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MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG

MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Hero RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by D3 Go! located at 15910 Ventura Blvd., Suite 800 Encino, CA 91436. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is really fun I play almost every day. I'm quite a new player and this game is so far the most fun game I played. Though I wish the enemy would not be so much more powerful then I am I spend days trying to get new hero's to win battle's.But beside that this game is really great.
It's the classic "match 3" formula spiced up a little with special abilities of your marvel heroes. Collecting and leveling up various marvel characters is the real fun, takes a looot of grinding if done without spending tons of money.
The game is addictive and well thought, one of the best puzzle games out there with Marvel's most iconic heroes and villains powers infused in the gameplay. The main problem is character slots. I'd say it's a 5/5 game if they could at least make rooster slots free or cheap, otherwise it's a grind against time or a huge pay wall that ruins the fun.
Gameplaybis great. Decent upgrades to characters frustratingly infrequent. I got a level 4 character about a year ago and havent recieved a single upgrade for him. I get that the object is to get us to pay but a) the prices are a bit high and in usd so i get hit with exchange rates and b) ive been playing long enough that an ugrade or three instead of the useless covers even in elite and heroic levels that i get are frustrating!
Fun for a couple weeks. Recruiting system needs work.If you have open hero slots, they non consensualy force heroes into them when you get new ones, even if they are ones you don't want. Forcing you to buy more and more slots.
This is an older game, but it holds up fairly well. I've been playing a little over a year now, and I find this to be a good pace for a balance of serious and casual play. The progression model doesn't force you to pay, but you do have to make good use of resources. PVP gets annoying at upper 4* play as you get clobbered by 5* champs that aren't visible to you nor could you beat them if they were. It needs more of a strict "in tier" matchmaking system to be a 5* title
Good enough that I've been playing it since the start but acquiring covers is a very slow and tedious process. Also, the most recent update made adding boosts overly complicated with too many extra steps and opportunities to cancel what I'm trying to add. Would also be nice if once a year they let us pick a cover - I've been trying to get one in particular for 5+ years and even if I spent the $$, there's no guarantee I'd get what I want (hint: I'd spend the money if I could pick).
I love this game. You don't need to spend money to progress, and they constantly roll out new characters & updates to enhance game play. 5*
The more I play after this "redesign" the more unbearable it is. Why does the screen dim for the computer's turn? Who thought anything of these changes were a good idea. The colors are sickening. Just put it back the way it was & fire anyone involved in this transformation from FUN to this flaming disposable diaper on the sidewalk.
Its a great game, but hero points are almost impossible to obtain, and some enemies i face heal or deal too much damage. Edit: I now know how to obtain hero points, but I still don't have many good characters like 5 stars, and it's a little frustrating, so I'm not yet ready to give this app 5 stars, but I do enjoy it
Reinstate 5* Gambit to his released version too see if you can compete against the monster 5* that are currently making it hard to play PvP matches, Ps I haven't spend money on this game since Gambit got nerfed to the bottom of the 5* list
Much prefered old team/boost matrix. Or allow for more than 5 boost to buy each shot. Pack ratios are terrible... But for match 3s atleast i like ur characters
Puzzle Gauntlet NOT good, very hard off that bat. I like to be challenged but not that challenge spending hours on it. I'm done with it not going bother with it, and the rewards are not worth it. Bad mode
You have to purchase space with real money in order to keep characters that you unlock, and it will add up very quickly. It is fun but not worth the money.
Lots of fun for minimal effort! Tons of characters and abilities to go along with the puzzle match game!
New tiles are confusing and layout is really hard to distinguish when your power bars are full. Match ups on PvP are very high level and difficult
Puzzle Quest is a great game but to me it's just not as fun as it used to be. One criticism I have of this game is that I'm getting too many comic covers that I no longer need. I'm still getting covers for characters that I've maxed out. The game would be more fun if I got more random 4 and 5 star comic covers. That would motivate me to play more. I do appreciate the extra rewards that I get from Puzzle Quest like all those extra health packs that I've been getting. And the occasional supports.
It mixes my love of Marvel and puzzles games together. New characters are introduced often and they are responsive to feedback, constantly improving rewards and features.
The update is good, like that changes. But the color is bland, needs to be brighten up. And as for team boost, that needs to be brighten up to dull. Biggest annoyance is when your facing off against your opponent and the screen turn slightly dark until the move is done, that is annoying and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that, please get rid of it. Thanks
It's a great games. If you want to spend a couple dollars for good characters you can but it's really not needed, but you do have to grind and get those crystals and covers up.
Well thought out and fun game. You can play without purchase and make progress. I really enjoy the Marvel Comics references to the actual comics and not the MCU. Special effects are great! I like the layers of complexity, you can play it like Bejeweled or get into the layers of RPG strategy. Some of the transactions are not micro. Great game.
The game is fun & it is really addicting but there's a catch. The roster slots, u get 3 free & then u pay for each additional slot. Then it gets out of hand fast. There r over 200 characters and the price raises every few slots til its $10 per slot! But u have to keep those โ˜… & โ˜…โ˜… covers because u have to use them to get to use for 4 & 5 โ˜… guys. Its pretty dang sneaky. The odds are not in your favor, unless u can drop thousands of dollars.
Disappointed I'm a huge fan of this game but am disappointed with the drop rates of legendary 5 star characters, but am not surprised as you can buy legendary tokens from the store. Huge pay to win gap, and because of this I have decided to no longer waste my time with this game. Also new slots are ridiculously expensive, but you can buy gold from the store, problem solved.
This game used to be 5 stars for me and I've been playing nearly everyday for over 6.5 years now. But this new UI change is terrible. It makes the screen really hard to see and I've heard comments from other users who suffer from colour blindness virtually unable to distinguish between some colours. Please change it back to what it was. It'll be a real shame to lose many long term players over this
Well thought out and fun game. You can play without purchase and make progress. The transactions are not micro. I really enjoy the Marvel Comics references to the actual comics and not the MCU. Special effects are great! I like the layers of complexity, you can play it like Bejeweled or get into the layers of RPG strategy.
Interesting for awhile and then the algorithm changes and makes it so you can't win and subsequently can't advance any further. Hated it....
So cool..Marvel rocking and very best game play...best of best.. I'm fan of this game but one thing hard to expect that reward of heroic tokens, please make sure the players get probably reward heroic tokens when the players levels upgraded.. otherwise this is fantastic game...New looking,great...Marvel the best ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘..๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Find the game relaxing and a good way to past the time. They are quick to resolve minor issues when they come up.
Easy to play. Most fun match 3 game out there. They do a great job of converting super powers into game abilities. You can play for free. I did pay because I think the game is worth it, and I recommend the monthly VIP subscription, but again, do whatever is comfortable. Also, they listen to their players. They often survey for new characters and they have actually used suggestions contributed by the player base. I've seen two of my ideas make it. Lastly, great in game customer service
A few days after latest update, i cannot open and gives error, "check internet connection" but i can perfectly open other apps for example you tube and netflix and can stream it fine. Kindly help.
EDIT: Devs, I LOVE the new "Recruit Heroes" section! Good job! -- I really enjoy this game! The creators listen to the players and make adjustments when possible. It's really nice to have a developer who listens. I am loving the new update (10/12/2020)! You guys keep making the game cooler and easier to navigate and use! Can you do something with the rewards screens (the ones you see after you win a fight on Deadpool's Daily Quest??). There's just too much clicking there...
So the colours have been fixed with the new update - but why is the dimming effect during opponent turns still there? Serves no function except to make it harder to look at the screen.
Best game ive played so far. I do wish they could increase the % to get good characters for a certain amount of time, but other than that, im pretty cool with everything else
Great game! Been playing for 5 yrs (lost 2 yrs progress with a stolen phone). Guess I liked it enough to start over. No objections to graphic update, once I got used to it, except for the screen dimming when enemy attacks. It does make it difficult to track. The special tiles are a bit more hidden, but the extra info offsets it.
The game is great and I ahve played it for several years. However, I am color blind and the newest update has made the game nearly impossible for me to play. The darker theme (coloring, darkening of board when opponent plays etc.) Make it so I have to concentrate incredibly hard to discern the pieces. After playing 1525 days I may be forced to quit unless an option is added to revert to previous them or color blind mode. Overall extremely disappointed in the newest update.
The concept is simple but offers lots of possibilities, the game runs great even on a low-end phone and it's a great occasion to revisit the Marvel Universe. However, the constant stream of new characters makes it hard to keep up, and you need a significant time investment in order to feel like you have a decent roster.
More hero points would be nice. More options for hero points. Thank you. I do not like how weak classic storm is. Please fix this and make her stronger!
Have been playing this game for several years and, though I have enjoyed it thus far, the recent changes (March 2021 update) to the game have seriously made me consider not play any longer. The old tileboard and power bars were much easier to see, the dimming of the board on the enemy's turn is off putting, and the overall effect of it all is very jarring compared to the old setup. Please consider allowing us the option to use the old setting or revert it all back.
7 years. It took me 2657 days, but I finally beat the game. By 'beat' I mean that I set my own goal, as the game itself only has the same couple missions over and over. In my case I collected all the characters. Cannot recommend. It's fine but no matter how far you get, you're always doing the same thing, just with/against bigger numbers. Only recently is there an actual puzzle mode, and even then the "puzzle" is "do you own the right character?" Play the original Puzzle Quest if you can.
Not perfect but good. MORE ALPHA FLIGHT members please. Also, if someone buys a pack for a 5 star card, make sure that the buyer gers one to entice more spending. Twice I did not get a 5 star so will not spend money on those packs. Last, get challenges so we can get 4 and 5 Shard so we can increase the stats. Add new storyline, already on repeat mode.
Lol this game is very nice and very easy I unlocked yellow suit and finished the Prologue in game now I can only play events and versus mode
Fun, easy to learn, story mode is too short and the game is mainly focused on limited events and pvp. Would be way better if it had more pve action after the prologue, to help your roster grow stronger. Edit: After playing for 3 weeks, i found PVP and limited events are very highly engaging and fun, and compensate for the lack of permanent content. Besides that the dev team does a pretty good job overall, and it's a slow grind but worth it.
It's a decent little match 3 which has held my attention for quite a few years, but has a nasty habit of playing around with the interface every 6 months or so and never for the better - often clunky and unnecessary changes made
Man's version of Candy Crush. I love the way you can build up characters. I've been playing this game for five years. I took some time off of playing but was able to get back into it right where I left off. Thanks for a great game! God bless y'all.
Excellent game, I recommend this to people who like turn based match 3 games with a medium difficulty story and special alliance events. Try it out if you wish!
The game is awesome but! There are things i am concern about like the space for caracther is 400 gold!! That is super high for just 1 space. Second is that is cool to have variants of super hero or villian but can you bring new ones?. Also can you give us some story that you can obtain gold? That would be awesome and give a chance for new or old players to obtain gold. I know you guys work hard for the developing the game and still doing a great work in it ๐Ÿ˜
This game Is a great time killer and fun to play one of my favorite features is the fact that you can read a summary of the backstory of the characters I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes match 3 games.
Love this game ... It's hard to gather them gold coins up but in the end I have played both of these games that ur co. Has put out for match 3 types ... They both r very good grafics ... This one is a great game too I get to be playing along side my friends ... I hope that one day there is a tradeing system for unwanted heros to trade with friends
Good game, I know it is great for players that have been playing for a long time ti have the new characters join. However it , it makes it really difficult to gain extra levels with older levels 4 and 5 characters. But all in all still a enjoyable game.
Like the game but will never make another purchase. The nerfing of heros is too volatile. Not worth getting screwed in the long run. That last nerf cost them my business. Save your money. It's free to play and you'll get there eventually. Been playing years. Had a 5 star character actually become useful to having it put back to useless after having it upon release.
Who designs your interface graphics? A 5 year old?... Horrible new designs. Stop. I hope its just a glitch because the real update got corrupted on transfer because someone had rubbish internet due to working from home... Please let it be that? Game is OK, normal stuff, hardly any 3 or 4 star cards but, that I've got used to... This interface I won't.
(> '.' )> Since you asked: Why the heckrazor' do tokens suck when opened? BUT Deadpool tokens (Thanks Deadpool!) have the common DECENCY to provide an animation when selected & opened!? Basically tokens (except ones on the right) do a CLICK ONCE and then without any flair they *pop* into existence. The transition is so bad I got whiplash from my last token reward binge. ใ€‹ใ€‹ใ€‹ Why do yall hate fun? *And why is Deadpool the serious (serious'ish) one about all this??* ยก][=[ail Taco's! <( '.' )>?
Game is super fun. Ive been playing it for years. Huge downside is the Cash for Heronslots way the game works. I spent 38$ for 6 character slots and that was with the sale they had at Christmas. The game is a huuuuuge $$$ grab if you actualy want to collect characters. Still very fun though.
it's a fun game but it's hard to get 5 star players and when you get any of them it's hard to boost their powers up try to make it abit easier to get the 5 star players and to boost their powers up
Great match 3 game. One of best out there, however except the endless wave of new characters it hardly implemented any major new things in the last 2 years i am playing it.
I've been played for more than 3 years, and I pay during these time, well I still can often lose even though I have highlight 5* championed characters, this game is only spending my money but only disappointed what I've got. Beware for new players!!
Very fun and addicting. I like gem matching games and making one with marvel heroes is awesome. I'm enjoying myself so far.
So cool..Marvel rocking and very best game play...best of best.. I'm fan of this game but one thing hard to expect that reward of heroic tokens, make sure the players get probably reward heroic tokens when the players levels upgraded.. otherwise this is fantastic game...New looking,great...Marvel the best ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
The quest stuff is fine, but new recruiting interface is wonky, and I'm not a fan, but I still love the game.
The only game I've had through all my smart phones. Addictive, Fun and the team events are the BEST *** Edit*** I would still give this game 5*'s for playability and graphics, however it has become saturated with pushes to purchase packages. It takes away from the games smoothness, and when I have to clear 2 "purchase these packages now" pop ups just to get into a round, I tend to lose interest and exit. Not as fun now, it feels too corporate and money grabbing. ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ‘Ž
The game just keeps getting better and better!! Try out the new characters and join an alliance!!!. The new features will sure help all the new comers!!
Love this game and have been playing it for years, but the new UI is awful as many have said. Difficult to discern when meters are full, dimming during enemy turns makes things difficult to track, and special tiles are often impossible to see. I would go back to a 5 star review of we were able to toggle back to a "classic" layout. Hope the developers read any of these reviews!
Versus is terrible and needs some sort of overhaul. You can be attacked by multiple players at once and lose all the points it took you all night to accumulate in the blink of an eye. I won't even get into the horror show that is the match making aspect of versus. If you want to accomplish anything in this game, be prepared to spend some serious coin.
Need a game that will take your boredom away and also keep you excited with every update? Then this game is for you!! Been playing for more than 2 years and im just super hooked!! Try it out!!
I love it. I am really old school and I have always been a superhero super fan; I guess that is how I should word it...but love the game!!
Hadn't played it for a while. Went back into it. Same old stuff honestly. All they did was add new heroes and some of the heroes they've already got so now you have different variations of the same hero. they haven't added anything new as far as the prologue. Stories are about the same. The prizes are lame. I wouldn't invest any money into it. I would just do casual. It's good for wasting a little bit of time. That's about it
This is a great game! It is a long term time investment (unless you want to spend a lot of cash) to build up your characters, but that is part of the fun. Been playing for almost 5 years now.. and I'm still committed to my daily missions. Recent changes have made it a bit easier to get new characters. ๐Ÿ‘ Would be cool if there was an option to pick between 2 choices when doing a Latest Legends pull though. Please add ISO-8 usage options!!!! I have over 1 Million and nothing to use them on.
I originally gave this game 5 stars but have lowered it because of the new updates. As a few comments have said, its harder to tell when you have a power ready and I find myself having to focus more to find a match because of the darker colors now. Someone new may not mind any of it cause they are just getting in but for someone who has been playing for years, I don't like it at all. Only reason I will continue to play is cause I have invested a lot of time into it and it really is a fun game.
Request that the number of times a node in PVE is played be displayed rather than the crooked arrow. As a character gets leveled up, they should revert to full health.
I played years ago but lost my progress via an old FB account and had to restart. It's a grind and you won't be able to participate in most events. If you're willing to drop like $30 on a pack you'll be okay. Realistically though they lock you out of many events unless you have specific characters so you won't be able to complete most chapters fully. Even after spending $100 I am still not able to play most campaigns. Very pay to win
Are you kidding me? As always I come back to give everything the old college try once again. The tiles? The new tiles? I'm done I'm uninstalling the game forever now. I've said it before Maybe I will say it again. Play the game before you release it. I cannot believe how stupid and confusing they look now. I literally made one move. Now I'm gone. Still haven't fixed the store GUI. Keep screwing up a good thing you guys are doing great at that
Reasonably fun for a match-3 clone. Fairly easy to play a few minutes here and there with no required purchases, however even if you don't buy characters and just wait to earn them by luck and playing it does take FOREVER to get enough in-game currency to buy "roster slots" for the characters you do get.
You need to sort out your server sync / shield problem. I'm livid with putting up a shield with a good score only to find it depleted withing minutes.... Force an update of points on applying a shield, or force the shield to apply with the points on screen. Very unhappy with this scenario.
I love this game and i play every day. I like how we've got the ability to load saved teams and a new layout to help find the characters your looking for it saves a lot of time being able to do that speaking of saved options could you PLEASE allow us to load saved colors im faaar beyond needing help from teammates so the only thing i pick are extra starting colors and to have to buy the same 5 pack of colors every other fight is frustrating make the amount 10 or 15 and just charge more for it
Used to be fun. They have absolutely ruined the game by making so many new characters overpowered. All the popular characters are weak as hell. All of the new ones, people have barely heard of, are absolute God-level monsters. You will have zero fun if you want to play using your favorite characters.
I have been a huge fan of the Puzzle Quest games for years, and this game is everything I love about it. However, I can see this being an extremely difficult grind to get into playing. Options for new players haven't been updated for YEARS, with all focus going towards be 4 or 5 star characters, and they "story" mode uses the Dark Reign storyline, which is over 10+ years old. It's a great game with a great community, but a refresher for new players should definitely be called for.
I've been playing daily for over a year now and have earned over 2 million ISO points. I posted a review back in April, when I had over 600k ISO points and due to game restrictions, still nothing to spend them on. Most of the awards are still mostly 1 and 2 star covers and yes more useless ISO points. Even when I can use them, the game limits the max I can spend on a character. The only updates are new characters and opportunities to buy Hero points.
Manly greed the game is great nd u can earn alot of stuff but charecter slots are to expensive if this doesn't change in 2-3 months imma drop it and change my review to avoid this game nd my reasons why
Great started back after 5 year's played on a phone that couldn't handle a update and they never fixed it I can't help but to wonder why slots cost 1000 gold when your company can make them cheaper covid-19 has a lot of people unemployed and can't afford to buy them so they loss out on good 4*and 5*
In games items cost waaaaaaayyyyy too much. That and all they do is cycle in new characters so it's harder for you to level up the ones you have. I've been playing since almost the beginning of launch and I don't have one 5 star hero completed and even if I did it would cost too much to level them with ISO
Love the game just wish u could get better cards and not the same ones all the time u guys should make it better so dont get all the same ones all the time would spend money but not worth it bc mever get anything worth a damn be nice to hear from feed back
So much fun. Been playing on and off for the past year. The game rewards you with in game currency for more slots periodically with different perks daily and I'm able to win more with the ingame constest without paying a dime. Has a bunch of cool characters and feels fun collecting different powers, heroes, and villains. Would highly recomend.
Good game but needs more ways to get your favourite characters faster. Special offers should be more generic so you can use them to collect whichever heroes you really want.
Limited bench space and so many different heroes makes it hard to choose to collect certain heroes and villan teams. Love the get the next star up character as you level up the lower star characters.
After playing for a very long time, as a f2p kinda guy, I find it very hard to progress, and the pvp become unbearable. Everything is random, if you want to get a much needed card, you just have to click a toke and wait for nothing! So If you you want to spend big in order to get meh, go for it! I love the game because it's... Marvel! Otherwise I wouldn't be playing it
Update 1\20\21 still same.Game is great! So much fun, however they hook ya and get ya collecting. The collecting isn't very hard, not like you would think. The gouge is at how many spots you have. The "premium" or the rub is when you get good cards but you do not have spots to keep them. You want to keep them and level them, but without slots, you can't and the card will disappear in like 10 days if you do not buy a slot for it. Seriously, you will not buy covers. All you money will be on slots.
I play this game everyday its fun and easy. I haven't spent a ton of money in it and still have fun. My only issue is that I get a lot of the same characters powers from covers.
Whilst I appreciate all the time and effort you put into making this game, the alteration to the game board is universally hated by everyone playing and the recent tweak to the colour has had little to no impact. All the time, money and effort I've put in to playing the title seems wasted now into a game that I no longer feel motivated to play anymore. A poor decision. A 5 star game now ranks 1.
Fantastic game it's that good I've played every day for over 6 years & looking forward to seeing what reward I'll get next. One thing I will say negatively about the game is the daily rewards should be a lot better the longer you've play eg instead of only getting one power up of a character you should get at least 2 power ups
I play the game daily. Have for at least 3 years. It's a well made game. But I always feel frustration because I can never catch up. There are so many characters. I play VIP most months, but it's still hard for me to truly complete because I don't spend additional money. I don't have all of the characters. I don't know how a new player could succeed.
Overall a fun game with a large amount of playability. Much like many match games with a bit of strategy and a fun marvel twist! A good story with large variety of marvel characters and frequently updating events while maintaining a understandable gameplay. My only real issue is the pay to compete. Hero slots are expensive and the game is centered around having a large amount of upgradable heroes to be able to complete and rank in quests.
Knocked off a star because the recruit page update is absolutely terrible. So much more difficult to navigate this way and not sorted logically at all.
Good game to waste some time. Nice that it follows some well known Marvel storylines and some not so known. Has opened my eyes to some characters I didn't know about before. Plus Deadpool dropping whales on people. Brilliant.
Fun game but takes a long time or a lot of money to build up a character you really like. Oh and the constant updates are getting ridiculous. Like i said, the updates are getting ridiculous, just having to do another so im dropping it one star
I love the game and the variety of covers, but issue of constantly having to buy space AND you charge more as you go up SMH. I know you guys can do better I spent more money in space more than anything.
It's too difficult to collect the 4 star you want. There's so many and I don't care for almost half of them and it's very annoying to work so hard to pull a 4 star and you get a character you don't even want. I also don't like the updated team-up/boost/hero selection screen. I do think the hero powers are cool and it's fun seeing the synergy between characters. The animations are pretty cool and unique as well.
Changes in last year shifted too far toward pay2play. Played for several years, took an 18 month hiatus, now I'm back. Find the game has now tilted way too far with more covers for but far fewer HP available to open up slots for them. It's this frustration that gets folks to spend more $$, which is exactly what they want, but takes some of the fun out of it. Took a unique F2P game where I'd occasionally spend real $$ to something more ordinary... Damn profit motive, sheesh.
It's good please make it easier to add slots though cause that is unfair it takes a really long time to get slots, also why is the game pay to win
Good but takes time to build a roster without spending otherwise enjoyable aside from when the ai seems to blatantly cheat. I know it's a mobile game and this kinda stuff is common but when I'm winning or doing well only to have the ai make one move get 3 criticals and wipe a full health character it's hard to keep from uninstalling the game.
Join marvel puzzle quest!!!. It's super fun. And they are always making it easy for newcomers!! Try it!, you won't regret it. Also, there's new features! And red guardian is here!!!.
Too many new characters over powered make it a pay to compete game. Not as fun as it once was. Old characters can not do as much damage as new ones. No new story lines either same old ones
So overall I enjoy the game. Basic match 3 game with mechanism to "battle" using character powers. Great variety of characters and good art. Story is just on repeat, with focus on Vs and special events. I love being able to play with my favorite MCU characters. Negative- space for characters is expensive and you have to delete from your roster to make room. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you have to delete a 2 or 3 star for a 4 star when you only have one cover for that character.
Deck always seems to be stacked against you. Anything that happens randomly in the game rarely works in your favor. Very frustrating.
Very fun game. Love using all the heroes and updated with more all the time. Hope they add more storyline and some more inexpensive purchases (love the $2.99 mini sales!)
I find myself having hours of fun weekly with Marvel Puzzle Quest , I really like this game and support it .. I only have 1 tiny problem it's the microtransactions ruining this game , leaving players unable to compete against the best or even complete events ! All in all a great game Lucas Peace and Love
Enjoyable and addictive. I only have 2 issues with this game(both in the story missions). The first is that the points awarded for different players don't make any sense. A person can be the fastest completed and play again multiple times each day; and, yet still be 3000 points short of some players. It just does not make any sense. Also, I do wish there was an easier way to achieve players/covers needed/required to participate in certain tasks.
Excellent, but becomes expensive to buy slots limiting gameplay and progress. Decided to give the game a break as not to want to spend too much money just get heros I aim for. Be wise when spenind money for slots for heros.
Not liking the latest upgrade. The tiles are difficult to distinguish. Fustrating. This was my go to game. Please put back
Now over 4m and nothing to use it on. Since the screen reduction, no real improvement in game play. PVP is a con unless you've overpowered characters. New daily rewards system offers wait for.... ISO. That's what everyone needs said no one
Great game keeps you engaged and does not require you to drop a ton of money to stay competitive. I would like it if it was a bit easier to earn gold.
"Puzzle" matching game that rewards progress with....covers for the same five 2-star characters everyday for 3 years straight. Taco Tokens are a joke. Landing on anything useful, like hero points or 3, 4, or 5 star characters almost never happens. I only play this game occasionally when I'm so mind-numbingly bored that playing is only slightly better than staring at a blank wall.
Basic match puzzle game with lots of extra mechanics around it. You can go a good long while before feeling the need to spend money. And even after I got to the point where progression slowed down, I could still play hours a day without needing to spend money. Tempted, absolutely. They do a great job tempting. But need, no. That said, support your developers of you like their work!
Hey look another update all guaranteed to make youn0 sink money. Every update is more pop up adds and more grinding with little progress or reward. I'm confident Disney will be pulling the plug soon. Save your money.
Keeps getting worse. I am barely hanging on, I keep it and play for 10 min daily hoping my mood will change. I have played for over 6 years and the recent update was awful.
I love this game the only downside is it's hard to get spaces and I don't like that the covers expires.. I lost like 3 star 6 covers just cause I didn't have space for them. Hope this changes soon.
Serious visual bugs are affecting game play at the moment. I have reinstalled and it is still present. Please fix I have screen shots if reference is needed. 6 months of visual bug, making some matches very inconvenient to play.
This game is really fun. It's a match game like candy crush, but with marvel twist to it. The addition of quests has really made the game a lot more enjoyable. The characters and animations are great. Id suggest looking up strategy guide on building your team. Its easy to get frustrated without guidance. I really enjoy this game.
Been quite some time since I left a review for this game. It's great mixing Marvel Superheroes and tile matching. Good for killing time and fund to build up your heroes. Unfortunately it's a grind to recruit heroes unless you are spending.
I'm loving this game even after all these years! The graphics are great, the gameplay is awesome and the content updates often! Two thumbs up!
Simple and subtle updates would have done it, but this change of the board is a little bit much. It is really difficult to recognize the pieces and especially the black on black. Is there at least a way to switch to the classic version? Some may not like this change and prefer to play on the old style. If there is not an option to choose, there should be. This game is overall good and enjoyable to play, hopefully the continuous wanting to improve style doesn't drive off daily players.
Very good. Almost too much too do but varied interests and time availability should accommodate most players. Great job!
There have been significant improvements in the time I have been playing but the unjustifiable way that the Mafia muscle can put up strength knives us crazy and the way army lieutenant can heal every two turns is unbelievable when a four star hero such a wolverine can heal in three turns and does not heal all members???
I used to really love this game, but they nerfed 2 of my favorite characters and now I play Raid Shadow Legends on PC instead. Making progress in the 5* Marvel Puzzle Quest game is super expensive and a waste of time all things considered. Why pay money trying to get characters that will get nerfed one day? I feel bad for any kids who think they can pay money to advance in this game since you need 13 covers on a 5* for it to be any good. Fire Uncle Scrooge D3... why you so greedy?
A.I. cheats profusely. Its pathetic. Same problems since it came out. Developers don't want u to have fun, they want your money. After 4 years of playing daily, and I dont even have a single 5 star character max level. It won't happen. Don't try.
It would be nice if it checked for updates prior to fully loading the game. Especially since loading does take quite some time. The boosts are even less convenient to apply now. I feel like the repetitive motions users make were not necessarily thought out with the upgrade. Overall, the game is fun though.
If you were to start the game right now, you would not be able to reach the end game content (5 star characters championed) for 5 or 6 years without spending absurd amounts of money. MPQ maybe has 100k active players. New players are not being drawn in because of the grind. You have to play the game around MPQ's schedule to make any meaningful progress. And when you do, you're going to have to set aside 40 minutes to an hour. I cannot recommend this game to anyone who isn't rich.
This is a fun game, good time killer. Need to make it easier to get new heroes though. Not a fan of the new store and format of your hero roster.
Update from OG: game is no longer compatible with my vision. Screen darkening during CPU play, blurred puzzled board, character power board are all very dark. Character images are crisp and clear. Update released months ago made it harder to see the actual playing board. Did the developer check for ada vision impairment compatibility on this? Character tiles will help with color blindness, but too blurred, dark, and purple toned to be meaningful. Not a pleasant playing experience anymore.
Fun but very hard to level up for free. Make so we can target a certain hero or heroes to level up monthly. This way it gives us a goal to grind towards .
Game is fun and has continued to evolve. Not getting 5* because, ironically, there are still balance and matching issues with 5* characters. Some of these are the same issues many of us who have been playing for years have. Key problems include total mismatching of new vs older 5*s (who are woefully outmatched), losing access to a majority of the characters in the game if you level even a single 5* beyond a certain threshold, and certain obvious and overused matchups dominating everything.
This is a great game you can play everyday, strengthen up your team so that you can get more character cards, also playing with an alliance makes the game better b/c you gain iso's and points to make your team better.
Hoping this update would resolve this issue, but it did not: in PVE, while you are in a Sub, very often the all the nodes become unresponsive when you tap on it, you'd need to back out of the Sub and re-enter in order for the node to work again, i.e., open when tapped upon. This problem began 2 updates ago, and it affects my Acer phone android 6, Motorola phone android 8, and Samsung tablet android 10. Tried uninstalling and reinstall the issue remain.
Love the graphics and gameplay but will love to play with Jessica jones, ghost rider or cable. Love the new updates, you have the sinister six, house of x and best friends forever quest. Great job y'all! Lmao love the new ghost rider deadpool and the new quest that's available. I had another idea for another event. What is y'all had an age of apocalypse event where you get set back in time using Bishop and cable and the boys were Nimrod or Apocalypse. Like the new features with the daily mission
Incredibly fun, an RPG with Marvel characters and one that you can still enjoy without micro payments or with them
Great game and surprisingly deep rpg elements in a match 3 type game. Have 2 accounts with this game and have been playing for years. My only gripe about the game is the cost of in game iso and gold. The cost for what you get is not proportional. I fully support in-game purchases to keep the game going and support the developers. But it's $99 for 78k iso. To put that into perspective, that's not even enough iso to fully level up a 3 star character and characters range from 1 to 5 stars.
Love the game I play it daily and have done for years. I have every character in the game and I am part of a fantastic alliance! If I could suggest one thing to improve the game would be to lower the iso cost to champ a 4* character. You bring out new characters quicker than I can save up 370k to champ a previous character, perhaps more iso8 x2 stunts would help.
I like the game and I still manage to get new characters for my team, but I recently received shards for Deadpool that I still can't apply in order to level him up. So I want to ask if that is some kind of bug and if so when will it be fixed.
Great fun game. Been playing for over 5 years. Their tech support is great! My game save got wiped due to (my) mistake and they were quick to respond to my emails and were able to restore my progress!
With a bit of patience this game full of awesome artworks can be played without the need of in-game currency. It adds a nice complexity to your more basic puzzle games, infusing the covers from a wide variety of artists and the beloved characters. ^^
I do like this game and will change my star rating once they speed up gameplay, it. is. sooo. sloooow! The in-game animations drag and who REALLY needs a banner to tell them which character is downed and who has arrived to take their place? Snooze fest! Please speed it up before it bores me into submission and have to look for a new game to play.
One of the most fun and addictive games that include all your favorite Marvel characters. A++ love this game. Recommended to everyone looking to pass the time during these covid days
Not enjoying one or the recent updates. When the screen dims when it's the opponent turn it makes me feel like my phone us about to go into stand by mode. And in addition the Bigger blocks, bigger logs make the screen far to busy. It would be nice to no be so extreme. ๐Ÿ˜• Other than the above. This game is great. I enjoy level of challenge. And the newly introduced milstone area. That was a great addition. ๐Ÿ‘
I like this game but they make it to hard to get hero coins so you can add to your roster after a certain point. Also when you do get command points it's only like one or two and it's very rare that you get to upgrade higher level characters in your roster. In other words they want you to spend lots of money to really be able to upgrade anything in this game.
I enjoy playing this game trying to consume it for me but I just don't like the concept that it takes forever to get characters and certain perks and I do not like spending money in games but other than that it's a good game overall
Play all the time! Great artwork. Love the puzzle with special powers. Leveling up card characters. Game keeps getting better. Like all other games yes you start off weak. But eventually your list grows and the combinations of characters used plays a big role in whether you win or lose. Join a team and you get extra login items. And for 9.99 a month which is 35 cents a day get extra stuff. It's not that bad.
UPDATE:There is a problem regarding the new interface screen before the fight,you can't study the enemies powers in detail nor know the severity of their powers in relation to their level,as to prepare your 'heroes'; like YOU COULD DO BEFORE.This needs to be fixed, so that we can see who we are fighting and select and can read the details of their powers and damage that comes with their levels,unless it is intended for us to make uniformed guesses in fighters and strategy, so we can loose more?
Game is an addicting match 3 game. Plenty of content, but it is a long path (Years) to get to high level content. Great community on reddit with helpful tips to get most out your experience. I haven't encountered any ads except for in-game purchaseable packs. Enough content to have kept me logging in every days for my first 30 days so far.
When I first started playing this I was hooked. But the more I've been playing I'm realizing how hard it is to excel n to keep up with competition when playing the versus battles. I get you gotta make money but damn don't rob the people from the enjoyment of the game. Some of the free prizes you give are more like scraps to give to a dog.
UPDATE:There is a problem regarding the new interface screen before the fight,you can't study the enemies powers in detail nor know the severity of their powers in relation to their level,as to prepare your 'heroes'; like YOU COULD DO BEFORE.This needs to be fixed, so that we can see who we are fighting and select and can read the details of their powers and damage that comes with their levels,unless it is intended for us to make uniformed guesses in fighters and strategy,so we can loose more?
As per the recent update it fixed the discoloration and the darkness issue has been remedied. I do have slight grievences with the AP bar, but it is minor. As per my last review they seemed to have took to heart the complaints of the players. Although not the original UI I do appreciate the want to improve the game even in small aspects. I will continue to enjoy this game and I can't wait to see what the team does next.
Been playing for many years now but this redesign is awful, its impossible to play fluidly like before with a game board that appears to have been made as un user friendly as possible. If you want my advice at least put an option in to change the board back to the original- oh and don't let the work experience lad do any more upgrades. I'll play again when I can see what I'm doing