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Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by AMANOTES located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD #05-12 BUGIS CUBE SINGAPORE (188735). The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I loved this game a lot but still i gave it three stars because when we play it sometimes it stops for a sec and when it starts again we loose it and the second problem is that sometimes when we are playing and taping on it it leaves and we loose please understand the problem and even i clean my mother's phone and then i play. 😒😔🙄😢
The music is garbage. That's a personal opinion. But for VIP, you get to pay $4 per week. Doesn't sound like much, right? Let's consider that's about as much as a WoW subscription. And yes, that's per week. Not a one time purchase. Its not a new concept. The music isn't diverse. You tap the black tiles. But for the low low sub equal to an MMO, you can unlock all the ones of things that this game has to offer. And you don't even get the original music. Uninstalling this trash.
I would give this app 5 stars, but all of the new updates just made me have to get to higher levels to unlock the songs that I had had, in previous updates, been able to play. This might be because the developers thought the songs to be to hard, but really, those are some of my favourite songs that you are now preventing me from playing. Otherwise, I do enjoy this game, but would prefer the old one back.
Really enjoy playing this game. However, I lost my previous account which i had log in using Facebook as i broke my phone and bought a new one, and download the app again. Later i log in using facebook to load my previous account but to find that i had to start from the beginning. Which has cause me to not enjoy it as much as before
I like it but every time i missed one it will be A ad. Every time I missed one it will go back To the I missed like you can't just keep going And take it out of my score. It is nice tho a Great game.
I like that they are pretty difficult. I can find easier ones if it's too hard too. Very addictive and fun tho. I am enjoying it very much.
I love this game a lot cause it gives us lot fun and entertainment. If someone doesn't know some English song s they can listen from this game and can listen from youtube. This is my favourite piano tiles. 💕💕😍😊
It was sooooo nice. They give you the chance to battle but not on Facebook. Different and difficult levels. Daily rewards. Goals to achieve. Nice game but a little hard. Recommended to anyone looking for a good challenging game. Should make more of these.
ITS AMAZING! But i just want more songs... Don't get me wrong, i just want it to have a search thing on top. Like you can search your favorite song. Well. All i'm saying is...UNLIMITED SONGS!!!! Please make an update for that... PLEASE
This app is sooooo good! Just the reasons I left out a star is: every time you open the app, it always brings up the option to buy the VIP, it's getting old, and the second reason is because there's too many adds, I know that I can fix that by buying the VIP, but then I don't wanna have to pay for the app so there for I don't get the VIP. Please fix these problems. Great app! <3
Firstly I have another one of these games that is way better than this game. First reason it gives you more than 2 songs to start of with. Second reason is the songs are rubbish and fake. I recommend piano tiles 6 .If I could I would rate the game 0.
really really great!!!!♡ u should definitely get this version it's better than the versions before and even better than the latest versions
I downloaded this because of the old version that has songs that aren't like this new version.. I enjoyed the old version much more than this new version, it has songs that i love so much that means a whole lot to me & can cope with how i feel, but now it's ALL GONE, & that it has become this & there's ads..i immediately became very upset. I loved this so much in the past but now that i finally decided to play it again after such a long while, it changed and i hated it. Please change it back.
I like how you don't even have to watch an ad for the songs(well, some of them..), you can just receive them by getting a star or something. I really like it. It's definitely better than tiles hop but they do have the same amount of songs and the same songs just different parts of the song when it gives you like a sample what you're going to listen to. I definitely recommend it.
I like the update. It's nice to have a choice to see ads or not (I mean some songs have ads on them while others don't). I really like this rhythm game although sometimes, I feel like the tiles don't match the song. It lags a lot too, probably because of its huge file size & graphics. Maybe a choice for lower graphics would help? Anyway, the makers of this game are geniuses.
Love this game and I would definitely recommend it, however there are some problems. Every now and then it won't register when I tap one of the tiles, and when I press an advert to revive me, sometimes the game just crashes and kicks me off. Also, I was on Monody and so close to 10,000 and i died and pressed an add and i watched the add them the game restarted and it didn't save
I gave this game 4 stars because it's a really fun game to play you don't need internet to play it and its a good exercise for your fingers although sometimes it will glitch and you will die but overall it is a good game!
Wanna hear music with ads always popping up, perfect app. Wanna tap along the rythmn of some of your favourite and most heard musics, good luck with finding a song with tiles that match the rythmn. All in all, another cash-grab attempt that lasted 5 minutes on my phone.l
Ya too many ads I know it needed ads for stay up and running but it doesn't mean that after playing one time it then start with the ads and of 3-4 min and few years ago I love this game but now though? There are too many ads and VIP checkpoint. I am just want to say that pls remove ads and VIP checkpoint Thank you
Its really fun it could be better it is so laggy and I can't play it when my internet turns off cause of my mother but so far it is good it help with my panic attack sorry but THERE ARE TO MANY ADS WHEN YOU GET ON A SONG AD TO GET A SONG AD so that is why I gave you a four if you can fix the ad problem it will be a five
It's not like how I remember it. The songs they use aren't always the original and don't have the same singers. Plus when you start a song the bar for when you're supposed to tap the tiles keeps moving further and further up to the top of my screen....making it really hard for me to hit the tiles on time. My thumbs aren't that long! I really hope they can fix these problems...
Im only rating this game 3 stars because it is actually a really fun game but it is also very laggy which is b.s.. Makes me loose the song cause the game randomly get slow and if you watch a commercial to be able to continue from where you were, it will start off too fast and boom, ya loose again. Also, there's too many ads because they want you to spend $4 a week for the game which is stupied. Why not just make it a simple 1 time payment. This game is not worth weakly payments.
Playing this game is fun but I don't like one thing that we can't unlock album songs which includes (pop ,sad , happy) music because we haven't registered the VIP membership. Otherwise the songs of the game make me feel relief 😜 and the fast mode of this game is outstanding 😊. So I am gonna rate this game 3 $tars as it have few defaults.🤞
It's great but I have sort of a little problem when I'm in a match for some reason it glitches and says I lose because I clicked out of the space that haven't even got to yet that's my problem but you should download it is an awesome app to play on when you don't have a piano around and you can play it offline and online it's Great
I think its a really really awesome game with all my favourite songs but the multiplayer is more for in the players mind finding a girl/boyfriend it gets really irratating when you see that and you just want to play the game that -1 star the second is that you need vip to make private rooms its pretty annoying and the price deal is stupid at least in my opinion other than that the games pretty good
recommend you don't get this can because it doesn't detect your finger and it skips it so many ads please don't download this. And if you are dumb I recommend you do to get this and if you like when it doesn't detect your finger go ahead and download it I don't care long as you ain't download anymore on my tablet so did you really dumb just get it you can see some of the rates are bad summon the rates are good but know this ain't going to be good it's dumb the music that's good
Its the game i love the most! It gets challenging more and more and wants to make me play more too...and we can enjoy music besides playing too...😁 though i get ads after every match i play and it gets annoying sometimes😅 but othe than that...its too fun to play
There are many options for What song you would like to play there are a few songs that you have to earn but it has good challenges and it keeps getting faster and faster. It has nothing to do with the piano but it's just about speed it's really fun.
This is a good game overall but i have a one concern, it keeps frezzing. I mean i dont always look at the views which i should but i dont think i lot of people are saying that it lags but the thing about it is that my friends say it does the same things. You need to change this or you going to get more bad reviews. Over all its a good game but please change this. I'm deleting it right now but i might come back to it later to see if you changed it. Thanks for reading my Rate.
Let get straight to the point. SOLO WISE The game is fun, it has a lot of songs but the ones you'd usually want to play are either for the ingame currency which takes a long time to get, or they're P2W. Nobody wants to pay for a song that they'll play for about two times. MULTILAYER WISE The game is still fun as you beat other players which makes it challenging as well. However, having to watch an AD in order to set up a password for your private game kinda sucks doesn't it? ★★★☆☆
I honestly dont like the ammount of ads that I get while playing. However, it has some good songs and has the lyrics too. Would be better without as many ads but it's not bad.
It's one of my favourite game, I downloaded this in my mom's mobile and now in my dad's mobile .The most interesting thing in this game is it's rank challenge many time I got first .Now let's talk about it's dark side first of all when we play this game there's a lot of advertisement and for rank challenge after playing you'll get a million of advertisement and that's why I rate this game three stars
I only give it two stars because I like piano tiles, there are so many problems like that the screen changes colors when I'm playing and confuses me so I mess up, second of all is ALL THE ADDS! if you could fix this I will give more stars and edit my review so please fix the game
This game is fun when it actually works. It keeps saying on my phone and other devices I own that Magic Tiles 3 isn't responding. Also it plays an ad after every single turn so I wouldn't really recommend this game but at the same time I would but I wouldn't recommend it to those who can be quite impatient. Anyway this was just my opinion on this app I'm not trying to put hate on this app I'm just trying to express my suggestion on this app and see if anyone else agrees with me.
At least i have extra piano tiles for this because the other one needs life but it's just 10 life so when it ran out of life i can use this piano tiles because it does not need life and very fun to play but for some reason so my favorite songs there is very very easy because some of them are very very slow even in endless rush so this is very very fun
It was very frustrating how the tiles we're coming to early compared to the song, so it's hard to make that connection. It felt as more I was doing piano tiles and listening to music in the background. And the tiles didn't even register I pressed it to even begin with. This was a very frustrating experience.
This game is addicting. Love,love,love it!! Can we have a VIP option to buy "Slow Motion" with diamonds on the last endless mode for the crazy fast songs. Would be a super awesome perk for VIP's. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment
The concept is good, but ads are RIDICULOUS on here. You can't play the game properly. You have to watch an ad just to click off the page. You have to watch an ad just to skip the level. You have to watch an ad when you want to play another round. You have to watch an ad when you play a different song. I could go on for ages and still the adverts aren't worth it. Definitely deleting this one. Maybe cut the ads a bit more and I'll change my rating, but otherwise, it's getting just two stars.
I love this game! There are many issues that I've had in the last 10 minutes though. 1: when I ask for only one ad to keep going it shows me 2 ads and takes me to the homescreen. 2: when I tap on something sometimes it will say I didn't tap that note and it will kill me. 3: I know copyright but the songs in this game just sound soulless. Maybe I'm crazy but. That's all the issues please get back to me when you guys can and help fix all this. Please.
This app is AMAZING. I just have 1 suggestion and 1 'complaint'. My suggestion is that there should be a "play my song" option but i understand how it is tremendously hard because of the game setup.. my complaint is that there are a bit too many ads' i, myself dont mind them too much but could you possibly see if you can limit the amount of ads please... thank you for reading! Have a good morning/afternoon/evening!
I used to love this game a lot. I will give it to you, the music is good but I don't like the covers. Whenever I touch a tile I have to touch it in a certain spot for me to get that tile. And if I don't it just either misses the tile and clicks on something else or I actually just missed that tile and the game is over. Honestly, it's horrible now
The game is great however there are ads every now and then. Although the levels are calm like i expect, some are stressful at the start. Usually, it gains speed as you do better in the level, but if its stressful at the start, then how are you gonna deal with the stress at the end? Other than that, the game has a good selection of songs and i really enjoy that because then you are most likely NOT going to get bored of the songs or finish them! 3 stsrs defo.
It's changed so much from the original. Why fix what isn't broken? You're now charging a price for some songs that were already free in the previous versions.
i really loved this app ..but i have a question that why don't this app includes BTS songs like other kpop group had in this game? i hope you will add them 😊
Well faded was my farthest i got and when i was in endless mode what happened was that i missed a ike and so i click on watch ad and it says no ads are available and it makes no sense! Besides that they needed the original voice for faded otherwise it was meh 😑😑 please update it to not do that and then i will change my rating. 😡
I love the game. I relate to everything music so thank you for creating this game but please add more songs.
I cant stop playing this game!!!!!! Its the best ! It plays so many different tipes of songs that anybody would love. Very highly recommended by me . So what are you waiting for, challenge your fingers and have a go ! If i could i would give this game way more stars!!!!!!!! # number 1 of all time gamers
THIS IS SO COOL I LOVE THIS I rate it a 5 since the graphics in my phone are soooooo CLEAN they never lag for me I don't really ming the ads I just mind playing its really fun when it gets faster and faster so PLS DOWNLOAD THIS WHOEVER SEES THIS PLEASE
I love this game. But I'm starting to get pissed off at this game because it keeps lagging on my and making me lose. I just downloaded this game last night. Just started playing today. I'm already a level nine. But it keeps lagging and making it so I lose. If it keeps doing this I'm going to delete this game and change my review to one star. But overall it's a good game, if it wasn't for the lag
Piano tiles 3 is the best game eveŕrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrreeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrŕrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!😚
This is my mobile life, I like it! Officially I'll go play star fish, mope.io and slither.io, but I recommend Magic Tiles, not any magic tiles just this one, I don't find the normal one as great as the Magic Tiles 3. I recommend 5 stars. There's adds, but I still like it. This is a game to download. Since there's like new music in and all that, I would like to know who made magic tiles 3. And who made the basic one number 2, this one is popular. And num2 but that one is basically the odd one.
this is basically free2play/pay2win.... i get it. you gotta make money..but your not gonna get anywhere with the AWFUL covers of song you put on here in replacement for anazing songs that everyone loves..now your ruining them. i like that this game is kinda interactive..it helps sharpen your skills..but overall its not the ideal game for me or anyone else looking for a goood game in this catigory. i dont recommend this.
Amazing But Just One Thing... It is having limited songs but they are too good but to make it more better I guess they should give an option of search where we can search any of our favourite song... Otherwise this app is best...😊👍
Was one of my favourite apps, now it's infested with greed... I am not exaggerating when I say that there is more as time than there is actual gameplay... Avoid the frustration and don't even bother with this app, I'm actually furious how they messed up this game so badly. An ad for every action you do, come on guys make money but not on the expense of the game itself... I wouldn't recommend this to anyone... Deleting now...
Right after the app was downloaded, I already played it to test if I can play this game when I'm bored. But it turns out I wanna play this game even if I'm not bored. I can say, this game is really addicting! I'm obsessed. This is my first time being obsessed in other game aside from Wattpad. If my friend would ask for suggestion for a game that'll please her/him, I'll highly recommend this game!
Good gameplay but a total rip off when it comes to the current songs from today's music. If you're a music lover like I am, then you will be able to instantly tell that these are not original. No matter what they say. They are not the originals, just covers. And, as I previously stated, it's not hard to tell if you're a music lover like me. I assume that they can't just put the original songs in the game, not without having to pay royalties. My problem is don't label them original if they aren't.
The game is now better than before. Actually, some real beats of the songs are now available which draws more attention. As for me, Currently I play this game 24/7 and it's my best game so far. Thank You Amanotes. BUT PLEASE, MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL PHONES. IT FREEZES IN SOME ANDROID PHONES.
This game is going to give me a panic attack before I get close to beating it. For some reason when it comes to holding two tiles at the same time, whichever tile is held second doesn't respond. It is a great game, but for me it is unplayable, which is why I rated it a 2 star.
Addictive and Challenging. Basically how a game is supposed to be but we also need to add more songs to it. Like the hip-hop songs and also gospel music.
Magic Tiles 3 is really fun, and you always have an opportunity to revive yourself (at least just for me) but there always is an ad after you complete or forward on a song. Otherwise, this game is really fun!
Magic tiles 3 has the power to convince people to sit down and listen to music just while tapping thousands of keys. Magic tiles 3 is an experience, an opportunity when you really think about it.if there are no restrictions I would totally recommend downloading Magic tiles 3.♥⚠no juging me if I exaggerated a little.⚠☑✅
This game is ok but it takes way to long to load and I have full bars, this game has way to many ads and it lags a lot, if it didn't lag or take forever to load and if there wasn't as many ads it would be a 5 star rating.
It's okay 👌...but the STUPID ADS im so mad 😠.I love it but you have to watch a ads or 7 ads and that's just annoying 🙄.But you buy to i'm like WHAT?!So annoying 😡...UNLESS they make it better for God sake.
It was okay they put boxes or prizes in the thing so it kind of messed me up a little and plus it goes too fast so yeah
The game is good but there are some issues you in the friendly match the host should not have option of kick If anyone want to leave they will leave themselves or if host don't want them so host can just say on the chat option I don't want you so can you please leave.
I give it a five star bc it's a bit of a challenge at first but once u have played it enough it becomes adicting and u just wanna play more to see how fast u can go and how long u can go.. Thx guys😘😇
This game just sucks after every single game there's an ad and I'm sure as hell not paying for VIP and i don't know if it's the app or my phone but every time i press the zigzag tile i always lose for some reason Also use the original song/music, the cover music just sucks
I downloaded the game and when i opened it, all it kept saying was that the app wasn't responding. I couldn't even get to play my first game. And then when i finally got the start of the game it wouldn't start, it's very much annoyed me and i wouldnt recommend.
It's good to play but there so many aaps that you will even get tired of it and leave playing. Adds after every game and they aren't even 5 sec adds they are are 30 secs and more. I hope you just solve the afd problems even for the non VIP customers.
I like this app, you can play any song you want, but....... there's just......... WAY TOO MENY ADS!!!!!! AND THERE'S NOT EVEN A PAUSE BUTTEN!!!!! and if i want to play a full song, i have too pay for it! This is STUPID!! Impatiently STUPID!! I hope you can fix these problems then maybe i can change this writhing.
I just downloaded the game and I already love it the songs are great the graphics are the best everything in this game I love it but there is a problem when I press a tile and It just passes me I don't know why but I hope you guys can work on it ,all in all its a game that deserves five stars
Hi there........ It is a good game....... But when you updated this game it is still not working......... Please update it fast........ I loved it when I was playing it will stuck there............... I'm really disappointed 😭 Please... Please........ Update it very very fast I want to play this game soon please I know you updated on 2 or 3 weeks ago but................ Please................. I'm waiting for.. I wanted to update it now....................... Please...........
Its an okay game with vip. The tiles switch between following the vocals and the instruments which annoy me, and those damn shield things throw me completely out of whack. I would much rather have the shields act as a "single mistake forgiven" than "play the game for me for 5 seconds because I missed a tile". When things get clicked a 10th of a second before my finger hits the screen it confuses my brain. I lose all flow and all 6 shields just end up getting used with 1-15 second intervals. Fix
Bummer. What a great game! But the money grab is too hard for this developer. There is an ad after pretty much EVERYTHING you do, UNLESS you pay to be a VIP. So, you finish a song, have to watch an ad. Ok. You mess up on a song just once, have to watch an ad to continue. Ok. You don't want to continue? Have to watch an ad. Wait... What? Back at the main menu to choose a new song? Have to watch an ad. Why should I waste my time watching these ads when there are so many other free games? Hmm?
The actual concept of the game is great, but, you can only play two songs, and then you have to watch a 30 second ad to play the other songs, everytime you want to play it. After every fail, you have to watch an ad to carry on and if you decide not to, you still have to watch an ad! I rember playing this game a few years back, and I enjoyed it and played it every day, no ads, practically, now, there is definately too many ads. And there is only approximately 10 songs to play.
I would give it 5 stars, because it used to be really fun to play, but I had a few favourite songs that I always played to relax and recently (due to an update, I think) they just dissapeared, now I don't even feel like playing anymore
Not a good game. Many ads appear every end of the round. You need to buy VIP tickets for you to fully change the settings. Very bad game. Very bad developer they're after for the money. The game always accept advertisements. Hope it'll be restricted by google play if games like this will be uploaded in their system.
its a great app but sometimes when I press the tone the app doesn't respond to it which makes me lose, I had this in multiple songs, could you fix it? thank you
Ad a really appealing song in the try now section . Well I know the game and how it works but the song is not at all appealing. 2nd of all there are just too many ads But other than that the game is just amazing at the boring hours
Its good...but i couldn't find a single bts song.... Why ?!!??!! What is this?! You are having few korean songs ...ikon blackpink and etc. And not bangtan's song.... Why?! Like you should have first added bts song and then anyother... Because there songs are on top songs charts... They have won billboard awards and now are nominated for Grammys...and there is not a single bts song.... seriously?!
I love this game!!😍 Very beautiful song. But one thing need to fix.........to many ads.... But the app is good. Try once 😀
I found not a single song of BTS. Another was there are too many ads. I just wanted to play songs of my favorite artists. Try adding more K-pop songs and maybe I will change my rating.
AWESOME👌✌️What a lovely experience .. It gives you a complete musical life🎧🎶🎼 Songs are played in the background and the playback speed increases to a much faster extent as one crosses their crowns👑👑. It's been 3 days since I installed it and now I feel the difficult part.. But the advantage is it checks your observing power. It also enhances the ability that how fast can you look over the tunes. A wonderful App🎩👑
Great Game The game is good but unfortunately it isn't optimised for my device. The screen doesn't fit and the game doesn't even open. I hope it can be optimised for more devices so I can play freely.
A really nice game but its imposible play with all the adds.. its horrible, cant play 2 games because between each game its a add and some of them are big so i wast more time watching stupid adds than playing. I understand that you make money with adds but its useless have a game that no one can play because of all that adds. Sorry Uninstall now.
This game is not great or bad the problems are that either I won't read my fingerprints sometimes or I always have to watch ads and the app says there's no ads and there's way too many ads and some people use only online battle for chatting I saw one where they used inappropriate words like come in and talk to me if you're a boy and you can be my boyfriend so if there's way you can fix that please do. Other than that I love this game 😅😅😄😄
Too many ads. I know a game needs ads to stay up and running but ads every like 5 minutes? That's bullcrap! No game needs that many ads. And it changed since the last time I played it. It was really good the last time i played it now i hate it. Its terrible. If I could rate 0 stars I totally would. >:( at least get rid of some of the ads and I will play it again.
Very bad game when i want any ad it shows not avilable but whenever I quit playing it stared showing ad !!?? What is this I did not this foolishness so i wish that you upgrade this game and please set a setting of searching song like I want Taki Taki song but there is no taki song so I want searching system . THANKYOU !!!😊😊😊😊😊😊
It's a really good game. felt soo good playing this, have a really good selection of songs but it would be great if this game also have BTS songs and more k-pop songs.If it had BTS songs I would have rated it a five star.
What happend to classic songs? And why people use multiplay rooms for chat?! Its need multi type for who love play other for relaxing not for Battle! I tried join rooms for game and found them just for chat! And i couldn't sign up with gmail account! And apps is too heavy for phone.
Look. It's a really good app! But, all you have are mainstream songs like shallow, and songs like that. Why don't you put songs that are not that mainstream, like bloody stream, or megalovania, you know. Music like that. Until then, I'm giving it 4 stars.
The songs are knock-off and it's so obvious, the experience is good but there are limited songs and wayyyyy too many ads and also you have to watch ads to unlock songs and it takes a year to load up, don't download, get piano tiles 2 by cheetah mobile
It is fun, but you can only play two songs and the others you have to watch an ad not just once but EVERY TIME you want to play that song. I honestly think that us sick. Just let us watch one ad to unlock it. Also, even when I have wifi and an playing it still says an ad is not available to play the song, but then it wants to show me an ad after I fail a level. Sorta kinda really sick.
In my phone this game was lagging and i am having problem of screen freeze whenever they give me the ads ( which is horrible part of this game ) . If it happens agian then , I am very sorry that I had to uninstall this app. Thanking you, Yours faithfully SHADMANKHAN ( User of this app ).
Inappropriate adds There is adds about a death game showing people dieing in horrible ways. That add is not ok for kids to see. This game is rated E and that add is not ok. This game adds are long and horrible I don't recommend
It's a good game I just feel like the songs should sound more like the original I know that it can't be exactly like the original but please get better singers that sound more like the original, the only song that sounds like the original is "Stressed Out" by twenty one pilots.
This is one of my favorite apps ever! But my two favorite songs changed, The last time I downloaded this they were normal but now I downloaded this again game, dance monkey is a bit too fast I had two crowns last time, now I can only reach 3 stars Closer is a bit too slow last time I had two crowns and it was a bit challenging,Now I can only reach 1 star... But this is still a great game
Too many ads. First in order to play a song you have to watch an ad. Then you play a game and you get adds. Sometimes I can gets 4 games in a row. I left the app idle for a minute and it played an ad. 20 seconds of game time for 30 seconds of ads.
This is a "magic tiles" game but in order tobplay classical song you have to PAY for a subscription service that charges you 4 dollars WEEKLY, and you'll be watching ads every 5 to 10 minutes, if you want actual classic pieces, this isn't for you. Dissapointing
This is a great game! You start off with a couple of songs to try and you touch or hold ( depending on if it is a long time or a short tile ) tiles and they go by. If you do not touch them you will lose. If you touch the wrong one or nothing, you will lose. Some go super fast like " bad guy " or " thunder ". This is a great game. The best music game I gave ever had. Get it now!
Omg. This is the best game ever cuz I can type well. This game is better for the ones who can type on the computer very well but it is a little bit hard for the ones who cannot type on the computer or a phone so just practice to type quicaly on keyboard to play this game.
It's ok but it's irritating because of the ads they're the ones with the super small X so no matter how many times you click it it will take you to the App Store and it has way too many ads and even though you tap the right spot or you don't miss a space it will count it as you missed it and it's just irritating and everything you do it takes you to an ad no matter what even if you say no and the answer super long
Best app, I lose some times but it gets ALL my boredom off,sometimes you get adds at the end but it is fine. It is truly the best app I have ever seen, let's just see if there is a dark secret for this app though..
It was not good at all when I downloaded it first time it kept freezing and when I was tapping a tile ( happend 5-6 times ) it is not tapping and sometimes it starts tapping by its own I i lost 8 matches and when played then next day when I opened it , it was not opening ( what!? ) I waited 5 days long it was not [email protected]$#%&*. And too many ads!!! plz solve these problems. I cannot even think to give you 5 stars! 😡🤮👊🙍‍♀️😖😣🤬👿
I did not like this app because, well, there are a couple reasons. First, THERES A MILLION ADS EVERY MINUTE!!!!! Secand, the first song you have is a good pace but when unlock better songs THEY ARE SO FAST!! I can barley keep up, at first it was fine but then it got so annoying. Last, i did not like how the songs had people singing, and most weren't even the origanal singers which sucks. I love these kinds of games but this app kinda ruined it for me.
This is a really good app and i really like it but there are so many ads. After every round you have to watch an ad. I also stopped playing for a couple weeks and i was on level 14 or 15 and i went back to play and i was on level 1. You can not play this game ofline or else it will be really, really glitchy. The songs are not the actual artist but they sound good and they have a lot of great songs. This IS NOT a CALM game so if you like calm games, this is not the game for you. It is STRESSFUL😬
Worst app with with worst touch response. I touch the tile still it shows you haven't touched it and thus forces you to watch a video. Smart marketing strategy but not an honest one.
I enjoy the game but it keeps laging and i cant really play and when i lose it gives me the option to watch a video to revive and i press no because whenever i press yes the whole game goes off and now even after i press no to revive it gives me a 30 second add.
It is very good and fun, and it's and offline game so i can play it if im near the mountains or somewhere i don't have internet. But it's not perfect you get an add every single time you lose. But overall, a great offline game!
Hello myself Nidhi...This is a very nice game but...No need of ads.. Thats not a big problem but I am not getting one of my fav Endlish song ' Shape of You '.. First I was getting then I deleted by mistakely and again I downloaded but now I am not getting it... Plese put is you removed.. Other wise this game is Awesome... Plz also put a button like choose your favorite song and we will put and let us choolse and play...And also Put Hindi songs...Indian songs🇮🇳. Plz🙏
Bad gameplay. Half the time it doesn't even detect my finger and when it does it taps on the wrong tile even though I didn't even tap there. The notes move so fast that my eyes can't keep up and I lose anyway. The order of the notes is always mixed up and you can't memorise. Also, waaaaaaaaay too many ads. Continue? Ad. And sometimes the ads don't even pop up until you restart the level. Fix these issues unless you want uninstalling.
It is a great game, with the OLDER but still loved pop songs. The one thing that really bothers me, is that the ORIGINAL SONGS are what you have to pay for. It really gives younger players a worse experience, which I don't find very amusing. This game needs a lot of work done on it. Also, you should make it so that the game is wifi-free and you DON'T NEED TO "DOWNLOAD" SONGS!!!
As an Ikonic it's fun to have Love Scenario and Killing me on the game! Although on Love Scenario Bobby's part is quite hard especially when it speeds up... But the reason I only give 4 stars is because of all the ads.
There is very breaking,and there much much lag(i hate this). And i want one more song added,its,into the unknown (girl or women). Yaa and there SHOULD be a search button to find the song quickly. And its a awesome, best,exellent game...!
I did'nt even played it yet, I just downloaded it like just a few minutes ago. It won't let me in. I was very excited to play this cause I downloaded this last time, I like the game, and because of this problem right now, I'm very dissapointed. I wasted my time downloading this app. And I'm never downloading this. Waste of my storage.
I enjoyed the songs and the rhythm but there are many problems in it!!! First, there are way too many ads. Second, there a very limited amount of songs and if u want to jave more, you will have to pay for it. Third, this game doesnt have a pause button!!!! When im itching my head, i want to itch it but i end up loosing because there is nk pause button. Please fix these problems and maybe ill change my rating!!!
Omg I love this game because of the songs and the theme of the game. I cannot stop playing this game and I love how you can get to endless mode by using 30 coins at the start of the game. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes to have magic games. Although the song sorry goes so fast that I cannot even get to 100!!
I thot is was gonna be a good game cause the add i saw but when I played it it was the woes game ever first when I got in it like ok this in not bad but when I started getting mad it was saying I missed the tile when I didn't and it wouldn't let me go to the add then it would freeze up then it would slowly get to the main menu and all I have to say is don't play this game it is carp and you will end up cracking you screen like me from getting mad at the game so don't play it
The music is alright not gonna lie but there are some problems, 1) excessive amount of ads I get it you want to make money but let's not do it after every lose, 2) The lag, it gets really laggy which makes me screw up almost 90% of the time and it ruins the fun. i think its the vibrations that make it lag and i have no idea how to turn it off
Hi! There are many problems the first one TO MANY ADDS!!! Second I was right at the end of a song and I messed up and it would not let me watch an add to revive!! And third YOU NEED TO FIX THE LAG CUZ THATS THE PROBLEM IM MESSING UP SO BAD SO FIX THIS LAG THEN I WILL INSTALL THE GAME AGAIN OK!!!
Awesome, but ads The amount of ads jesus christ. And that I have to unlock new songs by watching a ad is just absurd! If I play a game I don't want to watch a ad to do a new level. Please change this and I will make my review 5 stars. But right now the gameplay is good but the amount of ads just make the game annoying to play.
The game is really good , the music and the songs are really nice too...but there's too many ads popping up after every game and its also lagging many a times ....if these problems are fixed then maybe I'll start playing it again but for now....stay in the trash bin...
I love this game and I don't know why everyone is putting hate comments. It is a fun game just hate the ads. There are so many amazing songs and I just love it. The game can probably even have your favorite song in it!
As a player from Iran I do not have access to global payment methods due to sanctions and that means I am not able to get a premium account. The problem is the free version of this game have way too many ads that annoys the player. We can say the free version is somehow unplayable due to high amounts of ads.
My experience replaying this game from when I was younger it has problems and I have been looking at peoples comments and I was shocked so I wanted to see what I was actually like and I did not like it. I regret re-installing this app and sorry to say creater but this is the worst game I've ever played in my life.
Way too many ads, I'm normally fine with ads, yall need to make money and that's how you keep apps free, but damn that is so obnoxiously in your face with them. The weekly subscription fee is way over priced. You have covers of songs and don't credit the artist covering them, I looked everywhere and couldn't find any trace of who is singing them. I know closer is covered by Boyce Avenue and Sarah Hyland but couldn't tell you who the others are. Unfair on those artist who worked hard on those.
It's ok, song selection isn't too wonderful. The game is also extremely laggy unless you turn off WiFi. Personally would stick to original piano tiles and whatnot, disappointed overall but the game is not terrible, it's a good pass time I suppose.
An incredible game with excessive ads ruining the experience... :/ I understand that they're necessary, but there are so many of them at every single step. - You open the game: "BUY VIP AD" - You choose a song to play and lose it: 30s AD - You back to choose another song: "BUY VIP AD" You choose a song, lose and want to continue playing: 30s AD (Ok, that's acceptable, but after all that amount of ADS, even it starts getting annoying) It really could be relaxing and immersive, but isn't :/
I love music and this game gives me an opportunity to listen to music while I am playing the game. THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!
Decent game keeps me entertained but there is one problem. WHY DONT U GUYS USE THE ORIGINAL SONG!? like bad guy,closer. There are so many that is not the original songs! Please fix and notice this! It's super annoying! Idk it does not feel like I'm listening to the original song!and they dubbed it please fix this this is the only reason why I gave this ⭐⭐ stars I like the game just make the music original please!
Its fun and all, but jeez the amount of ads is ridiculous, before every song and after every song there is an ad. I'm not paying a sub just to remove the ads, just reduce the amount, like every other song.
I LOVE this game but there is way to many ads that's why I gave it 4 stars. It would be great if you could get rid of some of the ads thank you. 🙏🙏
What's with the shield that just randomly showed up. I miss a tile and it keeps going. Now getting 6 shields on every game. I'd love to have it disabled. I prefer when I miss, game ends so I can challenge my self.
I think that this game is AMAZING!!!!! I enjoyed playing it every time!! I would say, that the only problem with it, is where you are playing a song, and you screw up and you are so far into the level, and it says that there is no more adverts to get another chance!!! Other than this, it is great!! I would recommend ages 8+😁😁😁
I wouldn't mind this game if it weren't for three things. 1) Ads (15-30sec long) after each lose, then again after each attempt to go to the main menu and then AGAIN if you want to unlock a new song. Really? I think I've spent more time watching ads on this game than actual gameplay. 2) Random lag that forces you to watch ANOTHER ad to continue. 3) Some of the song covers sound like the artist covering is struggling and some don't even sound like the original version.
I really like this game, Its fun and entertaining the only problems I have are, There are too many ads. Second I would like to request a search button, so you can search for songs without scrolling for a long time. Third some of the ads don't work, when you try to exit the ad it makes you shut down the game. The songs are not original so it makes it hard to understand. That's all have a great day!
First, these aren't the real artists singing the songs, but some are very good covers. Second, the touch response and hit boxes aren't nearly as good as Piano Tiles game from which this copied. Too many ads.
The game is good, it's just the lag, and it convienently happens judt as i am about to get a third crown on any song, all the game has to do is display tiles and play a song, it shouldn't lag! Also the amount of ads is ridiculous!
Game is terrible,wanna know why? Well first of all, when i played the game it kept coming up with this thing saying,magic tiles 3 isn't responding,so that stunk... A LOT, second of all, whenever i play a song it glitches SOOO much that i lose 'coz' it won't let me press the tiles. Third of all, every minute theres an ad,im also a very impatient person so it was the most ANNOYING thing... IN THE WORLD. Fourth of all, the songs were the WORST.They weren't even the original ones.😒😑Worst app EVER.
Awesomeness is all the rage right now and if your in to that kinda stuff, then you should definitely play this game. Even if you are not in to that kinda stuff then you should still play this. It is super fun and you get awesome things, like becoming a VIP, listening to cool and awesome songs, and even getting to play a piano virtually. That's all, but it's awesome so you should really try it out. Magic Tiles 3 is awesome and you should really do this. Awesomenes awaits
The game was fantastic. But I think that the game has lot of ads. Pls fix this problem. Also sometimes when I had played the note it say I didn't so after lot of hardwork when I reach three stars I have to start all over again. This needs to be fixed..
Everything lags. Everytime I begin a song, my screen starts to lag, and then it shows I missed a tile when in fact I clicked directly on it. The quality is slow, and I wouldn't put a dime on this.
The gameplay was really awesome, the few complaints i have are the lack of songs to pick from, they give you like 12 songs to play and bribe u over and over to buy premium or buy more damn songs. Every 30 seconds there is a commercial. And they constantly bug you to buy premium. So yeah, i wouldnt reccomend this.
Hi i really have fun at the start of this game. But its only two songs and the others need to watch an ads. But when i click it its says NO ADS ARE AVAILABLE even when i have Wi-Fi and strong signal what is wrong??? And sometimes its freezing i hope you could fix this problem cause im loving the game.
First the game has too many ads then it glitches when I press the tiles then the songs are just some crapy covers then the games freezes and did I mention there where to many ads and it freezes a lot. Booo I don't like it uninstalling now and never play another amanotes game. This game deserves less than two stars or two stars unless they fix it
Well I'm rating this 2 star because whenever I click a tile on a song eg stressed out I'll click them it will all be good at first but when I reach the first star and click the tile it says I clicked a different tile not to mention the amount of ads and the fact if you search up a song 1 you have to watch an add to play or 2 it's with VIP.
God i hated thhis if there was a negitive 1000000000 i would spam it i have a slow but still working device a zte and i have the older modle if you have a slow phone or a old super slow laggy phone dont download this game when ever you try to press the tiles and it makes you lag and then it glitched my phone causing me to have to power it off then back on this was the worst experince of a life time }:(
The screen moves too fast for it to register the taps correctly and there is just enough lag to just barely be noticed but just enough to where it skips ahead a little bit and cause the player to try and tap before the lag registers again. Overall without the constant bugs it's a great game with a variety of songs to play.
It is really nice and iam playing the best magic tiles in my life and I thank all of those member of this game that has created this game and I hope that this game will be the best magic tiles in the world . thanks you for your work good jobs .
I really like this app but there's just a lot of adds in between... seriously,before the song after the song in between the frikin song and the worst part is, its a 26 sec unskipable add. But other than that, I totally recommend this app it's a blast
I wish I can say this app is great, but honestly it's not just the same anymore. I've been having problems with it, it's constantly freezing, it keeps closing by itself, sometimes it just starts tapping on tiles by itself, then I fail the game. The ads I'm meant to watch to unlock new songs are frustrating. I might watch seven ads and not be able to open the song I want. I'm really dissapointed, and I'd appreciate if the developers could fix these bugs quickly.
Disappointing at best. Whilst the gameplay is faultless, the music selection leaves a lot to be desired. Clearly tailored to those who like pop music and rap, very little to none for those who do not. The rock category is a massive let down. Very few recognisable bands. Unless you like Trap, Pop, K-Pop and other repetitive genres of music, this game will not be the one for you.
Alright how is not even original music good?? Second when it says headphones are recommended why is the voice of the singer static and cutting off THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU LAG AND LOSE? Dont even bother to fix this cause.i just wont play it any more
This game is honestly so relaxing and so fun! I think that this game should be 5 stars,keep up you're awesome work!! New edit: feels like there should be more too it and after you've played every song, there's just not much too it. It would be fun if you could do more things but I dont know, that just my opinion.
There are way to many ads everytime you change screen there will be an advertisment and wost of all i have to wait at least 30 for the advertistment to end. At first it was okay but now it is getting very fustrating, please fix this problem
It's a so-so game gods and bads first of all you can only listen to 3 songs the others u have to watch an ad which is bad another thing is that it won't read my fingerprints so I get. Bad score and some levels are WAY TO FAST and it makes it really hard to play the game unfortunately I have more bad reviews about this game than good one thing that was ACTUALLY GOOD ABOUT THIS GAME is the audio is good settings are easy to change that's the only reason i rate it 2 stars sorry I might Uninstall