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Mansion Blast

Mansion Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by 4Enjoy Game located at 8 The Green, Suite #7269 Dover, DE 19901 United States. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am playing this game I like not much wrong with it a few glitches you need to fix the game so we can get more lives on it then I give it all the stars then I will play this game more and you will also get more levels compeled so please fix it so I can get more lives
I love this game so much!! I rarely stick to one game. Normally i will uninstall after downloaded it bcs most of time the game does not provide the satisfaction that i want. But this game is totally great. You get to decorate after you pass the level. I also find the same game like this before but what makes it different is that the graphics and also the character that i dont feel like im alone in the game.
The game is very enjoyable and addictive. It's unfortunate that the game has not been completed. Rooms are open but cannot be renovated due to the developer's still busy. Once you update the game you can play additional levels but not renovate. On the whole, its a decent game. I would suggest speeding up with development in order to continue game time.
It's definitely the best mansion game I've ever played, I down loaded it last night and I'm already on level 200, I was waiting until I passed level 100 to rate it ~ no dirty tricks or cheating in this game like ALL the others I've tried and I still haven't used a credit card. 100% happy πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
This game is very awesome but it takes forever to have areas available to fix... Please fix it. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fix this game waiting forever to play why really it's so relaxing after a very long day. I don't wanna Uninstall it but if you not gonna fix this problem it will leave me know choice. I will recommend anyone for this game to play cause it's really awesome. Plz fix it soon as possible.
I really like this game, would have given higher rating, but I have been waiting FOREVER for MORE LEVELS!!!
It's a fun game. The reason I didn't gave it t stars because the ads can be annoying sometimes. But apart from that it's fun to play.
I love this block puzzle game and l have it for months and l never get tired of playing it and right now am actually on level 1007
I Really Didn't See this BEST GAME at all And this game ads are there but I don't like this ads please delete this ads and Thanks to 4Enjoy games,I have downloaded all 4Games also. Please make more games.And in this game there are cute puppy dog and cat.
so far, so good! As long as it doesnt take forever to beat a level and to move on its a good game. But if.you make it to hard i will give up forever so keep up making ot beatable and enough moves before running out.... i really like this game but every so often it shuts down on me. the last time was just now when i beat a hard level and i didnt get credit for it, so now i have to do it all over again!!!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!!
So I have gotten to level 238 and I currently have 11 unused stars. The system generated a message stating they were working on opening new levels that was about three days ago. I don't why it won't open more rooms for me to redecorate. Game is a disappointment if the system only loads the living room, bedroom and garden but shows numerous more rooms to do. I loved the game up until this.
Great game to play. I play it daily but I am having trouble getting the videos to load and play. But other then that love playing this game.
the game is good. graphics are good and levels are good. I do wish the game didnt lag so much. i have high speed internet and the game still lags. also i made it to level 136 and there are no more activities for me to do at the moment. excited to see what you all do next. if you can fix how much the game pauses while playing it i will gladly give 5 stars.
I like this game very much. It is really amazing. Iam playing level 782 now. There is no rest room in this house. After kitchen work there is no work given to me. So please see what problem was in my game. It is really a wonderful game. I have played so many games but I like this game very much. The house model is super. All the places in this house are super. The design works are really nice. So you all can select this game. It will give you a wonderful experience. Super super super super super
To many silly assignments ,supposed to be decorating game,but introducing dogs,cats play with cat feed the dog etc,reason why I finished with the game.
This game is really good and interesting but there are too many cats and dogs when we play a level in it the thing we there are also like the cat and dogs eat and all but this game is really really fun to play😍😍😍 it like the best house games I ever played I LOve it thank you for making such a game like this 😊😊😊
I really like the game and I understand ads are necessary but, there's just too many ads☹️ I will keep for now. Can't purchase at this time.
This is nice game but here only two problem this game have no team and graphics are not bad but fix this two problem . This game is nice!!!!!!!!! 😁(fix this two problems pls ) πŸ’–bye have a nice dayπŸ’–
I played this game probably a year ago and it would only get me through a few levels and then that was it it said more levels to come and it never did come so I so I took it off and then I seen it was back on here so I hope you fix that bug cuz I really do enjoy playing it and thank God it's not super hard because it's older people like to play games too
Really, it's a very nice game but there is one thing that I don't like about it, that is when we spend star to decorate or choose our favourite design for renovation,we have to watch an add to get some nice materials. This is really annoying, why would we watch adds to do so when we are clearing our story and levels to decorate house. That's why I give 3 stars and I'm not playing anymore if I always have to watch an add to select.
Vidios will not play been about 2 weeks did e mail no results i like game very much but with out vidios working carnt get some decor items\ spin wheel etc so ruins the play a little i am getting some free play time ( is this because of vidio probs) so i apreciate that but whould still like vidios so ican have decor i want thanks great game all the same as are your others have them all
Good day everyone, I like, enjoy & love the game. I like the story, settings, characters furnitures & the pets inside the house, every level have simple, hard & very hard levels, in general it's a well recommended game because it's challenging....but... I'm asking for a big concern please let me pass level 495...good job, god bless to you all. Happy gaming!!!!Thank you allπŸ˜˜β€πŸ’‹πŸ’
at this time game is simple & enjoyable. I've only played a few rounds which I call the 'game hook rounds' they are always easy. 5/21 OK reached time 4 me 2 exit. Been 8 days, can't pass around. Getting frustrated . 7/29 Stuck on 154, time to move onto another game. when you're stuck for too long game is no longer enjoyable. I have a free hour, have not passed in 3 rounds, so I'll try 2 more then I'm gone not advanced to the next level.
The game is nice....but sometimes I get irritated at the fact that I have to waste so many stars on just playing or feeding the numerous pets. I dont think so much stars for feeding or playing pets is necessary on a mansion decoration game.
Great.. I like this game.. 😊😁.. easy and relaxing.. coz you dont need to think too much if what your next moves are.. not just like the match3 games .. 😁😁 .. nice one.. keep it up guyz.. 😁
love the graphics. its a fun, cute and addicting game . But some levels are difficult to pass and should be worth more than 1 point especially if it takes 4 points to complete the chore. I'm on level 150 and with lots of points, why have you as game developers not kept up with the progress of your own game. is 150 your limit? I'll be changing my rating! I've invested too much time on tis game.
Mansion Blast is interesting and challengingly one of by favorite games that I really like to play Day and Night . I can play this until I fall asleep at night and it is the very first thing I pick up in morning when I wake up. I can play for hours and only think that minutes just gone by.
It's a cute game, but glitchy (lag spikes). This should not be happening with an app game. I've noticed that beside the numerouse ads the game is a money pit (cash grab). $6.99 to repair a stone cat? $2.99 for a lamp? The devs have a great deal to learn about game players. Anyone who gets suckered into spending RL$$$ on this game must not have to work for a living and are looking for ways to squander their cash. Save the $$$ and donate it to a worthy cause.😴
When you get to acertain level the game work you be able to advance to other areas of the house and you can t this is very sad that you spend so much time to build the game and it doesn't work right
Other than being cute this is a terrible game and I would never recommend it. I like that it focuses on rescuing pets but it is horribly expensive to play because only one or two choices are free. The rest cost you. The second thing is that it is horribly difficult to play because the game cheats. Aside from NEVER having enough of at least one colour on the board. I have literally watched the game add moves required to complete the level. By level 14 I had already lost all my lives. Unbeleivable
I really like the game . but i have went as far as i can .when are you going tonadd other rooms i am going to have to delete this game i have been waiting for at least a couple of months now
I really love this game. It's super fun & reasonably easy to pass levels. One issue is I cannot find anyone to play this game with. Otherwise this game is awesome πŸ‘Œ
Best decorating game I've tried! Devs are smart here unlike the Playrix + other game devs!! Match 3s are hard enough but never like other games where early on you eventually have to pay real money to win!! I'm on level 47 + still succeeding. Very happy 2watch ads as they're very fair here (even an ad b4 each match 2get booster 2help!!). Wins for _both_ players + devs! Good job πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘!!! This spirit is generous + will keep your players happy while Playrix + others will fail over time πŸ‘Ž.
I like the game. Up until now. I'm on level 939. Starting to get bored with the game. I thought the game was about animals and decorating rooms not cooking competition boring ready to move on to another room. And a cooking competition. Doesn't fit the storyline at all. If I wanted to do cooking competition I'd download a cooking game those I can't stand.
This is a good game but when I renovate the things one only unlocked others are watch the video or purchase . Otherwise this blast puzzle is not hard same time this is not easy So thank you so much for giving this game
nice game.....but give more star per levels.... 1 star per levels is not sufficient......plz give more star.....atleast 2 or 3 stars per levels
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the concept of the game. It's fun and it would be relaxing if the flaws get fixed. Firts, it takes forever to get into the ga,e. Then, while playing, the game just disappears and I'm back to the homescreen. Then the waiting stars over again. And the disapearence follws again.....and again.....and again.....
Useless and i hate this game it Hangs a lot you can't play it peacefully. If you will download this game it will be a waste of time .πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Žsorry to say the game is still hanging . If you can fix it then we will be very thankful. Sorry for bad review I am just being honest. Thanks
I don't like this game at all. I can't play it and Everytime I log in it keeps having scratches,then it turns the screen black and just stops. I do not like it.
Would give 5, but for the last several days evertime I try to play a message pop's up, that you are getting levels ready for me. Just got 12 hour free play and can't even play ☹️
Love the game andthe designs you can choose i so like there is more chances for the game so you dont have to redo the level over
Game is awesome, you need to watch some ads to unlock some items very nice game please install and see it for yourself πŸ’‹
Tapping the pets bed doesn't seem to feed them. I can constantly being told to feed the animals. Makes no sense. The activities don't correspond to the dialogue. Can not figure out what level I am on or how many challenges I have to complete for each activity could be much clearer. also my money sisappears for no reason. Apparently a lot of work was put into the dialogue. More could have been put into the game itself.
played many of these type of games, so fat this is the best. it is SO much better now that you can watch a video and get 3 more turns. so many times I was losing with 1 item left to do for my challenge. if it is a very hard one and you loze by 1 time and time again, you get discouraged. please dont change it. the game is perfect now! love this game
super cute game. likeable characters. Love the story line. You just have to read what's next after you win a level; exciting. Levels differ between easy and challenging although, they give tons of free hours to play so it's easier to level up!! I love that!! That is awesome!! Not too flashy so won't hurt eyes. I can't put down. This game hands down is my favorite out of all games played!! 5 stars.
Good game I just don't get she. I have infinity lives for an hour I got to pay paws to get another chance and it would be nice to be able to move around the pieces when ya got bombs and such.
I have been on level 1560 for over a month because the say they are trying there best to get more levels ready. I really love playing this game but if they don't hurry up and get more levels ready I am going to uninstall this game . Thank you very much and have a blessed day.
I love this game its nice that you can watch adds get help that way..at least it saves you money..Im level 400 or so and still love it! I recomend this game!
I just started playing tonight so far its fun and fast decorating and I like that you can change the colors of the pets and put clothes on them too and you have different options on furniture and styles.
Apparently after you complete the garden area of the house the game just ends. This does not make sense as there are still plenty of rooms to complete.It states more levels are coming soon but haven't since August. I emailed support and was told:"Congratulations! You have completed the game! New levels are no longer being developed. We hope you enjoyed it!" Do not waste your time downloading this game as they decided to stop developing it halfway through completion.
I just put a lot of money into this game, which I like very much...purchased coins....and boosters. I was all set at level 137 with 27 minutes left of free play..no loss of lives..and no I had just finished the levels where I get the gift at the end ...and find there's no more levels! it says more soon. I'm on level 90. you say292 levels...well I'm not going to play levels without being able to decorate the house.
Like this game alot. They actually want you to play this game. I love the amount of unlimited lives. I also like the fact that you get a chance to earn more lives, this way you can keep playing. I love the fact of the daily rewards you get a chance to earn more than one. SMART!
absoultey love this game! is not like other games where you get stuck on the same level for a week some are very challenging but still manageable! you can definitely tell the game creator isnt all about making money! also there are absolutely no ads!! download this game you will not be disappointed!! thank you for making this game!!πŸ’–
If you are asking for 5 or more stars you should really give more than 1 star. Are you serious? I uninstalled this a long time ago and decided to give it another try. Wow you want 6+ stars for tasks but still only giving 1 star. Unbelievable, no wonder nobodies playing.
The game is fantastic, im literally addictedπŸ’– The only thing that i think needs changing is, when you have passed a level it should give you the option to carry on to the next puzzle. Only mentioning this as when i have 15 min unlimited lives, i end up wasting a good quarter of it, waiting for the game to load the house after ive completed the level. I do think this would be a welcome option by most, if not allπŸ€” One button to "continue" and back "home" if you want to spend stars.
I am in level 1543 awsome game but after 1543level game not working and no new level were open plz working on it
I like this game before but now it stop I'm was on level 1561 but now it says that I have to wait cause something their working on new levels
Could be an excellent game IF, he was a little faster winning a game!!! Much improved...Will have to wait and see how this goes for a little bit to make sure it doesn't back slide!!! This is a fun game but too many problems; will stop game all by itself, making you lose your points; have been promised new puzzles and not delivered on this promise...Could be one of the GREAT games on the keyboard, if only this would NOT fall on deaf ears!!!
It's a wonderful game because of the lesson of greenery and we get to know many things about plants and it is also a source from which we get a lesson of saving animals and the levels are amazing πŸ™Œβ€οΈπŸ™Œ
Game play is ok. Almost Every Ad it reboots from the beginning and you lose the game and have to start over. Constantly shutting down. They won't fix it.