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Mancala for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by AppOn Innovate located at AppOn Software Pvt Ltd. C 12 Liberty, Phase 2, Northmain road Koregoan park, Pune- 411001, India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's okay. It doesnt follow original rules. You SUPPOSED to keep going with your turn until you get to an empty slot. The game has you alternating between you and the computer at each turn.
Free to play. Music is nice and the different levels are good. Really fun game in a very easy to use app.
doesn't go by the real rules and you will never go first against other people and some how they always will have the upper hand it's completely not worth your time believe me if I could rate it lower than one star into the negatives I absolutely would
amazing, truly an amazing experience. lovely to play with the kids and the spouse. bonded me closer than I could have ever imagined. ingenious software exceeds between operating systems even though the app has a different name on apple and android. truly delectable spectacle. a MUST HAVE 🥰🥰🤩🤩😙😙😚😙😍😘😍😂😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😕😕😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
Very good game,i always play with my little boy,its good for the mind,it teaches strategy and focus.You deserve a 5 star! Good work
Slow to connect and people disconnect. My wifi is fast and this game used to be better with online okay
The game cheats and is not as good as an old one with more simple graphics in the play store that I can no longer find.
Had it a while, if you actually get to play it's good. But sometimes is searches for an opponant forever and sometimes it'll be waiting for opponant forever. If you leave this screen it counts it as a loss so your stats are rubbish.
Update... I had to reinstall and now I am seeing adds even though I have paid. Support email gets bounced back saying address not found. downgraded to 1 star. This is the best version of mancala. For Update: The free turn and player pop up box annoyingly slows play.
The offline version is great. Have not been able to get the online version to work. It says I have played 4 games but none if them have loaded.
The game is glitchy - will kick you out for no reason in the middle of a game. This isn't a wifi issue. It happens everywhere I play the game. The game doesn't update - I still have Christmas Boards. People can "time out" if their losing and it doesn't penalize them for losing the game. No use for coins - I have 175K and have bought all the boards Is there a way to reset my score. I've played over 3,000 games but I have so many losses from getting kicked out of the game. Sometimes it will sit on the search for opponent screen for long periods of time, only to have you booted out of the game it finally starts. This is my "edited" review. 3 stars is generous.
Nice, but needs improvement. They board selection is very nice. The end game needs a lot of work. Scores do not display right. I was unable to get the online multiplayer option to work (perhaps there was simply no one else on). Limited in scope- you have to enjoy a quick, easy board game experience. Having said that, Mancala is a fun, quick play and the mechanics here work fine. End game needs work. Scores to properly display and game records should be there at each level.
love mancala. the game is straight to the point with what it shows you. :)) very satisfied. its a game for pass-time and its great
I love this game, I love the strategy, and game play. This is one of my favorite games and as a app I would say this is one of my favorites. It's best if you have friends that will download the app with you. But I would say it's worth $2 to get rid of adds
I was looking forward to playing and practicing to finally beat my 8-year old niece at this game, but the first thing that pops up is an ad that doesn't go away, apparently until you buy something. I uninstalled and won't be installing again. As long as I have to buy something, I'll buy the old fashioned board game version instead. At least let people play for a while before you dig in their pocket.
Improve game once instead improving advertisement. All this time your only improvement is in advertisement. Change rules in two gameplay in one match. Let both player have same chance.
Ads galore to the point where it makes you hostile to the game. Uninstalled after 10 minutes. Good riddance!
So many ads and popups. Annoying music and outdated art style. Basic game is good, but this app needs cleaning.
Lately been unable to play online. Every time I have tried to play a random opponent it states 'waiting for opponent' and freezes. If you close out of the app, it marks it as a loss only for you to repeat the process...
I love this game. I havent played the actual board game in years. It's so good, they match you with random people if you want to play online ect you can also play offline too.
Simply the best there is.. The graphic is beautiful,the animation as well as the rich help information. Thanks a mil guys.
I totally enjoyed playing it it's challenging and so relaxing I played it along with my family members and they like it so good
Some times it stuck on the page "waiting for opponent " on same page more than 30 mins. It's irritating. Add feature texting/chatting with opponent. It will be helpful to communicate with opponent I have changed mobile phone and i have installed app on new android phone but i couldn't able to load my profile . I Can only able to create new profile.i can't able to login with existing profile. Its major bug.
This is the best version of mancala. For Update: The free turn and player pop up box annoyingly slows play.
i love this game it's really addictive but i do not like the fact that u can only use one map and u have to pay for tne others
The games pretty good except for the adds their annoying as usual but that song that's plays it's awesome what's Is it called??
the game cheats, when I'm playing offline, the bot will ' capture' the beads after it has taken a turn. not a fair game, just get a different one
Game is fun, but ppl keep quitting and it counts as a game played for me (penalize them). Also no comments other than what is prewritten for you, and no use of the chips. If your going to give chips let them be used for something at least for betting: putting my 500 chips against ur 50. But again if someone leaves the game it counts as a game played and no win, so if I play 100 games 50 ppl leave and I win half it shows I've played 100 games and won 25 but 50 ppl quit so that shouldn't count.
I hate it when I'm about to win and someone calls or accidentaly pressing home button, the game ends there. Fix this
I hate it when I'm about to win and someone calls or accidentaly pressing home button, the game ends there. Fix this. One more thing, your new version is annoying due to that music that can't be stopped. Please some of us we enjoy playing quietly.
Love this game as a child and this game just like it was when i was a kid. Its a must have. you can play on and offline and playing with friends is easy!!!
Started of great but when ever I play now I get the same person and they leave right away even if I change boards, please fix or I will delete
Good game.. but everytime it's my turn and it lays my last pebble down, my phone vibrates. I silenced my phone as well as turn the sound/vibrate off on the app and it still makes noise. So for that reason I'm deleting it.. I dont want to hear that vibrate everytime. It's a bit annoying.
One, this game has TOO many ads. Two, I don't fell as if this is how you actually play. When I play with a real person, you land on a whole with none, it's the next person's. turn, and if you land on a whole with marbles in it and you have one left you get to pick them all up and drop one. And finally false advertising as far as I'm concerned. Unlock new boards, but you have to buy them.
The online game is great and for the most part all the rules are correct. My problem is that at the end of the game when my side of the board is clear of marbles my opponent is supposed to Forfeit their remaining marbles to me but instead the remaining marbles go to the losing opponent. That's not how the actual game played. Please fix this and ill change my rating.
This app is horribly optimised and it's a quick cash grab. Unfortunately it is one of thr only mancala apps on the play store.... EDIT: Just after 1 minute after making this review, my chips went from 5000 to -5000 after buying the 2000 chip board.
Me and my daughter love this, but she played against someone and as soon as she lost the name changed from player to a bad word with a hand flipping her off. It sucks that people have to be trashy like that. Be careful if you let your kids play it.
I play often, never any glitches and I've used this app for over a year. I always play offline with my boyfriend so I can't speak on the online option. But I recommend this app.
This is the worst game i have ever played! When I play it just cheats and beat you when you have more than the other player. Do not download this!!!!! You are just waisting seconds of your life on this STUPID GAME!!!!!!
It is not played right. Once you land in a pot with beads you continue, in this it stops your turn which is upsetting
The app CONTINUES to stop right in the middle of games as though I'm quitting when I am not. I love playing this game but I hate the glitches that it has. Also there are way too many advertisements that are popping up right in the middle of games.
Simple, functions like it should, easy to play with friends, no extra nonsense. Ads but not overwhelming. Highly recommend.
The Online mode does not work. The hard mode is to easy. Been playing Mancala for several years and was expecting something fun out of this game.
To many crashes. It also seems to have low security protocols. Other players appear to have hacks. I really do enjoy the game, but am no longer will to risk my phone or personal info to play this app.
Good game experience. I wish the seeds matched numerically and visually. 1,2,3,+3 but having the ability to show 3 seeds but only having 2 show visually when you have 3 numerically is a difficult adjustment.
best child hood game i litterallt beat everybody i playes with but its been so long i lost my stratagy
This game has the most issues I've ever seen! All kinds of glitches, like freezing after a bet is made then saying it's a loss, drop connections on a stable network, in game glitches, some days it works some days doesn't! Fix your game!!
Too many ads, online mode doesn't seem to work (probably due to a lack of players?), but the game w/o this is good version of mancala -- definitely better than others on the Google Play store.
Amazing app. I lived in Nigeria for 11 years and brought back the actual physical game. The fact that I can now play online in my spare time when I'm not home is amazing. There are one or 2 small glitches when playing online but that rarely happens.
It was very fun to play with friends and family. If that's not enoff you can play online. All in all I really enjoyed this app.
Too many dam Ads, they show ads before & after games, when navigating the menu, and even when you Exit the game they show an ad.🤦🏽
Probably the best you're gonna get when it comes to a mancala game. Been on the hunt for an eye appealing version and this is as good as it gets. Yet super simple matching games have 3D bright colored objects and mancala can't even get realistic looking stones. Good game if you can find an opponent and most of the time you have to keep replaying with the same person because no one likes mancala.
Can't see the correct number of the stones as they often overlap, causes many mistakes. Otherwise quite good if you can ignore the annoying ads.
This app sucks. But there aren't too many mancala apps unfortunately... The ads appear far too quickly, they ruin the experience. Bad. The chips don't mean anything but they want you to buy them for some reason. The in-game player communication prompts are MISSPELLED... The animations are clunky and not smooth.
Been playing incorrectly for years... taught me how to play and basic strategy. Multiple levels so I can decide if I want to lose or not. Medium is the perfect level for me since I can win but I still lose and have to try. Easy makes the computer dumb and hard... I just can't win.
I really did love this game a lot but then suddenly I hear about viruses and scams. I got to feel a little suspicious. So I tried on another phone with virus protection. The other phones alarms went off. Saying risky. So I've since deleted it. AppOn Innovate you have to fix this right away before I can play this app again.
This app has an annoy amount of autoplaying adds, like back out from a menu add plays, enter menu add plays, select game add plays, open options add plays, leave options add, breathe add...
Never got to play the game. Ad popped up as soon as I opened the game and that was it, unable to do anything else. I closed it out, reopened it and boom another ad and frozen again. So disappointing
Horrible! Not worthy of even 1 star. I just downloaded it and can't even play, an ad will pop up, or the loading indicator will just spin endlessly, so disappointed. I'll be uninstalling this app and just continue to play the board game when I've got another player available.
Love this game! Play alone, with someone nearby, or other users! Just like playing the real board game.
This is a very good game. But it has too many flaws. I can see opponents typing disgusting and immoral things. This makes the game very cheap. please fix this in such a way that can send only predefined messages instead of filthy typed messages.
You never have to buy chips. Press an empty space, it will reset the clock. Let it run and the game will glitch out. You win. No one ever has to pay this company anything. If they aren't smart enough to fix it they don't deserve any money. Also you can refuse all permissions and the game will still work fine. Been doing it for years
challening game and a great way to pass your time. can improve a bit on multiplayer feature but nevertheless a good game
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! game has virus attached. After playing this for a while, phone flagged it as malicious. My other accounts (eBay, Amazon, PayPal, microsoft) have been hacked since.
I loved this game and was hard core addicted, then a few days ago it just stopped working. I cant play online with anyone no matter what i do. It either saya "connection error" or it completely freezes and i have to force quit. IM GOING THROUGH MANCALA WITHDRAWALS. IM in denial, but if it still does this tomorrow ill have to uninstall. Goodbye my friend 😓
Online mode will not load, searches for opponents indefinitely, and if it does manage to find one, just says "waiting for opponent" forever. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, same problem. Tried WiFi and mobile data, get "connection lost" message even though this is not the case.
One of my favorites growing up so I already knew I'd love it. There's tutorial cuz it's nothing like the real game. My MAIN PROBLEM is a big problem: when you play online and bet your coins the app freezes while loading the game. Well you close the app & reopen it and you've LOSSED 50coins because it registered you "leaving" the game. It's great when you're on the receiving end! Extremely frustrating for your games played:won ratio, & your accumulation of coins. FIX THIS FAST!!!
It was good when it actually worked... Can't get a game for the past 2 hours, it keeps taking my money when I try to enter and then it says 'waiting for the opponent' with a loading wheel spinning endlessly. You lose the money and never get the game. PS - ads, ads, ads everywhere.
Horrible. Was nothing but inescapable ads, one right after the other before the game even loaded. Don't bother with this POS. I only gave each category 1 star because it wouldn't let me give less.
Its the same game the old nokia 3310 used to have. Its name was beans then. You need to understand the rules before u start playing. I can feel people have rated so low because they didn't understand why the pebbles get taken and all. I knew the rules so i loved to play it with all the modern look. Back then(2001 and ahead) it was just black n white in 3310 phone. *Smiles*
I was enjoying this gsme, until it started to freeze after I placed my bet, but before the game started. Not only did this affect my win/lose stats, I lost chips. I tried undownloading it, and started from scratch. It still wont play correctly. Very frustrating.
I dig this mancala game! Thank you for resolving those annoying glitches. However, improve on the game time to wait when playing online. Sometimes I wait too long to connect with another player. Also, the chat feature. Can we chat with our own words? Thank you.
online mode never works. constantly says there's no internet connection, but I have full bars 4G signal. way too many ads
Fun when it works. But both Mancala and Mancala Club by App on Innovation have the same glitches which are too annoying to put up with long term. Wont connect to other players. Each player thinks it's the others player turn so you have to exit the game because neither can play. You lose your money when it glitches and marks the game as a loss for you. Has potential if it didnt glitch out constantly. Uninstalled.
Very easy on lower setting . so easy to learn the moves Gets harder when you move up Like the game a lot .it takes up time when nothing else is going on