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Magnet Balls: Physics Puzzle

Magnet Balls: Physics Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by crazy owl located at 390013, Russian Federation, Ryazan, 7 Vokzalnaya st.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Bad. In all aspects. When trying to select the next ball you often launch a ball on accident. White and gray colors are often confusing and the UI looks to simple - I think a colorblind person chose the scheme. When you clear the screen, the balls above are invisible and makes it impossible to play. A terrible game not worth the install.
I totally loved This one and the other one named hd, one fine day both the games just stopped working, crashes whenever its launched, uninstalling and reinstalling fixed that crashing problem[temporarily], but started crashing after a couple of days, once again i repeated the process of uninst & reinsta but it seems im not alone coz this app too repeats the same process of working for 2 days and crashes , May be its just my device GAME IS FUN WHEN IT WORKS
Graphics were too boring. Would be better if balls had some pattern as it was impossible to play with colour blindness.
Does not work for my DPI. Cannot finish a game because the highest column (at least) is not visible on my screen
This game sucks lol. Made so bad that it doesn't even show all balls on screen, they are somewhere offscreen so you can't see anything and you have got no idea what to do. Game is awfully unplayable. Devs should get some sense before releasing game... So bad that I just literally got shocked. Not recomended. Don't download it!
A cool game! But it will glitch out, with the sound randomly turning on. I'll turn it off & go back to the game, but the magnet balls will be completely messed up, overlapping and shaking with the magnet balls at the bottom will be messed up with a grey ball being "stuck" even though you're shooting other colors. Although it 𝙞𝙨 a glitch that needs to be fixed, it would be pretty cool if this glitch was available as a "hard mode", as I had 𝙨𝙤 𝙢𝙪𝙘𝙝 𝙛𝙪𝙣 with the glitch level!
It is a very simple game that I used to play at my Windows phone and I am happy I have found it again!
I don't know if this game was free or if it is just now, anyway for a free game it's a decent "clone" with some twist to the classic Puzzle Bubble, but after some plays the fun fades away quickly.
switching colors at the bottom is so touchy that you send the wrong one half the time. lower the level gets the colors you need never showm
Nov 3 2020 - the game freezes up and I have to restart and lose points. UPDATE: AUGUST 8, 2020 My best is 142,810 and since the last 2 updates I can't get past 20,000. It also freezes and I have to quit the game and lose any points that I have during that session. UPDATE: June 8 2020 The best I can get is 4290 points. Does any one win or is this a continuing on going game with no end.
Not great. The controls for the game are in the same area for the controls for a touchscreen phone so trying to change balls just causes the game to pause, which interrupts game play. The balls don't always stick to their same colors. They bounce like they don't recognize their match. All in all, frustrating, poor control placement, and difficult in a bad way.
This is my first time leaving a 5-star review in the Play Store. I can't fathom how great this game is. Tons of content (middle play button + level select + infinite mode), engaging mechanics (more engaging than I'm willing to admit; like the use of gyro for practical aim, and the different gravity in each play mode), and attention to detail (the sparks and the vibration not only add to the effect, but also help in your tactics). My friends also love the game! Would buy for the Nintendo Switch!
Fun until you get the screen cleared; there are more balls above those, but you can barely see them, if at all, and if they are not shown enough, the fired balls bounce off, then end up somewhere else. I think the game doesn't adjust to screen resolution properly. Until that is fixed, it is essentially unplayable.
UPDATE: AUGUST 8, 2020 My best is 142,810 and since the last 2 updates I can't get past 20,000. It also freezes and I have to quit the game and lose any points that I have during that session. UPDATE: June 8 2020 The best I can get is 4290 points. Does any one win or is this a continuing on going game with no end.
the game could easy be a four star if the magnetic feature actually workedthe whole time, i can see the colors peaking but the little balls just bouce around until they pile up while other times they connect when nothing is showing.
Physics of ball movement is strange sometimes and the game quickly became boring but somehow I like it. Obviously I'll delete it after a few seanses but those few games will be fun.
It has potential. I liked the clean look with no distracting background graphics or music, that was a genuine plus. However I emptied the screen and could not end level and no more balls were coming down, not fun. And this made my device heat up quite a bit.
There should definitely be an option to disable the ball selection feature so that it plays allot faster, more like the ORIGINAL. Other than that, AMAZING GAME!
Interesting & fun enough, but creative in the wrong ways. The game is fun at its core, but its own creativity gets in the way of it. There are gravity effects at play, which makes it hard to aim & artificially pads the game. It's an ok game, but could use some streamlining & polish.
I love that you can swing all the balls around to hit tougher shots, I keep coming back to play more!
addicting and fun twist into the classic bust a move balls game. works great! but why so many confusing alternate apps? also, couldn't continue (on the level mode) from another device. even using google play login. perhaps it'll soon be fixed (or it's already fixed) like the other bug i reported here before. :-)
Magnet balls 2 is better. Magnet balls pro is a little bit better. It's okay, but it has better versions by the same developer.
cool metal look, fun physics and sound effects give it very realistic and tactile. I would agree with the evan guy though about accidentally shooting balls when trying to switch, and that the switch between balls is too flimsy: found myself going back and forth to get the right ball cause it flew past. maybe a button would be a better mechanic for this game type or putting a different shade in the background where you swipe to change balls or making that area taller, having fun though
Another variation in magnetic balls,very good, I like the way you can manipulate the grid of balls,I have three different versions now no adverts,very hooked on these games,sound affects,just amazing!!
I'm partially color blind and found it hard to play, the shading of the balls are very similar, grey and pink, orange and yellow, to green, very hard to play. O found it very stressful to play.