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MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG

MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Scopely located at 3530 Hayden Avenue Suite A Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
awful greedy company. The prices of in game items have increased almost every week since I started and they are almost double now. If you are a new player and not too patient. Forget about progressing unless you are willing to spend and spend. Everything is slow unless you pay. With the amount of game play currently. It is not enough to justify these prices. Worse, after you spend a lot to boost up a hero, that hero may be outclassed by a new hero later and end up in the bargain bin.
After about a year hiatus from this game, i came back and noticed that not much has changed. There are new heroes/villains, new game modes, but the price tag is still the biggest issue i have. They run some good deals at times, and the game looks good, but 35 bucks for not even a full character is not great. Good game for whales/big spenders, but the casual or F2P will have to trudge through the "story", blitzing, arena, finding a good alliance for raids and war, PvP (not arena), and now Iso-8.
I love this game. Hate it at the same time. This game makes you want to spend money. When you see others advancing while you are struggling, and others surpass you when you were way ahead but dont have the bank to stay as competitive as you would like to be. You really feel the pinch but hurts like a punch. Right in the coin purse
Every update causes a new bug. Game consistently crashes or freezes causing you to waste energy Customer support is extremely unhelpful and half of the time doesn't even read the message sent in. Game developers only care about making money on their outrageously overpriced offers, not making a quality game. If you have not already started playing this game I implore you not to. I wouldn't be surprised if all of the 5* reviews were paid for, since they pay people to make videos about their game.
It's really a great game!! It does what many other games fail to do, have that sense of progression with the milestones everyday just makes you feel like everything you do gets you rewarded to get stronger. Although it may be unfair for F2P since it's really expensive to afford some deals (consider adjusting the price because a lot of them aren't worth it from offer to price ratio) Also consider changing some character models (Emma, She Hulk) cuz they can look better (and prettier like IW)
I've played for a while I like the strategy. Didn't like the latest update but its growing on me... just more things to do. May I ask where is the Iron Man Legendary event I literally just got enough SHIELD characters to enter the final round and it disappeared!!! Also I'd really like for you to bring in Professor X, Gambit and Jubilee to team up with Beast and Storm ... it only makes sense. Odin? Hob Goblin? Silver Silver? I can also suggest other characters and ideas as they come up ;)
This is a great game.... for the iPhone. It has been over a week since I have been able to play on Android. An update came out to fix the issues on the 16th... now I can not even change my roster without it telling me I am out of space. I have 50 GB available. This is either one of the worst Android ports ever or the largest game on mobile.
love this game but now after freeze fix on my android, load screen locks on 42 percent...tried everything but uninstall. Pretty difficult to play this game when these bugs happen. Even more difficult to explain my absence to my alliance due to these bugs...hopefully I can get back on and they haven't kicked me. I'm sure they could use my help in current war
It's been a while now that the game freezing problem exist and it's not getting fixed. This is probably one of the best games I've played, but the developer is not able to fix this ridiculous issue or come up with a new update version(the previous ones were working fine). I believe if this will continue more and more ppl will give up and rate down as well. Most epic fall of a good game I've seen, sadly.
This is a decent game to play. However,... the pop-ups for offers get annoying. The game has too many currencies to keep up with. Auto winning a battle never guarantees you the items or character shardsyou're looking for, so it could be days, maybe weeks until you're able to upgrade a character to the next star rank or equipment tier. The ability materials are hard to come by as well. Thus the pop-up-offers tempt you. Invest time or money. Not a game for instant gratification.
Cap was $9.99 when I started. Now characters you need for PVP or endgame are $29.99 just to start. Ridiculous that the characters I worked hard for are now useless and given away for free. Currencies are too vast a minefield to even try to gain. Basically , you broke the original mechanics that made it fun. Now it's just a painful clicky game
So far, one of the best games I played for mobile games. If you like marvel universe, competitive game mode like alliance wars, arena or alliance raiding this the game for you. Now like all free to play games, there is the slow progress and fast progress. If you like to grind your characters and teams up without spending money, then you will spend it on time. If you want to avoid grinding, pay to progress or as in game (whale). I do both I like to grind and spend on good deals.
Great game but OMG, takes forever to load every screen!! My screen protector times out before the game will even load, later alone all the in game load screens! And I get it, the developers want to make some cash for their efforts... but to be bombarded on every screen with desperate efforts to get a purchase, it's all just more than a little too much! Good game but make sure you load the game well ahead of when you intend to use it. ;) And now it has been a week of frozen screens... great!!
So, I originally LOVED this game. The issue is that after the recent update my game has been freezing non-stop and isn't allowing me to play like before. I noticed this happening since 4/9/19 and now I'm unable to enjoy the game fully. Once this issue gets resolved I have no problem giving the game it's full 5 star glory it deserves. Edit: The developers were speedy in their reply and attempt to fix the issue which ultimately worked. Thank you!
Dark missions; I need some explanation. How I loose to a team with less collective power. Over and over again . The most frustrating part is, I like playing the game but I feel I get cheated, because a team of mostly tier 12 with abundance of special power should be loosing to a team with less power. I can go on and on . Same can be said about arena battles. Loose to a team with less power, less ability. The game itself is fun but that loosing aspect sucks especially to a team with less power.
Love this game. Love the characters and it will definitely keep you busy. There is a huge learning curve and the difficulty is pretty high but if you put in the time and effort to build and grow your team you will do fine. I do think some of the characters need a visual update... some just look goofy. Also I do not like the ISO-8 update at all. I feel like it was unnecessary and just added an extra element to each character that they didn't need.
As a Hero collector's game, this exceeds expectations. The animation & strategy elements are outstanding. Character models are impressive & well rendered. As a mobile game, it's alright. Lots of questionable marketing and artificial scarcity implies to the user that others are spending money to get ahead and you should too. FTP routes are present, not obvious. The need to manage resources wisely is also not immediately evident. First 60days, save everything.
Fewer glitches. Farmers welcome on this land. The new characters and game mechanic updates only enrich your experience. The pay options are typically costly but extremely up-front about reasonable expectations. Although there is a range of currencies and recharging energies, there is usually plenty to do for consistent users.
Gameplay is ok, but that is thwarted by the numerous bugs that occur. Game takes forever to load, and when it finally does, it will randomly freeze; have to force close the app. Also takes forever to jump to different screens/activities. When trying to claim milestones or achievements, it will show that youre pressing the button, but nothing will happen. When buying supplies, there is sometimes one item that won't open, but you can open everytning else around it.
Things are overpriced somewhat, but the game works at the end of the day. No really, why would I pay $30+ for a chance at getting a character that I want instead of paying the same price or less for a real game on psn, steam, or the Microsoft store? But not the epic store. Ok that was mean of me, look I can see the appeal of the epic store, it works fine I guess, and they do give away some good free games sometimes. Oh right, Strike Force...spiderman is cool.
Very fun game that keeps you involved. It has playbility issues from time to time but overall is a fairly stable program with excellent graphics. It provides chat features for both alliance only and global chat. The chat feature carries a very strict language and behavior policy so its fairly safe for the younger crowd but not fullproof so I recommend parental guidance if you choose to allow your children to play this. Overall I would recommend this to any Marvel fan over the age of 12.
Great game to play but the updates,lack of caring for the customer,and the prices are ridiculous. They definitely won't drop prices anytime soon with people still spending stupid money on this game. Developers should be more focused on what the customers want in a game not how can they get very wealthy at a fast rate. Make a game where people want to spend money not blow it on ridiculous payouts. Fix the game properly before updating the roster and worthless camera angles Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!
Update- fix finally came through and back to playing without crashes. It is back to being a great game. It has elements of pay to win, but what mobile doesn't these days. They did a good job overall.
After last update it is completely unplayable. Can't do daily objectives. Can't do challenges that only come around once a week with items needed to advance, from freezing. Freezes during raids , campaigns , pretty much anything. Very sad and disappointing. Has been 3 days and no word on any fix yet. Nearly everyone has put a good amount of money into this game and now we are being shafted and no reply. Do not install until fixed or at all!
Coming from swgoh I was hesitant because it looked like the same thing except with Marvel characters. I don't think I've ever been more wrong. MSF is everything swgoh wasn't and though there are similarities MSF does it the right way. I've been playing for 3 months now and there's always something new or different coming out. More importantly all the new content works when it's released. SWGOH should take notes to see what an enjoyable game is supposed to be like.
Awesome hero collector style game, I really enjoy that there is new content made on a regular, super fun events, and many game modes. They actively listen to the community and work on bringing us a great entrainment platform. I'm playing this game more and more, and find myself letting go of other games that I have invested many many hours & cash in. Great events, keep on doing what you do.
I truly love the game. Unfortunately for the developers there have been so many similar games for marvel I'm constantly comparing them to the other games. I wish there was more synergy based on the movies and comics like marvel avenger alliance (MAA) use to do. For example, Wolverine, Phoenix, & Cyclops in MAA have a synergy because of their love triangle story line in the comics. I also don't understand why teams don't began synergy with one person.
I used to rate this a 5 but the game is out of control now. They put out new characters at a rate only whales can upgrade. They made a new mode that half the community can't stand but you are forced to play to stay competitive. New feature iso8 is horrible, confusing and not needed. There is so much to do it is no longer a fun game it is a job and my phone is always on the charger because of it.
thankfully the game has been fixed from the glitching it had, however I have a new device and for the last month have had no resolution from the support on transferring my account, despite several emails being sent I'm receiving nothing in return.
I've been playing this game through all of its highs and lows and I think its finally firing on all cylinders and will only continue to grow. The graphics and game play have always been amazing, and in the past year there has been a constant flow of fresh new content, and in my opinion, player friendly decisions. The developers seem to listen to the player base and put out new content regularly, while also not rushing out some content that the player base isn't ready for. Awesome job Scopely!
Update 19/04: Still getting random freezes in game even after applying the latest update. Seriously sort out the game freezes. It's happened during campaign missions, trying to select a challenge, and now even just logging in to collect daily rewards. The odd freeze is tolerable but not every day!
1. The 4.2 average stars is complete B.S. if you actually look at the reviews. 2. This game is horribly pay to play. I've downloaded the game multiple times over the last year or so. I'll play for a month and get NOWHERE. I mean the system is so bad that I spent over 2000 "gems" type currency in the same character unlock "orbs" and did not unlock a single character. Luckily i didnt pay for them, the were a spam reward because the game is unstable.
love this game. the developers are really responsive. i gave a 1 star because we were having issues. the developers responded to my review and issues fixed. makes the game much better with service like that.
Good game. Would give it 5 stars but it's owned by Scopley so expect random glitches. The pricing for items, as usual for this company, is ridiculous tho every once in awhile there's a decent deal(surprisingly) for 1.99 or 4.99. Anything higher is a waste of money. Is $50 really a good buy for a character or orbs which only give you a chance at characters or items you need? No, not really. And it only gets more ridiculous from there. But the game is fun with an active community.
MSF is a really well constructed squad battler. This is my favorite because of the characters, medium and team synergies. Offers more "deals" than similar games and has better leveling/ability point system. The comic extremist in me gets annoyed at the inconsistencies in the lore - some characters are based on the comics, some on Ultimate universe, some on MCU, it is all over the board. Ultimately this is only something that triggers anxiety and isn't an issue for reasonable people.
Great game!!! Updates mostly or every week, new charcters always being added, the team talks with content creators (Game testers, forwarding the people's opinion) to see the game become better! Love the new Iso-8, just don't like the grind to get Ions. Otherwise, overall, great!
Edit: Thank you to your support team for fixing the freezing and crashing problem. I rate it at 5 stars. I lost over a weeks worth of catalysts challenges and I kinda expected some compensation but I didn't get any. I am very happy it's fixed now though. I enjoy the game thoroughly and all is well now. Thanks again!!!
It was awesome at first, then it crashes to many times after the Alliance War update. Update: The developer just fixed the major issues, the game is playable again. I wish they tackled this issue a lot sooner, especially before the launch of the update. Test must be conducted before a new update is launched to avoid this. Thank you.
I've really been enjoying this game. Now it is important to know that this game is incredibly grindy. You need a lot of saauds really high to be able to enjoy everything and getting to level 60 takes an incredible amount of time, but personally I love that it gives me things to do not just watch my screen like some other games I've played. You really will always do something either playing through their multiple different stories, upgrading your favorite Marvel doing raids and much more!
Definitely needs some bug work. Says I need to complete chapter 2 in order to participate in a certain event but im almost done with chapter 3. (Makes no sense) there's also a daily challenge that days "complete all daily challenges" and I've completed 7 out of the 5 by what it says (also makes no sense) but the game play its self is fun
The game takes a good three minutes to even load, is filled with at least four pop ups for in-app purchases every time you go to a new screen, and feeezes every 15 seconds. I left a bad review before and for a while, the issues were fixed. Because your game is broken, one star. Sorry. Make a game that isn't broken next time.
For what little time your able to play this game without spending money I do enjoy but it's only for a few minutes out of the day it seems like because everything is behind a paywall and it would be nice if this game's resolution would work on the new Galaxy fold 2. Because right now it's hard to play because I can't see everything on the screen so I can't click on everything.
This game is really good. There are aspects in design and overall gameplay that flow real well together. And of course, like any other mobile app, it'll go through a growth process. But with the recent update that took effect, it's gone further down the gambling spiral, that I fear for those who suffer from that addiction. Hopefully you can see that before it's too late
Can you fix the freeze problem quickly?? Its so annoying. I Cant even completed my daily mision because of this freeze. Worst update ever. The freeze active when switching suplies type and when choosing autowin mission to find equipment.Update: And at last the freeze issue is gone in the next update, good job.
Look, I like this game but, ever since Scopely took over, I've seen 2 things happen: 1.We got a lot of cool new updates 2. What we also got was more instability. I know my device doesn't work too well with this game but roughly 4 updates ago, Its been so unstable that I can hardly play the game. This makes sense, sorta, I mean with so many new updates and many things which I doubt were tested extensively, it would only make sense that the stability would fall. Just, I hope it gets fixed.
Lack of resources to upgrade characters: lack of Advanced Phosphates, lack of Advanced Basic Catalysts, lack of Unique items which are not farmable and randomly dropped, lack of gold, lack of energy, etc. New players don't bother! -> Find another RPG. Waste of time and money as you'll constantly find yourself in hurry up and wait mode. You will need to conserve your all your resources to upgrade 1 character. Upgrading 1 character can take a week to 1 month, and there are 70+ characters...do the math. It will take a year and 1000 hours to unlock every character if you're free to play, and if you dump money into the game (don't do it) it will take at least $1000 to get going. The developers make events available only for the legacy players, and do not take into consideration new players.
Great game! It has a very aggressive monetisation but the graphics and the gameplay are great. The leveling up is a little bit uneven, and sometimes it gets frustrating to go on with the campaign. Stuck in level 7 of the campaign, but you can still get some new characters through orbs, anyway.
My game crashed two months ago. I have been trying to get Help from the powers that be, to even get the game to load, so I can play and begin to build again. Keep getting told how they are working on the problem, but never fixing it. Been here since day one, lost a lot. Just want to play and be competitive again, not to much to ask.
It is more of a chore than an enjoyable game. The game, with the new update, now has 7 different forms of "currency" with each requiring different tasks to do. The newest update was it for me. Unless you don't have a real job, don't waste your time, because you won't have the time to keep up (unless you want to spend hundreds or thousands of real dollars)
Support has gotten worse. They used to be good but since the game started crashing every 5 minutes, even after they claimed it had been fixed, they haven't responded to any updates on my support ticket. Their last reply was 10 days from the date of this review. Used to only take them 1 day without fail. I added countless screenshots and in those 10 days, not one reply with an update or acknowledging that they have looked at them. Support has changed and it's not been for the better.
It's a semi-enjoyable hero collector game that gets very repetitive and is a massive time sink. It's possible to f2p, but players are up against many "soft" walls that take time and effort to overcome. Most of the offers for $$ have little value, and the player seldom receives a fair amount for the $$ they spend. Unlike advertisements, players can't just throw 5 favorite characters together and expect to meet much success. It's all based on premade teams, which limits creativity.
Update: Yet again having to re-install this trash heap of a game because it's broken and stuck on the loading screen, and yet again wasting half an hour of my life re-installing character assets and data packs. I'm just saying; but playing Galaxy of Heroes has really made me appreciate how badly made this game is. On SWGOH: The load screens are super quick. I haven't had to re-install it once. Theres no weekly bugs. No monthly apologies for major screw ups. Fix your game and fix your dev team.
This is a great game with brilliant graphics and design and impeccable reasons to play again and again. Another great reason is that, although there is a lot of available purchases, it is not a pay to win game. After weeks of playing, I have already made a lot of progress and continue to enjoy the game just as much, maybe more. I definitely recommend.
Marvel Strikeforce incorporates a lot of our favorite characters, allowing you to team them up in unique combinations through various different aspects of playable modes. The only issue that needs work and seems to be ignored is their matchmaking for their war. Their current system matches up teams that have absolutely zero chance of success instead of matching up alliances in a way that allows the best alliance to win. It would be a lot more fun to play if they fix this issue.
The game is very fun. It has all the marvel characters you can think of. And the gameplay and graphics are amazing. But there is one thing. I think the characters are a little too hard to get. You need to play for a long time in order to unlock most of them. And unlocking them is random cause of the orbs. I have been playing for 3 weeks now. But on all the game is amazing. I hope you find this review helpful.
I enjoy it alot, really like the various characters and their abilities and the ability to combine and synergies that can be found and created. Wish the gears weren't so expensive and the missions didn't require as much energy, also the cost of a tiny virtual character is too ridiculous. Retain the value but reduce the cost of the offers please.
FANTASTIC GAME ruined by player-unfriendly rewards. Every orb is very likely to give out more duplicates, rarely the things you need. Every type of orb is packed with booby prizes to delay progress. OK for new players but very frustrating for longer term players! I spent 570 days and over £1000. A waste of both time and money! Progress is luck based and dependent on red stars. Foxnext really don't care whether the experience is fun for the player, they just want to make BIG MONEY! Disappointing!
game constantly freezes and at least one bug can be expected every patch. this game is a cash grab and if you want to be anywhere competitive, will have to spend thousands (yes, thousands) of$$. FoxNext mainly cares about giving ways to get the whales spend more money than fixing their issues. If you plan on being free-to-play, then plan on playing this for over a year, day in and out but don't expect to be top of anything.
Core game play is fun, but with so many restrictions on what type of characters can be used for what campaigns/events it quite literally ruins the experience. Don't have a high level cosmic team? Can't participate. Don't have a bio team? You can sit this event out. What is the point of the game when you're literally excluded from half the content unless you pay hundreds of dollars to acquire and advance characters?
Overall not a bad game, but it does have some draw backs. First is that you can possibly do a purchase in the game without meaning to as there are a few of the orbs that do not have a confirmation. Second is the low RNG on the character farm stages that can lead to using an exorbitant amount of time being needed for a limited funds game. Third, while many of the characters are presented as an earnable character the some of the legendary characters are truly only pay-to-play characters.
It's great but not too great. Love the animation, skill/battle effects and the character models. A lot of effort was put into this game and I really appreciate the work. Good job. However, as always it's a Gacha Game. As a free to play player , need a lot of time to invest on this game in order to get stronger and proceed further into the game. A lot of freebies and events as well that is really helpful for beginners. You just need to grind/play everyday.
I love this game. It fills my available free time with loads of fun. Updates can be challenging because of some sometimes serious bugs. They do fix them. They USUALLY do it quickly and they compensate fairly for the issues. U can do a lot without spending money if u put in the time and effort. Value for what u get if spending money isn't good. Unfortunately they are squeezing what they can from the sales, but greed runs every game out there no matter who develops it. Get use to it. Still my fav!
This game is a very fun game, takes patience, but overall a game that brings you back. Any problems in game I've had have been answered in a timely manner, even get detailed work arounds for issues until they can be patched. A definite 5star from me. Give the game a chance, remember patience is a must, totally f2p, a pretty decent player base with loads of knowledge
Overall, a great game. The devs have stumbled along the way, but they're producing a game that's fun to play! Not the most F2P friendly game, but it is 100% possible to pay nothing, especially given the terrible offer pricing. Would definitely recommend to any fans of collection games! UPDATE: The implementation of ISO-8, while initially concerning, has added new depth to the game. The only things keeping this game from 5 stars are PVP, the consistent bugs, and ridiculous offer pricing.
EDIT: 4/18/19 update fixed the freezing issues w/ autoplay and menus navigation. HOWEVER, the Alliance War systems still bugged. 24 hours after attack phases and my whole alliance's war energy only refilled to 2/5 w/ 3hours between energy refills. Common FoxNext...that's bogus! Also, War defense boost system and war energy boosts don't work even if stock piled/maxed. Also, add a timer for attacker recharge. Only able to attack 1x per champ used is war of attrition...not strategy as you claim.
fun, addicting, not expensive if you want to spend money, and support. I've never had customer respond and fix things faster. Going on my second year and they keep upgrading. Keeping the game just as exciting as the first day. Great bunch of geeks running the show
I would give this game five stars if it did not start crashing or should I say freezing on me. in the last 2 weeks after 2 minutes of gameplay whether I'll be in the shop or just trying to upgrade characters it just freezes up and I have to shut the program down. hoping the next update will fix this problem. a reply would be nice to this game developers.
Since this last update, the game is constantly freezing. 2 minutes of play and then a freeze. I like the game but if it keeps freezing I won't waste anymore time on it. There are plenty of games out there. Update: Since the Hotfix, absolutely no issues. Thanks for responding and fixing!
I'm editing my review of the game. Been playing over a year now and while I still like the game, it seems like scopely has made the odds of pulling anything good from earned orbs (or purchased) to almost nonexistent. The odds are absolutely awful. It's extremely frustrating, as if they want you to spend money to keep trying to get something good. Then you don't. They added a new upgrade feature called iso-8 which is both liked and hated from what I see in forums. Waitin to see how pans out
Game has great graphics and it is nice to play, but if you want to develop your characters you need to invest ton of $$$$. if you are willing to invest ton of $$$ so this is a nice game to play. Buying orbs offering different options usually gives the lowest choice possible, game seems to be built to make spend as much as possible with minimum rewards, sometimes you are lucky and got the jack pot but it is unusual
Excellent game, after almost a year of playing, i have to disagree with the negative comments. I haven't spent anything and I have a very good line up of characters wuth many are maxed out. Most recently I acquired captain marvel which i have already maxed out in level in just a week. Its all about strategy. As for bugs every game has them but as long as they are taken care of its ok. My only wish is that the Avengers should be revamped to be a powerful team. They should more powerful.
The game has been very fun however the constant advertisements for the different packs make it much less enjoyable. It becomes downright annoying to navigate from one screen to another constantly getting ads not for anything but pay to play style. I really hope this can be changed so that people can more enjoy the game itself and be pestered less by having to pay for something that they don't even want.
It has very nice art and animation, but at the expense of playability. It lags a lot and crashes so much, its frustating to even try to play. You load the game after 2 minutes, crashes for reasons it shouldn't be crashing, then repeats. It's just really hard to do anything since doing anything bugs it out. If you want a game like this, then try Galaxy of Heroes. If you're a fan of Marvel, well sorry to disappoint, try Future Fight, it rarely crashes.
I have a Galaxy 9 and the game freezes constantly. It didn't used to. If you could be troubled to fix it I'll give a better rating. Update: I still can't do the catalyst of change challenge. It freezes every time. Your fix didn't work... Update again: I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now it's been working. Great game!
Easy Pick-up and play with more intricate nuances for a grinder. The devs seem to really listen and constantly make the game better and better. The only BAD is the inconsistency of synergies and character grouping flaws (which might have to do with Sony,Fox,Disney/Marvel agreements). Slightly reminds me of a lesser "Avengers Alliance" game that used to be AMAZEBALLS!!! Would like to see Kraven, Agent Venom, and Spider-Woman since you guys are on that tip.
They did fix the bugs, so the performance is pretty good. Gameplay is good, but it does sometimes stink when there's a big animated assist as you battle the clock, but the scenes are cool otherwise. Not a true pay to win, but there are a lot of $buy this now pop ups which can get annoying..
Not a bad game, but as they continue to update and expand the roster of characters, the glitches seem to grow and expand with it. Load times are crazy slow at times, for me the longest was about 20 minutes give or take. I still support the game, been playing for over a year, but I wish they would work out the kinks.
The game is awesome... specially if you are a fan of the Marvel Universe. The reason why I dont give it 5 stars is because they are just feeding upgrades to their whale players and, like any other app game, is all about spending money (like a lot of money). Dont get me wrong, it is fun enough to spend a little bit but man... devs... slow down.. you all dont have to listen to the big spenders' whining cry for more.. let the other ppl catch up for a bit! Cheers
1 star for being fun. 1 star for it staying fun for longer than a month. 1 star for it being Marvel and having a large roster of characters. -1 star for paid content being marked up 200-300% higher than actual value. Most of their "deals" are complete ripoffs, even when marked down 60%. -1 star for unoriginality of being another star-level freemium clone.
This game is fun. Make no mistake. However, especially after updates glitches keep happening. This time characters quit fighting during arena and timer runs out. Not only does it stop me from advancing my ranking but it costs me purple power orbs. Marvel doesn't like it when people rip them off from cheating which results in loss $, the same for us when a game glitches. Other than that, the game is awesome.
I enjoy this game a lot but I think after a recent update, the game itself freezes randomly throughout the day when I want to play. So, it makes the game less interesting, because of random screen freeze, force closing and reinstall and uninstall to restart the game. Makes any game player hesitate if they want to continue playing like this or if the game makers do something to solve the problem that other users are having problems with
Restoring rating after the great and horrible freeze, an epoch that will be remembered in the history of the Ultimus War. Great game, with many of your favorite marvel characters. Assemble your squads, level your characters, and battle on in this 5v5 style battle game. Overall game play is great with some occasional hiccups. Alliance Wars and Raids keep you interacting with your Alliance and give you daily reasons to play.
Ive been playing for 2 years now and its been fun but lately they keep reducing the ability to earn characters from orbs. If your not playing constantly when a new character is released then its likely you won't get them for a long time unless you pay for them. There's been times where I wish I could stop for just a week but don't do so because then I miss out on a character and they release 3 a month. This daunting for new people to try and play the game, they can't catch up. I'm done playing.
I enjoy playing this daily! A few months back I was rewarded for playing 840 days. This game has had its fair share of bugs but I have always been compensated from support when I report. On the down side.....this game has been ridiculously expensive. I purchased a $ 30 red ord upgrade which gave me 5 red orbs .....all 1 star characters...complete waste of money!
I'll change my rating when you fix the freezing issues. Man of my word. Hope it never has bugs that bad again. Those were horrible. As far as the game goes, this is the most fun and addictive game I've ever played on a phone and it plays more like a strategic console game.
Animations of the combat is nice, but the fall flat from bleeding out is the best. You'd better like the art because about a third of your time is spent looking at loading screens. Combat is quite tactical, unit placement and target selection being very important. Pretty good overall, but loses points for such long load times (20-30s to load a battle galaxy S10) and constant ad pop ups to make in app purchases. Prices aren't the worst for this kind of game.
Ever since Scopley took over earlier in 2020, things have been getting better. More characters, more opportunities to get characters, and new additions that keep the game interesting. The only real downside is the bugs. I haven't experienced anything game breaking yet, but it seems with every update comes a wave of new bugs. Some are simply cosmetic that have no long term effects, but others, not so much. Still worth a download if you like Marvel.
Since the war update, Ive been trying to enjoy FoxNexts Anomaly Detected Marvel themed game...but cant. Go to Challenges, the store, roster, or quests and it freezes. Several times during fights it freezes. Four freezes this morning alone and Ive only been up for two hours. Its been a hot pile of malfunctioning garbage since war, and no patch. Considering it takes them months to acknowledge when a character ability isnt working as described, this probably shouldnt be surprising.
Great game, and it's overall a lot of fun. However, there are so. Many. Bugs. The devs keep the content coming, and some of the prices are much better than in swgoh, if you do indeed want to whale. The thing that kills some of the fun is the bugs. Seriously. Otherwise great game. There's a reason it's been going for years!
sucks!! you spend more time reloading than actually playing the game. even on a fast internet connection it freezes up!! ---after the update im changing my rating to 5 stars!! i like the fact that the developers are quick in making things right and how they show accountability!! good job!!! now im happy
After new update, game won't even load past 36%. Been playing for well over a year now. Been trying to log in since the new update but literally can't, for sh*ts and giggles I left it open to see if maybe it was a time thing, game was left loading at 36% for over an hour while I played on my PC. Possibly the final nail in the coffin that is this game. Too bad as it was fun even as F2P player that dropped small amounts when they had a sale here and there.
I had to redue my review. I love this game and will continue to play as a lot of effort has been put in a different I just love marvel. Biggest complaint I am seeing from the alliance i run is they have now added a new added feature to your charcters ISO think it is a waste of time and just want you to spend more money. Could have totally left that out and just added new marvel characters. It seems to also freeze more during battles in dark dimension and others are having issues in arena to.
This Game just went from bad to worse, I have spent over a year of work on a team I liked, just to find out that in last than a 24hr I have been auto kicked out, after never missing a day, always making my 600 required for team raids. didn't even know that was a thing. According to my team mates. The game prides on FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. It feels like a JOB'... should be against the Law. My social Media should have fun with this one. Good Luck Slave's!
its still freezing. it takes 4 minutes to log in and then if you do before it freezes on log in screen you are bombarded by play to win ads. im glad i havent spent any money on this game. i have tge same phone. it used to work but now this game is broken. im going to uninstall. do not waste 222 days on this game. its not worth 30 days
I would give it 5 stars; but, the amount of high dollar purchase offers gets kinda old. Also, I don't really like the random red star promotions that could give weaker characters stronger powers than the same character with the same amount of regular stars on your roster. Other than that, I really like the game. The graphics are great and the characters are awesome. Gameplay is great too. I like that it is not just a turn based brawling game.
I've been playing for a couple years now and until recently it didnt make you feel it necessary to purchase just to progress. The introduction of their ISO system and the flood in of new characters with little rest to build up and acquire is leaving FTP behind. At first purchasing seemed like a convenience and now its beginning to feel like a necessity. Great game to play, it's just going in an EA esc direction.
well, let's say that the gameplay is ok. as a free to play player you ca advance quite well. The bad? BUGS, BUGS AND BUGS. It seems that this game has no quality team. After the last update, the game freezes after 1 minute. So any quality team will have caugh this issue. But the game was rolled out, and now after 1 week the game is still unplayable and no announcement from the team. And this is the biggest BUG. there are many other small bugs that make the whole game experience very bad
Since the last update marketing takes away from the game. Developers did you know that I was interested in buying in your game until you started forcing it in my face with every other touch in the game? Ridiculous tactics. You have turned this game to a memory hog for your greediness. It now takes forever to load or do anything. This was a decent game until you forced your greed on willing to pay players. Now downloading things without permission shame on you! Deleting this memory and space hog.
if you are on android and want to experience the worst game crashing ever, the most uneven matchmaking, the most pop-up offers, etc.. what are you waiting for? this game is for you! But wait there's more.. if the game crashes in certain shards or gears, no need to worry! they will sell it back to you in their offers! the price will blow your mind! its the most criminal thing ever!
Lots of grinding and you're rewarded with minor/peon style characters. It's not required to pay, but if you want any of your favorite heroes it will either take a TON of time or a fair amount of coin. I'm still playing, but the snail pace of progression will likely lead to either an eventual uninstall or jumping ship to another game that actual rewards me for the time I spend playing it.
Greedy company, always upping the bar on ways to try to get you to spend cash. F2p is dying fast. Update 10/12/20: after a semi successful spending strike from the community i have decided to add 2 extra stars to my rating. While their main goal is still to milk every last cent out of its consumer base, the game has had some changes implemented that are a little more f2p friendly. Iso-8 (mods) has been pleasantly enjoyable and not 100% focus on whales. Keep it up FN.
Moved to 2 stars - the freeze glitch still persists more than a week after initially reported, nothing seems to be done to rectify this and it's become a pain in the neck to have to exit the game every 5 mins and run it back up. Will leave it at 2 as long as this doesn't get sorted out.
I've been playing the game since around February, and yes it's a cash grab but it doesn't have to be. I've found it to be a fun strategy game at points, challenging you to thi k ahead with the moves available to each character and what each character does. I've been inclined to write the review though, as the new update for the isomers keeps crashing on level 2 after two days. I can pick my team and then it's just a character select screen with the option of back and home, but nothing else.
I want to rate this game 5* but I simply can't because if you play this game for any length of time it becomes incredibly obvious how Scopely rigs just about everything to push the player toward making a purchase. I'm happy to spend on a game I love (or loved) as much as this game but I shouldn't have to drop a dime on every little thing. Just stay away and save yourself from having to experience Scopely's frustration marketing. There is nothing RNG in this game, it's all rigged to get your $$.
Rock paper scissors style rpg. To better explain, they have set groups of 5 man teams designed to defeat another group. So your teams will always get beat if they have the counter team, you always pick your team before and after so you can counter the npc groups you face. Most characters are still locked behind pay walls or gamble crests hoping for at least 1 bio of a character. Pay wall is in the thousands of us $ you want to have a decent team. If that works for you, great ftp suffers now days
I upped it one star, but it really is pay to win. Crash crash crash or cash cash cash. After a week it either is pay to win or it crashes. $$$$$$$ PAY -- TO -- WIN $$$$$$$ Unless you pay it's a real inconsistent award of energy so you can keep playing. Good graphics, fun idea, but seriously, it randomly fails to give energy or credits.
Good visuals. Has a low graphics mode for older devices. As casual or competitive as you want it to be. A bit grindy, like all f2p games. Fun if you like Marvel characters. A good time waster. Mostly runs well. When devs make mistakes they give a lot of rewards, and they make a fair amount of mistakes. Robust community with a lot of streamers to watch. (Youtube, Twitch, etc.)
When I first saw all the ads I have to admit I was a bit sketched out. Being a DC fan and remembering DC Legends is a game I was worried this would be the same cash grab kinda game but I was completely wrong. I have been playing this game for around 2 weeks and I'm still enthralled in its game play. The events are always fresh and gems arent that hard to earn and characters are always being added (big spider-man fan so i joined for the sinister six). 10/10. Please keep adding characters 🙏.
Game is fun and they seem to add new content. Major complaint is the ads that pop up with almost every screen change. They get to be very irritating. They already have an Offers section that you can go to. Personally I feel like most of the offers are priced very high for what you get, but that is the model most of these games follow anymore.
This game is great. It does a good job at making it easy for newcomers to join while also allowing the veterans to keep having fun. New characters are added every few months along with a new side story that progresses the overall mainstory. My biggest issue with this game is the lacking team synergies. There are many teams that offer benefits to each member but some characters and teams lack these benefits and/or have weak ones. Hulk and She Hulk should synergize, why is this not a thing?
It's a fun game that requires consistent play or a heavy investment in cash to feel worthwhile in the game. If you can devote time to the game each day you'll feel less frustrated but if you can't you'll need to drop some cash to keep a feeling of progression. Taking a break from the game can end up with you being exceptionally behind and there's no option for you to be grouped with players around your power.
Pay2Win. No money, don't expect to rank high. Iso-8 just came out, still deciding about that. Seems like this game is still going down after the change of ownership. Mostly solid game play. Seems like they are adding new toons faster than the average person can get them. Mostly they just keep adding with no reguard to player feedback or the bugs/glitches added. That the new icon they have. They announced it on facebook. Got near no good comments. Yet pushed it anyway.
A delightfully fun game. It's great seeing the huge roster of well known characters. There are plenty of gotcha elements and pop up game offers, but with patience and a bit of time you can play whatever style there is to offer. My favorite character is Scientist Supreme (I call her Crunchwrap), she's just lots of fun to play with. Most characters, even no name minions are fun to collect, improve and play with.
Just starting. Still enjoying. UPDATE(10-1-20):The grind for character shards can wear down on you & participating in Arena batttles can be frustratng. Wish there was a mechanism for earning login rewards for missed days. The lore attached to the special events can be entertaining, it would be cool to go back and reread them. I'm still enjoying the game.
This game has all the makings of being fun but the developers have decided to take all the fun out of it by turning it into a repetitive, money-hungry grind. Graphics and combat balance are top notch, new content is released constantly, and the game truly feels like a challenge. But none of this can save the fact that it is all designed to keep you playing and, in turn, keep you spending to overcome artificial roadblocks.