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貓咪大戰爭 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PONOS Corporation located at Nittochi Kyoto Bldg., 12-1 Tachiurihigashi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8005 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
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I like this game because I just use it as a saveings account where I don't use any thing but I always fail it's just so tempting to use up all your rare tickets
It has more stuff to get more than the original game in English and its just like the original but In Chinese
I don't know any Japanese, but the menus are easy to understand once you try it all out and see what does what. Very fun and addicting game, and the best part is that you CAN pay but the game doesn't force you too, and you can still do good without spending money!
easy to play, easy to control, interesting design. low probability to unlock special character. (-1⭐)
good game. all of the characters looks interesting,but the can food are sooooooo dificult toget it.i almost play for 1 yesr but,i just only got 3000+can food. if the can food can get easier,it might be a legend game.
Ok I haven't played this version of battle cats but it isn't a rip off also IF YOU WANT IT IN ENGLISH GET IT IN ENGLISH YOU IDIOT i have played the English version and if you can't download it then idk what to say I'm not good with glitches/bugs
This is my first day playing this and its really good🙂. I am stuck on this level wish is really hard but I will complete it but this is a really good game. YOU SHOULD GET THIS IT IS RELLY GOOD!!! It is also in another language so I can't understand 🙃 it. Also the cat food is kinda hard 😕 to get but it is a good game and you 🙂 should get it.
Best game ever! You don't even need to understand Japanese, but it's like Chinese anyways. The rare cat capsules have just the right chances, I often get an Uber! Definitely recommend this awesome game.
I can't read Japanese but I understand how the game works so you will need the English version in order to know what's going on but yeah it good
Very good game but I made this post to tell you that 1. It's Chinese 2. No language option because this is Chinese and the English version exists or just learn Chinese
Its a good game but the only reason i am giving it 3 stars is because u cant change the language i do have the English one but i want to be able 2 have multiple accounts but not counting the language its a five star perfect game
I like this game👌👌 but I am school Chinese but I know little bite but I like this battle to win also I am top level final the end but it's hard the boss but I have 32 cat food😱😳 because I finish all level Soo I want buy new one or the rare cats battle cats coming soon maybe🤔 the end
IT'S a great game but u need to wait n cat food is annoying to get I recommend that u speed up the time and easier to get cat food so u need to wait pike and hour or more to be 100 and play like 3 rounds make it like u can play like 10 rounds
Please read this. If you speak English, download "The Battle Cats" instead, it's the same game but in english. If you speak whatever this app is then download this app.
I was so freaking close to killing chapter 2final boss and failed at 3% hp I'm so mad 😭😤 but I've you give me 250catfood so I can beat chapter 2 boss because I tried to beat that boss for 2 freaking years
I like the game, but I can't seem to get an uber. Also, ponos changed it so you don't get a bunch of rewards when you start. If it changes back,I will rate 5 stars. The uber thing is just bad luck, though.
Must try gacha game. Even though its in Japanese, you dont need to understand it. Only know that left is yes and right is no! In other games, a good unit is usually hard to get, but uber super rares are good and have a 5% drop rate!
Classic cat game that worth 1000mil downloads for sure. Have 超级稀有 guranteed for all crossover in last few days which is attractive to players who likes to have collection of rare 'cats'. Originals from this game also worth to draw as they are handsome/beautiful/weird/strong/grand enough so dont hesitate to add them to your roster. Materials are quite easy to get espeacially having festives like cny halloween n xmas. Worth a try even for f2p players.
I downloaded this instead of the English verison because I don't know why, but I cannot download the English verison, very good game though.
Love this game as a whole even when I'm mad which is why I have this version and others like the Japanese version and Korean version (also since I understand it) also this is Taiwanese for people who confuse this with Japanese
enjoy this game enough to download both versions; energy recovery in 1 while i go play the other & vice versa. in the time of making this mini review i gotta' say; it's quite amusing to see how many other reviews mistake chinese for japanese . . .
Definitely the best game ever invented! Yet I don't know Japanese, but since I also installed the English version, I know what the things means. I recommend it to you all. The gacha is also really nice as it isn't too easy to get something good and it is also not too hard.
Really great game, but getting catfood is kinda hard. For those who think it's a rip off, it's not. PONOS made 4 versions of battle cats in different languages, and this is just one of it.
I play this for many months but when I changed my new phone, I can't get back my account so there is no data storage of this game so I definitely don't like this game because of doesn't have data storage.
super cool game! if you do not know this languge then get the english version. to get the english version get this game called:the battle cats wich is the same game but english version.
Best battle game! I don't like battle games but this is a legend game. However just one little complaint: It's too hard to get can food! Please give some other easier method for earning can food.
Recently facing problems in downloading games which previously worked thru Google Play store, but now every time prompted to Huawei ID, another app gallery. Eventually the games not downloaded but were shown as downloaded with time frames given to complete the games😔Hope that this can be solve, thank you.
Plz make a pvp mode but I love this game I recomend it to play its awesome. And the reason I chose this version is cus my brother has the English one so i know how to play.
wonderful gameplay, i downloaded the jap version as a bet and it is just the same as the english... love it !!!!
I can't read the things in a different language but I am not playing it because battle cats in english is better in every way
I tried to transfer the save data to the English version, but I couldn't read what it said. Then, when I tried to cancel, all my data got deleted. Also, the code didn't work, even when I tried to put it back on this version
Really fun, but I already finished Empire of cats, Into the Future and Cats of the Cosmos.(Got all gold treasures) I also finished all of the Legend Stages and the Uncanny Legends. Can you pls update the game? I basically have nothing else to do in the game. Thanks
For u who are new , You can get the Golden Officers Club For free :D No money , first time is free , Golden gives u more cat food and extra rewards. U can also try this on the English version , just type battle of the cats. I hope I gave u all a head start :D
I also cannot download the english version for some reasen. Also, the game is called battle cats but 30% of the characters look like cats!!!!!
The game is good but i wish there was a way to change the language if your going to let pepel in yhe us download it then have a way to change the language
this game is just kinda hard to play I played it because my mom's friend told me to play it but I still think it's a okay game
I like it so much cuz I live Hong Kong but This is a tiawannese version although I still like it tho also the characters cuz they are really cool thats why I want to rate 5 star;3
For those of you who think this site the Japanese version it is not. This is the Taiwanese version of the game while you can download the Japanese version from an apk but overall this game is great
This version of the game is pretty much a good substitute when you are waiting for the original (English Version) to regenerate enemy. It's pretty much the same. Except for the fact that this version gives you a much better start following by different/earlier collabs than the english version. Pretty much, I have to give both versions 5 stars!
I love this game it's so addicting and the gacha, Mwa! This game is so fun I have been trying to get as much ubers as I can.
the game is good and all but i wish more english people who played this would download English version which is a whole separate game unless you understand chinese.
This game is great! I don't know Japanese but its probably the greatest game in the world. I also installed the English version and it's also great!