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Magnet Balls 2: Physics Puzzle

Magnet Balls 2: Physics Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by crazy owl located at 390013, Russian Federation, Ryazan, 7 Vokzalnaya st.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is incredibly addictive. i love being able to play without fear of arbitrary timers for lives. there's no pressure to buy anything. My only complaint is that I'm color blind, the symbols solves most of it, but when there is a special mounted ball, I can't compare shapes.
I really do enjoy this game. I still play the original. But this one is very laggy. Which is ashame cause this one. Is so much more vivid and has vibration support. I'll definitely get back to it when the lag is fixed.
many nice and small improvements over version 1, mainly new levels and bigger infinite mode (smaller balls)... but no more adventure for some reason.
There are some levels with "invisible" balls, even if every single thing on the screen is destroyed the level couldn't finish, if ask for more balls, they come all with the same color of the "invisible" ball. A buggy piece of software
Interesting game with good gameplay. Unfortunately the green and cyan balls are really similar, leading to some issues in later levels. Also endless mode is rather dull, special balls such as the magnets and repulsers popping up occasionally would make it much more fun.
Addicting, challenging, & SO FUN! A nice physics addition to the "pop 3" type of game. I exhausted the levels in 2 days, though, & was really happy to see an update today with 15 more. But, I just finished those. NEED MOAR MAGNET BALLS! 😉 (I may spend some time going back & converting 2* to 3* levels, but still NEED MOAR!!!)
3 starred every level. Pretty fun game. The changes from the first one are hit or miss. It was better when the balls shot faster and the reactions didn't happen so fast. Several times I'd have 4 connect but only 3 are cleared. But I love the aim line and the "campaign" with 180 levels.
I had more fun with this game! I was hooked, level after level. Balanced! Thats the word I'd use to describe my experience. Most levels are just difficult enough to learn by playing more than once. The colors, action of the magnets, and different sounds all speak to a full package of fun!!!
Love it! More random and physical oriented instead of having to repeat shooting each ball in a specific order in a long sequence to complete the level. Some levels can be completed by just shaking your phone. That's not a bad thing, it's imaginative. Love it and am addicted.
It is a nice simple game that allows the mind to solve a puzzle. The bonus is you get to blow up balls 😂
Pretty fun puzzle game. I wish there was still a way to get rid of excess balls, but that's a minor complaint.
A nice mechanics, funny gameplay and helpful power-ups. Just fix that major issue in control: once finger is held down and moved for aiming, its visit in bottom zone should not change balls any more. Instead, maybe make top half of the zone doing nothing and the bottom half canceling the shot.
This games is great, Im usually the type of person thta doesnt play mobile games and especially finish one, but this games was one of the few that does acomplish that. The levels are simple but have a unique charm to them. The game has a few bugs but nithing really game breaking (trust me Im used to breaking games). So if you want a games that you can play for 10 minutes at a time theb this games is the game
A small step back. After the latest changes i find that I am trying to steer clear of random special balls awarded after 4+ combos. They break bonus combo chains and ruin set-ups. White special balls don't trigger action.
Game I was looking for long time. No ads, no in app purchases, no much permissions needed. Great graphics and innovative approach to the old sweet bubbles. Very entertaining! Thank you.
Terrific. Easy to learn, but challenging enough to keep you playing. Great sound effects. Some graphics perhaps need a little work, but overall they're pretty good. Noticed a few times where I'd cleared the level, but it didn't register my success - just left me in limbo, and I had to reset the level and play it again. Otherwise a great game. Bring on Magnet Balls 3!
Great game! I don't generally play these type of games but this one is not boring, each level is different & not impossible to complete. And the magnetic force of the balls add a different challenge to the game.
Good design and concept, one of the best ball shooter games out there. Only complaint is level 56. It's impossible by any standards. Played more in that level than all the others combined, and I haven't seen any meaningfull progress. I am slowly quitting this game because of this frustrating bit.
Good concept but needs work on the controls. When the balls get to low, you can't shoot them because the motion to shoot is the same as switching balls. Also makes it harder to play overall. Annoying when you want to switch colors and you end up shooting one or more balls accidentally. My solution? Take the swipe to switch away, and ad a button or arrows.
Time-waster of the year from me. Love the bubble buster with a twist. Coins (to "purchase" special ammo to assist in clearing the board) are rarely needed and found in abundance in-game. Quick levels (about 5-10 minutes, if you aren't planning every move super carefully), an easy-to-use interface and control system, the ability to turn assists like guide lines off, and an endless mode for long bus or train rides makes this an excellent game for the casual gamer and the phone-absorbed alike.
It's way better than the 1st one, but like the 1st the fun fades away too, but not so quickly. There are one thing that I don't if I like or if I hate, it's the fact that the game responds to gravity based of the orientation of your device, it's cool but it's very influential for a puzzle game. Anyway I don't know if this game is just free or if I got it for free in a promo. It's a good Puzzle Bubble "clone" with some cool twists.
What a shame - such a promising concept but the bonus system totally ruins it. You can buy them for in game credits that you get here and there for playing the game. Meaning it's not so much skill that makes you move up the leaderboard but how much time you spend.
Great physics! Cool graphics! Perfect game! One small problem: In the second color style, the yellow balls (with a triangle) are white (gray metallic). Inside the preview and in the promotional video, the corresponding balls are yellow. Great game overall!
Level 111 is just demonic.The color balls available are very minimal and wrongly timed.The Structure just tiles for no good reason after investing some time on a side.This level needs a miracle and pure luck to solve the level without powerups.
It's worth a free app. the colour of balls to shoot has small relevance to the level. Level sequence seems somewhat haphazard. I get more bored with each passing level. It was such a basic thing for this type of game... and you've messed it! I can't be more generous than giving you a two-star rating.
I love this game. It really needs new levels or new game Magnet Balls 3. Update to my review. After every update I'm so disappointed, I was expecting new levels, but instead we got - fixed bugs, seriously 🤬. One star down from me.
Game is OK at first. But it's maddening as you progress. Not because it's hard. It isn't. But after each level, there is a longer and longer delay before the menu buttons appear. I think your score is counting up in the background, so as your score gets higher, it takes longer to count up. Developers, if I'm right then do everyone a favor and CHANGE THAT! This isn't a 1960s pinball machine. Sure, sometimes a little extras can be nice. But NEVER at the expense of actual gameplay.
Best game of it's class, easily. Physics is a great addition to this style of game, plenty of levels, and no ads.
Flashy, fast, mostly not hard. Score on the end should be delayed until screen clears fully. Out of balls sound should not be played again if you decline extra balls, it s a bit annoying. For in-game bugs you can use bottom right special balls to finish level. Kinda disappointed that I didn't get any special celebration after finishing level 600. Great fame to calm down and play few minutes, but it can get addictive so instead of 10 minutes you end up playing for 30+.
Very addictive - great app - but theres a glint in the game! One of the grey balls, sometimes a power ball does not work on a trio on many levels! If you have one of these dud grey balls on the last magnet, you cannot finish that level and have to reset it. Other than that. Love it 👍
It has an addicting quality to it; its simplistic but very satisfying to watch the little orbs fall into the void. The levels seem to repeat themselves often and, even with new properties being introduced, it becomes repetitive.
I loved the first Magnet Ball. And while second one is better in many ways, it's WAY to hard. I'm at level 19 now and there is ZERO enjoyment in it. I'm spitting balls like crazy and still I cannot finish. Money is running out, balls are running out ALL the time. This is not a game, this is frantic work. I suggest you either make inifinte balls storage or make everything easier. Or install some sort of leisure mode. Great game but way too hard. It could be perfect commuting game.
I'm highly confused. You have six (6!) magnet balls games here on Play Store, five of them with no version number, so I assume they're ver.1, and one is ver.2. What's the point? How should we pick? It doesn't help neither you nor your potential users. I thought I would play one, but I'll rather wait until this chaos is cleared up. Regards.
What an incredibly addictive and very enjoyable game! I didn't read the description about this game but it seemed to be something for me to pass my idle time similar to other games I've tried before. This one took me happily by surprise. I was unaware of tilting my phone until well into the 20's level. Lol! I haven't tried the first version yet. To all who put this together, well done and thank you.
6/2/20 Dev added levels and didn't raise price! It's darn addictive! You won't want to stop. Totally worth every cent! 3/2/20 Very fun game. Enjoyable.
Great and rather addictive casual game. I have found what appears to be a bug with the silver snow flake ball. It will not match to the regular silver balls. At the end of a level where I had only one silver snowflake ball it gives me only silver balls to end the level. Matching 3 should have ended the level but the regular balls were not triggering a match. Had to use a bomb to blow up the anchor to end the level. Otherwise this is a very fun sometimes frustrating (in a good way) game.
This and the first one are both long time favorites of mine. Extremely well done. No other magnetic ball games have come close. Seriously worth paying for. I would (and have) recommend this game to family and friends, young and old. 😀👍
Great game but crashes on opening since last update. Okay, so it's because of Google Play Games latest update. Can't sign out if MB2 won't open. Just have to wait for the next update. It finally did start and I was able to sign out. Runs fine now - signing in doesn't back up progress anyway...
Oh boy, there goes my free time. This is a great, well thought out, and well executed game. My new 'goto' for fun & distraction!
No lives, no pressure to connect to Facebook, no pressure to leave a review, nearly unlimited shots per level, power-ups are dirt cheap with in-game currency that's obtained naturally as you progress through the levels... playing a bunch of freemium games made me forget that simple fun like this was even possible. It's addictive without being anxiety-inducing, like a casual game should be.
One of the best bubble shooter game, clean interface, some unique features like gyroscope, magnetic balls, etc. Thanks secs, keep it up.
line target sometimes not accurate.. overlay issue of try again and level completed after no more balls then level finished.. and no points when too many ball falls? and no 3 stars after finishing with few ball?