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Manga Allstar

Manga Allstar for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Fantasy Game Studio located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's a good game don't get me wrong but there is this one thing that just keeps bothering me. I had a great combo but the combo starter with the highest speed is now moving last. I don't know if this is a bug or anything but now my whole team is ruined because the game can't calculate speed properly I'm very disappointed
Yes, its a very interesting game and I've just played it this week, I'm waiting for this day, the 7th day login where I could claim 5 star SSS kirito, but then the 7th day login button disappeared how can I claim kirito now?):(
Easy. Its a pay to win game. For free play, actually its not hard. Just gonna spend it right. Something that hatred me is how the quests asked and rewarded. We need to buy luck, try fortune. Its very pricey and the rewards give you 10-20 gems like its not enough to cover anything you did for quest. Also, you gacha are pricey as hell. I couldn't at least give 10x shots, not even pass 2k gems as free player.
I really loved this game. This game is real fun to play and also I have a suggestion. If the same account has logged in to another server then he should be able to skip the tutorial. If you did this it would be real amazing. 😊😊
there is a bug in the game that you need to fixed, when logging in, the game start to stop then start logging out by itself. im using google account to login. thanks i hope that you can fix it.
Pay to Win. No Compensation gift if you didn't reach the requirments of the event because of lack on diamonds. Then they merging those servers. that's why the other players leaving because they are not enough to spend more diamonds. the materials in evolving was another issue. if you are VIP 0. It takes a month to complete the requirements even though you are in a low power. Is this the essence of your "GAME"? Mr. Developer?. This game sucks. Not recommended if you are a non-spend gamer.
Best game in mobile ever for 2019 and to following yeara in the world of MMORPG and Hack and Slash game. I would proudly recommend this game to all of my friends in real life and social media as well. More Power Manga Allstar.
Too much buy not enough play. The game has a lot of barriers that limit how much you can play in a da. It slows down the game which already has so little to play. I also made purchases to quickly grab some of my favorite characters, but suprisingly, it gives matterial not characters. Disapointing. Although I spent just under $100 in game it doesn't incentivize the player outside of the purchase. Overall, I'd say this game is lackluster after the first week & not worth investing cash.
Instantly got hooked the first time I tried it, very fun and addicting Gacha system is affordable, and I really love seeing my favourite anime characters come to life Keep up the good work dev :)
I didnt like the top and bottom arrangement during battles especially with how characters move fro. top to bottom and vv. The animations of attacking are better sideways. And also the main page is kinda overcrowded with buttons which confuses new-comers like me. Better to have sub menus in main page.
i am having a great time on the new server. i was top player for a bit and will continue to strive to be the best. but that aside the gameplay is addicting AF. so much fun and there's always something to do in the game. i also like that the battles can be continued automatically so i can have the app up and making progress while doing something else. thanks so much for the work guys and keep up the good work!
I like this game a lot. the graphics are good, there's a good verity of anime characters to choose from(although I don't agree with some of there ranks like batman being the best character). there's multiple game modes to choose from. I've been playing for 3 weeks everyday and still have a lot of fun
for this time being, it really fun to play. but i hope that you can try to minimize tutorial or have skip button for the tutorial since we can play in many server. it kinda of annoying since we need to go through the same tutorial over n over again. but overall i really luv it
so ive played this game before i was rank 2 and everything i was logging on google play whenever it popped up. one time i ininstall the game and reinstalled and clicked on my account for google play and all of my progress was gone i have 100,000 power level and now im at 100 power level please help i wouldent get this game if you plan on uninstalling then restalling . help?
the game in itself is charming and it is wonderful to see some of your characters fighting it out. it's an original game but really entertaining. but sadly it's the third already I installed the game and afterwards I cannot login anymore and the screen stays black. (network is very good)
This game is really great. The character is cute and well known, the background sound, graphics, and the gameplay are great. Even though we don't do anything at the fight, but who cares the skill animation is enjoyfull to see. Keep it up (^w^)>
at first i git it just because it was still beta. played it one time and have been addicted to the game since. only gripe i have is the humongous pay wall you have. in order to really level and get the great items costs soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many gems i gave up trying to get those lol. other than that im ranked 14 overall on my server 49. world boss im always 3rd or fourth so i can say even with the dailys and other events i do fairly ok lol. great game overall πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This game is pretty enjoyable, especially for an otaku like me cause almost all of the most adored protagonists are here. Also the graphics are very good and almost no bugs, really enjoyed it😍
its fun and I like it. it's got a bunch of anime characters and the art is cool. I'd like to see yugi muto and kaiba since I didn't see any yugioh characters in it but the game still has a wide assortment of characters which is always good in a game.
Very fun and immersive game! I love that I can build a team of my favorite anime characters!! I just wish I could have enough money to buy the gems to get all my favorite characters easier, but the game is built to where you don't have to pay to win, just put in the effort, which is very refreshing!! Will keep playing for a long time!!
One of the only Gacha games that I have found pretty fair. You don't have to spend a ton to get decent units and clear most content. The updates are refreshing and the rebates they do for players who have spent some money is phenomenal. I look forward to more content and more in depth things in the future!
Good characters and features but game has glitches. DO NOT SPEND MONEY! CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL LOOK FOR REASONS TO NOT GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT. Customer service always requires screenshots but once event is over, you can't see the results. Expect to have fun but get frustrated when the items you won. never come to you.
Dear devs, this is a good game. Unfortunately, I found a bug. When I was about to get the starter Asuna, another reward window pooped up on top of the tutorial window. It stuck like that until I restarted the game. But when I do, I did not get Asuna. And the free chance is gone. Please help me.
Great game, very fun for a twice a day play. A recent update caused me to lose a valued hero.. so I almost want to stop playing as I had put lots of time and effort into it. It was also my rarest hero.
One of the best ACG game that I have played. The characters are well-made, great graphics, and has alot of anime characters that I love. I'm loving this gameeee it is soooooo addicting. Great job developers!~ Keep up the good work!~~
cool game. the character was well-made and really cute. there's lots of characters too and they're well-known. the graphics and the game play are really nice. there are lots of events too! kind of addictive as well lol. great job!
very fun especially the char's change in emotion in variety of status and situations! I enjoy both the challenges of an game and anime/manga chars i like :)) thumbs up! edit: FB invite doesnt work since day 1 from me. :(( edit 2: fb invite worked. still, hopefully SR heroes can be obtain without spending too much cash.
Really a fun game! Combines a bunch of our dear anime characters, great game modes, multiple customisation and more. Worth a shot anytime! the only thing i wish at the moment is a stat result page after every combats (damage dealt, damage receive, healing done,etc) thus why the 4* review. i would give a 4.5 but cant... Have fun and see you online!
no JoJo Theres not a single JoJo character. Add any Joestar and i will play much longer. As long as i dont have to pay. Add literaly any JoJo then boom 5 stars, anyone like Jotaro, Jonathan, Joesph, and especially Speedwagon.
will change when corrected. spent far too much on this game. was told I'd get a 6 star Artoria and received a 4 star. emailed about this issue with no answer. will happily change to 5 star if this issue is corrected, if not I will be asking for a refund in full and will never play this game again.
A really fun game. Also a stress reliever. You won't get tired of playing this. I played a lot of games before and this is one of the most well made games I tried.
The old version is more better than this new version. Because the new version has a bug. The old version is much smoother than this new version. And the old version is more EZ to play for free 2 play (F2P) player. The new version have to spend money in order to keep going at story line of 10. The last boss of story 10 is too hard because for the F2P only has free good character (S rated hero) like saitama and naruto ONLY! Other than that only B rated and A rated (kaneki). WORST! The New Ver!.
They spent so much money on royalties they forgot to invest in the game lol This game is painfully mediocre and I really wanted to enjoy it but its way too static. Gameplay is one dimensional and it's obviously a ploy to get money quick (seems like it worked). There's a lot of predatory design to force you into spending money. Dialogue's stiff and characters are always OOC. This game thrives on short term instant gratification, but I won't be surprised to see it survive a year or two (sadly).
the game reminds me of a old gocha I use to play call pockie ninja (I miss it still). manga all stars favor people paying to win which sucks because if you plan to play free prepare for a long progress. the in game currency is needed for everything it's hard to keep leveling everything because they all cost so much. long story short hard to progress without paying for everything it's like ea the gocha
Wait. This could have be a decent game but seriously, SSS and SR tier characters are locked behind a paywall? Why would you even do that if you want people to play your game? You need to be VIP6 to summon out of the higher tier gacha, or else you can only summon mid tier units. Plus it takes forever to get enough gems for a 10x summon (you can only get S and SS units for f2p anyways but it still takes forever). To top it all off, some SS units only unlock if you get VIP6 or higher. BS P2w game.
Its a great game and I enjoy playing it... it would be nicer if there is events which enables you to obtain certain event SS hero. Still waiting for my Rem (Re Zero) to be in this game.😏😏
Unforgetable gameplay. Its this game that my gamermind is wanting all my life. I have been searching for a game that satisfies me that has all heroes in manga and this is the one THIS IS THE ONE!!!!!! Thank you developer for making I owe you my hand joke hahahahaha. I would like to express my gratitude by saying. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you. But although it crashes all the time i will bear with it because i want to rot on it
as far as i have played in 24hours.. everything is good. artwork is nice. gameplay is typical gacha game but still great. i am happy with all the manga characters is inside waiting to be discovered with gacha of course. 5 star for you ;)
played this game now for a couple of hours. its fun and rewarding, especially in the beginning. they offer good ways to get currency that usually is payed content and seem to have a lot of events!
Well im an otaku.This game have few heroes but all of them are my fave. I wish u will put kachan and deku in academia and eren,mikasa n levi on AOT. THNX GOOD GAME..
played until level 25. rank 45 on leader board. csnt climb higher as everyone is vip1+++ even if your cp is 10k higher you lose as the diffrence in heros. it takes 6 days of actions to get one action of a VIP. as everything is tied to VIP level from rewards to payouts. where a vip0 gets 1 a VIP 6 gets 8. if your free to play just pass the game up. even one dollar charge sets them ahead of free to play players by 84 days. more they spend the more time. 1 dollar 80 days, 20, 138 days, 50 274 days.
Overall, this is a fun, progressive game that doesn't include alot of grinding. I especially find the rewards from the game enticing me into paying the game, which can be addictive. However, one issue is the lack of an account system. I change phones often and while it is required to have an email, you cannot transition easily.
my supreme gasha shop buy got messed guys i bought zhao yun from supreme shop and got 50 shards instead of a 5star zhao yun can you help me with that spent 112k diamonds just for that you cant do like that its written there . help me with it and I'll change my review to 5 star
The gameplay is nice and the art is awesome and this is the first i spent real money on it but when will the quiz play will update because when i go to teach section they ask me to complete the quiz but then the quiz play haven't been update and i have to pay 100 gems to continue. I know I'm a pay to win player but then im very a stingy person so please update the game and also gives us more free things or more event and can you guys possibly lower the supreme gacha vip requirements to vip 4 or 3
i like the game very much i got nothing to complain about graphics and about the character development and dialogue cause i think you guys work hard for this game i only want you guys to add more characters like my personal favourite JoJo's bizzare adventures characters that's it
its good and cute, but some description is very lacking. like skill damage and activation rate is not known. it makes formation selection hard to strategize. also i cant seem to find stamina regeneration rate. making a separate hero summoning system would be good, like one with gold and one with gem, with gem have higher rate and rarity. you should also list the summoning rate. this game have a great potential, goodluck
This is an awesome game. Not any other games that focuses on payment to make you stronger. Here, even if you're a newbie you can do good by grinding and maximize the energy. More awesome updates admin! Congratulations. -YukiharaSoma -S59 Jiraiya
ok this is my opinion this so far is the best anime related game but should add a feature that u can press on a enemy to mark on them this would be very useful so that we can press on the damage dealer but you need to take out the front row first.other then that there a few bug like out of connection and stuck at loading screen and never load the scenario and require to reenter the game hope you can fix this bug.It a good game keep it up.
at first i enjoyed this game, due to all the manga character references. Its a pain to collect and advance after clearing the first 3 to 4 stages though, unless you spend a lot of cash on the game itself. Then to top off my disappointment the app bugged out on me and deleted my entire game play, returning me to the intro/tutorial stage. All and all not worth the download.
Just started game, it has returned me to login screen once and completely closed on me once aswell, game could use some fixing, also so far I don't like it I'm not even playing, it's auto battling for me, I don't even get to participate, lame!
I loved It very much I can't even stop playing it!....But When will you Add like new heroes???like Kobayashi??Or Etc.....
It is a great game love it so far, can't wait for you guys to add more characters!!! (want albedo from overlord, Ainz Ooal Gown from overlord,Rem from Re Zero) well i want a lot of characters!!!! Keep going your great work
Eh, it's so-so. It's exciting to play as our favorite characters, but the story is awfully all over the place. The graphic and animation... I can tolerate, but you could do better. In the main page everything is also all over the place. Don't even get me started with the bad connection, better if you don't take player back to the server page and just let them stay in their current page when the game trying to load the internet.
Lost all my progress by logging into Facebook(initially started in quickplay). Edit: a known issue according to the developers, which means that the app has an overlooked critical UX flow that can potentially erase user data. I suffered through it so you won't. Not playing through this again. Hopefully they take a second look at their login "design" or lack thereof. 1 star for a bad user experience.
Responds but does not fix issues. Always quoting that developers will look into it. However, never any real fix. Riddled with bugs and not much explanation in regards to certain features of the game, which can overall make you lose progress or miss out on rewards you should have gotten.
VIP 3 and Level 87. At first I enjoyed playing it, but then you get to a point where no matter how good you are or how much you grind, it is all pointless, because it is a Pay-to-Win game (BIG TIME). I have 3 SR characters which might sound good to many, but you can't upgrade them without paying, rendering them useless. I am stuck and can't progress to a new stage. This is not a game for you to enjoy rather to despair. Uninstalled for the lack of respect you have for the players.
it was fine and rough for beginner since summon hero is hard. but when I sign in for 7th day, didnt receive the hero ez.. quite dissapointed
Love it!πŸ˜ƒ But some reason it would not let me play on it for the past few days if it has anything to do with the app please fix it as soon as possible Thanks!!!πŸ˜„
I like the game, but it's buggy. It goes really slow motion in the main screen after a few minutes. The server screen and battles aren't affected though. I tried discussing this with devs and they kept focusing on trying to log in which I had to tell them in 3 different messages that wasn't the issue. Nor is it my device or internet connection. They still haven't replied to my last message though it's been almost a week. It's a shame to because I do like the characters, story, and gameplay.
i am having a great time with this game. its done well and looks nice. i used to have an issue with slowdown but that seems to have been resolved. i do have a problem now, as a timed event has bugged and i need help fixing it!
Really enjoying it. This is so much with all the boss fight , bonuses and everthing. Good job gangli. Hope there will be more update and giving free more gems. Then it sure will be much fun. Keep it up guys.
i just download it, then it says failed to log in as my signal is low, but when check my network, my net still strong, but it still cant download the internal data.
wow. what a terrible game. it's almost like an idle game but without the rewards. so yeah basically you cant do anything. the gatcha part of it is pathetic. only get 3 shards per roll (need over 100 to summon) but costs alot of diamonds which are impossible to come by. the only reason to play this game is for nostalgia characters but you cant cuz you cant get any characters without spending over $100. dont waste your time
Dont waste your time playing this game ... so many bugs and glitches and developers never fix it ... they never listen to suggestions of player who love their game and want to have fun playing their game .. my suggestion is you will regret wasting your time in this game so dont bother unless the developers get changed or they become interactive
You saw the ad as a big cross over of all the current anime collecting games such as Dragon Ball Legends, Naruto Blazing etc. What you are greeted with once you start is a bunch of blurry sprites that are knock-off versions of your favorite anime characters.. Oh and Batman is there for some reason. Now, if you manage to look pass all this and give the game a chance you'll run into some very, tryhard-to-be-funny but not-so-funny dialogue and the FFF which, I kid you not, is knock-off KKK.. Nty.
can't honestly see this game being available much longer as they don't appear to hold any licences for all of the characters. shame really as otherwise it's not bad despite the poor English translation. also looks dodgy with the permissions it uses, ability to see running apps, flashlight, camera.... hmmm
First of all the graphics are quite nice,and easy to play,lots of free resources like gold, diamond. I'm free player but i was still able to be in top10.but the problem is it's giving me same ss hero every time i do hero summon and it's hard for free player like me to get SSS except for 7 day login.hope i get more chances to collect them.
I think that this game is really good, they added a lot of characters that wouldnt cross my mind in these types of games like Soma, al in all fully recommend it, and keep up the good work!
Its the best allstar manga game i've ever played in my life, it's little kawaii character design will make you fall in love with this game. The control is also super easy. I jump onto lvl 35 just 3 days after downloading itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Keep going Manga Allstar!!
once i did the lifelong top up, game stopped working for me and kept saying failure to connect. i can't get on my old server (24) but if i select a new one, it allows me. what a ripoff. how can i request a refund?
This game's awesome. I love how the characters were designed. It is a fun game. One thing, once connection was lost, it goes back to log in. Hope we can just reconnect it and just continue where we left once connection comes back. But overall, it is a very good game. PS, I am expecting Saitama/One Punch man as SR hero but he's just a class S hero. Lol
I just started playing about a couple of weeks ago and walking up on level 40. I love anything ANIME and this game reminds me of LOA which I was found of very much so. Diffrence now is the obvious manga, anime, otaku characters which I find much more enjoyable because I know these characters as a FAN of ANIME. GREAT WORK STAFF KEEP IMPROVING IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER!!! I RECOMMED ANY FANS DL THIS GAME YOU'LL LOVE IT TOO!!!
Amazing game sadly havent played it in many years and lost my account with like almost 400 or 500 dallors on it after getting the SSRs when they only coast like 50 bucks ways back I had a full team of SSRs
It was good at first. Then there are biased in game. Very misleasing info. They would let you buy unlimited premium tickets, then they will tell you, you can only redeem once via chat. When you report a problem, it will take days to be looked at. And more days to be fixed or not..
Very fun, isn't pay-to-win yet so that's nice. I am having an issue where the game gets very laggy and stuttery after about 10 minutes of playing. This wasn't a problem in the first two days, only the last 24 hours or so.
firstly, thnks to Manga Allstar for great awesome and fun game to play. I love manga and Anime , that's y i choose to play this game. I give 10/10 star , i also spend a lot of money to this get the diamond becoz i really want a sss hero. I'll recommend to all my friends n play with them. Thnks Manga Allstar!!!!! Love u all so muchh!!!!! *Give me SR hero plsss.... πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
if it wasn't for the game wanting tons of money i would have gave this a 5 star. I completely love the idea of the game but hate the greed. when trying to get a special elite i looked on the facebook page and saw one person said they spent 1500 gems. paying a little bit myself i realize thats about $20. other players scoffed at him and said he would have to spend at least 20,000 gems in order to get the one they want. this js just an app and that would cost a a couple $100. this is pure greed.
this game is fire but its lagging alittle bit but it has a nice graphics and nice story line so i gave 4 stars only. great game.
meh the biggest appeal is the anime characters (if you are into anime like me and enjoy uesing all the different characters this is a must have game) still the main hub looks a mess and it feels like it's in between beta and full release at times, still for how new it is its forgivable. there is a pay to win side but it's light and the on game rewards are decent all and all a soild game
If you're considering getting this game DO NOT. It has cute characters yes, however you need to spend so much money to even be able to pass early game stages. The game gives you one S character and that's it. The tutorial is horrible and everything is locked so nothing to do as a new player. I spent 5 pounds on this to be able to get an SS character and I am still a weak player - unable to pass stage 7. It also falsely says "spend 5 pounds and get 3 heroes" where in fact you have to spend more
I really love this game. i'm a big gacha game fan and was looking for a new one until i saw an ad on facebook with this game. i installed it and had a lot of fun. i'm mire the "i stay free to play" kind of guy when it comes to gacha games but i enjoyed this gane so much that a spent some money on it!
This is cool game and its fun playing, but i really don't really know how to get the strongest characters. It would be cool if there was a wiki for the game that show details for certain character. I don't get the events because it doesn't show any information about what is happening... It is still a good game.
Very nice game, helps distract myself, enjoyable and fun to play, hope I get Goku or Vegeta one of these days
Connectivity issues are the biggest problem of this game, atleast for now. The game is repeatedly disconnecting and the online support isnt helping properly. I reinstalled, switched internet and reloaded dozens of time but its still not connecting. Right now, I've been disconnevted from my server for like 2 hours. Fix this now.
only one problem with game so far and that is the quick orange option I spend 20k diamonds by misclicking it and upgrading a hero to orange on accident. I think there should be an warning sign when you click that option to confirm whether or not that's what the person wants to do or not. other than that I love the game and great way to past the time.
I love this game, have a great graphic. i think u should give skip button for battle, becouse i can't spend so much time for play games. Already buy 5 times speed, but still not enought. So far i really enjoy play this game.
Decent in the beginning, but a ton of features, such as in the team, are stuck behind their VIP system. You shouldn't have to be vip 6+ to be able to compete with others at a regular level. It does have nice graphics, but I'm wiping my hands from this game.
I love this game so much. But, i don't know if it's possible to actually play. (Manuelly) or does the game continues to fight on its own. This game would be one of the best games....if I can actually play and not just watch the game fight on its own. It's exciting because of all the anime crossover. But, i wanna feel like I am playing.
I love this game, its quickly becoming a money pit though. 😡 Super easy to spend. I really need to stop. 😬
Pay 2 win for progression.. After the tutorial there's not much we can do to progress.. The gold revenue is too low to be able to scale with the enemies.. Uninstalling.
1 problem about the game so far free to play players dont get enough diamonds to do anything the only good thing im looking forward to is getting a free kaneki on day 2 lmao please try and fix because i played a earlier version a year ago and it was not too easy to get diamonds but it also was not too hard if you know what I mean.
i just lost all my progress in the game and i did login in, everything was linked to my google play accout. I also payed 3.99 for some stuff in the store and i don't have that either what the hell!?!?
I have been having fun with this game. While it is Definitely Pay-to-Win, it can be some fun as well. You don't Have to buy anything to make it to higher levels and such, but it is definitely a grind. It has characters pulled from all sorts of media, from Manga and Anime to DC Comics! Naruto and Sailor Moon to Batman and Spiderman! (I wonder how they got the rights to use these characters *sarcasm) Half of the characters use ripoff names to skirt around that though. But like I said, It has been amusing, Up to a point... The support for players however, Is bottom Tier. Completely unhelpful. Buying stuff in game, has NO notification/alert that you have touched something particular to buy. As in, You can buy something for 2520 if the Microtransaction currency ON ACCIDENT. And support will do Absolutely Nothing about it. Completely refuse to help. For this reason alone, I honestly find it very hard to recommend this game to anyone. (If the people running this game are Unwilling to help people supporting their game, gives you an idea of what kind of people are running the game..)
I started playing this game a while back and for some reason it kept on saying, 'fail to detect network, please try again when the network is stable.' (or something like that, idk) OMG FREAKING GOD my wo-wi is like full bars and i tried the next day it still wouldnt work! please fix it~ i want to keep playig and continue the game!
tells you that it will reward a limited time character (ez) if you login 7 days in a row. I have logged in 7 days in a row and wasn't rewarded. bunch of ads don't waste your data on this game.
nah this game is p2w and im stuck at nomal and elite stage because its too op for free players plus i even sell my shard to upgrade 2 of my s hero to 6 stars and the others is 5 star but its not enough and there's nothing i can do because you can't get any stronger unless you pay or wait a year until you get stronger and its boring if we wait a year plus you cant get ssr unless you pay really and its all about pay pay pay.
Great game, great graphics, the critic reviewers are over-exaggerating themselves. Message for the devs: I found a bug where you log into a different server using a different server account sometimes (I don't know how) disabled the 7 day login system on certain accounts, can you fix this? I can provide you with proof if you want some.
Absolutely phenomenal and fun game! There are tons to do and itll keep you hooked and engaged for a long time. Also, don't have to be P2W, they give you plenty of options to gain gems etc.
I enjoy the game, the graphics are nice, I like the chibi art style and love the fact you can use characters from different animes. Oh and I also absolutely love how you changed the characters weaponry and armor to a futuristic mecha theme. As for the F2P side, its alright, they arent forcing you a pay wall and I find that nice. Game could be better but so far its incredible. Also developers, if you could please make it easier to get your characters stronger than that would be nice.
The game has a promising premise, but after playing with it for less than 1 day, you are directly thrown into a pay wall, this game is definitely pay to win, would not recommend for free to play players, the game is still buggy as well, crashing and unable to login to my starting account after I bought a starting pack, characters, money, equipments, and energy are super limited, like seriously, no energy are replenished after you level up as well
I really love this game especially seeing and using my favorite manga characters. Keep it up! Double thumbs up! :) :)
I can't follow switching to better network as I only have one and have tried using a friends (which didnt work), I am on the latest version and have cleaned my back buffer multiple times. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled and it worked for one time. I've not been able to get in since. Nothing you guys have told me has helped which sucks because I want to play this game but whatever problem there is won't let me.
ol so I've been playing this game for like an hour now and its really addictive. normally ill get bored after 30mins during a game but this one is different. i just want to say keep up the good work.