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Man or Vampire

Man or Vampire for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by HIDEA located at 경기도 성남시 분당구 판교역로 109 SK HUB C동 804호. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was good tbh but I dont get the idea of making the game server like if its singleplayer, why dont you just make it offline mode and avoid troubles of servers crashing and people getting mad
Game is so good, good graphics too! Sad that the developers stopped working on this game though. It has a lot of potential. Keeping this game still at hope that one day they will update this game.
this game is amazing but i hope their was a offline mode about this game it's awesome but i really hope I can play it offlinely because our place have no data hot-spot and well to be honest i really hope the game update has a good story and hopefully it has offline mode
This game is lit. It has complicated upgrades in a positive way. The art is very pretty. Also the humor made me smile. The money in game is great too. Not regretting installing this. Thumbs up to the game devs.
It's a good game, enjoyed it a lot untill a bug came in.... So what happened was that I paused the game, and left it open and by the time I came back, my phone's battery died...after switching on and restarting the game, it just keeps on loading, the game never starts.... Will appreciate it a lot if I can get an update fix for the bug. NVM... Looks like the developer gave up on this game... You can see it from his replies..."I will tell you what you have said".... Oh gee thanks for telling me.
Every name I entered was either taken or had invalid characters. Most of these "invalid characters" were just me repeating letters doing anything I could do to get a name. This wasn't me choosing vampire related names either. Nothing to do with blood, teeth, the moon, stakes, or Dracula. If the developers can help me with this, I'll give the game a higher rating. Thanks for the help.
Game is good so far. Although the rechanging to grace wasn't necessary. But i kinda found it funny. Instead, maybe just cut that part out and say something like this is grace. And also, the storyline seems to stop at section 2. Which is really the main point of why I wanted to play. Edit #1 The arena is so not fair! Placing lvl 25-60 character team to a lvl 120-180 team on the the first battles!
Cheats US player in favor of South Korea. bat scrolling time is only 10 seconds in the US, but is 35 seconds in South Korea - yet the players still verse one another. very fun game, beautiful, but nonexistent customer service (they literally answer to customer service emails with a short "we cannot help you" response), and again unfair gaming practices depending on the country server used.
Edit. Thanks for solving the problem, too bad I couldn't get those golds back. I cant perform any action related to network call recently, like purchasing items or receive rewards. It will return network code invalid or something like that, and i will be logged out after a few attempts. Can't buy anything but the money is spent already. Hope it will be resolved asap.......................
it's interesting! no after an hour playing, it's actually good! it's turn based, but it's fast! which makes this really good, i really like this system. There's only one problem that occured, my touchscreen doesn't work in your game after watching an ad. Maybe take a look at that.. my phone is asus zenfone max pro m2.
its an old fastion style with modern looks over all i love it the start up sequence is a little boring and you start out a little over powered. i would love to give it five stars but old fastion strikes me as difficult or requires the ability to out class your enemies. while it does get harder the micros which i understand help make money are little over powered themselves. but all in all its pretty funlittle time consumer.
It's all great. Itd be nice if you could swap between people in combat who havnt had a turn so you could attack the way you wanted. Artwork is solid and enjoy the fact you can get into a personal relationship with your characters. Keep going. (Update2020**)-more games like this with how the system works, maybe something more futuristic next.
it is stuck on the title screen loading account information and keeps popping back the verror_100 . it did that for google log in, i uninstalled and reinstalled and tried Facebook login. both failed. please fix and i will play and give an honest review. thanks in advance.
I think this could be an excellent game. I'm still early on in it but it's been enjoyable thus far. Great gameplay and interesting story but I'm not sure what's going on quite yet. It seems to have quite a bit more depth than I initially realized. I'll have to come back and edit this once I have more experience with the game. But I cant imagine any RPG lover not enjoying this game.
Played this game for a long time, I liked it but there seems to be a massive reduction of 5 star character chance especially once you acquired 15 characters of 5 star quality, burned through more than 60 search orb and found none
Very very nice games .. it's saddening to know though that this game is being mentioned as "dead" already or being abandoned by its developer(I hope not!!!) ... Next to the original Diablo ... this game comes next ... it's all that one can ever want in a turn based RPG game.
I attempted to play this. Upon downloading and installing, it chose an account to sync to without my approval. It then failed to run on a s9, informing me of some sort of "verror_100" Thanks but no thanks. Playing a game isn't a chore. One star for you. Bye bye
This game is just addicting honestly. It is like those simple dungeon style games but has a twist to it. I have a really strong connection to this game!
This is one of those games where you and your team fight from squares on the ground to fight shoot or heal. You see the game from above so your characters look small but it is a game with lots of levels and rewards from the start
God such a fun game. But has issues. Like it keeps telling me sometimes to check internet connection when connection is running smoothly plus it suddenly logs of in the middle of arena sending me 1 st page and asking to sign in. It's creepy and I feel is it safe to play or not. Otherwise it's one the best SRPG out there. please fix the bugs or whatever the issue is.
Overall good game but PVP in arena sucks!! The individual aspects of the game is enjoyable, though you have to learn things on your own quite quickly, not a pay to win type game but does help if you have $$$. My main compliant is the pvp arena matching, you get matched with players that are level 100+ above you on 5stars while you are just beginning, there is no real logic behind how it matches players who are similar in strength, so expect to lose 19 out of 20 matches.
I'll be honest the game is really good but devs are ignoring it(check last update date) and only using it to make money now. story still has only 2 chaps so far even tho its been almost 1 year since the app released. only event running involves gems which is the paid currency? they give you a free 5 star starter but it's stats are not even close to the other 5 stars u can get. and my review was deleted twice so down to 1 star from 3. screenshotting this review as proof this time. :)
I don't understand something. There was some plot in the beginning, but then happened something unclear and you just play. But play for what? What goal is here? What is going on?
man or vampire is a great game, it's interesting, it's action packed , it makes you think ! however it is a very connection heavy reliant game, who makes them like that anymore ? if you need to fart you need connection "we don't accept your fart please check your internet connection" *after checking the connection and assuring myself all other online games are working fine I come back* "please check your internet connection, you can't move that single step please check your internet connection"
Got this game on a whim and ended up really enjoying it The characters and maps are all well detailed, and the ability to make anyone a 5 star is a definite plus! Update: I've been playing for two years off and on and still really enjoy it!
Ok first off to the impatient players. Grace is only a tutorial character. Learn to slow down and give things a chance. Now to the developers; the endless dungeon will only entertain for so long. The story looked promising, but if it doesn't continue, the game will die.
Amazing game love the graphics, controls, and team composition choice's. A nice turn based combat system. Had one slight issue getting stuck at account loading screen but was fixed very promply. Would of been sad if not, i love this game very addicting a 5 star for me would highly recommend downloading if your a fan of turn based combat one of the best.
This game is really good. It's a combination of hero collection with dungeon crawling that's done very, very well. The graphics are amazing, the music is atmospheric, and the gameplay is unique. I never imagined turn based styled gameplay could be as quick or intense as this, but it is. And it's a lot of fun!
It does a lot right. There's no mission energy system; the biggest pitfalls of mobile gaming. I don't see premium heavy content either. I had to uninstall though. I prefer console if a game is time consuming. I repeatedly became stuck in a cycle of inventory management. i haven't had time to learn this game yet, so I'm unsure what is important. it makes inventory management tedious and frustrating. it killed the fun for me. you get into the flow of a session just in time to hit full inventory.
Great game. I played it a year ago for like 3 months but stoped cuz when i tried to max the level cap of one of my level 198 character it ended only at level 199 instead of 200, i spend 10k diamonds buying the required material for one f***ing increase in level cap. And when i got bored of some other games a year later i remembered man or vampire, and now i'm back! Needs a lot of farming but its not a fun rpg without hardships.
I'll change my rating to 5 stars if the game holds up, but so far it is quite nice. Very fluid and smooth. The art style is nice, UI is minimalist, combat is smooth and the transition is seamless, animations are well done and the battles flow quite quickly for a turn-based game. So far, it all adds up to a easily enjoyable dungeon crawler.
i found out his game is very good,but when i started bitting my 5-star friend,the lvl is too low and i was very dissapointed,how can i get a 5-star friend with high exp when make it into vampire? because my 5-star friend is lvl 47 human but when i make it into vampire it goes 13? i hope you'll give me an action because i love this game very much and i play it whole day just to get higher grade friends .And now i'm afraid to make it vampire again,pls help
A great game, the developers have truly created a refreshing and addictive game. Just that, even with 4G net the game works for some time with high speed internet but then suddenly the internet speed stagnates at a very low rate only in this app, in other apps the speed increases automatically. Please fix this issue. It's preventing me from truly enjoying this wonderful game.
its a good game with simple, repetitve/grindy gameplay. its hard to imagine why this is failing at first but there is a few reasons. 1. overpriced "micro"transactions. almost $40 for 500 gems and a few little trinket of items that i can earn in a day or a week playing normally. 2. lack of support. *character tweaking and game balancing *its a good game but too much on the grinding side. not rewarding enough *lack of story and lore. *lack of variety:co op, character interaction, etc
Content is just not there. And in my opinion, those bat scrolls are an insult. Character art is amazing. Vampire and human system is cool and all but, there is only one benefit to having vampires on your team and that is that they are revived if they are killed in battle right away as opposed to human characters who can get to max level but if killed, need quite a lot of time to be revived. How about just giving the extra XP to the humans on the team excluding the vampires?
This is one of the best RPG's I've found on mobile. It's extremely addicting and fun and easy to waste hours on this game. It's also pretty easy to get gold and diamonds without spending money for free-to-play players, but there are optional character skins and whatnot if you chose to throw in a few dollars. Would highly recommend for RPG fans out there, especially if you like games such as Diablo or Wakfu. Only draw back is that the game doesn't seem to get updated that often.
Can't believe I forgot to rate this game. It is for me, indie PC comparable platformer, beautiful and seamless graphics, Adorable and interesting character designs, and a story line that adds to the gameplay, instead of drawing away from it or leaving it feeling like an add on. The art within this game is gorgeous! Little beasties included. Some room for improvement in terms of the storyline however, I didn't understand it at first, need more explicit details to make good choices in-game.
Im super picky about games, but this one is easy to get. fun combat, easy mechanics. my favorite thing is the character system. You pretty much get free rolls, and then depending on how good the character is, you can buy them for the price their worth. pretty solid game
The game is amazing, with limitless possibility to make your characters stronger. However, the game is currently at a stalemate, as there are no new updates in couple of months already. Nevertheless, I recommend this game for those who wants dungeon-based games.
Give me a break, I really like this game, I do. But in the arena it's to difficult to win against those level 100+, and please, give us some help button or tutorial. It's pretty hard for a returning player what to do, clearly 90% of my time doesn't know what to do.
I see potential but the camera is zoomed too far away, there should be an option to zoom in or something comparable 3/5
really good game with a really good concept. the game has a very unique asthetic that flows very well with minimal loading time. character are very unique from each other each offering unique game play and interaction. the best part about this game is the character gacha system. i never felt like i needed to put any money into the game since the game provides plenty of options to get new characters.
Great game but like others have said there hasn't been an update for over 2 years and it kills the game. You can play the adventure mode but there is only 2 story mode open. It's why I had to uninstall.
took 24 hrs to install and then wouldn't accept any nickname I entered and then when it finally accepted on and I began the game it immediately informed me that you didn't like the name I chose, the one you'd just accepted, and renamed my character for me. So how is that ME playing your stupid game? Isn't the objective fot the player to play the stupid game? if not then what's the point? Might be good but how would I know? You clearly don't want a person to actually "play" your game.
last game updated Dec 2018?? it's Sept 2019 now.. Dev is ABANDONING this game.. story chapter only until ch 2?? and still "coming soon" for years!? no new events or contents.. game is just still running and on Google Play cuz Dev wants to milk out some cash from it.. sadly this is a beautiful game that doesn't have to die.. there is no value of gem in this game tbh, when it is so hard to save em up and almost has zero uses aside for buying shop items that are "way too overpriced"..
This game is good enough that I uninstalled it, regretted it, and reinstalled it. If you love diablo and final fantasy you will love this. The art is fantastic, the summoning is controlled by you and you see them and decide whether or not to buy something you can see and check skills on beforehand. The levelling and vampire system is as much a great concept as the buy something you can see first summon system. A must have!
Just started playing but the game is really nice. The tutorial is a bit confusing (but I suppose it meant to be). Will update the rating after a few levels.
Logged in to find that my server is gone and all of my character progress is gone as well. Nothing on the site and no information anywhere. Server 2, global, gone completely? If this is fixed along with my progress I'll change my review. [UPDATE] Thank you. Server is back up. Maybe release notes when servers are down? Review from one to four stars.
Good strategy rpg game, but a game like this has more potential to be better in many areas, so, I request to the developer to update for more content coz this game demand it, and never stop updating.
It changed my name and my characters gender in the first few seconds of the game. It was also telling me i had internet problems when i have 5 bars and im using mobile data as well both having full bars.
Updated June 2019: Global Server 2 was taken offline, my character data deleted, so is my paid for dlc. This game had such potential... what a waste. Great game. Particularly love the auto-explore mechanic. The only downside is that the game appears to be dead. There haven't been new updates for three months, the bugs are getting worse and there is no word from the developers as to what's to come.
Good game if you enjoy progression and don't mind autoplay. Obtaining, gearing and improving heroes is where it's at. PvP is actually PvE but insteresting enough. Classic RPG, well suited for mobile.
It was a very unique game play I really love it when you are bored or in a road trip, I'am just too sad that only some people recognise this game I hope some streamers play this so we can have some more updates
Offer more indepth tutorial. With the already inherent play on the go nature of mobile games, its difficult to try and remember what does what. That, coupled with the overwhelming amount of things to tap on screen makes the game pretty confusing. I love the game. Great animation, perfect pace. But 70% of the time I have absolutely no idea what I'm actually doing when I click on stuff.
This is a new kind of game & intriguing one at that. Interesting gameplay, good graphics & battle controls & commands. Many characters to make the story more in-depth. Would like to have options for other camera angles & also zooming options would be nice. Overall a nice game, out of the ordinary not just another normal game.
Originally had a 5* Until I go to log into my account to find the server I'm in completely gone from the list. My characters, all the money I spent in the game all gone! This is ridiculous!
Takes time to grow on you, seems confusing at first, not that interesting , but if play a few hours and try to absorb and learn as much as you can. This game opens up, it becomes a great game the more you play amd one of the best tile based adventure games on the play store. Looks gorgeous the further you get into game also. One issue im having is in arena battles, my level 20 are being matched against level 200 players and im dead after one hit.
So far I didn't have any problem yet excluding the name that was given to champion. For me it was quite confusing because before give the name to it,we (players) need to give name to the first character, that after give the name it was still called Raven. I hope you guys understand. Btw I think it'd be better if we can change our name in a certain amount of gold or gems and can change vampire back to human kinda good.
Nice graphic and good first impression. But gameplay is grind boring as hell. And worst of all - I encountered "Recovery error" with notice to contact support. Good that it happened so early. I would be mad if it happend month in the game. I do not recommend.
I really like the game but there's a problem: I was playing and then the loading sign started spinning in the middle of the screen and it said that my internet connection was unstable, so I restarted the game. After entering the game, I was asked to enter the name of my character. It means that I lost my previous account, right? Please fix it. Thank you
lol an "editor choice" game that no longer lets people play. Every name u submit says "nickname already in use" even if u use random letters making the game unable to get past the first screen... edit: developer's website is not a real webiste anymore either... edit 2: all reviews similar to mine have a response saying the problem was fixed, however, I am evidence that it is not fixed edit 3: any news? The issue is still there.
I have been pleasantly surprised with MoV so far. The mechanics of leveling for the humans and vamps is neat. The battle system is strategic enough to stay interesting while being simple enough to not get drawn out. Interesting characters and stories so far. My biggest gripe would be the frequency of failure when leveling up skills. Overall, a great mobile iso TB RPG. Highly Recommended!!
It's alright, but very repetitive and slow. You get a few options, though the mechanics aren't clear, and the main character is basically pointless. Your main character can only leech levels or abilities, meaning rare finds are sacrificial and a waste of resources to acquire. The levels are huge, but very linear and time consuming, plus, this game eats your battery life.
UPDATE after login bug fixed: This game is a scam to get money. Some of the worst gacha mechanics I've ever seen. In other gachas you spend currency and receive a character, but in this one you spend currency for a character to show up then either pay more gold than you could ever earn or more premium currency to get them. I recommend that you do NOT play this game unless you like auto battling and whaling.
I rated this game with one star. Somehow my review got deleted. The game is so terrible I came back to give it 1 star again. It is so frustrating to me that it took several minutes to find a name that wasn't already taken, just to be told "we don't like that name we're call you Raven instead". The dialog in game is slow and boring.
Doesnt work on note8. tap press to start and it freezes. have to force close or it will keep playing intro music in background. edit: reinstalled, works half the time. not willing to bond accounts due to excessive permission requests. so I lose all data every install. what happened to the good old days of no permission and no tracking. everything is so invasive now.
this game story is very interesting and it got alot of things to do. it won't bore you for the next 2 years. it's a strategy games, sometimes you will use urr braincells to its limit. I'm a real gamer and I'm a picky gamers too. install this games if are a really gamers😎🤛👊 bro fist 👊(everything is good enough for you to try. graphic,game control and game play.)
I would give this a 5 star because the game is really good and i like it but my problem here is the controlls. You need to click on the place you want your character to go to right?but theres times where i keep clicking on that one spot but the characters wont go there.
The developer decided to delete my last review so I'm docking them a star. I said before that I really like the game, but hesitate to invest time in something that they have essentially given up development of. The last update was in 2018. So I assume the servers are only up as long as people are still spending money. Players need to know that going in. I would love to continue playing, but not on this state.
The ONLY reason this is not 5 stars is because the community says that it is dying. If the developers would promote it and add content or update with a random event, it would be well recieved. It is easily the best dungeon crawler rpg on mobile with an innovative and original gameplay mechanic. I will continue to play regardless. Its easy to F2P and I will, hoping that the DEVS start to pay attention to the game. PLEASE!
Forgot to rate it a while back, but this game is the best of its kind by far, and possibly one of the only of its kind, very unique, i hope for future games like this
This is one of the best games i have played, the graphics and gameplay is amazing. I wish it had a way to lock one or two characters to your party then auto select the best members for the other slots. Thanks for such a great game!
Overall not a bad game... Super long grinding, but some can be automated... And the lack of need to spend real money is appreciated. My huge problem is that this game hates having anything but a perfect signal and constantly freezes every time you hit any button or while it's automated roaming a dungeon. You don't need a constantly on connection for a game. If i am trying to add a skill point to a character, this doesn't need a connection! Be less intrusive and needy.
It keeps saying network connection invalid, my connection is good and the other online game work well. I play in server 5 and when i change to my previous char in server 3 it work.
Great game, but it needs to be offline. After every battle the game loads for 2/3 secs and its annoying after a point. Plus i travel a lot and i can put some time into this game if i can play it offline. Please make it offline. This game is interesting to play but always-online method screws the experience.
Need a bigger screen for this one! The characters are so tiny on my phone! So far a really unexpectedly great game. Cool story, love the battle mechanics. Give it a try. I did, however, deny the access to record audio. I don't know what that's about, but it still let me play.
Should add events or a purpose/goal to reach. I really enjoyed it for a while but started to feel like I wasn't actually doing anything with purpose so it got boring. Would definitely come back to it in the future if something is added to game to make playing worth the time and more meaningful. Thanks!
This is amazing game. i suggest add more heroes and skin. the game is good, really beautiful graphics and game play.but internet connection is a problem.so very logy and i hope in the next update in this game fixed a internet connection. And Thats all for now thaks for this game. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 ♥️♥️♥️ From Philippines ♥️♥️♥️ 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 😂😂😂 😁😁😁☺️☺️☺️
This is definitely for hardcore gamers. Thankfully that being said, this game has it's own wiki online. This game is kind of like a dungeon exploring fire emblem with character customization that has depth without complication (although can be spendy). I am addicted to hunting for new gear for my heroes admittedly, but for anyone reading this who wants a tip before they play, make your champion into a dark knight early on. And use melee class upgrade research to heal after battleinsteadofhealers
I kinda just lost all my game data after accidentally switching to FB login instead of using Google play login :) i've play this since 2018 now i really want to cry but no tears will come out💀💀💀💀💀 Edit : Managed to get my data back after deleting, installing and login using FB name, finally asdfghjkl almost got a heart attack😵
-Enjoying this game because of endless night-time and PvP. Turning allies into Vampires is also interesting. -However, it is very annoying and uncomfortable when i manage my equipment. Having "drag to equip" and "item filtering" function can surely improve the game. -Finally, this could be the best game if it has Co-op Mode. :) (I don't know if the game has already had Co-op mode because i'm just getting started as a newbie and there are some game mode that i haven't unlocked yet.)
Thumbs up. I discovered this game when it was already 'death-ware'. It has been part of my daily life. It took 1.5 years to reach nr.1 and still I'm not done. The upgrading meganism is additive. I wish someone would pick up where they left this game, it is worth it.
The fact that you carry your team and can strategy/use them as chess pieces... Thats just amazing. Can wait to collect all characters.
I never knew I could be so disappointed in a mobile game. I don't like the point to spot movement instead of the joy stick I spent 10 minutes trying to find a nickname that wasn't taken anybody should just stop there after the first mission I went to a screen with these different things you can when you are higher level but now I'm stuck there no noticable way to start adventures I've sent more time looking for help than enjoying it the least the could do would be through tutorial
I like this game, but with the spamming community. constant bugs, and the fact that I can't play for more than a half an hour most of the time without it disconnecting me from the game when I don't have this problem with any other game, even bigger games, it REALLY weighs it down. The only reason I continue to play is because even with all this, the developers probably knew the game had all these problems and had the foresight to let you continue your adventures even after exiting the game.
I've been playing this game since it first launched. it's a solid game. However the story mode has been saying "coming soon" for two years and the games Facebook has been dead as well. what suggestion?
I like this game. A unique experience I must have to say. But it is too much time consuming. One single adventure take way too much time. Only way to level your hero is the adventures and the rewards are not so great. Hoping you guys will make some improvement.
Campaign gameplay is enjoyable. Arena mode is not good, why does it put me against top level (200 level) players when I am bottom league and just starting (level 30ish). Academy mode is a bit average as well (why would I spend many weeks upgrading only 1 star cards to just get a small bonus)
I have the Razer Phone 2. The game runs fine, up until, what I am assuming is, the first (tutorial) adventure. The screen goes black and it says "Traveling to the next Region" and then the game freezes.
I love this game soooo much i just want it to be more of a first peson game and also i want that vampires and humans have diiferent variety of moves like vampires can have bite or health steal and humans can shoot slice also so humans and vampires can battle each other
The games good to a point. Not giving 5 stars because can't even select a name which isn't taken all the names are taken how's that even possible. Put a random name selector is that's the case .
Had a decent amount of fun, cute little game with a somewhat interesting world... Camera can be a bit bothersome at times and last update was 2 years ago... So, don't spend anything and give it a go
I run xposed to move apps to my SD card,cause I don't have much space in phone memory. This app refuses to run with xposed. It's cool tried it in my friends phone but it pisses me off that it won't run in mine.
Good game for free time, and analytically challenging when forming your team. The characters are well thought. Though, you have to grind a lot for F2P players just to get the cubes in each dungeon (also drops & money).
When last I played it was beautiful.. no customer support then.. I hope its changed since I restarted playing.. and when I played last the main story hadn't even been finished yet.. hope that changed as well..
In years i've been trying to find good games, recently i have found this game and it's AMAZING! Please update more frequently, I love this game so much! It's the best character design i've seen. Please do not give up on this game and keep up with the good work! 5 stars for you.
Enjoyed the game for a while, but I logged out and tried to get back in. However, it forced me to create a new account. Once I did and tried to log out and get into my old account it put me at the main menu and forced me to make another account again. It just keeps looping. I've emailed devs a week ago with no response.