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Magnet Balls PRO: Puzzle

Magnet Balls PRO: Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by crazy owl located at 390013, Russian Federation, Ryazan, 7 Vokzalnaya st.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game. If you get a black screen and it will not run, try restarting your phone, or reinstalling the game!
I like it, i play it all the time. But... I had it on my phone and installed it on my tablet but the progress started from zero in the tablet. So what's the use of access my profile if not keeping the progress? Also... in adventure mode if i lose i exit the game and i enter again and my score continues and i continue with the game! And rarely it does crazy things but if you exit and enter everythingis ok.
The recent update appears to have changed this into Magnet Balls 2, which, while a different game, was not as enjoyable for me. This update adds a lot of elements that drove me away from #2. Things like, color-specific powerups, electric arcs that repel balls, moving pins, inability to change ball color after you have been aiming a shot, etc. On top of that, it's literally impossible to ever lose "endless" mode now. So, the covered rankings are pointless now. This WAS a 4-star+ game. No more.
This is the most paradoxical game I have encountered. It is the most engaging yet calming game I have found. It is forthright, yet, allows a mental challenge that doesn't leave your nerves frayed. It is graphically pleasing, allows clear focus, and it is uncluttered. The game has a very calming effect even though it is strategically challenging.
Love the fact that this game can go offline. When you're out of town with no internet, this game is a good casual entertainment.
UPDATE When I bought this it had 300 levels now it has a lot more! (Original)This is so much fun! And crazy addicting! You will have trouble stopping.
Idk what happens here... But i can't tap the button... I can claim the daily, but can't play the game...
A really fun game, something I can come and play on the side when I'm bored and want something quick to pass time
Not working. Download it and installed when opened it stuck on the manu and no button seems to work. 😔😔
Goid game. But unfibished. Fun to play but nreds more levels, save functiin,dificulty increase and maybe cha ge ratings. At this point it reoeats same few levels in a loop making it just a matter if patience to become top 1 player. Is just a mater of patience and concentration. Protip to become nr 1 ranking. Play a bit, leave it, come bacl play again a bit. Do it 30min play 1 ht rest for 2days and youre top player lol. I dont like it. Was really into this game for 5 days now it getting less fun
A hidden gem! Graphics are great, game play is smooth and polished, but only decent challenge /replayability. Excellent Snood type game. Love playing with my balls!
Too many loopholes. Tilting your phone upside down and destroying the anchor ball lets you shoot as many balls as you want and artificially raise your high score.
This game is great. It looks and runs amazing, 60fps. The animations and whatnot are pretty. It's also a good bubble shooter game. Usually these games suck but this one is genuinely good.
Addictive. Fun. No annoyances and distractions. Maybe some more ball designs would be great. But one thing I don't understand it's the points system. How points are calculated?
Great game, there is potential for exploits like using the gyro function but I see it as a non issue since you gain so many gems that you could use power ups exclusively. Just a great time waster with neat mechanics
The game functions and graphics have increased 1000%. Absolute night and day from the last time I played this in 2019. I'm extremely grateful to the Dev for taking the time to upgrade what was a "so-so" game with potential, to a way to go game.
Look. The game itself is VERY good. But there are too many carbon copies of this game. Magnet balls pro, magnet balls 2, magnet balls HD. I can't even tell the difference. I got most them for free (from the discount) so I'm not really complaining. But just a suggestion focus on one version and keep updating that version. I won't even mind some form of microtransaction as long as it's not affecting gameplay (probably skins, sound pack or whatever) to compensate for the maintenance of the game.
Bubble shooter with pseudo physics. Ok to play. Inertia and magnetism will interfere sometimes when the game fails to calculate vectors properly.
I really am addicted to this game. But I have to give it 3 stars over the very frustrating fact that if you pause the game, and are away from it for longer than 10ish minutes. it resets and doesn't let you back to the game you had paused. I was up to almost a 30000 score, and it's gone. Disappointing.
I play this way too much. Easy to get a few stages done while walking down hall. I like the random stages and the stress free feel of the game.
You are using Google play games but you are not storing the progress a reinstall cost me months of progress I don't like starting over. Why are you even logging in play games at all?
Great game. BUT, it would be much better (among the best) if there was a pause/save progress facility. If you have to stop playing after an hour or more, you can't accrue a better score, just start again. If you could continue from where you left off... Perfect. The update and changes have made the game even better than it was.
Nice twist to the bubble shooter genre using gyroscope tilt and magnetism physics. I got it when it was on sale but it's definitely worth the $1 price tag.
Great timepass. Works offline. Saves progress in Play games. Graphics have amazingly improved overtime. Kudos to devs. 100% recommended
After working for months to get the highest score on endless mode, the app reset and my score is gone. Don't waste your time here
Great little game. It was "no ads". It now has ads. The most annoying bit is trying to switch to another app. This goes full screen so you end up firing off balls by accident. Despite this, its a really good way to lose an hour or two.
Great game, very addictive. My only complaint is after a while it makes my phone pretty hot otherwise I would give it 5 stars. Playing on a Samsung Galaxy S9
I never thought that I would love this kind of game, but these magnet balls are so addictive 😍. I love that they let you play with accelerometer. Very nice and great time killer. Like to see more app from the developers. I'm giving 5 stars 🌟
Lots of fun. My personal preference would be for more varied backgrounds and the ability to choose more ball colors. It's an addicting game and you can get caught up playing for hours.
The new update is great! I was surprised to see the game change so much, but the uodates really do add a lot more to the game. I enjoyed playing before the update, but it sort of felt aimless. The "adventure mode" would infinietly cycle levels, which was a great time waster, but only fun for so long. Changing the way I play has been difficult, but certainly not frustrating. Good update to a fun game!
Great timewaster. Really addictive little game, I love it Edit: since you added another 600 levels, when I go to play, it only takes me to level 600, so I have to manually page forward many times to get to the level I'm currently on
Such a fun game! Found it while going through sale games. But I'd gladly pay full price for it. I think a couple hours went by while I played for the first time. The mechanics are different from a traditional match three game. It's a challenge, but a fun one. Edit (9/25/19): Recent updates are a nice suprise. There's even more value now. Kudos to the developers!
Now this is a fun title that gives its own identity! Multiple modes and stuff! Unlike others that uses pastel art and infinite levels with no identity... Although I do have a critic: Why the color yellow and green are so similar? Even with icons when you're launcing a Power ball it defeat the purpose to distinguish because the color and the icon is change... But that's all!
Would have been 5 stars if they would label the menu items instead of having an 'intuitive' button that can be mistaken for for something else.
Wonderfully creative take on the good old "shoot colourful bubbles and three of the same colour explode"
For every update, game play changes. What's more, none of the many stupid errors in this game, such as side boundaries that are not at the exact place, no available ball to fore, etc., aren't fixed. One can only pray that this coder isn't doing serious programming work that lives may actually depend on.
I loved this game. Right up until the last update. You've taken a game that I could spend a lot of time playing because it was both simple and fun, and tried to improve it. And you Failed. Now it's annoying with the explosions. that pretend to tear a hole in things, etc.. Probably going to end up uninstalling it now. 😭😭