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Marooned for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FastFly located at 浙江省绍兴市越城区城南街道和平村. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Excellent game so much fun, But.... The health bar in the top right corner goes down a bit too quickly and end up dying from that once I've got everything I could want. I think this should be slowed down a bit and for the bones to be more common! Also the golden carrots seem really difficult to get. Ive been playing for 5 days straight and I only got 20 carrots although I've done the tasks. These should be easier to get in my opinion!
Your alone but my brother and me played this a lot and we have so much fun so I really love this game
I like this game with survival theme but please add more features like more primitive weapon for hunting and more interesting primitive traps and I suggest to make some changes to marooned graphics..Thank you
This is the worst app.u can't clear any level in this bcz it doesn't tell us where what is? I was not giving it just a one 🌟 but it was compulsory so I suggest u that not to download this app I suggest you the game AMONG US go ND download it's good ND I too m going to delete it I would like to tell u all that it's worst game.
This is one game i have fallen on love with for sure, above and beyond my hidden object games and my simulation games i have been playing with well over 10 years. Except for that dam alligator that seems to scare the living daylights out of me before it rips me to shreds.....everytime!!...lol....thankyou for such a great game...
Love it. Made it to Africa. Only qualm is the beasts because i turned them off and i still got ravaged by 3 hyenas at the same time.
It's a good somewhat educational game that gets you thinking about survival in differen environments. There are some things I want to give criticism on. 1. The placement of the camp storage button is too far right and gets behind the the other buttons on the screen. Maybe put the buttons on top of the roof of the camp so its easier to press. 2. A cancel button for aiming any weapon. 3. Info on what a certain item in the inventory can make without searching on the top left corner. Thanks
Took several hours to find most basic resources, paused to make call, came back & game resets. DON'T download this. So badly made.
Surprisingly good. Straight forward, simple survival game, but challenging and entertaining. Charming graphics and music, as well as nice background sfx. 5 outta 5 from me
I like this game but the island is very hard to crack. Specially the food crisis pls add some more raw food option there
Could use some upgrades in next update. Make the character move faster, fix the inability to kill snake, add the ability to see if clouds are coming in and it will rain soon, and a back to previously saved spot button for when it takes forever to die and get back to it. Please update again soon, and often! Thankyou
After training, you have to start over from scratch! That means having to gather resources AGAIN to build a shelter, a fire, and a fish trap! Then, you pick the level (Easy, Hard or Nightmare) which is fine but whichever you choose, you have to keep! If you feel it's too easy/hard, you can change the level setting only by starting over! Ridiculous.
It's a great game, very addictive, visuals are amazing but it's unnecessarily hard. Towards 5th level it was so hard that I had to uninstall it although I paid for the carrots to get to that level. I had selected no beast attack but kept getting killed by the beast everyday and was stalked the whole time.
I had an issue with my account and they responded very quickly and fixed it for me. I really hope that you update the game and make the the character's walking speed faster.
It's really best free 2D survival game, graphics are good and so is action in this game. More features for the game: -Better sound effects -Make that our character can run etc. All other things are good.
Loving the game from the start. Following the tutorial... Great! But the game doesn't tell you that the campfire dies, and you then have to build another one. (Poor) Apart from that it's an ok game so far.
The Game was So Nice I love the Concept of Putting Traps but the Reason I gave it only 3 stars It's just I want An Improvement and Suggestions Can you please Make the Trees be Able to Cut Down and Also I think it's really good also if We can make our own Garden Plot were We can Plant near the Shelter, Putting more Type of Traps and animals like Wild Chickens, Boars Etc, and I would like to please Reduce the Speed of Crocodile You know It's Really unfair putting Fastwalker Crocodile Adjust this
Loved the game at first but I started noticing a few issues as listed: 1. any food item barely adds to your hunger meter. 2. Frogs won't stay still long enough to aim at them. 3. Fishing doesn't ensure that you will catch a fish each time. Most of my game time is trying to eat so I don't starve. Other than those issues, I do enjoy the game but it's starting to seem redundant. I don't have time to actually build and craft things because I have to hunt and search for food so often.
This game deserves 10 stars!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!! What a beautiful gem of an survival/adventure/logic puzzle game ! So happy I found this!!! Had a minor glitch and sent an Email to get help! WOW! Quick helpful response and I love this game more and more! YES it can be difficult but that's what survival is ALL about! Its actually what makes this game even more interesting as it otherwise could get very repetitive like so many other games. I can't recommend this game enough! 😊😊😊
I like the game but tnere are problems. For instance the movement controls make me want to pick up my tablet and throw it into the wall and the sound off button DOES NOT TURN THE SOUND OFF. But its good enough that I havent deleted it et. I'm not sure how long my patience will last, though.
This game will make you crazy!!! I don't understand what the devs were thinking. They aren't trying to squeeze money out of you, yet it is completely confusing. It tells you did something wrong but not how to correct it. ****UPDATED RATING**** I'm addicted, eventhough frustrated. Developers are sadists, must be. Good game though!
Annoying and boring, spent 15 minutes looking for wood then I wasn't allowed to place the wood near eachother which makes no sense
I don't play a lot of games, they don't hold my interest. But this game even with low graphics really has me playing more than ever
Like this game and suggested many friends but one thing I don't like is even I haven't chosen to play with those creatures they still appears.
Fun and challenging almost too challenging I get that it's kind of realistic butt... I've been playing for a couple months and I would just like to get past level 2... After basically keep dying and reset until I memorize the island in my head.... Then when I figure out how to survive the alligators come to finish me off . Honestly you're lucky to just find food or make water and the minute you start doing well and surviving they finish you off buy messing with the timers or the food or somethi
good game so far if u like crafting games it's simple not complicated like some games aving lots of things 2 do 2 get us first appliances
I love it. Im In Africa now Surviving... Day 104....! But Please. Make Some updates.! Trees are Cuttable.. and more fish And make Some Ability In The Characters. In every He Leveling up... And make characters or Costumes of Characters
Love the game BUT what is up with "ad gone" and "Tomorrow Try" to update points? Usually reload game fixed, today nothing works makes it unplayable to get points. Btw anyone whining controls "to hard" didn't play long enough. Yeah takes some practice so has every game I have played, since Pong whiners. Since "Ad Gone" has been ALL DAY total fail 1 star.
This game is really cool. My son showed me this game and now, it's my favorite game. It can be so frustrating at time, especially when you kill lthe dangerous animals at night,. If you kill the one afew times, then eventually two will attack you, if you kill them afew times the eventually three will start coming, and so on and so one. I enjoy the game, but carrot are expensive for me. Trying to open mountains is taking very long for me. Suggestion, more tasks for more carrots or cheaper carrots.
This game is amazing and i could play it for hpurs on end. But can you guys try adding lan multiplayer so that i could play with my friend and it can also show teamwork in survival situations.
This game is good but very difficult to pickup material. There is material which map shown area.so time is getting long.
Best game ever.. If only we could share our foods and materials to our friend.. Other than that very good
Love it but frustrating!!! So does anyone else notice when you choose no beasts there seems to be ten times more than when you choose easy?? Also what does "there will be beasts to go to the rich players camp. Not the wild ones." mean????
Very very interesting app.I just want to say that the directer should put an option by which we can know that how can we things that we need like i didnt know that how to get quality fur so i had to watch this on google and you should put an option to get golden carrots by watching ads .Thank u Please can u tell me how to get quality fur pls pls pls 😢😢😢
How can I solve the cancer mission in Nightmare level? I have solved it before by trapping the crabs with big stones and wood, but after the update, the crabs just go through them.. ://
I like this game a lot it helped me to relax and unwind during quarantine period so I wanted to thank the creator of this game. I have few suggestions for this game and I think it will be a really cool game to play if they can improve the looks of the character and how to move the character, if they can also add a female option for the character. This place can be an escape from reality kind of game so its best if they can improve the graphics and add more plants and animals to this game.
Fix the bug on raft. Why players leg go through it in palau? Plz fix this in next update. Love this game.
I will give a 5 star if you will fix this game. Actually this game was good but I have some suggestion. 1st let to cut the big trees cause you have an axe and you can't cut big trees? You need to find solid wood instead of cutting trees. Please let me cut big trees.
To be honest i think this is my first time giving a five star to an app well this app deserves it. I've been searching a game like this for so long an so now i have found it and im lovin it. Its true it is quite hard but if you have perseverance and patience you will survive in this app no matter what scenario it is. Great job developers great app 🙂
Tough game. You can die a few times even if you know what you are doing. Once you establish a few solid camps you should be good. If you get lazy or let your guard down, you will have a near death experience.
This game is very addictive. I can play for hours literally. It can be hard though, especially when you start a new level/location and you have to figure out what is edible and where the water is and if you need to build a water purifier first. How many hours in a day and night, what animals will hurt you and how... You collect carrots when you accomplish tasks, these carrots are used to purchase the next level, as well as other things. I have spent $30 CAD and have had 80+ hrs of fun in return
Developers you need to update the game Please how am I supposed to get the other Maps. Can you update like this : can we. Choose 3. Maps = 3 saves so poeple can Go to any save to see witch one we can Survive the best so please update game like That please
Great idea but finding food after a while is hard, survived 8 long days and no food...throwing stones to catch frogs and birds is not successful so this one will be uninstalled until resources are better...keep it up developers...would like days to be longer before night falls as well.
I love it! I get lost for hours in this game... I'm afraid when I finish this I won't find another...
Worst survival app ever, i can't finish the jugle level because its hard i mean the stuff cant be found you need to watch ads, the dev is a crackhead for ads dont download this app dont waste your time on this stupid app!
I only need to know how to cut my meat. I have plenty of "sharp stone" but I can't drag it to use it and the only option when I click it is destroy. If I click the meat (hare, etc) it says cut but when I click it, it shows the sharp stone sign. What am I to do? Btw, make finding hay a bit easier if it's going to rain so often (farm girl suggestions lol)
Best offline survival game...looking for more updates&new maps...more adventure please add some new animals
This game is awesome and make marooned 2 with many awesome future like riding horses add bulls and many hunting animals and new herbal plants sure if marooned 2 is released there will be million downloads
I think that you should put a cave biome w/new animals like bats,bears,spiders and items like telescope,iron,glass,bag & playable items like ball.Maybe a pet? Or a boss some flowers? new trees maybe put a rare tree & learn healing,rolling,sewing,guilding.We also need sheep's,a cow or a goat,wild berries,poison, Put a bee hive fo honey,fences for a garden or a farm many things needed for the game also make it challenging for the settings allow us to change appearance or mode of controls etc.
Interesting game and entertaining. Controls needs upgrading, graphics could be better, wolfs etc. Contents are very good, best i have seen in playstore survival games.
I really like your game. I just installed it this past few days and I am enjoying it so much. I also recommend it to my mother and boom she enjoys it too. I love this game because I like this games because this is challenging and also uses your mind to think about tactics or strategies to make your character survives on a selected places. I really LOVE THIS GAME!!!! 😍😍😍😍
I love this game! I only wish you could save your game before working on, say, now and arrow and get back to the same save spot without changes.. maybe you can already do that? Donno.. will have to study it up
I must say provsbly the best free 2D survival game you can get on Mobile. I love that there are hidden quests you can fund and complete. I love that there is a tutorial teaching you how not to die. I love how the ads are only there to help you and are completely optional. everything can be used and is important even a small rock. and the different environments you can choose to survive in are a definite plus. hell I'd pay money for this game if u wasn't broke lol
Its a cool game but why do you have to leave the dog by is self when you find the man has been killed can.t you adopt it then
Your game is a waste of my time. The ads to find solid word is a scam. No matter what you are looking for it only shows you where the logs are. Then when you have enough materials to make the shelter some don't highlight or disappear from your inventory. Were you trying to challenge gamers by cheating? Stop passing this foolishness as a game and leave game making to the people who actually know what they are doing. People complain when they see wasted potential. And your controls SUCK!!
Great game. Though I had to uninstall because I started experiencing the tetris syndrome. I got worried when I saw a bird out my window and my brain immediately went "food!"
Greedy, and depressing because of it, just like every other game that greedy devs make without consideration of good gamers who know when they are being cheated. Please make a game where i can choose if i want to pay to win. Not just a PAY TO WIN GAME. Thankyou! I would be all in for this game being a one time payment, instead of a PAY TO WIN where i am stuck on one level killing 100 rabbits and deer because your game is cheating me out of small bones. That does not deserve payment. Sorry.
Daaaaammnn!!!! This is very nice game i'v never seen ehehe but truly play this game and you learn how to survived 😁😊
The game is beautiful is not gonna lie,but at the start of the game it is extremely hard to get the resources you need before the night,but nice game, appreciate the work,nice
Love this game! Just dont like the data erase that takes place and causes an uninstall and reinstall.
Okay!! Its an excellent game! But! When in building mode i m supposed to be able to move to choose carefully where i would like to place my camp or fire.. And it ll feel a little lonely without other ppl arud.. I wish there could be some murderous native people in the land where i could fight with with bow crossbow swords all diy stuff. Moreover i also wish it could just be being in one land tat i chose only.. With NPC survivors where i could make my own community, the control of 1 persoonlyis👍
Cool but the golden carrots are kinda useless. Add some items in shop so that we can purchase them by using golden carrots.
The Gameplay Is Ok Ok Uninstalled It Because After Playing For Some Time The Game Becomes Boring No Shortcut Keys To Return To Camp Need To Struggle Hard In Easy Mode Cant Imagine In Extreme Mode.....The Game Needs To Be Upgraded.....Also Make Changes In Theme To Access Objectives And Skills....I Am Waiting For The Upgrade Please Make Changes !
There are some things that could be better like you need bark to make everything and it is so hard to find. But the hunting controls are so bad that it almost makes the game unplayable. Even if you spend 20min making sure that you are PERFECTLY lined up to hit and shoot an animal, it will still miss almost every time. You cant make any weapons except throwing weapons and the controls make them impossible to control. The animals move way too fast to kill with these weapons.
Honestly, one of the most impressive mobile games, or just games in general, I've ever seen. The amount of content is big, I can definitely see the passion that has went to this! It's fairly slow-paced but I personally like it because of that, it feels realistic. The first few days are the hardest ones, that's how it would go in the real life situation as well. Thank you for the amazing work on this great game!
Its good👍 but I cant cut some Trees because i cant settup my Shelter,camp,etc The reason is Their is so Many trees & plants And i cant place them:( plss Update __________________________________ -that you can cut some trees🔥 -add crounch/sneak,run or jump❤️ -add some more stuff To Find👍 -and also addsome More ToBuild⛏️ __________________________________ :)
The wolf is not getting allured at all, whatever I do. This is delaying my success. Also, the food is getting consumed faster. I haven't been able to clear jungle stage. Also, I am not at all clear that when is one stage cleared and second starts. Jungle stage is going on and on!!! Can anyone out there help me get to the next level??!!
WOW!!! This is so so great!! I love this game and highly recommended to those people who like survival games! Can you please put a cave to have a another exciting site on this game? I know lot of people will play this game if there is a cave and some pets like dogs or birds tnx wish you more games to create😊😊
I love this game so much I was instantly hooked and I love the mechanic's I have one suggestion tho I'm also a game designer/programmer so I know it's easier said then done but a multiplayer mode would be so so amazing I'd love to play this with my brother or friend this game is amazing but multiplayer would make it probably my favorite game of all time for phone goodluck with the game and it's future you did a great job
Greedy!Cant save.So you invest 20 plus mins gathering to build struggling emencely just to stay alive.Its 1of those games that puts you through hell even after you purchase materials to progress or better the experience w your adventure. Basically just another game that floods you w ads & the 30 sec or more time wasted watching an ad doesnt provide you the needed item no! only shows a map that gives you less time than an ad does to locate item more. I enjoy a good challenge. But this is rediculo
This game is good. My only complaint so far is that the trap for predators is not very useful. It's kind of a waste of resources. It doesn't allow you enough time to actually kill the dangerous predator. In order to lure the predator in there, I have to wait by either inside end of the trap and get wrecked by the wolf, crocodile, hyena, etc....
This game has a good concept but the pacing is bad. It gives a brief orientation but then the very first level brings in a bunch of new objects to build without explanation. And the reference guide to see what materials are needed for objects is very small and hard to see
Very addictive. But can't get the 2nd hidden thing in the jungle level. Stuck in jungle for over 22 days! Can someone help?
Great Idea, Awful Execution. Loved the game when I started, put a few quid in to advance. Couple of levels in though and it's just a grind. Resources on opposite sides of the map, over powered beasts (even on no beast mode?) and very few ways to properly sort your health out. Not even play to win, its a grind to make you watch endless ads. Just stick to the first few levels, arguably not worth paying for more.
This game is amazing . The super best 2D and that too survival game ..... Please add multiplayer in this game it would make this game insanely amazing .... I am asking multiplayer to be added because i have 5 of my friends who play this game and we all 6 want to play together but we can't ...... Some dumb games have multiplayer that means this amazing game can also have multiplayer .. Overall game is good and i want multiplayer and some new dungeon to be added in next update. Thank you ...
Fun, but doesn't save like it's supposed to. Put in a lot of work, saved several times, and it reverted to an older save (has done this a couple times). Done wasting my time, uninstalling.
love this game...how do i kill the big game..they not going in trap..how do i protect myself from hyenas
the game is good but has major flaws. I'm just starting out, well actually 3rd game. I say no beasts and still get attacked by a beast. I make traps to catch food but catch nothing unless I have a seed to put down. problem: the game doesnt give you that many seeds. I've had 2 seeds throughout my whole gameplay so far. you have to pay to use the map, which only last 2 minutes. you can save a man and his dog but the map doesnt tell you where they are. easy to get lost. it's just not done well....
Good game buttons are somewhat close together and difficult to tap. I still cant figure out how to help the dog? It would be great if plants slowly regenerated themselves so you didnt always need to travel as far to get more. Overall good game though.
Buggy. I have 3 sticks to build a camp, I pick up another, I now have zero sticks to build a camp. Hmm...
walk around, pick stuff up, and die if you don't spend money. Guess they want your stimulus money like everyone else....no thanks and ps....your game sucks!
Liked the game but can't save it if my health or hunger is low. Very annoying when I can't get enough health and want to exit the game, lot if the game is lost because it doesnt save!
This game awesome becouse it gives a expression of living in the jangle. It sometime lag but overall it is good to play. After a stable stage you will enjoy more. Because to get that stable stage you do many type of struggles and that give you the satisfaction.
The game is nice That I found this game is made in China kinda disappointed. Sorry if I'm racist and why did you put the sound of ed Stafford did you tell him if his voice could be used