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Marines Shooting 3D

Marines Shooting 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Gismart located at Huckletree Soho, Ingestre Place London, W1F 0JL UK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this is a good game only if there could be like a first person prize game mode and I can customize the marines
this is the best game i have ever played!! I just wish that the graphics were a little bit better and when the enemies die they ragdoll
I saw this game a few times on ads and didn't think too much of it until I downloaded it. I love this game and I'm glad I decided to download it
I like the game because it's really fun and it's like it's like you can watch TV but you cannot really watch TV it's like it's like fine Play I Like It 1000% fun this is from Adam
Great game but it opens the playstore with random apps every 30 seconds like an obnoxious popup also Id prefer my commander to keep the Marine Skin vs the other cartoon skins.
The game itself is awesome! I love killing the enemy and the fact that you have a base in missions which allow you to heal for free is awesome! but there one problem on shattered web the guy just spins around in circles unable to be controlled please fix this and also I don't know how to go to your customer service since I'm not a adult so please take this message to the creators themselves thank you!
*WARNING*CONSUMER PROTECTION WARNING*WARNING* This App is an Ad Simulator!* (An "Ad simulator", a term I am coining right now. Is an app that has gameplay section that are unbearabley short (15-60 seconds) while also ALWAYS being automatically followed by a forced Ad. Resulting in equal or greater time spent watching Ad's then playing the game. This does not include apps that have "optional Ad's" (WoT:Blitz), "occasional Ad's", or offer rewards after watching a forced Ad (real racing 3).
This game amazing. No ads oyher than the ones for more upgrades if you have not enought money. ITS SO GOOD. Definetly recommend this game
Pretty BAD game with a ton of ads everywhere and nothing help explain anything upgrading your base doesn't seem to do anything and the game itself is too underwhelming.
It not good it goes fast a the first part then when I play more in the game it start to get slow I do not know if it is me or the game but everything else is fine and good
it's excellent gonna take time to master but it's all in the mind .....beginnings awrsome....no doubt the mid section is the same and the rest .....✊✊👀🧠
Great game but I cant upgrade my base.. i can only upgrade by watching a video and even with internet connection it says there are no videos available
If you want to get rid of ad all I do is hit the home button and hit the game and the no reward ads will be gone
Are you from 2016 or something???? Why it doesn't have ragdoll physics pls put some because all games that people like has ragdoll physics so put ragdoll physics ok?????
The game was fun but I was sad to find out there was no more levels to play. Yes I am able to go back but whats the fun in that
Have to run back to heal every 5 seconds and boss literally continuously shoots at you. Horrible game
There's an option to watch an ad or not right? Why show an ad after every stage? You're very greedy on money. The gameplay is good but the ads is ruining it.
please just stop complaining about the ads. these new game developers are making money because of the ads. when you install these games most of them are free like this one. so instead of complaining just be grateful that they're free before you install them. If you're complaining about some games because of ads then don't play games do something productive.
Like most of these quick app4ads games, the basic idea is great, execution is numb and simple. Base building is not explained, same with perks (dont see effects of most perks). Can a Real dev team Please do this one right? These guys just want ad money...
Pretty good well-rounded game, just wish you guys would add more customizability and different enemies to the game.
Brilliant game only flaw is lead shooter is a little jumpy and you can't appoint cover only your own but other than that it's a brilliant game well worth your time 🇮🇪🍀👍
pretty good game I'm just learning but like it, I usually play only sports but this is kind of a shooting battle sport, moves well and isn't to difficult so I recommend it.😁🥃
nice game play , nice leveling , . The only thing at the moment I can think of right away is, finding the right colors, and or graphics , . Did I say that right ?
I love the game but when I found out that after every level it resets all my stuff I didn't find that as much enjoyable as I had to get all my units again and do u think you could maybe add a sandbox because if you consider a sandbox then I have an I idea for it like for the features u could great your own level like put were the enemy's are and were the covers are and ect and for your units you could like pute down as many as you want Or can you add like a mode that saves that other stuff
I was only interested in the bullets in the game but far more than that this game is actually fun as heck but the ads yes The ads my only weakness in games that i play usually not that many ads appear on my games but dang you really need to do something about your ads
I like the game but i can't restart the level because there is a bug that can't let you pass the level but you already finish all waves pls add level restrating and reduce the ads thank you. <3
Nice game IDC about ads only thing is I didn't know how to shoot I would like some more realism as an ex marine combat is longer sometimes but. Great game still.
I think there should be more customization like even if you have the basic skin you can get better guns and better TROOPS! the missions are way to fast I could complete them in 50 minutes so pls fix that and any way great game! =)
Very cool game but I would not install it because there's so many ads it's very annoying and the upgrades could be cheaper In the game
Gameplay is below par, hence the 2 stars 🌟 it COULD be fun but there is ads at every step of the way. If there was no ads, possibly I wouldn't uninstall but I literally lasted 10 mins, and there was at least 50% ads
this game manage to suprise me cause I though it would be like other offline war games, the AI on the soldiers are nice being able to run to nearby cover when you move them to a cover position that's taken up. the only problem I have is half of the upgrades you buy is via ads, I know all f2p games need to monetize there fame to m as keep money off of it but this is a bit excess. other than that it's a good strategy and time killer
Really bad control.... I'm not the best with the joystick, but it seems so sensitive and the troops run fast.. they also seem to have a mind of their own which runs them into fire.... Uninstall after 20 minutes
I enjoy it very much but so many ads to watch so exactly i have internet I on it so many ads but i love the game so much so I rate it 5 stars i wish it has ten stars to rate but nevermind .
This is pretty fun, I'd recommend to download the game. if you don't like it you can Uninstall this, you can download if you want.
its doing a flash glitch so it makes it flash some stuff then back and does it on somthing different pls fix it :'(
like all the other new games in ads, but with guns. Edit: game crashes once in a while, mostly when ads play, and the helicopter levels are frustrating
so far so good but still need to improve like when someone knock and the soldiers got time to revive back with another of they friends
I commented how the game is so great but changed but everytime when you buy something you always be getting a add everytime like it's my first time play please remove it 😭😭😭
good game reson for 4 stars isa bit hard to learn I just got the game download and I can't figure out how to use the gernade
not too bad, a little slow making it glitchy and hard to move around. please fix and will have a higher rating
Once upon a time there were games like these despite emulators, that people ued perfectly on NEW, and Editor's Choice games aand played it on full screen PC (hint hint, that's what emulators DO!)... the cutomer services of these games gave no answers, or assumed much, and NOX-MEMU-LD PLAYER, and BLUESTACKS, laughed, and laughed, and laughed...... ..... going to unistall.............
The game is awesome awesome awesome and pls work on more updates and I'm happy cause. there not those many ads
I think this game for me is broken becuase it will let me fight only 3 bases and then it takes back to the menu then I press play and it takes me back where I was and walk around and i dont see any new bases.but its still fun, but also please answer me because I like playing this so I want to keep playing
Look every level you play requires upgrades within the level , the problem is you will need to watch alot of ads to get the necessary upgrades to complete EVERY SINGLE level or spend alot of money , you will either spend more time watching ads than playing OR spend more money than the game is worth ...
The game looks cool I'm not sure if my phone but the game doesn't load and stay on the red screen forever
Love the game but it gets too Hard like 4 levels in and it's easy to run out of money but it's a good game
Sometimes Freezes at Gismart games. Penalize you for options that was never presented. Example: only show equipment but not add squad members, penalize you for not adding Squad members.
Absolutely horrible game! When you come up on a boss mission and you go back to heal yourself he will follow you and kill you! No matter where you go he can kill you somehow! Horrible! 🤢
Awesome game, good concept. It would be more cool if you add more content soon. Also, please make levels that are done playable.
so far, so good. if I don't update my review, then it means the game performed like it's supposed to.
ill give you credit for everything but controls need to be a little more accurate i keep running into objects randomly
I love the game and how it's set up, it could be better but I like it. The worst thing about is that in less than a 30 seconds their is an ad about Spoon or some other game. I understand that games and business want to make money and the best way is by advertising, but it doesn't mean spam a person all the way until they finally say forget about it and delete the game.
Great game, just way too short! There are only 15 missions. Completed in less than a day ,hence the 4 stars. Would easily be a 5 star game if it had more missions!
I downloaded the game yesterday and I played it almost all night it's a very good game is way better than all the other offline games that I've tried one thing that could need of a fixing is to help with some of the lag also sometimes when I move my main character in the game when he starts engaging the camera goes all the way down to the bottom of the map but all out is it a very good game
This has got to be one of the worse 5 mins ever. Ads before a mission, ads after a mission. I understand if there are ads for bonuses but not just to play the game. Jeez, literally no explanation for the base and what upgrades do and ads at every point. What's the point of releasing a game that you watch two ads during your first mission and for such a high starred game the reviews which makes me think the reviews are fake.
I think it's cool,but the fact that there is not much changes and challenges which causes me to give 4 stars