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Manor Matters

Manor Matters for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Playrix located at 4th floor, Red Oak North, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 D18 X5K7, Ireland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I thoroughly enjoy this game. And I really like renovating the manor. Every once in awhile I'll get frustrated and leave the game for a few weeks but then I'm pulled right back in. The difficulty increases with every new area revealed. Each scene is interesting and requires a bit of effort but once you have been playing for a long time you can have a little bit of an idea on where to look for certain items. Definitely recommend this game.πŸ‘
Was in it for the story, but the game gets harder and they require more and more stars to progress. I didn't mind trying again and again, but I'd find entire days where I either didn't win a single level, or just didn't get enough stars to progress the story. and seriously... spending more than 40 hard earned stars for a cat is ridiculous!!
Probably one of the hardest, most annoying and costly games I have ever played. If you are not willing to shed some bucks, then this game isn't for you. Let me list some stuff that turned me off about this. The time is waaaay too short for each game. There is no other way to earn extra points or lives other than buying it. The costs for each tasks is also ridiculous considering it is hard to earn the coins. Seriously, can you guys improve the story and be more generous to us players?
Perfectly balanced with levels of difficulty and rewards that provide a sense of accomplishment. It led me wanting more! I only have one complaint - I HATE that Winner's League does NOT allow you to collect stars after winning! The whole point of the app is to renovate the manor using these stars, which makes Winner's League a wasted effort to play. The fact that it lasts for 5 days is just as annoying. PLEASE ALLOW STARS TO BE COLLECTED DURING THIS TOURNAMENT!!
Graphics are nice. It's a find stuff on a page that's full of details with a timer that's too short. I mean really short timer. This game wants to force you to pay and pay and pay some more. I have no issues with paying a reasonable amount that helps support Devs but heading towards being a money grab early on puts you off. Only reason for two stars are the nice details in the game. Game deleted.
This is a nice game but most of the hidden objects did not appear on the screen everything seemed dark so that I couldn't find any hidden objects on the scene which was actually very irritating to meβ˜ΉπŸ˜•,then I decided to take some help, they said you must have an updated version but when I decided to update this game I didn't find any update option.
Exciting. Beautiful technicolor display. Some scenarios remain on same level for too long. Carl needs to get his priorities right. Flowers on bannisters not a priority. Restoration of the rest of Manor is more important. Plus it is hard work and effort to obtain stars to get improvements done in his home. The workman is great. Harmonica, beverage, prototype plans an' all. The cat is cute now washed and cleaned and fed. That took a lotta stars! The Stairs, Banisters, Fireplace more important.
I've been playing this game for a while now and I noticed that after every update, the game somehow find ways to make it more difficult for you to finish a level. I mean, do you have to automatically include it in the super hard level if it's new and the items to look for are so small? Like, you're unfamiliar with the terrain and you add clouds and 1 min to look for at least 20 items?! Come on, the difficulty is too much. It's as if you're pushing the players to buy rubies. It's just sad.
Seriously i got the paint for 4 consecutive days for the daily spin?! You really need to check your algorithm. Plus, making a min for a hard or hardest pair mode is very unreasonable. I ended up using all 60 lives for that 1 level without getting any stars afterwards. I loved this game as it was challenging but please fix and upgrade few things in the future. Try adding the minutes for the hard levels, decreasing the min for the life revival or increase the maximum lives. Really appreciate it.
I love this game. Sadly, I'm still at the early stages and may leave the game. There's a line between frustratingly impossible and challenging β€” this game has seemed to cross it, and rather early, I might add. Also, I'm not spending money (nor should I have to) to clear impossible scenes. This is why I give it 3 stars. I would love to have given 5
Not great. Played many hidden object games and there are all designed to get progressively harder and grab your cash. This one though is way to far rigged against the user. Time available is too short for the number of items to find. This could be a great game if other options e.g.watch ads to get help were available rather than if you don't pay you can't play.
Very fun game that's difference in the three-match game or a fighting game. Stories are cute and entertaining. The only complaint I have is that it's very expensive to get helps. Coins are scarce. But they do offset some of that with events to win a few helps
It's rather cool. Hard to find items in 2 minutes. Lot of house to decorate and mystery to solve so after not finding items I was going to uninstall because losing all the lightening energy trying to find items Γ— 2 is quite hard to do πŸ˜’ maybe give us 3 minutes ??🧐 Thank youπŸ˜‰
I like the game alot. However, giving just TWO minutes to find objects that are harder to find isn't very fair. Even with the extra few second free bee, the more you level up the harder (and more objects) it is to find. I've been stuck on the same level and have used all of my free bees, ive even bought some and still...Frustrating! 5 minutes would be more reasonable especially after leveling up, I think..
35 stars to find the key to a door and then another 30 stars to open then freaking door...so a total of 12 stages that we need to clear in order to do a simple task. I have been playing this for a year it this is getting rediculous by the day honestly. I had given 5 starts before to this app but getting back to 1 star because the developers are too lazy to create more levels and make the users work way too much than required.
The scene get monotonous sometimes. But overall its a fun nd interesting game . And also one of the good thing about this game is that it really helps in improving ur observation skills , patience and concentration.
Scene explore game, not a real adventure game like I was expecting. Its got some mini games, but it's primarily a scene explorer game, you don't move about freely in the mansion and it's not like it's depicted in the advert.
This game will tell you why your mom nag you to clean your bedroom. You'll have the trouble to find items in your room. I like this genre better than Gardenscape. However, I find all cat related mission is tremendously annoying. Now don't be mistaken, I love cat, just not this one.
Horrible game I ever played. Esp when finding Pic differences. Most of the items did not appear on pictures. When timer countdown end, they showed missing items that absolutely did not shown at all. Like big ladder, axe how can we missed such items. It's wasting of time, absolutely not enjoyable at all. Usually, I played similar game timer added for each item found. Here it's horrible you need played 10over to complete a game. I think who innovate this an idiot taking Players just him. Sucks
Obviously a lot of people are upset about the difficulty/energy usage, but that's how all these games are these days. If you don't want a pay-to-play game then avoid mobile games. My issue is with the renovation choices of the game - you fix up items that you can't alter and they really lock you into a particular color scheme for the entire room! Do you even have real choices at that point? And the choices for the kitchen are horrible! I was seriously gonna give 4 or 5 stars before that point.
At first it was fun. It cost to many stars. I don't want to wash or need a cat. I sure don't want to buy a cat bed. The cost to many stars to complete a stage when you only earn 5 for each completed board. I am not spending money on powers if the board is so hard you can't complete it Pass
Well the games themselves are fun. However you can really only play 6 games until you're out of energy, which is not even 15 minutes of play before you're out and have to wait for a refill. You can buy energy with coins, but it costs so much that you run out of those quick too. You can buy coins with real money but that gets expensive fast. I'd rather pay for the game upfront then suffer through a pay to play, micro- transaction nightmare.
I used to really enjoy this game, nice stories, historical info was pretty interesting also. Then several scenes of a play period would have fog/smoke blowing over, making it more difficult to find your items. Then I noticed Everytime I played with the stupid fog, I would get headaches. Its ruined it for me.
So far I'm on day 3. This game is as it says and if you like an interactive storyline, mystery, puzzle &pin games then this one is good. There are areas where it gets difficult which I'm glad for unlimited tries. You don't have to spend money where it's not needed to get to the next level, you may just have to wait and let energy reload itself. I like the mix of difficulty at random and the mystery to unfold. It's a nice waste of time if you're bored or need a small break in between real life.
This could be due to poor cognitive function but I feel the game always wants to reach into my wallet. I realize that's the point but overcharging and under delivering gets tedious. I have been playing Homescapes for years. Level 3000 plus. For the most part I haven't minded the app purchases. Sometimes sure but nobody is happy all the time. If you plan right there are a number of opportunities without it costing. Maybe when it gets reasonable I'll be back.
Love this game! It's hard, but a lot of fun. Update: this game is more frustrating than it's worth. The really cute game items are so difficult to achieve within the time frames given, even if played every hour. Spending money is the key to success with this one!
It starts out fine, as it progresses it gets harder. I was fine with that. My issue more and more stars to do mundane stuff, the matches start to become ridiculous. Find 2 dogs. You will find an actual dog and a picture of a dog's face that is light blue on a floating balloon in the corner, if want to make silly puzzles like that give us more time to look.
The game was so fun until the cloud and hardness get higher and higher. We play two person and we had fun around 3 weeks but lately it's impossible even for us to find objects. The cloud is so much and closing objects long time. I thought the game is about finding hidden objects, not fighting with cloud, time and extremely hard levels with unrelated shape and places.
There's a bug with the dialogues, sometimes instead of the text shows a code: "SCN_3_DIALOGUE_1", etc. Also, the animation of everything is so slow, when I tap something the animation has to finish to interact again with the item and that's a bit annoying. It's ok with the animations, I like it but if I can tap again to speed-up the animation would be more than great.
At times some of the objects are hidden behind the fixed game options and information on the perimeter of the screens. There are times when you have to touch an object multiple times, especially if it is long like a cane. Then you run out of time. At times I can beat the clock but it doesn't register. Who decided to put the items you are searching for on the bottom of the screen when your hand is covering them. It takes time for your hand to leave the screen and read the list and go back.
Fun for a short time only...save your sanity and your money. stop with these greedy games. just charge a one time fee and make the game not stupidly impossible. this was fun until you get a few rooms in, and then it becomes an annoying test of your patience. the daily spin is so blatantly rigged that it's laughable. folks, save your sanity and get a different finder game, this one is just trying to rip you off.
the only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars is the energy/hp bar. it runs out too quick, only 6 gameplays at a time is depressing. maybe make it longer. the game is great. the levels keep you on the edge of the seat when frantically finding things but in a good way. exciting game modes.
Fun, but challenging game. A bit too difficult for these old eyes. The constant re-trying and running out of energy got frustrating. If the items to be found remained stationary, like in June's Journey, I could at least make progress over time. But the items not only change locations, but often look different on every new attempt.
I loved it in the beginning. but after I got a new phone and downloaded it after it updated;it started acting odd. And now it makes me start completely over from the very beginning everytime I open the game. It makes you open the envelope and then the whole game freezes.
The levels being timed, especially only 2 minutes, is especially hard to get through with bad vision. Need to increase time allotted to at least 3 minutes, and not because of trying to avoid putting money out on the game, but because those with good eyesight have an unfair advantage over those with bad eyesight.
I like the idea of this game, however I think you should have more time to find the objects especially when you have to find double the objects. It becomes discouraging when you can't find them within the allotted amount of time. Also it seems like after every game they want you to buy something. They should give you the option for a way to earn items rather than having to buy them. I was enjoying the game up until I got stuck at a hard level now I'm almost ready to delete.
Missleading money grab!!!!!! . Like so many others have said, it starts off great, with interesting puzzles, reasonable difficulty increase ..... but then the bottom drops out and if you don't spend real money ... your stuck! . Real money = game money Game money = tools Tools = PROGRESS BE AWARE and BEWARE
I've been trying to play the game and it gets to the part where you get a letter in the very beginning and it says this is your clipboard but it won't go pasted that. And yes the game is up to date. Grrrr. I want to play. And I've tried shutting it down and reopening but it just takes you back to the very beginning drops you at the clipboard after you do the opening again and I guess gets stuck. Please help.
I really liked this game to the point of spending $60 on hints+time. The story starts out great and drew me in like no other. But then the puzzles got so difficult I couldn't progress without purchasing resources. I.E. You need to find ink stains on walls with clouds that float around abscuring your view. Just when you get into character and progress a side mission pops up changing the vibe. You find hooka's (bongs) all over cuz the developers smoke pot. Got tired of being suckered, DELETE!
Game getting stuck on the opening clipboard. I've played this game and really enjoyed it. But when I tried to install it in a couple of new devices it gets stuck on the clipboard letter announcing the anniversary of the game. I tested on a couple of different devices just to make sure it wasn't the device creating the issue. Please help.
I usually play this game on lunch breaks which is perfect because you are pretty limited in how long you can play (based on amount of energy used to play each level). I love that it changes the way the items look so you're constantly fighting your brain to imagine possibilities instead of just looking for the one image stored in your brain. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating is because it would be nice to have more energy to play longer.
I like that it's challenging but not incredibly so. Patience and a keen eye are the keys to beat levels and participating in events gifts you with more energy than you thought possible at first. All in all, it's a very interesting, very carefully put-together game.
so i figured that I cannot write a review twice. so I'm rewriting it. the previous review was about the game itself being difficult like the level is hard to beat. for my new review. I kind of discovered that they usually put the things to find at the usual places if someone's noticed it, so it's kind of cool that way at least we can somehow manage to beat it. i gave max stars for the rating because they made more options for us to acquire energies (used to be able to play). so kudos developers
Started off fun, then became annoying. I know they cannot give levels away, but should have different event levels due to the fact you will be stuck for weeks on certain levels unless you dump cash on boost. There are no groups/guilds/clans to draw help from, they want you to add strangers to your facebook/Instagram accounts to get assistance, not happening. Highly recommend finding another app.
I like this game, the timer is a pain but keeps things a little interesting. I love the fact that you don't make things easy when a level or puzzle has to be repeated, and change the items locations and the different ways its been hidden..... I can't wait to see what other puzzles i'll unlock and what the rest of the manor will look like.
My biggest frustration is that you get very few coins at the end of each successful level, but the boosters are damn expensive. Even if you fork out real money to release the coins in the safe, they disappear SO fast. I feel like an underpaid peon! Since I try not to spend real money on games, I end up spending too much time trying to clear levels. I know you want people to pay to play, but this is bloody ridiculous la wei!
Game is pretty fun & holds your attention for repeated playing over months, but there are bad aspects. Fog levels are ZERO fun, the name of the game is being able to see & they make it where you cant see. Its almost as if they want some levels to be unplayable, which brings me to my next point. There are some levels which are basically impossible without addon powerups such as added time. And some of the boosts are often pointless. The reveal one usually only ever points out the most obvious.
They either aren't reading or don't care about feedback. So many reviews talk about how awful the cloud levels are and since then they've added two more versions of cloud levels. This game is getting less relaxing, less fun, and even raccoons can't distract away from how much less interesting losing levels over and over is.
This is one of the worst games I've ever played. At first it's quite fun, but after the initial room starts to look slightly decent, the level difficulty amps up to an outrageous degree, and it becomes borderline impossible to continue without using the powerups which cost in game currency, which costs real money. Ultimately, this is one of the most moneygrubbing "games" I've ever put my hands on, and I recommend giving it a complete pass.
I love this game! I usually get tired of games but not this one, it's very addictive. ^^ One thing I would like to request though for future updates is that the levels have numbers. Not knowing how much I played so far is bothering me somehow. It would make it a bit more fun for me at least. Thank you for a great game!
It's a shame that the playing time is limited to only 6 games with a high level of difficulty. Should be increased to 10 times. That's why I'm not surprised that many have downloaded this game but after they tried it, they immediately came out and decided to uninstall this game. Because the level of difficulty is high but only gives a little chance that is 6 times the game. To reload the game needs too long to wait.
I love the game , i win alot, i also loose, have to replay them, can be intense at times. That's what i want when i play a game, it's what keeps me going back to that game. I have always loved to find hidden pictures inside of other pictures. Your talking to someone who finds hidden pictures in the clouds. Why wouldn't i love the game.
I love the game especially the way I renovate the mansion. The problem is after the 1 year anniversary of this game I cannot open new rooms or areas and I have a lot of stars that is useless due to this problem. Please kindly update your system so that we can keep it and recommend this to other people or else we have to uninstall it.
EDIT: I still think the energy cost is ridiculous, but worse is the extreme difficulty for some of the levels. Some of us have trouble with darker colors and to put a dark object on something else dark is unfair or bury it mostly under another object. Some of these levels feel like the game cheats so that you have no choice but to spend 3 to 4 times the amount of energy just to finish a level.
I would give it 5 stars, but everything costs WAY too much energy to complete. Not to mention customer service is horrible. They made me wait a week to basically call me a liar over 20 points of energy that they refused to give me. I've paid a ton of money for the game, and fairly won the energy. It didn't give me all of it, I asked about it, was ignored forever, and when I asked again, I was told I got the right amount, which I didn't. It's only 20 points of energy. That's just greedy. Terrible
I like that it's challenging, yes it is hard, but not too hard! Sometimes it takes me 3 or 4 attempts to complete a scene if it is a super hard level. There's lots of different scenes, more as you progress and many variations of the basic hidden object game. It can be slow going at times as you only get limited attempts before Carl runs out of energy. I wouldn't spend on it as you can't buy a permanent upgrade, it's all just silly money for stuff you use up quickly. I quite enjoy the renovating.
Challenging. The only thing I hate about this game is you only get 6 tries, unless you win a few more. With other games when you win a level it is not counted against you, and you can play as long as you win. In this game whether you win or not you still loose a try. Another thing is that the renovations are expensive (15-23 stars). All in all I like it.
Love the difficulty levels, but almost feel like some of the matches are difficult to a ridiculous point. Like why say to look for a bear if you put a bear head in the game. Or have a contrast of drawings versus actual objects. Idk gardenscapes and homescapes are cool but this is something else.
Love the game & challenges, however I'm disappointed with the amount of stars gained by completing a scene compared with those required to complete a task, just doesn't seem fairπŸ€”. I also think you should only lose your energy when you don't complete a scene rather than with every attempt.
I actually loved this game at first. It was good for few weeks but then suddenly I could not even open the app. It always says "a slow internet connection is causing the load to take longer than usual". I've tried using either data nor wifi to connect at different time and even location, but nothing works. Not sure why. It's frustrating! Didn't open this game for like 2 months and tried to open it again today but still with the same issue. Deleting this app for sure!!
It's time for me to let go off this game. I feel it is too expensive and the stage is set deliberately hard, which has now become every other level. Every second level is either hard or super hard level.Games should relax and not stress the players.I checked the amount I spent on this game in last month and I was shocked to see I spent close to INR 2500. This spend is happening unplanned as I keep purchasing coins to move ahead which is a total unnecessary expense. Hope these guys get real.
The game can be fun but the super hard levels are ridiculous. You get hung up for days at a time with NO WAY to make coins to buy things or ways to get supplies to help you beat it. Or even other kevels you could do to progress and come back. Likely will not play the fame long as a result.
The game is fun tbh but when you starting to play and getting further the level is getting harder too and it is okay as it's not that hard but the thing that disappoint me is the time this game give us is soo short especially for hard and super hard level, for easy level i don't mind as we have plenty more time left before the hidden searching end and we're even be able to finish it early as for the hard level, it's so cruel to put the same period as given for easy level.
Update: the higher levels are impossible to pass unless you pay for help. 60 seconds to find 2 of every item? Get real! Good game where you try to find hidden objects. Sometimes the objects are hidden a little too well (I think they cheat), but mostly a good game. The biggest thing that bothers me is the first time doing a scene I get all this help when I don't need it and don't want it, but the scenes I have to do multiple times and am really struggling with, I get no help unless I buy it.
This game is very hard. So much so, it takes the fun away from it. I'm sure they make it hard because they want you to buy hints, but that's a waste of money (in my opinion). If you have to keep repeating the same scene over and over, instead of using hints, just learn what the objects look like and where they hide them.
Although I like hidden object puzzles and makeover games, this one can be really annoying. The time limit in each scene is *really* short, and sometimes the items are hidden in quite unlikely places, making it also really hard to spot them.
It's an awesome game. I'm quite addicted to it. Upsetting points: - unlike other similar games where we only need few stars to perform one task of building,here we need almost 20 stars for one task,but we only earn 5-7 stars per game won.So by the time you perform starting and ending of ONE day tasks,it's almost few weeks already,unless you spend money. - usually, 1 out of 5 lives will be restored in 2 minutes.Here 1 out of 60 energy restored in 2 minutes!But you need 10 energies per game!
This is infuriating! Make the game playable without Internet! In Homescapes you can play without internet for example. Why can't this game be like it? Very very annoying! Change it already!!! Then you can have 5 stars from me. Also, your game makes me wanna punch my phone! This game is SO NOT RELAXING. Consider making it a bit more fun, as you say, instead of trying to ruin our playful mood.
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! When playing "tournaments" and/or for achievements there are certain rewards presented to the player. Several times I was reward with "MAX" energy that was not applied to what I had... Several times I was presented with 20 energy that was not added. As well as a 100 Energy award. When I contacted customer support Anastasiia R. Told me "my LAST 60 energy was applied correctly" Therefore there was no issue. I am NOT the only one with this issue and pointed that out
Having a pretty great time so far. Update: I've been playing for a while and I must say I'm basically addicted lol. I love the story and the characters and the gameplay. A peeve of mine was recently fixed too so I'm plenty happy. One thing I wish I could do is maybe sell boosts? For example: I play best with extra time while seeing the actual object on the list actually distracts me; but I have an excess of Paint boosts, too few Time boosts and no way to get the best boost for me.
The game is overall good. But game developers not all people know about the items that are present. So I suggest that the item should be shown just the way like Criminal Case game does. Also earning money is tough but spending is easy and expensive for replaying. Please increase the coins earned or reduce the cost.
What a shame. Game was fun for 3 days then the insanely impossible hidden object level started and I never got past it, so I had to stop playing. Seriously, there was no way I'd ever have been able to find all those objects in so minimal an amount of time. Games arent fun if they're impossible to beat. Just saying, we're supposed to be a long way from side-scroller days, but this game brings all the agony back : (
Even though it is frustrating having to wait for my energy to restore, and I may land up stuck on one section for an entire day, I still find myself coming back to this game as I am determined to conquer a specific level.
I have been playing for a little now and have spent money in game. I now keep having an issue some time were i can tap on all but the last object. When contacting them i am giving the "its not on our end its your end". I could see that being true if i couldnt get any objects but works till the last one. They do not care just out for money.
The game is fun. It runs on energy just like anything, but if you don't kno what a word means or on the other game mode if you can't quite make out a silhouette, the game just says sorry about your luck basically. Hopefully you've got a power up that can find it for you.
The addition of a timer detracts from an otherwise amusing game. There's already a limit on the amount of puzzles that can be played in one sitting (without paying or begging). The timer is just added frustration.
1. Sometimes the objects not like what we looking for. Ex: if Heart,why should pendant(?). 2. The super hard stage time with CLOUD are almost impossible to find the objects. I've been 10x time more to clear super hard stage! Add more time, please! 3. Expensive items and few coin each clear the stage. Need more coins! 4. Upgrade max energy! This is too fast, just 6 times play at least 10 minutes and then wait again 2 hours refill to max energy!
It's a great game and, so far at least, plenty of fun. I can't rate it anymore that three stars however, because I've now had a glitch where I can't interact with the scene but the timer ticks down, forcing me to lose. This has happened twice, and I've lost bonuses for it. Honestly, it makes me not want to play because it's so frustrating to lose items and such. And while I found a help menu, there was no mention of my issue and I couldn't find a way to report the bug. Disappointing.
Custom room decors with interesting story. I had uninstalled this game but developers have somewhat eased the Levels getting rediculously impossible (the game maker was greedy the levels are sometimes too hard with less time to complete it is impossible to do without major out of pocket payment all to decorate a boring museum?) Now there is some chance of success with will power alone ...still want free holiday decorations.
Please provide other options to gain energy, like watching ads. I used up all of my energy since each game is very difficult. Items are really hard to find when the time allotted to find it is just 1.50. :( That is so unfair. Each game needs 10 energy and there's NO WAY to gain it but BUY. The terms are entirely nonsense. I love the game and challenges BUT HOW CAN I ENJOY IT IF THE ENERGY VANISHES IN JUST 6 GAMES??? Please be fair about this.