would say is the idle aspect of the game needs to be explained because it was explained at all other than in the title of the game. I think it would help new players understand how the game works and what's going on.
Pretty cool! It's nice to not be forced to pay to enjoy a game. The art is really good, would love to see more arts from it.
Legit cool and amazing game. Beautifully made with easy to undertand game features and eyes friendly graphics. Kudos to the creators.
This is a great app espesially cute and almost animated but it should be little bit of animated when they have boosts that would great.
I downloaded because it looked like my type of game, cool looking heroes, upgradable to gather more power, simple gameplay, cute graphics. I had to uninstall it because it constantly crashed if too much started to happen. That's unfortunate since I was really looking forward to getting into the game. My Amazon Fire tablet can handle lots of stuff and I only have one game now (Among Us) so it should have been fine. Oh well I guess I can try some other games that won't keep crashing. Thanks though
So I want to start off with the tech support. I have never seen a tech support so receptive before and that deserves a 5 star on its own. The art looks amazing and I enjoy the music. Now to be fair I haven't played much, maybe 5 minutes or so, but as stated before, no matter how the game is, the tech support will get the 5 star from me. I just want to say keep up the good work and "have a good day". Amazing job my friends.
A wonderful game!!! The only f2p game i suppose. Playing for week, reached 336. I haven't paid a dime. The game is really fresh and unique and with superb events all the time it makes the f2p player's life very easy. The part which i love the most about the game is transcendence. And i believe that to be the sole feature that makes this game so player friendly. There are no paywalls due to transcendence. If one feels stuck unlike other games where i must pay to proceed i can simply transcend.