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Martial Arts Brutality

Martial Arts Brutality for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Cold Beam Games Ltd located at Suite 4.5 Empress Business Centre 380 Chester Road MANCHESTER M16 9EA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I changed my mind it's terrible won't save your progress offline and it crashes sometimes pls fix this
Since the bug has been fixed I can make progress and have lots of fun You should totally get this game, because it is very fun The only problem is the lag
This game is awesome with what you can do but I'd love it a lot more if it showed the injuries through X-ray
Great gaming experience. However game file deleted after an update and now I'm pissed about losing my progress uninstall
I love your game and have spent money on it but for some reason it has stopped saving my progress and has delted my ninja pack ive purchased. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
I played it for a while (and I loved it )but then when I got to Dan 3 master (lower master) it constantly restarts.
Can you please put like free fights in where we don't have to wait to play. Not a lot of people play this online so please put free fights.
Very fun but I wish there were more attack animation based off of what style you choose that would be great
I remember playing this game alot and it was amazing but right now I can't get passed the initial loading screen.
Best game ever. the only thing is that once I beat the game I can't start a new game. even if I deleted it and re download it because it has my gamer account, so unless I make a new one I can't do that. but besides that great game I love the adventure and the different martial art styles I only suggest you add thoughing and styles like aikido, judo, hapikido and stuff like that and I wish that their were more cutscenes to add more story to the game thank you
Crashes unless you are signed into Google play. Pretty fun game but lots of bugs. Also cool down timers and it being very expensive to unlock content are downsides. Game:5/5 app:3/5 iaps:2/5
I enjoy the game. However it's unclear as far as what injuries do what. Such as knee joint breaking and such and yet the characters are still able to kick. Adding something that clarifies what the damage, breaks or sprains do would be wonderful. Also could you add females to the game? I understand that it's a violent game and all, but women gamers also take interest in these game. Such as myself. It would be nice to see some gender equality. I'd even take some costume changes.
Super fun and addicting game, but some minor issues. First of all it seems when I log out it resets the names of all my decks(doesn't change them just the names), which makes it hard to determine what I'm using especially if I'm going for a specific kill like cardiac arrest. Secondly whenever I finish fighting online it locks up and I have to shut the game down. Lastly, I get as a free game you need IAPs, but locking 1/3 of three star completions behind fighting styles that cost cash is dumb.
Whats with this new update? Tweaks to gameplay? Could you give more specific details please? Seems like you just nerfed iron shirt and chi shield and doing so is just a way of sucking more money from players and doesn't even help balance the game! Wing Chun is just weak as ever now at pro level with no iron/cs. You should AT LEAST be able to use EACH iron/cs card once and remove its links with rechannel so ninjas not OP. You didn't even fix any of the bugs from previous versions.
This game is pretty fun,ive played this straight but when I got to the 9th den black belt, and close the app and when I came back, I am back to 7 th den. (Future Edit: I have the reinstall the app every time it stops saving which is really annoying.
It's a great game the only thing I would like to know is how to restart it because I haven't played it in awhile and want to start over
I have WASTED money on this game and now i cant even buy the bounty box. Ill be uninstalling very soon
It wont load the game i every time i click the game to play it it stays on the black screen im not mad i just would like to try out the game
Amazing game! Easily the best fighting game I've played on my phone. Controls are simple and the gameplay is simple to understand but hard to master but the last update seems to have broke the game? Load time is waaaay up, it's 50/50 when I turn it on if it loads all the way and even when it does, it occasionally will prevent me from being able to select any level past 5 regardless of chapter. Love love love love the game!! Please please please fix so I can give 5 stars!!!
I dont know what everyone's problem is. I dont have it. Nice game. Encountered a small bug where after my opponent isnt responding and I beat him when he is defenseless, the fight doesnt end after I K.O. him so I am stuck at the Attack screen with no target left to attack.
This game is great but so many issues and bugs. It crashes and at random loading screen. Random hanging also occurs. Takes so much time to load. Also you can't change your name. Maybe these are the reason why this game is dead. I haven’t been updated for months now. I hope developer would fix all the bugs, hanging and crashin issues and help this game to rise once again
I love this game, but I cant sign in now I spent a lot of time on the app and loved it but when it's just done loading challenges it says there's a bug and I need to kill the app, Its also says we'll I think it says that youre looking into to it but I haven't been able to play since late 2019.
Really fun! But doesn't save well :( I'll use coins to upgrade cards but then as soon as you close the game it resets. A waste of time to try and improve but a lot of fun to play with friends and really appreciate it isn't a short window to respond for us busy adults!
Can you add a boxer class? Super hard and fast punches, weak leg attacks, strong bones and head. Weak organs. Maybe only chi channels but no dim mak or chi strikes. Sounds viable. Maybe even some kind of ability that ads 1 iron shirt each round non stackable. Like a guard ability.
It's a very interesting game to say the least, but it needs some more fighting styles and a remake for moves (Instead of a "Flying Wolf Rabid Back Kick" to regular names and better upgrades) Overall it's a good game, but lacks some more content P. S. Add some features like Full Kimono and shoes
PLEASE FIX THE GAME BREAKING BUGS! I don't understand how someone can code such an amazing game with so many bugs. At least fix the game breaking ones. I love this game, ive spent around $15 bucks on this game so far and plan to spend more if you would just FIX the bugs! I think i even see a bug report button that ironically is bugged itself because it does NOTHING! At least focus on fixing the bug that freezes the game if you use more than 40+ cards in one turn.
Is this a joke? When I start playing I start with 9th Dan Black Belt(Because I played a lot). But, when I Level up my level goes to 10th Dan Black Belt. I know it's okay but keep reading. And when I log out of the game and log into the game, it just goes to 9th dan black belt. What is this?!?!?!?!? It doesn't save my game! Like, If you leveled up to 45th dan black belt and made a Chi master deck and logged out of the game and logged into the game it just resets! Guys, what can I do to fix it?
Now not Only The loading Bug is not fixed if you cheat pass through it you get kicked out fix some bugs if you do I will thank you so much Plz
Bro, I love this game. I only commented because I want this game to grow and get the recognition it deserves. But the reason I gave it three stars is due to the fact that the game keeps deleting stuff that I made during my playthough such as comments. I've got about 3 dozens of insults and disses that I made for online opponents and A.I. Opponents, and the game just deleted them all. I am so fuqing pissed that I just deleted game, I am sorry but I did. Please fix this, then I'll spread the word.
Its a great game but can anyone explain why the game freezes so much. N why the (f) it didnt save my quest n skills had to do it again. Fix problem n i would give 5 stars
Fun game. This is a deck building game where you get a dock of attacks and counter attacks straight from your favorite kung fu flick! Break your opponents body with devastating blows! I would give it a 4 or 5 star for the actual content. However for 4 days in a row I've been playing the same quest and combat decks together, but the leveling system locks at lvl 9, which means progress is undone every time I close the game. Content is unlocked in 10 level inciments, so new content is lost daily
Uninstalled. Every recent update did not fix a thing. Repeated online matches without progression, unresponsive screen and constant crashing does NOT make a fun game. Which is a shame as it WAS a great game.
I remember how much fun i found this game and for some reason i deleted it from my phone, so i thought, "why not go back to old times?" Slight problem however, the game won't open. I don't know if there is a bug happening but it'd be great if I could have a solution from the developers. Great game though!
Its fun and very brutal but the game keeps shutting (pls fix it) if continued i will not be giving a ratting hire than 1!!!
This game has the potential to be somthing great. I spent more time playing this in two days than my own ps4. That is until my game stopped saving after i hit 8th dan. I grinded out to 10th dan to get taekwondo, closed my app, and when i came back i was back to 8th dan. Please update this game. Me and my freind had a blast playing it buy we both opted to delete it until it gets an update.
I truely love this game. Its is unique and well made in art and gameplay. The only issue I consistantly have is; when I lock my phone and go back to the game, it is frozen and I have to exit and restart. But, one great aspect is I never lose and progress at all, so it's not really an issue. I hope the developers keep up with this piece of art and continue to add more styles and levels. Great work guys! *two thumbs up*
Good Game but a few negatives: 1. Thing There is a bug where sometimes, when the opponent becomes defenseless and you beat him, he gets K.O but the fight continues forever because there is no target left to attack. 2. Thing The Chi Masters Fighting style needs either the perk that dim maks are all 1 Adrenaline or a higher start adrenalin because a full chi master deck doesnt work out In the slightest.
While this game is immensely fun... It's filled with game breaking bugs sadly. I spent 30 mins making 2-3 diff decks.... I play a few fights later all my decks deleted and none of my card packs I bought saved. I even lost some quest progress. It's like I went back in time. Game concept immensely fun. Bugs might keep breaking it tho
What the hell. Why every once and a while my storage doesn't save. Spent like 2k on decks and got 4 dim maks and it got restarted now I lost all of those din maks.
I gave 3 start just because you should make the game offline except the multiplayer ythat realy bugs me and the other problem is the quest is too short make like a training mode or something overall the game is good
I love this game so much but i did some mistakes that i want to fix, so i want to reset my data but it wont let me it keeps me signed in forever.
Pretty solid game. Like the gameplay as well as the replays. I have a problem with being able to type in the text boxes though. I played with the inputs in settings and found that when I switched it from the default Samsung Keyboard to the Samsung Keyboard Neural Beta, it works. Not sure if that helps fix the problem. Then theres just if you can add more quests, maybe add a side menu for editing taunts, and maybe add more Martial Art styles. Great game though.
To Fix the loading crash (Worked for me) [android] Tab out during the loading screen Do not Exit the game simply tab out then tab back in and it should work enjoy~
Addicting but IT HAS SO MANY BUGS TRY TO GODDAMN FIX THEM 1:It always logs me out of the game when I'm fighting and it's annoying 2:the touchscreen some times doesn't work 3: sometimes when I'm about to attack it loads like a snail fix all of this and I'll give a 5 star
It has some neat features on it that make this a fun game but at the same time some of the system elements seem wild and random to the point it makes no sense to me on how or why it worked out that way and the blocking method can be buggy and not read right or at all it's a neat idea but needs to be perfected to be used in a game where defense counts just as much as offense
This game has a lot of potential, the fighting system is smooth and very straight forward, I don't even care for the graphics. It's fine just as it is, but I think you should do more with the "Bounty" system, other than that. Expect me to stay amd follow this game.
Great game but I got bored of it too quickly. There are different fighting styles but the moves does not really correspond to each style. The styles are more like stat modifiers and the move cards are general basic moves that can be used with any style of combat.
I really really enjoy playing your game and i purchased the "marines pack" after playing with it alot i loved it but then my game crashed and all my progress restarted and the pack wasnt there, but yet the money was still deducted, could you help?
There seems to be a problem when i edit my deck, and i exit the app. When i come back, it doesnt save what i editted. This also applies to customization points. Is there a way to manually save? Or is this an unfixed bug? If so, will there be any plans to fix this? Thank you for taking the time to read this
A regression. The game locks up no matter what. It was great pls roll back and if possible make it lighter.
I love your game! Even spent some money on it. My ratings low because I can't edit the names of my custom decks, nor can I create custom insults/responses. On the rare occasion that the keyboard even pops up for me to type, nothing actually appears in the text box. This is frustrating because I've got custom decks for different scenarios and it's a total pain to constantly have to try to remember which deck does what without a name to remind me what it's for. Fix this and you got 5 stars!!
I leveling up to about 8 times already and it keeps setting me back to black belt 4 over and over soon as i close the app I made it to lvl 24 black belt without cutting off my phone and then I fell asleep woke up app restarted and I was back to black belt 4😑 please i neeed my points back lol good game really
Wow, this game is really nice!! Fighting is satisfying, and it's not like mortal combat where you button mash like a tryhard, you use cards that are attacks, weaken, or strength!!! And i really love the fact that you can make your own emote!!!
My only complaint really is that i wish there was a manual or something to explain the ins and outs of things. A lot of the learning is trial and error, and error, and error, etc... Because of a lack of information. Otherwise its one of my favorite games going now and no signs of slowing down either. Great job, keep up the good work!
It is a excellent game but please make it offline.^_^ edit: the game automatically exits itself thanks.
Greatest martial arts mobile game i've ever played! The only bad thing that gets in the way is that when i close my phone and open it again it freezes and i have to restart the game and wait for the loading. Please fix it.
Amazing game! A lot of fun and pretty easy to play. I only have a few things to mention. One, you can't type anything. If you want to make a custom taunt you can't because letters don't don't show up and two I don't know how difficult it is to do this because I'm not a game programmer but please make it so that when I'm in the game it doesn't randomly close on me. There are many games where they program it to remain open while the game is active. Other than that good job.
Awesome. One of the most addicting games i have ever played.This game is not pay2win at all and it makes for alot of fun. This game has potential to be one of the best games out there I just hope that the developers don't get greedy. Just keep going in the right direction cold beam games!
This game is simply awsome,i dont know why this dont have much higher ratings,no ads great game things,all great☺,thank you for this
I no longer have a problem with logging in. Now my problem is getting the game to run overall. After a while of playing the game, when I exit the app and go back in, it'd stop and just boot me out. Can't log in, can't get into fights, can't even get to the title screen. Could you fix this?
Definitely my favourite mobile card game, but ever since I reached 8th dan the game suddenly stopped saving. Now if I open up my save I start at the 8th dan and when I level up to higher dans' and I then close the game or log out, when I log back in I'm suddenly back to 8th dan and have lost all the progress I made since I opened my save. I really hope that this bug gets fixed. Thank you for reading.
The game refuses to boot up after the last update so I can no longer play it, but besides that this is one of my favorite mobile games by far
It not saveing im data i would lvl up and than play a little after a while. I leave the game than come back it reset back to to old lvl
I really enjoyed the game for the first few days, and it's a very promising concept too. I think the execution could be smoother because there A LOT of bugs like loading times, a transition effect being stuck and having me to restart the game, not having a "log in/log out" option so I'm stuck with only one account and can't start over, etc. The gameplay is sometimes too hard, blocking an attack are at times impossible from the attack speed or blocking system with the arrows. Could be better.
i love it make it better the game keeps cutting out and going back on my progress 12th dan keeps going back to 10 eagle keeps going back to crane fights not saved you should add like a save function like look and see how to do that and then add it into the game