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Mahjong Craft - Triple Matching Puzzle

Mahjong Craft - Triple Matching Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by STARSPRITE located at 6 Raffles Quay, SINGAPORE 048580. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a fun game. It allows a person to play a game without having to think so hard. Sometimes you get to playing so fast you forget and push the wrong key and thankfully I can then press start again at that level. So much fun.
Pretty cool game.. it's fun. Like not having allot of ads. Also like not being timed and can go at your own pace
I was amazed that you show pornographic ads on this app. None of my other games ever showed such ads. I was forced to remove your app.
I just started playing. Very fun. But with dementia I have to see how it plays out much further than this, for my mind, playing for a longer time! Love it so far!
I bought without ads, but on my other tablet with the same account he wants to buy again, probably after uninstalling the application I will have to buy again, and so on indefinitely.
You need to have a good IQ and a sharp mind which tiles to take first but at the same time know your next move and choose the tiles which would not jepodise your next move in order to finish the tiles on the board..Tq.
Fabulous, we love playing the game, good test of our skills, hand to eye and memory, one of the best Mahjong games we have played, would recommend, you won't be disappointed. 🙂🙂
Terrific!! Just found it, and I'm really glad! Fun and relaxing! Just can't put it down!! You got to try it!!!
I love this game, but can I upgrade the free hint,undo, and shuffle to 3 instead. The game get more harder. Love the challenge.
it's a very good game but the only bad thing is that some of the words are somehow the same in the way writing so it is hard to differentiate between them
I really like this game. Just like other apps there's a lot of ads. I know you need ads but they're so annoying. That's my only concern.
This game is just like all the mahjong games. It's boring and you win, until you don't. Then they hold the main tile(s) you need and game over. There are No real rewards, just Ads.
While it is a 'time filler', what they show you and what you get is two different things. Its kinda hard to lose.
It's a great game!!! It really challenges the brain!!! After having a stroke it has helped me move forward with concentration!!!
It's been a good experience although by some how at a certain level (lv8) it is almost impossible to survive with three steps to move, even with one missing dice to place.
Need to.pay to play hint choices but Not necessary its more fun to try without using hints etc. Apparently there is a limit on free hints. No notice when it is ended and need to pay to continue. I will just quit but I loved the game. I am tired of rating this game. Bad rating because .I Cant change boards when the same game repeats when i cannot solve. Can only UNINSTALL AND START OVER !! To get different board.
After less than an hour, but 7 or 8 levels, I'd have to say so far so good. Quick, fun, not overly challenging, but I expect it will get harder as I go along.
This is my FAVORITE game so far. It's like the Mahjong games and "Tile Master" had a kid! Please, connect THIS game play to my Pay Pal account.
So far so good. It's nice to start easy & work upward. Like the graphics and so far - no glitches. Thanks for a timer-free game. 😊
I and a friend played it till my battery almost died. It keeps you busy and thinking 🤔💭. Thanks for the game 🎯🎮
l thought I was liking it until the game continually don't give any moves and you run out of options to try and force you to purchase options to continue playing game. Then I go to shut off the annoying music playing in the background and to come back to the game where I left off, I'm forced to watch a 30 sec ad... Deleting to avoid this frustration.
At level 571. Now the game just hang. Maybe my phone's software updates kill it. Got to delete it or give up altogether.
terrible update makes the game less playable and is such an obvious attempt at frustrating people just enough into spending money in the game.
Its really annoying when the tiles were scattered until it is impossible to complete. It forces you to retry a few rounds. Each retry less scattered the tiles.
Mahjong with a twist. Your matching 3 tiles instead of 2. Plus you have a limited space to do it. Smooth playing. Constant thinking.
I'm done with all of these games. Just let me play the game. I'm done collecting stuff or watching hours of ads to get 1 reset, 1 redo, 1 shuffle, I'm done getting an impossible level, but every time I watch an ad to shuffle, it gets easier and easier. Game was fun, but free should be free, having to wait through hours of ads or spin wheels or get coins whatever to advance, that's not free. I'm out.
Keep ads out of game. It is annoying after one round you had an add. Another there's another add. Just stinks.
Love these games. Tried 3 different ones and loved all 3. Not much of a challenge but love them all the same.
Challenging but fun. As I was playing, I was thinking it would be a great tool for occupational therapy for stroke victims. It's a way of developing manual dexterity.
Need to.pay to play hint choices but Not necessary its more fun to try without using hints etc. Apparently there is a limit on free hints. No notice when it is ended and need to pay to continue. I will just quit but I loved the game. I am tired of rating this game inorder to continue playing. I like it that is why i play.
I love this game/app! It isn't the typical Mahjong. It is a great strategic game. My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner!
Well, after downloading several games and being more than disappointed 😔 with most of them, this has been a welcome change 🤗
fun and addictive, wld love to have the option for different tile designs but love it none the less :) good on ya and thanks
Because of CoVid19 II've been stuck at home & I am getting older. This is not good. Added several games to my tablet to help my memory & keep mind active. This game gets more complex as you play it & I like that. Just down loaded it today& not sure how I will feel about next week.
Love the tile designs & graphics. The game is fun, entertaining, & relaxing. When played with time, it's all about eye coordination, competition, & speed. They don't call it an 'Emperor's Game' for nothing. The app has kiddie version for little ones to enjoy & learn to master the adult version. HAVE FUN!! m.t.lopez 🥰🙂👍😷💋
I've just got started. Game seems fun. Challenging. Nice for a change from the word games I usually play.
What a piece of shite. Designed purely to play adds. Worst mahjong game. Need to reset at least 2 times to finish the level. STAY AWAY IF YOU DON'T LIKE ADDS. Shite.
innovative game. needs lots of logic, luck ,patience. 3 stars should be given if you solve the game irrespective of time taken or solving speed. i can not solve 232 nd puzzle. has anyone?
I initially loved the game. Seriously addictive. At level 238 I got stuck, just couldn't get passed it. Then through reading the comments below I realised that this was done on purpose so you had to pay for either of the 3 options. Not happy. Uninstalled.
Love this game but wish it would open to the last puzzle completed instead of making you scroll thru till you find your next available ...
NO ads(so far) is high point! It's an easy play,getting more difficult in planning moves. Keeps me entertained.
Game is enjoyable and seems to advance with each level. The issue is after just a few levels there is an add after every level. And the add isn't just a quick add, it plays for 10 to 20 seconds. Seriously tiring! Each level is quick, as ok I feel like I'm watching ads as much as I am playing.
I have played several games now & I like it well enough that I don't want to uninstall it. Which I have done to quite a few games already.
It's a good try, making traditional game a little more fun and entertaining. Glad I tried and enjoyed it.
An awesome game,so easy to make a mistake and have to start again so go slow and check your tiles. Ads are a little too often, long and loud,which take away a star 😫. A recommended game but the purchases are too high for me. I really like it. Thumbs up to you.👌👍
Makes you think, keeps you on your toes, entertaining. I like the fact there is a strategy to the game. I like this game very much. But you have to give a chance to win as you go further in. Boring when you cannot get through.
Just started playing. ..I like it so far......but the adds are really annoying.....again. ..the adds are really really annoying.
I have not had this game long but I do like it. It's a little harder for me to see but I guess that is part of the challenge. It's fun though
Traditional mahjong characters mixed with Caribbean music make unusual mix separating it from other triple pick games. This is why I LOVE 💘 IT!! CAN'T STOP PLAYING. EAT BREAKFAST AT 4 PM!
Love game! 4 most it's ok but some of us have eye issues and now it's too small to see clearly sorry some one elce will have to help u
I love this twist of play its great. You have to actually think. Its fast play but not always easy. Majong is my favorite thing 😊
don't like that there are levels that are impossible to complete unless you use the specials. otherwise it's a great game.
Still getting used to the dimensions of the game but I feel it already has me hooked!. Really getting hooked!!.
Lots of fun and I feel that I am learning the mahjong tiles so, I may be able to play with friends soon!
Need to.pay to play hint choices but Not necessary its more fun to try without using hints etc. Apparently there is a limit on free hints. No notice when it is ended and need to pay to continue. I will just quit but I loved the game. I am tired of rating this game inorder to continue playing. I like it that is why i play.I REPEAT Cant change boards same one repeats when cannot solve. NEED TO UNINSTALL AND START OVER !!
I've never seen a game that crashes so much as this one... You could fix it, the game is quite fine to play, but this constant crashing is quite annoying
Started this game awhile ago, I had so many levels completed, since I changed my mobile , I'm starting all over again 😒
Too many adverts, not very challenging. A bit extreme, either too easy then or to difficult. The level standard is quite inconsistent. Too many long adverts.
I just started this version. Ive played many games of Mahjong but were pairs. The design is harder to see without my glasses & I dont like to have to wear them.
love the game but I'm at level 105 and my helps cannot b renewed from since I used them..so long ago...Sometimes in the game only 2 pegs are highlighted for playing other times 5...I find that unfair..I love the game though
loved the game until level 91, has a glitch where there are no complete matching set to clear the level. ☹
oh yes at long last a mahjong game that is same but different, there are not many mahjong games i aspire to even though there are hundreds + but this one has it and its a match 3 game too, it's fantastic and i love it.