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Magnetic balls bubble shoot

Magnetic balls bubble shoot for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by 100500games.org located at 1-й Хвостов пер., 11А Москва, Московская область 119180 Russia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've had this app loaded for a long while now. Sometimes I take a break from it but I always come back to it b/c it is just a great 'chill' game. What I would love to see is more vacation levels. It's like the devs got so far and then abandoned it. Moe (what I named the penguin) only gets so far on his vacation upgrades and then... nothing. How about finishing out the the upgrades and then moving on to a different vacation... like a safari or a tropical island? Moe needs a change of pace.
Great Graphics! Very creative programming to make the balls sway and then the clicking sound when they stick to each other is ingenious. The ads aren't horrible either. Have actually found some other cool games due to the ads - which by the way you can terminate early. Thanks for your efforts!
Fun game until adverts about this Covid rubbish kept popping up which is all Untrue dominated it. So I delited it which everyone should do. This is my second review as my first wasn't shown which proves the government doesn't what the truth told.
I love the physics in this game if you like anything like this you'll love it tried it and nothing like I've ever seen or played before
Game play is unique but overly simple, yet the controls are messed up. It looks.oike a mashed together game with another
Love this game but I think they should start out with the smaller balls first then make them bigger. Not much of a challenge with smaller balls.
Although I enjoy the game itself, one of the adverts that pops up takes over your phone. Even after I exited the game and closed it down the music from the advert continued playing... Repeatedly. I went into apps and did a force close on the game, but the music continued. I then thought to switch off and on again, but the advert had took over my on and off button and when trying to switch off opens a Google search for the music and takes you to the play store to download the advertised game.
I played a magnetic game some years ago, then ave up GAMES but missed that one. Now that I have my time back again I sought it out and found this one. I enjoy it but have played it so much I apparently "wore out my welcome" and it all seems endlessly the same. I am in the early stages of dementia, so need to keep challenging my mind and keep it functioning. I use this now as a stress reliever and remind myself that everything has limits. My mind reminds me when I need to relax a bit.
Great game, fluid, reacts quickly, and whoever did the physics for it deserves an award. Handles ads very well, and is overall a great time-passer. I periodically download it, play it for three months, then get to a point where I cannot progress further uninstall it and then promptly forget about it for a while. Every time I'm reminded of it, I again download it.
I've played and enjoyed this for a long while. Recently it started acting weird. When shooting and getting to end of a round it would stop and balls would just sit. At times it was so sluggiah balls were slow & wouldn't bounce off rails. It's just not the same at all. I've kept it hoping next update would fix as I really liked it in beginning.
this game was fun at first but now that I'm at level 136 it's next to impossible to complete. Black balls get in the way and there's no way to get past half of these obstacles. At this point I'm ready to get rid of the game. Also tired of constantly having to look at advertise it. Don't even waste your time
Certainly not your average bubble game. Fun and fast pace. Marble is the best "realm". I'm giving it a 4 just for that one. Don't like the volcano realm at all; it hurts my eyes. The others are okay, but not that easy on the eyes either.
Good, trendy relaxing game, loved the graphics! Ate too much of my expensive UK DATA at 35mb per use but it's so relaxing! Break those balls, lol! Needs a fresh review, bit boring. Uk review
This is a Mindless game, enjoyable to waste time. There are problems. The lead ball (bottom) conflicts w/ my S8 menu button which pops up over the ball so I can't change the ball. There are no instructions on the game app whatsoever, you are just shooting balls, w/ no direction. Click the menu, you see different icons if you select, you see kittens, vacation, etc. a button to take these for an amount of coins , but there's no place to see WHY. With work it could be a fun game (no kittens, etc).
Was a great game into you added ads. If I gotta watch the same mob wars ad 10 times in a row, them I'm out. Sad. And I still didn't install that stupid mob game.
Interesting, creative twist to a classic game. The magnetic attraction of the balls to one another really adds a new creative aspect to the game. It only takes a level or two, to learn how to take advantage of the magnetic pull the balls have.If you enjoy this genre of game, this is worth giving it a try.
This would be a great game, except one problem, the app just freezes up on me randomly at the beginning of a new level, so what's the point of playing when I have to quit after 2 or 3 levels. Uninstalling.
Love this game. Only downside for me is that on starting a new level - in my case medium - there are too many boring, super easy stages. The smaller balls are fun at first, but by now I know how to play so I expect more challenge, faster...🙂
Pretty cool take on bubble pop. The physics of the magnetic balls is interesting. The balls can pull up and regroupas the magnetic forces apply vs. gravity. The graphics are polished for such a simple game, and the reflection on the marbles is well done. Ads come with each level, but don't feel too intrusive for a "free" game. I *greatly* appreciate the wide variety of the ads. If I have to stare at commercials, at least it's not the same 5 over and over, and I actually clicked a couple. ;)
I paid for this game once before, years ago. Now it's gone from my library only to be replaced by the same game and asking for payment to remove the ads. My original paid game had no ads. What happened to it? It was removed and not a word was said to those who had purchased it. That makes these devs thieves. I want my game back from these rip-off artists!
I can see the original balls betterneed them its harder for me to see on the next level or is it the background that makes the balls hard to see
The volcano realm background makes it hard to see the red and orange balls, but otherwise the game is flawless.
The ball color run bar is deceiving. It shows the ball that's loaded and 4 colors that follow except the next ball is not following it is the one loaded. That is wrong. It should be loaded ball and then the following colors. The player has to keep looking down and up to make a decision as to what they want to do next. I can't deal with the constant looking up and down I feel like I'm going to have a seizure. It's to slow. You can't change the color of the ball. If you can I have no idea how.
Not crazy about all the ads but the game is simple and so addictive. I just wish it was easier to exit. The pause button icon is so small you barely see it.
Most annoying bubble game I've ever played. Not only does this app run like a 100 year old tortoise, but you are doomed from the beginning bc the options, when it comes to bubbles, are few and far between. Another annoyance: From the get go, you have between 1 to 2 bubbles to choose from. All of the other bubble games I have played, don't have this issue. Uninstalling
Love the game hate the ads and there's no way to make them go away. Update: found "disable ads". Reasonable price for a game that helps me organize my thoughts. It took me a while to find it. Developer reached out to help me find it. Thank you.
Just OK. Then it gets to some point where I cannot pass. Very few adds. Only ads when I choose bonus points. What are bonus points used for?
You get to a certain level and then it seems like it wants to sabotage your point score or winning streak. The magnetic pull no longer makes sense and you either lose by default or just too low of score. There have even been times that the color shown is not what it pulls out. Fix these odd glitches and I'd reinstall and even rate you a 5 instead of a 2.
I've enjoyed having this app around for winding down in quite moments or killing time when I find myself waiting somewhere. It even helps me focus while listening to any sort of audio education input, because it doesn't take away from my concentration and helps quietly filter out excess distractions. A nice reliable little gem for years now that I am still as happy as ever with.
Add some more background rather than plane and also some level of difficulty. Like coming down balls fast or matching bit difficult.
This is one of the best shooter games i have played in a while. 1-5 seconds after an ad pops up, you can use the back button to exit. Only thing i have an issue with is well. After you buy all items for the penguin, i still earn money. Other than that, no real issues.
I played this game last year and I loved it. Got a different phone and lost it so I had a free download it and I'm back on playing my ass off
I love it but i would REALLY REALLY LOOOOVE an endless level i hope you consider my request thank you for a wonderful game 💖💖💖
1☆ because as soon as I pushed play , it gave me an ad. I know that ads is what keeps the games free, but this was ridiculous. This game does not allow u to be able to switch the ball color either. The newer version is so much better! I played a few games & then immediately deleted it.
Best game I've played in a while. If I could make one suggestion a freestyle marathon mode just to keep playing and trying to set a high score would be good. Love the look and style
It is very distracting game to say the least. Ive been late for a couple different things because I couldnt stop playing!
I have played this game for a while. I like the various modes of play - you can change the metal balls into jelly balls, etc. However I am very upset that some of my app icons (including this one) have disappeared from my screen. They are listed in my installed apps list but I have no way to open them other than to uninstall & then reinstall them, losing all my progress. I blame Google Play - I didn't have issues until I decided to give it an update. Mind ur own biznez Google & stay out of mine
Before downloading, I thought the magnetic effect was just a gimmick, but it adds greatly to the gameplay. Deleting balls by combining three of them with the same color doesn't just drop freed balls, but makes them recombine with the others. Odd angles and interesting movements ensue. This often leads to other balls touching and being deleted, sometimes in awesome chain reactions that leave a seemingly hopelessly cluttered game completely different and much more playable again. Very addictive!
It was great until it went to no time and bubbles until you run out of space No challenge Now it sucks
At first I didnt care for the game until I realized the object. Then I became addicted. Unfortunately the addiction is wearing off as am finding that the levels even on EASY are getting impossible up in the higher 100 levels. When a game becomes "work" the enjoyment ceases.
This is fun, BUT after you play a while (not that long) you get to a level where the ball level moves down quickly enough that it's impossible to win. I also think you should be able to switch to the next ball color like most of the marble shooter games. Overall not a very sophisticated game.
Just bad. There is no angle shooting and the minute your finger touches the screen, it fires. I normally like games like this, but this one is just bad.
Highly addictive. If you want to waste hours and hours of your life on doing nothing productive, this is your app.
I have completed all the levels and would like to start doing the levels again. Deleting the app and reinstalling does not work. Is there a way to reset the app to complete all the levels again?