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Magnetic Balls: Neon

Magnetic Balls: Neon for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by 100500games.org located at 1-й Хвостов пер., 11А Москва, Московская область 119180 Russia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Lending tree ad locks the game up. Unable to close ad and play the game. Will delete soon if not fixed.
I love love love this game it's very entertaining and I love the graphics and colors levels are really great and challenging 🤩👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
I've played this for a few years and enjoyed it. But now just getting to a board to play has become a trick in itself. They now push you to log in every time you open the app. Once you work your way past that (if you feel no need to log in) you get an ad. Then another screen or two, then it still wants you to create a name. It used to be open the game, play. Now its ads and sign in's, etc... Too many things to get past just to play the game. Otherwise the game is good and fun to kill time.
Very different! It will take me awhile to figure out how to play but it's really something special! Well done
It says pet missions are completed after 3rd round & 4th round missions are not appearing. Last few pets are given to upgrade to 4th level in the 3rd level itself. After 3rd level missions are not appearing even after 2 days. Something wrong in updated virsion. My phone model honor 9i. Please upgrade with corrections..
got the first game (the one with the penguin character). I like it very much. This one is the sequel with much more better polish and consistent graphics (and theme). Would like to pay for the ad free version but can't find it anywhere?
I don't like having to buy bombs n power ups. Used to be u can buy with coins or emeralds. I am uninstalling!! I love the new neon. I love the avatars! Great game! Thank u. 👍
Its different and fun as well as being challenging. Colors are interestimg. However the challenge comes in that they make sure you don't get the right color at the time you need it. Or they set up a block so that its hard to knock out combo's. Or they seperate the colors so your left wondering where you should shot. Thanks.👍
I Like The Game So Far. It's Pretty Fun. Can't Find Game Rules & Instructions. Love The HD Neon Graphics & Precision Aim! However, When Shooting foThe Matching Big Bubbles Together; The Displayed Impact Quivered; Like Jello Or A Water Balloon; Sporadically Bouncing Apart; Sometimes 1-2 Bubbles Over From Original Aim Before Sticking; Making Every Impact Different & All My Planning Ahead In Vein! After playing this game over the past 6 months or so I can honestly say I LOVE IT!!! It's different
The game was awesome before the update. I don't want the pets or dragons or what ever those new creatures are, dump that. And the limited number of switches stinks in the higher levels, lose that! Put it back like it was and the game play stars will go to 5.
The most addictive game I've ever played. A bit too easy at higher levels and I've no idea how to operate the controls. But I don't need to because it's too easy. Very satisfying the way the magnetic balls attract to each other and explode.
Really enjoy the game. Great time waster. But no rules or explainations can be pretty frustrating. I rack up coins and stuff but don't know or see how they help. Will clear one level to get 3 stars. Yet can only get 1 star clearing next level, even if I replay it. Will really help if you give the game some clearer direction.
This game really does make sense & is designed to help with Relaxing the body & mind..And then it starts to get a bit tricky confuses my brain cells ,😤 that's great!!
This game is addictive, a year later I logged more hours than reasonable. It's a relaxing distraction from boredom. Would be 5 stars if adequate detailed directions were available, I searched extensively. On level 5378 & ALL Pets upgraded, now I cannot complete the Mission of the Day since it is impossible to get enough puzzle pieces (296)in time allotted for the mission before it resets. Complete detailed instructions are required. Is there is a way to move forward or must I uninstall? HELP!
I've played this game a lot. Like an embarrassing amount. I've really enjoyed it until recently, when the developers suddenly got greedy and ruined the game. They now have an "energy" system instead of lives, so whether you win or lose your game is interrupted constantly. Also, now bombs are only attainable by paying them real money. I hate it. I guess it's time to uninstall. Yes I'm still giving it 5 stars. I've played it a lot and should have rated it earlier. But the game isn't fun anymore
I used to LOVE this game...have played over 1600 levels BUT after the "update", this game SUCKS !!! Before the "update" I was able to "purchase" bombs and power ups using "coins" that I had earned. Now you want to charge $$ for the power ups so I see no point in playing any longer...great game turned bad !!! Will definitely uninstall and find an "honest" game which does not change at the developers whim !!
Hm, very suspect. I don't believe al the positive reviews on here. As someone else said, the game isn't explained at all, so you're OK as long as you're happy just pinging balls around. Beyond that, I really have no clue what's going on. There seem to be e, tea mechanics that just aren't clear in the slightest. I see people talking in the reviews about things I had no idea were in this game! But tbh it quickly gets to the point where it feels scammy and you can only progress by paying...
welp I love the music that goes along with this game, But my only issue is with where you put the lazor is not where allot of the circles will go, if I have a cluster of 4 of the same color on each side or top & i aim for those it won't erupt all 8 just the four that were on whatever side.. Its pretty great other then that...
really well done. great physics, sound, colour, controls. explosions are satisfying. only reason I did not give 5 stars is because there are no instructions on how to buy or upgrade pets. I am at level 100 and still can't figure out the reward system. for instance I have all the gems but I can't upgrade a pet, nor do I know if I am even doing it right. nor is it clear whether these pets offer passive powers tbat are always active, or if you have to activate them and there are only so many uses.
It's a fun take on a match 3 bubble shooter. Been playing it off and on for years. I am at levels in the 3000s. However I have to complain the last key quest is absolutely ridiculous. 500 puzzle pieces is impossible unless I have no job and played all day. If I can find a good level I get 3 pieces at a time, if lucky. 500 is WAY too much.
Great game that's been ruined... Played this game most days for a couple of hours but the recent change in points and rewards has ruined it.... It wasn't broke so fiddling has made a backward step.... Will pop back once in a while to see if you put it back to how it was. Untill then looking for an alternative... Ads are short keep it that way
I like that I can cause a magnetic ball chain reaction. I'm starting to understand how it can be done. I am not scientifically educated at all. I do general math for goodness sake. Anyways I am glad I stumbled across this game. Thanks!!
The Bomb! I know that's a dated expression, but I have been playing this game for quite A LONG TIME! I must say I have never had a game capture my attention like this one. It's not juvenile but an adult game that everyone can play. Makes good sounds and pops ... chewing gum for the eyes and ears. Tom Savarese
Wonderfully, challenging time killers. I like the different aspects of the game surrounding this cool bubble shooters. Nice boosters and some neat upgrades. I would say, if there are goals for each level, make them more clear at the beginning of each level. I like the time challenges too. Would be great to incorporate different modes to this one. Good job guys! Continue in your creative endeavors! I really like this one.
One word, ADDICTED! I've given up reading my books, watching TV, talking to friends (JK). Seriously, this is a great game and VERY fulfilling once you get into the groove; I'm well into 300+ level and haven't spent a dime. 😎
Best satisfying ball popping game I've played! Ads arent over bearing. There isnt any flashy annoying pop ups. Just satisfying magnetic ball popping. Thanks for making a great game! Dont change anything. If my opinion of the game changes I will come back to update.
This game is addicting, the graphics are cool. I like the fact that they move in a way that gives u a chance to shoot from a different angle. If it weren't for having to buy lives or watch all the videos for lives, then this game would have been 5 stars.
I've come to love the ☮️ of mind this app leaves me with. Not only does it grow on you after the initial period of loving it and it's distracting simplicity but it gets interestingafter learning how to really play the game and take advantage of the features and there unexpected layout. The graphics are great as are the different levels more and more interesting. How to spend hours playing this gameand I've noticed a soothing come that comes out on me from playing.
Addictive but unclear goals. I've completed the 27 available pets but no idea what is required to reveal No. 28. Have over 1 million coins and heaps of crystals but nothing to use them on. Just doing silly league games now.
I first tried a similar app and it failed! I really like this one. This explained the controls and has a very good plan for your enjoyment. Great game to past the time! Thanks Devs for your hard work!
I Love This Game!!!! I play it for hours. Thanks for your creativity. STAY SAFE & COVER R BOTHYOURNOSE & MOUTH. TH HA KS SO MUCH U R WONDER.
It becomes increasingly difficult, and has confusing upgrades at higher levels without explanation why you even want the various upgrade "creatures" that appear in the scoring summary. However, still addictive and challenging, particularly the randomly timed segments. Needs better descriptions of a.) What do the upgrade creatures do for you, b.) How do you gather more of them, and c.) How do they interact with game play? Overall, fun game!
Loving Every Second I Play! I have been playing this game for a Year and Enjoy every second I play...Very Relaxing Game requiring Strategy and Skill! I opened up the game one morning and it was totally different with more of a Challenge adding Characters and Power Ups to Strive for which help u in the game! Awesome! Am now on level 2575 with 3 Stars on every Level and got All my Characters with All their Up Grades..Now What? MORE PLEASE!! Yes! Your Mom was Right, this IS the Best Game Ever!
I love this game! It's perfectly challenging but I do win which is what I want. I love colored marbles but neon and magnetic is awesome! A little physics helps understand how to stack to make combos. Good for kids and adults both.
Fun version the match bubble magnetic balls shooter games, with exploding balls. The controls for aiming the ball are hard to use. very sensitive so the tracking line flies all over making a zillion bounces. I haven't figured out what the numbers are at the ball chute but I might should read the insturcations eh? I'm awful sure I played an earlier version.
I wanted to get out of the game by hitting the backward facing arrow on my phone. I couldn't. I had to force stop the game (press the Home button to get out of the game).
Used to have the older version, enjoyed it much more. This one wants you to dump a bunch of money into it to get bomb packs or level ups and without those you can't pass or win most of the levels. Another game ruined for the sake of greed. How sad.
I don't like having to buy bombs n power ups. Used to be u can buy with coins or emeralds. I am uninstalling!! I love the new neon. I love the avatars! Great game! Thank u. 👍 I cannot access the daily offer, is anyone else having trouble with it? HI I am having a problem with gaining access to the daily offer. It doesn't go through. Is anyone else have this problem or is it just me? Still not working!!!!!Thank you, it's working! 😊
Level 539 is impossible because the the level stops when balls get I don't get so close you can't continue play. May Delete.
Great combination of skill, luck and strategy. I played an earlier version of this, but this one is a very mature realization of it. The central innovation is the magnetic action. You can use it not just to make an impossible match but also to change the orientation of the layout - sometimes resulting in a cascade of combinations. There's quite a lot of sophistication to this game, and I still have a lot to learn. I think a small book could be written about how to play this thing. But who reads instructions, right? Still...
This game is so fun. It's different, capable of winning and I'm able to collect points by watching ads but the game is well worth it. Ads are not very long. I give this game a thumbs up👍
Smooth and fun game to play. I love the music and look of the game. Would be nice to have more creative backgrounds to look different and different styles of play for higher levels. Unless there are and I haven't seen them yet. The good part also is the laser pointer feature! I love being able to utilize it for accuracy. Nice game.
Lending tree ad locks me out. The only way to get out is to force close. Will try uninstall and reinstall. If that doesn't fix it,I'm kicking this to the curb. Update .... As I mentioned above I had to Uninstaller and reinstall the game for lending tree ad to disappear. So far everything seems to be working properly. ....Thought unistall / reinstall worked. NOPE!! Had a response from the developer. Found that the contact address is in Moscow !! Byebye.