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Mahbuse Plakoto

Mahbuse Plakoto for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Amer Harb located at Amer Harb Lebanon, Beirut , Hamra POBox 113-5114. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have been playing mahbuse for some time now and I have been experiencing a bug where if some one landed on my checker and then was forsed to move his checker on top of my checker, my checker would be pinned and I cannot chose it any more knowing that it is free and no other checker is on top of it. I have played like 130 matches and it happened like 10 times and I lost because of these 10 times that happened
Very good game One of rare mahbuse game with online players. The controls need a lot of improvement, like once the game is over there is no Exit button, can't turn sound off, if I want to listen to music or podcast during play. There should be an advanced mode with no highlights for moves
اللعبة طريقتها سهلة، ولكن اللعب فيها مش بطريقة عشوائية، يعني بتبقى قاصدة إنها تخلي شخص من الاتنين يكسب، أنا كنت بحبها في الأول، لكن لما لاحظت الحكاية دي كرهتها.
I have been looking for yearrs for a way to play mahbuse with my family when I'm not visiting them. I only wish that this game registered doubles and kabuts (triples). Still a great game, and the matchmaking is good too.
Noticed someone could control the game by starting with no movement at the beginning and he could win by time passing only (only dice were there)
Players cheat somehow. I lost a game although i was clearly winning because the timer all of a sudden gave me 1 second to play which is impossible then i was kicked out. I think my opponent managed to hack the game somehow so when he knew ge was loosing, he did this. I uninstalled the game
It is fun but a lot of glitches I just had one where opponent rolls dice but he does not move and it comes back to me to roll. Another time appointment start finishing and putting eating stones while I have one of the stones is blocked. The dice is rolled with very unusual probabilities. Those who play it often knows about the glitches and processing and that's how they win. However, most of the time it is a fun game.
Love the game. I feel the "random players" are sometimes bots. Also, I don't like the timer on the game. There's an enjoyment to the strategizing you take the time to do. I understand the need for a timer so that players don't take forever to make a move, but maybe the timer could be per move rather than per game.
it is great as the only known app for mahbuse backgammon, however i lost many games becuse of the app performance. it needs more great attention
The game needs developing, the game freezes when i receive a call or go outside the game after that the counter keeps running without me being able to play untill i lose the game because of a bug.
overall good. there is one bug, when i minimize the game and check another app for a second, when i go back to the game, the "ROLL" button disappears and i end up timing out and losing the game
developers: the game disconnects every time i receive a phone call, and this is extremely annoying. in case this is not fixed ASAP then i will unistall and never use your apps again.
This game is not neutral, when you first start playing you keep winning and getting lucky, but as you level goes higher you start suddenly losing to new comers, which is there way to lure users.
Good game but for the high levels they got what they need from dices numbers ... Need to be fare for the all levels
Nice app but the feature to play with friends doesn't seem to work. Always shows others as offline even when they are not. Hope you can fix it
Hahahaha.... I had trapped my opponent in my home base in A2. Miraculously, he moved his trapped peice from under mine! Immediate uninstall :))))
Why is it that I cannot successfully download mahbuse mr. Harb? On a Samsung tablet. I have lost ten games because the game has a problem.im waiting for a response mr harb
One of the most stupid app ive ever seen ...I am pretty sure the developer is way more stupid than the app it self ..lags all time .. adds everywhere ... And many more
Only one star because of Time limited game There is no option to make it off, that is very annoying setting
Started good but keeps freezing or only allowing impossible moves, the timer runs while it's trying to reconnect, and new players are paired with lvl 20 players. Was going to recommend to friends but I don't think I will now.
The worst app ever Guys before running a new app please try it or don't do it I can't discribe the number of mistakes this app has it. Don't Waste your time.
Fake dice. It's not random. 6 continues doubles and sometimes more. Sometimes it's helping the player who's score low or high or at the end of the game. Plus, when inviting friend to play I've to add him everytime, he isn't listed in the friends list. Only 20 levels even sore 800 or 20,000. I putted the dice on 1st one (yack) and the game continued, there were 2 dices for other player out and inserted his dices and he won (maybe hacked it) Zero star
لما انتم عباقرة لهذة الدرجه بتعملوا لعبة ليه !!! اكتر من نص ال users وال score وال friends راحوا كل يوم في جديد معاكم الحقيقه يا بهايم 🤔
Dah game khara wa el dice mosh random wala spontaneous abdan, el open chips kola betba2a dice targeted wa bayena aoi eno planned, plus that it takes ages to find a random player, and the chat options are so borint. One word to the developers (Lame)
1 star because there is a time limit. I was playing a game with a friend and it stopped half way. At least have a setting to switch off the time limit. If this is fixed i would give it a 5 star.
Glitchy. The checkers appear to change places, as if they were stuck in a previous position. Terrible experience when you think you captured a checker, then the table updates showing that, in fact you just placed your own checker to be captured. This happened more than once and I continued playing to be absolutely sure I wasn't imagining things. Very disappointed because I love mahbuse and all the other games are franjieh (backgammon)
Good looking game but they claim its "true dice" but if you play the game long enough, the dice isn't random at all... I feel like I see unbelievable combinations of dice at key moments and continuous doubles so often... I guess there is always that possibility but I dont see this anywhere else...
I really love the game but I just changed from Samsung to IPhone and I can’t play! :( I wish that you can update this feature and let IOS players play too!!! It would be very appreciated. Thank you!
اللعبه كانت شغاله كويس وبعدين مش بتفتح خالص دا مشكله من اللعبه ولا عندي انا بس دايما نو كونيكشن
I was playing with a play for 10 games and I won 5 and he won also 5 suddenly you send me a message and you tell me that i can't play with this player because he is pro . So this game will be removed from my phone and my freinds phone
This game has lots of bugs I hold 3 pieces for my opponent in my ground than he started collecting his pieces while others are locked then he won the match this game is a BAD LOOSE GAME UNINSTALLING
Alot of cheaters in the game ! Last match i played tbe opponent was removing checkers even though i had 2 of his checkers locked ! Cheap game
A lot of cheating in the game. Developer has to fix that, the game is amazing but when cheating happened everything will become worse.
Im trying to connect all the afternoon with no luck...now it seems coming better....needs more options in messaging.
Don't play anyone who has ratings above 10000. They keep on getting doubles early on and get perfect dice every turn there is no way you can win. Dice is not random.
For several days I have tried to connect via fb or making username but can't enter at all . while tawla 31 connects sometimes and sometimes not, this never enters
لعبة تفنيص وما الها دخل بالطاولة. حتى اللي ما بيعرف يلعب بتخليه يربح . وانا كنت عامل 40 ربح وبس 8 خسارة ومن وقت حطيت no like وانا ما بقى قادر اربح كتير ههه سخافة لا والذكاء انو عاملينها بتفصل بس يدق تلفونك