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Mahjong for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Noodle Games located at RM 1902 EASEY COMM BLDG 253-261 HENNESSY RD WANCHAI HK. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was effortless in getting 5 stars. Ya that good. The ads (the little that there were.) Were not intrusive at all. Fast paced. Leveled up real quick. Thanks for the fun . T.A.
Great me it continues to play as long as you want to play which is much better than most of the others which are 1 screen and done .....not this one I have managed 5 boards in a row great game!
Like being forced to look at a full screen ad before the damn game even loads? Like ads and screens wasting your damn time by popping up before you play? Like watching insipid animations when you could be playing? Have I got the game for you! On the rare opportunity you can actually play the game, it's fun. But the time wasted with stupid ads and animations ruins it. That and the moving of the screens when you're trying to race to a record but instead hit tiles that moved and ruin your play.
Used to love this game! Not any more!!! I can no longer play the daily calendar game. Or change any of the settings. Until the bugs are fixed I will only be giving a one star rating. I will update this once a week until I get a reply or they have fixed the game so any other people out there looking for answers or new players, better look else where cause this one is only trouble right now Updated January 3rd 2021 I have been checking almost daily to see if it is fixed and no it is not!
I love playing mahjong & with so many free games you have a lot to choose from! If you love mahjong then get started today, you'll be glad you did!!!!
It would be 5 star but nearly every game ends up with 2 if the same tiles on top of each other and you have to watch a video, very frustrating.
The game play is good but I am rather disappointed that you have to sit through an advertisement after every level. I believe that one after every 5th level would be acceptable but after every level is not acceptable. If this does not change soon, I will be deleting the game.
Always relaxing and as you go it gets more challenging. Maybe because I don't go all out to break records. I enjoy playing at my own pace.
New update won't let game play. Just shuts down, closes or says it's not responding. Was working fine until the latest update.
Does not work, after doing the update. Even uninstalling then re-installing the game it will not work
I enjoy the game. But having to watch ads to move during the game, gets a little annoying. Then to watch more ads to progress gets more annoying. But while playing the game it's changeling to choose the right one.
I haven't played this game before because I thought it would be too hard. Finally gave it a try. So much fun!! Will continue to be a fan! Lots if fun and doesn't stress you out!!
Challenging, exciting can put down. Good for your memory. Love this game. Excellent game for those who love a challenge.
Decent playability. There are in-game purchases possible but not necessary to play. No limit on how many times you can play a level. Satisfying clacking sound when a match is made.
It's really ttoo easy and preditctble I wish there more rreards Theres nothing to look forward to. But I love playing it.
Enjoy playing this game. Keeps me on my toes! I highly recommend it to young and the older and to anyone! Good game to play!!
Game is fun and very addictive but the screen freezes and will not open sometimes for a couple of days!
I love this game. I have always liked mahjong and this is a good one. The graphics are good.. only problem I'm having is i can't find a way to go back into settings to change my preferences. I don't like what I chose.. but everything else is great. I would recommend to all mahjong lovers out there.
It's a fun game to pass the time After the last two updates, the app either won't open or repeatedly closes. Out of frustration I uninstalled it. 11-14-20
I do like your game but there is one problem for me. I cant see the tiles real well and it makes it hard for me to find the matches
Fun! First introduced to this game in d later part of 1970's, my youth. Really enjoy this particular App of Mahjong, I think it's great!!
As I have been playing this game, I find it becoming more and more addictive, I love playing this game, keeps my eyes and mind sharp.
I'm spending more time watching ads than playing. There is at least one 30 second ad between each game that can not be 'X'ed' out. Well, they hit my I'VE HAD ENOUGH point when they stopped me mid-game for a 30 second add and it didn't even take me back to the point it diverted me from playing the level. SORRY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I KNOW YOU ARE AD SUPPORTED BUT THIS IS GREED MOTIVATED & I'M UNINSTALLING THIS LOSER. Sad too as the game itself is good. No good comes from being GREEDY!
I love this game it is so relaxing. Yes there are ads but if you don't want them then subscribe something this game doesn't push down your throat like other games do. The tiles are real beauties. I would have given more * if it had been possible. Relax and enjoy the best MAHJONG game available. 😘GP.
This app is great! The only drawback is the amount of ads, they play even in between levels. Otherwise it's delightful!!
Great gameplay, but landing page shows skins you can buy, not the actual game. Boo for false advertising. Its too bad, because I would pay real money for a non ad game like this.
The past 2 days it wont even let me play. Something is wrong with it. So please fix the problems. It was a good game before this!
This is a better Mahjong than most. Don't like the game board re-adjusting mid game. Some of the symbols are too small too be clearly read.
I love this game but to many ads cuzz after all levels a ad if you make less ads i will keep this game for ever
App freezes, runs slow. You finish a daily challenge and it just stops working and then you don't get credit for doing it. Try contacting support and never hear back... Absolutely low quality all around.
Always loved this game but this app just ruined the game. Trying to make money off of it only. Not as fun to play this since every 2nd level or so it's programmed to have matching tiles on top of each other at the end just so you'd have watch an ad.
I like this game, but it's taken to putting completed games up where they shouldn't be! Here it is Nov 1, and according to the game I've already completed 8 days of Nov play! I uninstalled and reinstalled thinking that should clear it. WRONG! It's still messed up! Straighten it out, or I'm going to remove it!!
Amazing game so addicting! Easy but also challenging my absolute favorite! U definitely have to try this game especially if u like card games like solitaire, freecell, Klondike,or poker ,and definitely if you like brain games!!! ✨⭐🌟🌠
I have always loved mahjong for yrs. I love playing this 2020 version, i do dislike the ads though. Good and fun game!!!
I like to be able to just keep playing. Without having to stop and do other unrelated exersizes. πŸŽΌπŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸ“―πŸŽΈπŸŽ·;-)
Hard at first, but once you get your eyes trained it gets easier. Would like the other games to be free also.
Love this game! I can see why this game is so popular. A lot like solitaire when you play solo, and I have played over 100 levels and I have not had to spend one penny. You do have ads but you can pay to skip them which is nice but if you don't have the cash you can still play. Like I said.... I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
Enjoyed playing , but do not care for the pushing to do as site request. For example, if you do not reply as requested site will not allow you to play any further!
Game starts fine but quickly becomes apparent that it exists solely to make you watch ads. Forced ads on some levels as they make it impossible to win (setting matching tiles under one another on single set games) and the only way to win is to watch an ad for a shuffle. Game will do it over and over if you just restart the level. Deleted game because of this.
This is the first time I have ever played Mahjong. Thank you. I will continue to play for awhile. When ever I start playing, I think one game, but it's hard to stop. It's a real challenge that I enjoy. Thank you,,
Just love this game try as I have to not play it, but still come back to it. It's so...Good should always have five stars.
Experiencing same problem from last month...first 8-9 dailies already complete and now cant even do them. I looked forward every morning working these and no answer back from my email. Guess they dont care so will be forced to delete this.
I like the game but 2 things: 1, it needs to be more smoother (oftentimes I have to click on a tile a couple times for it to register) & 2, the ads. They come after every round (most games do it after every other round). It still wouldn't be that annoying, most are fairly short, but I've closed the game many times because an add takes around 30 seconds that u have to sit thru to go on to the next level. This is a time killer game, so having to sit a half minute to wait out an ad is too long.
Love playing this game. Not keen on the flash light as it does not always work. I just want to keep playing.
This game is just right... It is not too easy and yet not to hard. You can progress at your own speed -or not.😊
Relaxing Would have gave it a higher score but it's got like FORCED COMMERCIALS in my game... because of said commercials I never will buy the product no matter it is or if I needed it. Why not just put all the commercials in one pic app if we want it will use it that way we won't be interrupted from game play Waiting for a 1-minute commercial to go away
It's honestly the best game ever. I seriously recommend it. It's really calming and the best offline game ever.
This game has only a daily challenge but it is very fun πŸ˜€ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜‰ to play and it is very relaxing
For elderly difficult to see the matching . I think if the print to match would be little more visible it would be a fun game.
Unable to play since update.....won't open, shuts down....sad because I really love this game and have played it without issues for years.
A fun game that's fun and a bit challenging. While there are periodic ads, they are placed at natural breaks, not in a middle of a game. I love the variety of arrangements of tiles.
Very relaxing, fun to beat their time. I am in need of taking my mind off what's going on in the world. So much hatred. Majong is extremely relaxing but pumps your adrenaline too.
Good game This is my second time to get an app for you. I sure do enjoy myself but I'm getting a bit trying. Too much interrupter. Please give some other folks who are waiting for help,p a few of your good intentions and also give them a break. They shouldn't have to deal with your pushiness.
Great other than the ads you have to do to get shuffles, but hey, you gotta have sponsors if you want a free game. I just get a bit impatient to get on with playing. πŸ™‚
I like it very much, it is not so easy as you think I enjoy playing it. it makes me to move faster with my eyes.😍
A game that will make you think and each time beat the last best time you had. Keeps your brain working
I really enjoy this app. I like being able to change the design of the tiles. I don't like how the tiles hit against each other after finding a matching set. Sometimes i start clicking fast and when the two tiles go across the screen to bang into each other, it messes me up. Wish there was an option to turn that off.
Don't think think the daily challenge is working correctly. Ad at the bottom covers the button. There was no challenge. Now there's some kind of countdown with no explanation???
Pretty easy and if you dont like the tile design you can change it in the settings. Super easy to play
It's a great way of moving your mind and your eyes at the same time seeing something and matching it up with something else
Don't think think the daily challenge is working correctly. Ad at the bottom covers the button. There was no challenge.
I enjoy Mahjong because it helps me keep my brain thinking and remembering things easier. I've had brain aneurysms and I believe this game really helps me to focus.
It's a great game but if you skip a day for whatever reason, it will not let you go back to play a day. That prevents you from completing a month award. Also if you watch the ads for points while you are playing the game it takes your day away. The closer one gets to the end of the month, the crazier it gets about penalizing your movements. Rather than be frustrated each day I simply uninstalled the game.
I love this game its challenging keeps your eyes as well its good for memories took me a while to see how well I was doing when I was trying to locate a match I was slow a friend kept up buy watching an letting me know oh heres one so fast I need this game to sharpin my vision since then I'm on it an getting very fast im happy to say nothing better then smarting your self up
Gave 5 stars before. Now had to Uninstall and reinstall to get past the glitch of saying I had already played 9 daily games. That opened things back up. But I also lost all my progress. I also agree that the ads are getting more and more intrusive. If that continues I will leave the game. Difficult to see the tiles when first opening game as they are so small.
Back to my old games. Played this everyday about 5 months ago. Very relaxing. I like this game. This is not the style I selected. But its still good for my enjoyment. Again these tiles have stolen the show. Still my best game.
Love this game. The only frustrating thing about it is when I run out of shuffles. Will have to keep practicing!
I really like this game! Challenging for hand/eye coordination. Awesome graphics! I'll be playing this game for a long time!
This is a very challenging game that really passes the time on a cold snowy day and helps pass the time during this pandemic. Try it to see for yourself.
Very easy in the beginning, easier than some other Mahjong apps, but they do let you move along to different levels without buying hints etc.
Would be 5 Star, except for the adds, I understand the reason for the Ads, well not really on my Computer with 2 version of the game & several versions of playing & no adds.