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Mahjong Panda

Mahjong Panda for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Arcade Game Maker located at Garden 15-23 Castle Peak RD TSUEN WAN. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the graphics and sounds. I like the timer so I can try to beat my best time. Good mind challenge.
It's fun but it seems I take à little longer every time It gets bigger oh well I like playing Mahjong very much!!
This is the 2nd Mahjong game I've tried. So far, so good. The music is relaxing.The patterns and designs--clear and colorful. Turn on the faucet and I'd be good to meditate. The title patterns are easy to match--but not so easy that I get bored. [I name the tiles I'm matching. Calling one pair "hat man in twirling skirt one leg kick", and another "hat woman in twirling skirt punches," shows I have to concentrate--much more fun than just "oranges," etc. Would love more background options.
Tiles are very pretty. I like the visual of a fish swimming under the tiles. Just started so not sure how hard it will become.
I like this game. It gives me the opportunity to begin slow and get used to the kinds of tiles they are and then build my way up. It also gives me the opportunity to better the time it took me to do the puzzle. You can't ask for more. The tiles are flight giving clear pictures of the different icons. I think it's good
Good game. Good to past time. Different backgrounds and styles. Music is nice and the pictures are cute. Minus : there is only 1 picture for each mouth so when you play for more than a year, you have nothing more to the game.
Luv it! It's a true test of skill visually, and with concentration. But, the key is memory & speed. Doing everything in less time & fast. Not a Master yet. Builds your total mental ability & puts smiles on your face. m.t.lopez
Pretty good game. Colorful. A tad bit slow. Seems to be a little lag time between pairs. That's ok. Allows an additional second to seek out next pair. This may change as I progress. I am in early stages of the game. Music is soothing. This version is nice to relax with. Thank you.
this is the first time I've played this game. The tiles and colors are different so I'm getting used to it. seems fun !!
Beautiful, vibrant colored tiles, soothing Chinese music. not too challenging at first, but gets better. a koi fish swims in the water below the tile screen. the only reason i didn't give a 5 star rating was because it doesn't keep track of the times--each time i play is the "best time" even tho the last time was slower than the time before.
Played three levels so far. It's pretty, but I would like more of a challenge. The game lights up the tiles you can match and darkens the ones you can't access.
Love all Mahjong games, they are always fun, and challenging to play. The designs are colorful, and eye catching, once you take on the challenge, you will be hooked. It's non stop fun to the end.
Ain't nothing changed. I've always liked this game.on my good days I can pretty much wack the computer with my speed.so far I'm in my 1:02,03. I get to clear up in low 90s. Wish me luck.
I am 83 years old and I love mahjong games .I am always looking for a new one.the panda is great.I was turned down on a game because they would not except my age. I have played mahjong for years. Keep this one going.thanks!!
I like the game a lot and play it frequently; however, I do not like the ads that blare at very high volume at the end of each and every game. I am often wearing ear buds while playing, and the ads that blast at super high volume are very annoying - and probably damaging to my hearing! If that issue were addressed, I'd give the game 5 stars.
I think this game is awesome 👌 👏 to play so everyone should play it like I do so play it like I do it also has a daily challenge and lots of games to play
This is a superb game...nice graphics and action, challenging and fun. I only wish that when I turn off the 'autofit' option it would stay TURNED OFF, and not continually come back on. Likewise, when I turn on the sound, I wish that it would STAY TURNED ON. Any way, thank you to all those who played a part in the development of this wonderfully entertaining game. With great respect, Bob Nelson, Prescott,AZ. 9-16-19
GREAT ...... I LOVE the gold tiles! (They make it lots of fun). It is delightful in that it helps me to destress and refocus. : ) I will definitely tell my friends and share my experiences. Best mahjong puzzlei have encountered so far!
Nicest Mahjong app I've played so far. My only suggestions are different music choices and and an option to hide the timer.
I am recovering from a stroke. Affecting my eyes. Before playing this game i couldnt focus i was partially blind. But have played mahjong panda twice prday now though still slow but. Im feeling more confident and just love the game. I was a big reader before the stroke but now i still cant put words together. But further down the track who knows, playing this game is training my brain to identify things so much more. Thank you
The blogs are nice and large...my eyesight not so good..love the gold fish swimming around.. very relaxing game..thank you for developing it..
12 days is all it took me to clear all 1200 levels. More levels are needed. Ok, the last update has put me off continuing to play this game. At least allow to have a damned option or choice for the game to start zooming in on the tiles as they are cleared from the edges of the gameplay. It's a distraction and puts me off playing any more.
I really like these mahjong games. It makes your brain work. I love the noise the game make when you make pairs. You need to do something about the notification comes up and asks you if you wanted to keep or discard. It acted like it was hung in a loop. It came on 4 or 5 times. Thank you for allowing me to put my 2 cents in.
Very nice game but had to uninstall after level 6. Because the setting would not stick. It has auto size which is very distracting to me, I kept having to turn it off in the middle of a game. :(
Fun + fast... I get lost in it every time I play (several times/day). Everything around me disappears... Phone, husband, kids... I love it
The colors are btight and bold; the sqaures are easily viewable; the ads are few and they do not pop-up randomly while the game is being played, overall I like this app.
Very fun! Keeps my kids busy while i work or pay bills. Its also soothing and a good way go wind down after a long day.
Keeps me occupied, and the ads aren't really a problem since you can just normally exit them and continue to the next level. Pretty solid.
Love the graphics, nice clear picture. Game play is easy going helps me use my brain. I really like this game.
I don't think you are paying attention to the problems. Now there is a pop up that say Reward then it said please wait searching for the video. Instead it continue to spin around none stop. A video never comes up so in a sense you are force to give up to get out of it. Make no sense when you already have ads. This game started out good but seem to be going down hill. Please pay attention to the little errors that need a fix. I can't give a better rating until it's fixed.
Great game. But I can't see the option, hints etc etc!? It's blocked by a ad?? I tried flipping the screen up, but no luck. Please fix
I love this game but the only way to close the game is to uninstall it. So I'm stuck on level 1. Can you please add an exit icon so that I can get past level 1
This game is fun! It helps improve your matching skills and keep a close eye to detail. I love the pictures and I love the music! The hints help make it easier when it gets difficult. I have loved playing Mahjong since I was a little girl. I still love playing Mahjong!
I love to see how long it takes me to clear the board! I am amazed at my improvement the past three oh my SIX Years has gone by so fast just like my time frame had shrunk in playing MahJong! My thinking has improved greatly...Thank You So Much Publishers Clearing House, your games has been my therapy for Brain Damage healing, and and Memory improvement. Thank you!!! For Free Therapy!!!! God Bless All of You!! Mahjong, is matching two Tiles that look identical from a platform of tiles. It's Fun!
Everything you have done constructing this (my favorite-of two-2 mahjong games i've just started playing less than a week ago) fine super relaxing fun excursion from all of life(because l don't play for speed ego) must deserve "something" as feedback ! To be redundant "Everything" is most excellent - and may l just mention the "board movement" as the game progresses!! WOW! That is creative genius! Please understand that if an 'update' button flashes for this one, I shall not engage.Thanks!
I'm loving it. The speed on this game is really rapid but I like it. You really get the feel of playing the game as though are competeing against someone.p
I love this app but I turned the music down because it is kind of annoying. The music is annoying on the Mahjong King app too. It's just too much.
I like to play but I wish it was a little harder. Sometimes the tiles are too close to each other. I like the background graphics
Beautiful game. Just started but, so far I like it! Today on level 52 in The Regular levels I kept getting 2 stars & I was under 2 1/2 minutes. So I emptied my Tablet & finally got 3 stars when I reopened the app, But it recorded it as 2 stars. By this time, I figured it was a glitch in the app. Could this be fixed? I hate to delete the app because It's not working right, so I hope that it get fixed.
I have an older Samsung tablet, and every time I try to play the game I run into problems, mostly due to pop-ups. In the middle of a timed challenge I do not appreciate my rhythm being broken by junk. If this is as good as it gets, forget it!
Very fun & relaxing.Awesome game to play.I recommend this game for everyone.I love this game.I rate this game ten stars instead of five.Thanks! Keep up the good work.