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Mak Cun's Adventure

Mak Cun's Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Media Prima Digital located at MEDIA PRIMA BERHAD Sri Pentas, No. 3 Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Selangor Malaysia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
pls help me. so many new stalls but theres a bug at the burger stall level 15 i cant pick up the onde2. ive tried reinstalled a few times but cant move from level 15 how to get to new stalls.
This game was very fun..It teach me to focus on my work!😋😍i realy like this game..and today, i have reach level 11!What a great news for me!!!
Its really annoying when customers overlapping each other. In the boutique especially. Can't even select the item asked by customer. And new customers keep coming in. In the end, all jammed up.
there are still bugs in the game. Please fix them immediately. I was playing lvl 18 at mk cun's stall n this old dude don't want to take his freaking ice tea. So far this game is hella fun but those bugs are starting to annoy me.
Fun game to play. I love that I can learn something from a different culture and have fun doing it. The game needs a better tutorial. Graphics are good. They should explain the items for sale in boutique. Some are very straightforward others are not. The music should be more cultural.
Please refund my money..the game stuck at level 16? What happened?cant play as usual..I wanted to support local gaming industry but please make it work.it will be a great game if you can fix it
Overall games is okay, really enjoy the game. Tapi ada sstgh level stuck. Hope you can fix this problem.
The Sarawakian store is slow dragging making it hard to cook it, and also I upgraded all the interior of Sarawakian store and their patient level still not slowing down, and after update the apps, other stall starting to zoom bigger making it hard to click on it, especially the Nasi Lemak one, the Prata suddenly dissapear from a sight...please fix it...I really love this game
1. I dont like the overlapped customer!! 2. I got 3 STARS many times, level 25, indian stall but still stuck at that level!!! SIGH!! PLS FIX IT!!!
Game works fine. Xde stuck apa2. Air je terconfuse with susu or no susu sbb almost similar colour. Other than that game all good. Waiting next cafe after boutique. I got 3 stars for everything.
The controls were quite slow especially while trying to drag the ingredients into the pan. It makes me feel iritated sometimes. Especially the kueytiow goreng part. Honestly speaking, this game is no fun. So, I've managed to play until level 21 and already uninstall it. I think your company should improve more related to the games controls.
Sometimes the game went wrong. Just like the customer ordered an ice tea and then i give to the customer and suddenly the game stuck and that makes me lose my customer
Some controls are not functioning. The prata won't cook although I've been clicking for many times. It was working previously on a few levels. But not on my current level.
Butique so bored to play while customers blocked the item especially at scarf wardrobe and after click it's getting duoble and triple times !! Hated to play.Not recomended for this level played.
The game was interesting but require high amount of diamond to buy upgrade at early stage. Usually the game at early stage was made to be easier and not require much coin for upgrade. Hope can improve it
Overall, the control game and graphics are okay. However, I'm having issues with level 16. I can't serve my customers with two orders. I tried many times to serve but it won't take. Plus, could you add extra cups as well?
This game is good. However since lvl 16 i cant give food to the customer, is there a bug or something? Please check. Its a really nice game. Deserve a 4-5 stars without a bug like this
I addicted to this game so much. I also completed all the level at the boutique but cannot proceed to the next stall. Help meeee. Pleaseeee upgrade. Tips for those who stucked at a few level at the boutique. Do replay again. Tq
Its a good game but keeps closings down whilst opening and during the game If it's rectified I sure will give it 5 stars
This is game is fun and addicting, but sometimes(most of the time) , a customer came in front of other customer, so I can't see both their orders coz they got mixed up. I even had 3 customers stand together at the same spot 🤦‍♀️ so I failed the level because I can't make their orders!!! Pls fix this up. If u fix this, this game will be perfect.
It's a good game to pass time all is good only that if there is a storage to keep food and once getting busy can serve the customer on time just a suggestion it's optional but with storage atleast if cook the wrong dish can keep it and can serve to other customers that order the dish ..good job that why u guys deserve 5 star ..
Completed the game with all 3 stars. It's was fun. Simple concept yet comes with some challenges. However the achievement for breakfast stall level 30 is kinda bugged, keep saying its not completed although I completed it with 3 stars multiple times. Other then that it's an awesome game.
I've been installing this game for the 2nd time as the first time i've installed it it was broken, many things arent working properly..and for the 2nd time the problems are still the same..the cust comes and was placed at the same spot and i cant give the finished product to the cust that came earlier..i've been playing the same level over and over again and the prob still happened..just thought i'll have a pleasant time playing it but again it has disappoint me yet again..
Like it. This game make me really fokus into custemers order my mind will bush! Becouse i have to really fokus and this game is really good and fun😍
Great game. Incredible graphic, amazing control, and easy to understand tutorial sessions. I must admit that each level is surprisingly challenging, and it somehow reminds me of Diner Dash. Totally worth the install!
I rated 4 just because of the dragging system instead of just clicking on them. But love your game. Something different from the rest (burgers, sushi, sandwiches). Please correct the spelling of "avaliable" somewhere on the news pop up!
When I get to level 16 (where customers begin to order 2 dishes), the customers don't take the 1st dish and when I give them the 2nd dish, the 1st one vanishes from the order list, and the 2nd order remains unfulfilled. I wonder what goes wrong.
I think the game is suitable at any age. To those people out there who hates play game for a long time or just spend time I really recommend this game. The game has range from easier to harder part and it's fun. I'm not a gamer but trying this game made me feel great. One more thing, please update this game asap as holidays are ending soon I could just play game only if I have free time :(
I'm at the level where customers start to order 2 items (lvl 16 i think) and I can't give them the second item, forever stuck and can't progress. Please fix this bug!
Interesting game. For the people saying they cant progress because the customers dont accept the drinks: some drinks are slightly different. It turns out you need to add condensed milk to the drink before they take it. I dont believe they explained this earlier
This game is enjoyable! It make me more focus and concentrate while playing with it. This game also can be played offline. So, we can play it anytime. The game become harder when I reach higher levels. I really love this game! I will recommend to all my friends and my family members to download this game.We will have fun together and try to reach higher level.
Too hard to earn 3 stars without 'unlimited patience'. Then sometimes I click on something, I got something else or it feels like I click on nothing. Usually it's because the items are very near to each other, there's something wrong with the graphic and controls that it doesn't tally. It's good seeing Malaysian foods on display.
Great game that promotes the Asian Culinary. Mak Cun is an ICON promoting the Asian Culinary and Cultures. If possible make more levels in each station so that the player keep on upgrading and the upgraded items should change the features to have a new look. Have a great journey with Mak Cun Adventure!❤❤❤👍👍👍
its waste, I downloaded it, but it got hanged in 3rd level of 1st restaurant, i don't know why, even I replayed it number of times, but everytime same happened.its irritating.
I'm having problem with the new Sarawakian stall. Everytime i reached to Level 13, the game suddenly stopped. When I reopened the game, it has been reset to Level 3. Very frustrating!!
i like the game as it is fun but i think there is a bug because everytime when i play and progress to the next level the game doesn't seem to capture it and also the number of customers in my daily task doesn't increase even though i have cleared a few levels.
This game is so much fun! I know this game is too heavy, then i have to delete some games at my phone. Anyway thank you! You guys really have to download this game it's so much fun!
I was having so much fun playing this game until I play the burger stall. Customers' position overlap and their orders making you confuse. I feel it is unfair to be done in such away. Please improve the burger stall.
Having problem going to the next level at the indian stall & dimsum stall. Earmed 3 stars but unable to proceed to next level. It just got 'stuck'
App ni tentang bisnes. Ada warung, butik dan banyak lagi bisnes. Yang best kat sini is app ni offline. So far.. x de any problem happened. Pembaca komen saya ni..u must download dis app sbb best gile
This game is good. I really like it..but I hope u update this game..I mean,it's hard to cooked the pancake.i touch it everywhere but nothing happened..¿
Stuck up with the 3 levels. Already get 3 stars for all levels. But, I don't understand why I cannot reach the achievement of expert breakfast chef while I've played it for 5 times a day for 3 days and get 3 stars every single game and never reach the next level.. For the first I like because its interesting, but now I don't. Tq.
Addictive. Completed all three Mak Cun Stall, Breakfast Stall and Mak Cun Boutique with 3 stars rating. Upgraded all to the max. Unfortunately, only achievement for Expert Breakfast Chef still not complete. Have been playing continuously 30 levels for uncountable times coz I thot i missed out 3 stars rating. But it keeps on going 0/30 or 29/30. Giving it a pause now.
In the boutique.. ive starred all the levels except level 1 .. the thing is.. even ur giving the right order the customer is not accepting. And the time is running..Its like ur doing that on purpose just to make gamers buy for gems.. im dissappointed.. i thought i found a game that is worthy of my time.. but it seems not..😣
Lepas update je.. Terus nampak perubahan mendadak dr game nie.. User experience terbaik.. Menguji kemahiran multi tasking dan berfikir dgn kritikal. Better than last version bila semua masakan redundant and takes lot of time.. Tahniah dev. team.
Love this game...i been playing this game since i was 11 year old...very ... But my other phone broke so... (Sad noise cry) And went i get much money to buy phone-
It's really fun and exciting but there's too much bugs. The game is always stuck, can't serve the drinks, can't take out the food from the pan/wok till the food have been burnt-out & then, cannot be thrown into the dustbin. A little disappointed.
only played until level 5. the tutorial bubble speech appeared and blocked on going game. cannot make it gone. quited and start again a few times. same thing happened.
Addictive. Fun. But its annoying when customer stand in front of an item in the boutique... cannot click that item for other customer. Please improve. Otherwise, great idea for a game. Enjoyed it vry much.
just awesome! i love the game cus the dishes served in the game are local dish.. feels like you owned a stall by playing it! haha.. just wish that more stalls will open soon x)
I hv problem in Burger stall level 15..🤪🤪 It doesn't move, so I can't do anything, cannot proceed 😭😭
I really love the game, but sometimes the cust suddenly didn't came to my stall, n it makes me failed the level. And at the boutique stall, when the cust need something sometimes the things that they need is at the back of the cust, so i cannot select those things n it makes me lost my cust. I hope u can fix this.
Do upgrade ur boutique games.its terrible. Didn't upgrade though I finished playing.unable to serve boutique customers as the items prepared won't deliver. No new games after done 3 games. Do upgrade.