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Mahjong for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CanaryDroid located at Start Chambers, Wickham’s Cay II, P. O. Box 2221, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Island. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is quite deadly. This version was made so 1 could play alone. The original version is for 2 or more players. I recommend a Polaroid camera over the board and 1 pic taken after each move. A fight always brakes out. Table gits dumped with the board on it. People wind up dead or in I.C.U..
I truly Love this game and it's a very wonderful game to play, and a dear good friend of mine taught me how to play this game and gave me one on my Birthday to me.I still have the game that he gave me, and I even play it when i have nothing to do, and everytime I play it i think of good friend who gave me the Mahjong game to me. He passed away in the early nineties when he was working and I know that how much that I enjoy playing the Mahjong game that he gave me, Thank you Brandon RIP my Friend.
Just got this app, but so far i lke it. The first part i played lights up the top layer, so you don't miss any matches on the top layer. I have played Mahjong before and have never had tiles light up, which is nice. It might have to do with the level.
Stalemate Fail - I keep getting locked out of play when the tiles are going to shuffle. A message comes up saying "video is preparing. Try again later" Later never comes. No other explanation. Other than that, its fun to play.
This game is a good time waster, but don't expect to get what you actually earn on the first try. This app has several levels that only give you a one star achievement even though you've met the criteria for three stars on the first try. Repeat levels to get the three stars you earned the first try. I've emailed the game makers over three weeks ago and still no update to rectify the problem.
Plays exactly as you'd want a mahjong game to play. The ads aren't very intrusive (and since it is free, I don't have any problem with ads) and is a good time waster
Too many Trump political ads. I've read a lot of reviews of this game, and most negative reviews state that there are way too many ads, hasn't anybody noticed that they are primarily in favor of Trump, or attempt to get you to say something positive in support of Trump. Sorry, I'll pass on this game.
the game itself is first rate but the ads are constant and intrusive, it's to the point where I'm spending 2 minutes forced to watch non skippable, non closeable ads for every minute played, on top of that it's the same as over and over
I find this game to be relaxing and entertaining. It flows nicely and the ads are quick and not too many.
So far, I love it because.... unlike the other Mahjong Games(which are all fun) This one is.... timed with a timer. I love how it is working my Brain. The Ads...you either close it right away or watch (they play faster, then the ones you watch on other games) Seriously...you have to give a try πŸ™‚πŸ˜œ
I love the game. Had to reinstall it. Dont know what happen. But if you are to win a hint every 5 games, where are the my hints. I tried opening it but can't. The old version had it in the bottom alone with the daily challenge and settings. I see a trunk for the hints but nothing happens when I click on it. Have no idea how many I have.
So many ads!!! Open the app amd you have to watch a 30 second ad. Middle of the level, 30 second ad. Finish the level, 30 second ad. Start new level 30 second ad. Horrible. Uninstalling
Some levels are made so you can't win without a reshuffle. To get a reshuffle, a key component of mahjong, you need to watch an ad or restart the level and more than likely have to reshuffle any way to complete it. This is bull Also, an add when you start the game, add when you start a level and an add at the end of each level. Making 4 ads before you even complete a level if you need a reshuffle
The game itself is fun, but the ads are too much. There is an ad whenever I start the game before I can even play, and then between every level. With no option to pay for ad removal, it pretty much makes this unplayable for any stretch of time for me.
This Mahjong game seems good for coordination. Moves fast- not too much ad interference. Rated 2* for the way it "shoves the screen into my face" (or magnify the remaining game pieces) as you near the end of the set. Feels like they think I'm blind! Other than that, it'd be a 5 * rating.
A fantastic way to cure insomnia, even at 3:00 a.m. when warm milk and my "white noise" machine have failed to do the job, Mahjong saves the day! Very simple and easy to learn the rules! Nice use of the traditional tiles and layouts ! Thanks for your time and efforts! Very well done!
Its a great app! Its so cool to play! But after I played a few levels it gave me a "Rate 5 stars" and a "rate later" button the "rate 5 stars" button was the only button that worked. It is most likely my phone. But it also is as likely a bug. Any way if you dont know if you should get it or not you should download it! Its a awsome game other than that bug.
I love the graphics. And I especially love that I can see the pieces good! It's really easy to find the matches plus to finish the board in no time flat! Keep up the good work πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Played this game before. Very addictive. Had to install again. Thumbs up. Please add more games. Your apps are starting to freeze up, disallowing me to play game. Had to exit out many times. Trying one more time before quitting all together. Hoping you fixed the quirps in this game. It's a lot of fun.
It WAS a fun game for quite a while. However, now there are far, FAR(!) too many inescapable video ads that won't even let you opt out. I may be regretfully uninstalling this game very soon. Thanks for the good times, anyway.
Great game but became a little obsessed and completed it quite quickly, still awaiting a level update!! This game will steal your time and you will want to complete level after level regardless of what time of night it is!! Very good but very addictive πŸ‘Œ
One star. Not because the app is bad, but because the frequent popup asking you to rate the app has the option of "later" or "5 stars". Ialso haven't found a way to purchase an ad-free experience in this app so having an ad pop up every level (sometimes during the level) gets very annoying.
Great app overall, there is only one thing I would change. For the game to say "please try again" rather than "you failed" I think emphasising that a person fails would discourage the player, I know it does for me!
Now, when I play games like this, I expect to have to watch some ads. This game makes you watch an ad after every level, not only that but it it gets stuck in a loop, playing ads over and over until I just close the app and kill it, then re-boot it. I would gladly give four, even five stars if they would fix the ad problem. I'm sure many of us wouldn't mind watching one ad every few levels.
Really fun game to pass the time or boredom and the ads don't disturb/Interrupt the actual game or pop up on the screen like other games. There is daily completions and other options too and the game and app itself is quick to load with no issues and has great graphics... So, if you like your Mahjong or similar games alike, then it's a great game for you, especially as it's free! - Love it! :)
I've played different versions of mahjong and I always find good game play, excellent graphics and so far I really like this one. I'm only at level 3 but I did that in about 10 minutes. It will probably increase in difficulty like most but as I really like mahjong I'll keep playing.
So much room for Improvements. There's a lack of Personalization and Customization, which is simply further Personalization, yet Essential to any App in my Opinion. If One cannot build something of meaningful longevity, why bother amongst a sea of so many other itterations... None the less, the App itself accomplishes the purpose of enabling a simplistic itteration itself by way of allowing and enabling One to enjoy a solid game or two of the Classic Mahjong.
It's mahjong, I love mahjong, but why are there SO MANY ADS? I thought there would be an ad once every 5 levels or so, but nope. After every. Single. Level. There is an ad. Why? This is not necessary. And it's made worse by the fact that there isn't an ad for the first 5 levels, lulling you into thinking there wouldn't be ads so damned often. And I can also see where people say the game intentionally stalemates you to play another ad, because it absolutely does.
From 5 stars to 3... now 1. Lending tree ad is not giving me any ability to close so I can play the game. I have stopped the app multiple times and rebooted the phone. Still can't play the game cause the ad never relents. Rating will continue to go down until I give up and uninstall. Update, this issue has continued for days. Uninsatlling now.
Great way to spend time! Its the right amount of easy to keep you entertained for hours. I cleared all levels in a month and half. Can't wait for new levels. Playing it has become a meditation for me as it helps me organize my thoughts as I play. Love it
Really easy. Every level takes 3 minutes or less. Great time killer. The amount of ads is extremely distracting, especially if you're doing an average of four or five levels every ten minutes. I've been waiting for the levels to get more challenging, but 316 levels in, it's all the same. I gave it a three because it is really satisfying clearing the levels.
May I encourage those considering this game to go ahead & enjoy it. The complaints of intrusive advertising stem from the misunderstanding that the game must be internet or data connected to play. That is incorrect. Many of these types of games are playable offline when installed. You can only experiment & see which ones =))
I DO NOT like this version. Every single time it gives me a chance to reshuffle the tiles, instead of shuffling the tiles that remain (like other games), it makes you start all over again by shuffling up ALL tiles from the very beginning! Not fun at all! So it was an uninstall for me on this one. FYI: The developers need to change this.
I was looking for something relatively mindless to play to waste some time. If I don't want to rate the app right this second, you don't get to hold the rest of the levels hostage, and there's no need to demand a rating every 5 seconds. Uninstalled.
Initially I had rated this game 5 stars, but the persistence with which they keep asking for a review before I start each game, doubled by the fact that some games are impossible to finish without watching a video to get a shuffle (seriously, who do you think looks at the videos? We all put our phones down while your silly ads are running), made me take the review down to 2 stars.
Update: First full screen ad hung screen with no close or exit visible had to crash app. Uninstalling. Previously: Just installed game. If the ads cross the line affecting game play.. it will have a short lifespan on my device.
What's up with the Lending Tree ads that won't close. This used to be one of my favorite games. I was on a roll now I can't play at all because of the annoying Lending Tree adds. I dont even want to give it 1 star because at this point even 1 is being generous.
Great game but something is not right. Three times now i have finish the puzzle within the time frame and it still gave me only two stars. No much point in telling the player that it has 2.50 seconds when in reality you are only given 2.49.. Perhaps using = or < instead of just < for time checking would fix this issue
The gameplay is fine, but it frequently creates stalemate situations. It'll shuffle the tiles to fix it, but only IF you watch an ad. Man, I didn't download this game for ads. If you close the app instead of watching the ad, you'll keep getting stalemate. The only way to get around it is to download another app that doesn't waste your time.
Frustrated. Never got to play. First thing game does is play annoying music! Since this is a simple one-player game, music blaring from your phone is about the last thing i expect. Bothering those around me is not polite. So, no choice but to uninstall and look elsewhere.
The game is fine. I dont even mind the ads that come afterwards but I would probably be careful with which ads you put in. One ad automatically redirected me to their download page even when the ad was done and I wanted to get back to playing. That was very annoying.
I like the game, but the adds are incessant. 1) It is really annoying when they give you games that can't be won to force you to sit through some advertisement. 2) most of their adds are scams. When you see a name like 543285 Abisha Company, the same product comes up with multiple names, all selling it for <1/3 the market price even they know it's a scam. I fell for some of these get sent garbage nothing like what I bought and then my credit card number gets sold to frauds. You can't report it.
simply great. I used to love and hate this game when I would play it on my computer. this version of it here is far less frustrating and enjoyable. particularly the zoom feature is very useful and adds to the usability of the interface. kudos to the developers of this great app!
Like Candy Shooter , Marble Classic, and now Mahjong had to be uninstalled for the same reasons..open and close which keeps leading to the same thing..the back arrow does not work, only the home button on these 3 games, which starts back to loading like when you start the game..Really hope you fix the problems...the games are great pastimes..Thx!
Program seems to be resource and player needy. Kind of "update me, tell me how pretty I look", program. I had to turn off the sound effects and back ground music, more annoying than entertaining.
I love this classic tile game! Fast download, Easy set-up, Ad-Free!!! It's not terribly sophisticated...and that's what makes it so Wonderful! A Must Have in My Library!
Again I had 2 uninstall the game it gets stuck on a puzzle, i played that game 7Γ—'s & now all the credits & all the daily plays i had done r gone. Its unless commenting bcause U won't do a damn thing about it, just the last time i had the same issue. If I could give less then 1 I would. Tired of this game getting stuck on a puzzle & the only way 2 go past is 2 uninstall it. What's the point I've sent this b4 & not a darn thing has been done
Contains ads is an understatement. Ads after each game is too much, but then, as Allison kindly pointed out, I'm an "idiot". Also, I finished all the levels with 3 stars to each game and I'm still waiting for "coming soon" after level sand. So, not to take up room on my device, I will uninstall which means I lose all I did. They should have thought of a way to log in so that you don't lose anything if you accidently lose your device or uninstall it temporarily to free up space.
challenging fun train your eyes and figures to work in unison. keep your eyes moving and your recognition skills sharp, especially good for children and seniors. Challenge yourself to work quickly and bet the timing of your previous board.
Not really liking that the game starts out with small tiles then expands by the end of the puzzle when your just about to clear the level, I have to wear my glasses to just start playing the game then I have to take them off towards the end of the game, please make size in the beginning look like the size at the end of the game for people who have bad eyes or needs to wear glasses
The game is ok. I can not understand how this advertisers belive poeples like the adds, or because they are force to watch them, they do a favorable impact on the product they promote. We hate them, and the product, just because we are annoyed of this intrusive form of harassment.
Gameplay is fine but the ads are very intrusive. Ads have audio which will interrupt any of your own audio that you may have playing. I don't believe there is an option to pay to remove ads. Ads play after every level is completed so every one to three minutes; depending on your pace. But gameplay is pretty good.
i originally i rated this game 5 stars. But that was because i had just downloaded it and hadnt gotten the chance to play before beong asked to give a 5 star rating. Since playing this game, ive come to realize the game is great, however, there is WAY to many Ads! And to top it off, in order to get a shuffle of tiles, you MUST watch YET ANOTHER AD! I understand the need for ads, ppl need to make money, however, this many is OVER THE TOP!
Very fun and beautiful as well. The different types of blocks and arrangements can help you focus your attention on specific areas.
Great game so far , enjoying it very much , thank you for a game that plays though with out interruption .
When will there be new levels? I've beaten everything in less than a month without any hints. And now I've been waiting for about 3 months to get new levels. And it would be nice to be able to play the old dailys without having to watch an Ad too.
im giving this game a 5 star because i love it. and i love playing it but what really gets on my nerves is the ads after every win it gets annoying. other then that the game deserves a 5 star. just dim down the ads alittle.
Only way out of LendingTree ad is quit the game. Ad doesn't even time it. Only way to prevent Lending Tree ad is delete the game. Lending Tree is gone now how about Yahtzee with Buddies by Scopely. Doesn't time out no exit button. Device locks up blank screen upside down droid. Google said I wouldn't see ad anymore after complaining. They LIED.
Some of the pairs would not leave screen and time kept ticking away. You could even use your hints to pair up, and still not leave the screen. Screen just stayed idle. This happened in the second group no point playing a game you bang your head against the wall.
Well it works, so there's that. Seems that most games, especially word games started glitching about a month and a half-ish ago. Everything either shuts off or won't load, on every tablet! Now it's affecting mahjong games as well. SOMEBODY screwed with something that worked just fine and now almost NOTHING does! So the fact that this one works is a BONUS! Five stars for you, even though it's not necessarily the best one I've played.
Good and challenging at first, but once reaching level 15 it's impossible to clear in the time alotted. They want you to watch a video to gain a free re-shuffle. Nope
Fun game can be addictive to play but ads pop up between each board very annoying, too many ads, less ads would give it five stars in my book.
Fun and relaxing. I was introduced to this game on my aunt computer years ago and it's actually addicting. I love it lol. Its nice to play and relaxing just matching the tiles. I recommend it
I have been playing this game for 12 months & have for a while suspected repetitions of games but now have proif as my "daily challenge" games have already been completed - they have not changed or been updated from last year! πŸ™„β˜ΉπŸ˜± about to delete game - very disappointed
I have used this app several years ago & the ad content was manageable. NOW HOWEVER, the ads take up more time than my actual playing time. There would be 5 stars on game itself with its challenges.... Now, I would give it minus 5 stars just for ads! Please. Please make this a 5 star app like it should be. ..
Love playing Mahjong and I never mind ads in between games but this one you have to watch a video in the middle of every game and sometimes two videos. If you don't watch it will never advance on. The farther you try to play the more videos.
Really love this game because it is quick, fun, & no long drawn out reward screen, just tap & go to next screen. only trouble is the ads - oh my goodness, every single game I have to listen & watch for ads - at least TV commercials aren't as bad. Stop the ads, I'll pay to stop them - it may get to the point I cancel because of the ads!
My absolutely favorite game to play! It both keeps my eyes active but it also keeps my mind acute. I recommend it for those having memory issues but I also recommend it for folks who like to "beat the clock" because some of the puzzles are very difficult to solve. Definitely 5 stars!!
I'm really pissed. I have had this game downloaded for probably a year now. You now have that damn ad for Bubble Witch 3, that just sits there, and sits there, and sits there, and sits there......I'm sure you get my drift. The only way to bypass it is to either click on it or completely get out then log back back in. It is not worth my damn time. Im uninstalling you game now. You all should do your homework before you take take the money. Im out now.
It has all the proper funtions of the game that i require to have fun and it doesn't take up 50 to 60 megabites just to download the game, I highly recommend this game to any and all gamers who love Mahjong, especially if you don't like all of the flashy bells and whistles the other Mahjong games have, because this version of Mahjong is short, sweet and to the point, period... I llove this game and I plan to log many hours playing this game... Well done developers, well done.
A great little game spoiled by having to watch a video to get a shuffle and to play previous daily boards. And that means having to be online which is something I don't want to do. I think it also said to rate 5 stars to get further updates, does that mean anything less doesn't get the updates? the last update was nov 2018 I think. Prefer to earn shuffles like you do hints.
This game is ok. I really liked it for the first two games but then there was just loads and loads of adds each game. I know most games have ads to make money but this is just ridiculous. 3 stars for me.
Really like this particular Mahjong app. I like that you can change the face design on the tiles. It also gives you the option of highlighting the tiles that can be played for each move.
I would have given this game 5 β˜†s but now that I have run through the levels once and have been going back to finish each level completely. I am constantly getting an error message. It says "check back later video is uploading" so that I can not finish that level. I like the design and format, it's relaxing which is the point of any solitaire.
Ads ads ads. There's an ad between each level. The close button for it takes 5 to 10 seconds to appear, and moves all around. It's almost like an extra game just to find which corner the "X" will be in. There's a difference between subtle ads, but this is pure spam. Free or not, it's not worth downloading this game...
the games alright except the there's a ton of commercials. plus i got stuck in a loss loop on a level that wouldn't let me pass until I watched yet another commercial. Then a " reshuffle" happens and in two moves I win. Lame guys really get over the commercialism. If you decide upgrade to a paid commercial free version I might download again. it's not fun enough to justify the cheating algorithm that forces more commercials down your throat tho.
Not as fun as it used to be. The ads are getting to be too much. There's an add between every board, and many of them are 30 seconds long. Also, I just had to replace my phone and lost all progress in the game because there's no way to back it up. The app itself can't even be moved to an SD card. I still play it because the graphics and actual game play are excellent. But as I said, the ads are overly excessive. I would pay for an ad-free version if they had one.
This is my first day of playing.. love it! Fast paced .or Or slow paced whatever you make of it. I'm sure it gets more difficult as we go along. So far .....love it.
Quick, fun, smooth. I really enjoy this game. Each round gets better and better. Can't complain that there's only 3 second(ish) ads after about 8 minutes. Nice!
Nice & entertaining, nearly addictive. GFX & SFX are good. Options are good-specifically auto zoom and some help options like lighten top layer. Sometimes timelimit seems a bit tight P-) Runs well on Lollipop and Marshmallow and hardly disturbes with ads. Using a two-finger system helps alot :-) New levels urgently missing. :-/
It is a simple app with simple features. My only complaint is that there are too many ads and no way to even pay to remove them. I played about 5 rounds without an ad and then I started getting ads after every game for the next 10-15. It got to the point that I was moving through levels faster than the ads were running so I spent more time watching ads than playing. If they reduced the ads or even offered a $.99 ad removal fee - I would rate it higher.
Great fun and enjoyment playing Marjong. Matching tiles and then you feel great and try to set a speed record and you lesrn you have to slow down and simply enjoy the game. A great winner.
To start I really liked this gane. Good graphics, guick play, good size tiles easy to see. But after I reached about the 5th or 6th board, the ads started. Now Normlly ads don't bother me since it is a free game. But it is ridicolus that an ad pops up after every level. Especially if it appears to be a part of the game at first. And it was also rhe same ad.
Beautiful tile sets, nice animation and sound and great variety of layouts. Plus daily puzzles. Best Mahjong game I have found, and I have tried many of them.
Very enjoyable. Good, quick little workout for the brain. Helps keep concentration and hand-eye coordination in good order.
Relaxing music, challenging levels later, really great game. Ive yet to have problems with ads others are talking, most are skippable unless you need a reshuffle which the ads are only 15 to 30 seconds long. I do wish it was easier to tell which level the pieces are on compared to other pieces
would have given this at five stars a couple days ago. but now I have commercial ads blocking my ability to choose the daily, and they're popping up in the middle of my game when I'm trying to play if you can fix this I'll give you a 5-star rating. otherwise I will be switching between different Mahjong the game
Forced review. once I got to level 3, the game from within a window open asking to rate 5 stars. I tried hitting the exit button and the "later" button but it would not do anything. I hit the 5 star button and it took me here. Tried going back without leaving a rating several times and it still only allowed the button that brought me here. If you want good ratings, don't force people to rate your game.
I like the graphics and the reshuffle. I also appreciate there are no in game purchases. The ads are tolerable and last just a short time. What I don't understand is the "hints" you're supposed to get after completing 5 levels. I've completed many games and have gotten notified that I'm getting a hint--BUT where is it? How do I access the hint? Am I missing something?
The game is fairly straightforward. You pair blocks to remove them from different shaped stacks. It works fine, no glitches. What really bugs me though, is the amount of absolutely inappropriate ads in between the levels. At one point it showed me an ad depicting a pregnant woman walking in on her cheating husband and asked me if the character should kick them out or join them. What the bloody hell? Screen your ads, morons.
I just deleted the game, as I finally perfected everything. I have a soft spot for Mahjong. About the ads, as that's a big deal in mobile games. Ads were displayed at times that made sense (to play old daily games, between shuffles, etc) and not in excess. Ads are necessary for a free game, and this was well done. It took me several attempts to perfect some levels, and I appreciate the challenge. Highlighting available tiles is a helpful feature, thank you.
Enjoy the game but on ad "Paint by Numbers" it keeps coming into a navigation loop that the only way to get out of it is to exit app all together and stay out of it for a few minutes; otherwise, the loop keeps app locked. Please fix and will reconsider review rating.
Good game but way to many ad's. Really annoying and boring when you get 3 ad's during one game, loose interest so I'm just going through the motions now. Enjoyed the first few levels but the further you progress the more ads you get.
I like this game and played every day for many months... BUT I just got a new phone, and even though the app was transferred over and automatically installed, ALL my progress was lost, and I'm back to square one. It doesn't give any way to save/transfer progress as far as I can tell, so I will be uninstalling. Major fail!
I went through ten rounds with no ads, if you don't know how then continue reading. obviously... I played it offline. you don't have to worry about ads, idiots, if you just go offline. It's a pretty good mahjong, nothing really special so far that I've seen but that's just because most mahjong apps are pretty much the same. does a really good job though and I'm not complaining. mahjong is mahjong, and that's the reason i got the app.
Very hard to find anything useful on this game. I can't find directions anywhere. It just starts playing the game and then it says I've won money but I believe that's an ad. I don't care about the money I just want to see some instructions. I know how to play this game but I don't know what some of the buttons are for.
Fun game, but too easy. I got three stars on every single game in a week. You guys need to add a lot more puzzles. The ads are super annoying, but I'm an idiot for not thinking of just playing off line lol. Unistalling until more levels are added.
Bla bla ads... No worries, I don't care about the ads. I can click them away after 5 seconds. I don't need reshuffles, because your game tiling is flawd. If I remove the tiles layer for layer, I never get stuck because they're tiled that way. No challenge in playing this game therfore... Fix it, make the tiling completely random like in (real) Mahjong
The ads cover the icons across the bottom of the game. They stay there. Itvwould be better if they stayed only a short while. Even when Google removed the ad... their ad saying they removed the ad blocks the same icons. Also the game does not keep our best time. Thanks for reading.
At first it was fine but then it started showing me ads. After I completed 5 stages it kept showing me ads back to back and I couldn't even play. When I did get to play, it lagged to so much that it stayed still and then all at once they were paired. That did look cool tho πŸ˜‚ I didn't even get to do anything else before it crashed and quit and froze my phone. Would not recommend if you are very impatient.
Love mahjong. It is a great little game . It helps you to match and know all the different types of inscription on the tiles.
Game is useless. It has these adds like lending tree that has no exit button and it locks out the back button, so the only way to get away from the add is to exit the game. If you enter the game again it has the same add so you have no choice but to exit again.
The graphics meaning faces of each chip with Chinese caligraphy makes clear distinctions between each cube, The idea is to match the pairs until the cubes are spent. The first one out wins.
So annoying. I don't mind watching ads to play but some of the ads are impossible to close after they are done playing (I'm looking at you Yahtzee). Screw this - im uninstalling this hot mess.
Love This!! Very short clips (ads) I actually enjoy the break in between puzzles, that's how short they are. Game Play is Extremely Smooth and towards the last few pieces it magnifies the game to help you increase your quickness! 😍Like I said you will not regret downloading this game one of the best...No correction the best 🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩
Great game to stay busy and fun for whole family. Seems boring at first but if u stick with it, the levels get more challenging. It helps u with problem solving skills & moving strategically thru the game to clear the board. It gets u to engage in a type of thinking that u might not be aware u even use. I didnt know how good i was...and i surprised myself. Its very fun!
Love this game. Lots of levels! I love a challenge and to get 3 stars on every single level took awhile to achieve. Can't wait for the next level after "time" to be updated!
Screenshots show a landscape mode, but there doesn't appear to be a setting anywhere within the app to switch to landscape mode. If you are looking for a landscape oriented mahjong game, I would look elsewhere.
Great game to unwind with after a long day at work. Just be prepared to lose track of time ... Was concerned about having ads pop up however, I was happy to see that they do not disrupt the actual game play. They are between rounds and as options for earning extras. Great graphics, great game, highly recommended.
it is fun, but there are a couple of big issues. first, you can finish it. you will run out of games and cannot start over. you can uninstall, or just play the last game over and over. second, there are several ads that won't finish. They stop the game entirely. If you see one, you must exit the game and restart the app to continue.
Awesome, absolutely mind challenging. I totally love it. Been playing this game since I was 12 years old and now I'm 36 and my 12 years old daughter is playing it.
The game seems nice, but there are so many ads, and no option (that I can see) to purchase an ad free version. At this point I'd rather pay that price rather than sit through all the ads, to be honest. Since that's not an option, I suspect I'll grow tired of this and stop playing altogether.
At first it was a fun app with many levels and variations, and it still is. Originally ads were bearable, they could be skipped/closed or they only last about 5 seconds each. But recently I noticed they have bottom banner ads pop up along the end of the screen during a live game. This is VERY distracting and annoying, it breaks up your concentration and affects your timing. They should disable this, it makes me not want to play this game anymore. I am marking down stars down because of this.
It lags a little bit when i'm trying to pick a tile but that's the only thing i've encountered so far. The game runs smoothly and the ads aren't that distracting so that's good-
Awesome game it's so much fun to try to progress in the game. If I don't get a 3 I go back and try again. I don't like to have the board with 1 or 2 stars.
I love this game!, but..... The game itself deserves 5 stars. But, between all of the ads, and the 'hints' icon wiggling, if you don't make a match in 2.5 seconds, I am giving it 4 stars.
I like this game significantly more than one that was advertised as the best, for the following reasons. It shows the English meaning along with the Asian symbol, helping one learn while playing, without even noticing! It also lets you deselect a choice, and the tiles are clearer and less ambiguous. Lastly, this game gives one the choice to listen to the sound effects or music or both.
This is such a fun game and very addictive! I love it and the graphics are nice. The difference between the tiles is great making this very easy for me.... but the games get harder as u play. Thank u!!!
If I get another ad for Lending Tree, I'm going to uninstall this app. When the ad comes up it won't let you get past it. I don't have any property to refinance. I just want to play the game 11/16/20 Had to Uninstall. Caught in a loop.
Fun to play, but don't care to have to watch a 30 second commercial to play a daily game, nor to shuffle. Others I have played are far more lenient. But, free means having to have commercials. This just has too many.
This particular game is very frustrating. The game sticks. It also pauses when you don't want it to. I love the Mahjong game...I will find and download a better version.
This app is truly excellent. You start off with a bunch of different tile sets to choose from, then you have different backgrounds you can win by completing the Daily challenges for the month. Even *past* months! Just go backwards on the Challenge calendar and win all the days in those months! Then you get beautiful variety to enjoy while you play! I LOVE CanaryDroid!!! btw, the tiles are a nice, easy-to-see size and the layouts are unique and fascinating. I'm *very* happy! THANK YOU. 😁❀
the game is good and I even like the setup and I've tried most of the mahjong games. the troubling thing is the invasiveness of the noise of the ads in between every game. I'm sitting just enjoying the quiet and the game and suddenly someone's yelling or that fake music is blaring. I make a point to never buy anything that is advertised this way--just saying
TOO MANY ADS. Can't even get to the game to play. Force closed, cleared the cache, can't exit ads at all at startup, so I can't even play the game now.....
Good game; easy to learn, challenging to play. In Settings, would like to have the option to disengage the timer. Where is the explanation of "items", and how to get/earn/win them ?
It's good. The graphics is smooth, the UI is friendly, and the the gameplay is simple. But it lacks challenge and drive. It needs an element where you will be encourage to play it, missions and whatnot. But it's good, I play it when going to sleep and it usually help me sleep.
Started off great but realized the pattern is to always work from the top down. Not at all realistic or challenging. Screens look nice and ads aren't overbearing. Daily challenges are very easy. Needs some better programming so you can lose and experience a challenge!
This is one of my favorite games of all time and i am so happy found this app,earning stars and hints makes it a lot more fun i think.i just hate having to watch the videos to earn a shuffle. I wish i could win them instead
The ad Empires & Puzzles has destroyed my enjoyment of the game. Whenever this ad appears in the game there is no way to exit the ad and continue with the game. The game now is completely unplayable. This is the worst user experience EVER. Don't bother downloading this game it's PANTS.
Great game when you need a few minutes for a during boring TV shows. No in game purchases necessary which is important to me. There are ads, but they are short and not intrusive. One of my three favorite games.
I just have played two levels but so far so good. Maybe ask to rate once I've had a chance to experience the game like at level ten or fifteen. Kind of jumping the gun and because of the premature prompt to rate it costed a star
As I have said again I would like my keyboard to be like in with my microphone while I will have to take time enough yes I'm sitting on the ground yes I am at the parking lot yes, let's get this over with and get it done I enjoy all the games enjoy is it as quickly as possible and I love every bit of it last I'm Vincent T Madden
Fabulous just like the real thing 5 out of 5 stars! I must say it also has a very smooth experience unlike other mahjong's. Very good game I would highly recommend for people who need to waste time or to kill boredom!
Love this game, it keeps my brain sharp, plus the matches in this version is easier to see than any other mahjong game I've downloaded. If you have poor eye sight, then this game is for you! If you are young and have perfect vision, it's still the best mahjong game to play!
I instantly am giving this a 1 star bc it blocked me from doing anything until I pressed a button to " give 5 star review". I tried pressing "later" or exiting out, but strangely only the 1 button worked.
It's a mind game, always challenging ur speed. Doesn't ask for money or for u 2 buy something, that's definitely a plus!
Easy relaxing cool games. Love the music on here sounds great and makes you play more.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ§‘πŸ§‘πŸ’―πŸ’£πŸ’₯ Still a wonderful peaceful game. Love it for me. This game will not be for every one. Play at at your own risk, It's fun and challenging. Think before you make a move, don't take to long . Gohead play
I love Mahjongg in general. This app I played for a couple months and then had to purchase a new phone. Reinstalled it because I enjoyed it so much. :-)
this and the other mahjong game have way to many commercials. you can't get a rhythm going in your play. nothing but constant interruptions. otherwise both games would be great. you asked for the rating before you started all the ads when I rated the other one. that's why I waited this time.
So far so good!!! There's something satisfying about the snap noise it makes when you match and thwy come together!! And not as many annoying ads as I've had in other downloaded games I've tried!!
It seems all of these games are more interested in rating. And the games are second to the adds. And customer service is a no show. Think about the people first ads last. Maybe more people will download your game and pay for no ads. And give the people their money back in two weeks. Don't make them wait forever to get their money. Then maybe people won't stop playing the games. Does anyone read any of these comments?
Again I had 2 uninstall the game it gets stuck on a puzzle, i played that game 7Γ—'s & now all the credits & all the daily plays i had done r gone. Its unless commenting bcause U won't do a damn thing about it, just the last time i had the same issue. If I could give less then 1 I would
Love this game but wish there was an option to get rid of ads permanently, even if that means paying for it. I'd be willing to bc I'm tired of all the ads
I have fun playing this game because it's not difficult at all, so far. Basically it's a game that makes you identify pieces that look the same and collect them. I can't wait to see the other levels which I guess they will become more and more challenging. So don't just read what I'm saying, go ahead to download it (free) and play the game. Good Luck !
This game used to be fun. I put up with waiting 30 seconds for ads to be over. However, this game has started displaying an ad from a mortgage lender that locked my phone. The only way go get out of this trap is to abort the game. Actually, the only other option is to UNINSTALL the game. I finally gave up and uninstalled this game. Don't waste time with this game!
Fun and challenging to keep your mind active. I play this game daily as I am 69 years young and mentally probably around 40 years. It can be addictive but i don't sit still long enough to allow myself to be sedentary like a lot of older retired people tend to do.. play it and it will challenge your mind and eye hand coordination.
So far this version seems easier to use and has the Chinese (?) Characters with the western numbers and letters in the corner of the tiles. It is not invasive but you can see them. This makes it easier for me because usually I am making up names for them.
Play. Ad. Play. Ad. Play. Ad. the game looks nice and it plays decent. but I have two problems with it. First, it's the excessive ads. I understand this is how they are supported and I do want them to make money, however an ad between each game (the game lasting 20 seconds to three minutes, then the ads lock you down for 10 to 60 seconds is excessive as compared to other similar games. second, I didn't like that I could not disable the timer.
Like the sound fx: Chinese sounding music, clicking tiles when they match, wobble sound for wrong tiles. Lots of levels, can go as fast or slow as you want. A fun game. dropped a star bcz it always says "best time" even when it is not. does not really keep track of best times.
there are way too many ads not enough gameplay it's really frustrating but I have put up with it do all the boards three stars on every board and the last board says coming soon there's nothing else for me to play on here it just keeps playing the same boards over so I'm ready to delete it's not worth continuing to be aggravated I'm waiting to see what coming soon is going to be why is there no more boards
I ended up not finishing the entire game. I had one star missing in tornado level, tried & tried & couldn't get it. So I deleted the game & started over. I'm addicted. It still has an error message. It says "check back later video is uploading". I just don't watch the video & I start from scratch again when I am reaching for that 3rd star. I like the relaxing design & format. It annoys me to wait on a video just to get a shuffle when you trying finish a game.
I like the fact that the Western symbols and numbers also appear on some tiles, such as the character, season and wind tiles. It helps to get to know and recognise the Chinese (Japanese?) symbols. I have to say, I don't like much to be told that I failed. It seems really rude, like telling someone they're fat. They know, no need to mention it. I'm confident you can come up with a more positive way to encourage one to try again?
Don't bother with this app. There is an add after every level (and they ask for a five star rating. Uninstalled!
I like this game! It seems to flow much better than other Mahjong game apps that I have played in the past.
Mahjong just with ads between rounds. The first few rounds seem like s practice, then it gets into normal games. Nice satisfying tile sounds. Music is nice.
Waywaywaywayway too many ads. The first few games you play your don't really see ads, but after that you'll see about one after every game. For the daily puzzles you'll have to sit through a 15-30s ad.
Relatively fun gameplay, but way, WAY too many ads. Not only that, but there's no option to stick to silent ads, so whenever I'm listening to my music (which is quite often), it gets stopped and I have to go restart it.
I Love this game I like that it helps the mind sense I have seizures it helps I have been playing this game for going on 2 year's I would recommend this game to everybody it is also a good time passer.. this game is addictive. It's a good brain challenge.. oh I haven't had a problem with a lot of ads either..
A fun game. However, an option to get rid of the ads would be nice. I am about to delete it because the ads are too many and too long. They are all games I have zero interest in. Turning on my audio with every ad is unacceptable. Having to watch a 30 second video to get a shuffle is the main reason for getting rid of it. My husband has already deleted it because there is no option to just play the game without a time limit.
I like it so far but I have only been on it for today. I'll write a better or ? Next time. I am enjoying it thoroughly. It is a great and easier game of the Mahjong than I have played so far. I will be playing this one for awhile. Check with you later. I am back as of 7/21/20. I played this Mahjong Solitaire game awhile ago but tried others. I just had to come to Mahjong classic. I love the tiles and it just is more exciting to play.
Game play is ok, but too many ads. This is a game that use to come with windows for free and never had ads, and the ads they run are just horrible. No, I'm not interested in a prison style mafia game... Smh
Fun game. Ridiculous amount of ads though. I'm a more advanced player then the baby steps (metal) stage but when ever I finish a level it sends me back to the metal stage. Not inconvenient just extremely annoying.
So far very fun 😊Well it was, I'm very disappointed that completing the daily challenge does not open a new background after finishing a puzzle 🧩 every day for a month. πŸ€”πŸ˜•
It's great until an ad locks up the game. I have had to uninstall this twice when an ad with no pictures pops up and forces you to go online. There is no way to get out of the ad because there are no graphics on it. Just lines and boxes.
Good game, but TOO MANY ADS! I don't mind the occasional one, but when it happens after EVERY game, that does tend to tax one's patience very heavily. Originally gave it four stars, but changed to one because of this. Yes, I know you have to pay the bills, but please... I'm afraid you've left me & many others with no option but to uninstall...
This app is worth the time. The ads aren't longer than the play time. The graphics are good and it's a very good app.
Very fast, very responsive. Love how you don't have to unclick a tile before you can click on a different tile. It makes the game so very much more less frustrating. Fun and entertaining. Most importantly playing the game helps me to focus my awareness in specific areas of the brain that need a little more attention and excersize. Thank you. I am feeling more well being everyday. This is some of the exercise equipment that I use to hwlp reach my bodies optimal state of wellness.
Great app! The board chages each time so its not the same over and over. Adds are not intrusive and are short.
My favourite part of the game is having to deal with an ad before and after I do an old level to get a theme. Oh, and sometimes I'll get lucky and get a 3rd ad in the middle of my game. Fix you crappy ad problem that no wants to pay for and maybe more people will bump up there rating! Bad Devs, Bad. Other than that the actual mahjong part is great
It wouldn't let me play unless I rated it after the 3rd one, which is quite dumb. It even gives me a "rate later" option, but even if I click it, nothing would happen, the only functioning button was "rate 5 stars", so of course, i had to rate it. I'm not giving it 5 because they don't deserve it.