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Mahjong Blossom Solitaire

Mahjong Blossom Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by pm4. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really like this game, having partial blindness, the graphics are easier to see. Just enjoy it and don't worry about times, just enjoy the process of completing puzzle. This game is a keeper
How can I turn off the high lighting of the cards so it's actually got some difficulty to it? Any 2 yr old can play like this, no challenge to it at all. Just a matching game.
LOVE this game. Mostly has gone from game to game with very few "other things" to distract you. Bright colored prints on tiles. Actually beautiful depictions of flowers. Try it, I think you'll enjoy it as much as I have. :)
I love all the flowers this game is soo pretty! Fun game lots of levels and lots of different puzzle patterns. This game never gets old
I've been playing this game for 8 years. I still love it. Somehow my scores and progress disappeared. The music is calming. Hours of play and go to my happy place. 🧓🤗💜 Thanks Google.🌹
I really like the different tiles just wish there were holiday tiles. I like the uncluttered style it's simply mahjong. Again holiday tiles desires. I have found another Mahjong game with holiday tiles it's not as clean but if you are unable to do holiday tiles I'll switch during holiday times.
Lots of levels. Free, straight forward play. Very nice and obviously has the time challenges if you want to set another difficulty or chill and enjoy at your own pace. Ads are not spammed at you nor do they last annoyingly long. Thank you devs.
Just fun ; challenging; esthetically pleasing; nice relaxing music; light and responsive; my favorite of more than 20 majhong game I've tried
I love that the tiles are large and the pictures are simple. You don't need to squint or use magnifying glass. I especially like the garden theme tile set.
Got a new phone. DL'd other mahjong games looking for a change of pace. I unstalled ALL of them! All that "spin the wheel" & "open the bag" & having to sit thru ads after EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! YUK!!! I just want to play mahjong!! One ad between rounds... That I can do! And with my visual probs, it's great to have the option of "other" faces on the tiles do I can tell them apart. If you want to just relax & veg with a nice game of mahjong, this is the one for you!! :)
I love the way I can switch the tiles. It keeps the game interesting and better than the other 700 mahjongs.
Very simple Mahjong, easy to do. No extra stuff or things to do, which is fine. Ads are not excessive in number or time.
I love Mahjong. This one is visually attractive and easy on my eyes. It challenges me to improve my skill and time or just play for fun!
It gets more challenging with each level. Lots of games then I reset and play again. It keeps my mind sharp yet I can listen to TV while playing. Very relaxing.
I find that the ads are EXTREMELY offensive. I do not care to see sexually offensive advertisements for sexually offensive games. If I want those, I will select, but if I dont pick those it means I dont choose illicit games. Do not force me to see this over and over...how can I block this?
THis game is easy to play . the flowers are bright and very specfic . there are tree leaves , butterfllies. and birds, plus tiles with dots 1 - 9 in two colors.
I love the tiles. I like that there's a timer, but doesn't stop game play. I don't minds ads because it's free. It's beautiful, simple mahjong. Thank you for not making it complicated!
Fun and no stress, no pressure. Tried other matching games and don't like them. This is addictive because it's so much fun.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mahjong!! So far, this is my favorite on Google Play. A bunch of levels to help pass the time or, if you're like me, obsessively play. Lol. Highly recommended. Also, I love that you can pick different tiles and backgrounds for FREE. Most others you have to pay or beat so many within a certain amount of time. Laaaame. THIS is the one to have! ❤️
I love this game especially that with my old eyes I can distinguish the different flowers better than symbols. The reason I went with 4 stars not 5 is because you make it hard to lose. I like a challenge so when there are no moves I go back and start over. When I say no about reshuffling it should ask if I want that option.
Great get-your-mind-off-things game! Ads aren't disruptive. There are several styles of tiles, which increase or decrease difficulty depending on how your brain works, with timed play & hints & shuffle, to help or hinder. The different groupings of layouts are done with enough variety & randomness that some can consistently stump you. And the devs have added two more 300-game levels just since I've been playing (Dec 2020). Definitely worth the minimal space on my phone. Try it!
This has become my favorite Mahjong game. It's the least frustrating of all the Mahjong games I've come across. There are several colorful sets of tiles, including the traditional set. I think it's the most relaxing Mahjong game to play. It's for those who want a more easygoing game. This Mahjong game removes the win or fail feeling that many other games leave you with. Thank you Mahjong Blossom for this game.
An excellent Mahjong game! Minimum ads, clear and responsive control, several choices in blocks and background colors and patterns. The timer adds to the challenge without being obtrusive. Highly recommend this game!
I am on level 205, and I find this game very relaxing. There are no time limits,you have a hint button to find a match,and an undo button. The music is nice and I like the click sound when I find a match. Really good game,and I will replay when I finish the whole game.
Absolutely love this, graphics are lovely. No glitches and very responsive to the touch. I like trying to best my previous scores. Highly recommend.
The game itself is fine. I would have given it a better rating, except for the objectionable adds having to do with marital issues & cheating men and pregnant women. Disgusting! Make sure your children don't have access to this. It's bad enough that adults have to view it.
Being a older person I appreciate the fact that this game has large bright pitures that are easy to see. It also has a great deal of levels which means I can play it for a long time.
Great game, Love the birds and flowers can't wait to go through all the levels and then start over with in different font
This Mahjong game is the BEST one that I have ever enjoyed playing. First of all let me say Thank you!! Not only are the tiles beautiful but also you don't have to wait but a few seconds to get out of those anoying ads. I know you all don't like sitting though that . I have not experienced any problems running this app. So don't worry about downloading. I would have given 100 stars if I could. I just love this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The higher u get in game the faster the timer goes and thats not right. Sometimes cant complete before time is up and then wont let me finish 600 games. Thats not rite.
If you have vision problems, this is easier to see for size and colour. I also am not, so far as pestered by ads or game changes. Fits the bill for me.
Really l love it , it's great for who loves Mahjong games ,the important thing that there is no ads to interrupt u and there are the best layouts you dream of.
Very calming, very fun, and the ads are short. Overall very fun to lose yourself in this game. The shuffle is automatic if you are stuck and doesn't cost you anything. It's hard for me to find mobile games I like and this one is a winner so far.
It's loads of fun. I don't go to next board unless I have three flowers. I have been just using flower tiles but I like the idea of choices. Great game.
The best mahjong game I have found so far. No need to race against a clock. Just accept scoring 2 stars every game and take your time to complete without needing any shuffles by contemplating your options without disturbing your serenity
Well I don't know what more I can say, I love the game and always have it reminds me of a game I use to play called Honna Houla with little cards you throw down on a group of cards in the middle making matches when you can, And discarding one of yours when you can't.
a lot of times you have to push real hard on the matching pictures..when you push on one picture then the matching other the 1st picture is not high lighted anymore..the timer goes super fast on the boards that loaded no way possible to finish the board under 4 mins..when you push shuffle sometimes 3 or 4 tabs open up causing you to get behind..sometimes this game sucks😠
Best Mahjong when you just want to play. No frills, side quests, silly powers, or running out of turns and having to wait until you can play again.
I really find Mahjong calming fun relaxing stress releasing. It to me feels great that the Oreantal share with us. It is a game that is really enjoyable so I highly recommend trying Mahjong hope it is fun for you as it is for me.
Lovely game, blocks are clear and easy to recognize. What I like is not too many ads plus it's easy to navigate
Exhilarating and Calming game! Trying to beat the clock but totally enjoying the relaxing ambient music and nature sounds. The artwork on the tiles is very beautifully designed too.
A fun game to sharpen your eyes and mind. So far I have not noticed commercials, though now that I've said that... They probably will start😂. I like the idea of being able to select different versions of the tiles as a option.
Really enjoying this Mahjong Blossom game. I appreciate that the game can be played offline and that as the number of tiles paired off and reduced, the screen adjusts proportionally. Thank you for making the tile blossoms coloful.
As reviewed by others, the picsc are so beautiful. Such a pleasure to play. I can move along at a fast pace. Ads so far are short and not bad like some games.
I like the game but what I don't understand is why it doesn't keep score of your best time insty of always showing thr presant score. So I can remember my best score.
One of the best free mahjong games available. Has a ton of boards & tile-sets to choose from. Yes, there are ads, but there aren't as many & not as invasive as other free games I've tried.
Definitely enjoying this version of the many Mahjong games. Went through several to see if my eyes could actually see the blocks and then I came across this one and I was so glad I did. Blocks are definitely big enough. When I finish will there be more to come?
Love this game!!!!! It is absolutely one of my favorites. I like solitaire games more than I like games that compete against others. I prefer to play on my own and against myself. I just need a quiet break I need from everything else going on around me. Thank you so much for this wonderful game!
Nicely done, playable but still challenging. LOTS of levels to play, and you can replay them. I usually don't put the music on for games, but I did listen and it's very peaceful. Overall, a very nice mahjong, a keeper!
great graphics and bright colors. easily moveable pieces and very fun. Well i gave this game 5 stars but now i have no games left to play. Yes mahjong i get addicted to. But theres no way i played all 1300 or how ever many games are in ths one. Very dissaponted.
II like this game. It helps me to focus and keeps my attention. I would like to see an update that includes bigger tiles.
I love the customization options! The bunny one is cute, the bottom row flower one is easy to use, the ads are not invasive, and I can have my favorite color as background.
Like playing this game. Love the colorful tiles and the ability to change them--adds variety to the game.
Super relaxing. I like the flow, even reshuffling does it automatically. Don't have to worry about the timer unless you want to. Loving it!
Great way to relax. The colors of the flowers are vivid quite a different variety, makes it better. It does have numbers, but to me makes it more interesting. There are ads but I ignore those, there usually a repeat and uninteresting. Best Mahjong I've played.
Great game. Very relaxing. Not too many anoying ads . Give it a try I think you will agree Its a great game. Also helps to stimulate you brain. Thank you.
I like that I can play this game at my own pace (there is no story mode which I find annoying with other mahjong games). It does have ads but I don't find them that annoying. I like that I can play this game, relax and unwind from the day.
Its addictive, but I'm not happy with the lighting, some of the games are dull, and even by turning up the brightness on my phone, its still very dull. Maybe it could be fixed, then I'd give it five stars 🌟 🤔
I like these very much because they are brightly colored for those of us with a Sight Problem. I'm waiting for it to become more difficult. I like playing with the Iles. Thank you. Florence.
This game is awesome except for one thing.i would like to find my own pairs without them being highline. I love the change in background color and the wonderful selection of different tiles.
I love this mahjong. I have played it all the way through several times. And the music is very calming and relaxing!!!
I love it. Different from the other Mahjong games that are only based on numbers. This one challenges your mind more.
Challenging yet fun enjoying this game. The ads need to have a mute button so I do not have to listen to the horrible sound effects.
I have had this app on my previous device...& I love playing this game but when the creators started moving me up when I KNEW that I had not beaten the game, that ticks me off. In y'all's opinion y'all must make those who cannot win feel like a winner because"Every one is a winner in what they're good at." Well maybe not I this particular game but...so don't give awards to someone if they haven't won a round...
Loved this game. Have completed all levels. Very few ads and do not have to pay for shuffles. If you take a hint it will cost you a star on your score. Love the pictures on the tiles too.
I love this! The pictures are beautiful. Basically, you just clear the cards as fast as you can. A bit addictive!!
So far, at least for me, this is one of the best Majhong games I've tried. The tiles are crisp & clear, & functions run nice & smoothly. I'm hoping new tile choices are add though, as I'm really only fond of one tile set, and like to see other sets added soon...
Fun, fast...only thing I would change is the time wouldn't start at opening game, but have start at first move. Otherwise very enjoyable.
My absolute favorite game! When I get all the puzzles solved i reset it and play against my best times. I love that I can choose the tiles and the adds are not too intrusive.
5 star rating stays. What a fun, fabulous game. TY to the devs! Tiles the right size...unlimited shuffles...no punishment for them...nice graphics...nice game play. Just can't say anything bad about this game. Take care & God bless you!!! I highly recommend this game! TY DEVS! Candy
I'd like to play the last game of level 6 without having to play 599 before it. I like the tile pictures.
I enjoy the pretty flower designs. There's a timer, but it doesn't change if or how you play. You 'play' against yourself. I play whilst on airplane mode, so that there are absolutely no ads.
Fun,relaxing, love the nature theme of tiles, love the music, plenty of boards, some challenging, others just fun, a good mix. Ads short and few. Love it ,just love it.
Fun to play, love the flowers and other tile options. I recommend it for Mahjong players ! 😃 Update...I wish they would add more because I've completed it twice and had to clean the cache to start over. It's a really relaxing game I still recommend it but would like more. What can I say I'm addicted LOL! 4/12/21 😉
Very fun and addictive! Stops after level 6....why? How do we add more levels? I've already gone through it twice, sure would like more !! 💙 Thank you for another level ! And I just saw you've added level 8 !! whoopie, thanks so much.
The tiles are easy to see and distinguish. It isn't too easy, and I really appreciate the undo button (some mahjong apps don't have one). Thank you to the developer for the short ads.
Beautiful graphics, easy to play and I love that the tiles get bigger as there are fewer of them. Makes them so much easier to play.
Had this game more than a year now. Its still fun. You can change the tile faces to keep it fresh. Longest game I've kept so far. Most only last a few weeks.
I love the icons. Keeps u thinking cause u can make mistakes.but it is very enjoyable and not stressful. I love it.
To be perfectly honest with you, I'm a absolutely (Mahjong Addict), I have been for what has got to be over 20+ years, ever since we got our very first Desktop we bought, but yeah, I loved the game "Mahjong Master " back then, but I've played it in all various apps, but this "Blossom Mahjong" is a brilliant game and it can keep up with me at the speed I play the game, but Yeah I highly recommend this app, it's really enjoyable to play and it's got 200 levels/ to play before moving into the next.
Love this Mahjong. Not only is it beautiful, it is challenging and keeps you on your toes. Just as you comfortable, you find new challenge.
I absolutely love this! So far, I haven't had any problems, no glitches, the ads are mercifully short, though that might change the farther you go. It's worth it though! So far, I like this version of Mahjong the best! If you love this game, I highly recommend it!
If you were my employee and came up with this game as BLOSSOM Mahjong I'd fire you. Domino tiles spoil the whole thing. And I played the most difficult level first to see how hard it was. Not at all. Surely there's enough choice of actual blossoms to not have to resort to birds and butterflies. Each new level should have had new blossoms so the player didn't get bored. I played this game to help me fall asleep. And I played it with my glasses off the just matched colours and shapes. Too easy.
I like the game but it freezes up sometimes. After I've finished a level it still says I have a game to finish but I dont. It must be glitch because it's happened before a few times.
Love the colorful tiles.Love the music that plays while you play. I LOVE this game, very challenging sets and BEAUTIFUL flowers & birds to look at in each set.
Nice simple game .nice clear graphics. Can go at my own pace. Only minus is the music.it is a nice tune but listening to it over and over and over again kills the flow.
Love it. Started out on highest levels. While I could make it in time, it was too stressful for the way like to play. Now I am starting at lowest level and working my way up. Much more enjoyable!
Fun to play. Match colors, shapes, styles and numbers. It's even cool when my phone goes to black and white.
i got all the way to game 360 on the 1st level and one day it started me back at 120 ...no way to get back the games i already played ...now i am having to start again ...it Sucks
Really like this game and the calming music. This game relieves stress and I feel it helps my memory.
I was told of this game by a friend two years ago..I strive to make three stars out of each in the time that is allowed...It is a very good game and I am glad to see that you have added an extra two levels ..Good work developers..Hope you will continue to add to this game.
Enjoy playing the beautiful tiles. However, some are very similar which makes it difficult for persons with visual issues. Also like not being drowned in commercials for off the wall things.
I love this game ! Yes, including the music. It's very relaxing , and excellent for my brain. Thanks for this activity.
I find this game to be vary pleasing.It is extremely beautiful. I love being caught of guard by the placement of the pieces.they can be right next to each other, and because it is soo georgeous, you don't see what you are looking for until you have passed right by it!!! MADENING!!!!!!!!!
Boring. No bonuses, no incentive to continue game takes forever (600 or more) games before you move onto the next board.
Great game but too many ads! The Google pop-up at the bottom is VERY DISTRACTING... & just to ensure you can't focus on the game, there's Play store interruptions promoting other apps. These intrusions really detract from Mahjong, which would otherwise be relaxing. Three stars is being generous - lose the ads or I'll uninstall this. Also - there needs to be an alternative to the funeral parlor music.
Great! You can just play - it doesnt get ridiculously difficult, you don't lose lives and you don't have to get a million coins to buy a dragon cat with magic powers, you can just play and it's lovely! I do a lot of time waiting in the car for children so this is wonderful for passing time.
Very fun! My suggestion to the developers would be to wait to start the time until the first move is made, and also to provide hints after 5 seconds of inactivity or so :)
The flowers are pretty and the cards are a nice size. It would be too easy to match up and with the auto shuffling, but for the one that that does make it a challenge. Each game gives you a set time to finish in order to get all 3 stars. It makes you think fast and focus. Out of 22 games, so far, I only missed the time once and that was barely. The time is a challenge, a fun one, but it is totally doable.
Like the colors! The music is too short and is so repetitive I have to turn it off. When the adds pop up, there's no way to turn them off so I havebto end the app and get back in...
Enjoyed the first few games. Don't find it relaxing, but I am very competitive. Even with myself. Music is nice. Had to turn off the clicks with each match.
It's fantastic! I have poor eyesight so I find that the colours are much easier for me to see! Thanks 😊
RELAXING! The app helps me to wind down after a busy day. The background music 🎵 is pleasant too. Plus the player doesn't ever lose. Mahjong is my #1 strategy game. But when the app really helps relax me I can't ask 4 a better game.
Very fun and addictive! Stops after level 6....why? How do we add more levels? I've already gone through it twice, sure would like more !! 💙
Love this game, was trying to find a normal mahjong game, most of them you have to build a city or solve a mystery, that's not what I wanted. This fits the bill, very small ads and not annoying. Thanks
It kept flashing UPDATE, when I tapped update it installed another app. Ef U and I'll never install, use or recommend one of your apps. If only other users refused to be taken advantage of and down rate the app makers there would be no motivation for them to do these things.