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Manga Clash - Warrior Arena

Manga Clash - Warrior Arena for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Waggon Games located at Yick Man Building, 20-21θ™Ÿ Ha Heung Rd, To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You stole my account?!!! When i finished play the game and exit then i came back play it and connect to my google account that i used before.. The loading is too long and im waiting for almost 1 hour.. So what happen in this game?? I can't connect to my google account to this game anymore??!!! How is this possible?? I have my naruto on that account!! Why is the loading take so long?!!
I change my rate to 5* - 1* I just created my account and played for 2hours and i couldn't login. I tried to remove the cache or data and i even uninstall the app. I couldn't login.. it kept saying signing in fir about 30mins. I love this kind of game but I don't like this kind of bugs .
The best game. I love to play it every day it's so fun. Some people don't think it's great but I guess your playing it wrong.πŸ˜›
I really enjoy this game it's fun with lots of cool characters I remember playing this game a long time ago dont know when but it was still fun back then, hopefully you can give Nel an awakening form though since she's one of my favorite characters also my profile is PlumpCheerfulSnake Goblin Lv33. Also I like how you keep adding more characters it just makes me love this game even more.
Fun game despite the lack of copyrights. BUT developers should polish the game more, like making the game smoother and polish the characters and menu.
I had to go through Google Play to get my money back because I never received items I paid for. I tried to give the developer a chance to correct this, but an entire day passed and the deal I wanted expired. The developer never responded. Do not buy items from this game, you will not receive them. Thank you Google Play for taking care of this for me. Otherwise I would have been ripped off.
I love this game but I changed the server now it restarted me from the beginning and I can't log back in
This game is fun but when Irecharged some diamonds I didn't get the diamonds please fix it cause It'll be a waste if I don't get the diamonds that I recharged. Please fix.
One of the best games in my opinion . It's been a month since I've played and I already have 5 SSS heroes (f2p btw) the game is very rewarding rewards you with tons of gems and heroes if you login everyday and you don't have a penny ( ofc it's optional and it's worth the price if you want to spend ) here's a tip for new players don't spend your gems on any summon rather save your gems to buy The SSS heroes which come in server market.
Very good game, Very good competition. Very good game mechanics. Up to date. A game that is well deserved of where it stands as of today.
they do not reply to reports on issues with the game. and there are major game changing bugs in this game.
DON'T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME! The game game me a 7 day login reward bonus with an event timer for 23 days from now. Today is my 7th day, and I logged on earlier to make sure I was still getting it, anyway I log on and the entire reward is gone. It vanished from the game completely, and this is the 3rd or 4th time for me personally to have this happen. And still no admin has assisted me. Don't waste your time or money on this game. They don't deserve it.
I haven't played this game in a long time and i didn't care if i have to start over again but no matter what everytime i try to login through Facebook, Google and Registering it wont keep me on. The game keeps on turning off. I cant even get past the tutorial without the game shutting off.
I would rate higher because I love anime and manga, but everytime I try to choose my team name my game crashes and then I have to restart the entire games and it just happens again, I wasnt even able to play because it crashes every time I try to set my team name, fix this, and I'll rate higher.
This game is my favorite game and plz keep going i every time miss for new updates and so many love from Afghanistan
I hate this app I wish that this app is banned! Because every time I quit and later play it again it always need a username and password but average time when I did my correct password it always go back to chapter 1 level 1 I'm sending this as a feedback! I wish that this is banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sir, The Fund is lagging, The fund is not appearing when I'm clicking it, Sorry for wrong GrammarπŸ˜¬πŸ˜…
The game is good, but beware of cheaters and hackers. Some have found a way to make their characters temporarily invincible. Creating your team is fun, but without spending money, your characters will seriously be left behind. Plenty of activities and daily tasks to help keep the game going! Fun anime game overall!
what i it with the devs of this app i have had to get refunds for every single transaction i ever done for this game i never get what i pay for scammers. so i unistall game and reinstall and now my account no longer exist lost everything i wasted money on do not bother with this game.
It's a good game, I'm not gonna lie. But, the grammars needed to be fixed inside the game including the interactions during fighting the opponents In the battles.
I have being playing for 2 an a half years. And the game is not making much progress, I would love to see characters from Tokyo ghoul and The rising of the shield hero. An is getting boring.
Honestly I love games like this, and I've been playing this game for some years now and it's an AWESOME game, buuuuut I deleted it at one point recently but I downloaded it back and now I can't access the main server my profile was always in now. I don't know what the problem is, but I need my stuff back and I'm not starting over the whole game back. So hopefully you guys can help me soon. Thank You.
Been playing for long time. Updated from last time rated this. It a fun game been playing for loong time. Through its ups and downs I still find this game enjoyable throughout all the other game that I ever played I'm always coming back to this one
Great game.... Love it, but need to echance on the walk through need to had a speed up button in the run.... And the game got many bugs and delay, my phone is consider a good one... But i am still faving this issue.... Please help to fix.... I will give 5 star review and recommended to anime community if you help to fix the bugs, delays and add on speed up button in the run
It's been two months since I started playing this game and I love it so much. I play it everyday and thanks to your codes and events it helped me reached arena rank 9 and a team power of appropriately 3million. I can even be par with those VIP (dammit so jealous of them) thanks to the events. Keep up the good work guys. Also add some new heroes from the latest anime today like characters from Rising of the shield hero, or Re : Zero Starting life from another world. That would be awesome.
hello. there is this one problem. There is a notice that new server launch on 00:00:00, then I try make new account on that server on around 00:01:00 play it to level 4, and then when I'm checking on activity page, there is no login summer event or new server login event. I'm disappointed by this, it isn't just once, but three times already, also there is no other event such as 1st recharge, monthly card or stamina claim event, only single buy and the expensive recharge event, please fix it
Absolute garbage paywall game. You need 2500 diamonds for a summon and you literally get 10 diamonds per stage. Keep in mind that every story chapter has 6-7 stages, and you hit a paywall on chapter 5. So as a free to play player it'd take you 10 years to do 2 multi summons. Stay away from the typical greedy subhuman chinese developers.
This game is great been playing for years, lost my data the first time but came back even better so just loved it more
i cant seem to play the game it keeps exiting by itself but judging from the positive reviews it might be a good game ill try and get in it soon.
This game is amazing everything I wanted is all here get it hands on this free game my friends only issue is that it should be playable on iOS
Very good game and management server i think. I hope the developer will be adding more bonus for player wkwk
Its been 4 years. Well to be truth. Almost 8 years. This game still same. To many bug, when i try to install and try the game. Its same like before. Im disappointed.
The Game Is Good, but gotta have work for the copyright issue tho, but the problems is there to many bugs, malfunction on collecting item (the item doesn't appear on beg item) and GM just don't give a CARE even if you already sent a feedback requesting to fix the issue. That is a big problems for a game where the GM doesn't replay on player trouble issue. Overall it will be a better game if the GM take CARE of its player. Like i don't ask for this bug to appear! And it costly if it happen.
I gave a 4 stars because it's a good game but the problem is I'm not backing the game but it's backing so please fix my problem
Great game easy to pick up just needs more stuff to offer in events a little easier. Love the game overall. It is making the right changes.
Well 2 years later i decided to try the game again... support doesnt exist. Bugs that were present 2 years ago are still there. They do not fix anything, event rewards are also bugged and they do nothing... think twice before you support this game, you will come to find it was a waste of money. Beware sometimes you dont get what you buy. I DONT HAVE FACEBOOK, STOP TELLING ME TO GET SUPPORT THERE! FLAG AS INAPPROPRIATE!
Still in love with this game, although the bug is more often recently, but I have faith that their team is working on it
This if a fun game and although there are some issues like copyright that need to be worked out in future and the fact that if you if you don't use the register function your game data will restart(will be lost) and adding to that the game doesn't give enough guidance especially upon entry and what to do in future, so for those who want to play for the first time, register, but other then that this is a wonderful game to play especially for people interested in anime games.
The games good tbh but I bought some stuff cuz why not...and not only did I not get what I paid for now it won't even let me sighn in. I spent money on ur game so like fix it asap and I'll change the review ✌️
I can't log in with Google anymore πŸ˜• it happened after I topped up now I just get a continuing signing in screen
This was the best game I play when it comes of multiple related anime characters and I hope added more characters and modes in the future -Yves
The game is a collection of other already overused tropes. This is practically just a reskin of other preexisting games (all equally as bad) down to the autoplay, small weird looking characters with weird unnatural looking animations, a clustered main screen, pay-to-win antics, a long boring tutorial, etc. The tutorial starts with a your team losing to strong enemies, needing help, getting help, but still having to retreat and start from the beginning: the most generic, overused intro available.
This game used to be called Anime Allstar. I paid 200$ for my heroes. Then one day they changed the app game name. I lost my data and everything I worked hard for. Basically to many bugs and they took my money. It's awhile back in 2015 - 2016. After signing in to my Google account, I can't login anymore. Fix the debug please. How do I get my manga star back then?
great game, easy to get the hang off and with smooth graphics and load of great characters you can keep yourself entertained for hours. Keep up the good work...
Interesting concept, but it has its flaws. The English translation is horrible, Luffy and Ace's voice actors don't suit their characters, oh my God when I heard Luffy speak it sounded like he was gargling toothpaste while trying to speak, at this point I have low expectations for the VAs. While these details are flawed, the gameplay is fun and satisfying. Overall 3/5 stars might play again later.
The idea is great but without the real anime and manga characters it just doesn't feel right πŸ˜” πŸ˜”
For the people that had problem that says "Network busy" It happened to me too,but I would just rape that Confirm button and it would start loading,for the people who said that they are lv 1 suddenly,there was a server merge,basically s143,s144,and s145 merged,I dont knos if these sre only ones,but just simply go to the old server u have played on and it will be fine.About game bugs and glitches,it happens to me too but It is not frustrating,and it doesnt happen too often.No need to be worried,and if u need any help u can contact them on facebook,they are very genereous and they always respond.For the game itself it is pretty fun and amsuing.Thats all for mr folks
Complicated gameplay. No decent tutorial. Graphics is bad and it is laggy/slow. Full screen is crowded. Dull story. Character list does not give a proper ranking of rarity. Basically the same game with girls X battle, just super slow and super complicated. Not enjoyable now, maybe if they fix it, I will play again.
Has some awesome potential but its very buggy, "can't do some basic actions due to glitches they won't fix, I've asked them to." The pay to win mechanic vs F2P isn't balanced at all. Lastly it's one of those games that no matter what you do you can never seem to get enough gold to make ends meet. After you reach about lvl 50 you start never having enough and unless you pay for vip you can't even spend diamonds to get more. This is what made me uninstall in the end.
I like this game lots of my favorite anime character.. But the thing is the problem of this game is u need to spent more money please try make it something different now and also so very very lag please fix this im now in VIP3 please give me sime good feedback.
Very good game, needs to keep makung more characters. More progress on the game. I would love to help develop more characters and watch this game grow.
It's a great game and I enjoy the time I put into it. Would be great if there was a better chat for guilds and allowing notifications for guild ship battles.
If you could put option of deactvating hero by clicking on it , or erasing linup. Also enabling game to rotate when phone does. Thank you.
So many reconnecting.. so many bug problem.. P2W game.. developers not remove bug.. it was a good game before..
I losy my account 3 time.. I try to log with my google account but i can't log again..why this is game always disappoint me.
I had real good fun with this game so far and really do enjoy the gameplay whenever i do load it up and tbh i really like some of the art they did for the characters
This is a very fun game and I spend a good time every day .... I like the prizes, daily gifts and endless offers, and this is the best anime game online.
The game is good but for some reason it log me out and I am unable to log in with google account anymore it just keeps signing in with no changes...
You have a problem with fund feature. I cant open it. It become dark when i press it. I will change my rate when you fix it.im already lvl 50 and cant open it.
Hi i love this game ya know i got lot of experience playing gacha games but this is the only game thats so difficult to awaken but i love it cause difficult is the solid game of whole time
Contents are great even the heroes are equal powers and have counters, really balance game, I like it.
I can't even log in with Google anymore edit still hasn't work I think u might need to fix it with a update or something
The game is fun. They have Dbz, Naruto, One piece, and Hunter x Hunter, One punch man, Bleach, and a few more animes they I dont recognize. Although, they dont have Mha, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, or Cory's in the house. There is a lot of open world. One more problem I had was that a lot of the characters didn't have their actual names. It wasn't too much of a problem for me, as someone who watches anime.
I'd like to give it a higher rating but you get to a point where you really can't do much. It is all nice and flash at first but then it feels like it's suggesting that I spend money to improve/speed up the experience. There are multiple currencies in this game which makes it annoying and you can barely do anything with coins. Decrease the effort it takes to level up characters. 25/50 XP is so small it can take forever to rank up a character Level 30 is 2850 on a 2 star character. You do the math
Thanks, my phone just have 1gb ram and OS 4.2 can play this game no any lag.. If any update please don't change OS n make this game need more ram.. You must download this game, really enjoyable..
I recharged 75 dias and I didn't get my vip 1 whats wrong with this. Can you please fix this. So dissapointed.
Great game with wide range of anime characters, great character skills with decent animations and a good amount of content to entertain the player through the grind. I really like the combo system how characters gain stat boosts with certain other ones and the combination attacks are a cool...but....EXTREMELY overpowered. Imo its a great concept but poor execution. PVP matches just become 'who charges their combo attack first wins'. Takes the fun out of the game since 1 attack wins the game.