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Mahjong for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by 1bsyl. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good layout. Enjoyable fun working out possible solution with deep concentration. Love that some games cannot be solved. Keeps me humble.
Simple, clean design. Undo to backtrack is great. Layouts are complex enough to be interesting but not frustrating. Restart as many times as you want. Great little app!
l love this game. I have been playing for some years now. It really challenges me. Really relaxes and frustrate me at the same time but I don't stop until I win.
I love that there are over 90 game configurations. Lots of good settings for audio, background, and tile clues.
I have played this particular game on my desktops, laptops, tablets, & every cell phone I use and have used in the past. I found this Majhong game many years ago and have played thousands of games on it. It is always challenging, but not so hard to discourage further play. The many variations offered give good repreives to the main board.
Just when you figure out one puzzle, you find you are lost in the next one. There is a lot of levels, so it keeps me interested, .
In my view, great set of layouts, beautifully drawn pieces making up the game. I am really enjoying it. Thank you for it!
I've played this game more than any others. I am glad that the little advertising is gone because it prevented a larger picture and other things.
This game is fun and challenging. It makes you size up a situation then use strategy to figure out what matches to make before you get beat.
Great game...challenging and fun....few ads and that makes it fantastic..I would definitely recommend this game.
Excellent version of this game. I like how simple it is and that there haven't been any advertising interruptions. I only wish there were an option to shuffle the tiles when you hit a dead end. Still, really great job. Thank you!
For leisure or race against the clock with a variety of tile layouts and skill levels for just about everyone. Got my six year old grandson hooked.
Thank you for the explanation of the different placement for the panel. It's not as clear but ok at the top. This game is beautiful for its simplicity. All the other mahjong games are gaudy and full of gimmicks. Nice game.
I've played every board and beat each one at least once, some as many as 10 times. Just wish it had it would show a list of top 10 best times & by which game.
Mahjong. If you enjoy this game, it can become extremely addictive. It has been upgraded to another level. Must have been upgraded recently. You can find yourself staring at the board for ages and suddenly find there is no match to continue play! Common sense makes one 'restart' game or go onto 'new game'.
The layouts are difficult. There are only 96 games and I have only been able to complete about 75 of them. I think the others are unwinnable. The ads are out of the way and the timer is there but it does not add pressure. The fastest I have finished a game is around 8 minutes. If you want a challenge, this game is for you.
I have been playing this version of Mahjong for years. I really like the challenge and it is very relaxing and easy to play which makes it enjoyable. Oh and you don't have to buy anything!
Winnable games in each pattern; some more than others. No cutesy joy-wows with each pair matched; this game is for adults growing speed and strategy skills.
By far, one of my favorite games to play. No gimmicks, no intrusive ads. The only thing I would change? Add a shuffle feature.
I was looking for a classic mahjong game with a small footprint and no frills. This is it. Thank you.
I like mahjong and have played this for years. However, I would like to see some different and more layouts to play.
Awesome! This is the game I have been looking for, nothing flashy and you don't always win - the best version!!
I enjoy this game very much, no video to watch, and no scores to keep, just the game. It's the only one I like.
This game doesn't show rates of wins & losses. That's ok - I do both. It takes some strategizing so it makes me think. I like that. 5 stars.
Challenging not always winnable,but fun to see in you can go back and change the outcome , and you often can.
No music, no hints lighting it up and giving unnecessary oversensory. Just the game plain and simple, like it should be!
Requires a keen eye for free tiles for matching, unlike others which highlights the free tiles. This is more challenging, not boring. There are many games to keep your interest.
Fantastic game very enjoyable great for relaxation even better has a stress busting the hours just pass by so quick playing this game Well done
It is addicting. I play other games that allow you to shuffle but this one is over when there are no more moves. The stacked tiles are easier to detect on this game than others. It does not have hints. There are ads that show in a small portion of the top left screen, no pop ups. After a while I don't even notice them. I even got my husband playing & he doesn't play ANY computer games.
Great version of the game; a takeoff on the kde version for linux fans, with gorgeous graphics and great logic, not too hard or easy. The only thing missing for me is the option to toggle between solvable and not. Ads take up a bit of screen on my phone, but are tucked away nicely on my chromebook.
Kind of small on the phone. It's the only one I've found that doesn't highlight available tiles, and I like that because it keeps it from being too easy.
I love this game. The app is really good, pleased to see adverts have disappeared. Many different options/levels to choose from. Game looks as it always have, classic version. Top marks from me.
Can play this for hours. The only negative thing is it doesn't tell you total games played. Only games won!
Great way to spend a wet afternoon when there's nothing on the telly. Been stuck indoors for three months dues to the lock down and this game helps keep me sane. Love it.
I used to play mahjong on the Shanghai server. This one is the closest to it. There are 96 boards to download so you do not need internet to play it. I am now on my sixth time through it. Perfect game to wake up your brain. I love it.
I do not like it when you clear a screen another screen comes up that you can not do anything with. You have to start a new game to move on. Very annoying!
This is my favorite Mahjong game. The tiles and background are in my ipinion the best out there. And it has the tradional layout, which is the inly one i care to play
Love this game but adds interfere in the middle of the game. Makes it impossible to play because its a timed game.
Most enjoyable game I have ever played. I am now playing the game the nineteenth time. Says a lot doesnt it.
I like that there are a lot of pattern options and no ads. The tiles are aesthetically pleasing, not tacky or cartoonish.
Had a game like this years ago , been looking for a similar one . This is awesome ! I found the other ones too easy . Good brain workout !
Very satisfying. Like it because it tells you when you can stop looking for matches because there are none remaining.
A constant on my phone. Although many of the tile arrangements are not worth bothering with, a number of them have just the right level of challenge and I play them repeatedly. Worth taking the time to find the ones that work for you.
I have been playing this Mahjong for over 30yrs, it has 96 game boards. Fantastic APP. None of the other Mahjong games can even come close.
I like this game very much. I appreciate that the ads are off to the side (thank you) and I actually do check them out.
One of the best mahjong apps available. Doesn't annoy you with hints or daily tasks, it's just a game of mahjong.
It does take soom luck,, but also a lot of rhought about which moves are likely to help you find the tiles you need or open the most options.
Some what difficult to solve, but with some strategy applied solution can be found. Would like to see more of this level of games. Thanks.....
Very enjoyable, calming and challenging, Only quibble is that it is a bit hard to manage when the tiles wobble up and down on screen . Needs to be fixed please. Discovered later that the settings can be altered and fixed using the settings button! Ads are not as intrusive on a tablet as they are on my phone so have uprated this to a 5 -star game. For a little mindful moment in time, this is the one.
It's fun some are challenging but I am getting better so I can get them done fast I've played them 3 times over now and I keep on going Everybody likes this game they tell me they play it too
If you like Mahjong then you'll love this game. Most of the mahjong games out there are way too easy this one is challenging and it doesn't have a bunch of ads
Very interesting game, I love it. That's why I have played for about 10 years. I almost play everyday. I found relief and able to relax in my busy schedule and also at this boring MCO.
Excellent game. Trouble is, l'm bloody addicted to it and my wife sometimes has steam coming out of her ears! Love it.
Needs a help key. After winning there is another phase with more tiles but nothing works when touched and no explanation.
Nice controles, menu options, game layouts, and brilliant addictive factor. In short, everything you really need to play an old fashioned game of mahjong
I love this making game!Each. Level is challenging. I always played Yahoo's solitary mahjong. This is the best I've found since that time. I spend hours sometimes doing the levels which always change. Good job!!!!
I rarely win with this game - it's very frustrating when you get almost to the end & are told no more moves! Are all the games winnable?
This version of the Mahjong Chinese Tile game is the right way of playing Patience or Solitaire game. 🙄
Wonderful game. Keeps you alert and observant. Have played it thousands of times. Never ceases to entertain.
You can move the board to play easier, no time limit, andI love they do not highlight. Recommend download.
Interesting how the game was fine after several games being played and now the ads have all of the sudden become ridiculous.
Very entertaining and fun to play. It makes one speed, common sense and playing like refreshing my imagination.
I love the game I just wish you could adjust the contrast on the tiles, like you can adjust the size of the tiles. I'm 72 years old and my eyesight isn't what it used to be...lots of fun though. I just switched from iPhone to Samsung A51 and must say the games I had are hard to compete with on this new devise but this one is right up there. Thx
I'm far from an expert in this area, however it seems to me that this simple ad free game gives my brain a good solid workout. Highly recommended, particularly for senior citizens who want to keep sharp.
Through the years I've played different versions of Mahjong but I always come back to this one. It's a simple puzzle game, no distractions having to go on tours or winning some artifacts. But it has plenty of variations and it's difficult enough to keep me interested. I just love, love this game.