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Marble Clash - 2 player game

Marble Clash - 2 player game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Miniclip.com located at Miniclip SA Case Postale 2671 2001 Neuchâtel Switzerland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Horrible i lost my money my points it's very unrespectful how your challenge take Everything and nobody can do anything about it ,they control the game it's no point download this game only if u want to be in a really bad mood like me every time I play this game. and planning to take this very serious with this people.
This is a very entertaining game and we'll done, but after the last update it started pushing an ad after each game. I am done with this game, too many ads now. They have destroyed a great game and made it a uninstalled game on my tablet. Shame, real shame.
Good game soo far. I would love to see a old school type of marble game also like the old days at school where u have a hole dug in the dirt and you play for keeps. It would be a great little incentive. Devs have done a great job! Solid game
Someone should take these people to court for taking people's money. Its cheating people you win get a good 20/30 games then you start getting people which is probably people working for them going of and on the game which means it disconnects and you lose you're turn even after potting a marble, the game is praying on vulnerable people who wouldn't think they are getting scammed, this shouldn't happen when playing a game especially that's meant to be fun.
It is a good game but there are many bugs. Whenever I click message button it lags and there are many more too!! I have playing carom pool from more than 8 months it is a good game! But please fix all the bugs in this game. Please!
I lose my win streak so .. I have a suggestion ... in the play point stage ... if the opponent has scored all the points in the first kick ... given an opportunity to win by scoring more points with one kick ... As for the Classic stage, if the opponent scored all the points in the first hit .. given the opportunity to win by scoring all the points as soon as possible before the opponent to win the game ... I hope to upgrade the game and that would be fair.
Fun game. However Its got a glitch. -It's my turn, I hit a ball. -Game freezes. It passes my turn over to my opponent,but they don't respond. Plus if on my turn I had scored a point it will reset it to the point before I took my turn. It's frustrating,and unbalances the game, because at that point it's basically the first person willing to leave the game that's at a loss because there is no way to progress the game.
So far great Gameplay was smooth. But kinda notice that maybe there is some players using cheat apk mod to have greater advantage. Last time I played against someone with low level rank but higher equip ball and accuracy, somewhat off that he played me fast as if the pointer guide was long range something an modification type accurate game play boost and end the game without getting a miss shot every shot perfect performance.
Too many cheaters or hackers, whatever you want to call them. I actually lost a game where a player put his final ball into the hole by going through my ball and it was as if my ball did not exist.
This game is pretty good. I love miniclip so this is cool. Over all I would just like to see the back fixes because, I've bumped into a few in my 2 hours of playing. Thank you for your time.
What a pathetic excuse of a game! Won't bother downloading exactly the same issue as there other games skilled based match making you say try being a level 2 going up against level 30+ with over 1million coins earnt and 5x the games that you've actually played! Sort it out!!
Typical miniclip experience. Very similar to their 8 ball pool game but with marbles. Expect ads, pay to get better items and loot boxes galore. These things are tolerable but what's really annoying is after a certain point, some of the items in the timed boxes are hidden by ads. This is too much for me, especially when you sometimes watch an ad already to open the box in the first place, then have to watch an ad to get the item. Give me a break!
Not a game for beginners. The pros come out around level 4. Real pool hustlers that don't miss. And they were the only players I got matched up with for about 2 hrs straight. I was looking for something more casual.
Such a terrible game, the devs purposely implented high skilled bots to angered their players, i just played against a guest and they were perfectly poting marbles left to right, to the point where it was humanly impossible my suggestion: do not play games like this they will steal your time and money.
If you love Carrom Pool, you will love this just as much, because, it is same game perty much, the only difference is marbles instead of pucks. I just started playing a half hour ago, and I love this game. This is definitely a keeper and awesome alternative to 8 ball/9 ball billiards. Marble Clash is like a fraternal twins to Carrom Pool.
Good game but comes with the usual miniclip negatives. - Constant nagging to buy useless stuff - Horribly unfair matchmaking - Overpriced in game items - Free X/Y/Z for watching adds - Intentionally clumsy menu attempting trick you into wasting LITERALLY as much in game currency as possible
Although I have only been playing Marble Clash for a relatively short time, I can tell that it is a classic in the making. Carrom is one of my most favourite games, Marble Clash is a different form of Carrom, but, I think that it is even better than Carrom. All I have to do is get good at the game. Which is no doubt sonething for the future. Marble Clash is for me at least, the perfect game. Can I recommend Marble Clash? of course I can. Very highly recommended.
I do get the concept but my brain get fried Everytime I play. How is that. It must be the aim of development to draw you in to spend and not think of the consequences.
It seems when you doing good shots ya pot many times before they don't work the same when on winning streak. I've seen a ball go in hole to jump back out and lose my turn. Very frustration. I'm sure this will be taken out of review but I don't care!!!!
Game would be great if it weren't for the cheating. -The shooters and power ups are pointless because they don't make a difference in game play. -The points game is ridiculous unless you're the first shooter to make a point. - If you get into a game with someone and they don't want to go first, they can just wait till their time is gone and force you to be the breaker, then they go for the win. All in all, it's a time passer and my kids like to play it... Other than that... It's ugh
Not fair when opponent makes you wait after sinking a marble THEN you don't get your next turn. I lost 250,000 because of this. It has happened before that was too much to lose due to malfunctioning game. And why do you have for a opponent? They have slow connection or are they doing something? It's a form of cheating if they are doing something and should be banned. This sucks!!!
Amazing game 🎮it's casual, fun no hassle gameplay great time killer between other games or just a quick game best part is it limits your play when you have filled you box slots there's not much point in playing till you've opened one and cleared space you get new marbles to unlock and upgrade unique great game thankyou devs you've done us proud thankyou from England
The concept is good and the game is fun so far but one thing that needs to be addressed is the lack of colorblind options. I lost to someone because I knocked their marbles in without realising they weren't mine. Please make an option for people with colorblindness.
Miniclip company is like a drug peddlers Very very very costly game not affordable for common person, gems premium pass every item is sooo costly , continue 5 6 and 10 chances given first turn to opponent,s than one turn for me and again 4 5 turns for opponent than 1 turn for me ... again again and again.. What jocking with me🤬 very bad policy of miniclips.. i have to uninstall this game 😭 if u purchase some thing u will get more tension.. so bad 🤬🤬🤬🤬
It's a good concept, but I'd toss the waiting for opponents as this can draw the game out 10minutes or longer. Also I find it amazing how hackers "guests" at level 1 come in and clean the table without touching one single ball of mine hitting every shot perfect... if the devs say it's random I call BS cause it's every 2nd game I play. I'm just gonna take the advice of many and delete before it causes me to throw my phone. Deleted.
Dont like the game at all if your openent run out if time he still plays on but if your time runs out you stop playing... If oponent seeing you are winning the game the "connection" of the game is suddenly an problem.....would not reccomend this game to anyone😠whyIS THIS GAME CHEATING SO MUCH😡😡
If you don't get to break you basically already lost no chance to shoot. Lost all my gold just starting games 19 played and not one shot because the opponent got to start and clear the board. Waste of memory on my phone
Not a bad game, but full of poor sportsmanship. That and the algorithm tends to miss match opponents such that it is extremely one sided. Needs a player ratings system so jerks can be flagged as such.
This game is clearly full of hackers. Why else would a level 4 be able to beat me in 1 turn? That's physically impossible for a newbie to do! I'm going to take the advice of everyone else and delete this game before I lose my mind. Miniclip is just trying to take your time and money, guys! Why else is everything of theirs pay-to-win?
Starts off great and addictive until you realise it's another miniclip game and is as rigged as the others. You get to a certain limit then boom, opponent breaks, makes no mistakes and cleans up, you lose all your coins and it starts again. UNLESS you spend some 'real' money. Sad as has the potential to be a great game.
If you're a beginner, I wouldn't recommend you play this. From my experience, I'm not even sure how it's possible, but any person I'm playing against seems to beat me instantly. Let me make that clear: THE SECOND PLAYER BEATS ME WITH NO EFFORT.
Very very very costly game not affordable for common person, gems premium pass every item is sooo costly , continue 5 6 chances given opponent,s turn then one turn for me and again 4 5 turns for opponent then 1 turn for me ... again again and again.. What jocking with me🤬 i have to uninstall this game 😭so bad 🤬🤬🤬🤬
This game has a way of cheating. Opponent can take your points and your turn away from you. Its a shame people try cheat someone just plying for something to do. Idiots like that should be band from internet services. What ever happen to honesty integrity it left when they pushed God out of everything. Get a life cheaters!!!!!!
Great game. I think it would be awsome to have different shaped playing boards. Just an idea.. But great game Marble Clash...
Not fair game play. Opponents can reset your move by delaying. Opponents are not matched with your rating. You might be against a level 24 when you are only level 7. You may not even get a move before the opponent has won.
Don't know if anybody knows this bug or what, there's this problem, that even if you click on the 11k game, if there's no any player playing that game, u will automatically redirect to 2600 rs. Game.. you kidding guys? I don't want to play 2600 rs. Game.. otherwise, graphics and gameplay and overall game experience is so far so good..
Solid game 4/5 reminds me of 8 pool one problem for me though, stop reminding me of the marble pass if i wanted to buy id click the button instead of getting a new notification about. Its a quality of life change something big but not big enough to break the game .
Gaming experience is not good. In online competition if I get a first turn then there are chances I may won the game without opponent getting a chance and vice versa. Sometimes opponent's time is over but they are still able to play the shot. These things need to be change for a good experience.
It's an ok game but as others have said its not fun when your opponent has a turn and just cleans the board every time. I just started so I'm only like level 3 and playing people who are level 8-9...not much money left so I'll prob just uninstall it. Fun concept but not much fun to play.
I've ended up playing this more than any of my other games. Lots of free coins. You'll never have to wait to play because you're broke. Like pool, but simpler, and low stress. The only thing I don't think is great is if you scratch the shooter after pocketing two successive marbles, it takes both marbles back. I can see taking one marble back, but two? Odd rule, if you ask me.
Every 2nd player is a hacker. The game lets you get to about 30k gold and then systematically always lets the other player go first every single time. Usually this is a hacker who wins without you getting a shot in. Absolute joke for what could have been a great game. I've played solidly for over a month, and seen the above happen time and time again. And it's always "guest" players. The hack is easily downloaded from Google, I could use it myself, but I want to actually PLAY the game. Poor show
This game is great but I think it needs a club and one more thing it should have the option of a new game - I'm glad if you appreciate my idea and try your best to put it into practice. ❣️ Regards Noor...
It is good for small tables below 10000 and above 10000 many times opponent gets chance of break & they make break to finish which leads to loss of coins. So please make sure that all should get chance of break. So make it better in updates. So i will reinstall after 2 months.I hope it will be better than now ...
I would love this game but I am a mediocre player at best. So many people I have played just run the table, so someone like myself has no chance to even play. Kind of boring to always lose. It would be nice if you could pair players of similar skill. Also, it would be nice if playing someone you have played with before didn't affect Marblepass. I have no control over who I'm paired with in a game; why should that affect Marble Pass?
Game is very nice interesting. Thanks for Creater. If any one play offline mode and he dont have partner. Game must support to play with computer. How single player can play both sides. Feels like crazy game.
Another great game by miniclip. WOW, this company is on FIRE, but one thing i want to request foryour next game, pls make it so that when one player gets the first turn, potting all the marbles, or whatever they are in the next game, should be a FOUL. I HATE IT WHEN THE OPPONENT JUST POTS ALL THE MARBLES AMD GETS ALL THE POINTS AND WINS, WHEN I DONTEVEN GET A CHANCE TO REPLY!!!!
Great game but the analytics mark you to play levels way higher than you are. I'm level 6 and played against 3 level 20s in a row. Of course I couldn't win.
Could be a great game but instead it's full of hackers and cheaters, usually from the same country. Opponent has such bad internet that it constantly says, "waiting for opponent to respond" yet they consistently pot 2 or more balls with bank shots every shot. Or the game is running smooth, you are winning, then once you're down to 1 marble, here comes that trusty message, "waiting for opponent to respond" and then suddenly they are pros and they wipe the board clean in one turn.
Takes way too long to unlock a chest. Stupid you can only unlock 1 at a time when you have all 4 full. Earning rewards don't work as the videos don't load. Matching against other opponents is way off as well. Doesn't match accordingly to your level. Example I'm a lol 5 and got matched with someone who was a lol 8 then again a 9. Also the opponent always sees to go first and then kill ya when they are a lvl 1-2 best. The guest accounts seem to be bots or hacker's. Could be a good game!
Game get stucks while playing can't control the game also loosing the chance of winning what to do. Even low power shot I pot foul whereas opponent ball has good control it doesn't go for fowl, opponent ball is just hanging on edge of pocket how it is only possible for opponent player, seems to be a kind of trick.
Great game but SOMEONE CANT COUNT! when playing games entry fee 2600 x 2 each to win 5000 and a few games have to same bad maths! Other than that it's a great game of skill!
This game is fab. My main problem is that sometimes my opponent has very similar coloured marbles, and being colour blind doesn't help, but, hey we're a community too! But, seriously, this game is cool, love disc pool too. Please sort out the colours.
This game is terrible! I bought the $4.99 play pass and won a free golden shot and hit 500 gems that I never received. Almost every game is against a bot and if they shoot first half the time you will not even get a turn before they win. So many better games out there do NOT waste your time or money on this one.