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Is a Adventure game developed by THIRTEENDAYS located at Russia, Kurganskaya oblast, Kurgan, Keramzitnyy ul., 9, 640037. The game is suitable for Teen (Use of Alcohol, Language) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Boring and mundane. The story is pure meh. Just follow what the games tell you and do it, there's nothing more. Becomes incredibly boring. And the grammer is so wrong in so many places, makes me wonder if a non-english people made the game. The game is stretchy and have no accomplishments whatsoever
I love this game honestly. Like sure it's really tough to hear a people going to depression but I feel happy about sharing of the same feelings with the main character.
WOW such a simple and amazing game You will love mark by the end of the game He's been through a lot and he deserves happiness at the end 🙏 One of the best games I've experienced in mobile.
Very poor English translation. Made it very hard to understand the story. Game play was just walking from one event to the next so this is more of an interactive novel. Though you do get to pick what you eat for dinner. Atmosphere super depressing and ennui. Favorite thing was the epitaphs on the gravestones. Took screenshots of all of them because they made me laugh.
It seems promising, but the control doesn't seem to work properly on my phone. On Mark's apartment, took me a while to figure out how to eat supper. (First, stand on the left side of the table, then tap cabinet on top of the stove). Why can't I tap the chair when Mark stands next to it, like the way it is for refrigerator, laptop, the other chair, etc? And the monster chase. There's barely enough time to reach the door, then what? Not gonna try dozens of time trying to figure out where to tap.
pointless waste of time. ill save you a couple hours and give you the short version of the story: if you're depressed, get a girlfriend
It's a fabulous game! I loved the story and the overall concept. But, the language needs improvement though! The english used in this game make it quite difficult to understand but atleast it is understandable... Good job! Developers... I hope you'll love the game's emotional rollercoaster.
Nice story, especialy the ending, I loved it. I know you want it short but, still you could add things to story. You know, 13 days for someones life, that's a bit short, add some more. But totally, I loved the game and the massage behind it
I can't continue! I finished the game I reached "THE END" part but after that I got a black screen I can't click anywhere to finish.
The Storyline Was so amazing it showed Me something in life and it's an amazing game overall keep it up
Interesting storyline that is mundane for a reason. English translation needs to be worked on, quite a few grammatical errors.
It shows life in a character and how hard life can be for some people and how easy it can be for others and how one thing one opportunity can change your whole life and this game shows it perfectly.
i absolutely loved it... I've played a number of games on the playstore and i genuinely never ever thought that a game can actually move me like that....well done mate
Good, heart-touching game! It's a bit depressing too but, the story keeps moving forward, so you aren't caught up in all the sadness. Although the ending was not too bad, I wish there was an alternate one where Mark survives.
The game was sensational it had a deep emotional connection with reality. It really showed how much pain a person can go through and how long are willing to take it.
SPOILERS A poor effort at telling a story. The relationship between Sofia and Mark could have saved this game, but the questionable choice of making her leave / not letting Mark check up on her made me lose hope. The gameplay itself is extremely boring. The only character you really get to know is indeed Sofia - until she vanishes for half of the game. The translation is also horrific. Hire a proper English-speaking person when writing dialogue.
Getting killed by the first monster again and again and again and again, no matter what I do. Probably it's a bug, but I am not willing to play this ever again.
It isn't bad ... From a technical stand point...the characters and their interactions fail to develop enough duspense (or enough anything) and the whole story suffers because of this, with the end result being very underwhelming. Here at the play store there are story driven games with far better tales, with characters that will even hit the soft spot of one's soul.
This is a pretty good game with a great story line, the controls are easy to figure out and the game is pretty straight forward. I'm very impressed, suggesting a Mark's Life 2. Please and thank you.
English translation has a lot of mistakes, some times it's impossible to understand the dialogues. It's annoying to click thru "..." sentences. I liked the dream minigame but it quickly get boring. Overall the plot is quite simple, but random it seems to be made up on the spot
This game was reuploaded where the original is called "13 days of life". This new title is more accurate but a bit less intriguing. I also liked the depressing phrases that were present in 13days but are omitted from the main screen on this version. Until I fully replay it, I will assume English grammar errors are fixed and the story hasn't changed, therefore 5 ☆s.
An interesting study on depression, anxiety, how they people deal with death of others of those that your close to and those you barely know, and how people deal with your own diagnosis of terminal illnesses. While in a way I do wish the translation for English was better. However I believe that the confusion of not having a better English translation adds to the game as does the lack of Direction. It brought about in me a level of frustration that bordered on anxiety.
It was really good dint expect alot of thing happening i love playing the game maybe the best game i ever played.You should bring like another part of the story a 2nd game
The story's fairly short and..a little awkward in the way it's put. Once u catch on the game's event triggering mecanics, it becomes bearable. The translation between languages isn't the best, but the idea of a sentence or dialog gets through. In its simplicity, it did sucked me in till the end.
I got sucked into the game. Clearly, the story seems great but there is a big plot hole at the end. At first, I thought this was going to be a tragic ending, but things turned out brighter than it appearance.
It was very hard for me to play through this entire game, due to the poor grammar. However, something kept me going. I think it was a combination of the atmosphere, style, and storyline. I do feel that it could be much better. And yet, somehow, it gripped me. I am interested to see what else the developer creates. But strongly urge them to have someone check all their grammar before release.
I truly like the atmosphere and the music, but I cannot progress my game after 5 minutes of gameplay.
first game that bought with real money, and also first game i leave review, love this game, love the story, and now the English translation is better, but somehow i prefer the old version, i found some parts missing, like no blogs in notebook, and Mark's swear when he first taking a bath, but still this is a great game, keep up and i patiently wait for the new game you'll release, the vampire one...
Depressive, but absorbing. Although some mistakes appear in English localisation, I liked the game a lot and the plot is very interesting
Enjoyed the game, found it a little quick to complete and finish, still need to unlock a couple more achievements. The nightmare moments we're really interesting, pretty cool concepts... I agree with most of the other reviews about spelling and grammar. I've purchased the other main 2 apps that these guys make and look forward to future releases.
Daaaamn... It really hurts my feeling. When someone liked you and you can't loved back -- they just changed to a different person. Yeah, it is true. So many conflicts in this short story but I'm glad that Mark could escape his nightmare. It could be better if the story continues with Sofia next chapter before he dies. Tbh, I really hate the translations, it's horrible. The Indonesian version, I mean. I could see that the translator using Google to the game. I'd like to fix it if you guys wanted.
Amazing game. Such a great story to learn about his pain and learn, understand and feel what he has been through is life learning lesson and one should definitely play it.
Great story. As for the UI could need more improvement. I don't know if the ending have several possibility, but I got the happy ending (maybe). The achievements are maybe if we interact with such object, but the only sub-quest I remember is the lost cat. Some of this things can be more improve according how we can understand what's ahead. And one last important thing; decisions could do matter! Example, if we decided to go to the party, the nightmare will even worse, or don't do drink to safe.
Just wish I could skip running from the spirit I always die and have to restart I'm not that great in action panic 🙃 I love the story but he sleeps alot and It takes me 40 minutes, I know it's bad to get away from the spirit. PLEASE add a skip button for those Just interested in the story. Thank You!
Damn. Absolutely AMAZING such a good game. its hard to find a game that truly understands depression, but this game rocked it.
Nice story and environment. The psychological effect is very strong, especially when that monster chase Mark. Then, i wonder of some places like unknown houses which not be used in storyline. I entered, but nothing happen.
It was a beautiful story the end was so amazing i almost cry I like the cutscenes it was a really nice game this is why I give it five stars whoever created this is a genius!😭☺
it was okay but i really wouldn't recommend it. the story took forever for it to get anywhere and when it finally took off....it wasn't good
Aaww. I actually enjoyed playing the game. There's a life lesson to be learnt here. I'm happy that Mark found his happily ever after person, that he wont be alone anymore.
Everything is good for a small size game like this, like controls and graphics. But the story is boring. There are so less up and downs in it. "Someday" was a lot better than this. And the English too is pretty bad. Still, it should be tried because of its happy ending and short game play.
Okay, I just wrote a constructive review, when the game bugged out and could not be finished. It just won't trigger a needed event. Ugh.
Absolutely terrible game. No gameplay at all and it's just follow instructions. Absolute waste of time. Only saving grace would have been a good storyline but that was also a huge let down
This is a sad, depressing story, but the ending changed everything. The storyline is amazing, even though it was such a short game, and knowing the past ending where you die on the bus and meet Sofia again, was changed to a much more happy ending.
I'm actually surprised. I was so sucked into the story. Though I wish there was more to the story. But over all it was a good game.
intreguing, it hit me pretty deep beacause in alot of ways i relate but at the same time i relized how much different his problems were. it made me think alot. (also some sentences just dont make sense.)
I like the flow of the story even though its sad, never thought that there are people like him suffering because of life's cruel or mysterious path. I just wish it can be longer and make the ending possible by choosing some decisions which will change the flow of the story, So I will give it 5 stars!
Noice story. Couldn't really do much with the items and it was a bit too linear. Just a fun experience when you're sad...
Kinda slow and there wasn't enough story. I could relate to some of the depression Mark was going through though but I feel they could have done a lot more with the story instead of ending it so abruptly. But it wasn't bad.
Pretty good game. There are some minor typos here and there but they don't affect the gameplay much. The story could've been laid out a bit better in the end. Kinda felt it was rushed but nevertheless it's worth checking out.
OK so, after playing through this game I feel like im ready to give my view on it. Alright so, I get it, I get what story you are trying to tell here but the way you did it wasn't the best way possible, the player needed more information about Mark, about the people he met, the people he knew etc. One of the major issues I had with the game were the dialogs and the grammatical errors, quite a lot of em. The consistency wasn't there to set the mood but overall it was a good concept. Can do better