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Mansion. Choices Text Adventure

Mansion. Choices Text Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Gravity Shot located at Russian Federation, Barnaul Popova, 59-184. The game is suitable for Teen (Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Stupidest game evvver!!! I haven't even started the game yet and that's my opinion. WHY so many stupid questions before game starts. I haven't even started the game yet and I'm uninstalling it !!
I wonder if there's a real game here somewhere? I got all of the way through chapter 1, and it was just the most boring chat about whether or not we would go to the mansion. The second chapter started boringly with chat about how to get there - traffic info and packing a picnic... The whole thing feels like a bad practical joke.
Its very good. But since the last abdate i can't skip the quiz or the riddle. Thats wy i have to stop playing. Fix it please.
Loving this game so far. Not taking off any stars for typos because it actually makes it more realistic. Whoever took off a star for typos obviously doesn't text with human friends who make human mistakes
They don't talk like real people do. It bothers me how robotic they sound. Instead of using a translator, how about getting an actual person who speaks English to make it sound natural. I can't even get into the story because they talk so robotic!!
That game was awesome πŸ‘...There wasn't any grammar errors and the story was Amazing too and the puzzles kinda hard but they're puzzles what can we say about them...That was great keep that up...πŸ‘
I didn't think much until my choices killed Magpie shortly after the first task... unlike two other choice games I tried, this seems to have some actual choices, it's not a straight story that you basically just click through. I'm at the third task, I hope not to be disappointed!
It was a great game even there was updates like what other creators do not do that and you can skip puzzles and time those are majorrrrrrrr goood things i give this 100/100 definetely worth it and It was longggggggg likeee whatt I am going to tell all my friends to play it and give 5 stars the graphics are a bit bad ,but otherwise every thing is sooooooo gooooddd
I really like the story, but what bothers me is that when I quit the game, and then enters it again, sometimes the progress that I made is reset. The name β€œMagpieβ€œ glitches into "Maxpie", and that's the sign that your story is being resetted. There is indeed my progress in the content, but I need to redo all of my choices from that point, which is a lot of work. But overall, the game's great, love it!
The story and the whole idea of this game is good. I really love these text- adventure games but I just can't stand the character you have to talk to in this game. And it doesn't seem to matter how many times I choose a response that tells her she talks too much. It really makes it hard to get into the story when the character you're talking to is someone I would avoid at all costs irl.
Very interesting! Not what I expected but the storyline keeps me going. Just deducted one star cos of some typos and errors in grammar. But overall I like it!
I love the story! Possible spoilers ahead: Having to wait for responses adds to the experience. I quite enjoy this. The puzzles are simple but if you don't remember some things from school then it can be a little hard.
I really enjoyed this game! The only thing that really bugged me was that it would only let me watch a video to skip a time away once unless I closed the app and reopened it. Which for some of the wait times was still quicker than just waiting it out! I'd definitely be interested in any similar games from this developer though!
Hard to follow the story. Lots of grammatical errors and anomalies (translation issues?), with a few unusual English words. Lots of unnecessary waiting periods making an already long experience even longer.
Something happened! Almost finished the game but then it freezes and won't open. Even if I got out and try to reload the game it's stuck. I was so excited too so that disappoints me a lot when it crashes.
A really great game with amazing suspence. At first I was really bored with this game but the more I played the more it became interesting and comparing to other games it has a really short time limit which is also one of the great features so yes I would like to recommend this game🀘
great game but now it won't load past the opening logo... I finally found the fourth clue and now I can't playπŸ˜”
So cool game..If you want adventures talk to her, if your bored you dont have any friends to talk, talk to her...
Horrible. Boring. 10 minutes into the game is just texting. Lost interest quickly. I never did get to play the actual game. Lame...
This was undoubtedly one of the best text adventure games I've ever played. The story keeps you immersed in the game. The puzzles are neither very easy nor really impossible to solve, which is another plus point of this game. Developers did an amazing job. Would surely recommend this game to everyone to play atleast once πŸ‘πŸ‘
I feel like being in Detective Conan series and experienced it in real life events of games, puzzles and mysteries.
Hey I absolute ADORE this game. The characters are amazing and the story actually makes sense! This is a truly underrated game and I wish I would have more attention. I really hope you are planning on making other games because I would definetly play them!.
Very interesting premise and I felt that I was immersed in that "world" for a while. Some of magpie's response doesnt make sense, but overall still very good. Some other user mentioned sexism but I didnt think so imo!
Interesting idea but execution is lacking. Wordy, annoying companion with slow text speed & commercial breaks in gameplay.
Really nice and the lines are amazing! You can feel the thrill and excitement. Overall, this game is highly recommended.
This game was pretty much interesting!! Had to admit that even the time slots for the waiting were quite less...so that was what kept me attached to the game! The story is pretty good! I would suggest to download and have an experience yourself!
This is hands down the best text game I have ever played. I was completly engaged in the story and truly felt bad when I would give bad advice and get my friend killed. The English is a little iffy in places but the story is great and I truly enjoyed playing. Easy 5 stars.
amazing and immersive! really enjoyed this. it's hard to find good games, I'm picky so that's saying alot.
Love this game also i am the 1st Person who is recording about this game so another peoples can get this awesome game and watch this gameplay on my youtube channel hope you guys don't mind it also awesome story wish i be rich to bought this premium version of this game
This is really a great game! I recommend everyone to play. The story and the characters are quite interesting. Not too many achievements and endings, so a player can collect them all in a short time. Also, of course, the is sometimes that a player has to wait, but it's not that long, or you just can skip by watching a video. Overall, this game is a great one.
It's fun!! Except it won't give me any hints! I'm stuck and i don't really like that! It decreases the excitement, when this problem happens. :( But apart from that, it's amazing! >:))
Loved it a lot. It kept me hooked for 4 hours straight and I loved the fact that if Magpie died then we didn't have to start the game all the way again but just could go back to the place where things possibly went wrong. What I liked the most was the idea of several endings, it seemed like reading a nice thriller book but a way more interesting one. I really don't know why hasn't this become so popular by now. Would high key recommend!
Compelling and interesting. Really tests your common knowledge and made me really use my head. Fun riddles with likable characters and a strong plot although it may not seem so at first. Recommended for sure
I didn't know what to expect when I started playing. And when I did start I couldn't stop until I finished it. i love Hidden Object games in the first place and this hits the spot as the perfect combination of HO and texting. Will definitely play again and try to get all the endings.
Really like the game but slightly annoyed that the character you are playing with assumes the player is male. I am quite happy to be a problem solving female.
It's the best mystery game I ever played!!!!!! I was totally engrossed into the game... But the occasional wait also helped me to complete my few works.. the wait worth it tbh!! Apart from that the game really tests your intelligence.. those puzzles make you think.. but a con.. no hint is given, so you really need to solve it on your own(just my type;) So ya... I totally RECOMMEND it!! Even if ur not so good in puzzle game, just give a try dude!
I'm sorry, but I just couldn't finish the game! Magpie is soooo annoying, I just couldn't take it no more And the puzzles are pretty boring. No challenge. Annoying chat-partner and repeated scheme (listen to annoying magpie, solve a puzzle, and listen again) No fun at all :/
I spent 2 hours on this free version today. If I spend 2 hours on a free version and the developers are asking me for 2 bucks for the premium version. Then that is what I will do. This is an intriguing game, I would suggest you download it then buy the premium version. That is what I did, I am glad I did. I get so tired of reviews from some that want something for free. Please support the developers or just go read a book if you disagree. Just pay for the book.
Amazing game, hoping to see more guys 😊 I enjoyed the game so much! Not hard, not easy absolutely amazing. Magpie and me made it trough whole game withouth dying
It was a very engrossing game! I really liked that there were puzzles to solve. Also most text games have unnecessary romance, but this avoided that and focused on the interesting story. Great job developers!
It's good and all but I can't go back to access other choices if I want to.. Other than that so far the game is great.
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Really good game, ads a good for passing the time waiting but it drains your phone battery so much. It also heated my phone so much I thought it would set alight- But the story was really interesting and Magpie was likable as a character.
I like the story and puzzles. Glad the chess thing wasn't so hard because Idk how to play chess. The short time also very nice! Overall, it's a good game.
I have never rated a game before but I had to after playing this one. For those reading the ratings, ignore the 1-star ratings. The majority of them didn't spend more than 10 minutes and decided the game was lame. It takes a little bit to get into the game but it is addictive. The storyline is good. The interaction between the player and Alice is very good. I'm trying to find a way to get notified when the next game comes out. Good job gravity shot and thank you.
Too much waiting is very annoying and also locked in one room throughout whole game is so disgusting , so the story could be more interesting , I have played many choice based text adventures and some were best like magium but the story plot of this game is thrilling but lacks many things
I really liked the premise of the game. Story was developed in interesting way, cleverly combining the mission story, other participants and our relationship with Alice. Translation could have been better, but it's a minor issue.
Too few viable choices, bad writing, bad grammar, questionable puzzle choices, poor storyine that doesn't develop until you are 99.9% through the game.
Hm... I like that the maximum wait time is 5 mins, & I liked Magpie's character too. She's (though talkative lol) very sweet. I'm too lazy to see the other 2 endings but I won so πŸ˜‚. The plot really makes sense & comes together at the end. What hurt is that the main character is a guy and I made him pursue Mag throughout the game (a rare option that I liked too), & even tho she knew that she still called me friend in the end 🀣. Maybe let us choose his name? But thank you :')
This game is amazing! A lot of thinking, good storyline and what I also really appreciate are the moments of interaction between our main characters! I'd really like to thank you for creating this great piece! So thank you!!! I've enjoyed this!
Awesome game, had fun. Only killed my friend twice on my first run though. Very enjoyable. I hope you guys make more games like this
This is a fun text based escape room game. You get options to choose from, if you get things wrong you either get a chance to change it, or the person you are working with (game person, not another real person) points you in the right direction.
Just exceptional. Unlike other games that have 'choices'. In this game your choices really matters. You actually get to do stuff and solve puzzels and if you don't know the answer you could abort too.
I just finished the game and I'm trying to figure out all the possible endings for each chapter. I hope there could be an update so we would be able to go back to specific parts of each chapter. Having to go through all the dialogue over and over again is kind of dragging. But overall, this was amazing!
One of the BEST text based games I've ever played. There's also some questons that you need to answer which just makes the gameplay a hecka lot better. 100% recommend.
A very good text based game. I guess this could be enjoyed intensively for weeks. Some dialogues are inconsistent because of bad translation, but it's very minor that I could immediately fill up what's wrong.